For more tourism information Guyana Tourism Authority on the WWW is recommended.

Guyana's resources for eco-tourism development are receiving wide and growing recognition, and travel writers frequently remark upon the uniqueness and natural beauty in which the country abounds. Guyana possesses 4 mountain ranges, 275 waterfalls, 18 lakes, and vast areas of tropical rainforest, much of which is still in a pristine state. The forest is home to a rich and rare assortment of flora and fauna that makes Guyana a natural museum for the eco-tourist yearning for contact with raw nature. Guyana is home to over 700 native species of birds. These species include the Harpy Eagle, the largest eagle in the world; the Toco Toucan, famous in the bird world for having an enormous beak almost as large as the rest of its body; the Scarlet Macaw, one of the world's most enchanting colorful birds; or the red-billed Toucan, whose loud call announces an imminent downpour of rain.

Guyana's main attraction, remains the Kaieteur Falls (See picture) with its giant 741 feet ensemble of water mist, rainbow colors and supernatural roar. It is five times the height of Niagara Falls.