A Brian, A Chapel Street N/Acanjee@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: used to live in a beautiful white house in Chapel Street
A, AdrainAdrian13666@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario
Occupation: Technological AdviserOther Information: High School:Indians(Richard Ishmael).Once a member of the boy scouts also attend our Lady of Fatima Church.
A, NuwinaNuwina@msn.com From: 70 Village,CorentyneLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Attended SLPSS and left in 98.Looking for old friends:-)
ALI, RaymondRymndali@aol.com From: Middle Road La penitence Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: Orlando Florida lives in Ottawa Canda for 20 years
Occupation: EntrepeneurOther Information: Ruimveldt Govt School Muslim College
Aarian, Aenquireads@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Travelling
Occupation: MarketingOther Information: If anyone is interested in Purchasing Prime Business Property/ies on Regent Street,GT or Wants to invest in Guyana as partnership,email me.
Aaron-Friday, Altheaaltheaaaron@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: St.Kitts
Occupation: Medical TechnologistOther Information: Central High
Aaron, AllistonAlliston65@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt Gdns,GeorgetownLiving In: Plainfield,New Jersey
Occupation: Tower TechnicianOther Information: Attended St.Gariels Primary,Christ Church Sec.and G.T.I
Aaron, Paulpaaron@unis.org From: GeorgetownLiving In: USA
Occupation: Peace KeepingOther Information: Ex Police 15154
Aaron, Samaroodjrawl123@gmail.com From: ZeelugtLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Litigation Supporthttps://www.facebook.com/arsamarooOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Abadeen, Mohamedcsawhc512@rogers.ca From: Plantain Walk,Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: West Dem.Sec.School 1984 to 1989
Abas, JeanetteJeannetteabas@Bellsouth.net From: La JalousieLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: Operations Specialist llOther Information: Central High
Abas, Osmanosman_abas@hotmail.com From: Windsor ForestLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: West Demerara Secondary School
Abboobakar, Mohamed Rafeekrafeekx@yahoo.com From: North Cummingsburg,GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: St.Joseph's High School
Abdool(nee Naraine), Yvonne VYAbdool@aol.com From: Eastfield Drive,Nandy Park,EB DemLiving In: S O Park,Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Ex GDL employee.Also Govt of Guyana(Min.of Communications)
Abdool, Diannalovemetendermissthing@yahoo.com From: Wales West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Wales West Bank Demerara
Occupation: StudentOther Information: West Demerara Secondary School class of 2003!
Abdool, Dondeenadeena.m.wilke@chase.com From: Gerogetown,GuyanaLiving In: Jacksonville,Florida
Occupation: Operations SpecialistOther Information: I left Guyana with my mum Aldora Ally in 1984.I attended St Angela's Roman Catholic School until 1984-looking for lost friends and family!
Abdool, Lailalza001@hotmail.com From: Cotton Tree Village/New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Development AssistantOther Information: Attended Berbice High School/Multi.to 1978
Abdool, Sammysammyabdool@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Albouystown
Occupation: Information Technology ManagerOther Information: Qualified
Abdool, Shameenashameenaali@hotmail.com From: Cotton Tree VillageLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Accounting CoordinatorOther Information: Attended Rosignol Secondary and Cotton Tree Primary Schools.
Abdool, Shiyevinashiyevinaa@hotmail.com From: West Bank Demerara,GuyanaLiving In: Bahamas and London
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Stanislaus College,President's College,H.J.Robinson High School,Clement Howell High School
Abdoola, Rezarabdoola@yahoo.com From: CorrivertownLiving In: Queens
Occupation: CSROther Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path Secondary High School,1985-1989.
Abdul Hakim, Winstonwinstonwin64@aol.com From: FyrishLiving In: St.Petersburg,Florida
Occupation: Licensing SpecialistOther Information: Attended Winifred Gaskin Secondary School,Work as Telephone Tech.with GT&T New Amsterdam from 1985-1997.
Abdul nee Jaikaran, SatkumarieSatkumarie@aol.com From: Leonora W C DemeraraLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Interior DesignerOther Information: Leonora secondry School live in junior staff compoumd
Abdul, Rashadabtech@golden.net From: Parika East Bank Esseq.Living In: Kitchener,Ontario
Occupation: President of Abtech Cad/Cam & Tooling Inc.Other Information: Zeeburg S.S.1973-78
Abdul, RyanRyan1347@btinternet.com From: Georgetown/BerbiceLiving In: London
Occupation: Audit PartnerOther Information: St.Stanislaus,
Abdulla, Derrickdabdulla05@aol.com From: Fyrish Village/BerbiceLiving In: London
Occupation: IT Operational ManagerOther Information: JC Chandi Singh 1981-83
Abdulla, Luannaluanna_a@hotmail.com From: Enterprise East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Collingswood Ave NandyPark Petershall E.B.D
Occupation: Office Administrator/AccountantOther Information: St.Rose's High
Abdulla, Sharonmabdulla1996@yahoo.co.uk From: Fyrish VillageLiving In: London
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Went to Corentyne Comprehensive from 1983-88,Kingston University London 2001-2005
Abdulla, Yardaliyassim.abdulla@sympatico.ca From: Number 19 VillageLiving In: Waterloo,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Lower Corentyne
Abdullah,Dr, Aslimdrnickramen@yahoo.com From: AlbionLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Dentist-EndodontistOther Information: Corentyne High 1972
Abdullah, Karimkabdullah@yahoo.com From: La JalousieLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: IThttp://www.Westdem.orgOther Information: Attended West Dem 71-76
Abideen, Mohamed(Feroz)feroz@look.ca From: Johanna Ceceilia,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Systems Test EngineerOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School from 1979 to 1985.I would love to hear from old friends or School mates.
Abjal, Afrazdairyman786@hotmail.com From: Wakenaam IslandLiving In: Ontario Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attended Essequibo Island Secondary School.Give a shout out to all my friends in Guyana.
Abraham, Estherestherbarron@aol.com From: Essequibo Coast and PouderoyenLiving In: TX
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Father is Pastor Hassan Abraham West Bank Demerara
Abrahim, Anastasianatassia2@yahoo.com From: BeterverwagtingLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Research AnalystOther Information: I attended Stella Maris from 84-89.I went to St.Stanislaus from 89-91 when I came to this country.I attended Baruch College from 96-2000.I am looking for another who attended Saints in the years i did.I was in 1b and 2c when I was in GT
Abrahim, Jihanjibi42002@yahoo.com From: Skeldon,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: http://princessjibi.blogspot.com/Other Information: Attended SLPSS during 1997-2002,and UGBC during 2002-2004.Would be glad to meet anyone from GY who is in Toronto,old classmates,friends,even enemies feel free to send me an email.
Abrahim, Rafeenawest_indies_4_life@yahoo.com From: Cumberland Village,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: StudentOther Information: im 12,i go to McKinley Community School,and im bored
Abrahim, Rehannariya1@optonline.net From: Cumberland Village,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: New Brunswick,New Jersey
Occupation: Member Service RepresentativeOther Information: I went to New Amsterdam Multilateral High School,anyone who remembers me feel free to send an email.
Abrahim, Roshanashereeda@aol.com From: Corentyne,Berbice,Port Mourant,Free YardLiving In: Bronx,New York.
Occupation: Quality Control InspectorOther Information: J.C.Chandisingh Secondary School./Cinema operator./Field Foreman at Albion Estate,MecTill.
Abrams, AlexisKAUTIOUSLOVE@hotmail.com From: West RuimveldtLiving In: North Carolina
Occupation: BankerOther Information: This is information was updated on 9/18/02
Abrams, Bevaughnguyanese4life19@yahoo.com From: Prospect,E.B.D GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended Tutirol High & Covent Garden Sec.School
Abrams, Daniserbaby_d_forever@yahoo.com From: MahaiconyLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Mahaicony Secondary School
Abrams, Markmarkaabrams@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Correspondence Specialist Honda Canada IncOther Information: Central High School Graduate,Assistant Sworn Clerk at The High Court of the Supreme Court of Guyana.Computer Network Specialist.
Abrams, Naominaomiabrams@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: secretaryOther Information: Went to St.Josephs then Bishops,dropped out(too much work)worked at Gaskin and Jackson Jewelleries,which was cool cause i did nothing all day and got paid!!!!! RIGHT ON!! Now working at a legal office.Its hard cause i gotta work my ass off!!!!!!!
Abrams, Randolphrandolph.abrams@stannbl.com From: LindenLiving In: Jamaica
Occupation: Senior Mechanical Engineer,St Ann Jamaica Bauxite.Other Information:
Absolam, AmshaheedShaAbsol@aol.com From: Rose Hall Town/Port MourantLiving In: Kissimmee,Florida
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Belvedere School/Whim Drainage and Irrigation/IDS/MACORP
Abudhram, Ajayajay_budhram@yahoo.com From: Berbice,corentyne,albion,chesneyLiving In:
Occupation: machinistOther Information: j.c chandisingh,port mourant training school-98-2002,albion estate
Achaia, Mortlan Balgrimmort.achaia@degussa.com From: Mon ReposLiving In: Brampton Canada
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Attended Hindu College Annandale sec.Cyril Potter.
Achaibar, Deviachaibar5@aol.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Bronx ny
Occupation: student @pace university and nurse @montefiore hospitalOther Information: Berbice high school 1992-96
Achaibar, Gomatiegomatie@aol.com From: BerbiceLiving In: bronx N.y
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Berbice High School
Achaibar, Khemlallkachaib00@aol.com From: East Bank,BerbiceLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Student/Analysthttp://www.geocities.com/dachaibar/proj.htmlOther Information: NAMS(1993-1999)-Completed my Associate in Computer Information System-Currently working on my BS in Computer Engineering
Achaibar, Leonardlennyachai@yahoo.com From: Lusignan,GuyanaLiving In: New York,U.S.A
Occupation: Journalist,SportsOther Information: Annandale Secondary
Achan, Arvinachan_arvin@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: completing a degree in electrical installation
Achan, Janetflnymail@aol.com From: Lancaster,BerbiceLiving In: Kissimmee,Florida
Occupation: HealthcareOther Information: Manchester HS(Guyana),Lane HS(Bklyn,NY),LaGuardia CC(Queens,NY)
Achan, Vashtivashtiachan@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Completing my B.A.in Criminal Justice
Ackloo, RichardGT_Richard@hotmail.co.uk From: Hadfield st,Lodge.GeorgetownLiving In: UK
Occupation: Prison OfficerOther Information:
Ackloo, Shivaacklooshiv@yahoo.com From: Johanna Cecilia,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: teacherOther Information: Attended:A.Z.S.S,Cyril Potter College of Education,University of Guyana,
Ackloo, Vinoodvack@bellsouth.net From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: Network AdministratorOther Information: Attended Brickdam Secondary School 1979.
Adal, Winstonadalwinston@netscape.net From: LeguanLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Worked in Guyana Post Office '61-'71
Adalberto, Dr Aguilera Fernandezdraguilerafernandez@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Dentist Oral and Maxillofcial SurgeonOther Information: Hospital
Adams Haynes, Berylbobbi_haynes@hotmail.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: London England/Guyana
Occupation: Retired EducatorOther Information: Chatham High School Regent St
Adams Ward, MaureenAnnmarine5158@yahoo.com From: Goed Bananen Land Esast Canjie B/ceLiving In: Canefield East Canjie Berbice
Occupation: Assistant Regional Executive Officer,Region No 6.Other Information: N.A.T.I 1977-1979
Adams-Haynes, Beryldenber@live.com From: Plaisance East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Retired teacher/Community LeaderOther Information: Attended Chatham High School.Taught at St.John the Baptist School,Bartica.Remigrated to Guyana after 33yrs in the UK
Adams-Hercules, Maylenemhercules89@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: New York,USA
Occupation: accountingOther Information: Tutorial high School.Worked:Ministry of Agriculture and Inland Revenue
Adams-Heyliger, Victorineheyligerv@hotmail.com From: Ann's Grove Village East Coast DemeraraLiving In: St Lucia
Occupation: teacherOther Information: taught at christianburg,ann's Grove com.High,bygeval multilateral.I attended cambridge academy
Adams, Allanallan_adams@hotmail.com From: Wakenaan,GuyanaLiving In: Queens Village
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Essequibo Isl.Sec.
Adams, Andreayamilleadams@hotmail.com From: 24,North street LacytownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Agriculture EngineerOther Information: Fluent in English/Portuguese
Adams, Berthylenberthyle@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: Los Angeles C A
Occupation: Security ManagerOther Information: Looking For Friends From Linden
Adams, Deniecedadans1st@yahoo.com From: Buxton Village East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Buxton Village East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Other Information:
Adams, DerrickHadams50@aol.com From: Nabaclis/Golden Grove,ECDLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Hindu College&Sancho High
Adams, Donnadonnaadams7@hotmail From: Canjie,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AdministrationOther Information:
Adams, Dwaynedwayne082@yahoo.com From: Oronoque Reterive LindenLiving In: Clearfield Utah
Occupation: Other Information:
Adams, Dwyneadwyne@hotmail.com From: Buxton East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Buxton East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Bladen Hall Multi
Adams, Gilliangilliana27@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: kuru Kururu Soesdyke Linden highway
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: East Ruimveldt Secondary,GSA 1992-1994
Adams, Gilliangfab823@aol.com From: Linden,wisrockLiving In: brooklyn
Occupation: Registered nurseOther Information: Attended regma primary and then multilateral high School came to New York in 1984 looking for old friends.
Adams, Gilliangfab823@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: New York
Occupation: Registered N urseOther Information: Multilateral high School Linden
Adams, Grantleysirgrantley@hotmail.com From: Bartica/Linden/Georgetown/New AmsterdamLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: 4th year medical StudentOther Information: Christ Church/Bei/St Roses/Howard univ/Ross Univ
Adams, Hazelhazeladams2001@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Grove,East Bank Demerara
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: I attended Mission Chapel Congreational Schoo,then to Vryman's Erven Community High,then to Victoria Commercial School,i then joined the Guyana Police Force 1987 and resigned in 1993 at the rank of Corporal.I then did some part time job at place
Adams, Herbert (Herby)herbyadams@yahoo.com From: Roxanne Burnham GardensLiving In: Atlanta,GA & Long Island,NY
Occupation: Building ConstructionOther Information: Attended Fountain AME,GOC,Tutorial High.Worked at Bookers Suar Estates.Son of Daniel & Eunice Adams of Demerara River area (Wismar Linden).
Adams, Hyacinth(Gracie Thomas)Hadams50@aol.com From: Buxton,ECDLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Buxton Gov't Secondary
Adams, Jermainejgaddie2000@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt Park,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Living in Castries,St.Lucia
Occupation: Architecthttp://members.blackplanet.com/gaddafi/Other Information: Sacred Herat Primary,Bishops' High and University Of Guyana
Adams, Jeromejerome00247@live.com From: No 2 Village East Canje B/ceLiving In: Wilemstad,Curacao the Netherlands Antillies
Occupation: Carpenter/Joiner/Steelpan Tuner,trainerOther Information: Attended Fort Ordnance Govt School,Scarder Hihg School,,BEI,NATI migrated to Suriname in 1980 was Steelband Music teacher at BHS in the said year 1980.worked with the Ministry of Works & Hydraulics,Canje Bridge in my youth as a Mechanic and Welder Assistant.
Adams, Keithkeithpaulad@yahoo.com From: BarticaLiving In: San Martin,Venezuela
Occupation: Mining AdministratorOther Information: Bartica Secondary,Chrish Church Secondary,Central High
Adams, LlewelynNberthyle@scbgolbal.net From: One Mile Wismar LindenLiving In: Los Angeles C A
Occupation: Security ManagerOther Information: Please get in touch if you no me
Adams, Lorrainelorraine100@msn.com From: Linden,Wismar Housing SchemeLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Adams, Marcjado07106@yahoo.com From: South GeorgetownLiving In: Newark New Jersey
Occupation: College Studenthttp://www.marc.comOther Information: St Mary's High School from 1995--2000
Adams, Owenloverboyowen@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: New York(brooklyn)
Occupation: studentOther Information: Linden mutilaera high School)l
Adams, Rawlston Anthonynadams@networksgy.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Plaisance
Occupation: Civil EngineerOther Information: Bishop's High Class of 85-UG Class of 95
Adams, Rogerrlaadams@aol.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Pomona New York
Occupation: Real Estate Broker&Mortgage BrokerOther Information: Cummings Lodge Sec.1977-1982 Guysuco Training Center 1982-84
Adams, Sendalsen_adams@yahoo.com From: plaisanceLiving In: new york
Occupation: brick layerOther Information: nort georgetown secondary
Adams, Sushmasushi93x@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Suddie,Essequibo Coast
Occupation: PharmacistOther Information: Suddie Public Hospital
Adams, Winstonq_winston4u@yahoo.co.uk From: Friendship Village,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Bank TellerOther Information: Government Technical Institute
Adams, Winstonq_winston@netzero.com From: Friendship Village,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Bank TellerOther Information: B.V.Comm.High,GTI,Crithchlow Labour College,Antigua and Barbuda Techinical Institute,Cambridge International College,London
Adhar, Hemwantie(Samantha)samangel59@aol.com From: Cornelia Ida W.C.DLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Leonora Secondary School.
Adhar, Hemwantie(Samantha)suzan2000120001@yahoo.com From: Cornelia IdaLiving In: New York
Occupation: BankingOther Information: Attended Leonora Secondary School.
Adhar, Hemwantie(samantha)Sam59angel@aol.com From: Cornelia Ida West Coast DemeraraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Leonora Secondary School.Looking for old friends.
Adhin, Taramattiedianabasant@yahoo.com From: Vreed-En-Hoop (New Road)Living In: Bx,New York
Occupation: NutritionOther Information: Vreed-En-Hoop Community High.
