B, Anandcyraxkilla3000@aol.com From: New YorkLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: k-12 Studenthttp://www.angelfire.com/ny4/cyraxkillaOther Information:
B, Chetramhelloalbion@yahoo.com From: AlbionLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Worked at Albion estate.(Personnel Dept.)
B, MartinaMartinaB07@yahoo.com From: Canfield Canjie BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Berbice Educational Institute (B.E.I) Years 1999 to 2003.Hope to get some info.from students who attend my year.
B, Michellemichelle_bpt@yahoo.com From: Demerara/Essequibo,GuyanaLiving In: Houston,TX,America
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary(W.C.D).I would love to hear from all you wonderful people.
B, NaliniNb46116n@Pace.edu From: L.B.I.,EcdLiving In: Woodhaven,NY
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: Attended LBI Primary Sch.in late 80's early 90's.Left Guyana in 1991.
Babb, Normanwoolery1@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: DisableOther Information: Came to Canada 1975 at the age 14 Years old
Babb, Notoyasguyanses@aol.com From: SupplyLiving In: New York
Occupation: Student in high schoolOther Information:
Babb, Yvetteeve_numerology@yahoo.ca From: KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Numerologisthttp://ca.geocities.com/eve_numerology/Other Information: I am looking Ivan Heinze or Hinds that work on boat and paints
Baboolal, Christaldevlusheyes@aol.com From: lusignan,ecdLiving In: queens ny
Occupation: studentOther Information: bladen hall multilateral School
Baboolal, JaysonJaysonBaboolal@aol.com From: Whim VillageLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,FL
Occupation: Administrator,U.S.Army ReserveOther Information: Auchlyne c of s School(Guyana),Westview High School(Toronto),York College(Queens,NY)
Baboolall, Howardhbaboolall@yahoo.ca From: Plantation Washington W.C.BerbiceLiving In: 84 Courcelette Road,Scarborough,Ont.Can
Occupation: Auditor-C C R A(Revenue Canada)Other Information: B E I N/A Berbice,Ryerson,York University
Babooram-Dindial, Nirvanivaness_ab@yahoo.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: Process AnalystOther Information: high School:zeeburg.member of Leonora hindu temple and it's youth organization.
Babooram, Kamaniesweetsuga@myguyana.ca From: # 73 Village CorentyneLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Babooram, Kamanielilgal25@hotmail.com From: Corentyne,#73 VillageLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I'm 18 and looking to chat with someone around my age.
Babulall, Dahrodahrodonovan@yahoo.com From: LeguanLiving In: London
Occupation: self employOther Information: Leguan Secondary School.
Babulall, Wimlajasma079@yahoo.com From: Capoey,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Amsterdam,Holland
Occupation: Assistant accountantOther Information: Attended Taymouth Manor Primary School 1983-1990 & ARMS from 1990-1995,worked at Region (RAU) in Anna Regina from 1996-1998
Baburam (now Berg), Anitaanita.berg@rocketmail.com From: OgleLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: own companyOther Information: Stella Maris Primary,St Joseph High
Baburam, MohanieGtangel2@cs.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Clifton Ave New Jersey
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Baburam, ShantaGtangel2@cs.com From: Williamsburg/BerbiceLiving In: Newark,New Jersey
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attend Rose Hall Primary then to Lower Corentyne High
Bacchus (Thomas), Peggypeggythonmas84@hotmail.com From: Bourda,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,N.Y.
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attened St.Roses',played Netball and Basketball for Panthers and Guyana teams.
Bacchus Pershad, Bibi Faziatwob4bibi@msn.com From: New-Road Charity Essequibo.Living In: Waterloo,Ontario,Canada.
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Looking for any old friends,who know's me.
Bacchus Romel, Iman sharazromelbacchus82@yahoo.com From: Meten-Meer-Zorg WestLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Stewartville Secondary-Worked at Uitvlugt Estate(Stores Clerk),Diamond DarulUloom,Part-time Enumerator(Ministry Of Finance)
Bacchus nee Fung, Rosalienerbacchus40@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Los Angeles,California,USA
Occupation: Writer and Freelance Virtual Assistanthttp://www.rosalienebacchus.comOther Information: St.Joseph's High School,University of Guyana
Bacchus/Sahid, Nashmoonnashmoon_bacchus@yahoo.com From: Canefield/Sheet Anchor/BerbiceLiving In: Sheet Anchor/Berbice
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: CPCE Pre-Service 1971-1973.anyone from that batch can contact me.anyone else feel free to do so too!!
Bacchus, Aleaabacchus04@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Stay at home wife and momOther Information: previously lived in Caracas,Venezuela
Bacchus, Aleenaaleena_khan87@yahoo.com From: Maria's DelightLiving In:
Occupation: Have own BusinessOther Information:
Bacchus, Ameerameer_bacchus@yahoo.com From: Fyrish/Cumberland/Sheet anchor Village.Living In: Sheet Anchor.Berbice,Guyana
Occupation: School TeacherOther Information:
Bacchus, Anniebabyboo2687@aol.com From: Parents from GuyanaLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: studentOther Information: high skool
Bacchus, Antoinette(Toni)tbacc@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Texas
Occupation: EngineerOther Information:
Bacchus, Arifarziba@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: long Island city
Occupation: pharmacy technicianOther Information: guy broadcasting corp.cari chemical,looking for rehana dhanpaul baldeo,chandrawattie and thani persaud,zubeeda ali,all persons from queenstown masjid
Bacchus, Arifarziba@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: newyork
Occupation: pharmacy technicianOther Information: christ church sec School.guyana broadcasting corp.caribbean chemicals.
Bacchus, Ashiraashirabacchus2001@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Grove
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Leonora Sec,hoping to meet friends(School year of 1988&89)
Bacchus, Bebe Nasheemnitelife2009z@gmail.com From: HampshireLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: BusinesswomanOther Information:
Bacchus, Brian T.QLuxuryrides001@aol.com From: StewartvilleLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Limousine ServiceOther Information:
Bacchus, Brianbbacc15653@aol.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Freeport,NY
Occupation: Mortgage BrokerOther Information: Lived in New Amsterdam until 1978
Bacchus, Carlos RyanFlyer162004@yahoo.com From: New Road vreed-en-hoop West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: West Demerara Secondary School
Bacchus, Carlos,Ryanflyer162002@yahoo.com From: Vreed-en-hoop west coast demeraraLiving In: Barbados,Guyana
Occupation: Student.Other Information: West Demerara Secondary School
Bacchus, Christinesmalls424@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Rose's High 91-95.I would love to get in touch with old friends!
Bacchus, Danita Gailbacchusd11@gmail.com From: LiliendaalLiving In: London
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary
Bacchus, DonnaDBACCHUS@rgv.rr.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Texas
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice High School 1975 Graduate
Bacchus, Ellenranellen@waitrose.com From: No 6 Bel Air,West Coast,BerbiceLiving In: London
Occupation: Other Information: Attended No8 Congregration School,West Coast Berbice
Bacchus, Fazaadfazbac@hotmail.com From: Cumberland\Sheet Anchor Village.Living In: Trinidad
Occupation: Manager,Life Insurance.Other Information: Live in Trinidad Since 85.
Bacchus, Fazalfazalbee@hotmail.com From: lima EssequiboLiving In: lima
Occupation: electronic technicanOther Information: taught at dartmouth,sparta,anna regina,golden fleece primary School 72-90
Bacchus, Fazeenafazia_nc@yahoo.com From: Sheet Anchor/BerbiceLiving In: Sheet Anchor/Berbice
Occupation: Teacherhttp://www.xanga.com/sweetfaziaOther Information: I attended the Cumberland Primary School,New Amsterdam Multilateral School,RVC Private School,presently in teacher's training at CPCE Rose Hall Center.Hoping to chat with old friends and make new ones too!!
Bacchus, Fazilfbacch52539@earthlink.net From: Edinburgh SchemeLiving In: New York/Orlando Florida
Occupation: Assistant EngineerOther Information: Taught at Overwinning Secondary School,Taught at Berbice High School and Technical Institute (Evening class)
Bacchus, Feaudwetwoent@hotmail.com From: Le RessouvienerLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Business ownerOther Information: helped to keep G.T.clean!!
Bacchus, Fionafifi2002_b@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Office Clerk/InsuranceOther Information: Attended Charlestown Sec./Computers studies etc.
Bacchus, Gavinbechboy_67@msn.com From: David st.Kitty Guy.Living In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Copy Tech.Other Information: I Attend Christ Church Secondary School just looking for old friends
Bacchus, Hafeezdhrinc008@gmail.com From: Canal #2 Polder West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Machine Builder for Paper and Plastics IndustryOther Information: Attended Endeavour Primary,Muslims Educational in Brickdam,Patentia Secondary,and Port Mourant Training College in Berbice."72 entry.
Bacchus, Hafeezdhr@on.aibn.com From: Canal#2 Polder,W.B.D.Living In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada.
Occupation: Other Information:
Bacchus, Haleemahalyashaque@hotmail.co.uk From: Glazier's Lust,MahaiconyLiving In: London,United Kingdom
Occupation: Other Information: Bygeval multilateral School between 1974 to 1978
Bacchus, Haleemahalyashaque@hotmail.co.k From: Glazier's Lust.MahaiconyLiving In: London,U.K
Occupation: Other Information: Mahaica Multilateral School
Bacchus, Imranscorpion1822@yahoo.com From: Edinburgh/Kitty/Prashad NagarLiving In: Mississauga/Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: N/A Multilatera/Studies-CAT/ACCA
Bacchus, Imranibacchus@hotmail.com From: Skeldon,BerbiceLiving In: Ottawa(Lived in Winnipeg for 17 years)Canada
Occupation: Senior Systems EngineerOther Information: Line Path Secondary School.
Bacchus, IndiraIndi2818@aol.com From: Edinburgh Village,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Berbice Educational Institue
Bacchus, Jamiljamilalea@msn.com From: Berbice,RosignolLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: self employedOther Information: Looking for old Friends
Bacchus, Jasminetemptress_jasmine@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Assistant AccountantOther Information: Central High School,Computer Training Centre,Accountancy Training Centre
Bacchus, Javedbacchusjaved@hotmail.com From: Subryanville,GTLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Johns College,City College,want to hook up with old friends
Bacchus, Kameelkbacchus@lexcominc.net From: Fyrish/Rose hallLiving In: Lexington,N.C
Occupation: Manufacturing eng.Other Information: lower corentyne,live in Newark n.j for 23 years
Bacchus, M.Jean (Harrison,Pereira)shamina820@yahoo.com From: 24 Austin St,CampbellvilleLiving In: Clearwater,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Attended St.Mary's RC,St.Joseph's HS,Irene Mayers Commercial School.Worked At Bookers Shipping,Guyana Industrial Holdings,Caricom,UNDP.
Bacchus, Marlynmarlynrandall1@gmail.com From: LiliendaalLiving In: England
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Attended Kitty High School and worked at St Joseph's Mercy Hospital.
Bacchus, Mary Annglamorousbaby9@hotmail.com From: East CoastLiving In: Better Hope
Occupation: Personal AssistantOther Information: Central High Scool,Computer Training Centre,Accountancy Training Centre
Bacchus, Maryannmaryannbacchus@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Personal AssistantOther Information:
Bacchus, Meerbacchusmeer@yahoo.com From: Stewartville,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: Obtained a BSc in Agriculture from the University Of Guyana.Last worked as the Director of the National Dairy Development Programme of the Ministry of Agriculture prior to migrating to the US in 2005
Bacchus, MichaelJims2309@aol.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: ClerkOther Information:
Bacchus, Mohamed (Saffee)blackmohamed@hotmail.com From: Pomeroon River RiverLiving In: Abbotsford British Columbia,Canada
Occupation: Food Service DirectorOther Information: Charity Gov.School/I would love to talk to any body from back home
Bacchus, Mohamed(Robin)directdad@hotmail.com From: La penitenceLiving In: Markham Ontario Canada
Occupation: Aircraft Mech.Other Information: Left Central High and Guyana in 1975
Bacchus, Nabelanbz1979@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: Miami,Fl
Occupation: RetailOther Information: Tutoral High School
Bacchus, NatashaTashaaB@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: NurseOther Information: St.Stanislaus
Bacchus, Nizammohamedb@csmd.edu From: GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Human ResourcesOther Information: Charlestown Government Secondary School
Bacchus, Pamelapamela.bacchus@phs.com From: De Kinderen Old Road,WCDLiving In: California
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Looking forward to hear from anyone who knows me.
Bacchus, Paulsquakee@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Atlanta
Occupation: Firefighterhttp://www.cobbfire.orgOther Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary,Kennesaw State University
Bacchus, Paulbacchus@candw.ag From: McKenzie,LindenLiving In: Parham Town,St.Peter's,Antigua
Occupation: AgriculturistOther Information: Worked at Guymine as Manager,Surapana Farm.Lectured part-time in Agricultural Science at McKenzie High and Wismar Multilateral School
Bacchus, Rrbacchus@rfintl.com From: WCDLiving In: USA
Occupation: Systems EngineerOther Information: Attended Stewartville,Secondary(class of 95)Taught at Zeeburg Secondary(97-99)
Bacchus, RabiahAhmad4001@aol.com From: Glazier's Lust,Mahaicony,E.C.DEMLiving In: Long Island
Occupation: Other Information: Bygeval Multilateral School Mahaica
Bacchus, Rafeenaderrida@Collegeclub.com From: East Coast,Guyana(Grove&Diamond)Living In: Toronto,Ontario&Halifax Nova Scotia
Occupation: Law StudentOther Information:
Bacchus, Raymondsbac2@altavista.com From: Uitvlugt Pasture,WCDLiving In: USA
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Uitvlugt Scots School
Bacchus, Razeenaraziepbkus@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Ajax,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Social Service WorkerOther Information: I would like to hear from friends/classs mates that went to Cotton Tree Village Primary School
Bacchus, Rehanarnbacchus@hotmail.com From: BarbadosLiving In: British Columbia,Canada
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: I really miss the west indian lifestyle,so just looking for people from the caribbean to talk to
Bacchus, Rehanariaanarahaman@yahoo.com From: KittyLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Guyana Progressive College
Bacchus, Rehanarrahaman@bellsouth.net From: KittyLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: attended Guyana Progressive College.
Bacchus, Rhondabeauty28_9@hotmail.com From: David Street KittyLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: ParalegalOther Information: North Georgetown Sec.School
Bacchus, Riadgte5ko@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: N.Y.C
Occupation: Just Finished High SchoolOther Information:
Bacchus, Riaz Iriazbacchus@aol.com From: Stewartville W.C.DLiving In: Queens,NYC
Occupation: ADCOther Information: Attended Stewartville Secondary And taught at Zeeburg Secondary
Bacchus, Riaz Irshadrrguide@earthlink.net From: Stewartville,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: NYC
Occupation: Systems EngineerOther Information: Attended Stewartville Secondary,Taught at Zeeburgh Secondary 98-2000
Bacchus, Riazribpc@earthlink.net From: Stewartville WCDLiving In:
Occupation: IT EngineerOther Information: Taught at ZSS 98-2000
Bacchus, Riazribpc@earthlink.net From: Stewartville WCDLiving In:
Occupation: IT Engineerhttp://www.ribpc.comOther Information: Attended Stewartville Secondary and taught at Zeeburgh Secondary 98-2000,Check my website out www.ribpc.com
Bacchus, Riazribpc@earthlink.net From: Stewartville,WCDLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Computer Engineerhttp://www.ribpc.comOther Information: Attended Stewartville Secondary (1990-1995).Taught at Zeeburgh Secondary (1997-1999).
Bacchus, Riazribpc@earthlink.net From: Stewartville,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Computer Engineerhttp://www.ribpc.comOther Information: Attended Stewartville Secondary (1990-1995),Taught at Zeeburg Secondary (1997-1999)
Bacchus, RogerJoshuaRB@hotmail.com From: Kitty GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Accounts Payable ClerkOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School,Emmanuel's Tabernacle Assembles of God Church,
Bacchus, Romel Imanromel_bacchus@yahoo.com From: Meten-Meer-Zorg WestLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Banking OfficerOther Information: Stewartville Secondary 1997/Ministry Of Finance Guyana & Uitvlugt Estate Stores
Bacchus, Ronaldxlnthair1@hotmail.com From: Lethem/KingstonLiving In: Little Guyana
Occupation: In the phone businessOther Information: St.Ignatius,St.Roses,MHS,Mabaruma High etc.Looking to rustle up any old cowgirls or cowboys from the savannah.Send me a smoke email ok,Double Wheel style!!
Bacchus, Rosemarierose_bacchus@yahoo.com From: Atlantic VilleLiving In: Utah
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Attended Central High School1996/Worked at NBIC &Demerara Bank
Bacchus, RoyBigroy84@hotmail.com From: Living In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Bacchus, Ryanryanbacchus1973@hotmail.com From: LethemLiving In: Kitty
Occupation: Sales RepresentativeOther Information: St.Ignatius,Lethem rupununi
Bacchus, Saeedsbacchus1@cfl.rr.com From: Stewartville West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Orlando Florida
Occupation: Self employedOther Information: Attended Guysuco Training School in Berbice
Bacchus, Safrazsafraz_bacchus@hotmail.com From: Wales west bank DemeraraLiving In: Egypt
Occupation: student in Alazhaar uni.Other Information: studied at patentia Secondary School,and i love having converation on politics and religion
Bacchus, Saleemareza59@hotmail.com From: BarticaLiving In: Markham On Canzda
Occupation: Dietary AideOther Information: Paper Man Daughter
Bacchus, Salimslmbacchus@hotmail.com From: Herstelling,East BAnk DemeraraLiving In: Canada
Occupation: IS AdministratorOther Information: Attend CGSS from 1985 to 1990
Bacchus, Samantha (Sam)bacchaespices@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Calgary,Alberta,Canada
Occupation: Business Ownerhttp://www.bacchaespices.comOther Information: St.Roses High.St.Mary's Primary
Bacchus, Sameeyahpooh14001@yahoo.com From: Railway Line KittyLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: North Georgetown Secondary
Bacchus, Sayeedsayed_bacchus@yahoo.com From: Affiance Essequibo coastLiving In: Minneapolis Minnesota USA
Occupation: Genaral ContractorOther Information: Affiance Primary,Moved in 1987
Bacchus, Shakirzareefa@live.com From: HampshireLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Justice of the Peace,Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits,Licence Marriage Officer,Peace CouncilorOther Information:
Bacchus, ShameenaShamnav143@hotmail.com From: Campbellville,G/TLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: WorkingOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Bacchus, Shameenasjmzan@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Financial ServicesOther Information: Christ Church S.S.
Bacchus, Shamzaad(shem,)shembacchus@yahoo.ca From: EssequiboLiving In: Winnipeg manitoba,canada.
Occupation: Other Information:
Bacchus, Shanazkisses146@hotmail.com From: Craig,East Bank Demerara.Living In: Pickering,Ontario Canada
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: Attended Christ Church Secondary School
Bacchus, Sharmilacarib_gyal@hotmail.com From: BarbadosLiving In: Vancouver,Canada
Occupation: Student to beOther Information: Well I am from the Barbados.and I really miss hearing ppl from the Caribbean,so if ya wanna shout yet another caribeanner far from home,gimme a holla =D
Bacchus, Shazaadshazbac@yahoo.com From: Cumberland\Sheet Anchor Village.Living In: Winnipeg Manitoba,Canada.
