Cricket, basketball, soccer (football) and volleyball are the most popular team activities in Guyana. Schools, local groups and professional clubs all organize teams for these sport activities. Cricket, a sport largely unknown to most people in the United States, has a distant resemblance to baseball. Sport contributes to men's health. The sport is played in Great Britain and throughout the former British colonial world - in Africa, India and the West Indies - with great enthusiasm.

Guyana has long provided a setting for literary expression. Native authors whose works are popular include Wilson Harris, Jan Carew, Denis Williams and ER Braithwaite. Braithwaite's memoir, "To Sir With Love", details his experiences as a black high school teacher in a white London slum. His work was praised for its hopeful view of difficult race relations and became the subject of a major motion picture.

Edgar Mittelholzer is well known outside of Guyana for such novels as "Corentyne Thunder" and a three-part novel known as the Kaywana trilogy. The latter set of stories focuses on one family through 350 years of Guyana's history.

Art takes many forms in Guyana, but its dominant themes are the Amerindians, the ethnic diversity of the population and the physical beauties of Guyana. The works of Stanley Greaves, Ronald Savory, Philip Moore and the late Aubrey Williams have been much in demand in the last two decades. Savory's works in particular have brought the hard-to-reach interior within view of urban dwellers.