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Guyana is divided into ten geographic constituencies that correspond with the ten Administrative Regions.

Posted August 2nd. 2020

Election 2020 Official Results

Source: GECOM, TCI, Guyana Election Law

Recount results by region

Posted July 12th 2020

Table showing the results reported on July 11 by Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield for the two larger parties.
Also included are: the declaration made on March 13 following the second Region 4 declaration by Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo and the certified results of the National Recount completed on June 8.
Lowenfield appears to have used Mingo’s declaration and altered those of the Districts One, Two, Five, Six, Seven and Eight

Embattled Chief Election Officer (CEO) Keith Lowenfield yesterday presented figures to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) showing a victory for the incumbent APNU+AFC—in clear defiance of the instruction by the Chair Claudette Singh to utilise the recount tabulation which shows a win for the opposition PPP/C.
As international pressure on GECOM builds for a lawful declaration, Lowenfield’s recalcitrance presents a dilemma for Singh on how to have the recount figure certified as she has promised that she would.
With no quorum yesterday for a meeting as the three-government appointed commissioners were absent, a meeting could be convened tomorrow at which Singh will have to decide how the recount figure will be placed before GECOM.
If tomorrow’s meeting is held it could result in a declaration even without the government-appointed commissioners as the required quorum would then be the chair plus three commissioners.
Singh was silent yesterday on the way forward.



With all of the ballot boxes now recounted after a gruelling 33-day exercise, the unofficial final result shows that the opposition PPP/C will win the presidency and 33 seats in Parliament with the incumbent APNU+AFC securing 31 and the list joining parties of LJP, ANUG and TNM capturing one.

The total number of valid votes cast was 460,352 which would give a quotient of 7,082 votes for each seat in the 65-seat legislature. The total number of voters was 464,565 which means that 4,213 votes were classified as spoilt for various reasons.

At the end of yesterday, Statements of Recount (SoRs) for 98.4% of the ballots have been tabulated for District Four while 99.40% have been processed for the entire country. Figures from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) showed up to last evening that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic had secured 230,328 valid votes while the APNU+AFC had captured 217,259 votes with a few more boxes still to be tabulated.

In the contentious District Four, which is a stronghold of the incumbent, 116,280 votes have since been tabulated in its favour while the PPP secured 77,912.


Guyana Gov’t falls after APNU+AFC MP Charrandass Persaud votes yes to no confidence motion during the 111th sitting of the Eleventh Parliament on 2018.12.21
(Warning: Explicit Language)
- YouTube




These are the final general results as provided by the

Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on May 16th, 2015

Total Votes by Region (General)

The Guyana Elections Commission today declared APNU+AFC the winner of the 2015 general elections
and it will have 33 seats in Parliament while the PPP/C will have 32.

Thirty-three (33) seats are required for a majority.

Region PPP/C APNU+AFC TUF IP NIP URP Total valid votes cast
Region 1 6,278 2,788 59 0
14 9,139
Region 2 16,045 7,306 49 7
27 23,451
Region 3 40,280 20,912 102 47
56 61,629
Region 4 70,241 113,856 256 203
130 184,806
Region 5 16,644 13,416 49 15
36 30,187
Region 6 39,610 22,103 125 34
73 61,922
Region 7 2,981 4,599 171 0
13 7,783
Region 8 1,836 1,837 48 0
16 3,737
Region 9 5,794 3,592 131 0
29 9,546
Region 10 2,785 16,791 90 38
38 19,742
Total (2015 Final) 202,694 207,200 1080 344
432 412,012
Total (2011 Final) 166,340 175,011* 885 0
0 342,126

* – APNU and AFC contested separately in the 2011 General Elections. In 2015, they formed a coalition.

The results were taken after GECOM processed the 2,299 Statements of Poll (SoPs) which were presented to them by the returning officers who worked on May 11, during the 2015 general and regional elections.

The total number of valid votes cast for the general elections was 412, 012, which represented a turnout of 72% of the 570,708 registered voters. From the final results presented by Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield, the race between APNU+AFC and the PPP/C was close.

APNU+AFC won the key Region Four by a large margin and regions 7, 8 and 10. In Region 8, it won by one vote. The PPP/C won the other six regions. Region 4 was key for the coalition, which secured 113, 856 votes to the PPP/C’s 70, 241 votes.


2011 Final Results