Occupation: Other Information:
Bacchus, Shazamsbac2@altavista.com From: Albion,BerbiceLiving In: Newark,NJ
Occupation: Network Eng.StudentOther Information: Compri.Sec.and University of Guyana.
Bacchus, Shazeenaslimtrim18@yahoo.com From: Sheet Anchor/BerbiceLiving In: Sheet Anchor/Berbice
Occupation: Revenue Officer/GRA/New Amsterdam Branch Officehttp://www.xanga.com/slimtrim18Other Information: I attended the Cumberland Primary School,New Amsterdam Multilateral School,RVC Private School,New Amsterdam Technical Institute.Hoping to chat with old friends and make new ones too!!
Bacchus, Shemshembacchus@yahoo.ca From: huis t dieren,essequibo coast.Living In: Winnipeg Manitoba,canada
Occupation: Chef/Day TraderOther Information:
Bacchus, Sheneezasheny2tony@msn.com From: Cotton Tree Village/w/c/b/Living In: New Jersey
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Rosignol secondary school
Bacchus, Shennoshonee28@yahoo.com From: Hampton Court,Essequibo CoastLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information:
Bacchus, ShereenHONEYB8_2000@yahoo.com From: Edinburgh Scheme,GuyanaLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Attended Edinburgh Primary.Left Guyana in 1989.
Bacchus, Shereensbacchus@sympatico.ca From: edinburghLiving In: Ontario,canada
Occupation: secretaryOther Information: went to edinburgh primary.Left Guyana in 89.
Bacchus, Sherida (Sherry)sheridasarjudas2001@yahoo.com From: Cumberland village/Sheet Anchor,Berbice.Living In: Winnipeg Manitoba,Canada
Occupation: Prep Cook,RestaurantOther Information: Cumberland school,74 to 84
Bacchus, Sherrysheridasarjudas@hotmail.com From: Cumberland/Sheet Anchor/Berbice.Living In: Winnipeg Manitoba,Canada.
Occupation: Prep Cook,Other Information: Went to Cumberland School from 75 to 85.Anyone know me drop a line please.
Bacchus, Shoneeza(Shenno)shonee28@yahoo.com From: Hampton Court,Essequibo CoastLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Like to meet all friends out there and families
Bacchus, SteveServiceman10@juno.com From: Anna Regina,Essequibo Coast,GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Attended ARMS on Essequibo Coast,and Indians in Georgetown.
Bacchus, Tahirtahirbacchus@yahoo.ca From: Edinburgh Scheme,East Bank BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Berbice Educational Institute.N.A
Bacchus, Tahirguyanesethug_life@hotmail.com From: EdinburhgLiving In: mississauga on
Occupation: Other Information: attend BEI,RVC privite school and Edinburgh primary
Bacchus, Zaitoonzaitoonshaffieullah@yahoo.ca From: Huist Dieren/Cumberland Village/Sheet AnchorLiving In: Winnipeg Manitoba,Canada
Occupation: Home Care.Other Information: Huist Dierent School.
Bacchus, Zareefazareefa_bacchus@yahoo.com From: HampshireLiving In: Hampshire
Occupation: StudentOther Information: J.C.Chanisingh Secondary,University of Guyana-Berbice CampusBacchus
Baccus, Safenazdiamond8990@optonline.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Central High
Bachai, Kamlakrb1450@yahoo.com From: Stewartville,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Queens,New York,USA
Occupation: Entitlement SpecialistOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary School(9/63-7/68)USAIDScholarship to study at Tuskegee,AL(8/71-12/72)worked with Ministry of Agriculture/Veterinary Division(New Amsterdam,Berbice&Central Agriculture Station ECD-1973-1981)
Bachan, Amitiaabachan1280@yahoo.com From: Portmourant/BBPLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Database/Network AdministratorOther Information: Attend Grover Cleveland HS/College Of Mount Saint Vincent in NY.
Bachan, Deniseladynaline26@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New Amsterdam,Berbice,Guyana
Occupation: Customer Rep.Other Information: Berbice High School/Trinity Street Primary
Bachu, Darmindarmin@bachulaw.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: Attorneyhttp://www.bachulaw.comOther Information: Hillcrest High School,Queens,NY
Bachu, Davindave@bachulaw.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: Claims Adjusterhttp://www.bachulawfirm.comOther Information:
Bachu, Indranieindy@kaliweb.com From: BerbiceLiving In: NY
Occupation: Internet Marketinghttp://www.kaliweb.comOther Information: HillCrest High School Queens NY
Bachu, Sharmelainfo@bachulawfirm.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: Attorneyhttp://www.bachulawfirm.comOther Information: Jamaica High School Queens,NY
Backer, Debradebrabacker@hotmail,com From: GuyanaLiving In: 55 David Street Kitty
Occupation: Personell ManagerOther Information: loves travelling and meeting people
Backer, DennisDeeceeback@aol.com From: Queenstown.GeorgetownLiving In: London England
Occupation: BuisnessmanOther Information: Moravian and central high
Backer, Kymkabacker@yahoo.com From: MeadowBrook GardensLiving In: New York
Occupation: WriterOther Information: St.Roses,Bishops
Backer, Ronaldpenewini2@msn.com From: KittyLiving In: Kitty
Occupation: RetiredOther Information:
Bactawar-Ishmael, Tabithatishmael418@gmail.com From: Alness Village,CorentyneLiving In: Washington,DC
Occupation: School DirectorOther Information: Taught at No.59 Gov't School & St.Mark's,Alness
Bactawar, Andre (Navin)bactawar06@yahoo.com From: 47 VillageLiving In:
Occupation: Meineke car care center shop 67 ownerOther Information: Bush Lot High School
Bactawar, Andre (Navin)bactawar06@yahoo.com From: Bush lot Farm/#47 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: West New York New Jersey 07093
Occupation: Meineke car care center shop 67 ownerhttp://www.meineke.net/shop67/Other Information: Central Corentyne Secondary School/89
Bactawar, AnnAnnieB1187@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot Farm/47 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Jersey City,N.J.US
Occupation: StudentOther Information: 47 Village Primary school &Dickinson High School
Bactawar, Basilbasilb555@shaw.ca From: Bush Lot Farm,CorentyneLiving In: Abbotsford,British Columbia,Canada
Occupation: Animal ScientistOther Information: Corentyne High School,University of the West Indies&University of Manitoba
Bactawar, Charlescharlesbactawar@btinternet.com From: Bush Lot Farm,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Hertfordshire,U.K
Occupation: PsychologistOther Information: Attended Corentyne High School(1965-70)
Bactawar, DianaDianamatt1@aol.com From: Port Mourant,corentyneLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne comprehensive
Bactawar, SamuelSamuelbactawar@yahoo.com From: Bush lot Farm/Monrepo ECDLiving In:
Occupation: Home DepotOther Information: JC Chandi High
Bactawar, ShantaChitrawat@aol.com From: 47 Village Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Jersey City,NJ US
Occupation: Teacher's AidOther Information: # 48 Government School
Bactawar, Stephenbactawar1970@yahoo.com From: Bush lot FarmLiving In:
Occupation: Pastor-Theology-Social workerOther Information: JC Chandi High
Bactowar, Roddyroddy9770@hotmail.com From: Albion,Diamond,EcclesLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice High School,N.A.M.S,REPAHA
Badai, Jaiosandybadai@yahoo.com From: Pouderoyen,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Texas
Occupation: SupervisiorOther Information: Vreedenhoop
Badal-Lowtan, Sunitasunitalowtan_2@hotmail.com From: Logwood,Enmore & Unity-MahaicaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Gibson Primary School
Badal, Jamenajema8100@yahoo.com From: Logwood,Enmore & Unity-MahaicaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Marketing & SalesOther Information: Richard Ishmael Sec.School
Badal, Jamenajema@hotmail.com From: Logwood,EnmoreLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Richard Ishmael Sec.School(1985-1990)
Badal, Sabrinasabrinagodess@hotmail.com From: logwood,enmore,Living In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: golden-grove Secondary School
Badal, Winstonmistagq@hotmail.com From: Logwood,EnmoreLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: went to Hope west School
Baderly, Yogitayogipede@yahoo.com From: Canje relianceLiving In: Canje relaince Guyana
Occupation: studentOther Information: university of guyana student
Badley, Bobbyerphotocopy@hotmail.com From: Brickdam GeogetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Kitty High School
Badley, Paulpaulbadley@hotmail.com From: Bel Air ParkLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: http://www.pablo-b.comOther Information: Central High School 91-95.
Badlu, Josephjbadlu@aol.com From: Canje,Berbice&GeorgetownLiving In: South Ozone Park,Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice High School(1954-1959)
Badlu, Richie&PanditRichieauto2000@aol.com From: Canal#2 PolderLiving In: New York City
Occupation: Mechanic,Feel free to ask any mechanical questionsOther Information: Kawall&Mc Gill Gov.Sec.School
Badree, Sashiz5004@hotmail.com From: Bengal Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Fort Lauderdale
Occupation: Other Information: Central Corentyne Secondary School
Badri, Gupchandgupbadri@hotmail.com From: Corentyne/BerbiceLiving In: Bloomfield,NJ
Occupation: Computer SupportOther Information: Known as Gumti
Badrie, Karrankgbadrie@rogers.com From: EdinburghLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: CNC ProgrammerOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral school
Badrie, Sombretatoxic_baby2006@yahoo.com From: KittyLiving In: 103 Thomas street Kitty,G/town GUYANA
Occupation: Other Information: F.E Pollard,North G/town Secondary
Badrinarine, Indera327@aol.com From: 48 Vill Cor/Ber and Gorden Table MahaiconyLiving In:
Occupation: E&S TruckingOther Information:
Badrudeen, Ferrofbadrudeen@aol.com From: Albion,GuyanaLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: stock traderOther Information: Love to keep in touch with old pals
Badrudeen, IntiazBADRUDEEN@aol.com From: #78 Village Berbice,CorentyneLiving In: Bronx,N.Y
Occupation: Other Information:
Badrudeen, Shabanaruffriderisback4@aol.com From: #78 Village correntyneLiving In: Richmond Hill Qnz NYC
Occupation: teacherOther Information:
Badunauth, Yugeshwarietwosweet200@yahoo.com From: CullenLiving In: Cullen
Occupation: Medical TechnologistOther Information: AbramszuilSecondary
Bagoo, Lagooteachaa@aol.com From: countryside,backdam VillageLiving In: sweden
Occupation: english language tutorOther Information: living in sweden,i really do miss a nice home cook curry.)
Bagot, Daviddbagot@sympatico.ca From: Letter KennyLiving In:
Occupation: Professional GolferOther Information: Winnipeg Bible College
Bagot, Fredrickafreddib@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: not workingOther Information: Christ Church High School
Bagwandin, Jenniferjenkhan56@gmail.com From: 66 Gordon Street KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: working for a pension companyOther Information: Iam looking for old friends,Paul Singh,has sisters name Rhonda Paula Sandra,father was working at Banks DIH.Cousins name Mario,Gina & Travana from Robb Street Bourda.If you know Paul please e-mail me
Bahab, Anishastargyal@hotmail.com From: Living In: kitchener,Ontario(Canada)
Occupation: Other Information: OAC
Bahadoorsingh (Bakraj) Singh, MahabirSingh.mahabir65@gmail.com From: No.60 Village CorentyneLiving In: Kissimmee,Florida
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Worked for the Guyana Defence Force.
Bahadur(Kuldip), Basmatieguyanesegurl3@hotmail.com From: #48 village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Montereal Quebec
Occupation: Store OwnerOther Information: I'm Married with three kids!!
Bahadur(Shepherd), Khemrajkhemraj.bahadur@donnaricco.com From: Patentia,Wales W.B.DLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Systems AdministratorOther Information: Patentia H/S Grad.1977.
Bahadur/Dhuman, Jaiwantie Vijay(Jaya)vijaya_jvb7@hotmail.com From: GarnettStreet,Newtown/Hugh Ghanie Park,CummingslodgeLiving In: Freeport,Bahamas
Occupation: teachingOther Information: Sacred Heart Primary School(81-87),Central High School(87-92),C.P.C.E(94-96)Taught at Graham's Hall Primary(96-01)
Bahadur, Annalisasassyanna21@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: JournalistOther Information: Berbice High School
Bahadur, Garybaha@kraa.como From: BerbiceLiving In: Mission Viejo,California
Occupation: Chief Information OfficerOther Information: Any Guyanese in SoCal?
Bahadur, Lakeramlakeram@yahoo.com From: No 2 Village,BerbiceLiving In: Baltimore,Maryland
Occupation: Verizon,EngineerOther Information: NA Multi.,U.G(B.Sc.Elec.Eng.),Johns Hopkins(M.Sc-Sys.Eng.)
Bahadur, PaulPasbahadur@msn.com From: Kitty/GeorgetownLiving In: Queens/New York
Occupation: Retail ManagerOther Information: Attended NGSS from '70-'75 BHS '75-'77.Would like to hear from friends.
Bahadur, Rajesh(berger)danika_maria@yahoo.ca From: patentia west bank demereraLiving In: canada(alberta)
Occupation: heavyduty techOther Information: wales community high (work in wales estate 93to95in the field workshop
Bahadur, Sunilbahadur_sunil@hotmail.com From: 47 villageLiving In:
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Bahadur, Tonybbfptb@telusplanet.net From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Calgary Alberta Canada
Occupation: President B&B Fluid Power Ltd.Other Information: attended Berbice High School-Class of '66
Bahadursingh, Balbirblbir.bahadursingh0@gmail.com From: RosignolLiving In: Niagara Falls and in Brampton,Ont.Canada
Occupation: Section ManagerOther Information: Port Mourant training Centre 1969,Owns Computer Online Education Business
Baichan(cakes/casa), romeyromeysomai@aol.com From: Bush lot farm corentyne BerbiceLiving In: bronx New York
Occupation: student lehman College bronxOther Information: central corentyne Secondary School(Bush lot corentyne)
Baichu, DebbieDeborah.baichu@rbc.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice High School
Baichu, Kamelakrazyrani223@aol.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: NEW YORK
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Malalie Sqaure
Baichulall, Sureshskbfly@juno.com From: LindenLiving In: Lakeland,Florida
Occupation: lineman for electric company(Lakeland Electric)Other Information:
Baijnath, BridgelallBaijna7@aol.com From: OgleLiving In: Queens
Occupation: MangerOther Information: Cumming lodge Secondary School
Baijnath, Davedavepainting23@aol.com From: Pike Street,KittyLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Campberville High School--1981 to 1986
Baijnath, Shellym_baijnath@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Bloomington,MN
Occupation: Claims ExaminerOther Information:
Baijnauth, AnnimikaAnnbaijnauth@aol.com From: Haslington,EnmoreLiving In: Jersey City,NJ
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: St.Rose's High 88-93
Baijnauth, Balkrishn(Deo)bjbaij@rogers.com From: No.72 Village,CorentyneLiving In: Brampton,Ont.
Occupation: Production Management(Pharmaceuticals)Other Information: Tagore High School 76-81,QC 81-83.Former Customs Officer.Attended Seneca College,York University
Baijnauth, Dianand Davo (Raju)dbaijnauth@dignityhealth.org From: Zeeburg-Uitvlugt-Leonora-WCDLiving In: Merced California
Occupation: Clinical Laboratory ScientistOther Information: Lived in Zeeburg Old Road 64-74.Leonora Primary School 69-74.William Howard Taft HS Bronx NY 75-77.US Air Force 79-83.
Baijnauth, KrishendattKrishna743@hotmail.com From: Uitvlugt/ZeeburgLiving In: Dayton,Ohio
Occupation: Retired Airforce/Emergency MedicineOther Information: Zeeburg High Sch 1968-1973.Queens College 73-74.Airforce 1977-2000
Baijnauth, Seeta MSeetabaijnauth@aol.com From: Haslington,EnmoreLiving In: Jersey City.NJ
Occupation: Shipping ClerkOther Information: Enmore Gov't School 69-73
Baijnauth, Silendrabigdanny702@aol.com From: haslington,EnmoreLiving In: Jersey city,nj
Occupation: stock analystOther Information: annandale Secondary 89-93.Graduated from New Jersey city unversity
Baiju, Vijay(winkie)jay132L@aol.com From: enmoreLiving In: ozone park,ny
Occupation: SchoolOther Information: hindu College '94,Graduated from richmond hill high in 2000
Bailey, Carolcoolscents@hotmail.com From: North East La PenitenceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: ManagerOther Information:
Bailey, Edwardebailey_jr50@yahoo.com From: New Road,Vreed-en-Hoop,W.B.Dem.Living In: Georgetown,
Occupation: Supervisor-Roraima Airways Inc.@C.J.I.A.C.Other Information: Attended W.D.G.S.S.:served in G.P.F.:also worked at G.S.R.L
Bailey, Errolstri5rabit@yahoo.com From: Mackenzie LindenLiving In: Toledo Ohio
Occupation: Interstate TruckerOther Information: Guymine Trade School and H.E.E.D workshop Guymine
Bailey, GavinAsani1893@msn.com From: WortmanvilleLiving In: Brentwood,NY
Occupation: Manager,Financial institutionOther Information:
Bailey, Georgegcbaileyiii@hotmail.com From: Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Systems Analysthttp://www.gcmstrategic.comOther Information: After "A" Levels at Queens College,worked in Life Insurance and IT
Bailey, Indiindib2000@aol.com From: Miss Phoebe,Port MourantLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Lower Corentyne HS Left in 82.(Father-Peter Bailey,Mom-Babe)
Bailey, Jacquelinejbailey013@aol.com From: Festival CityLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Other Information:
Bailey, LindenLindenbailey22@yahoo.com From: Festival City North RuimveldtLiving In: New York
Occupation: WelderOther Information: Tucville Prim.A.E.A G.T.I.& Omai Gold Mines Ltd.
Bailey, Petrenagtpetrena@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: Tennessee
Occupation: BankingOther Information: I attended Mackenzie High School and left Guyana for the U.S in 1990.I was Petrena Saunders back then.I am hoping to reconnect with some former classmates.
Bailey, ShermPetsherm@yahoo.com From: Wisroc/LLindenLiving In: TN/USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Multi/Trade School/Heed Workshop/E Montgomery Workshop
Bain, Maxinemax38@earthlink.net From: Enmore/Haslington E.C.D-Diamond-Republic Park E.B.DLiving In: Lake Balboa Ca
Occupation: Acctg/Finance AnalystOther Information: Bladenhall Mullt.E.C.D-Covent Garden E.B.D.
Bain, Vanessa Marciamarciabain22@msn.com From: Lived in Republic Park/Diamond Estate&EnmoreLiving In: Fontana,California
Occupation: Managecare RepOther Information: Attended Covent Garden High School
Baird-Cato, Annpat_cato@yahoo.com From: Buxton East Coast/Silvertown East CoastLiving In: Silvertown,Linden
Occupation: Secretary,LinmineOther Information: Friendship Govt.School East Coast
Baird-Gomes, Michellen_regret@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended:Berbice Educational Institute/Berbice High School
Baird, Abrahambairdab@msn.com From: Goed Fortuin-West Bank Demerara,GuyanaLiving In: New Jersey,United States
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: West Demerara Secondary 1971-1977,University of Guyana 1981-1982,1989-1992
Baird, Chantalnemesis59@hotmail.com From: Victoria,E.C.DLiving In: Ohio
Occupation: Student,Assoc.ManagerOther Information: Looking 4 old friends&new penpals,all are welcome to respond
Baird, Clairmontcbaird5940@aol.com From: New Amsterdam/Geogetown.Living In: Satellite Tv Retailor.
