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Welcome to Guyana's National Development Strategy Web Site. Today Guyana stands in the dawn of the 21st Century with vast human and natural resources that can potentially change the country for the good of all its citizens - Potentially, yes, because inspite of recent improvements, the country still faces formidable challenges such as poor infrastructure, narrow export and production base, unacceptable social conditions that would first have to be overcome. The NDS was conceived as a strategy to effect this change and open up the country for accelerated development.

Our vision of the future, however, should not be left in the hands of a few technocrats and politicians. Rather, it should lie with every Guyanese. We must marshall our collective visions and aspirations. It is in this context that the Government is strongly urging every Guyanese to participate in the consultative process of the NDS to make their opinions known.

Converting the NDS into concrete gains for all will require the consistent, informed effort of each of us. We ask all Guyanese and non-Guyanese to take this Strategy to heart, make it their own, add more specificity to it where necessary, and unite in the great challenge of lifting our economy and society boldly forward.

This web site contains the entire draft Strategy on which I encourage your feedback.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of you who have shown interest in Guyana's National Development Strategy, and to encourage you to participate in the finalisation of the working document.

Thank you.

Bharrat Jagdeo
Minister of Finance
Government of Guyana

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Comments and suggestions on the NDS Draft can be sent to nds@solutions2000.net. All comments and suggestions will be forwarded to the Ministry of Finance for review.
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