Adjoda, Arunabrooklinprincess@yahoo.com From: MonRepos E.C,.DLiving In: Bronx NY
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Beterverwagting community high school
Adolph,Jr.BSc.(Hons),MA, L.Andrewa_adolph@hotmail.com From: Linden,GuyanaLiving In: London
Occupation: Director of ICT&Network ManagementOther Information: Mulitlateral,Christenburg
Adolph,Jr.BSc.(Hons),MA, L.Andrewfourplay65@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: New York(Recently)(Previously London)
Occupation: Other Information: Christenburg Primary,Multilaterial-Blueberry Hill,Linden
Adolph, Inceince4257@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New amsterdam Berbice
Occupation: Computer technicianOther Information: i have attended all saints primary school.vryman's erven hight school.N.A.T.I.bequia angelican secondary high school.any one want to hit me up just add me to your mesanger,we will be in touch.especially the single ladies.lol
Adolphus, Christina Amandamandyfu_real@hotmail.com From: Enmore.GuyanaLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario.Canada
Occupation: Student Meadowvale Secondary SchoolOther Information: Attended Enmore Hope West Primary.City College,Ebascol Ed Centre
Adolphus, Kevin Anthonykevinanthony@hotmail.com From: Enmore.GuyanaLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario.Canada
Occupation: Student Edenwood Middle School MississaugaOther Information: Attended Enmore Hope West Primary.and St Stanislaus College
Adolphus, Sukhaialsukhai@gmail.com From: Bath Settlement/ Bush Lot Village/Canal No.2/GeorgetownLiving In: 4185 Simca Lane,Cincinnati,Ohio,USA.45211
Occupation: Regional Education Officer (Retired) Region 2Other Information: St.Nicholas' Anglican School,Bath Estate.GTC,UG,Worked at St.Nicholas' Anglican,Anglican School Of The Resurrection,Lachmansingh Government,Kawall Government,St.Michael's Anglican,St.George's Primary,Tucville Primary,Ministry Of Education as Education Officer(Region3-West Demerara)Administrator of Mass Games.Awarded The Golden Arrowhead of Achievement (1981)
Adonis, Dennis (Czar)adonisd@windstream.net From: Sans Souci,WakenaamLiving In: Canton,Georgia,USA.
Occupation: Other Information: Arthurville Primary and Essequibo Islands Secondary
Adonis, Diandian.adonis@ymail.com From: RosignalLiving In: Oshawa Ontario Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Mother was Rachel Adonis
Adonis, Esther DawnAdonis5556@cs.com From: 74 Welcome Street,Rosignol Village,West Bank BerbiceLiving In: Los Angles,Calif
Occupation: NurseOther Information: I love to talk to my Guyanese People
Afraznawaz, SaffrazSaffrazafraznawaz678@msn.com From: Bagostown East Bank Demerara Guyana S.AmericaLiving In: Markham Ont,Canada
Occupation: Sales and MarketingOther Information: Houston High School East Bank of Demerara Guyana S.America
Afridi, Faisalpakscholars@lycos.com From: Living In: Pakistan
Occupation: Software developerhttp://pakscholars.tripod.comOther Information: Pakscholars.org is trying to make the Internet facility useful for scholars,intellectuals,scientists,researchers,teachers and students of Pakistan as well as for the scholars,intellectuals,researchers,teachers of other countries.
Afroze, Azweem(Ronald)zorenaa@hotmail.com From: Meet-en-meer-zorgLiving In: Woodbridge,Canada
Occupation: Mechanical&Body WorkOther Information:
Afroze, Azweem(Ronald)zorenaa@hotmail.com From: Meten-Meer-ZorgLiving In: Woodbridge,Canada
Occupation: Body shop ownerOther Information:
Afroze, Ronaldzorenaa@hotmail.com From: Meet-en-meer-zorgLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Afzal, Anandazadaryan@hotmail.com From: SurinamLiving In: Fairfield California
Occupation: broadcasting producerOther Information: I am a well settled educated professional without any issues looking for a Hindu Muslim bride under 35 of mixed parentage as I am a Hindu Muslim practicing both religion any help in this regards will be highly apprciated
Agard, Aileencalf2003@yahoo.com From: BV,& South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Houston,TX
Occupation: FinanceOther Information: attended Buxton Secondary & East Ruimveldt Secondary
Agard, Aubrey&Floyfloy_brey2001@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Purchasing ManagerOther Information: Aubrey:Indians--Floy:Campbellville Gov't
Agard, AubreyRagard6470@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: San Diego,California
Occupation: Civil Engineer/Operations ManagerOther Information: Central High,GTI,University of Guyana
Agard, Gloriadeniseathomas@aol.com From: Henrietta VillageLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Baby NurseOther Information:
Agard, Patrickp.e.w.agard@planet.nl From: Crabwoodcreek/Essequibo CoastLiving In: Amsterdam,Holland
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information: Looking for family of my father mr.Walter Agard-Muss,86 years old who is at the moment on vacation in Holland.He would like to hear from long lost relatives.Agard,Muss,Allicock,Nurse and any other relatives).
Agarwal, Rohitabhisheik2000@hotmail.com From: Living In: Thailand
Occupation: Lecturer at UniversityOther Information: done my masters in International tourism.i come across one Guyanese Indian here in Thailand and feel interested to know more Guyanese.I would love to know ppl from that part of the world.would you like to be friend of me?
Ageday, Carlaji_gt@yahoo.com From: Georgetown(Fullerton)Living In: Guyana
Occupation: AuditorOther Information: Richard Ishmael&Brickdam Secondary
Agossou nee Carter, Bridgettebridgette_agossou@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Berkshire,UK
Occupation: IT TutorOther Information: NAMS (1975-81),NATI (1981-83),Russia (1983-90) Urgently looking for Clifford Jordan (Canada) and Maxine LaRose (USA)
Aguilera, Adalbertoadalagui@hotmail.com From: FernandezLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Maxillo Facial Surgeon.consultantOther Information:
Ahad (AAdil), Mohamedahadmohamed@hotmail.com From: Canje BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga Ont.
Occupation: Computer TechnicianOther Information: B.E.I 1973
Ahad, Ayube (Samad)sk1_8lue@hotmail.com From: Kildonan,BerbiceLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: LGV DriverOther Information: Went to Kildonan Primary School - Corentyne,Berbice.Then move to Lesbeholden,Black Bush Polder.
Ahad, Mohamedernest1360@yahoo.com From: Grove/CampbellvilleLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Production ManagerOther Information: Ex Lance Corporal Guyana Police Force #11460 of cource#116.Please feel free to contact me.
Ahad, Samadahads2004@hotmail.com From: Friendship then moved to 77 Lesbeholden BBP.Living In: U.K
Occupation: HGV/LGV Mechanic,ChefOther Information: My gran was imam at Kildonan mosque.The rest of my family live in USA.
Ahilya(Tricia), Dass(Budhu)Trish8907@aol.com From: Uitvlugt West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Queens USA
Occupation: Office AdministratorOther Information: Attend Stewartville Secondary School WCD
Ahmad (Hamid), Tariqgtstarbai@msn.com From: Fyrish Road of Hamid and Sons General StoreLiving In: Florida and New York
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Cropper Primary School,South Shore HS,Brooklyn College
Ahmad (Razak), Waheeda Ryhanwaheedarahmad@yahoo.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Charlotte,North Carolina
Occupation: Special Education TeacherOther Information: I would like to get in contact with old friends from North GT-HS & the neighborhood!
Ahmad, Halimaslickguy8310@yahoo.com From: GoedIntentLiving In: Pouderoyen
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: I attended the Patentia high school in 1967-1969 after that i taught at the vreed en hoop community highschool for approximately 20 years.I am interesting in communicating with old friends from my past.
Ahmad, Ryhanryhan@bellnet.ca From: Peter"s Hall,East Bank,DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Producer of Computer ShowsOther Information:
Ahmad, Shamkame718@hotmail.com From: FyrishLiving In: New York and Fyrish
Occupation: Import and ExportOther Information: Comprehensive Secondary School (82-87)
Ahmad, Shammisahmad@cooksonelectronics.com From: Goed Fortuin-W.B.DLiving In: Jersey City,New Jersey
Occupation: Prod.SupervisorOther Information: Single and related to Chilo/Bird
Ahmad, Sheikhsheikh@ozonesvs.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: CEOhttp://www.ozonesvs.comOther Information: Saints (Geo)
Ahmad, Sheikhsheikh@ozoneac.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Hollwood,Florida USA
Occupation: Promotionshttp://www.dafrenzy.comOther Information:
Ahmadi, Anthonyanthony@anthonysinflatables.com From: # 71 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Florida USA
Occupation: Owner Of Anthony's Inflatables Inchttp://www.anthonysinflatables.comOther Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path High School
Ahmed, Shazena Hibamnazima2@cs.com From: Windsor ForestLiving In: Cleveland OH
Occupation: 2nd GraderOther Information: My grandfather' name is Mohamed Jamal from Windsor Forest and my mother went to West Dem Sec School 1975 and my Dad is from Pakistan
Ahmed, Shweta Madhusweta_madhu@yahoo.com.au From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Fremont,California
Occupation: Insurance underwriterOther Information: I was born in Guyana raised in Australia I am married new in America want to exchange correspondence with other females.FEMALES ONLY
Aidat-Sarran, Robertinfo@tvl1.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: London
Occupation: Travel Agent/Tour Operatorhttp://www.tvl1.comOther Information: Lived most of my life in the UK but have a lot to do with Guyana
Ajodah, Edwardedward.ajodah@lawyers.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: Larchmont,NY
Occupation: Attorney at Law,Certified Public AccountantOther Information: Annandale Secondary
Ajodhia, Ahalia,Sandralildude1_00@yahoo.ca From: Canje and Bush Lot,BerbiceLiving In: U.S.A
Occupation: Other Information: Tutorial Academy Secondary School
Ajodhia, Ahalia,Sandralildude1_00@yahoo.com From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: U.S.A.
Occupation: Other Information: Tutorial Academy Secondary School
Ajodhya Persaud, Mahadeoajodhyamahadeo@gmail.com From: Zeeburg North ousing SchemeLiving In: Winnipeg Manitoba
Occupation: Other Information: UitvlugtPrimary,Zeeburg Secondary School 1963 to 1966,residing in Winnipeg since 1970
Akbar, Afzalafzbar@hotmail.com From: Plaisance E.C.DLiving In: Hollywood FL
Occupation: CourierOther Information: Looking for Schoolmates from St.Paul 's Anglican,Plaisance
Akbar, Al Altafalakbar@nyc.rr.com From: Bath Settlement,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: AttorneyOther Information:
Aladhar Bisram, Wattiewbisram@picaheadstart.org From: Clifton Settlement,Port Mourant,CorentyneLiving In: Minneapolis Minnesota USA
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Corentyne High School
Aladhar Bisram, Wattiewattieb@myexcel.com From: Clifton SettlementLiving In: Minneapolis Minnesota
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Corentyne High School
Aladhar(Chandanie), Wattiewattieb@myexcel.com From: Clifton SettlementLiving In: Minneapolis Minnesota
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Corentyne High School(1976-1981)
Alamodean, Siddiqrsadean@nyc.rr.com From: Queenstown CorrivertonLiving In: Queens,NYC
Occupation: Other Information: attend Skeldon Lutheran High School(1972-1977}
Albert(Obermuller), ShionShy_shion@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In:
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Mackenize and Sacred Heart Primary School,Mackenzie High School and University of Guyana
Albert-Curtain, Rose Maryakimbia74@aol.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information: Overwinning Government
Albert-Curtain, Rose Maryakimbia74@aol.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information: Overwinning Government
Albert, Javaughn Winstonjavonm11@hotmail.com From: Guyana,CaribbeanLiving In: Linden
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Mackenzie High School
Albert, Leroyleroy3063@hotmail.com From: Agricola/Durban St.Lodge/New AmsterdamLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Ex-Lecturer GTI,Industrial Training Centre and NATI B/ce
Alcee, Tamikatamika_alcee@hotmail.com From: Atlantic Gardens,East CoastLiving In: Castries,Saint Lucia
Occupation: Project ManagerOther Information: I attended Christ Church Secondary.I also hosted a show called Explosion on MTV.If anyone remembers me please drop me a few lines.
Alert/Trotman, CarolCarolAlert@aol.Com From: Georgetown/Roxanne Burnham GardensLiving In: England/London
Occupation: Checkout SupervisorOther Information:
Alert, CarolMonicaAlert@aol.com From: Roxanne Burnham GardensLiving In: London
Occupation: Sales ManagerOther Information: I attended Fountain AME,in New Garden Street,Queenstown
Alert, Kemtonkemtonalert744@hotmail.com From: BarticaLiving In: Bartica
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Alert, Veronicaveakvb@aol.com From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: NurseOther Information: nick name Kiddy,Nurse at New Amsterdam Hospital
Alexander, Jamesjalexa4577@aol.com From: Port Mourant and Lancaster Village,CorentyneLiving In: Montgomery,Alabama
Occupation: Geologist with Ala.Dept.of Environmental MgmtOther Information: Corentyne(Chandisingh)HS,Guyana Geology&Mines
Alexander, Loretta/pansyioka7@hotmail.com From: christianburg/G/townLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Nurse/assistanceOther Information: GOC/alleyene,looking for long lost friends.
Alexander, LorraineLorraine@lorralex.force9.co.uk From: Rosignol,BerbiceLiving In: London,England
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral School from 1980 to 1985.
Alexander, Marcelynm.stringer454@btinternet.com From: Peter Rose StreetLiving In: Oxford, United Kingdom
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: St Roses School
Alexander, Marlondansk01@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Kopenhavn Denmark
Occupation: 737 Captain-Lufthansa AirlineOther Information:
Alexander, Melvinna@na.com From: TucvilleLiving In: Trenton,MI,USA
Occupation: Controls EngineerOther Information: Juboop
Alexander, OliviaFFreakychick@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Student at Jamaica HighOther Information: I use to go to Richard Ishmael N Bussiness college.hey what sup guys?well if ya all wana chat just im me or e-mail me.i'm 17yrs and looking for some guyanese poeple to chat with.
Alexander, Orinorinalex@aol.com From: WakenaamLiving In: London
Occupation: Head of executive officeOther Information: Attended QC and Bishops,studied in Russia,worked at the Guyana High Commission and now at the London Development Agency.
Alexander, SoniaGallies14@aol.com From: PoudroynLiving In: Bloomington,Illinois
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Bloomington High School,and now I attend Illinois State University
Alexander, SoniaGallies14@aol.com From: PoudroyrnLiving In: United States
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I would love to meet all the Guyanese I can meet,so don't be shy.Contact me!!
Alexander, Stefaniesweetentuff@msn.com From: 216 West Ruimveldt,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,Ny
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended Mae's Secondary
Alexander, Tianasilkencreature21@hotmail.com From: Retieve LindenLiving In: Redwood Crescent
Occupation: NurseOther Information: I Went to the Mackenzie Primary Schooland Mackenzie High School.I any one recognises me don't hesitate to holler at me
Alexander, Walter J.wjalex@hotmail.com From: MochaLiving In: USA
Occupation: Other Information: Bishops High School(1989-1994)
Alexander, Wayne Malik or Leowayne.f.alexander@aexp.com From: Lodge G-TLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: ST.Thomas Moore RC&ST John's College//G.A.C
Alfred, Adrianaalfred@lucent.com From: AlbionLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Director-TreasuryOther Information:
Alfred, Densburyalfred9844@aol.com From: New Amsterdam,Originally from Hopetown WCBLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Nuclear Medicine TechnologistOther Information: N/A Multilateral,GDF 84-89,Looking for old friends &classmates
Alfred, LindenAlfred6795@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: PrinterOther Information: once work at the sevendays Adventist Printery in georgetown
Alfred, Timothytim_alfred@hotmail.com From: AlbionLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Computer TechnicianOther Information: St.Aloysius High,The Chubb Institute
Algoo, Mariamariasamaroo@yahoo.com From: Chesney,AlbionLiving In: NY
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: Fyrish Primary,CCHS teaches at Cropper Primary at Albion Front from 1997-1999
Algoo, Mariamariasamaroo@yahoo.com From: Chesney,Fyrish Village,Albion Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Admin.AssistantOther Information: Fyrish Primary,Corentyne Comprehensive High,Teacher at Cropper Primary.I would like to meet old friends and new ownes
Algoo, jennyjenny_kanhai@yahoo.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: Florida
Occupation: NurseOther Information: From Cane Grove
Algu, Mahendragalgu@nyc.rr.com From: New Town KittyLiving In: Flushing,NY
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Attended Richard Ishmael Secondary&Saint Stanislaus College
Algu, MahendraGaitrie@aol.com From: New Town KittyLiving In: New Hyde Park,New York
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Attended Richard Ishmael Sec.and St.Stanislaus College
Algu, Naomiduckinya@hotmail.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Punta Gorda,FL
Occupation: DBAOther Information: Attended Chandisingh '72-'76
Ali (CAIN), Ahmadahlcigar@aol.com From: Port MourantLiving In:
Occupation: RealtorOther Information: National High School,Port Mourant,Looking for old school friends,send me an e-mail
Ali Gouveia, ShaneenaShaneenagouveia@yahoo.com From: Mahaica,Better-HopeLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Ali Khan, Ferozezahid.mahamad@virgin.net From: Belvedere,AlbionLiving In: London,UK and Orlando,Florida.
Occupation: MSe and BSe AerospaceEngineer-Power Generationhttp://www.villasrusflorida.comOther Information: Old Corentyne Comprehensive Student.Studied at Universities in England.For Orlando FL Vacation Homes,visit my Web Site.
Ali Mahamad, Sattaur (Khan)sattaur42@hotmail.com From: belvedere settlementLiving In: London Ontario Canada
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: corentyne high school
Ali Nee Ahamad, Bibi(Shazeeda)MohamedAasif@aol.com From: CampbellVilleLiving In: Kitchener,Ont
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended F.E Pollard Primary,City College,Conestoga College now attending
Ali Terry, Sheriffaliterryali@aol.com From: Enmore E.C.DLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Lic Real Estate SalespersonOther Information: Bladen Hall Multilateral
Ali(Bansi), Ramonama0475@aol.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School(attended 1983 to 1987)
Ali-Ibrahim, Zorenazarinaib@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Originally from Dochfour ECD.Attended Hindu College 1968-1973Would like to get in contact with all her friends
Ali-Jafralie, Sabrinasnjafralie@yahoo.co.uk From: Georgetown(Father's hometown)Living In: London,United Kingdon
Occupation: Teacher/LecturerOther Information: Royal West Academy in Canada.I am a Canadian
Ali-Khan, Shafeeza(a.k.a Shafee)alikhans@transcontinental.ca From: Canal #2 PolderLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: National Advertising CoordinatorOther Information: Kawall/St.Rose's High
Ali-Khan, Shafeezasalikhan@lge.com From: Canal #2Living In: Toronto
Occupation: Marketing/Sales CoordinatorOther Information: Kawall Primary/St.Rose's High
Ali-Millard, Zabeedazmillard@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Jacksonville,Florida
Occupation: Human Resources/PayrollOther Information: Attended Central High,Worked at British High Commission.