Occupation: Pres/Baird Connuniacations Inc.www.bairdsat.comOther Information: N.A.T.I./G.T.I.Guyana.
Baird, Colincolin_baird@comcast.net From: Eve Leary,Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Washington,DC
Occupation: IT ConsultantOther Information: Cambridge Academy,IETC,Howard University,American University.
Baird, Dennisdbairdlaw@aol.com From: Eve Leary,Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Silver Spring,Maryland
Occupation: Attorney at LawOther Information: St.Ambrose,Cambridge Academy,Howard University Law(Immigration,Personal Injuries,Domestic Relations,Wills Estates and Probates)
Baird, Leoniedprime1@tstt.net.tt From: Triumph Village,Beterverwagting,ECDLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: Food Service OwnerOther Information: North Riumveldt Multilateral/North Georgetown/St.Mary's R.C.Brickdam
Baird, Marvamarvaamorris@yahoo.com From: Smythfield/New AmsterdamLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Baird, Michaelnkhama@msn.com From: Georgetown/Linden/BerbiceLiving In: California
Occupation: Eduation SpecialistOther Information: Wismar Govt.Secondary/Christ Church Sec/Festival City Secondary.
Baird, Michelletabeta78@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended:Berbice Educational Institute/Berbice High School
Baird, Reuben Lancelotbenbaird85@hotmail.com From: 41 Buxton Middle Walk ECD GuyanaLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Tiler ContractorOther Information: Bladen Hall Secondary School.
Bajrangi Premdas, Gaindagenprem@yahoo.com From: No.79 Village,Cortentyne BerbiceLiving In: S.W.Florida
Occupation: Reservation ConsultantOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Govt School 1963 to 1967
Bajrangi, RajendrRajinnb@hotmail.com From: Skeldon 79 BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: Business ownerOther Information:
Baker, Beverley(Corlette)bev_eva@hotmail.com From: Manchester Village,Corentyne.Guyana.Living In: Whim Compound,Corentyne B/ce.
Occupation: Lecturer IOther Information: Attended Berbice High,New Amsterdam Multi,CPCE N/A,Nursery School Teacher 1979 Whim Nursery,University of Guyana 1993-1997
Baker, Celesteveronica2211@yahoo.co.uk From: B.VLiving In: London
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary School
Baker, Paulpauljoeb@hotmail.com From: Mandeville JamaicaLiving In: Australia
Occupation: Local GovernmentOther Information: Looking for Zarina Singh(Briscieno)now living with her sister Sarah in Birmingham UK.
Baker, Victorvbaker.blb84@primerica.com From: North Cummingsburg(Rico shop)Living In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Personal Financial AnalystOther Information: Stella Maris Bishop's High School
Bakja Health Movement, bakja_h_m@hotmail.com From: 32/33Dr Miller st Triumph Village E C DLiving In: 32/33 Dr Miller stTriumph Village E C D
Occupation: Alternative and Preventative MedicineOther Information: Internatinal Senior Citizens Holistic Care and Convalescent Service Health Therapy For all Group and Individual Therapy Sessions Physical and Fitness Sessions Alternative Medical Treatment for Various Ailments Phytotherapy(plants)Psychotherapy
Bakker, Colvinbackercj@networksgy.com From: GuyanaLiving In: GT
Occupation: Senior Customer REP.Other Information:
Bakridan, Mohamed Talimfaria_feb@hotmail.com From: Windsor Forest West Coast Demerara GuyanaLiving In: Ajax,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Auto Repairs and Moto-CycleOther Information: Lenora Government Technical Institute GTI
Baksh (Anwar), Subhansbaksh1976@hotmail.com From: CummingslodgeLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Auto Body Shop OwnerOther Information: Grames Hall Primary
Baksh (Yasin), RallyRallyyasin@comcast.net From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: I.E.T.C.1970-1975
Baksh(nee Narine), Fareedafnarine@hotmail.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Richmond Hill
Occupation: Para-LegalOther Information: Attended St.Roses.Looking for old and new friends.Single.
Baksh-Barran, Shawbaazchippy@sprint.ca From: Zorg-en-VlygtLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Fisher Primary and JC Community High.
Baksh-Khan, Sherry-Sherizainfo@babaloosco.com From: Dewilliem-Public RoadLiving In: Winter Haven-Florida
Occupation: Business Owner & MOM !http://www.babaloosco.comOther Information: Baba Goldsmiths Granddaugher.If that really matters.
Baksh/Terry, ZaheerBaksh72@yahoo.ca From: Dundee MahaiconyLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Sales/MarketingOther Information: Attend Mahaicony Secondary School/Teacher.Worked at Letter 'T' Estates Limited.Searching for old friends.
Baksh/salim, Gailgail_salim@yahoo.com From: Canefield,BerbiceLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: pro.techOther Information: attended Reliance primary and Belvedere secondary in 67
Baksh, Aadilrubdubinc@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/EssequiboLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.drunkendeities.comOther Information: Queens college 91-97.
Baksh, Aleemaleem.Baksh@aegoncanada.ca From: Canal No.2 Polder,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Kawall Primary(1979-1985),Central High(1985-1990),West Demerara Secondary(1990-1991),Computer Training Centre(1991-1993)
Baksh, Aleemabaksh@moneyconcepts.ca From: Canal No.2 PolderLiving In: Mississaug,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Kawall Primary 1979-1985,Central High School 1985-1990,West Demerara Secondary 1990-1991
Baksh, Anishaanishabaksh@yahoo.com From: Eccles E.B.D.Living In: In Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary
Baksh, Annie Bibi Shaneezaannie2070@hotmail.com From: ECD AnnandaleLiving In: The Netherlands,Rotterdam
Occupation: studentOther Information: Attended Annandale Primary School
Baksh, Annieannie2070@hotmail.com From: AnnandaleLiving In: The Netherlands
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Einstein Lyceum
Baksh, Bibi S.BBBaksh@aol.com From: Stewartville W.C.D.GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: salesOther Information: Attended Leonora Gov't School and Red Cross in Anna Catharina.
Baksh, Bibi ShaneezaShaneeeza@hotmail.com From: GRove East Bank&QueenZTown.Living In: New Brunswick,NJ
Occupation: Help Desk Tech.Other Information: I attended St.Gabriels's in QueenzTown,if anyone recognizes me,drop me a line.
Baksh, Deonauth ShavinSbaksh011@gmail.com From: Meten meer zorgLiving In: New York
Occupation: A/c technicianOther Information: Attend Zeeburg secondary school looking for old friends
Baksh, Emraankarteremb@aol.com From: Vryman's Erven,New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Data programmerOther Information: Berbice High School,like to contact old friends
Baksh, Faneezafanzah2002@yahoo.com From: Canal #2Polder WBDLiving In: Brampton Ontario Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Kawall Primary St Rose's Carneige School of Home Economics
Baksh, Farah Dibabakshfarah@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Clinical Research ManagerOther Information: St.Agnes&BHS
Baksh, FareidaFarah180@live.com From: AlbouystownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information: Attended Charlestown Secondary School 1972-1978. Don't mind connecting with students during this time frame who were in the same age 10-15 years old
Baksh, Faridarurohoman@rogers.com From: Rosignol/KittyLiving In: Brampton Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Scarder Prep.in New Amsterdam/Guyana Progressive in Kitty/North Georgetown/The Secretarial School.Looking for old friends
Baksh, Farzanazanab1000@hotmail.com From: Goed Fortuin,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Grad Student@Pace UniversityOther Information:
Baksh, Farzanazanab1000@hotmail.com From: Goed Fortuin,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Bronx,New York,USA
Occupation: Student Biology at SJUOther Information:
Baksh, Fawwazfbaksh@bigfoot.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.jafab.comOther Information: Queens College in Guyana class of '92 to '97.Now Queens College in N.Y.
Baksh, Fazeilacliquer03@yahoo.com From: georgetownLiving In: florida
Occupation: medical technologistOther Information: looking for any of my family members who lives here in the USA contact me at my contact e-mail.
Baksh, Fazilfazilb@yahoo.com From: HagueLiving In: Reading,U.K
Occupation: http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~snr99mfbOther Information: Queen's College,Saint Stanislaus College
Baksh, Fazlurfazlurb@aol.com From: Anns GroveLiving In: North Bethesda,MD
Occupation: CSROther Information: Bethesda Chevy Chase
Baksh, Fizoolfiz4homes@aol.com From: Lusignan,ECDLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Realtor/Consultant,Ambit Energyhttp://www.fizoolbaksh.comOther Information: Annandale Secondary [1977-1981],Founding Member-Democratic Labour Movement,DLM & Currently a Realtor w/C21 Ahmad Realty,INC
Baksh, Haleemabh_baksh@hotmail.com From: Cornelia Ida,W.C.D.Living In: Alberta
Occupation: InsuranceOther Information:
Baksh, Haroonmbaksh@sympatico.ca From: Cornelia IdaLiving In: Scarborough Ont,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg school
Baksh, Imranemo4ever2000@yahoo.com From: Blairmont/BerbiceLiving In: Blairmont
Occupation: fitter machinist guysucoOther Information: guysuco training center
Baksh, Imranron_baksh@yahoo.com From: Mon repos East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Rotterdam
Occupation: Project BuyerOther Information:
Baksh, Imrani.baksh@talk21.com From: Vreed-en Hoop,W.C.D.Living In: London,UK.
Occupation: Broadband Telephone TechnicianOther Information: Attend West Demerara Secondary.
Baksh, ImtiazBaksh2366@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: Clermont,Florida
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Indian Education Trust College
Baksh, Iqbaliqbal.baksh@century21.com From: Lusignan E.C.DLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Realtorhttp://www.allorlandohomes.comOther Information: Annandale Secondary..1983--1988..taught there,,Worked at GTM Ins.then migrated to US in 1992.Currently lived and worked in Orlando as a Dedicated Realtor.Looking to be connected to All West Indian to help with the American Dream.
Baksh, JaleelMjbaksh@aol.com From: Canal #1 Polder,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Toledo,Ohio
Occupation: ProfessionalOther Information: Seeking my school friends from Patentia Seconday School
Baksh, Jameeljameelmfy3@yahoo.com From: TuschenLiving In: NY
Occupation: MachinistOther Information: Studies@Zeeburg Secondary,G.T.I,G.T.C.P/M
Baksh, Jenniferbaksh72@yahoo.ca From: L.B.ILiving In: Scarborough,Ont
Occupation: Pharmacist AssistantOther Information:
Baksh, Kalamadeentasmks@aol.com From: Sans Souci WakenaamLiving In: New York
Occupation: StonepolisherOther Information:
Baksh, Kayumekayumeb@yahoo.com From: Rose HallLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: LawyerOther Information: Eversham,Auchlyne,RoseHall (60s),Enterprise,Prashad Nagar.Would like to get in touch with Nadia Amina Ali of Kitty Progressive (K.P.) evening classes around 1969 living on Bissessar Ave.
Baksh, Mohamed H.rani@theedge.ca From: Cornelia Ida,W.C.DLiving In: Yellowknife,NT.Canada
Occupation: Electronics TechologistOther Information: Central High School
Baksh, Mohamed shahabmbaksh3070@aol.com From: Essequibo coast(lima)Living In: usa
Occupation: printingOther Information: anna regina community high77-80
Baksh, Mohamedmbaksh@usw.ca From: ClonbrookLiving In: Ajax
Occupation: Staff RepresentativeOther Information: attended IETC from 67 to 74
Baksh, Mohamedmabaksh@meritconstructors.com From: Hague Front,W.C.DemeraraLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Contractorhttp://www.meritconstructors.comOther Information: Queen's College,University of Guyana
Baksh, Mohamedgrowwithinfo@gmail.com From: LusignanLiving In: Pickering ON
Occupation: Business information researcherOther Information: Attended Lusignan Public School,did leather work in Guyana,Then Migrated to Canada 1983.Started a trucking business.Loves to research business information on systems that works in third world countries,now started a research company for business information,selling information.I am searching for Jim who borrowed some buttons from me and told me his father has a button factory,he is from Annandale,on the east coast.Jim would be around 55 years old now.
Baksh, Nazcoolygirl69@hotmail.com From: Cane Grove East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Relationship Support SpecialistOther Information:
Baksh, Nazeemnazeembaksh2006@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: CoordinatorOther Information: Corentyne Heigh School.
Baksh, Nazeemnbaksh@versatel.nl From: Mon Repos,AnnandaleLiving In:
Occupation: Supervisor at ExxonmobilOther Information: Attended Mon Repos Government School & Beter Verwagting Community High,worked as a joiner-carpenter,migrated in 1988 to Rotterdam
Baksh, NizamBakshn@wyeth.com From: zeeburgLiving In: Teaneck.New Jersey.U.S.A.
Occupation: ScientistOther Information: From Zeeburg,Attended Zeeburg 1968-74,Taught Math,Science,Literature and English 1975-1979,Taught Math at Stewartville 1980-82.
Baksh, Nyeemnyeem_baksh@rapidoutput.com From: Nigg,AlbionLiving In: Jamaica,Queens
Occupation: Other Information: Lower Corentyne Secondary School
Baksh, Rayrbaksh@canada.com From: Canal No.2-West bank DemeraraLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Kawall
Baksh, Reshaudrbaksh@shaw.ca From: Middlesex,EssequiboLiving In: Vancouver
Occupation: PrinterOther Information:
Baksh, Sabrinasriches@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Utah
Occupation: Other Information:
Baksh, Saleembakshs@related.com From: Canal #2,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Help Desk SupportOther Information: St.Stanislaus College "88-"93.Hope to get in contact with old friends.
Baksh, Saleemasallybaksh@yahoo.com From: Albertown,GeorgetownLiving In: Caracas,Venezuela
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Central High School,Georgetown
Baksh, SamantaFairy8448@Yahoo.com From: Sheet Anchor Village,Berbice.Living In: Lakeland,FL.
Occupation: Other Information: Canje Secoundary School from1992-1996 right next tocanje bridge.
Baksh, Shameensbaksh@related.com From: Tuschen,East Bank EssequiboLiving In: New York
Occupation: Network AdministratorOther Information: Always looking to catch up with old friends and make new ones.
Baksh, Sharazsharaz99@yahoo.com From: Port Mourant,BerbiceLiving In: Boston,MA
Occupation: Other Information: J.C.Chandisingh Secondary
Baksh, Shareezashareezab@yahoo.com From: Albion/BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: B.E.I
Baksh, Shayamshayambaksh@yahoo.com From: Albion Estate Compound,Corentyne.BerbiceLiving In: Albion Estste
Occupation: Accounts ClerkOther Information: Attended Berbice High School,Government Technical Institute,University of guyana.
Baksh, Sherisasbaksh73@gmail.com From: De-William #85Living In: Brampton-Ontario
Occupation: Executive Assisstant/ControllerOther Information: Went to School in Ontario J.A Turner
Baksh, Sorayasyab66@yahoo.ca From: Waterloo Street GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Research AnalystOther Information: St.Agnes,St.Johns and Bishops High
Baksh, Wazirabu_ruqaiyah@maktoob.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Annandale,Guyana
Occupation: Administrator 7 TrainerOther Information: Corentyne High School(1973-78)NATI(1978-79)University of Guyana(1991-95)BA in History Like to communicate with friends and batch mates at CHS,NATI and UG)
Baksh, Yunusraybaksh@yahoo.com From: Lima,EssequiboLiving In: Old Bridge New Jersey
Occupation: Computer EngineerOther Information: Attended Anna Regina High School 72-78
Baksh, Zulfiqarzlfbakh1@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Civil ServantOther Information: Christ Church-left 76,St Ambrose
Baksh, Zulfiqarzlfbakh1@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Tax AuditorOther Information: Christ Church,St Ambrose
Baksh, wazimwaz7319@aol.com From: Lima/Danielstown Essequibo coastLiving In: Phila USA
Occupation: machenicOther Information: arms 84-89
Balack, Ganeshgbalack@hotmail.com From: LeonoraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Information TechnologyOther Information: I attended Stewartville Sec School 1981.
Balasar, Amandagtco0li3gyal@hotmail.com From: Mon Repos East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Bronx New York
Occupation: Other Information: Herbert Lehman High School
Balasar, Ananduditbalasar@cs.com From: Mon ReposLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attend Harry S.Truman High School
Balbachan/Deonarine, AshaKamla2223@aol.com From: # 48 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Richmond Hill,New York
Occupation: Dispatcher,JFK AirportOther Information: I attended New Amsterdam Multilateral in 1978-1980 and Central Corentyne Secondary in 1980-1982.I would like to meet friends and teachers from that time especially Mr Moniram Charitar and Anand Boodram
Balchand, LaioLaio@sympatico.ca From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: http://www.hindunet.com/Other Information:
Balchand, Raviklexus2@msn.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: Jersey City,New Jersey.
Occupation: Studenthttp://mysite.verizon.net/vze1xnd0/index.htmlOther Information: student of SKELDON LINE PATH Secondary(1997-2002)
Balchand, Ryanhbalchand@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: OraclePi DBA/LAN Administrator/Web DeveloperOther Information: CEO-RKB Systems,Inc.
Balcharan, Shivanishiv125@yahoo.com From: Better HopeLiving In: Better Hope
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Former Student of ae's schools,now a law student at the University of Guyana
Baldeo(Singh), Shantidora.dbscreative@verizon.net From: Affiance,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Wakefield Estates,NY
Occupation: Operations ManagerOther Information: Anna Regina Seconday/Multilateral
Baldeo, Durgodbaldeo@hotmail.com From: Kastev(Meten-meer-zorgLiving In: London,England
Occupation: School TeacherOther Information: Taught at Wales and Leonora.son-Gary and daughter Shanita.I am originally from Good Hope Canal no.1 and my grand father was Lalajee.I would like to keep in touch with my fellow Guyanese but would love to make contact a special friend--Radika.
