Animals of Guyana

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Posted March 2006
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Arapaima Hawksbill Turtle Olingo Pigmy Rice Rat Jaguar
Camoudi Porcupine Porcupine Porcupine Spider Monkey
Capybara Family Leatherback Turtle Leatherback Turtle Leatherback Manatee
Crapaud Grison Rice Rat Otters Raccoon
Margay Margay-Labba Tiger Mata Turtle Mongoose Mongoose
Mule Mules Ocelot Ocelot Olive Ridley Turtle
Tree Rat Tree Frog Tree Frog Tree Frog Sakiwinki
Water Rat Water Buffalo Vampire Bat Tortoise Tortoise
Tortoise Tayra Tayra - Haka Tayra Tapir
Tapir Peccary Squirrel Monkeys-Sakiwinki Squirrel Monkey-Sakiwinki Spiny Rat
Sideneck Turtles Savannah Deer Savannah Armadillo Savanna Fox Rattlesnake
Puma Porpoise Pink Dolphin- Bufeo Colorado Pink Dolphin & Baby Peccary
Parrot Snake Opposum Opposum Olive Ridley Turtle Peccary- Baby