Ali, Ahmada_nazar_ali@yahoo.com From: BagotstownLiving In: Tampa FL
Occupation: Sales RepOther Information: Attened Peter's hall School 1959-1969 Guyanese Friends drope me a line
Ali, AlimAlim_meez@hotmail.co.uk From: Coven Garden E B DLiving In: London
Occupation: Multi tradeOther Information:
Ali, AminaAmina3673@yahoo.com From: Skeldon,CorrivertonLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended SLPSS,lived on Main Road # 79."Nickname:Min" Looking for old School/karate buddies!
Ali, Annalysha(Annie)anna858@optonline.net From: East Canjie,BerbiceLiving In: New York,NY
Occupation: IT SupportOther Information: Would like to be in touch with old friends.Attended NAMS (1988-1993) and Cumberland Primary School(1982-1988).
Ali, Anthonytonyaa44@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended B.E.I
Ali, Asifaali_74@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: ON.,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended St.Stanislaus College,1985-1990
Ali, Azeezazeezcan@yahoo.com From: Hague backdamLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Coordinating ManagerOther Information: Zeeburg,Leonora,Central High Secondary Schools 83-93
Ali, Ben Ahmadali777119@earthlink.net From: Family from Sheriff Street,GeorgetownLiving In: Chelsea,New York City and West Palm Beach
Occupation: Author,Artist,Poet,Singer Songwriter,http://www.abeefromdivineunity.comOther Information: I graduated from Parsons School Of Art In Design in Manhattan,I have a new book published so please check out my website.I would like to hear from artist,singer,poets and other creative types from all age groups.Peace and Love.
Ali, Benralidreamworldsbeyondtime5@mail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Hollywood
Occupation: Writerhttp://www.benrali.comOther Information: Childrens Book Author and illustrator and poet would lke to meet other writers and artists ande eventhose who are interested inthese fields but maybe not artists themselves.Feel free to visit me online or send me a facebook message.Peace & love benrali
Ali, Bibi Fazie(nee Sharif)Bfazie@aol.com From: Harlem,WCD,Guyana,South AmericaLiving In: Winnipeg,Manitoba
Occupation: Other Information:
Ali, Bibi Shabena Azeezanshabenaali@yahoo.com From: Albion Front,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: Cummings Lodge,Greater Georgetown.
Occupation: Attorney-at-LawOther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral School,University of Guyana,Hugh Wooding Law School.
Ali, BibiMaxyascot@gmail.com From: EnmoreLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Hindu College 1970-1976.Was a teacher at Stella Maris.Like to communicate with people who might know me especially my students
Ali, Edwinedwin_ali@yahoo.com From: 76 Railway Line Kitty,Greater GeorgetownLiving In: 2265 SW 119 Avenue,Miramar,Fl.33025
Occupation: Travel Editor of Caribbean Today News Magazine,Correspondent for Jetsettersmagazine.com and authorOther Information: Author of The Rise of the Phoenix in Guyana's Turbulent Politics and "Muslims in America Following the catastrophic teragedy of 9/11
Ali, Edwinedwin_ali@yahoo.com From: Kitty,Greater GeorgetownLiving In: 2265 SW 119 Avenue,Miramar,Fl.33025
Occupation: Travel Editor of Caribbean Today and AuthorOther Information: author of The Rise Of
Ali, Faiuzefaiuze101@aol.com From: mon repos ECDLiving In: ozone park,queens,New York
Occupation: fully employedOther Information: mon repos,Primary,bv comm.high,Balden Hall Multi lateral
Ali, Fameedaemobaksh@yahoo.com From: Blairmont/BerbiceLiving In: Blairmont
Occupation: StudentOther Information: RVC
Ali, Farahfarah_tlc@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: FinanceOther Information: Attended J.C.Chandisingh in the early 90s.feel free to contact me.
Ali, Farahfarahmariah@yahoo.com From: WakenaamLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended EIGSS
Ali, Haseebhaseeb@idirect.com From: 27 Pilot Street,New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Desktop PublisherOther Information: Attended Overwinning Sec.School 69-75.Served as a teacher at St.Aloysius Primary School 75-79.Was Ameer/head of the Guyana Islamic Trust 86-89 and part time teacher at the Guyana Islamic Institute.
Ali, Hazrathazratali515@hotmail.com From: Nigg Settlement,Albion,CorentyneLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Receiving and ShippingOther Information: Attented Belvedere Primary School and then Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary High.I am also a Shodan in Shotokan Karate.I like to reach my school friends.
Ali, Hazrathazratali515@hotmail.com From: Nigg,Albion,Corentyne,GuyanaLiving In: In Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I leaved my high School in the year-1991,I also attended the Port Muorant evening classed 1992-1993 April.
Ali, ImraanEMOELI@MSN.COM From: Enmore HaslingtonLiving In: Queens Village,New York
Occupation: Health InsOther Information: Enmore Goverment School
Ali, Iqbal(Imran)iq23@hotmail.com From: Cove and John Village,ClanbrookLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Went to Stella-Marris Primary School,Currently At Seneca College
Ali, Jamelajamelaali@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Attorney-at-LawOther Information: I attended St.Joseph's High School.Presently practicing as a Lawyer in Guyana
Ali, Josephjosephali455@gmail.com From: Rosehall,CanjeLiving In: UK
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Worked at Rosehall sugar Estate as messenger boy,telephone operator,field workshop clerk and time keeping office.Left BG in 1962 for UK after gaining diploma in electronics from NTS in Santa Barbara.
Ali, Kadirsmali26@yahoo.com From: Bloomfield & Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: Information Technology Manager/Logistic ManagerOther Information: I went to North Georgetown High School
Ali, Kadirkadir@kadirali.com From: Bloomfield&Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Union,NJ
Occupation: EDI/Logistics/Information Technology Managerhttp://www.geocities.com/smali26Other Information: Aklyne School North Georgetown High School West Side High School-Newark,NJ SCS Business &Technical Institute,Son of Elizabeth Peters Ali & Syad Mustakh Kurshad Ali and brother of Kareem
Ali, Kamilkamil@kamiltheauthor.com From: Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton
Occupation: Authorhttp://www.kamiltheauthor.comOther Information: Author of 'The Initiates','Profound Vers-A-Tales' and column named,'Myths,Legends & Folklore of the Caribbean' for the Indo Caribbean World newspaper in Toronto.
Ali, Kamrool ZamanAlkams_99@yahoo.com From: Lot 27 Pilot Street New Amsterdam BerbiceLiving In: Lot 97 Alice Street Seafield Leonora W.C.Dem
Occupation: Owner Alkams Photo Studio&Gift ShopOther Information: Overwinning Sec.School,Former employee Of Bata Shoe Co.
Ali, Kareemmeerak26@aol.com From: Bloomfield & Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: ChillinOther Information: I went to North Georgetown High School
Ali, Kareemmeerak26@aol.com From: Bloomfield,Corentyne,Berbice & Kingston,GTLiving In: Oakland,California
Occupation: Import/Export Manager/Customs Brokerage AgentOther Information: Auchlyne Primary School,North GT Secondary,PS 20,West Side High,Trenton State
Ali, Lancelotlbrover58@gmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: Attended B.E.I,1980-1982 C.P.C.E,Teacher @ St.Theresa Primary School.1982-1987
Ali, Lancelotroverlance@live.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: Attended B.E.I.//C.P.C.E.80-82.//Worked @ St.Theresa Primary School 82-87.Looking to connect with friends
Ali, Marymary_mav@yahoo.com From: Canefield,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral
Ali, MeerBfazie@aol.com From: Zeeburg,West Coast Demerar,SALiving In: Winnipeg,Manitoba
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary School,WCD,South America
Ali, Michaelimranali1996@msn.com From: Cummings LodgeLiving In: Cummings Lodge
Occupation: Medical DoctorOther Information: Pastor of Family Worship Centre,Goedverwagting Mahaicony Sec.School,Queens College,Cummings Lodge Sec.
Ali, Mohamed (Buff)buffdevi@msn.com From: Cumberland,Canje,Berbice.Living In: Jersey City,NJ
Occupation: SecurityOther Information: Worked in New Amsterdam,Rode a Suzuki motor cycle,.anyone remember,contact me.
Ali, Mohamed Rafeekrafi@colosseum.com From: Albouystown,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Sales ConsultantOther Information: attn.Central High School.88-93,worked@guyana stores limited in payroll dept.feel free to contact me via email.
Ali, Mohamed Rafeekaliridge@excite.com From: Stewartville W.C.DLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Leonora Govt.,Indians Trust College
Ali, Mohamed(Butcher)nabsco@hotmail.com From: Berbice(No.19-Warren)Living In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: V.P.-Business DevelopmentOther Information: BEI-1964-1968
Ali, Momeenamhiyaat1970@yahoo.com From: LeonoraLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Ali, Naderadebebee@hotmail.com From: Albertown,GTLiving In: L.I.New York
Occupation: PhysicianOther Information: Indians High School 1975-80
Ali, Nadirmohamed_ali31@hotmail.com From: Meten-Meer-ZorgLiving In: Brampton
Occupation: Other Information: I attend Meten-Meer-Zorg public school.Left Guyana in 1980.Would like to make contact with school friends.
Ali, Nafezaanafeza@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: NewYork
Occupation: BookkeeperOther Information: F/25 looking to make new friends
Ali, Nareemarsom916@gmail.com From: GroveLiving In: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Medical Assistant/Childcare ProviderOther Information: Attended Grove Primary School in the late 1990's to early 2000s. My last school teacher name was Ms.Christine in 2003. Left Guyana 15 years ago.
Ali, Naseem Bakshnaseem_0107@hotmail.com From: Miss Phoebe,Port MourantLiving In: Waterloo,Canada
Occupation: Research In MotionOther Information: Attended: Albion Goverment School St.Joseph Anglican School (Port Mourant Primary School) Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary School
Ali, Nazeela(Rose)roseali44@yahoo.com From: East BankLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information:
Ali, Nuwinanuwina@hotmail.com From: Kingston,CorrivertonLiving In: St.Maarten
Occupation: CashierOther Information: Attended Lutheran High School
Ali, Pamelapamelaali@cox.net From: LBI/Rose Hall EstatesLiving In: Metairie,LA
Occupation: Administrative Managerhttp://www.seabridgeprojects.comOther Information: Indian Education Trust/Berbice Educational Institute
Ali, RabiaRabs_komal@yahoo.com From: Bagotstown,E.B.D GuyanaLiving In: Pine Brook,NJ
Occupation: Business AdministratorOther Information: PeterHall,GOC,Singh's Sec.married to Kenneth-Guyana Embassy-Trying to contact an old friend go by the name-Sandra wk/w at O/singh H/w/corner Suriname
Ali, Sabinasabina_dona@hotmail.com From: Adelphi Village,East Canje,Berbice.Living In: Trinidad
Occupation: Home makerOther Information: ST.Patrck School
Ali, Safrazsafraz19@yahoo.com From: Cane Grove MahaicaLiving In: Cane Grove Mahaica
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Bygeval Secondary and Shivita's College.Glad to hear from childhood friends from school and village.
Ali, Samanthasamantha.ali@exprealty.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Real Estate Agenthttps://samanthaali.exprealty.comOther Information: Dad from Leonora and mom from Vreed en Hoop Currently living in Canada
Ali, Sarainsearch2005@hotmail.com From: Enmore ECDLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: Sheridan College
Ali, Sarasaraali03@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York.
Occupation: Other Information: Just want to meet some of my Guyanese people.
Ali, Sarasaraali03@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Just want to meet some of my Guyanese people.
Ali, Shabiroonsunshinebibi@yahoo.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Amsterdam-Holland
Occupation: Other Information:
Ali, Shafiekshafiek_ali@msn.com From: Triumph Village,ECDLiving In: Miami,Fla
Occupation: Business MgrOther Information: Attended Indian Educational Trust College on Wolford Ave(78-82)-Yea I old.
Ali, Shahabodeen(doc)shabomohamedshabo@aol.com From: canal#2 polderLiving In: kitchener,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: west demarara Secondary
Ali, Shahazadshahazadali@gmail.com From: West Canefield,BerbiceLiving In: Jersey City,New Jersey
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended BEI,1974-77.UG 1977-82.Taught at Tutorial Academy,N/A 1982-86
Ali, Shameershamal3109@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Long Island,New York
Occupation: Aerospace/Elecrrical EngineerOther Information: lived in Sandy Babb street Kitty.Attended Indians-72 to 77.would like to chat with old time friends.
Ali, ShameerAli@telephonics.com From: Kitty,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Farmingdale,long Island,New York
Occupation: Aerospace EngineerOther Information: studied at Indians Educational Trust College.Dying to hear from old friends
Ali, Shameeza(Tessie)tessiebp@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: College studentOther Information: went to St.Rose's High School
Ali, Shamezashabanaali16@msn.com From: MahaicaLiving In: London
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended Bygeval Secondary School&C.A.T College Mahaica
Ali, ShanazSarahsali@hotmail.com From: Canal No 1Living In: Queens,NY
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: West Dem Secondary (90-95,) UG 96-2000
Ali, Shaneshaneali_sa@hotmail.com From: Eccles and GeorgetownLiving In: Scotland,UK
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Contact me if u know me.would love to meet old friends
Ali, Shaneshaneali_sa@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Scotland,UK
Occupation: StudentOther Information: In college.
Ali, ShaneenaShanny_Walts@hotmail.com From: Better-HopeLiving In: Toronto canada
Occupation: ReceptionistOther Information:
Ali, ShaunShaun1man@hotmail.com From: GerogeTownLiving In: Edmonton
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Ross shep
Ali, Shawana (Tracy)shawanaali@hotmail.com From: Georgetown (Thomas Street)Living In:
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Bladen Hall Multilateral.Also lived in Enterprise ECD for 2 yrs.
Ali, Shawana(Tracy)scorpionqueen11@hotmail.com From: Georgetown(Thomas Street)Living In: Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: College studentOther Information: Bladen Hall Multilateral School.Lived in Enterprise,ECD for two years.
Ali, Sheiksheikmali@hotmail.com From: Goed FortuinLiving In: Ozone Park NY
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: West Demerara Secondary.
Ali, Sheiksheikmali@hotmail.com From: Goed Fortun W.B.DLiving In: Bronx NY
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: West Dem Secondary School
Ali, Shenazbrajak@pointblankarmor.com From: Eccles East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Florida
Occupation: AssistantOther Information: Charlestown Secondary School
Ali, Shereezamature_lady1992@hotmail.com From: West Coast DemereraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Married,looking for friends,feel free to write.
Ali, Shereezamature_ldy@yahoo.ca From: West DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Admin AssistantOther Information: Completed High School in 1975.Old friends and new ones are welcome.
Ali, Syad KadirSYADALI@BELLATLANTIC.net From: Bloomfield&Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Union,NJ
Occupation: Inventory Control Specialisthttp://www.geocities.com/smali26Other Information: Aklyne School North Georgetown High School West Side High School-Newark,NJ SCS Business &Technical Institute
Ali, Syed Ahmadsyed2120@gmail.com From: Berbice,New AmsterdamLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Honesty is the best policy.
Ali, Syed Mustakhsyedali3846@netzero.net From: meten meer zorg,bloomfield,kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: newark,n.j
Occupation: title researcherOther Information:
Ali, Syed Nazirnazir_ali@hotmail.com From: Vergenoegen,WCDLiving In: Jamaica,NY
Occupation: PublisherOther Information: Parents:Rashid and Bibi Khalakeen.Brothers:Fazil and Zakir
Ali, Tomtomateam@hotmail.com From: Georgetown (La Penitence)Living In: London
Occupation: IT ConsultantOther Information: Left Guyana when I was 7.Family lives in Middle Road
Ali, TroyMrtq41@aol.com From: West Coast Berbice,# 40 VillageLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Construction workerOther Information: Lichfield Primary/leave Guyana in 1987
Ali, Tufailtufail.ali@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Georgetown Sec.
Ali, Viranfuture91@verizon.net From: Kingston BerbiceLiving In: Bogota New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Singh
Ali, Waheedawaheeda.ali@bell.ca From: TriumphLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Supervisor(Bell Canada)Other Information: Annandale Secondary 81-84
Ali, Wahidwahid@directlinksystems.com From: Dekinderen-WCDLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Manager of Operationshttp://www.directlinksystems.comOther Information: University-Ryerson Polytechnic University
Ali, Wazim Masoodwazimali@yahoo.com From: Albion,Corentyne Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Cummings Lodge,Greater Georgetown
Occupation: Marketing/SalesOther Information: Cropper Primary Sch.,Lower Corentyne Secondary(1986-91),Guyana School of Agriculture(1993-95),University of Guyana.
Ali, ZabeedaBZabeeda@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Asst.Mgr.,Human ResourcesOther Information: Graduate Central High 1982.EMails welcome!
Ali, Zahidzali0813@rogers.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Scarborough Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Team Lead,Payroll and Benefits Ontario GovernmentOther Information: Redeemer Lutheran 1970-75,Central High,GBC 1980-87
Ali, Zahidz_ali1934@Hotmail.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Scarborough Ontario
Occupation: Team Lead Pay and Benefits Ontario Gov'tOther Information: Redeemer Lutheran,Central High,GBC 1979 to 1987
Ali, ZakiZak328I@yahoo.com From: Triumph/B.V E.C.D.GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: N/AOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary School,1984-1989
Ali, ZamanNamazali@hotmail.com From: Tuckville,GeorgetownLiving In: Kingston,Canada
Occupation: OptometristOther Information: Attended Indian Education Trust College.Maths teacher at Indian Education Trust College
Ali, Zameenazenaali_1074@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: secretaryOther Information: Charlestown
Ali, Ziaudziaudali@hotmail.com From: Bar Street Kitty/GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Ali, Ziaudziaudali@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,KittyLiving In: Scarborough,Canada
Occupation: Prospective Chemistry TeacherOther Information: QC teacher from 1996-1999
Ali, Zorinazganpaul@sympatico.ca From: 87 Pike Street,KittyLiving In: Misissauga,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Bishops High 1960-67 Ministry of Housing 1967-74
Ali, Zorinazorina29@hotmail.com From: Bush Lot VillageLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Job Co-ordinatorOther Information: Bush Lot Secondary
Alicia, Leandrosrijaya1@aol.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: New York
Occupation: alternative medicine consultantOther Information: Sacred Heart.I.E.T.C.searching for classmates
Alie, Christinasaudiaalie@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada,Toronto
Occupation: Manager of Trace deptOther Information:
Alie, Davidjralie@msn.com From: Georgetown(allboystown)Living In: Toronto(scarborough)canada
Occupation: xerrox techOther Information:
Alie, FazilAyesho@hotmail.com From: EcclesLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: DentistOther Information:
Alie, Fazlur Jayfazlur.alie@yahoo.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Worked at GEC,Gajraj,my father is Farouk and my brother is Jamal.My mother was a seamstress.Looking for friends and family.Attended Leonora Secondary school.