Baldeo, Ianian_baldeo@hotmail.com From: Better HopeLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Central High School 85-89,Pegasus hotel accounts dept,vikings cricket club
Baldeo, RyanRangeela52@cs.com From: Chateau MargotLiving In: Florida
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information:
Baldeo, RyanRangeela52@bellsouth.net From: Chateau MargotLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.duttyflex.comOther Information: Good Web Site
Baldeo, Timothyastefg@aol.com From: Vryheid's Lust E.C.DLiving In: Minnesota.U.S.A
Occupation: Service Tech.Other Information: Attened North Georgetown/Apex Education Sec.School
Baldeo, Ushaushagold@hotmail.com From: ocean viewLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Leonora Secondary
Baldie, Kennardkennardbaldie@yahoo.com From: 90 Newtown Enmore E C D GuyanaLiving In: 63 Station Street Kitty,Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Senoir Custom OfficerOther Information: Enmore Hope West primary and Queen's College
Balgobin (Shaffie), Bibi (Zai)bibizn58@hotmail.com From: Henrietta,EssequiboLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Anna Regina Multi 76,UG 90
Balgobin, Adrian&Fayeh(nee Stroom)AFBalgobin@yahoo.com From: Georgetown(Adrian-Roxanne Burnham&Fayeh-Durban St.W/Rust)Living In: New York,USA
Occupation: Husband,wife,parentsOther Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary School(Adrian 86-91&Fayeh 88-91)
Balgobin, Chandrapaulpaul.jaijairam@ssmb.com From: Nigg Settlement/BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Financial ControllerOther Information: I went to Belvedere Primary and Lower Corentyne High S.(1976 to 1980).I left Guyana in 1982 and hoping to hear from anyone that knows me.thanks
Balgobin, Gregorybaldhedd@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: General ManagerOther Information: St.Thomas Moore Primary,Smith's Congregational Primary,St.Stanislaus College '72 to '77
Balgobin, Jacquelinejbalgobin@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: calgary,alberta
Occupation: Student/bankerOther Information:
Balgobin, Karrankarranbalgobin@hotmail.com From: Fyrish Road-WilliamsburgLiving In: Tortola-British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Manager-Ample HamperOther Information: Cropper Primary 60-68/Berbice Educational Institute 68-72/Rose Hall Scots 72-78/Port Mourant Community High 78-86/Cyril Potter's College 75-77
Balgobin, MakeshaKesha4eva@hotmail.com From: WilliamsburgLiving In: Boston,Massachusetts
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information: Guyana.home sweet home=)
Balgobin, Rajendradurrairosiena@aol.com From: CanadaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Cell LeaderOther Information:
Balgobin, Rupchan (Rupert/Stew)rupertb@hotmail.com From: No 52 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Facilities Manager,Conair Corp,Woodbridge.Other Information: Attended Tagore Memorial 1970-1973,UG 1975-1981,Worked at GPC,Tortola,St Martin & Anguilla
Balgobin, Rupertrupertb@hotmail.com From: No 52 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Quality Systems/Facilities ManagerOther Information: Tagore 70-73,UG 76-81 (Elect Eng)
Balgobin, Tejwattie(a.k.a Sharda)tejwattie1@hotmail.com From: Belvedere,CorentyneLiving In: Boston
Occupation: Freshman in CollegeOther Information: Attended Belvedere Big School.At present:studying computer engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology,Boston.
Balgobin, Tejwattietejwattie1@hotmail.com From: Belvedere,BerbiceLiving In: Boston,U.S.A
Occupation: Student in CollegeOther Information: Wentworth Institute of Technology
Baliram, Vanessanaderia00@yahoo.com From: Canal#2 PolderLiving In: Jamaica,New York
Occupation: Telecommunicationshttp://flavaurgem.homestead.com/conseco.htmlOther Information: All my family in Canada etc.please e-mail me.This is Kaddibai Granddaugher.
Baliram, Vanessanaderia00@yahoo.com From: Canal#2Living In: Queens
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Kawal Nursery,Mulo Geijersvlijt,Fort Hamiliton,New York City Technical College.
Baliram, Vanessaxebabe619@aol.com From: West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: TelecommunicationsOther Information: I am looking for Richie in Connecticut.We met at the Grove Public Road a few years back.Please email me.
Baljit (Mahein), Mahendramahendrabaljit@yahoo.com From: No.59 Village Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: Quality Control InspectorOther Information: Attended/Tagore Secondary 1982/1985
Baljit, Mahendramahendrabaljit@yahooo.com From: No,59 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Operation SupervisorOther Information: Tagore Memorial High School
Baljit, Pollyebaljit@gmail.com From: LusignanLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attented Lusignan primary and Annandale secondary.
Balkaran Singh, sandrasbalkaran_2@hotmail.com From: Third Street,Alexander Village,G/T GuyanaLiving In: Jamaica,Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information:
Balkaran, Deo (Navin)navin.balkaran@rogers.com From: Lamaha Street,KittyLiving In: Markham,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: IT DirectorOther Information: Attended Rama Krishna Primary,Cummings Lodge Secondary and Richard Ishmael Secondary Schools.Left Guyana in 1982.
Balkaran, Hardihardi_balkaran@yahoo.com From: Bush LotLiving In: Kissimmee,Floida
Occupation: Realtor/Mortgage Broker/Respiratory TherapistOther Information: John Adams H.S.,Married to Kish Munjal-Balkaran,Daughters:Karina & Savina
Balkaran, Jaijaibalkaran@verizon.net From: Greenwich Park,East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Manager,Maintenance Work ShopOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary.Graduate June,1978.Need to form a small group of former Zeeburg School students to help the students attending there with a better education and environment.
Balkaran, John Dereckrbalkaran@sprint.ca From: Grove Village,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Queens,USA
Occupation: Fraud Prevention Managerhttp://rbalkaran@sprint.caOther Information: Central High School
Balkaran, Nicholasrambalkaran@rogers.com From: Grove Public Road,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Pickering,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Frenchman's Bay Public School,Pickering,Ontario
Balkaran, Pooranpooranb@rogers.com From: Mahaicony/KittyLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: PrintingOther Information: Attended Mahaicony Secondary and GTI
Balkaran, Raywattiesabrina4u_16@yahoo.com From: ZeelugtLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: I attended Zeelugt Primary School,Zeeburg Secondary School,Saraswatie Vidya Niketan.
Balkaran, Shivashivay3k@yahoo.com From: Kitty GT and Onderneeming Esq.Living In: USA,Virgninia
Occupation: Senior Staff AccountantOther Information: Bishops' High School
Balkaran, Shivnauthcyril_balkaran@yahoo.com From: 16,Seaforth Street,Campbellville.GeorgetownLiving In: Trinidad and Tobago
Occupation: Medical DoctorOther Information: Campbellville Government School.Attended Guiana Oriental College (1960-1964) Taught at Muslim Ed Trust in brickdam 1964-1966.Taught at the Maha Sabha Sec School,Lamaha street,Georgetown 1966-1969.Left Guyana in 1969 for India to pursue medical studies.Returned in 1976,and resided in Trinidad since.
Balkaran, Taffanytaffany@guyanaca.com From: Living In: Houston,TX
Occupation: UnderGraduate StudentOther Information:
Balkaran, Yonnettetnst48@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/agricloa VillageLiving In: united state of america
Occupation: fashion designerOther Information: i amlooking for frank benjamin/highSchool teacher-was teaching at houston community High School
Balkarran James, Dollyd_balkarran@yahoo.com From: Burma Road,MahaiconyLiving In: New York
Occupation: Personal AssistantOther Information: Attended Novar Primary and Mahaicony Secondary.Would like to keep in touch with schoolmates and other friends from Mahaicony.
Balkarran(nee Sookraj), Romaroma_balkarran@yahoo.com From: Albion,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: FinancialOther Information: Attended Cropper Primary School and JC Chandisingh H.S.Attended Jersey City State College in NJ
Balkarran, ChristopherCbalkarran@yahoo.com From: Alexander Village,GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Manufacturing/Engineering TechnicianOther Information: Richard Ishmel Secondary/W.C Bryant HS of NY
Balkarran, Mitranandmitra.balkarran@shocktech.com From: Kitty/Campbellville GeorgetownLiving In: Dunellen,New Jersey
Occupation: Test EngineerOther Information:
Balkissoon, Indranie (Dolly)indranier@hotmail.com From: Industry Housing Scheme - First Street ECdLiving In: Florida
Occupation: AdministrativeOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary. Victoria Commercial. Worked at Ministry of Interior. Mohan Prashad
Balkissoon, Letitialbalkissoon@sympatico.ca From: Georgetown,Camp/Lamaha sts.Living In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Data Entry OperatorOther Information: Sacred heart R.C.School/St.joseph high-1976-1982.Searching for Ray Anthony Gomes of Regent/light sts.Brother of elvis,mario,christopher,Andy.
Balkissoon, Letitialetitia004@rogers.com From: Georgetown-Camp/Lamaha sts.Living In: Scarborough,Ontario(TORONTO)
Occupation: Data EntryOther Information: Attended St.Joseph's High 1977-1982
Balkissoon, Letitialetitia.s.@295.ca From: SkeldonLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Real EstateOther Information: St.Joseph's High schaal
Balkrisin, Markmarkymark1983@hotmail.com From: Rosignol VillageLiving In: Danbury CT
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Rosignol Primary School
Balkrisin, Markmarkymark158@hotmail.com From: Rosignol villageLiving In: Bronx NY
Occupation: studentOther Information: looking for friends from Rosignol primary&secondary school
Balkrisin, Taramatie(Shamo&Sharmila)tpersaud@theriverton.com From: RosignolLiving In: New York
Occupation: Asst.General ManagerOther Information: Rosignol Secondary School 82-87 Rosignol Commercial and New Amsterdam Computer Insitiute left Guyana in 91 looking for my old friends and anyone who wish to write
Balkumar, Anielabalkumar@aol.com From: CanefieldLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Computer TechOther Information: Went to Brooklyn Tech Skidmore College.Proud of Chanderpaul and Sarwan.In ten years Guyana will regain its former glory.count on it!!!
Ballee, Nerrizanerri69hotmail.com From: corrivertonLiving In: USA
Occupation: Other Information: line path Secondary,youngest daughter of Farouk Ballee
Ballee, ZullyZaleenad@yahoo.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: S.L.P.S.S.-left Guyana 1990,daughter of Farouk and Nesha Ballee,granddaughter of Haji Ballee
Ballee, shellizaShelliza@yahoo.com From: corrivertonLiving In: USA
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Line path Secondary,daughter of Farouk Ballee,marry to Moulana Roshan
Balli, KoshalKOSHAL.N.BALLI@DELTA.COM From: WalesLiving In: Ft Lauderdale
Occupation: Other Information: Patientia secondary
Ballmick, Chandrekachandreka.p.ballmick@ca.abb.com From: No.73 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Project ManagerOther Information: Will be happy to correspond with anyone who might know me from UG,Guysuco,High School(Line Path Gov't Sec.)or my hometown.Formerly Shift Manager with Guysuco.Worked at Skeldon,LBI,Albion and Rose Hall Estates.
Balmick(nee Jailall), Indira(Radha)indira34@hotmail.com From: Unity VillageLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Data EntryOther Information: Attended Gibson Primary,Mahaica Bygeval and Cove and John
Balmick, Doodnauthzevage@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: ny
Occupation: Other Information: Christ Church Secondary,'78-'81
Balraj-Bagot, Preya(Vishwani)preyabagot@yahoo.com From: #78 Corriverton,Berbice.Living In: Brampton,Ont.
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path Secondary School.I would love to hear from classmates and friends.
Balraj, Nandramnbalraj@hotmail.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Bellerose,NY
Occupation: Financial AdvisorOther Information: Comprehensive High School,1975-78.Baruch College 1982-86
Balraj, Prakashpbalraj@bellnet.ca From: No.52 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario.Canada
Occupation: Financial AdvisorOther Information: SLPGSS 1969-1975,UG 1977-1982,BHS 1982-1985,TPL 1985-1990,AINLIM 1990-1993
Balram/Gill, Diancollect@networksgy.com From: Vreed-en hoopLiving In: Veed-en-hoop
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: West Demerara Secondary School
Balram, Annannbalram@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Florida
Occupation: NurseOther Information: I attended NAMS 92-98 & School of nursing would like 2 meet old friends.
Balram, Narine Dattdbalram_2000@yahoo.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: G/town
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Line Path Secondary/Kuru Kuru College/
Balram, Preyapreya19@guyanaca.com From: BerbiceLiving In: USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended B.H.S From 94-97
Balram, Shaliniamritab_1013@hotmail.com From: New Road,Essequibo Coast,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Charity Secondary,1998-2003
Balram, Sunilsunilbalram@hotmail.com From: Friendship East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Canada,Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: St.Joseph High 92-97
Balram, SurendraSuren104@yahoo.com From: CrabWoodCreekLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Adminstrative CoordinatorOther Information: Looking for classmates and friends.Attended Line Path Secondary from 92-97
Balramsingh, Bola(Rum-Mouth)bbsingh@ula.net From: Bush LotLiving In: Denmark
Occupation: BartenderOther Information: looking for other guyanese in this part of the world.)
Balroop/Baksh, Bibi Tbibitaslema@peoplepc.com From: HAGUE FRONT,WCDLiving In: NEW YORK CITY,USA
Balroop, Drupattiedrubalroop@hotmail.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Enterprise,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: School TeacherOther Information: Attended Abram Zuil Secondary,Cyril Potter College of Education,University of Guyana
Balroop, Drupattiedrubalroop@hotmail.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Enterprise,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: School TeacherOther Information: Attended Abram Zuil Secondary,Cyril Potter College of Education,University of Guyana
Balroop, RoseyDa_R0se@yahoo.com From: #64 VillageLiving In: The Big Apple
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Tagore from 1984 to 1989 Classmates drop me a few lines if anyone is around.
Balrup, Savikasavika21@hotmail.com From: enmoreLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Annandale Secondary ECD>
Bamfield, Donnadonniabuie@yahoo.com From: Laing AvenueLiving In: Charlotte,North Carolina
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: Attended St.Pius Primary School
Banarsee, Rev.Dr.Harold E.Pastorfcog@optonline.net From: Queenstown Village,Essequibo Coast,GuyanaLiving In: Freeport,Long Island,New York
Occupation: Clergy/Senior Pastor,Freeport Church of God,580 Babylon Turnpike,Freeport,N.Y 11520Other Information: St.Bartholomew's Anglican,Southern California School of Ministry,Masters School of Divinity,New York Theological Seminary,N.Y State Chaplaincy Task Force Chaplain,PMI Leadership Institute Graduate,Doctor of Divinity Graduate.
Bandhu, Adrianabandhu@hotmail.com From: Pilot St,New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Newmarket,Suffolk,UK
Occupation: Master Sergeant US Air ForceOther Information: Attended Scarder,Novar Gov't Secondary,New Amsterdam Multilateral 75-81,NATI 86-88,Ex-Corporal 13125
Bandhu, Adrianabandhu@hotmail.com From: Pilot St,New AmsterdamLiving In: Hawaii
Occupation: US Air ForceOther Information: Attended Scarder,Novar Gov't,Mission Chapel School,N/A Multilateral,& NATI
Bandhu, SimlaSimla Bandhu@cs.com From: Windsor Forest,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Lead TellerOther Information: Attended Stewartville Secondary,Graduated in '95.Any friends out there? Email me and I will reply you.
Bangaree-Motie, Lelalelamotie@yahoo.com From: Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Attended Central High School from 1975-1979
Bangaree, JoanJoanbangaree@msn.com From: Regent Street,GeorgetownLiving In: Bloomfield,New Jersey
Occupation: Telecommunication OperatorOther Information:
Bangari, AnilAnil_108@hotmail.com From: Port maurant BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Sundar popo all da way
Bangari, Kharrankbangari@yahoo.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Boston,MASS
Occupation: Tuition Planner@Gibbs CollegeOther Information: Son of Dato and Wallea.I enjoy this website because it brings back memory of Guyana
Bankay, Jamesjbankay@gmail.com From: LBI Staff CompoundLiving In: Roswell GA
Occupation: Other Information: Central High 66 to 70
Bankay, Jamesjbankay@bellsouth.net From: LBILiving In: Atlanta,GA
Occupation: Sr Manager Technical SupportOther Information: Central High School 66-70
Bankay, Jimmyj_persau@bellsouth.net From: L.B.I.Senior Staff CompoundLiving In: Roswell,Georgia.USA
Occupation: EngineeringOther Information: Attended Central High School 66-70
Bankay, Shanta(Maronie Persaud)s7136@earthlink.net From: LBI EstateLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: MarketingOther Information: St.Joseph High from 1970 to 1973-Rama Krishna prior to 1970
Banner(Sohan), Yolanda(Menawattie)bannery@yahoo.com From: River View R/veldtLiving In: Tampa Florida
Occupation: Executive AssistantOther Information: Attended Brickdham Secondary School looking for old pals
Banner, Yolandabannery@yahoo.com From: Riverview R/veldt Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: Brandon Fl
Occupation: Executive AdminOther Information: Looking for old friends,I attending Dolphin & Brickdam High School,trying to connect to my GT friends
Bannister, Basilbasil.bannister@pa.ngb.army.mil From: CorrivertonLiving In: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Military RecruiterOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary School
Bansi, Pamiepbansi@whopper.com From: La Jalousie WCDLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Financial AnalystOther Information: Central High School
Bansi, Ryanryanbansi@yahoo.com From: Canal#1,WBDLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens,NY
Occupation: IT ManagerOther Information: Two Brothers,Mc Gill,St Josept's,GTI,La Guardia CC,Baruch,
Bansie, Abigailabansie@yahoo.com From: Cummings Lodge,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary
Bansie, Abigailabansie@hotmail.com From: Cummings lodge G/townLiving In: scarbrough Canada
Occupation: studentOther Information: I attended cummings lodge Secondary.would like 4 my guyanese friends to mail me.
Baptiste, Rondelragb_mrnice@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Antigua and Barbuda
Occupation: Power Plant TechnicanOther Information: Charlestown Secondary School
Baptiste, Winstonwinston.baptiste@bt.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: Data Integrity OfficerOther Information: I attended Tutorial High School,
Barakat Khan, Sheranazmk17@hotmail.com From: Charity Pomeroon,Devonshire Castle,Dredge Creek,Lima,-Essequibo,& Kitty,GTLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Alumni of Dredge Creek Primary,Charity Primary,Rama Khrisna,Community High,King's College,Indian Dancing Cultural Center,
Barakat-Misir, Shakela Sharonssmisir@rogers.com From: Georgetown/EssequiboLiving In: Toronto/Canada
Occupation: Claims AdministratorOther Information: Attendend Anna Regina Multi./Bladen Hall Multi
Barakat, Iandrunkenbuck@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Dry Cleaning ManagerOther Information: Attended Richard Ishmael Secondary.Anyone of my friends out there can drop me a line
Barakat, Rafiarafia87@hotmail.com From: Anna ReginaLiving In: Florida
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information:
Barakat, Rehana.Mrehanna_barakat@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Midland,Texas
Occupation: Child CareOther Information: St.Margaret's Primary,Christ Church Secondary & University Of Guyana
Barakat, Rizwaanrizb13@hotmail.com From: Mainstay,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Anna Regina Primary,President's College 1997-2000,
Barakat, SafeenaMiaB75@aol.com From: Pomeroon River/Henrietta/GTLiving In: Long Is.,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Attended ARMS-85-90,UG-Would love to hear from old friends and anyone from Esseq.
Barakat, Sofia F.frosy_e1@yahoo.com From: Essequibo Coast,GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Student at A.R.M.S(1989-1995),Abrams Zuil Secondary(1996),Teacher at A.R.M.S.(1996-1998),Clico Insurance & N.I.S.A/R
Baran, Krishnakrishnabaran@hotmail.com From: Alexander Street KittyLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Auto Collision Repair TechnicianOther Information: Richard Ishmeal Secondary.Live On Alexander Street Owners Of Baran's Parlour
Barbeito, CamilleCameo123@rogers.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Attened Central High School
Barbeito, Derekderekbarbeito@hotmail.com From: Kitty,Greater GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Manager-Mortgage BankingOther Information: Attended Central High.Left Guyana in Feb.,1978.
