Birds of Guyana

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Posted March 2006
This album contains photos of birds of Guyana. These photos were obtained from various sources and most have been sent to GNI by various readers. GNI thanks all those persons who supplied these photos. GNI also acknowledges all other published sources from which some of these images might have been obtained.

Place mouse cursor over picture to see name of bird. Each image opens in a new screen.

Ant Bird Black Bird Blue Head Parrot Blue Sackie Blue Sakie Bunya Blackbird
Canje Pheasant Canje Pheasant Carrion Crow Cattle Egret Collared Plover Cuckatoo
Aracaru Ball Catcher Blue Heron Blue Heron Chestnut Bellied Heron Crimson Topaz
Bananaquit Barn Swallow Bridi Hawk Canje_Pheasant or Hoatzin Carrion Crow Chicken Hawk
Currasow Dye Head Frigate Bird Grampo Great Egret Green Parakeet
Ground Dove Guinea Bird Guinea Bird Hawk Eagle House Wren Humming Bird
Crimson Topaz Dusky Parrot Harpy Eagle Kerreh Macaw Macaw (red and green)
Jaiburi Stork King Vulture Kiskadee Kiskadee Large Billed Tern Laughing Gull
Red Siskin Pompador Cotinga Scissors Tail Spurwing Jacana Sunbittern Perigrine Falcon
Manakin Old Witch Parrot Peezing Pied Water Tyrant Pigeon
Macaw (Red and green) Macaws Macaws Marudi Nunbird Owl
Owl Pigeon Powis  Currasow Snail Hawk Snowy Egret Striated Heron
Plantain Canary Plover Plover Plover Plover Large Gaylou Powis  Currasow
Powis -- Currasow Puffbird Puffbird (White neck) Red siskin- male & fem Robin Red Breast Sandpiper
Striped Cuckoo Tri-colour Heron Wissy Wissy Duck Woodpecker Woodstork Yellow Head Vulture
Scarlet Ibis Scarlet Ibis Scarlet Macaw Sea Gull Skimmers Sparrow
Spoonbill Spurwing Jacana Toucan Toucan (Red-billed) Tropical Mockingbird Turkey Vulture
Twatwa Vulture Sunbittern Cowbird Oatsie Cock Of The Rock Spurwing Jacana
Sun Parakeet Chicken Hawk Kingfisher Crested Cara Cara Wading Birds Harpy Eagle

Turkey Vulture

Yellow Plantain - Oriole

Yellow Warbler

White Heron

Yellow Throat Spinetail

Yellow Rumped Cacique

Jaiburi Stork