Alie, Nadianaliepersaud@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.joseph High.Marian Academy
Alijan, Habiban (Bea)kdavis46@comcast.net From: Cumberland,Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: Admissions/Marketing/P.R.DirectorOther Information: St.Patrick anglican,Cumberland Methodist,Nurse @Dr.Ramlall Hospital,New Amsterdam
Alim, Fazilfazil@guyanafriends.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Florida,US
Occupation: Cardiology TechOther Information: Bishops' High(76-83).Would like to correspond with old friends and meet new friends from Guyana.
Alimuddin, Ameerameeralimudd@hotmail.com From: HerstellingLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: PharmacistOther Information: CGSS,Bishops,UG,Sheridan College,TIPT
Alinur, Tariqtalinur@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Phoenix,Arizona
Occupation: COOOther Information:
Alladeen, NuwinaNuwina@live.com From: #70 VillageLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: SLPSS
Alladin-Majeed, Aslima(lynn)lynn_majeed@yahoo.ca From: No.3 Village W.C.BLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Webbanking SpecialistOther Information: Rosignol Sec.School(1977-1981)we had a shop,my dad had a green van(John Mohammad)from Kingally Village.My mom was Jameer(Zulikha)I'll love to hear from you.e-mail
Alladin, Khalidwilechile18@hotmail.com From: Kingelly,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Environmental OfficerOther Information:
Allen John, Samanthasumayyahnandi@aol.com From: kingston,Georgetown,Wismar,LindenLiving In: Brooklyn,Ny
Occupation: Medical AssistantOther Information: St.Ambrose,Silvercity Secondary,Prospect Heights
Allen(Shrimpy), Colliecollieallen@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Long Island,New York
Occupation: Health Care Personnel CoordinatorOther Information: Mackenzie High Sshool/Guymine TechnicalTraining Complex/Linden Computer Collage
Allen-Rambharat, Anita Joannearambharat@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miami,Fl
Occupation: BusinesswomanOther Information: St Joseph's class of '85
Allen-Richards, Jacqueline Juanitajuaneta57@hotmail.com From: Queenstown Village,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Anna Regina H.S Attended C.P.C.E 1976-78.Would like to meet all my odl friends
Allen-Sinclair, Suzetteangel_sue_06@yahoo.ca From: TucvilleLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Allen, Bertiejosephallen33@hotmail.com From: East LapenitenceLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: Retired MilitaryOther Information: BG Education Trust,GMC,Jacklow Pomeroon
Allen, Denise Dawnrainbow16@mailpuppy.com From: Georgetown/LindenLiving In: Georgetown/Linden
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.geocities.com/capricandiOther Information: Queen's College
Allen, Donnaannboycegy@gmail.com From: Norton StreetLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Dolphin Primary school,Festival city secondary school Christ Church Secondary
Allen, Faithfaithkarin@hotmail.com,faithallen79@hotmail.com From: Retrieve Oval,Linden/Lodge GeorgetownLiving In: England
Occupation: Staff NurseOther Information: Watooka Day School 84-89.MHS 91,Lived in Antigua 8 years 91-99.Brother Dwayne(peas and rice)Mom was a History teacher at MHS for 84-91.Attended Immanuel SDA church Linden.I am looking for old School mates.
Allen, Faithfaithkarin@hotmail.com From: Retrieve,LindenLiving In: England
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: wds,mhs,bishops high school
Allen, Juanitaanastasha12000@yahoo.com From: L.B I.e.c.d.GuyanaLiving In: Jamaica
Occupation: StudentOther Information: ST.Joseph High
Allen, Nicolegwendoline@optonline.net From: Plaisance,Waterloo StreetLiving In: Brooklyn,Ny
Occupation: Nurse TechnicianOther Information: Attend:Cummings Lodge Secondary and Berbice High Schools.Looking for old class mates.
Allen, Odelbuzz145@aol.com From: Limlair Berbice,shell RD Kitty,Better Hope E.C.DLiving In: Riverside California U.S.A
Occupation: Production SupervisorOther Information: Attend Alleyne,s High and Kildonan C.C.Berbice.
Allen, Ronrra13@hotmail.com From: McDoomLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Financial Accountant-Serca CanadaOther Information: High School-Brickdam Secondary Guyana.
Allen, Sallyrachelgreen902@hotmail.com From: CorentyneLiving In: US
Occupation: Adm Asst/AssociateOther Information: Looking for my best friend Zaleena Shabhabodeen.She lived in Kingston/Skeldon/Attended Miss Becky Typing school in LIne Path Please email me if you know her.
Allen, Sherilldimondtouch@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: New York
Occupation: Nurse/health care Management/Real EstateOther Information: Linden Foundation/Kuru Kuru Collage
Allen, Sherwinrumsport_sa@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Pere Street Kitty
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: Presently at Roraima Airways Inc.
Alleyne-Chapman, Mariashemunda@yahoo.com From: Durban street lodge/buxton E.C.DLiving In: FT Lauderdale Florida
Occupation: NurseI went to East Ruimvelt secondary/Annandale secondary in buxton E.C.D Other Information:
Alleyne-Harte, Debra Anndebra.harte712@yahoo.com From: East La PenitenceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Controller-AccountantOther Information: Attended:Tucville Primary and Alleyne's High School 1976-1978
Alleyne-Morris, Johannstormj30@hotmail.com From: AgricolaLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Benefit RepOther Information: I went to City College in Guyana(class of 2000)holla.hit me up ladies don't be scared.u know i am your #1 fan holla
Alleyne-Morris, Johannstormj30@hotmail.com From: AgricolaLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Student/clarkOther Information: hey people,i went to city College in guyana class of 2000.so if you were there hit me up at my email address.
Alleyne-Morris, Johannstormj30@hotmail.com From: AgricolaLiving In: Queens
Occupation: StudentOther Information: City College
Alleyne, Anneannea@nymcu.net From: Roxanne Burnham GardensLiving In: Far Rockaway,New York
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Attended British Guiana Education Trust&St.Joseph's High School.
Alleyne, Cleoncleon_alleyne@hotmail.com From: Stanleytown W.B.DLiving In: Korce,Albania
Occupation: Missionary-Pastor,TeacherOther Information: I would love to keep in touch with my friends,please get in touch with me via e-mail or my mailing address.T.Q 72 53100 Florina,Greece.OR K.P 38 Korce Albania
Alleyne, Curtiscurtisalleyne@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam Berbice guyanaLiving In: texas usa
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice high school
Alleyne, Desireewort13_13@yahoo.com From: Wort-man-ville,GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Member of Newtown Assembly of God Church
Alleyne, Devondevon20003@yahoo.com From: Buxton/Stanleytown/BuxtonLiving In: Mississauga/Canada/U.S.A
Occupation: Site Manager/Forklift opperatorOther Information: Friendship Primary.Stanleytown Primary.B.V CHS/St JHS
Alleyne, Devondevon20003@yahoo.com From: Buxton/Stanleytown/BuxtonLiving In: Mississauga/Canada/U.S.A
Occupation: Site Manager/Forklift opperatorOther Information: Friendship Primary.Stanleytown Primary.B.V CHS/St JHS
Alleyne, JohnJohnallengr@yahoo.com From: Plaisance Village & LindenLiving In:
Occupation: Technical Director of Mining CoOther Information: St John,s Primary/U.G,Guyna Bauxite Co
Alleyne, Malikamalika_a@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Project OfficerOther Information: Queen's College(1987-1992),Bishops' High(1992-1994),Rutgers University(NJ,USA 1994-1998),London School of Economics(1998-1999)
Alleyne, MarciaMballeyne@aol.com From: North RuimveldtLiving In: Silver Springs,Maryland
Occupation: Client Service CoordinatorOther Information: Christ Church Secondary/Queens' College
Alleyne, Mariaiciluscool@hotmail.com From: lodge,GeorgetownLiving In: maryland.u.s.a
Occupation: nurseOther Information: looking up old friends that went to School(east Ruimveldt Secondary)
Alleyne, NataliaTallyalleyne@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: BartenerOther Information: went Berbice High School
Alleyne, Nathalie&Nicolaalleynenicola@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam/Winkle/Savanna ParkLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: Other Information: attended BEI,old friends link up
Alleyne, OdessaSevin2000@blackplanet.com From: Georgetown KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Collage studentOther Information: I went to F E Pollard Primary School
Alleyne, Patriciainsane@c2i2.com From: Stewartville,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Arizona
Occupation: Protocol Assistant Assistant Graphic IllustratorOther Information: Also lived in Lodge Village and Linden.Attended Smith Church Congregational School
Alleyne, PercyNorthstar9658@hotmail.com From: South RuimveldtLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Computer TechnianOther Information: Saints Stanislaus College
Alleyne, Peteralleyne4610@rogers.com From: Bel-Air ParkLiving In: Newmarket,on,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School
Alleyne, Theomanager@demeraratravel.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New Jersey/USA
Occupation: Travel Agenthttp://www.demeraratravel.comOther Information: St.Joseph's High/St.Roses High/GNS Cadet Corp
Alli (Devereux), Ferialferial_morris@yahoo.com From: Waterloo Street,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Potomac,Maryland,USA
Occupation: Certified Public AccountantOther Information: St.Agnes,St.Johns,Bishops
Alli (Khan), Mobeenabibi.alli@dhltd.com From: Lima,Essequibo Coast GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: FinanceOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral 72-78
Alli nee Singh, Surojiniaruna_alli@hotmail.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: St.Joseph's High School
Alli(Da Silva), Karenatrina7@hotmail.com From: Blairmont,New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Admin AssistantOther Information: B.E.I 20 Riverside Blairmont(Rum Shop),Anyone that knows me feel free to drop me a line.
Alli(Singh), Seeronieseeroniesingh@hotmail.com From: Good Hope,East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Brampton,Ontario Canada
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Attended Cyril Potter College of Education1981-1983.Taught at Zeelugt,Greenwich Park,Blake and Parika.Looking for new and old friends to travel the world
Alli, Abdaralli2385@optonline.net From: Pike Street KittyLiving In: US
Occupation: WeilderOther Information: I attended Rama Krishna School-looking for any class mate
Alli, Arsheenasunshinestar4@hotmail.com From: Wakenaam IslandLiving In: Brooklyn N.Y/U.S.A
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Essequibo Island Secondary School.What's up my niggas?Shout out to all my friends.
Alli, Asiaaseeyaalli@rogers.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: MUMOther Information: Annandale Sec School
Alli, AsiaAsiaAlli@aol.com From: Mon ReposLiving In: Canada
Occupation: working at homeOther Information: Attended ANNANDALE Secondary School(81-85)
Alli, BenBathroomconcept@hotmail.com From: Canefield,East Canje,Berbice.Living In: Miami.Florida.U.S.A
Occupation: Retail Management.Other Information: Berbice High School.Guysuco local accounts office,Field Supervisor,U.S citizen,Would like to hear from Guyanese in Guyana and abroad.Write at 19358 S.W.106 Avenue.Miami.Florida 33157 or telephone (305)238-2002.
Alli, Bibi Faridafaridaalli@yahoo.com From: Metenmeerzorg,WCDLiving In: Ogle,ECD
Occupation: Accounting ConsultantOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School,WCD
Alli, Bibi Halimoonalibebe63@yahoo.com From: Canal No.2 Polder WBD.Living In: Florida
Occupation: Assistant Director Of NursingOther Information: Attended Patentia Secondary Taught at Endeavour and The Commons Primary worked also at TGeddes Grant LTD.and Caribbean Clothing Company
Alli, Bibi Shameezagt_gyal@hotmail.com From: Mom from Mon Repos/Dad from GroveLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Senior Sales Rep/Part Time StudentOther Information: I'd like to hear from people living in Guyana as I'd like to know more of my country and have friends there as well.Please feel free to drop a line,you will get a reply.
Alli, Bibialibebe63@yahoo.com From: CanalLiving In: Palm Coast FL
Occupation: Director Of Clinical ServicesOther Information: I attended Kawall Primay,Patentia Secondary and Cyrill Potter's College Of Education.Taught at Endeavour and The Commons Primary,also worked at T.Geddes Grant Ltd.,Caribbean Clothing Ltd.and Gafoors.
Alli, Bibibibi_Toronto2000@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Sales Rep.Other Information: Attended CPCE 1980.Would like to correspond with matured friends in Toronto
Alli, Chandraallic@sprint.ca From: Enmore/KittyLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information: Enmore Gov't School,Kitty College,University of East London
Alli, Faiyazfaiyaz@blueyonder.co.uk From: Parika&Ocean View Uitvlugt WCDemLiving In: London England
Occupation: Still lookingOther Information: Zeelugt Sec,I really lost touch with school mates.I cant remember many names either.But me ah still Gaayaneeze.Anyone outt there remembers me? Glad to hear.Ta
Alli, Farzanfalli44@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: PhysicianOther Information: I would like to communicate with anyone who attended Central High School in the early 60's
Alli, Fawziatwinklestar@myguyang.org From: Ogle and LaPenitenceLiving In: Florida
Occupation: HomemakerOther Information: Send me an email I would love to talk to someone from backhome:)
Alli, Fazanaskiddles_2@hotmail.com From: Cummings LodgeLiving In: Columbia,Maryland
Occupation: Accounts Payable/StudentOther Information: Sacred Heart 1984-1989,NGSS 1990-1995.B.S.in Computer and Information Science-University of Maryland University College 2005
Alli, Frankrayalli@hotmail.com From: Wakenaam,EssequiboLiving In: London,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: http://www.sensimedia.netOther Information:
Alli, Habeeb Rafarzhujja@networksgy.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Enmore,Guyana
Occupation: EducatorOther Information: Old QC Boy since 85 studied in India was with NBIC upto 87.
Alli, Haffeezaplatchman@bfcins.com From: Shieldstown,West Bank BerbiceLiving In: Long Island,New York,U.S.A
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Berbice High School,1980-1986
Alli, Hasenahasena_alli@hotmail.com From: GroveLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Charlestown & Krishna College
Alli, Irshadirshadalli@netzero.com From: Canefield,East Canji,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Machine OperatorOther Information: Berbice High School,New Amsterdam
Alli, Jeanjenyalli48@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: Attended Teachers Training College(CPCE)Friends welcome to e-mail me
Alli, Jill,Wazir,Rafina&Justinpetal9642@aol.com or jillda@bigplanet.com From: Essequibo COASTLiving In: PARAMUS NJ
Occupation: MED.OFFICE MANAGEROther Information:
Alli, Meezanbuttercookie_93@hotmail.com From: EssequiboLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Dividends ClerkOther Information: Attended:ARMS 1984-1989
Alli, Mohamed Asif "Shorty"asif_alli02@yahoo.com From: Reliance,Essequibo CoastLiving In: New Jersey U.S.A
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School.
Alli, Muntazalli.muntaz@gmail.com From: Little Diamond EBDLiving In: So Plfld New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: reside on east bank attend covent garden primary and campbells academy formerly teacher green looking for all my friends also to make and meet new friends
Alli, NasimaAllin_b@yahoo.com From: Windsor Forest & LedesteinLiving In: New Jersey,US
Occupation: Market Research AnalystOther Information: Attended one year at St Stanislaus College and then transfered to Zeeburg Secondary School
Alli, Nizar(ifte)silentsam002@hotmail.com From: helena mahaicaLiving In: scarborough ont
Occupation: automotive technicianOther Information: attended bygeval Secondary
Alli, Ramzanhellzson201@yahoo.com From: La JalousieLiving In: La Jalousie.
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Windsor Forest Primary&Zeeburg Sec.School.
Alli, Raymanarayalli@yahoo.com From: UitvlugtLiving In: Philadelphia USA
Occupation: Other Information: Attend S/ville Secondary School
Alli, Safarsafaralli@yahoo.com From: la-JalousieLiving In: la-Jalousie
Occupation: studentOther Information: winsor forest primary,Leonora secondary
Alli, Shazeelapersaudshazz@yahoo.com From: Sans souci,WakenaamLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: Other Information: Hi.I'm Ackbar second daughter Janet who was married to samuel from by the junction.
Alli, ShereezaShereezaalli@hotmail.com From: WakenaamLiving In: Wakenaam
Occupation: studyingOther Information: EISS
Alli, Shireenshireennalli@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton, Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Former Employee of Hand-in-Hand Insurance Co. (1985-1989) & Gafsons Industries
Alli, Swabiaswabia_alli@hotmail.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Alli, Swabiaswabia_alli@hotmail.com From: Rail way Line CampbellvilleLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Alli, Yusuf(Ochie)ouchiealli@hotmail.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: ParamedicOther Information: Attended M.E.T.C.1964-1968.
Alli, Zaheerzaheeralli@yahoo.ca From: EnmoreLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Self-employedOther Information: Looking for Bibi Shireen Bacchus of Annandale,now in Bronx,N.Y formerly with Home Affairs Ministry
Allicock(Albert), Audetteaudette04@aol.com From: Parika,Kitty,NewtownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Sec,Maha Sabha,Burnham Agriculture Institute,CPCE,Brooklyn College,Teaching in Brooklyn
Allicock(Garraway), RenaRenanng@hotmail.com From: CampbevilleLiving In: Houston,Tx
Occupation: Teacher AssistantOther Information: Campbeville Lutheran School
Allicock, Ahyacinth_triple_a@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Winfer Gardens Primary,The Bishops' High School and Queen's College.