Barclay Subryan, Carmencsubryan@howard.edu From: LindenLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Faculty memberOther Information: Mackenzie High School
Barclay, Hollishb1298@hotmail.com From: Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,FL
Occupation: Graduate StudentOther Information: Attended Berbice High School,and Bishops High School
Barclay, Masiewyc_pet23@yahoo.com From: lodgeLiving In: guyana
Occupation: supervisorOther Information: christ church and UG
Bardswell, DesireeDesire_ab@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Christ Church Secondary,University of Guyana
Bardswell, Waydewb_law@mailcity.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: St.Kitts
Occupation: Attorney-at-Law,Law LecturerOther Information: Durban Street Primary,Central High School-1983-1988,University of Guyana,Hugh Wooding Law School(Trinidad)
Bardswell, Waydewaydebardswell@hotmail.com From: Lodge,Werk-en-Rust,Bel Air Park,Republic ParkLiving In: Cayman Islands
Occupation: LawyerOther Information: University of Guyana,Left Guyana 2001
Barid-Cato, Annpat_cato@yahoo.com From: Silvertown,Wismar,Linden,GuyanaLiving In: Silvertown,Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: Work at Linmine
Barkatoola-Hassan, Sarahjewelry19@hotmail.com From: ESSEQUIBO COASTLiving In: Connecticut,USA
Occupation: SalesOther Information: Looking for anyone who was taught by Yvonne Teeka in Huist Dieren.She has has brain surgery and is not doing too great so I would like to set up some kind of fund for her.Please call me at 860-243-9514.Thank you
Barkatullah, Naeemanaeema44@hotmail.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: Graduated from Charlestown Secondary 1974,used to reside on Princess Street,looking for a former classmate Sita Jukhu,if anyone has any info please email me.Thank you
Barkatullah, Naeemanaeema44@hotmail.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: Graduated from Charlestown Secondary 1974,used to reside on Princess Street,looking for a former classmate Sita Jukhu,if anyone has any info please email me.Thank you
Barker-Loncke, Rubenabrowneye57@hotmail.com From: Lodge,GeorgetownLiving In: Wappingers Falls,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Alleyn's High '83-84,St.Joseph's High 84-88
Barker-Lyte, Orsonoosafo31@aol.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: Wismar christianburg multilateral/kuru kuru coop.college
Barker-Lyte, Orsonoosafo31@aol.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: Wismar christianburg multilateral/kuru kuru coop.college
Barker-Symister, Rhondarhondasymister@yahoo.com From: Christianburgh/Silvertown-LindenLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: ManagerOther Information:
Barker, Anahkatamaraabarker@hotmail.com From: 56aDurban StreetLodgeLiving In: Maryland USA 301-516-2440
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Alleyne High School.Class of 98'
Barker, AnansaGdfbarker@aol.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Atlanta,GA
Occupation: Graphic Designer StudentOther Information: I went to Rose Hall Primary School/Lake Side High School/Shiloh High School
Barker, Anansaanansa41@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Snellville,GA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Rose Hall Primary
Barker, Christopheroseiayinde@netscape.net From: Shirley Field ridley SqaureLiving In: Miami
Occupation: Network AdministratorOther Information: Saint Joseph High(1988-1993)
Barker, Garygarybarker70@hotmail.com From: Eccles E.B.DLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Muslims Trust College
Barker, GodfreyGodfreybrk@cs.com From: Linden/McDoom/St LuciaLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Chemical OperatorOther Information: Seeking friends from Guyana any kind
Barker, Mikembarker@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: BC Canada
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Taught at Indians 1966-1968
Barker, Simonesimone_barker2001@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Arcadia,East Bank Demerara
Occupation: Store KeeperOther Information:
Barkley/Wharton, Cutiscurtis_wharton2002@yahoo.com From: south RuimveldtLiving In: south Ruimveldt
Occupation: technicanOther Information: east Ruimveldt Secondary,gti
Barkoy, Aleciaabarkoy@hotmail.com From: Mocha Arcadia Village,EBDLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Scan Technician/File ClerkOther Information: Charlestown Sce.High School
Barnes-Gittens, Merlenemcdoug99@aol.com From: New Amsterdam BerbiceLiving In: Jersey City New Jersey
Occupation: Assistant Vice PresidentOther Information: All Saints Scott School
Barnes, Jocelynjhbarnes76@aol.com From: Living In: Atlanta
Occupation: AccountantOther Information:
Barnhill, Susan Wongisabella212003@yahoo.com From: Hubu-ParikaLiving In: Raleigh North Carolina
Occupation: Web Designer/Self EmployedOther Information: Leonora Secondary School (92-97),Teacher-St.Lawrence Nursery.Friends from LSS-Davin,Molly,Patricia,Debbie,Vanessa,Ajit-Email me.
Barnwell, Brianbrian.barnwell@ntlworld.com From: charlestownLiving In: East London Uk
Occupation: Senior Technican for BTOther Information:
Barnwell, Caryl(Barney)cbarnwell@chilitech.com From: KittyLiving In: USA
Occupation: Business Ownerhttp://www.chilitech.comOther Information: QC "68 to "71 Classroom 4C
Barnwell, Jasonjason@barnwell.tk From: LindenLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Web Designer & Software Developerhttp://www.jasonbarnwell.netOther Information: Attended McKenzie High School and obtained a BSc. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Guyana
Barnwell, Nicolenicolebarnwell@hotmail.com From: Georgetown-Belair SpringsLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Purchasing ManagerOther Information: North G/T High School
Barnwell, Orinomkb1959@yahoo.com From: Pike Street,KittyLiving In: Richmond Hill,Linden
Occupation: Mining EngineerOther Information: Attended Queen's College 1970-1978,Petrosani University in Romania,Teacher at North Georgetown Secondary 1978-1979,worked with Linden bauxite company from 1987 to present (Guymine,Linmine,Omai Bauxite,Bosai)
Baromasi, RobinRobbie2000@Tech.com From: Port Mourant Corentyne Berbice GuyanaLiving In: North Miami Beach Miami Florida 33162
Occupation: Telecommunication TechnicianOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School 1977-1982
Baron, AvaE010171@aol.com From: Buxton(Front)E.C.DLiving In: Germantown,Maryland
Occupation: Banker/StudentOther Information: Bladen Hall Multi.(left in '88)
Barran, Annieanniegosai@hotmail.com From: New Street Cumberland Village, East Canje BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Branch Manager for Financial ServicesOther Information: I am from Berbice, Guyana. I have attend Cumberland Methodist School from 1962 and finish BEI in 1972
Barran, Chriscbarran@rogers.com From: Johanna Cecilia,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Toronto,North York
Occupation: Building OperatorOther Information: Attend A.R.M.S 84 to87 will like to hear from fellow class mates or friends.
Barran, Geraldgerrybarran@yahoo.ca From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Real Estate BrokerOther Information: Berbice High School Tel.905 881 8886
Barran, Kennardkennard_b@hotmail.com From: Albion,Sea Well,Berbice & J.C,E/bo.Living In: Toronto
Occupation: selfOther Information: Attended Albion,Bohemia & B.E.I,Berbice
Barran, Maureenqueenmlvb@yahoo.ca From: Johanna Ceceilia,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: I attended ARMS 89-90 and then moved to AZSS 90-94-looking to reunite with classmates and friends.
Barran, Normanormamedd@btinternet.com From: Sea WellLiving In: Durham,UK
Occupation: Senior LecturerOther Information: Overwinning Gov't and the Berbice High School
Barran, Telacktelackb@hotmail.com From: Cumberland Village,Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: General ManagerOther Information: Attended Berbice High School and new Amsterdam Multilateral.
Barratt/Pickett, Kieronkieronb3@yahoo.com From: Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Equity Trader/Stock Brokerhttp://www.heavensradicals.comOther Information: Attended Central High School/84-87/Kingston Primary/Known as "Short Man" or Pickett/inNY attented Erasmus HS 87-91
Barratt, Bryanbmbarratt@hotmail.com From: Rosignol,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Berbice High,GTC-PM,UG
Barratt, LindenBarratt@aol.com From: NewTown Kitty/CharlestownLiving In: Eastorange NewJersey USA
Occupation: 4th ward fourth District LeaderOther Information: St Mary's Primary/Lodge Community High/GTI
Barrington, Malcolmmsbinter@aol.com From: McKenzie and GeorgetownLiving In: Ajax,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Attended St.Stephen's Primary 1968-1971 St.Stanislaus College 1971-1976.University of East London,England(BA HONS)University of East London,England(MBA)
Barron, Desraydabtony@hotmail.com From: EssiquiboLiving In: Paramaribo,Suriname
Occupation: PC TechnicianOther Information:
Barron, Ginatonyclaire@supanet.com From: Thornes Drive,GeorgetownLiving In: N.Devon,England
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Convent of the Good Shepherd/St Roses
Barrow(Nichols), Patricenich4669@bellsouth.net From: Oronoque Street BourdaLiving In: Atlanta Georgia
Occupation: Senior Technical Associate(AT&T)Other Information: St.Joseph's H.S
Barrow, DeniseDB627BOND@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: USA
Occupation: Film Production CoordinatorOther Information: Went to Central High School
Barrow, Donalddon_barrow@msn.com From: Kitty/BourdaLiving In: Beltsville,MD
Occupation: IT ProfessionalOther Information: Indian Education Trust College
Barrow, Dustanniironlion5@hotmail.com From: Linden&GeorgetownLiving In: California,USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Went to The Bishops' High School,School of the Nations and Mae's Secondary School(The Best Secondary School)
Barrow, Karlenebabygirl1004us@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Linden
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Mackenzie High School 1994-2001,University of Guyana
Barrow, Markorlanbarro@yahoo.com From: Grove,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Anguilla
Occupation: PharmacistOther Information: Covent Secondary,E B D Georgetown School of Nursing University of Guyana
Barrow, Winstonwinsbarr@hotmail.com From: Burma,Mahaicony,E C DLiving In: Montreal,Canada and Stamford,C T
Occupation: Healthcare ProfessionalOther Information: went to Augsburg Govt school,Burma,St Judes Anglican in Lichfield village then Novar High school in Novar,Mahaicony
Barry.(General), ClaytonFREEBLAZE@aol.com From: from Georgetown,(Durban St.represent ya.)Living In: boogie down BX&BROOKLYN aka.Crooklyn
Occupation: STUDENT(seaton hall University)Other Information: eh yo shout out to ST.gabriels Primary and ST.johns College,and to all my peeps on barrac street kingston.
Barry/Bartrum, Lucilleanne Ccoreenbarry@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam(Stanleytown)/Norton Street/Guyhoc GardensLiving In: Middlesex England
Occupation: Retired Nurse/RSWOther Information: 1st:St ThomasMoore(Durban Street)2nd:Tutorial High/3rd:Bovells Secretarial.Trying to find Adrian Mc Ray who lived in Guyhoc Gardens with his mum and sister.The imigrated to England and we all lost touch with the family.
Barry/Layne, Cheryl Anastasiacherylbl@msn.com From: New AmesterdamLiving In: West Ruimveldt,
Occupation: Police Woman sgtOther Information: St.Thomas Moore[Durban Street]2nd Dolphin Community High School[Broad,Smyth Streets]3rd Bovells Secretarial Typing School.
Barry, Latoyasweetonika@yahoo.com From: guyana/LindenLiving In: canada
Occupation: studentOther Information: christianburg wismar Secondary School
Barry, Lucilleanne Ccoreen@abarry38.fsnet.co.uk From: New Amsterdam(Standleytown/Lad Lane)/Georgetown(Norton Street/Guyhoc Gardens)Living In: London,England
Occupation: RSW/Retired Mental NurseOther Information: St Thomas Moore/Tutorial High/Bovells Secretarial
Bart, Joantranquil152002@yahoo.com From: Vergenoegen/Republic Park,GeorgetownLiving In: New Jersey,USA
Occupation: Associate Manager-FinanceOther Information: Bishops High School '68-'75 Reading University,England '80 Rutgers University(GSM),New Jersey '97.Say hello if we met along the way !
Bart, Michaelmikeyeb@aol.com From: VergenoegenLiving In: London,Ontario
Occupation: Environmental EngineerOther Information: St.Stanislaus College '68-'73,Queens College "73-75,McGill University '76-'80
Bartholomew, JoyannBashment19@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: College StudentOther Information:
Bartley, Rhondacarameld@bellsouth.net From: East RuimveldtLiving In: Nashville,TN
Occupation: Software ImplementationOther Information: Also known as Rhonda Jack
Barton, CarltonBartoncc@netzero.net From: 317 East st G/townLiving In: Fayetteville NC
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: just hoping to find some of the East st Cricket Crew
Barton, Colinbarton_colin@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Tallahassee,Florida
Occupation: Program SpecialistOther Information: Tutorial
Basant Jairam, Tulsieprosernet@aol.com From: Gangaram,CanjeLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: I attend Canje Secondary and I worked for GUYSUCO from 1992-1998.I immigrated to the United States in 1999.
Basant, Dipnarinedipbasant@hotmail.com From: Bloomfied Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Heavy Duty Mechanic/InspectorOther Information: Attend National High School,Worked in the city of Georgetown,We were the owner of our own Business in Corentyne well known Picket Man.I was the dealer for Soda,Rum and Cigarette.Also was the owner of Mini Bus,Private Car so i was a popular guy back home,i was better known as Dada Grant.
Basant, Lakraj Buddylakraj62@optonline.net From: ProvidenceLiving In: Bx,New York
Occupation: Marine MechanicOther Information: St.Thereas's,Peter's Hall
Basant, NatolyaLuckynat@optonline.net From: LeonoraLiving In: In the Bronx
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Leonora Secondary high School
Basant, Shameer(Raymond)Ganese22@aol.com From: Blankenburg,Hague Back and Canal#1Living In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Photolab TechnicianOther Information: I attended Blankenburg Primary,Stewartville Secondary and I worked at the High Court.
Basant, Sunilbasantfamily@yahoo.com From: Living In: Minneapolis,MN
Occupation: Service ManagerOther Information:
Basanta, Keshjbasanta@hotmail.com From: Edinburgh,#46 Village,Korthberaadt VillLiving In: So.Ozone Park,NY
Occupation: Accounts Rep.Other Information: TagoreHigh,Friends Primary
Bascom/Tomlin, Roxannebrew238@aol.com From: Tucville/South RumveldtLiving In: Miami Florida
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Central high School/hoping to hear from friends
Bascom, HemanHeman@comcast.net From: Letterkenny,BerbiceLiving In: Jersey City
Occupation: DriverOther Information: Just looking for old friends,back home.
Bascom, Henrickseafield41@hotmail.com From: Seafield West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Computer OperatorOther Information: Used to work for the Guyana Post Office Co-operation
Bascom, Leylandpatley@rogers.com From: Linden/Pouderoyen,W.B.D.Living In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Plant/Mang/t.Tech./Safety ConsultantOther Information: ST.Aidans,Wismar.Govt.Tech.Inst.1964-1967
Bascom, Sandrasweetlvs2000@yahoo.com From: SoesdykeLiving In: New Jersey,U.S.A
Occupation: ReceptionOther Information: Live by the sawmill across from the highway
Basdeo (Roopayswar), Robinarobinabasdeo@bellsouth.net From: New Amsterdam (Basdeo Sawmill) Next to N/A StellingLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Residential Property AppraiserOther Information: Went to Berbice High.Class of 84.Looking for long lost Old friends.
Basdeo, Asthmeasthme_basdeo@hotmail.com From: Barr St.Kitty GeorgetownLiving In: Scarborough ON.Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Rama Krishna Primary,Campbellville Secondary,I would however love to get in contact with all my old friends.
Basdeo, Charchand (Ken)edm48_ca@yahoo.ca From: Bush Lot Village West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Surrey BC.Canada
Occupation: Newspaper Journeyman PressmanOther Information:
Basdeo, Deansuper_dean@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam.BerbiceLiving In: Montreal.Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Basdeo, Deorajakash27@aol.com From: Dundee,MahaiconyLiving In: Richmond Hill
Occupation: FedexOther Information: Attended Mahaicony Sec.School,Lehman College
Basdeo, Derekderekremax@yahoo.com From: Albion Front BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/InvestorOther Information: Bohemia #19,National High School.Cropper govt.
Basdeo, Derekd_basdeo45@yahoo.com From: AlbionLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Real Estate BrokerOther Information: attended bohemia gov't School/cropper gov't School/national high School/york college
Basdeo, Joannjoannbasdeo@hotmail.com From: Goed FortuinLiving In: New York
Occupation: Sr.Collateral AnalystOther Information: West Demerara Secondary School/Maiden Name Paul
Basdeo, JoyceJoycebasdeo@yahoo.com From: Leonora,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: CashierOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary
Basdeo, LalitaLalita718@hotmail.com From: Dundee,MahaiconyLiving In: Yonkers,NY
Occupation: Medical BillerOther Information:
Basdeo, Michellemichell_basdeo@hotmail.com From: Mahaica,unityLiving In: mississauga,canada
Occupation: Data entryOther Information: cove&john secondary&computer training center
Basdeo, Michellemichell_basdeo@hotmail.com From: unity mahaicaLiving In: canada
Occupation: office AdministrationOther Information: attend cove &John secondayr School and computer training college
Basdeo, Michellemichell_basdeo@hotmail.com From: unity mahaicaLiving In: mississauga,canada
Occupation: office administrationOther Information: cove&john secondary school&ctc
Basdeo, Nadiranadiranunez@comcast.net From: New Amsterdam next to the stellingLiving In: Fort Washington,Maryland
Occupation: MomOther Information: attended Tutorial high school 78-82(not sure)Looking for old friends.
Basdeo, Nadiranadiranunez@comcast.net From: New Amsterdam next to the stellingLiving In: Fort Washington,Maryland
Occupation: MomOther Information: attended Tutorial high school 78-82(not sure)Looking for old friends.
Basdeo, Omesh(Centipede)Omesh125@aol.com From: Dundee,MahaiconyLiving In: Richmond Hill
Occupation: Fedexwww.hometown.aol.com/omesh125Other Information: Attended Mahaicony Sec.School,John Adams High,and BCC
Basdeo, Patrickpatrick@raylian.co.uk From: La Bonne Intention Housing SchemeLiving In: Purley,Surrey,England
Occupation: Business ConsultantOther Information: Attended Kitty Progressive College,Indian Education Trust College&University Collrge London.
Basdeo, Radicadroutie31@hotmail.com From: Fairfield,East Coast DemLiving In: Alberta,Canada
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Mahaica Secondary-1973
Basdeo, Stanleysbasdeos@aol.com From: West Bank DemeraraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Computer EngineerOther Information: West Demerara Secondary School
Baseer, Nadiranadira1958@hotmail.com From: BlairmontLiving In: Newark,New jersey
Occupation: Nurse AideOther Information: Trying to contact old friends and people from Blairmont.
Basir, Azeelaazeelabasir@hotmail.com From: Meten-meer-zorg (west)Living In: New jersey
Occupation: Store managerOther Information: Zeeburg secondary school
Basir, Faroukfrookie@hotmail.com From: Hampton Court Essequibo EoastLiving In: Kingston,Jamaica
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.angelfire.com/pro/essequiboOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral School
Basir, Jassomattie Ramotarreshmabasir@hotmail.com From: Alness VillageLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Retail ManagerOther Information: went to CCSS 1987-1992.Love to talk and chat with old time friends and classmates.They call my dad Bhai Rai.I'm know as Reshma.