Allicock, Brian CBALLICOCK@NYC.RR.COM From: LindenLiving In:
Occupation: RailRoad Stock Worker NYCT,Tax professional and Notary Publichttp://www.clabria.comOther Information: Wismar Multilateral from1975-1981
Allicock, Carolcarolallicock17@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Trindad & Tobago
Occupation: Financial Advisor in an Insurance CompanyOther Information: Attended Watooka Day in the 70's and MHS(1980-1986)Looking forward to meeting some of my old school friends especially if anyone knows the where abouts of Diaham Semple and Lorna Davis they both had migrated to USA in the 80's
Allicock, Colettecoolest925@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In:
Occupation: Analyst-Omai Bauxite Mining Inc.Other Information: Attended Multi 1976-1981 Looking for old school friends
Allicock, Garygaryallicock@yahoo.com From: Sand Hills and GeorgetownLiving In: Coram NY
Occupation: Sales-cherly brown or sharon gopaul where are you guysOther Information: I attended Central High from 1978 to1982 looking for old friends
Allicock, LisaTastyvanilla86@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: Northern Virginia
Occupation: studentOther Information: Any more Allicocks out there holla at me!!!!!!!!!!
Allicock, Marlenemarlenegill217@hotmail.com From: PouderoyenLiving In: London
Occupation: StudentOther Information: West Demerara Secondary
Allicock, Paulapaulaallicock@yahoo.com From: Grove E.B.DLiving In: Miami
Occupation: Language ProfessorOther Information: Grove Secondary School
Allicock, Romonaniceandsweet28n@aol.com From: #41Village w.c.b/tucville terrace/baramita st southLiving In: Jacksonville fl
Occupation: LPNOther Information:
Allicock, Shawnshawnaallicock@hotmail.com From: Pouderoyen,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Windsor,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Allie, Ameerallie.ameer@virgin.net From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Birmingham,Engalnd
Occupation: systems technicianOther Information: attended Leonora Sec.1992-1997
Allie, CherylCherylAllie83@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Baruch CUNY
Allie, FaranaazFarababz4u@aol.com From: Meten Meer ZorgLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Used to attend Zeeburg Secondary School from 1994-1999.
Allie, Nadiasherryalliee@yahoo.com From: BarticaLiving In: Grenada.W.I.
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Bartica Secondary.Would love to hear from any one who know me.
Allie, Shafeekshafeek22@yahoo.com From: Rosignol VillageLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: attended Rosignol Secondary,GSA,UG,was employed at Blairmont Estate
Allishaw, Victorironclaw@rogers.com From: # 78 Village Corriverton courantyne BerbiceLiving In: Kitchener
Occupation: Other Information: looking for a friend name Ruben J Ross
Allishaw, Victorironclaw@rogers.com From: #78 Village Berbice Baljit streetLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Self employed Over the Edge ComputersOther Information: When to Skeldon angelcan School My mom and dad use to run the shop at radio city and metro cenimas.Ruben J Ross.If anyone know of him can you please email me.We went to the same School in around 74,75.Ruben bud miss you man.8o)
Allison, Debramarr@usana.com From: Pershad Nagar,GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Born 1961-Attended Sacred Heart RC School-Left at 13 years old
Ally Hoosain, Nafeezanafeezaally@yahoo.com From: Cotton Tree/BerbiceLiving In: Cummings Lodge/Georgetown
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Rosignol Secondary
Ally-Schulte(shanaz), Bibishanazaas@yahoo.com From: HerstellingLiving In: Tucson Arizona
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Charlestown Secondary-Class of 1995
Ally, Ahamadaahamad@cbmmetal.com From: #55 Village,CorentyneLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: PurchasingOther Information: Corentyne High,Rosehall-Completed 1971
Ally, Amireasysoundz@onetel.net.uk From: Corriverton,BerbiceLiving In: London England
Occupation: Mobile DJ Sound System For Hire(4 any occasion)Call Now!! 07956995151Other Information: E.A.S.Y.Soundz&Lights(upcoming events 2001)Every Second Saturday In The Every Month@Club Jasmin's.Call 4 More Info.07956 995151.
Ally, Aqeel (AKO)allyapan@comcast.net From: Bella Dam Pouderoyen/Vreed-en-hoopLiving In: East Hartford Connecticut U S A
Occupation: welderOther Information: Vreed-en-hoop Community high school.
Ally, Arfaarfaally2004@hotmail.com From: Skeldon BerbiceLiving In: Orlando FL
Occupation: Still in High School South Lake High SchoolOther Information:
Ally, AzadTrishul69@cs.com From: Herstelling,E.B.DLiving In: North Carolina
Occupation: Admin AsstOther Information: Providence Primary 75-78,Central Primary 78-80,Christ Church Sec.80-85
Ally, Azadaally@nc.rr.com From: HerstellingLiving In: Fayetteville,NC
Occupation: DoDOther Information: Central Primary 78-80,Christ Church Secondary 80-85.Looking for friends from these schools that attended during this time.Or anyone from Herstelling.
Ally, Barbarafaneeza_ally@yahoo.ca From: Clonbrook,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Attended Bygeval Mutilateral School in Mahaica
Ally, Bibi.Sshabs_74227@hotmail.com From: Pouderoyen,West Bank Demerara.Living In: New york U.S.A
Occupation: HairdresserOther Information: attended West Demerara Secondary School
Ally, Bibiaunika79@msn.com From: Cummings BergLiving In: Burnsville,Minnesota
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Joseph High (94)
Ally, Bibiaunika79@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: SpecialistOther Information: Attended St.Joseph's High--lived on New Market Street
Ally, Brian(Fizal)brian@cottonfieldkids.com From: Born in GeorgetownLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Occupation: Writer(books&songs)/Musician/Computer Programmerhttp://www.cottonfieldkids.comOther Information: lived in New Amsterdam(Coburg St.),Wim,Essequibo(Anna Regina),Georgetown(La Penitence)
Ally, Brucebruceally@aplaceformediation.ca From: 85 Murray Street,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Mediator The Superior Court Of Justice Ontariohttp://www.aplaceformediation.caOther Information: St.Ambrose Anglicn,Christ Church Secondary Left Guyana 1970 t o study in England,Moved to Canada in !976,Completed Undergraduate York U ( Psych),Graduate Norwich U In Vermont,Post California Coast U,Masters Degree in Law Osgoode Hall
Ally, Fareedawe@sympatico.ca From: Sisters Village,West Bank,DemarraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Business ownerOther Information: Patentia
Ally, Farook(Joey)Joey151963@aol.com From: D'Edward VillageLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Other Information: I use to attend Rosignol Secondary High School
Ally, Fizulfizul_a@msn.com From: Berbice,Corriverton,Line Path DLiving In: Corriverton
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Skeldon High School
Ally, Graceabiolla23@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Queens N/Y
Occupation: Other Information: High School:Berbice Educational Institute
Ally, Graceabiollag@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute
Ally, Hafizhafiz_ally@hotmail.com From: ZeeburgLiving In: USA
Occupation: Other Information: Graduated in '84.Would like to meet with old friends.Check out http://www.zeeburgsecondary.org/
Ally, HalimaHothsweetie6@aol.com From: #78 Corriverton,Berbice,SkeldonLiving In: Farmingdale,long Island,New York
Occupation: Assistant TeacherOther Information: Attended Corriverton Primary School in the early 80's.Dying to get in touch with old friends
Ally, Imtiaz Zulfikarlion_1708@yahoo.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Corriverton
Occupation: Self employedhttp://www.jihadunspun.comOther Information: I attended Corriverton Primary,St Rose's High from 1984-1988,also Skeldon High.
Ally, Imtiazdrbally@althealth.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Doctor Of Natural Medicinehttp://www.althealth.caOther Information: Attended christ church secondary school,various universities in the UK,Sri Lanka,Germany,USA and Canada amongst others.Currently the director of Alternative Health Care Services in downtown Toronto.Past President of the ODMA,
Ally, JoshuaJayscool16@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: StudientOther Information: Attended B.E.I,for 2 years.ived in guyana for about 13 years(loved every moment of it)moved to new your then to georgia.i am 16 years old(girls halla at yu boy)
Ally, Liaquatliaquatally@rogers.com From: McDoom Village/GeorgetownLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: Systens AnalystOther Information: Attended QC,University of New Brunswick,Queen's worked at Guyana Geology Gommission
Ally, Mohamed(Alfaz)Alfaz741@aol.com From: D'EdwardLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: SchoolOther Information: Cotton Tree Primary
Ally, Mohamedlagdag2004@inter.cav.sld.cu From: Melanie Damishana,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Cuba
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Highschool:President's College
Ally, Mymoonmymoonally43@yahoo.com From: Herstelling,Regent street GeorgetownLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: housewifeOther Information: Providence primary
Ally, Naszeemanaszeema@hotmail.com From: Hampshire settlement berbice albionLiving In: London,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: belvedere primary school
Ally, Natashanjumai@msn.com From: Grove East Bank Demerara,GuyanaLiving In: Jamaica,NY
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Sacred Heart Primary/St.John's College
Ally, Nazimnaffyall2@aol.com From: Prashad NagarLiving In: Queens
Occupation: self-employedOther Information: would like to find old friends and make some new ones
Ally, Pansy Saudia Mahadeoallyapan@comcast.net From: First Street Alexander Village G/TLiving In: East Hartford Connecticut U S A
Occupation: Nurse/presentlyOther Information: Dolphin School/From Margarita Gift Shop
Ally, Pryia NatashaPryia.n1@gmail.com From: Cotton Tree VillageLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Assistant Director of Mailling and DistributionOther Information: Attended Rosignol Seconday during 86-91,looking for classmates.
Ally, Pryiabskip_2hotmail.com From: Cotton Tree villlage,Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Suffolk County,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Rosignol Secondary 86-91,looking for class mate
Ally, RafeenaRAFEENA@WOLF-GORDON.com From: MonReposLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: ST.JosephHigh
Ally, Rasheed (Bayo)rasheed54@earthlink.net From: #57 Village,Corentyne.Living In:
Occupation: Transit Operator.Other Information:
Ally, Rasheedallyrash@hotmail.com From: ZeeburgLiving In: New York,USA
Occupation: Certified Public AccountantOther Information: Walden University CUNY - York College
Ally, Remingtonremmyally@bellnet.ca From: Uitvlugt,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Piano Manufacturing Technicianhttp://www.yenson.us/remmy/website/Other Information: Owner:Remington's Piano Service
Ally, Rosetta Veronicarosetta21@hotmail.com From: Diamond,E.B.DLiving In: England
Occupation: ManagerOther Information:
Ally, Rozanrozanally@yahoo.com From: Canje CanefieldLiving In: Ontario Canada
Occupation: WelderOther Information: Looking for friends
Ally, Safrazrainboy7901@aol.com From: AlbionLiving In: New York
Occupation: Lab TechnologistOther Information: Attend JCCSS in 1993-1995,UG 1996-1999,Taught@Lower Corentyne in 1995-1996.
Ally, Saiaadsaiaad@hotmail.com From: Clonbrook,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Mississauga,ON,Canada
Occupation: Audit Co ordinatorOther Information: Bishops High 94-99.Enmore Hope Primary,Ebascol.
Ally, Sarfrazdesignplatinum@hotmail.com From: SkeldonLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: DesignerOther Information:
Ally, Shahinshawshahally12@gmail.com From: Lima,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Plant SupervisorOther Information: Attended A.R.G.S.S in the early to mid70's.Remember me? drop me a line if you do.
Ally, Shazshaz@shazweb.com From: Kingston,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Kingston,Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Webmaster,Computer Technician/Programmer/Web Designerhttp://www.shazweb.comOther Information: ShazWeb.com
Ally, Soniafoxieangel2k2@hotmail.com From: Better Hope GuyanaLiving In: Jeresey,u.s.a
Occupation: i'm a studentOther Information: old hs in guyana was Commins Logge Secondary School(now i'm goin north plainfield high School)lolz im me anything at foxieangel66.REPPIN GUYANA TO DAH FULLEST.lolz
Ally, Tahiratahira_ally@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: School TeacherOther Information: Berbice High School 89-95
Ally, TariqTariqally@hotmail.com From: Canal#2(Blackbridge)Living In: Toronto
Occupation: CN-RailOther Information: Just would keep in touch with people from the same villiage and else where!
Ally, Tasleemamizznice211@aol.com From: D'Edward VillageLiving In: New York,Queens
Occupation: studentOther Information: Berbice High School 1999-2000
Ally, TasleemaPrettytas2211@aol.com From: D'EdwardLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: SchoolOther Information: Berbice High School
Ally, Vanessavsurgeon@yahoo.com From: Uitvlugt,West CoastLiving In: Florida
Occupation: NurseOther Information: My Dad-Tailor "Chapel" Ally/Mom-Miss Ally-Teacher-Uitvlugt School.
Ally, YasminYally@kayescholer.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Queens Village
Occupation: Business AcceptanceOther Information:
Ally, Zabeedamax11@sympatico.ca From: Sisters Village,Wales,WBDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Daycare ProviderOther Information: Patentia
Ally, Zafienamid_night_star_29@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam/BerbiceLiving In: G/town
Occupation: Other Information: Rosignol Sec.Sch.looking for old school firends or other
Ally, Zakran Abbasszakran_ally@yahoo.ca From: #70 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Brampton Ont.
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Tagore Memorial High School(1987-1993)
Ally, Zalinabibi.ally@sympatico.ca From: zeelugt e.b.esseqLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: bankerOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary
Ally, Zamanzamanally@aol.com From: Fyrish VillageLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: ConstructionOther Information: Looking for friends from fyrish village
Allydeen, Allieaallieaasrula@hotmail.cim From: BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga/Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral School from 1995-2000
Allydeen, Allieaallieaasrula@hotmail.com From: No 2 Village BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga/Ontario
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral School 1995-2000 AndGuyana Business School 2000-2001
Alphonso(Basdeo), Marychazz1113@yahoo.com From: La GrangeLiving In: U.S
Occupation: Other Information: attended St Roses 83-86
Alphonso, Eonchazz1113@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Hartford Ct
Occupation: SchoolOther Information: Attended Central High.85-90
Alphonso, Ferdinandsweetbrowndove@hotmail.com From: Ogle Front E C DLiving In: Canada
Occupation: NursingOther Information:
Alphonso, Lynlskjaikisso@aol.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: maplewood,NJ
Occupation: NursingOther Information:
Alphonso, Meliciamelicia_a@yahoo.com From: Timehri&LindenLiving In: Mahaica
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Amelia's Ward Government School,Stella Maris Primary,St.Joseph High School,University of Guyana
Alphonso, Oniekaheaventreasure@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: New Amsterdam,Berbice,Guyana
Occupation: studentOther Information: Berbice high School [1997-2002]want to meet pST Berbice HIGH STUDENTS
Alsopp, Karenkarenalsopp@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Linden
Occupation: CatererOther Information:
Alumni, Annandaleannandalesecalumni@yahoo.ca From: Annandale,East Coast,Dem GuyanaLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Organization for friends and associates of Annandale Sec.SchoolOther Information: Organization that allow all Teachers,Students and Associates of Annandale Secondary School to meet and interact at Re-union Dances and Picnics.
Alves-Allen, MarcelleMarcelle@canoemail.com From: Linden and UitvlugtLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Bishops' High School,St.Rose's High School,Mackenzie Primary
Alves-Allen, MarcelleMarcelle@canoemail.com From: LindenLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Bishops High School St.Rose's High School
Alves-Inniss, Tracytracyalves@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Administration Officerhttp://www.tracyalvesinniss.homestead.comOther Information: Richard Ishmeal Secondary
Alves/Edwards, Lynsleyholtyhe@yahoo.com From: Linden One Mile Wismar,Georgetown,Kitty.Living In: New York
Occupation: Driver/OperatorOther Information: i've attended Christianburg Government and Linden high school
Alves, Beeshemabeeshemaalves552@hotmail.com From: Cotton Field,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Amsterdam,Holland
Occupation: studentOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral High School(Essequibo Coast),St.Roses High(Georgetown)
Alves, Felix&Lorrainefaalves1@hotmail.com From: Mahaica,East Coast DemLiving In: Anaheim,California
Occupation: Elect.Engineer/Busineer OwnerOther Information: Resided in California for eighteen years.Prior to sixteen years in Ny,Nj&Del.
Alves, Gale-Annsweetshi_78@yahoo.com From: Hague/Uitvlugt/Lodge GTLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: i've Attended C.I primary School/Central High School,anyone out there that remember's me i'am happy to hear from you,shout out to all my people out there Holla.
Alves, Malcolmdreaddy2@juno.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Teacher/CartoonistOther Information: Overwinning Secondary,Berbice High School,Lilian Dewar
Alves, Malcolmdreaddy2@juno.com From: New Amsterdam/NewtownLiving In: NYC
Occupation: Teacher/Cartoonist/writerhttp://www.uswi.netOther Information: Overwinning Gov't Sec,BHS,Lilian Dewar College,N.WI University.
Alves, Malcolmdreaddy2@juno.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: NYC
Occupation: Teacher/Cartoonist/Play&fiction writerhttp://www.unitedstatesofthewestindies.comOther Information: Overwinning Seconcary/Lilian Dewar/Northern Caribbean University
Alves, MarcelleMarcelle@canoemail.com From: Linden/UitvlugtLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Bishops',St.Rose's
Alves, Natalienvboonalves@hotmail.com From: Cotton Field,Essequibo CoastLiving In: The Netherlands (Holland)
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: ARMS
Amachee (Cornelius), Josephjamachee@yahoo.com From: Portuguese Quarter,Port MourantLiving In: New York
Occupation: Medical Technologist (MT)Other Information: Attend J.C.C.S.S,86-91,Lived opposite Port Mourant Primary School,Migrated to NY in 1991.Please feel free to drop me a line.
Amachee, Josephjamachee@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall Town/Portuguese QuarterLiving In: New York
Occupation: Physician AssistantOther Information: Attend J.C.Chandisingh Sec.School
Amar, Singhasingh@hooeyremus.com From: 273 Lamaha Street,North Cummingsburg,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: General ManagerOther Information: St.Gabriel's,Sacred Heart RC,Indian Education Trust.Summer and Christmas jobs at Pegasus Hotel,Kingston,Georgetown and Rahamans' Esso,Stabreok Market Square.Left Guyana fall of 1969 for Toronto.
Ambedkar, Joshsweetfudays@hotmail.com From: West DemeraraLiving In: West Demerara
Occupation: Just finished SSPEhttp://www.dtradewinds.comOther Information: My Dad is Ashford from Meten Meer Zorg.
Ambedkar, Kelvindjk_man@hotmail.com From: Meten Meer ZorgLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Financial Planner/Promoterhttp://www.dtradewinds.comOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary ( 1978-1983) Guyana Police Force,Aerodrome Fire Service,
Ambedkar, PaulAmbedkarmovies@microsoft.com From: Meten Meer ZorgLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Customs Broker/Businessmanhttp://www.zeeburgsecondary.comOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School Class of 1984,Customs 1989 to 2000
Ameer Shamin, Mohamedshamo2859@yahoo.com From: Zeeburg West Coast DemereraLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Sales for Grace FoodsOther Information: Attended Meten Meer Zorg Primary School and Leonora School.Worked at Uitvlught Sugar estate.Find me on Facebook as Mohamed Shamin
Ameer, Ahmadthompsonsup@comcast.net From: MahaicaLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Small Business ownerOther Information: Lived in Toronto from 1974-1990
Ameer, Safrazsafrazameer1@hotmail.com From: hand-en-veldt mahaicaLiving In: mahaica
Occupation: studentOther Information: mahaica multilateral
Ameerally, Breha(Chubbie)hazlegreen_06@hotmail.com From: Glasgow,BerbiceLiving In: Ottawa,Ontario
Occupation: EducatorOther Information: Looking forward to hearing from friends NAMS,NATI,WAICO
Ameerally, Nafeezanafeeza26@yahoo.com From: Stanley town BerbiceLiving In: Los Angeles
Occupation: Building ManagerOther Information: Multi.for year and half.,Grover Cleveland,College of Mount Saint Vincent.
Ameerally, Sharmila Bibi Latiff)jasfarmom@yahoo.com From: Rosignol VillageLiving In: Pennsylvania,United States
Occupation: Other Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral and worked at Hand in Hand Insurance in Georgetown.Looking for old friends
Ameerullah, ShameerShameer70@yahoo.com From: No.70 VillageLiving In: New York
Occupation: Head Nurse-Emergency MedicineOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary School 1981-1986
Ameerullah, Wazeerwazeerally@gmail.com From: # 70 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Bronx NY
Occupation: Financial Systems AnalystOther Information: went to Lutheran High School in Skeldon from 1984-1988 and then left for the US.Would love to reunite with old friends especially (Natasha Hussain)AKA Shelly from 78 village
Amerally, Rudyj_amerally@yahoo.com From: AlbionLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Industrial Welfare OfficerOther Information:
Amin(Dara), FerouzAmin1250@yahoo.com From: Sans Souci,WakenaamLiving In: Bridgewater,New Jersey USA
Occupation: Other Information: Texaco
Amin(nee)Khan, RabiaRabiaAmin@aol.com From: OgleLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: Other Information: I attended Cummings Lodge Secondary School
Amin-Alli, Fazeena(Napa)fazeena007@yahoo.com From: Sans Souci Wakenaam(Texaco)Living In: New Jersey U.S.A
Occupation: Other Information: Left Guyana in 84'
Amin, Azadafamin1@yahoo.com From: Meadow Bank,E.B.DemLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: Other Information: St.Margaret's primary,St.Stanislaus College
Amin, Faizulfaizulamin@aol.com From: Blairmont #1 Settlement,West Bank BerbiceLiving In: Markham,Ontario.Canada
Occupation: Mechanical TechnicianOther Information: B.E.I&N.A.T.I
Amin, Fareedfareed.amin@fin.gov.on.ca From: Blairmont,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Assistant Deputy Minister,Ministry of Finance,Government of OntarioOther Information: Attended Blairmont Primary,Rosignol Secondary and University of Guyana(1978-83)
Amin, Farhaudaminent@guyana.net.gy From: Meadow Bank,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Meadow Bank,Georgetown
Occupation: M.D.Amin Enterprise IncOther Information:
Amin, Farhaudfarhaud@mail.com From: Meadow Bank,GeorgetownLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: Self EmployOther Information: Central High School Symth Street
Amin, Farhaudfarhaud123@gmail.com From: Meadow BankLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School
Amin, Imtyazimtyaza@rogers.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Studenthttp://spaces.msn.com/imtyaz/Other Information: St.Stanislaus College
Amin, Napa Fazeenafazeena007@yahoo.com From: WakenaamLiving In: New Jersey U.S.A
Occupation: Other Information: Texaco
Amin, Penella (PENNY)penellap@hotmail.com From: Meten-Meer-ZorgLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary,2005
Amin, Penella (Penny)penellap@hotmail.com From: Meten-Meer-Zorg (East)Living In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Seconday,Class of 1995.
Amin, Sadiesadieamin@hotmail.com From: Cumberland,B/ce and GeorgetownLiving In: Eccles,East Bank Demerara,Guyana
Occupation: Attorney-at-LawOther Information: Attended Bishops' High.Would love to hear from old friends.
Amin, Shaleeza (Lizzy/Lisa)shaleezaamin@yahoo.com From: Bagotstown/GroveLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Medical Student/AdminOther Information: Somerville High School,still attending college
Amin, Sharonsharonamin@hotmail.com From: Wakenaam,Meadow Bank,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Business relatedOther Information: Houston School,Central High,etc.
Amirulla, AminAAmirulla@aol.com From: Adelphi,East Canje,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Lindenhurst,Long Island,New York
Occupation: Investment BankingOther Information: Attended Betsy Ground Primary and Overwinning Secondary School,Class of 1971
Amirulla, Bibiryhanamirulla@yahoo.com From: Anna Catherina WCDLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: I attened Leonora Secondary between 92-96.I am looking for classmates and old friends,so drop me a line.
Amjad, Zahirramissrossita1@aol.com From: 58 logwood enmore east coast DemeraraLiving In: brooklyn
Occupation: casheirOther Information: bladen hall multilateral School
Amos, Andrew(Lil-Blakx)Andrew_A13@hotmail.com From: Fyrish,Kilcoy RDLiving In: Canada,Mississauga.
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School
Amos, Annaanna_amos@hotmail,com From: Fyrish road/cor/berLiving In: Mississauga/ONT/Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: 2002-corentyne comprehensive high
Amos, Krisenram/Nesbitkrisamos@hotmail.com From: Chesney Front/AlbionLiving In: Mississauga/ONT/Canada
Occupation: CNC MachinistOther Information: 1976-Lower Corentyne Sec.Sch
Amos, Odiliodiliamos@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: IT,MCSE EngineerOther Information:
Amuleru-Marshall, Omowaleoamuleru@sgu.edu From: GeorgetownLiving In: Grenada
Occupation: ProfessorOther Information: Public Health and Counseling Psychologist and served on the Faculty of Education at the University of Guyana.
Anahka, Barkertamaraabarker@hotmail.com From: 56aDurban Street Lodge GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland USA
Occupation: Other Information: Alleyne High School
Anamayah, Adriananamayah@yahoo.com From: Berbice/GuyanaLiving In: Berbice
Occupation: Attorney at LawOther Information: Attended JCCSS 87-92,UG 92-96,Law School in Trinidad 98-00
Anand, Ajaysammy_baba@hotmail.com From: East IndianLiving In: Clayton,California
Occupation: Television producerOther Information: Educated,well settled,Hindu Muslim professional male divorceew without any issues is seriously looking for a WI bride under 35 of Hindu Muslim parentage no jokes please
Anantram/Singh, Taratarasingh2005@hotmail.com From: De Hoop MahaicaLiving In: Brampton Ontario
Occupation: Office Admin/own businessOther Information: Hindu College( Swami) 1977-1981-1982
Anderson, Colinandracollins@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Q.C InspectorOther Information: Christ/Berg Second.(Multi)
Anderson, Colinandracollins@3web.net From: LindenLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Q.C.InspectorOther Information: Christianburg Multi.
Anderson, E.Wilston C.T.genius_1018@yahoo.com From: Ithaca,Village/GeorgetownLiving In: Nassau,The Bahamas
Occupation: Dean for Academic AffairsOther Information: Stanford University,CA graduate Former Vice Principal CPCE,Turkeyen Former Lecturer Faculty of Education and Faculty of Arts University of Guyana also taught at No.8 Primary,West Berbice & Dolphin Govt,GT.
Anderson, Elicia Anneliciaanderson@yahoo.com From: Agricola,GeorgetownLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: Other Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Anderson, Michaelmichaelanderson@sprint.ca or manderson@unum.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ajax,Ontario.Canada
Occupation: DirectorOther Information: Central High School
Anderson, Raphaelfixm30@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: Ft Lauderdale Florida
Occupation: Building ContractorOther Information: North Georgetown>I.
Anderson, Samueldashabout2002@yahoo.com From: ann's grove e.c.dLiving In: Georgetown,guyana
Occupation: sales managerOther Information:
Anderson, Seanseananderson83@comcast.net From: Line PathLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Other Information: I would like to connect with old friends,and make new friends as well.My previous name was Fazal Hussain (Feayas) I lived opposite Scott's School.I attended Lutheran High School until 1985.I had my own Tapir.(Two of a kind)..
Anderson, Sherrysherryandy@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Redwood City
Occupation: Insurance executiveOther Information: Bishops High School,Deeds Registry,Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society
Anderson, Wilstonewcta@yahoo.com From: Ithaca,West Bank Berbice.Lived in GeorgetownLiving In: Nassau,Bahamas
Occupation: Dean for Academic AffairsOther Information: Graduate of Stanford University,California,Kent State University,Ohio.CPCE Graduate.Taught at No.8 Primary,West Berbice Dolphin Govt,Recent former Vice Principal,CPCE Taught in Faculty of Education and Faculty of Arts,UG 1990-1999
Andersson-K nee Premsukh, Debbie Tajewattiedebbiehansen28@yahoo.se From: Mon ReposLiving In: Sweden
Occupation: studentOther Information: would like to get in touch with old friends from Bladen Hall Multilateral school.Other Guyanese are welcome to write too.
Andrade, Gracemmgrace40@aol.com From: Georgetown/GuyanaLiving In: Key West Fl
Occupation: Human Resources ManagerOther Information:
Andrade, Gracemgrace40@aol.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Key West,Fl
Occupation: Human Resources ManagerOther Information:
Andrews Baker, Lynetteandrewsbaker@msn.com From: GeorgetownHadfield StreetLiving In: MarylandUSA
Occupation: Records AnalystOther Information: St Mary's RC SchoolIndian Education Trust CollegeYoung's Commercial School.Was a Red Cross Volunteer.Left Guyana for England in 1964-1977.Lived in Trinidad from 1977-1988.USA from 1988 to present.Friends: Carmen DeAbreuJoan PersaudBernice LedraJoslyn Goring.
Andrews(Ramdharry), Shantiesdandrews69@hotmail.com From: Belvedere Settlement,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario(Canada)
Occupation: Accounting/AdministrativeOther Information: Looking to find old friends that attended School with me.FYI attended Belvedere Primary Sch&JC Chandi Singh High School
Andrews(Singh), IndranieIndranie@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: Worked at Foreign Affairs from 1975-1980
Andrews-Baker, Lynettelynette.andrews-bake@pgparks.com From: Werk-en-Rust,GeorgetownLiving In: Adelphi,Maryland
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: Looking for friends who attended St.Mary's RC School/Indian Education Trust College/Young's Commercial School
Andrews, Deborahdebraele@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Nevis
Occupation: Medical technologistOther Information: St.Rose's High Queens College
Andrews, James B.Jandrews11@earthlink.net From: Anns Grove and GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Retired Registered NurseOther Information:
Andrews, JeanelleJeanelleA1@aol.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn,NY-USA
Occupation: Health&Group Benefits AdministratorOther Information: I am currently looking for my old School/neighborhood friends.names listed above in old entry.Please contact me if you know me.
Andrews, Juliejandrews22gy@yahoo.co.uk From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Medical assistantOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute
Andrews, KarenKMIDNITEANGEL@earthlink.NET From: Linden,GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn,N.Y
Occupation: Other Information: I lived on Blue Berry Hill,Wismar
Andrews, Ouincyandrewsq2001@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: 675,Makoushi Square,South Ruimveldt Gardens
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Central High School&G.T.I
Andrews, Philip Bphilip_andrews@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Medical TechnologistOther Information: MacKenzie High School.University of Guyana
Andrews, Vibertandrewsv2001@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: 675,Makoushi Square,S/R.Gardens G/T
Occupation: Contractor/ManagerOther Information: Andrews Business Associates Electrical and Structural Contractors.
Andrews, Weasleylinetop2001@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: tampa,florida
Occupation: schoolOther Information: i attend Stewartville high school
Andries, Curtiscandries@yahoo.com From: Victoria Village ECDLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia USA
Occupation: United States ArmyOther Information: Golden Grove Secondary School
Andries, Devon Anikaeanikae@hotmail.com From: Canvas City,Wismar,LindenLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: PC TechnicianOther Information: New Silvercity Secondary School,Guyana School Of Agriculture,Orange Computer Inc(Barbados),Computer Reseach Insitution.
Andries, Devonanikae@hotmail.com From: Canvas City,Wismar,LindenLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Watooka Day School,New Silvercity Secondary,Guyana School of Agricultre
Andries, FaithLeandrea@yahoo.co.uk From: B/VLiving In: B/V
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Bladen HAll.Multi.Critchlow Labout College,U.G
Andries, Faithlutchrell@yahoo.co.uk From: BVLiving In: BV
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Bladen Hall Multi.School
Andries, Paul Rpandries@verizon.net From: Born in Uitvlugt-lived 53 East RuimveldtLiving In: Washington D.C
Occupation: PastorOther Information: attended East LaPenitence Government Sch.(72-77)Left Guyana in December '77.Would love to talk w/positive individuals.
Androod, Sandramattie (Chul-Chul)SRSumair12@aol.com From: FyrishLiving In: Schenectady,New York
Occupation: MH at Norampac Inc.Other Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School-GY 1985
Angal, Marcellcerlione@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: self employedOther Information: MHS 84
Anganu, Joejanganu@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School 1968-73
Anganu, Oumaoanganu@videotron.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Montreal
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Saint Roses High School
Angel, Lynden(Birdy)lyndang7@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: Brookly New York
Occupation: electricianOther Information: I went to Wismar Christanburge,Multilateral School,Use to play football for TOP 20-M.S.C LIONS--CENTRAL HIKERS--and Linden--
Angela, Suyderhoudangela-suyderhoud@live.nl From: LeguanLiving In: Utrecht
Occupation: Other Information: Would like to have contact with my fellow guyanese here in the Netherlands.
Angoy, Robingtsugarcake@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: Orlando Florida
Occupation: Social Worker/RealtorOther Information: I was educated in the US from middle schools,would still like to chat with Guyanese,I love them.
Angus, Hewitth_angus@hotmail.com From: Atlantic Ville,Greater GeorgetownLiving In: Columbus,OH USA
Occupation: IT Project ManagerOther Information: Saint Josephs HS 88-89,Left GT '89
Angus, Stacystacyangus2000@yahoo.com From: 99 Atlantic Ville E,C,DLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Student at the Cittone InstituteOther Information: Atended Central High School
Anita, Deonandananitadeonandan@yahoo.com From: Nigg RoadLiving In: Cotton tree Village
Occupation: Other Information: Attend belveder primary 1981 to 1986 and jccss from 1986 to 1991 teacher at albion nursery school from 1991 to 1998
Anita, Laljieangelanita007@aol.com From: Port Mourant/BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: Case ManagerOther Information: University of Florida
Ann, Mohabir-Latchmiahann_latchmiah@hotmail.com From: Merville,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: Payroll AccountantOther Information: Attended St Mary's Carmalite Convent,New Amsterdam.My uncle's name is Walter Mohabir-Registrar.My aunt's name is Betty Mohabir-Whim Magistrates Court.My grandfather's name was Chun Mohabir from Fyrish.My dad's name was Chando (widely known as General)
Annalisa, Reynoldsannalisareynolds@hotmail.com From: Mackenzie,LindenLiving In: Holland
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Linden Foundation Secondary
Annamanthadoo, Michelle DarshineNaughtiiGuyanese@aol.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Tampa Fl
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Annamanthadoo, Mitchelromariosarahahotmail.com From: no 78 corriverton corentyne BerbicetLiving In: tampa florida
Occupation: postmanOther Information:
Annamanthadoo, Samuelromariosarah,ahotmail.com From: 78 Corriverton Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: 1006 E Osborne Ave Tampa FL 33603
Occupation: Employ ed by United States Postal ServiceOther Information: I like all the Annamanthadoo family to keep in contact and friends a
Annamunthodo, Gastongastona@rogers.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton,ON
Occupation: Systems ConsultantOther Information:
Annamunthodoo-Fung, Ishraniishranifung@rogers.com From: Bel Air Park,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Medical Research SecretaryOther Information: St.Joseph's High School,Georgetown
Annie, Persaudannienov15@hotmail.com From: Bath settlementLiving In: Canada
Occupation: AdministrativeOther Information: Rosignol sec MMA-ADA
Anthony nee Duesbury, shaunshaunanthony476@msn.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Other Information: St.James-the-less Primary,North Georgetown Secondary,University of Guyana
Anthony-James, Glenisglenis.james@btinternet.com From: VergenoegenLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Anthony, Cydcyd@bellsouth.net From: East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Georgia,USA.
Occupation: Data Entry OperatorOther Information: Tutorial High School,New Amsterdam,Berbice.Guy.
Anthony, Darwin(Tony)anthonyr8@juno.com From: North East La'PenitenceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Dept of Defense Staffing TechnicianOther Information: Trinity Methodist&PPI
Anthony, Daziliaapple_pa17@hotmail.com or teddybear_cutie@msn.com From: Eccles E.B.D and also used to live in Henry street Werk-en-rustLiving In: California
Occupation: Student(currently at the San Diego Community College DistrictOther Information: Attended Centrl during the period of 95-2000 and Charlestown Secondary 2000-2001 and that is when i came to the california.