Bassant, Amritaamo11527@gmail.com From: 48 Village,BerbiceLiving In: Richmond Hill,NY
Occupation: studentOther Information: I went to 48 primary school and Bush lot high school..hoping to connect to new friends,
Bassant, FazalSharayfaz@Netzero.Net From: Pouderoyen West Dem,GuyanaLiving In: Laurel Md
Occupation: Other Information:
Bassit(Rambarran), Vimlavimla50@aol.com From: New Amsterdam(pope St)Living In: Ohio
Occupation: Other Information: Attended B.E.I 82-86.Some of my classmates were Bibi Dawarka,Nazma Fazal,Waheeda Sahid,Julie Ann Seecharan,Alicia Rose,Niel Bisesar,Hemwattie Ramdan,Karen Williams and many more.I am currently looking for most of them.
Bassit, DeonarineBassitsexpress@aol.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Ohio
Occupation: BusinessOther Information: Attended Multi,ST Theresa,Played cricket,Friends included A Higgins,Mario Yamatally,Davendra Nankumar
Bassit, Desmonddsab975@aol.com From: sheet anchor/canjeLiving In: New York city/queens
Occupation: Other Information: john jay high brooklyn
Bassit, Shannasbassit@aol.com From: Enmore,E.C.DLiving In: Jersey City,NJ
Occupation: Legal AssistantOther Information: Attended Enmore Hope Primary School and Annandale H.S.up to Form 2 Moved to US since Sept.1983 Attended Lincoln High School Jersey City State College and Fairleigh Dickinson University looking for old old.friends.Love to hear from you!
Bassoo, Carl Jcarl.bassoo@sympatico.ca From: Golden Grove and Cove&JohnLiving In: Markham,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Social Worker MSWOther Information:
Bassoo, Jagmohan Trevorplayerjb_2002@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Procurement ManagerOther Information: Saint Joseph High,University of Guyana
Bassoo, PaulFIREWIRE467@AOL.COM From: New amsterdamLiving In: Queens.NY
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Attende New Amsterdam Multi 89-94
Bastian Married to Mackintosh(Mark), Colleenmac_pric@yahoo.com From: Georgetown Guyana,South,AmericaLiving In: Camp Street
Occupation: HomemakerOther Information: Tutorial High School
Basudeo, Sanicharara109gbs@gmail.com From: HerstellingLiving In: Hawaii
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Providence Govt School
Bateman-(Singh), Sharmine-(Sisto)sbate_567@yahoo.co.uk From: studley pk,canal #1 WEST BANK DEMLiving In: LONDON UK
Occupation: NurseOther Information: father ninesingh,,McGill Primary/west bank dem Secondary
Batson MS.SAS, GraceG12batson@peoplepc.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: Ed.EvaluatorOther Information: N/A MULTI'83 C.P.C.E'86 U.G'93 CCNY'98 CCNY'00
Batson Van De Cruize, NormaBarook1@AOL.com From: Bagotville West BankLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Batson, DeborahNin027027@aol.com From: Truimph VillageLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Computer OperatorOther Information: would like to get intouch with friends and family father is from Berbice
Batson, Mark AMarklove65@aol.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Rahway,New Jersey
Occupation: D.JOther Information: Specialize in D.J services for all occasions
Batty, NoraBatgirl2@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Lubbock,Texas
Occupation: Sales RepresentativeOther Information: Central High School 1951-1956.Looking for old friends.
Baulkaran, Dwarkamrdpb@hotmail.com From: Dekinderen,MahaiconyLiving In: Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Was a Teacher at Mahaicony Secondary School
Baulkaran, Naithkumarnaith.baulkaran@gmail.com From: Dekinderen,MahaiconyLiving In: New Brunswick,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Mahaicony Secondary School
Baxter, Romonacreolese@yahoo.com From: Guyana,GuyanaLiving In:
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Bsc.Economics(UG)Graduate Diploma-Development Studies(UG)-President UGSS(2001/2002)
Baxter, Ronaldronald.baxter@hotmail.com From: Versailles,West Bank Demerara and Melanie Damishana,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Friends on Facebook would know me as having attended the following learning institutions:Malgre Tout Government School,West Demerara Secondary School,Central High School,The Wesleyan Bible College,The University of Guyana.I taught Spanish,English and Communication Studies at Annandale Secondary School before emigrating to Canada.I also taught Comparative Religion,Communication Studies and Wesleyan History at The Wesleyan College.I worked briefly at the University of Guyana before pursuing full time studies towards my first degree in Mass Communication.
Baxter, Ryanbaxterworldwide@bww.com From: Melanie DamishanaLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Owner of an E-Commerce Businesshttp://www.bxww.comOther Information: Attended:Saints from '84-'89//I was also fortunate to spend significant time in Linden and in the North-West (Kumaka)
Baychu, AlaanaLaan26@yahoo.com From: Lima,Essequibo CoastLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral High School
Baychu, Michaelmbaychu@rogers.com From: Anna Regina,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Computer Programmer/Quality AssuranceOther Information: I attended Anna Regina Multilaterial School.
Bayney, Gregorybayneyg@corp.earthlink.net From: GuyanaLiving In: Los Angeles,California
Occupation: Technicial Support,Earthlinkhttp://home.earthlink.net/~bayneyOther Information: went to Walker under 12,then Central HS-does anyone remember me?-would like to keep in touch with friends.
Bazil, Kevonkevon.adrian@usa.net From: Linden,Plaisance,Uitvlugt/Dekinderen Estates and Enmore EstateLiving In: Plaisance
Occupation: GTIOther Information: I AM KEVIN'S TWIN BROTHER
Bazil, Selwyncbazil@aol.com From: mahaica,east coast demeraraLiving In: brooklyn,New York.usa
Occupation: New York city transit authorityOther Information: mahaicony govt secondary,mahaica secondary
Beaton nee David, IndiraIndira Beaton@solutions2000.net From: Georgetown/BarbadosLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Home-makerhttp://Indibea@yahoo.comOther Information: Tutorial High School Guyana/st.Patricks R.C.Barbados 83-84
Beaton, Ianianbton@yahoo.com From: Kitty/LodgeLiving In: Irvington NJ.
Occupation: Loss Prevention Manager/InvestigatorOther Information: Attended Comenius Moravian School
Beaton, Ianbeato3@juno.com From: LodgeLiving In: Irvington NJ
Occupation: Loss prevention detectiveOther Information: Comenius Moravian
Beaton, Kevinjohnmarks@yahoo.com From: Linden/second AlleyLiving In: Linden/Second Alley
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I Went to St.Adians primary school and New Silver City Secondary School
Beaton, Nicholanicolefdc@yahoo.com From: Patentia West Bank DemeraraLiving In: NYC
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Attended Patentia Secondary Schoola,I lived in goodentent for a while,so lets have a chat and ketch on old times.
Beaton, Tandicagoodgirl8060@yahoo.com From: Patentia West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Patentia West Bank Demerara
Occupation: ReceptionistOther Information: I Attended Patentia Secondary,IBC,anb i'm looking for all my old friends so please contac me if u can.
Beaton, Zoeannzeenie31@comcast.net From: lodgeLiving In: South River NJ
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: comenius secondary
Bechan, KomeerKomeerb@yahoo.ca From: IndustryLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Cnc-OperatorOther Information: att.-Cummings Lodge goyt.School In the sixties-Love to Hear From School Mate
Bechan, Sandrasbdiaz@bankofny.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Bayside,NY
Occupation: Project ManagerOther Information: Berbice High School,N.A.Multilateral
Bechan, Sugrimsdnwilliams@btinternet.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: London Uk
Occupation: RetiredOther Information:
Beck, Errolersbee51@yahoo.com. From: Soesdyke/GeorgetownLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Self employedOther Information: Love to hear from old friends,send me an email.
Beckaroo, JON(Speed)rajindra9@hotmail.com From: # 74 village Cor./Ber.Living In: Pickering ON.Canada
Occupation: Meachine FitterOther Information: Tagore High school & GTI
Beckaroo, Shookul,Speedrajindra9@hotmail.com From: #74 VillageLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Machine FitterOther Information: Tagore
Beckaroo, ShookulSpeeed74@gmail.com From: NO.74 Village Cor./BerbiceLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Machine Fttter & BuilderOther Information: Tagore Memorial High
Beckles Barney B, Paulpaul_beckles@yahoo.com From: West Coast Demerara-Roxanne Burnham GardensLiving In: Essequibo Coast-West Coast Demerara
Occupation: Network TechnicianOther Information: Attended Meten Meer Zorg Primary,North Georgetown Sec.Would like to contact Kerry Joseph,of Phenix park West Bank,Oliver,George,or anyone who attended North.
Beckles, Joy Annjoyful79@hotmail.com From: The Heritage Victoria RoadPlaisance East Coast DemeraraLiving In: St.Michael Barbados
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Attended St.Winifred RC School,Central High School,GTI,Crichlow Labour College,worked at the University of Guyana attached to the Faculty of Technology,formerly Joy Hooper
Beckles, Randolph Michaeldurbanpark1@aol.com From: Lodge GeorgetownLiving In: Boston Mass
Occupation: Marketing SupervisorOther Information: St Sidwell's Primary& Indian's EducationalTrust College
Bedassie, DevicaDevica1960@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Minneapolis,MN
Occupation: Personal BankerOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Govt Sec.
Bedaysee, Derekdbedaysee@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: London
Occupation: Sales DirectorOther Information:
Bedaysie, Cliftonbedaysie@sympatico.ca From: Friendship.E.B.DLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Aircraft EngineerOther Information: Guyana Airways & Guyana Civil Avaition
Bedessie, Dennisdennisbedessie@comcast.net From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Martinez,California
Occupation: International Network MarketingOther Information: Victoria High School,New Amsterdam,Berbice,1962-1966
Beeharilal, Pertampertam@hotmail.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Indians Ed/Richard Ishmael Sec.from 1976-1981
Beekhee, Gloriamissgulana1954@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Attended Indians High School
Beepat(Haima,Neil,Amanda,Peter), Bejaimal(Malt)peterbeepat@yahoo.com From: 300,Enmore,E.C.DemeraraLiving In: 313,Dunrobin Acres,Kgn.10.Jamaica,W.Indies
Occupation: Still a TeacherOther Information: Teacher-Champagne,Novar,Enmore,Bartica G.G.S.'71-'74,Mahaica Multi.'74-'82,Ruseas High,Ja.,Mico College,Ja.Attd.Teachers'College '69-'71,GTI '69-'71,U.G.'75-'78,UWI '88-'90.
Beepat, BobbySport5052@yahoo.com From: Belvedere Settlement Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Stationary FiremanOther Information: Attended Belvedere Primary School.Migrated to the USA in1979 and attended Apex Technical School and Graduated as a HVAC mechanic.I am presently working at Kings County Hospital Brooklyn New York.
Beepat, Parasram "Shines"amandabeepat@hotmail.com From: Canal #1 Poulder WBDLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Construction EngineerOther Information: Central High School(1990-1994)
Beer, Denisekamlapattiebeer@hotmail.com From: #2 Village,BerbiceLiving In: Tortola,British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: Attended Berbice High School H.Lavity Stoutt Community College University of Western Ontario
Beer, Neillexie_am@hotmail.com From: Cove & JohnLiving In: Cove & John,ECD
Occupation: Businessman (Self Employed)Other Information:
Beerjit, Elishaelishabirjit@hotmail.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: hi im Elisha,i went to Bishops High School.
Beerjit, Joycelizipie17@yahoo.com From: Atlantic Gardens E.C.DLiving In: Atlantic Gardens
Occupation: HairdresserOther Information: I wrok in NY,Hairdresser,Works at Sherly's Salon Liberty Ave.& Hillside.
Beerlall, Balwantgoonsman@hotmail.com From: Unity villageLiving In: Canada
Occupation: welderOther Information: Bygeval Secondary Mahaica E.C.D
Beerlall, Raywattieraywattie9@hotmail.com From: St.LuciaLiving In: St.Lucia
Occupation: Beauty TherapistOther Information: From unity village east coast demerara attend cove and john secondary school
Beerom, Natashaleemarkaren@hotmail.com From: BagotvilleLiving In: North Carolina,USA
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: I Graduate Patentia High School in 1993
Beesham, CheddieBcheddie@att.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miami,Fl
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Central High School
Beesham, Cheddiebcheddie@att.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: N.Miami Florida
Occupation: Fleet SupervisorOther Information: I attended Central High School 68-71
Beete-Whitney, Mayfieldbeete46@yahoo.ca From: Danielstown Village,Essequibo Coast,Campbellville(Craig,Garnett Street),Almond St G/T,Anira St G/T.Living In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Retired SeamstressOther Information: St.Anges Anglican,Danielstown.
Beete, Clydecbeete@mtsinai.on.ca From: Alexander Village Greater GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: SR Systems AnalystOther Information:
Beete, Nadira Ramannbeete@yahoo.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Executive DirectorOther Information: I attended Skeldon Line Path Secondary and the University of Guyana,majoring in Business Administration.
Behari (Singh)-Vallena, Tejwantievalbehari@verizon.net From: No 70 VillageLiving In: Pikesville Maryland
Occupation: RealtorOther Information: Tagore High school looking for old friends
Behari T, JaswantPPDD2474@aol.com From: No74 Village Corentyne Home of tapeeLiving In: MD USA
Occupation: Other Information: Tagore high school 70-75 Owner of Road way Trucking Father of vishal and Videsh.
Beharry Buddy, Umrigarumri16@hotmail.com From: Port Mourant(Tain),SurinameLiving In: Cayman Islands
Occupation: ConstructionOther Information: attended Lower Corentyne 73-78,NATI 78-80,looking for friends and relatives
Beharry-Fernandes, Leilaleilab57@msn.com From: Unity Village/Prashad NagarLiving In: Downtown-Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Would like to hear from old friends.
Beharry-Kumar, Rajshri(Raj)Rkbeharry@yahoo.com From: Grove,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: NY
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Baba(store baba)daughter.Attended Richard Ishmael Secondary,(R.I.S.S.)83-88.).
Beharry, Amandasuga4u@hotmail.com From: Vreed-En-HoopLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: mother's side Krishendutt,father's side Beharry(ex-fire fighter)
Beharry, Errolebkirpau@vcu.edu From: Port Mourant,BerbiceLiving In: Richmond,Virginia USA
Occupation: Electronics EngineerOther Information: Corentyne High 1963-69 and 1975-1983 as Math Teacher.
Beharry, Isaacisaacbeharry@hotmail.com From: WilliamsburgLiving In: British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Assistance managerOther Information: Comprehensive
Beharry, Isaacisaacbeharry_29@hotmail.com From: WilliamsburgLiving In: British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Assistance managerOther Information: Comprehensive School,also like to meet old friends.
Beharry, James,Vjbeharry@i-com.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Credit ManagerOther Information: Attended Berbice High School from 1975 to 1980
Beharry, JamesJames@solutions2000.net From: GuyanaLiving In: Rose Hall Town/Berbice
Occupation: JewellerOther Information: Skeldon Line Path High School/Algonquin College Ottawa Canada
Beharry, Janetjanetbeharry@yahoo.co.uk From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: London
Occupation: Customer Service ManagerOther Information: Teacher at Auchlyne Primary&Rose Hall Primary Schools-1975-1985&1978-1980 Consecutively
Beharry, Kunjbeharry_nj@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Howell,NJ
Occupation: RetiredOther Information:
Beharry, Mansilla (Rohini)mansilla412@aol.com From: No.75 Village,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: I attend Line Path Secondary and Tutorial Academy in 1982-1985
Beharry, Mansilla(Rohini)mansilla12@hotmail.com From: No.75 Village,Corriverton,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: South Ozone Park,Queens New York
Occupation: Other Information: daughter of Harry Persaud Beharry,who lives at no.75 Village corriverton
Beharry, Michaelmike_trooper@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: St Ann StreetNew Amsterdam
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Beharry, Michaelmike_trooper@yahoo.com From: St Ann Street New AmsterdamLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: StudentOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral School,University of Guyana
Beharry, Nadianadiabeharry@yahoo.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: New Amsterdam,Berbice,Guyana
Occupation: Just enjoying what life is all about right now:)Other Information:
Beharry, Nalini,Rohini,Sohini,chandramansilla12@hotmail.com From: No.75 Village,Corriverton,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: father-Harry Persaud Beharry-Line Path Secondary,Massiah,Tagore high School
Beharry, Nesa Marianesamaria@rogers.com From: Cummings Street,Alberttown,Georgetown.Living In: Toronto,Canada.
Occupation: Pharmacy AssistantOther Information: Central High School (1990-1994)
Beharry, RajendraRogerb@aol.com From: canefield settLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: A/C Equipment operator engineerOther Information: B.E I
Beharry, Ramonaramonabeharry@ymail.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Vreed-en-Hoop,West Coast Demerara
Occupation: Other Information: St.Joseph High School
Beharry, Ranji C.ranji57001@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Albany,NY
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Indian Educational Trust College
Beharry, Romeicorrsb69@aol.com From: Unity/LancasterLiving In: London
Occupation: Environmental ConsultantOther Information: I've attend Cove&John Secondary School during 1992 to 1996.I would love to hear from any guyanese,especially my old friends from School.
Beharry, Shantashanta372@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: California
Occupation: Data Entry SupervisorOther Information: Lived in Mon Repos E C D,Also attended Cove&John Sec Sc
Beharry, Sieuskbeharry@aol.com From: #50 Village,Cor.BerbiceLiving In: Dallas Texas
Occupation: General Contractor/Home BuilderOther Information:
Beir, LeonBeir9980@rogers.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Brampton
Occupation: auto electricianOther Information: Indians/Richard Ishmael 79-84
Bekhoo, Anoopmadarsho67@yahoo.com From: 67 VillageLiving In: Scarborough Ontario
Occupation: WorkingOther Information:
Bekhoo, Darshinidarsho67@yahoo.com From: 67 VillageLiving In: Toronto Canada/Florida
Occupation: Store AssistantOther Information:
Belgrave nee Darshuville, Pat(Patricia)mccreathB@hotmail.com From: Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Other Information: Used to work at GTM,Georgetown1966-1978.Looking for info on Friends fr GTM.Also Friends Fr Rose Hall Estate,Canje Berbice.
Belgrave(Andrews), Carolync9andre@aol.com From: North RuimveldtLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: ParalegalOther Information: Christ Church Sec.School
Belgrave, Arthurbelgraveam@webtv.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Naples,Florida,USA
Occupation: RetiredOther Information:
Belgrave, JanicePLATINUM64@msn.com From: LaGrange,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Compensation ManagerOther Information: Attended St.Joseph's High School.Graduated in 1980.
Belgrave, Maria(Shaffia)shaffiabel@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall,Est,Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Other Information: Went to BEI.
Belgrave, Nareshnareshbelgrave@hotmail.com From: Rosehall Estate,Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Veterinary AssistantOther Information: Seeking Schoolmate,Lucy ann lam sue wang.We attented St Theresa's Primary School.I think her family owned a resturant not too far from there.Would love to hear from her or enyone else who remembers me.
Belgrave, Pauline.P.Parkpaulinepark66@hotmail.com From: Durban St LodgeLiving In:
Occupation: Student (Doing Degree in Social Work)Other Information: Lodge Community Hgh Year1982or 1983
Belgrave, Pervisruel165@yahoo.com From: guyanaLiving In: Linden
Occupation: studingOther Information: Linden technical intitute
Belisle-Johnson, Meramerajay15@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Oswego,IL
Occupation: Government AnalystOther Information: Bishops' High School 1992-1998
Belisle, Marielamarib30@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Oxford,MA
Occupation: Student,Worcest State CollegeOther Information: St Joseph's High School94-97,Bishop's High 97-2000
Bell, CeolaLinden423@yahoo.com From: Mora St.,LindenLiving In: Northern,NJ
Occupation: studentOther Information: I went to MHS until '97.I am trying to find anybody that remembers me so I can find out some more info about home
Belle nee Stephen, MarciaWinmar1099@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Orange,New Jersey,USA
Occupation: Sales AssociateOther Information: Attended New amsterdam Multilateral School 1975-1980 previously worked for Omai Gold Mines Limited 1996-2004
Belle, Christopherchristopherbelle@studentnow.com From: Roxanne Burnham Gdn.,GeorgetownLiving In: Roxanne Burnham Gdn.,Georgetown
Occupation: Student&Procurement ClerkOther Information: North Ruimveldt Multilateral,University of Guyana
Belle, SeebertLedevon@sbcglobal.net From: DanielstownLiving In: Dallas,Texas
Occupation: Network TechnicianOther Information:
Belle, Sydneyslbelle2000@yahoo.com From: Berbice.Living In: Kitty.Georgetown
Occupation: Planning & Development EngineerOther Information: Queens College.
Bemaul, Paulpbemaul@hotmail.com From: De Hoop,MahaicaLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Mechanical EngineerOther Information:
Ben-Hassan, Leroyarabianben@yahoo.com From: Anna Regina,Essequibo Coast-Telecoms Street,opposite the bank.Living In: Mount Vernon,New York
Occupation: Other Information: I attended Anna Regina Secondary from 70-75.I went to Lilian Dewar College from 76-79 and was a teacher at Anna Regina Multi from 80-86.I would like to contact my old class mates and also my college mates.Please contact me if you think you know me
Bender, Eyonsbender400@yahoo.com From: Kwakwani,Berbice RiverLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: N.J.Transit.Other Information: kwakwani High School.
Bender, Vilmamaclor@iprimus.com.au From: Berbice GeorgetownLiving In: Western Australia
Occupation: nilOther Information: Ursuline Convent
Benfield, Christacbenfield@cwjamaica.com From: Campbellville,KittyLiving In: Jamaica
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Bishops' High,Queens College,University of Guyana&U.W.I.
Benjamin Martin, OnesiaOnesiab@hotmail.com From: CountryLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Saints GT
Benjamin-Bailey, Jeweljewelbailey@hotmail.com From: Amelia's Ward,LindenLiving In: North East La Penitence,Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: JournlistOther Information: Christianburg Wismar Secondary School
Benjamin-Nurse, Samantha Mintawakmintawak@yahoo.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: Jersey City New Jersey
Occupation: Data Entry ClerkOther Information: Campbellville Secondary Ug Graduating of 2001 Mass Communication
Benjamin-Serieux, Paulettepaulbenji2003@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: St.Lucia
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Mackenzie High School
Benjamin/Barker, IngridIIngridparris@hotmail.com From: Sandhill/SoesdykeLiving In: NewJersey
Occupation: Patient CoordinatorOther Information:
Benjamin, Abiedabenjamin.27@osu.edu From: Tucville,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY&Columbus OH
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Bishops' High School from 1988-1993.Ran track nationally and internationally.Four time Junior Calypso Champion and two time runner-up.
Benjamin, Alisonthatpaulboy@yahoo.com From: Essequibo Coast/CharlestownLiving In: Trinidad/Barbados
Occupation: N/AOther Information: Elsa Benjamin (Mother's Name)
Benjamin, Anowanowa27@aol.com From: TucvilleLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: studentOther Information: Brickdam Secondary 86-91 St,Joseph 91-93 Erasmus High
Benjamin, Anthonettesweetspecial75@hotmail.com From: BVLiving In: BV
Occupation: Other Information: Cummings Lodge Sec.searching for school friends
Benjamin, Audreygracelynpaula@yahoo.co.uk From: Queenstown,EssequiboLiving In: Kent,England
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information:
Benjamin, Elijahlijah78@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Studenthttps://www.facebook.com/Lijah78?Other Information: Guyana Education Trust College @Royal Castle @Jamal Austin-Bates
Benjamin, GillianGillian_Benjamin@adp.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Review AnalystOther Information: Schools I Attended:Sacred Heart School,North Georgetown Secondary School
Benjamin, Gladwinwinwert@msn.com From: West Ruimveldt GeorgetownLiving In: Cleveland Ohio
Occupation: Manufacturing machinery set-upOther Information: East Ruimveldt Govt.Sec.
Benjamin, Keimobenjie@networksgy.com From: LindenLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: University StudentOther Information: Bishops' High/Mackenzie High
Benjamin, Marcionmarcionb@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: England
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I went to Berbice High School
Benjamin, MarvaMarv2sweet@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Mackenzie High School
Benjamin, Necolese "Nicole"necolese@bellsouth.net From: AlberttownLiving In: Atlanta
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Indians or Richard Ishmael High School
Benjamin, Nicosnicos.benjamin@gmail.com From: Critchlow st,TucvilleLiving In: Brooklyn,N.Y
Occupation: Project Manager,Information TechnologyOther Information: St Stanislaus College 84-90
Benjamin, Nikitabrownskin203@yahoo.com From: West BankLiving In: Connecticut,U.S.A
Occupation: Student in high school,but going to college in 4 monthsOther Information: I went to West Demerara Secondary School in Guyana.now i go to Hamden High in Connecticut.would love to meet other guyanese in connecticut
Benjamin, Patrinanursepatsy2000@yahoo.com From: Silvertown,WismarLiving In: Nashville,TN.
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Benjamin, R.LindenBenji1048@aol.com From: Tucville H/S&Hopetown Village WCBLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: NYC School's bus driver/Sears Roebuck associateOther Information: St.Michael's Anglican
Benjamin, Roxanneroxben26@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Bagotstown,Guyana
Occupation: Tax ClerkOther Information: Saint Stanislaus College
Benjamin, SamanthaMintawak@yahoo.com From: East RuimveldtLiving In: Guyana(East Ruimveldt)
Occupation: Inspector of TaxesOther Information: Campbellville Secondary,University of Guyana Communication Class 2001.
Benn, Cedriccedric@cedbec.com From: Conentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Quebec,Canada
Occupation: Civil EngineerOther Information: Linden,Imperial College,London
Benn, Cedriccedric@cedbec.com From: Corentyne,Linden,LondonLiving In: Quebec,Canada
Occupation: Civil EngineerOther Information: Imperial College,London,England
Benn, Errolerrolbenn@cantv.net From: KittyLiving In: Venezuela
Occupation: Chairman/CEOOther Information: St James the Less Primary/Kitty Community HighTappin
Benn, Gisellegbenn_7@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall Town,BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: Student @Humber CollegeOther Information: Attented Rose Hall Primary School and went to Compri Secondary(left in 2000)
Benn, Kelly-Annt7241@aol.com From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Jersey City,New Jersey
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Berbice High School
Benn, Lesliedeltaforce200310@yahoo.com From: Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: Queens-USA
Occupation: ConsultantOther Information: Ex member of the Guyana Police Force
Benn, Noland Jjamal_benn@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,Guyana,Durban StreetLiving In: Jamaica,Quens,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: South road Nursery,Sacred Heart Primary,North Georgetown Secondary School.
Benn, Rawle Srbenns_taxi@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: Teacher (retired)Other Information: Attended Hoyte Private School,Fountain A.M.E.School,ERGSS,IETC,CPCE,UG.Taught at St.Thomas More R.C,Tucville Primary,St.Phillip's Primary,Anna Regina Primary,St Stanislaus College.
Benn, Tasandramsandragt@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland,usa
Occupation: In SchoolOther Information:
Benn, TimolinTimolinJamal@aol.com From: Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Former member of the Guyana Police Force,I attended Winifred Gaskin Memorial Secondary School.
Benn, Tracytracybenn24@yahoo.ca From: Soesdyke,GuyanaLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Medical SecretaryOther Information: I attended Seosdyke primary school,Dora Secondary school,and business school on brickdam.My dad was a police officer.Phillip Benn
Bennett:Scottie), GableGlasgowVillage@yahoo.com From: Glasgow VillageLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Teacher-HistoryOther Information: Overwinning Primary School(1981-1987),Taft H.S.(1988-1991),and Lehman College(CUNY)(1991-2002)
Bennett, Abenaabennett@kenyonlaw.com From: Queenstown,GeorgetownLiving In: Washington,DC
Occupation: Patent ParalegalOther Information: I attended St.Joseph High School-To all my friends from Joseph if you find me,please e-mail me.
Bennett, Gable ScottieGabrel299@netscape.net From: Glasgow Village,N/A,BerbiceLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Overwinning Primary School,NA
Benny, Tarran Persaud Ltplbenny@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Enterprise Gardens
Occupation: Sworn Land SurveyorOther Information:
Benons, Carlcorncob512@yahoo.com From: Ulverston,CorentyneLiving In: Los Angeles
Occupation: Other Information: Queen's College,Berbice High
Benschop, Albertborndec14@aol.com From: Phillippi,CorentyneLiving In: New York
Occupation: Retired,US ArmyOther Information: Rose Hall High
Benschop, Karenbenschop@un.org From: Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Team Leader-United NationsOther Information: East Ruimveldt Secondary(Back School)/Skeldon Line Path/Berbice Educ.Inst
Benscope, LindonKETCHDKAT9@AOL.COM From: phillippi farm,and black bush polderLiving In: philadelphia,pennsivania
Occupation: machanicsOther Information: looking for old friends like rama,and old buddies from GRB.G
Bentinck, Kennethkbentinck@hotmail.com From: West Coast Berbice KwakwaniLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: ConsultantOther Information: University of Guyana
Bentinck, TyroneFeb0205@earthlink.net From: Georgetown,Bent StreetLiving In: Fayetteville,North Carolina
Occupation: Captain,U.S.ArmyOther Information: Attended Central Prep School,East Ruimveldt Secondary School
Bento, Markmark_bento@hotmail.com From: Unity/MahaicaLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: HRIS AnalystOther Information: Attended Cove and John Sec.PAT College and Helena Primary
Bercier (Nanku), Rohaniritab@envipco.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Connecticut,USA
Occupation: Staff AccountantOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High (1979).
Beresford, Christolchristol_a_beresford@yahoo.com From: Georgetown & Friendship EBDLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: StudentOther Information: North Georgetown Primary Sch,Stukeley Meadowes Primary sch,St Peters's Secondary Sch.
Beresford, Johnjohn_bvi@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam(Winkle Road)Living In: Tortola(British Virgin Islands)
Occupation: Driver/MechanicOther Information: Berbice High School/Guyana Defence Force
Beresford, Leonardaonemusic3@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt,Rosa DriveLiving In: Atlanta Georgia
Occupation: Technical Sales ConsultantOther Information: Cahrlestown Secondary School (left GT in 1980)
Berg, Colleencolexis35@yahoo.com From: North RuimveldtLiving In: Manitowoc,Wisconsin
Occupation: Forester/Parts InspectorOther Information: Nee Hamer.Attended St Joseph's High,GSA,UG.Lived in Jamaica.
Berkeley, Van Bowenbvbocan@aol.com From: Bartica,Essequibo RiverLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Credit ManagerOther Information: Bartica Secondary,7th Avenue
Bernadette, Sandrasmadramootoo@yahoo.com From: Bartica/GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Admin AssistantOther Information: Bartica Govt Secondary Sch.UG/IDCE,Courts Guyana
Bernard, BertleyBertb28@aol.com From: Plaisance,ECDLiving In: Decatur,Georgia
Occupation: HR SpecialistOther Information: Buxton Secondary,Plaisance Gov't
Bernard, BertleyBertb28@yahoo.com From: Plaisance,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Decatur,Georgia
Occupation: Payroll SpecialistOther Information: Buxton Government Secondary School
Bernard, Carloscarlos_bnard@yahoo.com From: Plaisance/Mon-repos/Living In: Guyana
Occupation: Teller Supervisor N.B.I.C.Other Information: GoldenGrove Sec/Cummings Lodge Sec
Bernard, Jenellajenellas@hotmail.com From: Cambellville Housing Scheme G/TLiving In: St Lucia
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: attended St Joseph High,Cyril Potter and University Of Guyana
Bernard, Keithkbernard@ziegler.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: NYC,USA
Occupation: Other Information: Old Staints boy
Bernard, Keithkeith_a_bernard@fleet.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,USA
Occupation: AnalystOther Information: Staints,1983
Bernard, LennoxDJLENB@CS.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Atlanta
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Attended Central High School,worked at Barclays Bank
Bernard, Odelisodelis284@yahoo.com From: Melanie DamishanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Child care workerOther Information: Annandale Secondary School,graduated in 1998
Bernard, Vilma June or Ann)vilmabernard@hotmail.com From: C/ville Housing Scheme G/TLiving In: St Lucia
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: taught at Multilateral,Sophia special School and Redeemer Primary.Would like to meet old friends.
Bernstein, Andrea Phillips Merriman BernsteinAjsalu@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York 11225
Occupation: Nurse's AideOther Information:
Besai, Hemchand (Dalo)joseanand@rogers.com From: Seafield LeonoraLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Printing Press OperatorOther Information: Leonora Govt,Maha Saba,,anyone knowing of my Cousins Patsy and Suzi,currently living in Suriname,please informe me by email,they used to live near the Overhead water tank
Bess, Ardisardelia@supanet.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: England
Occupation: StudentOther Information: enjoy chatting on the net and looking for other carribbean teenagers to chat to about anything
Bess, Bryanbryan.a.bess@gmail.com From: James & King Edward Street,Albouystown/Matthews RidgeLiving In: Venezuela
Occupation: Diver/Building ContractorOther Information: I attended Saint Stephens School,and School in Matthews Ridge,and I worked as a Diver in the Mining areas
Bess, Lavernllbr5@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: U.S.A.New Jersey
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Central High School
Bess, Melissagt_goddess@yahoo.com From: BuxtonLiving In: Buxton
Occupation: Tax OfficerOther Information: attended St Stanislaus College working at Guyana Revenue Authority
Bess, Tonirosetoni@hotmail.com From: New amsterdam,Berbice,guyanaLiving In: angoy's avenue
Occupation: policewomanOther Information: Berbice educational institute
Best(formerly Eversley), ElizabethLiz@bestgroup.us From: Agricola and GeorgetownLiving In: Catonsville,MD
Occupation: Business Ownerhttp://www.bestgroup.usOther Information: Cambridge Academy and PPI
Best/Croal, Barbaracroalbarbara@hotmail.com From: Bent St.Laing Avenue GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Attended St Thomas and South Georgetown School
Best, Donicadcbest2002@aol.com From: PleasanceLiving In: Peoria IL
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Daughter of Agness Collymore/Granddaughter of the late Sheila Collymore
Best, Mariabestdavis@yahoo.com From: South Better Hope E.C.Dem.Living In: Peoria IL.U.S.A
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Allen High School
Best, TrevorTbestyet@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam,North/South RuimveldtLiving In: Harvey,Louisiana(Just out side New Orleans)
Occupation: Construction Safety SupervisorOther Information: Brickdam Secondary,(Muslims)Lodge Community High.N/A&Ruimveldt Leo Clubs
Best, Yevetteyabest@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: LibrarianOther Information: attended St Stanislaus College 1976-1983
Bestman, Shondelled-bestwoman@yahoo.co.uk From: Liverpool Village and New Amsterdam BceLiving In:
Occupation: Registered Nurse/MidwifeOther Information: attended lower corentyne and Winifred Gaskin Secondary
Bestman, Shondelled-bestwoman@yahoo.com From: Liverpool Village,CorentyneLiving In: England,United Kingdom
Occupation: Registered Nurse/MidwifeOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Central and Winifred Gaskin Secondary Schools
Bethune, Annieannab365@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Bush Lot Secondary
Bettencourt, Eoneonb@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Port St Lucie,Florida
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Elemantary-Stella Maris,Central High
Bettencourt, Nigelnabetten@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Coconut Creek,Florida
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/Mortgage BrokerOther Information:
Beulah, Morganbeulaheagling@yahoo.co.uk From: Ogle,East Bank Demerara,West RuimveldtLiving In: Devon,England
Occupation: Retired NurseOther Information: Ogle Canadian Mission School,Ascension Lutheran School,Guyanese College,Progressive and Preparatory Institute(P.P.I.).Interim Teacher at Ascension Lutheran School and at East Ruimveldt and Lodge.Civil servant at Audit Department
Bevaun, Adrianadrianb@sccnyc.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Project CoordinatorOther Information: The Bishops' High School
Beverly Russell (CA) & Avril Butters (NY) Founders, The Guyana Nurses Alumni Foundation(GNAF)kittyrus@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: California/New York
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Beverly & Avril (Smith's Church Congregational School)
Bhadrasain, SewdatGtRudebai69@netscape.net From: Berbice,Rose Hall TownLiving In: Queens,Hollis
Occupation: WorkOther Information: i use to go to Lower Corentyne Secondary School 1996 to 2000 like to meet my friends so e-mail.
Bhadrasain, SewdatGtLuverBai69@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: WorkOther Information:
Bhadrasain, SewdatGtLuverBai69@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: workOther Information: Rose Hall use to atten L.C.S.S
Bhagan, Parsuramromain_action@yahoo.com From: Edinburgh SchemeLiving In: Ft.Pierce,FL.
Occupation: SeamanOther Information: Berbice High School 1987-1992
Bhaggan, Andraaabk@hotmail.co.uk From: Crabwood Creek/Main Street GeorgetownLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: Hotel General ManagerOther Information: Attended C.W.C Primary/Skeldon Line Path Sec/Bishops' High School-Daughter of Basdeo Bhaggan-Member of Parliament/Betty Bhaggan-School Teacher
Bhagoo, Dindiyalbhagaloo@hotmail.com From: Uitvlugt Ocean ViewLiving In: Uitvlugt
Occupation: Grinder At Utivlugt EstateOther Information: Saraswat High School
Bhagroo, Harilall Zeagazeagabhagroo@usfamily.net From: #60 Village,Corentyne,Berbice.GuyanaLiving In: Andover,Minnesota.USA
Occupation: Business Unit ManagerOther Information: Corentyne High School.Graduated in 74.Anyone who knows who i am or think he/she knows me drop me a line.
Bhagudas, DeodyalSbdas12j@yahoo.com From: #73 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Spring,Texas
Occupation: Aircraft TechnicianOther Information: Skeldon Lutheran High School
Bhagwandas, Chetramwestsideguy81@aol.com From: Canal #2 PolderLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: managnerOther Information: I attended Patentia Secondary School from1992 to1998
Bhagwandas, Dodidodibhagwandas@yahoo.com From: Affiance Essequibo CoastLiving In:
Occupation: Travel AgentOther Information: Attended ARMS 82-88,would like to meet my class mates and other friends from that school
Bhagwandat, Yeshwaryeshwar_bhagwandat@colpal.com From: ProvidenceLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: Sales ExecutiveOther Information: Attended Covent Garden Secondary School ( 82-87)
Bhagwandeen, Amandadb_amanda@hotmail.com From: Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Bhagwandeen, Chateram Derickcbhagwandeen@rogers.com From: Lima Essequibo Coast&Barr St Kitty.Living In: Brampton Ontario Canada
Occupation: Sworn Land SurveyorOther Information: ARMS 1972-1979 GTI 1979-1983 Smallie
Bhagwandeen, Chateram Derickcbhagwandeen@yahoo.com From: Lima Essequibo CoastLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: SLSOther Information: ARMS,GTI,CALiburd and Associates,Kayman Sankar via Walter Willis working as a Sworn Land Surveyor.