Anthony, KeithKanth31732@Aol.com From: Mackenzie/GeorgetownLiving In: Rosedale,New York
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information:
Anthony, Lannielanthony42@msn.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In:
Occupation: Bus operator NYCTAOther Information: Multilateral New Amsterdam
Anthony, Marciaoddettasky@hotmail.com From: Amelia's wardLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Mackenzie High School
Anthony, Markmanthony3@gmail.com From: Cove & John,Prashad Nagar,Georgetown/LacytownLiving In: NJ,USA
Occupation: Photographerhttp://middlesex.portraitefx.comOther Information: St.Sidwells,St.Stanislaus College
Anthony, Myrvinmyrvinanthony@aol.com From: East Ruimveldt,GeorgetownLiving In: London,United Kingdom
Occupation: EconomistOther Information: east Ruimveldt Secondary,North Ruimveldt Multilateral,Queen's College,University of Guyana,University of the West Indies Mona Campus,University of Cambridge
Anthony, Nigelnigel_anthony2000@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Attorney-at-LawOther Information: Attended East Ruimveldt Secondary/University of Guyana/Hugh Wooding Law School Trinidad
Anthony, OsfaOanthon@Dellepro.com From: Mahaicony/LindenLiving In: Dallas Tx
Occupation: TechnicanOther Information: Mahaicony Secondary
Anthony, Seans3an415@hotmail.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Hillside,NJ
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Roselle Catholic '08
Anthony, Shelly AnnShellmeister11@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: New York
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral High School-Class of 1989
Anthony, Susansuemari3@aol.com From: graigLiving In: New York
Occupation: stundentOther Information: if u went to graig School with me and u know a bow name alvin that went there pleeze tell him to mail me
Anthony, osfaoanthon@dellepro.com From: Blue hill Linden&Abary Mahaicony E.C.DLiving In: Dallas Texas U.S.A
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information: attended Mahaicony Secondary&Linden Foundation High
Antigua, Verdaverda1971@yahoo.com From: prospect E.B.D,GuyanaLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: ChefOther Information: when to covent garden primary and then to Houston Community High School
Apana, Sharmilaseetamachinsammy@yahoo.com From: Ogle FrontLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: Quality AnalystOther Information: Looking for Elsie's children(golden,balram,teekasingh and Ricky.(opposite the destroyer factory).Also looking for Mark,George,Sharon and Dennis.My Father was a teacher at Enterprise Primary/Christ Sec.His name is moorpal apana.
Appadoo-Johnson, Ruthrsappado-johnson@legal-aid.org From: Diamond,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Criminal Defense AttorneyOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary and Central High School
Appadu, Debbieminiblue98@comcast.net From: Port Mourant-Market DamLiving In: Connecticut
Occupation: Finance ManagerOther Information: I attended Corentyne Comprehensive High School 1981-1985
Appasamy, ShirleyAppasamy123@tiscali.co.uk From: Goed fortuin hse/SchemeLiving In: England
Occupation: Retired nurseOther Information:
Appiah, Kennethkappiah@rrc.mb.ca From: Albion-Belvedere,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
Occupation: StorekeeperOther Information: 50's Central High 60's Copper Gov't/Gopaul,Albion
Applewaithe, JoelJazade03@msn.com From: Rose Hall Town,Corentyne,Berbice,Guyana.Living In: Boston,Massachusetts,U.S.A.
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Left Guyana at age 6 yrs.old(1994 ).Looking to correspond with any Guyanese.
Applewaithe, Nathaliaurdestiny06@aol.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Boston,MA
Occupation: Customer serv.Rep.Blue Cross Blue sheild/Student Major Intl.relationsOther Information: Please send me an e-mail if you know me.Alot of people know me as "natalie" instead:-)I have a sister by the name of Alicia.I attended J.C&my sis attended Lower Corentyne.
Applewhaite, OrrinAppmark@bww.com From: Auchlyne Village,Corentyne/Christianburg,Linden.Living In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: President & CEO of an e-Commerce BusinessOther Information: Attended:Christianburg Primary School ('65-'70)/Manchester Gov't Secondy School ('70-'75)/New Amsterdam Multilateral ('75-'76)
Apprah, Natashiarnatashia@hotmail.com From: East Bank DemararaLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information: Central High School
Approo(Lakhan), Desireedesiree_lakhan@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall Town,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: JCChandisingh Secondary
Approo, Aishaajshivmangal@yahoo.com From: My mom is from RHT corentyne and my dad is from GTLiving In: Brampton Ont Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I would like to meet new friends in guyana.
Approo, Anushkaksanushka@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall Town/WilliamsburgLiving In: Paramaribo,Suriname
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Caravelall school in Suriname,wouldlike to meet both old and new friends
Approo, Fiona Sabrinafiona92875@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Associate Director of Financial AidOther Information: Saint Stanislaus College
Approo, Marcia Annemapproo@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Woodside,NY
Occupation: Senior Records ManagerOther Information: Saint Stanislaus College
Approo, Pamelapamela4156@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: ClarkOther Information:
Archer (nee Lake), Glenisarcherga1109@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Stone Mountain GA
Occupation: Other Information: Emigrated from London UK in 1971,graduated Christ Church Secondary 1974,Worked at GPH 1976,Guyana Gajraj,GNTC,too many to mention
Archer, Dillongtdnice23@hotmail.com From: Den Amstel,WCDLiving In: Virginia Beach,Virginia
Occupation: MilitaryOther Information:
Archer, Graceneustadterg@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: St Paul MN
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Wismar Christianburg Multilateral School until 1979
Archer, James Waynewaynej68@hotmail.com From: CanjeLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: gigolo/male escortOther Information: looking for old girlfriends/please email me.It is of utmost importance
Archer, Kimkimarcher_gy@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Aircraft Maintenance EngineerOther Information: Government Technical Institute also Trained in UK,USA,&Denmark
Archer, Luanaluana_pierre@yahoo.com From: Quamina StreetLiving In: Tortola,B.V.I
Occupation: Other Information: Christ Chuch Sec 79-84,B.H.S 84-85
Archer, Marcia Myrnamyrna_bjcountry@hotmail.con From: Wismar Housing Scheme.LindenLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Linden Foundation High.G.T.I.U.G.Taught at Queen's College.
Archer, Paulpaul_archer@sympatico.ca From: Quamina StreetLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Insurance BrokerOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Archer, Petalpetal_archer@hotmail.com From: CanjeLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: Part time teacher/escortOther Information: Attended Cyril Potter College Of Education
Archer, Rookminladyleo50@hotmail.com From: Hampshire/CorentyneLiving In: Floida
Occupation: Other Information: Rose Hall Primary/National High School
Archer, Ruthsweeti4liferd@hotmail.com From: Guyhoc ParkLiving In: Grenada
Occupation: LecturerOther Information: I attended Queen's College then Bishop's High School (6th form) I left Guyana in 1989
Archer, Sheronann39@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Eccles,East Bank Demerara
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: St.Angela's Primary,North Georgetown
Archer, Sylviathepreacher115@hotmail.com From: Wismar Housing Scheme.LindenLiving In: Linden/Bahamas
Occupation: PastorOther Information: Faith Assembly of God Church.Linden
Archer, Tessatmoulder2@comcast.net From: Albertown,GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Certified Business Solutions ConsultantOther Information: Multilateral High School
Archer, Waynewaynej68@hotmail.com From: Cumberland Village,Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: Senior Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Technician&Part-Time Lecture BTVIrOther Information: Berbice High 81-86,Guysuco Apprentice Traning Centre 86-88 Electrical Class(Horse Man)Looking for School pals drop me a line.
Archibald/Salim/Baksh, Gail,Leonardfarzana1017@aol.com From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Geogia,US
Occupation: Prod.Tech/MechanicOther Information: Belvedere High 1966
Archibald, AltheaUlinde1@yahoo.om From: Litchfield,BerbiceLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Coporate ConciergeOther Information: Rosignol Secondary School
Archibald, Altheaaltheaarchibald2@yahoo.com From: LitchfieldLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Corporate ConciergeOther Information: Litchfield Primary School,Rosignol Secondary School
Archibald, Nirvaninirvanis@yahoo.com From: RelianceLiving In: usa
Occupation: Other Information:
Argyle-James, Deaddargyle@hotmail.com From: Rosa Drive-South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: Technical InstructorOther Information: Christ Church Sec.83-88,Queens College 88-90,G.T.I 90-92,Guysuco Train School 92-94,U.G (Technology) 94-99
Arias(Sakhichand), SavvySavvy1379@aol.com From: Fyrish,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Lower Corentyne Sec.School1976-1981,looking for old friends.
Arjoon Nee:Duesbury, Sandragtinus@yahoo.com From: Duncan Street CampbellvilleLiving In: California
Occupation: Wedding ConsultantOther Information: Campbellville Gov't School
Arjoon, Conradarjoono@yahoo.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Buisness ManOther Information: Charlestown High School
Arjoon, Darrendoay2k1@yahoo.com From: Campbellville/GeorgetownLiving In: Hyattsville,Maryland
Occupation: Lab Technician/Chemistry/George Washington Univhttp://www.myspace.com/doa2k5andbeyondOther Information: St.Margaret's Primary and Brickdam Secondary!
Arjoon, Ginaginarjoon@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Student at UG(UWI Trinidad soon enough)Other Information: Attended School of the Nations,St Margaret's Primary,Born 1987
Arjoon, Karen Vanessavainkv@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt Gardens,GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: Other Information: St.Joseph's High School,looking for my friend Kathy lucas,Nicloe King
Arjoon, Milesacarlg@wanadoo.fr From: Kumaka N.W.DLiving In: Cayenne,French Guiana
Occupation: Stock SupervisorOther Information: Attended St Joseph High from 1989 to 1992.Would like to contact old classmates.
Arjoon, Nalinijune_arjoon@yahoo.com From: RosignolLiving In: St.Kitts
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Berbice High School 1996-2001
Arjoon, Russell Subbyarjoon@juno.com From: Campbellville Housing SchemeLiving In: California
Occupation: Electrical EngineerOther Information: Attended St Winifred School
Arjoon, Stanleyarjoon32@aol.com From: Prashad Nagar and Craig st.CambellvilleLiving In: United States
Occupation: Retire US NavyOther Information: Cambellville Govt.Sch.and last attended Multilatural in Georgetown.
Arjun, Dhayalakadjvijay@yahoo.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Richmond Hill NY
Occupation: Singer/Business OwnerOther Information: 1990-1993 Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary
Arjun, Indrakhowshiela@yahoo.com From: Free Yard,Port MourantLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Support WorkerOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School
Arjun, Khowshielakhowshiela@yahoo.com From: port mourantLiving In: thundre bay Ontario canada
Occupation: support workreOther Information: i would like to chat with other guyanese people
Arjun, Reshmarukmeni@hotmail.com From: #7 Village West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Parents are in Brooklyn,NY ~&And am living in Plattsburgh,NY
Occupation: Student@SUNY PlattsburghOther Information: Attended Berbice High School.left November 1998
Arjun, Reshmarukmeni@hotmail.com From: #7 Village West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Parents are in Brooklyn,NY ~&And am living in Plattsburgh,NY
Occupation: Student@SUNY PlattsburghOther Information: Attended Berbice High School.left November 1998.My dad was a teacher@#8 Primary school for a # of years.Mom is Sandra from Bushlot Village WCB.Don't mind getting emails from prople that I went to school w/or others.:)
Arjun, Savitrisavitriarjun@yahoo.com From: Windsor Forest,WCD,Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Canada.Scarborough
Occupation: Day Care ProviderOther Information: Maha Sabha Leonora Sec.School
Arjun, Savitrisavitriarjun@yahoo.com From: Windsor Forest/Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Provider-DaycareOther Information: Maha Sabha Leonora Sec.School
Arjune(Sukhu), Nialaaltima7589@aol.com From: Henrietta,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Groveland,Florida
Occupation: Other Information:
Arjune, Banskumarbanskumar@yahoo.ca From: Free Yard,Port Mourant,CorentyneLiving In: Thunder Bay,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Medical PhysicistOther Information: Student at Corentyne High School 1964-1969,Teacher at Corentyne High School 1970-1972
Arjune, Chamalieechamaliee2004@hotmail.com From: Rose HallLiving In: Queen,New York
Occupation: Childcare/Daycare Provider/OwnerOther Information: Looking for old friends
Arjune, Dave,K.PDAVE@ARJUNE.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Kit.On.CA
Occupation: ENGhttp://www.golden.net/~arjuneOther Information: 72 PMTC
Arjune, Fazielainnocent_looks2003@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ireland
Occupation: studientOther Information: parnell tec college dublin ireland
Arjune, Indranieidoobay@dewittstern.com From: Goed FortuinLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Insurance BrokerOther Information: West Demerara-1974-1977 GTI 1977-1979 Bureau of Standards 1979-1985
Arjune, Jokhuajokhu@hotmail.ca From: Wales,Bartica,Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: HealthCare ProviderOther Information: Wales,Primary,Patentia Secondary,GSA,UG.Agric.Officer Region #7,SAO region #3.taught at Patentia Secondary
Arjune, Jokhuajokhu@hotmail.ca From: Wales,G/town,Bartica,Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Wales Primary,Patentia Secondary,GSA,UG.Agriculture Officer Region 7,Snr.Agriculture Officer Region 3.Taught at Patentia Secondary
Arjune, SabitaGuyanesegirl2@hotmail.com From: Better Hope,E.C.DLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary-1984-1989
Arjune, Yogindraarjune_nafico@yahoo.com From: Third Street,Cummings LodgeLiving In: Third Street,Cummings Lodge
Occupation: Manager,North American Fire InsuranceOther Information: Attend Cummings Lodge Sec Class of 1995.Worked at Hand-in-Hand and now at NAFICO.
Arkais, Cindycindy.Aarkais@tyhssen.elevator.com From: BerbiceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information:
Arkais, Harrienarineharry_arkais1@msn.com From: BerbiceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information:
Armogan nee Baijnauth, HelenaHelenaarmogan@solutions2000.net From: Line Path E,CorrivertonLiving In: New Amsterdan,Berbice,Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Line Path Secondary School 1976-1981
Armogan(Mangra), Malamarmogan@coj.net From: Rose Hall Town(Guyana)Living In: Jacksonville,Florida
Occupation: AdministrationOther Information: Class of '78 Lower Corentyne Secondary School
Armogan, Ambrosearmo26@hotmail.com From: Fyrish Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Psychiatric NurseOther Information: Lower Corentyne Secondary School-Class of 1969
Armogan, Chet (Darmalingum) (Brown)carmogan@gmail.com From: Albion Front,BerbiceLiving In: Lake Mary,Florida
Occupation: AVPOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Government Secondary,Class of '76,and NA Multi.Have two children.Would like to reach out to all.Feel free to reply.
Armogan, Cliffordcliffarmogan@hotmail.com From: Fyrish Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York City
Occupation: Accountant/Business AdministratorOther Information: Corentyne High.Albion Local Accts.Armogans at Albion
Armogan, Devi(aka Meenatchie)devibrigmohan@sympatico.ca From: Tain Settlement/Bush Lot Village,ECBLiving In: Cambridge,Canada
Occupation: AdministrationOther Information: Attended Tain Primary(up to '84 and Jan-Mar in '87))& Kildonan Primary(84-86)
Armogan, Ganitaganitaa@aol.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Jersey City,NJ USA
Occupation: Administrative Web AssistantOther Information: left Guyana in 1986
Armogan, LeonLVveeran0430@rogers.com From: Belvedere settLiving In: Brampton Ont Canada
Occupation: Q A TECHOther Information: COR COMP HIGH SCHOOL 75--79
Armogan, Lyndenlyndena@gmail.com From: Black Bush PolderLiving In: Rye Brook,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Manchester Secondary School
Armogan, Siraneeasiranee@hotmail.com From: Number 7 Village,BerbiceLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: NursingOther Information: Madien name is Seecharran,went to Lower Corentyne High School.Left Guyana in 1976.
Armogan, Victorvictor_armogan@hotmail.com From: Stanleytown,New Amsterdam,GuyanaLiving In: Jacksonville,Florida
Occupation: Other Information:
Armoogan, BanashwarBana4fl@aol.com From: FyrishLiving In: Orlando,Fl
Occupation: MachinistOther Information: Attend New Amsterdam Multi '77,NATI'83
Armoogan, Pamelamrshealthie@aol.com From: Rose Hall Town BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Other Information: Comprehensive High School
Armstrong-Canterbury, Sandra Annsdaciababy@att.net From: West Ruimveldt,Greater GeorgetownLiving In: Powder springs,Georgia USA
Occupation: School TeacherOther Information: Attended St Pius Primary in La Penitence. Tutorial High school.St Rose's High schoolCyril Potter College of Education.Taught at St Agnes Primary and St Joseph's High School,worked at Ministry of National Development.Looking for Eleanor Parvatan who went to St Pius Primary School
Armstrong, Marcelmarcellus19@hotmail.com From: BuxtonLiving In: New York
Occupation: Admistrative AssistantOther Information: BladenHall Multilateral/Golden Grove Secondary
Armstrong, Patriciapatricia_26@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: College student
Arnasalam, Devanand Dazzling Daveleorulestheheart1975@hotmail.com From: Bush Lot Village,Corentyne,B/ce.Living In: Virgin Islands
Occupation: Other Information: CCSS Bush Lot Village,Corentyne,B/ce.
Arnold, Sunitaprincessindi@hotmail.com From: Parents from Guyana-Born in New York,NYLiving In: Providence,Rhode Island
Occupation: Student-Computer/Information ScienceOther Information: Any guys around the ages of 23-25 I would love to hear from
Arokium (Lowe), Alexisaalowe@telus.net From: KingstonLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta Canada
Occupation: SalesOther Information: Saints,St Joseph
Arthur, Beverleyartbev67@yahoo.com From: Tucber Park,N/ALiving In: New Amsterdam,Berbice
Occupation: ClericalOther Information: Tutorial Academy Secondary School,VictoriaCommercial,would like to meet old School pals,anyone who will like to write
Arthur, Eddie (Harpa/Latchman)reinaeddie@msn.com From: No.48 Vlg Corentyne/Campbellville G/townLiving In: New York
Occupation: Business/Fork Lift OperatorOther Information:
Arthur, GeorgeGEOHANA@msn.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: New Jersey,USA
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Charlestown Sec.
Arthur, Gloriagarthur2000@yahoo.com From: BuxtonLiving In: Buxton
Occupation: MedexOther Information: Presently working at Omai Gold Mines Limited
Arthur, Joanjoanarthur1@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Marketing AssistantOther Information: G.T.I,Critchlow Labour College,U.G
Arthur, Robindearing_r@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Stanleytown
Occupation: Admin Asst-AEAOther Information: Overwinning Primary and BerbiceHigh School
Asgar, Jitjitasg1971@yahoo.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information:
Asgaralli-Sadhu, Shazeedadesrizee@yahoo.com From: Kildonan Village CorentyneLiving In: Valley Stream NY
Occupation: Control OperatorOther Information: Attened CCSS from '81 to '86.My father is Uncle Mickey.Hi to all of my family and friends.
Asgaralli, Aslimaslim.asgaralli@polyone.com From: Kildonan Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: Global FMD ManagerOther Information: Attend BushLot High School,New Amsterdam Technical Institute(NATI).
Asgarallie (Ashin), Mohamedsutley1916@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Toronto-Canada
Occupation: Technical Support & PC Support Specialisthttp://www.angelfire.com/dragon3/rampur/India_asgar.htmOther Information: Government Technical Institute.Georgetown,Technical Teacher Training Institute.Madras India,George Brown.Toronto
Asgarallie(Ashin), Mohamedsutley1916@juno.com From: Berbice-GuyanaLiving In: Toronto.Canada
Occupation: Technical Support&PC Support Specialisthttp://mohdasgar2.homestead.com/index.htmlOther Information: Government Technical Institute.Georgetown,Technical Teacher Training Institute.Madras India,George Brown.Toronto
Asgarallie, Mohamedsutley1916@yahoo.com From: Berbice-GuyanaLiving In: Toronto-Canada
Occupation: Technical Support for ISPhttp://www.angelfire.com/musicals/nodallpouri/Dave_Martin_Trade_Winds.htmOther Information: Former lecturer-Senior Master at NATI
Asgarallie, Mohamedgonda48@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Technical Support-ISPhttp://pages.sprint.ca/Gonda/files/Diwali_Canada_02.htmOther Information: Ex-Lecturer-NATI
Asgarallie, Mohamedgonda48@yahoo.com From: BlairmontLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Technical Support-IThttp://www.angelfire.com/dragon3/rampur/India_asgar.htmOther Information: Ex lecturer NATI,New Amsteram,Berbice
Asgarallie, Mohdgonda48@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Technical Support (ISP)http://www.putfile.com/asgarOther Information: Ex lecturer and senior master NATI-Berbice
Asgarally, Sabrinasabrinaasgarally@yahoo.com From: Albion,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Customer Care Specialist for SprintOther Information: Worked at Sheerally & Son Travel Service from 1999 to 2003 and Spreadys Travel Service from 2003 to 2004
Asgarally, ShazilaSweetie_Shazila@hotmail.com From: Sisters VillageLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: My father is Nryan,grandfather is Boust
Ashby, Donettedcashby@msn.com From: Victoria Village ECDLiving In: Brooklyn N.Y
Occupation: Other Information: Golden Grove Secondary School
Ashington Ganesh, Oceanaclubguyana@hotmail.com From: Den amstel Village W.C.DLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Toronto Transit Commission (ttc operator)Other Information:
Ashwar(Chatterpaul), Seetaseeta_a@yahoo.com From: D'Edward Village,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: CSROther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral School
Ashwar, Hardathardat@sympatico.ca From: Cotton Tree Vill.W.C.BLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Attended Rosignol Secondary School.
Asregado, Ellenellena4@prodigy.net From: Williamburg,BerbiceLiving In: Jamaica,NY
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Corentyne High School,until 2nd Form-1980.
Asregado, Ellenellena4@prodigy.net From: Williamsberg,BerbiceLiving In: Jamaica,NY
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Asrula, EyonEyon_A@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga/Canada
Occupation: Operations SupervisorOther Information: Attended Rosignol Secondary School/NATI
Assad, Neil Reyasreyasassad@hotmail.com From: Suddie,Essequio CoastLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Sales Manager/Regestered PharmacistOther Information: anna regina multi 1981-1987,university of guyana 1989-1992
Assad, Reyasdrno15@hotmail.com From: Anna Regina Essequibo CoastLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: PharmacistOther Information: Anna Regina Multi.1981-1987,U.G 1989-1992
Assanah, JolyonJolyon.Assanah@hcahealthcare.com From: Victoria Village,E.C.D.Living In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: Director,Hospital Corp of AmericaOther Information: Attended North Georgetown.I am trying to locate Carol James who also attended North and resided in Kitty at the time.
Assaye, DianeDEASSAYE@aol.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Philadelphia
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Cumming's Lodge Secondary&North Georgetown Secondary.Left Guyana in 1992.
Assibad, Michael,Ramaishmassibad2000@yahoo.ca From: Grove,EBDLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Paralegal/ResearcherOther Information: attended Grove Primary School
Association, Guyana Friends' AssociationBSamBailey@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London United Kingdom
Occupation: Registered CharityOther Information: Raises funds for education in Guyana
Aswarnauth, LennyAaen66@aol.com From: adelphi,canje,Berbice,Living In: Florida
Occupation: Field service with JLG Ind.Other Information: Berbice high,.for a few.
Atchana And Narainsammy, (Kistein)Glen and(Maylen)Irisgtatchanas@msn.com From: Black Bush and BerbiceLiving In: Daytona Beach,Fl
Occupation: Real Estate Agent and HousewifeOther Information:
Atchigadu/GANGOO, SharmilaSAtchigadu@gmail.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: NursingOther Information: Attended Abram Zuil Secondary(1984-1990)
Atherley, Stephensatherley@hotmail.com From: Friendship East Bank Dem.Living In: Cayman Islands
Occupation: Snr.Prison OfficerOther Information: Central High,Chatham High
Atherly-Culley, Altheashaq20744@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Writer/EditorOther Information:
Atherly, Diondionatherly@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,Sydney,Japan
Occupation: Systems AccountantOther Information: Queens college,London School of Economics,National Audit Office London
Atkins-Davis, Yonetteyonetteatkins@hotmail.com yonetteatkinsdavis@lycos.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: New Orleans,Louisiana
Occupation: Travel Agency OwnerOther Information: Lived in Pope Street.Attended BEI,Berbice High,St.Rose's High
Atkins, Jenniferuspension@mnshotmail.com From: East La Penitence,GeorgetownLiving In: United States Of America(Brooklyn)
Occupation: Retail Operations SpecialistOther Information: Tutorial High
Atkinson, Joyjoyatkins21@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,,GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: MinisterOther Information: Bishops High School
Atkinson, Joyjoyatkins21@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: MinisterOther Information: St.James the Less Bishops High Min.of Agric.
Atmaram, Shivanishivani_atmaram@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: California
Occupation: Retired senior citizenOther Information: I am a devotee of Sai Baba and my hobby is social service.I am providing free matrimonial service to Caribbean Hindu Muslim community there is no strings attached any kind I have nothing to do so send your complete profile.For Only Guyanese
Attah, Komalwickedindian24@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens New York,
Occupation: Website managerhttp://www.eyesautoclub.comOther Information: Campbellville Secondary
Audho, YateeshYAUDHO@aol.com From: Canal#2 Polder,WBDLiving In: Kitchener,Ontario
Occupation: Tax Auditor(Ministry Of Finance)Other Information: Kawall Gov't,Patentia,Jack Allie,GLC,GRL,Thomas Stoll
Audit, Omma Persaud(Joe)oaudit@hotmail.com From: #64 Village,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: Toronto
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Skeldon Lutheran High School from 1970-1975.
Auer, Debbietrebelles2@juno.com From: Canal No.1Living In: Frankfurt
Occupation: DesignerOther Information: West Dem.Sec.
Ault, KarenBKStar@bellsouth.net From: Durban Street LodgeLiving In: NC
Occupation: Client Service Rep.Other Information: Central High 75-79 ( Last Name:Waite )
Austin-Borishade, Desireedborishade@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Chicago
Occupation: Oeration SpecialistOther Information: Cambridge Academy high School
Austin-Borishade, Desireedesireedsb@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Chicago
Occupation: Senior RepresentativeOther Information: Camebridge Academy
Austin-Elvis, Joyandrew1295@hotmail.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Attended Bygeval Secondary School
Austin-Phillips, Barbaraannesmall50@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: attended Central High School
Austin, BonitaAcola82@hjotmail.com From: Linden,Canvas CityLiving In: Baltimore,Maryland
Occupation: Teacher's AssistantOther Information: Attende Mackenzie High School,trying to get in contact with the OPALS
Austin, BonitaAcola82@hjotmail.com From: Linden,Canvas CityLiving In: Baltimore,Maryland
Occupation: Teacher's AssistantOther Information: Attende Mackenzie High School,trying to get in contact with the OPALS
Austin, CandaceBrowncinna21@hotmail.com From: BuxtonLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended:Lusignan Primary(my mom was a former teacher there Ms Cheryl Glen),Brickdam Secondary for two years,St Stanislaus Secondary.i'm trying to get in contact with former classmates of Lusignan Primary,specifically Nabeela Aziz.
Austin, Collettecolle2u@yahoo.com From: BeladrumLiving In: 39 Dowding Street,Kitty Georgetown
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: I'm related to the nobles of Beladrum
Austin, Deborahdebbiea84@yahoo.com From: Victoria,Village,East Coast,DemeraraLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Bygeval Multilateral.Former teacher of Cove and John Secondary and Victoria Primary.
Austin, Desireedesireedsb@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Chicago
Occupation: Pre-School EducationOther Information: Cambridge Academy High
Austin, Dexterbrina124@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: athleteOther Information: well known as(boggiedex)attended st.mary's
Austin, Feliciafelicia-78@hotmail.com From: 71 VillageLiving In: Jamaica USA
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: SLPSS 89-93
Austin, Kenrickken.rick@hotmail.com From: Charity Pomeroon,(Essequibo)Living In: Montreal Qc,Canada
Occupation: World DiverOther Information:
Austin, Renarenaaustin@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In:
Occupation: Student/AssistantOther Information: Linden Foundation Secondary
Austin, Ronald Mrmaustin2001@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Consultant-UWI-CARIcom Project(CARIcom Sect)Other Information: Former Ambassador to China,Dep.Chief Political Advisor to Pres.Burnham,Advisor to Pres.Hoyte-Central High,Atlantic College-U.K.,Trent Univ.-Canada,Pittsburgh Univ-USA
Austin, Rose-Leahmangotime@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: München,Germany
Occupation: AssistantOther Information: The Bishops' High School,Southern Arkansas Uni
Austin, Selwynselwynma@hotmail.com From: plaisanceLiving In: plaisance
Occupation: army officerOther Information: North G/town,GtI,UG electrical eng.Army LT Signal Corps
Austin, Shawnetteshawnette_a@hotmail.com From: Plaisance,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Plaisance
Occupation: University StudentOther Information: St.Rose's High,Bishops' High
Austin, Terryteranne1@hotmail.com From: Family from Pomeroon but I lived in Kitty.Living In: Chino Hills,California
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Tutorial High('77).
Austin, Terryterryaustin1024@yahoo.com From: North RuimveldtLiving In: Chino Hills,California
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Tutorial High School,Raised In kitty
Autar, Ameliaamelia_autar@msn.net From: Corentyne/BerbiceLiving In: Corentyne/Berbice
Occupation: StudentOther Information: No.68 Primary,President's College
Autar, Angelinaangel_75gy@yahoo.co.uk From: Upper Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Upper Corentyne,Berbice
Occupation: StudentOther Information: President's College '97 to '04
Autar, Priyapriyaautar@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Accounting TechnicianOther Information: I attended Winfer Garden Primary.then on to Brickdam Sec then St Rose`s High.looking for reunion of school friends.
Autar, Rajrajautar@sdcpe.com From: Hague,W.C.DLiving In: Jamaica,New York City
Occupation: Structural EngineerOther Information: Graduated from UG '82.
Autar, Suechansuechana@guysuco.com From: cumberland canjeLiving In: Skeldon estate senoir staff compound
Occupation: personnel practionerOther Information: attended Berbice High-1965-1969
Autar, YudeshwarJayiwco@aol.com From: Canje BerbiceLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Printer TechnicianOther Information: BEI
Avis, Pahaladkid khilall@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne Comprehensive School
Awad, Meena(Nadira)canjee@yahoo.com From: Canefield,CanjeLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: OperatorOther Information: St.Patrick School
Ayub, Alieagtswtgyal69@aol.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Ayub, Niranaltav123@yahoo.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Lindenhurst,New York
Occupation: Other Information:
Ayub, Niranaltav123@aol.com From: Scottsburg,Corriverton,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: South Ozone Park,Queens,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary,
Ayub, Wahedawahedaayub@hotmail.com From: Triumph VillageLiving In: Pickering,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Disclosure Clerk,Toronto Police Svc.Other Information: Worked at GEC in Georgetown before migrated to Canada
Ayube, Achlerozan200@hotmail.com From: Albion BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Office ClerkOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School 1996
Ayube, ZainoolZainoolAyube@aol.com From: Adelphi Blairmont and Rose Hall EstatesLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: salesOther Information: attended BEI in N\A and Indians worked GDL in '72 and Geddes Grant in '87= 90
Azaad, Sheikhdrbickles@aol.com From: BelvedereLiving In:
Occupation: Disability Management SpecialistOther Information: Courentyne High School 1977 to 1982
Azeem, Raymondrayazeem@hotmail.com From: 79,Corriverton,SkeldonLiving In: Holland
Occupation: Hotel ClarkOther Information: last attend Skeldon Primary School,and i like to have a lot of guyanese boys to mail me,and i visited guyana 2 times a years,and i will be in guyana very soon,and i,am a girleyboy,
Azeez, Abdulabdul3951azeez@yahoo.com From: Meten Meer Zorg East,W.C.DLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Govt.Secondary,BSE ATC Port Mourant.
Azeez, Akbarmohamed.azeez@halliburton.com From: Bush Lot Village West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Dallas,Texas
Occupation: MachinistOther Information: B.E.I-1976 N.A.T.I 1978
Azeez, Ameenahjalah19@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Sales Rep.Other Information: I attended st Angles Primary and then went on to St Joesph High
Azeez, Bibibibi_canguy@yahoo.ca From: GeogetownLiving In: East York,Toronto
Occupation: MarketingOther Information: Looking for Shirool from Pike Street kItty,if you see this please e-mail me.Also looking for single friends in Toronto forty eigh years and older.
Azeez, Christopherchristopher946@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: studentOther Information: central high School
Azeez, Faiyazfaiyaza@sympatico.ca From: PouderoyenLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Attended West Dem.,Malgre Tout
Azeez, Fazilfazilazeez@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: Student Hugh Wooding Law School(final year)Other Information: Former G.M.G.B.C.
Azeez, Haseenahaseenaazeez@hotmail.com From: Bush Lot West Coast BerbiceLiving In: London
Occupation: Other Information: Bush Lot high School
Azeez, Inshaniazeez@aol.com From: Bush lot village w/coast BerbiceLiving In: Long Island,New York
Occupation: New York City TransitOther Information: Attend bush lot sec.NATI.please send an email if you remember me.
Azeez, Irshadsalah08@yahoo.com From: Meten Meer Zorg East,W.C.DLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Meten-Meer-Zorg Primary,St Rose's High School 1994-2000
Azeez, Manzoorcbgrprotge@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Los Angeles,California
Occupation: MechanicOther Information:
Azeez, Mohamedmqaj2001@yahoo.co.uk From: New Amsterdam B/ceLiving In: Triumph ECD
Occupation: AgronomistOther Information: NA Multilateral,GSA,UG
Azeez, Mohamedmetalmo_7@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: Machinist/FabricatorOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral 1976-1981
Azeez, Rafmanrafman.azeez@yahoo.com From: Mon ReposeLiving In: New Jersey,USA
Occupation: Other Information: Saint Stanislaus-1978 to 1982
Azeez, Shahidahshahidaha@yahoo.com From: Living In: Plaisance
Occupation: Student at the University of GuyanaOther Information: St.Angela's Primary,North Georgetown Secondary(1991-1996)
Azeez, Sulaimansulaiman03@aol.com From: Meten Meer ZorgLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Meten Meer Zorg Primary and Zeeburg Secondary(I left in 2001).If you know me please email me.
Azim, Abdool(Nicko)ncka4u@aol.com From: Meten-Meer-Zorg West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Queeen,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Looking for old friends and School mates.Drop me a few lines sometime.Peace!
Azimullah, Mustaphagra@revenuegy.org From: Vryheid's LustLiving In: Chateau Margot
Occupation: Other Information:
Aziz, Aafrozeafyaziz@gmail.com From: Fyrish VillageLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Business AnalysisOther Information: J.C.Chandisingh
Aziz, Abdul Naimtabi@sunbeach.net From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Building Contractor/BusinessmanOther Information: Leonora Secondary School,Bardados Cum Coll/U W I.
Aziz, AbdulAAZZII@aol.com From: Skeldon/New Amsterdam/GeorgetownLiving In: Long Island
Occupation: Networking/ElectricalOther Information: Skeldon Line Path/Berbice High School
Aziz, Ackbarpaziz@organicresource.com From: Cornelia Ida,Scheme.West Coast,DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: ShipperOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Aziz, Aminaaminaaziz50@yahoo.ca From: Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Parents from at Canal # 2.I previously lived in Vreed-en-Hoop.Feel free to write.I would like to correspond with my friends and relatives and even making new friends.
Aziz, Javidxx_gt.coolie.bai_xx@hotmail.com From: Cornelia IdaLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Student.Other Information:
Aziz, Nasiraziz12020@hotmail.com From: 35,La-Jalousie,West Coast,DemeraraLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information: Attend St.Judes Anglican,& Guyana Oriental College
Azwim, Abdulaazwim@outlook.com From: Blankenburg West Coast Demerera/Kitty G/townLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: School TeacherOther Information: Worked at Den Anstel Primary/Swarswat Primary/North West District-Imbotero-Venezuels Border(Headmaster)/Blankenburg Primary (St Judes) and Kitty (St. James the Less) G/G Georgetown.
azeez, jamaljazeez@netscape.com From: bush lot village west coast BerbiceLiving In: queens ny
Occupation: diagnostic medicineOther Information: bush lot secondary

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