Bhagwandeen, Chateram Derickcbhagwandeen@yahoo.com From: Lima,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Brampton,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Chemical Manufacturing Tech.formerly a Land SurveyorOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary,GTI,ca Liburd and Associates,Kayman Sankar with WJ Willis.
Bhagwandeen, Tulsiedeentbhag@verizion.net From: Lima Essequibo Coast Region # 2Pom/SupLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Anna Regina Multi School
Bhagwandeen, Tulsiedeentbhagwande@aol.com From: Lima Essequibo CoastLiving In: Queens Village New York
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Anna Regina Multi.School 1971-1977
Bhagwandeo-Kainth, Geetagkainth101@aol.com From: Mahaica River/LusignanLiving In: Maimi,Florida
Occupation: Self employedOther Information:
Bhagwandin nee Sawh, Jasantisanti654@yahoo.com From: LBI Campbellville GTLiving In: Coral Springs FL
Occupation: ChemistOther Information: University of Guyana1974:Annandale Seondary School1968-1973
Bhagwandin, Andreaandrea145@verizon.net From: 37 area 'E',Ogle.East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Richmond Hill,N.Y.11419
Occupation: homemakerOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary School 1986-1989
Bhagwandin, Aneroodanerood@aol.com From: #57 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: 1981-83 Student of Skeldon Line Path Sec.1983-86 Student ofTagore Memorial High School.1987-93 Teacher of Central Corentyne Sec.School.1993-95 Student of G.S.A.
Bhagwandin, Anjaneeanjaneeb@guysuco.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Foulis,ECD,Guyana
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Golden Grove Sec,Rampersaud's Secretarial School,Global Technology
Bhagwandin, BalwantB.Bhaggie28@att.net From: Anna Regina,EssequiboLiving In: New York
Occupation: Medical sonographerOther Information: Teacher,Anna Regina Secondary Scool
Bhagwandin, Deniswinkine45@cs.com From: Ogle old roadLiving In: Btronx New York
Occupation: AuditorOther Information: Attended Cummings Lodge Secondary.Carhie grandson
Bhagwandin, Dhanrajdhanbhagi@aol.com From: Annandale,ECDLiving In: New York
Occupation: Journalism/TeachingOther Information:
Bhagwandin, EdwardEdward.bhagwandin@db.com From: ISLINGTON,E/B BERBICELiving In: QUEENS VILLAGE NEW YORK
Occupation: Mailroom clerkOther Information: BERBICE HIGH SCHOOL
Bhagwandin, Finella Rbhagwandinf@gmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Toronto canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Charlestown Sec
Bhagwandin, HariHari@guyana.net.gy From: GuyanaLiving In: Annandale South E.C.D
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information:
Bhagwandin, Inderawinkine45@cs.com From: LilliendaalLiving In: Bronx New York
Occupation: Secretary/HospitalOther Information: live at the pump station/pumpman daughter
Bhagwandin, Jenniferjenkhan56@gmail.com From: Gordon Street KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: working for a pension companyOther Information: Father from Ogle Daniel Bhagwandin.attended St.James School and Persauds Secretarial in Waterloo Street.Looking for old friends Mark Subryan,Paul Singh Mary Edghill.
Bhagwandin, JoanJoanBhagwandin@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Mon Repos
Occupation: Inventory Audit ClerkOther Information:
Bhagwandin, John(Janak)jbhagwan@tampabay.rr.com From: Miss Phoebe,Port MourantLiving In: Tampa,Florida
Occupation: Prog.AnalystOther Information: Attended Corentyne High School(1971)Also lived in Toronto
Bhagwandin, Johnjbhagwandin@nypl.org From: CorrivertonLiving In: Manhattan
Occupation: Branch LibrarianOther Information:
Bhagwandin, Joseph-George-Bhaggyjbhagwandin@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Civil EngineerOther Information:
Bhagwandin, Meena/NaliniMParasnauth@WestonBakeries.com From: Seafield,Leonora,WCDLiving In: Scarborough
Occupation: Cust.RepresentativeOther Information: I ATTEND Zeeburg Secondary AND Leonora PRIMARY School
Bhagwandin, NirshalaNirshala@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Pennslyvannia,USA
Occupation: QA AnalystOther Information:
Bhagwandin, Paulpaulbhag@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Foulis,ECD Guyana
Occupation: Electrical Engineer(BSC)Other Information: Richard Ishmeal G.T.I University of Guyana
Bhagwandin, Priyapriyabhagwandin@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Studying in the UK
Occupation: StudentOther Information: NAMS,Berbice,University of Guyana,presently University of Nottingham
Bhagwandin, Robertrobertmb@erols.com From: Ogle Front,E.C.DLiving In: Stafford,Virginia,USA
Occupation: Sr.Computer Systems Consultant/PhotogrammetristOther Information: Attended Cummings Lodge Govt.Sec.(SchoolBoy Cricket 1968).
Bhagwandin, Sharon Raes_bhagwandin@yahoo.com From: Father from Ogle Front,ECDLiving In: Fairfax,Virginia
Occupation: Journalist/reporterOther Information: Alumni-Mary Washington College,Fredericksburg,Virginia
Bhagwandin, Sunnil Gavaskar(Dereck)bdereck5@adelphia.net From: Living In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: this is my new email address.Feel free to get in touch,especially old friends from SLPSS.
Bhagwandin, Sunnil Gavaskar(Dereck)Bdereck5@aol.com From: Baljeet st,78 Village BerbiceLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Aircraft MechanicOther Information: SLPSS_please feel free to get in touch.
Bhagwandin, Sunnilbdereck5@aol.com From: No 78 VillageLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Aircraft MechanicOther Information: Attended Anglican primary,Skeldon Line Path Secondary.One of the best runners for my School.Married to Annette,also attended SLPSS,have 2 kids.
Bhagwandin, Timothy Ernesttebhagwa@yahoo.com From: Father from Ogle Front,ECD,GuyanaLiving In: Burke,Virginia
Occupation: Computer Application SpecialistOther Information: NVCC,Virginia
Bhagwandin, VEDYA (Outar)VEDYBHAGWANDIN@AOL.COM From: No 2 Village,Canje,BerbiceLiving In: QUEENS VILLAGE NEW YORK
Occupation: bookeeperOther Information: Overwinning secondary-planning a re-union of class of 73 please get in touch-
Bhagwandin, Vishnuvisbhag@yahoo.com From: West Coast Dem.Living In: West Coast Dem.
Occupation: MarketingOther Information: I would like to chat with all Guyanese
Bhairo, BhooshanteeSbhairo@aol.com From: Windsor ForestLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Other Information:
Bhairo, Chriscoolbreez96@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: NYC
Occupation: Network AdminOther Information: Central High School
Bhairo, Geetangellitactlesslady@yahoo.ca From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Winnipeg,Mb,Canada
Occupation: R.NOther Information: Looking for B.H.S friend--Ameeran Khan.Or anyone that went to school with me.
Bhajan, Alanryanrxv@yahoo.com From: Black Bush Polder,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: New Amsterdam,Berbice,Guyana.
Occupation: Teacher/Lecturer/TutorOther Information: NAMS,UG.
Bhajan, BudBudbhajan2@aol.com From: Williamsburg,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Holyoke,Massachusetts
Occupation: Other Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral 75-79,G.E.C Training School,Sophia,Georgetown,80-83,G.E.C.Power Station,Canefield,Canjie,Berbice.83-87
Bhalchand, UdhoDannyudho@yahoo.com From: No.60 villageLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: Fire safety directorOther Information: Tagore class of 80
Bhandoo, Barbarabarbie256@hotmail.com From: Fair Field MahaiconyLiving In: British Virgin Islands
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information: Attended Bygeval Secondary School Graduated 92
Bharat-Deochand, Sherry (Basmattie)deochand9@aol.com From: Unity ECDLiving In: New York
Occupation: Patient Care TechOther Information: Attended Gibson Primary,Cove & John Secondary.Would love to hear from classmates and a friend Chandranie Mahadeo (from Lusignan)
Bharat-Hardyal, CDreampetal@aol.com From: Reliance Sett.,East Canje,B/ceLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: Attended BEI 1976-1979-would love to renew old acquaintances
Bharat-Silvera, Bhanmattie (Kamlita or Kam)kamlita_58@hotmail.com From: Unity Village E C DLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: Medical Lab TechOther Information: attended Gibson Primary,Cove and John Secondary School and The Business School (Brickdam),worked at GAC,Main Street
Bharat-Silvera, Kamlita-Bhanmattiekamlita_58@hotmail.com From: Unity,ECDLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: Medical Lab TechOther Information: I attended Gibson Primary,Cove and John Secondary (79-84),The Business School (85-87).Would love to chat with classmates and workmates from GAC (Main Street) Also penpals i've had from all across Guyana particularly someone who worked at Guynec
Bharat, Harry(Jago)amitoo4@aol.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Pump EngineerOther Information: Attended Enmore Hope Government School,use to live in school street.
Bharat, Jack C.LibOfcSupl@aol.com From: Uitvlugt,W.C.D.Living In: Queens,NY
Occupation: CEO of Liberty Grouphttp://www.LibertyOfficeProducts.comOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary&Saints(Guyana),Queens College(NY)
Bharat, Jaipaul(Paul)pauls_mmspares70@hotmail.com From: 70 Garnett Street,Campbellville.GeorgetownLiving In: same add as above
Occupation: Managing DirectorOther Information: Surfing to find classmates around the world
Bharat, Sevraj(Videsh)videshbharat@hotmail.com From: Unity VillageLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: MechanicsOther Information: Attended Bygeval Multilateral School.My other contact id is t_playaz@yahoo.ca.I am married and have a son.Looking for old friends from school,and people from my village area.Feel free to contact me anytime.
Bharose/Mohamad, Ashmanilash97@yahoo.ca From: BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: Insurance RepOther Information: Attended:Skeldon Line Path Secondary and B.E.C
Bharose, Neilnilash97@yahoo.ca From: BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: Industrial MaintenanceOther Information: Attended:Skeldon High School and B.E.C
Bharrat-Paul, KamaniJaikishanb@aol.com From: Goed Fortune/Plantain WalkLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: BakerOther Information: West Dem Secondary
Bharrat, bharrat1@rogers.com From: Cotton Tree Village BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Rosignol Secondary School 1978-1980
Bharrat, Ddaxl026@aol.com From: Goed FortuinLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information:
Bharrat, Devindra(Romeo)DBRomeo12@aol.com From: Goed Fortuin Housing SchemeLiving In: Minneapolis,Minnesota U.S.A
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information:
Bharrat, JaikishanJaikishanb@aol.com From: Goed FortuneLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Hitchcok Ind.Other Information:
Bharrat, Mandymandybhz@yahoo.com From: Berbice(Edinburgh Scheme)Living In: USA(Staten Island)
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Berbice High(Class of 97)and University Of Guyana.
Bharrat, Nareshnbharrat@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Skeldon Estate Factory Lab 1981-1992.
Bharrat, NarupaCASSIDIKAELI@aol.com From: No.2 Village,East Canje,Berbice.Living In: New York,U.S.A.
Occupation: Other Information: No.2 Primary School,etc.
Bharrat, RandyRandyBharrat952@aol.com From: Goed FortuneLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Rosemount High School
Bharratt, Amarnathabharratt1@aol.com From: Kitty,E.C.DemararaLiving In: Queens N.Y.
Occupation: EngineeringOther Information: Central High School,Met office Timehri and GT
Bharratt, Shobashobab5@yahoo.com From: Lima,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Long Island,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended the Anna Regina Multilateral School(1997-2002)would love to hear from fellow guyanese and friends
Bhawan, Hardatthnoc@rogers.com From: Fyrish RoadLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive 1990-1993,teacher in Guyana
Bhawan, Hardatthbhawan@sunproject.com From: Fyrish RoadLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Accounting ManagerOther Information: Cropper Primary School,CCSH Graduate 1993
Bhawan, Hardatthbhawan@sunproject.com From: Fyrish RoadLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Accounting ManagerOther Information: Cropper Primary School,CCSH Graduate 1993
Bhawanie, Singhbhawaniesingh@yahoo.com From: BarticaLiving In: New York
Occupation: Teacherhttp://www.bhawaniesingh.comOther Information: Guyana Oriental College,Guyana School of Agriculture,Bartica Secondary School,Central High School,University of Guyana
Bheem, Tinatinabheem@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attend Skeldon line Path and was living in corriverton
Bheemsainroy/Guyadat, ShantiShantib_roy@yahoo.com From: #70 Village/Crabwood CreekLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary School 1985-1989,Clerk at GUYSUCO 1991-1996,Teller at NBIC 1998-2001
Bheer (nee Sampuran), Valinivalini.bheer@eudoramail.com From: L.B.ILiving In: Woodhaven,Queens
Occupation: PharmacistOther Information: Queens' College (82-89)
Bhika, Rajendrarbhika2001@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: E-mail me to be a friend.
Bhikam, Shabanashabana2379@yahoo.com From: Berbice/GuyanaLiving In: Berbice
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: It will be great to reach old friends.
Bhikha, Vivekanandvivekbhikha@yahoo.com From: Grove Housing SchemeLiving In: Clermont,Florida
Occupation: Tool And Die MakerOther Information: Diamond Govt.School.G.T.I
Bhikhdhari, Savitrisavitrib04@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: connecticut
Occupation: Medical AssistantOther Information:
Bhim, Nalinisbhim97@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Eccles,East Bank Demerara
Occupation: studentOther Information: Dharmic Rama Krishna Primary
Bhim, Ravindranauthravibhim@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Master's Student@Ryersony UniversityOther Information: Attend Lime Path Seconday School.I did my underGraduate degree at University of Guyana.
Bhim, Rosannaangel_7_from_heaven@hotmail.com From: NYCLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I am currently attending Queens Gateway to the Health and Sciences Secondary School in Queens.My elementary school was P.S.108 Queens.My junior high school was Elizabeth Blackwell 210.
Bhimal, Muneshtonylover1984@gmail.com From: TuschenLiving In: Aruba
Occupation: ContractorOther Information: Stewartville secondary 1996-2001
Bhimpal, Babitasarahalex.lambs@videotron.ca From: Reliance-Canje,GuyanaLiving In: Montreal,Quebec.Canada
Occupation: ManagementOther Information: ReliancePrimary,B.H.S.87-90,N.A.T.I.93-95 also teach at Canefield
Bhimraj, AnilAnilbhimraj@hotmail.com From: Triumph E C DEMLiving In: Edmonton Alberta canada
Occupation: GoldsmithOther Information:
Bhimraj, Nalinivick95@hotmail.com From: TriumphLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta
Occupation: buisnessOther Information: Daughter of samaroo Bhimraj and has 3 brothers Anil Dave and Rajin
Bhimraj, Rajinraj0910@hotmail.com From: TriumphLiving In: Edmonton
Occupation: BusinessOther Information: Son of Samaroo Bhimraj
Bhimraj, SamarooProudguyanese_3000@hotmail.com From: Triumph villageLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta
Occupation: FarmingOther Information:
Bhiro, AmandaGTQT4u@hotmail.com From: RePP'N GuyAna 2 Dah Fulle$t yuH heArD¿Living In: New Jersey
Occupation: Studenthttp://hometown.aol.com/babygyal4u115769/Other Information: Hit mE up An Email If yuh Want.NuFF luv&Re$peCt to all Mah GT&Caribbean CreW
Bhiro, Babsbbkdm@yahoo.com From: No 45 Village,CorentyneLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School
Bhiro, H. Royrbhiro@primelending.com From: 45 VillageLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Mortgage BankerOther Information: Attended CHS for 1 year and CCHS for 2 years,Left Guyana March 77.
Bhoj (Mankad), BennyBennyMankad@aol.com From: # 55 VillageLiving In: Ozone Park,Queens
Occupation: Other Information:
Bhoj(Neil), RavinStranger2580@aol.com From: #36 VillageLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Bhoj, Devidevija@yahoo.com From: No.67 VillageLiving In: Winter Garden,Florida
Occupation: ParalegalOther Information: Tagore High 83-88
Bhoj, Janiscoolliegirl@hotmail.com From: Canefield settlemt canje Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Ontario Canada
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information:
Bhol, Saijolsaijolpbho@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: lab technicianOther Information: Would like to get in touch with other guyanese.
Bhola Thomas, Gracegtwonder@yahoo.com From: Durban Backlands,LodgeLiving In: Miami,FL
Occupation: Public SafetyOther Information: Bishops High School,St Gabriels Primary
Bhola-Khargie, PammyTmiles@cwf.org From: Brighton & No.47 VillageLiving In: Newport News,Va.U.S.A.
Occupation: Cosmetologist/CWF Tel.OperatorOther Information: Daughter of(Rudy Vallee)Archie Bhola-Khargie of Brighton Village & Eversham,he lives in Orlando,Fla.I grew up in Hartford & Windsor,Connecticut.
Bhola, Anil LatchmanLatchmanBhola832@hotmail.com From: Guyana Brighton cor/BerbiceLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: advisor working with farmersOther Information: central corentyne secondary and guyana school of agricultural science
Bhola, Ganeshwar (Son)gan.eshawar@hotmail.com From: Crabwood Creek,CorentyneLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Machine OperatorOther Information: Tapir Driver Road Runner.Looking for some old friends.Keep in touch
Bhola, Jimmyjbsonny@aol.com From: #47 Village BerbiceLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Walgreens Infusion PharmacyOther Information: Went to Lutheran High School Class of 79
Bhola, JuneJunebhola@hotmail.com From: Prashad Nagar,Living In: Prashad Nagar
Occupation: Other Information: Bishop High School.
Bhola, Monamonabhol@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: StudentOther Information: CCSS Central Corentyne Secondary School
Bhola, Mosesmosesbhola@yahoo.com From: Brighton CorentyneLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Other Information: Formally of Brighton Vlg C/tyne and of Queenstown G/town.Son of the Late Joseph&Mary Bhola
Bhola, Nadira(Joan)jbholanadira@hotmail.com From: Brighton Village,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: Brampton Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Inventory ClericalOther Information: No.36 Primary School/Vryman's Community High School/Miss.Bennson'Commerical.Seeking old friends.
Bhola, Nareshnareshbhola2002@hotmail.com From: Pouderoyen,west coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: MachiningOther Information: Atennded Malgre Tout Primary early 80's + West Dem Sec.77-82 would be nice to hear from old classmates
Bhola, Nareshnareshbhola@hotmail.com From: pouderoyenLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: machiningOther Information: attended west dem.Secondary 77'-82'
Bhola, Patriciapatriciabhola@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: St.Lucia
Occupation: Other Information: I am trying to get in contact with one Kewala Cheddie,anyone with information can e-mail me,Thanks
Bhola, Patriciapatricia437@yahoo.com From: St.LuciaLiving In: Rodney Bay
Occupation: Other Information:
Bhola, SharonSharonbhola@clubcyberastro.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Other Information: Grand-daughter of the late Joseph&Mary Bhola of Brighton,Corentyne.Former student of Winifred Gaskin Memorial Secondary
Bhola, Sureshnareshbhola2002@yahoo.com From: Pouderoyen,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Atttended West Dem.Sec.
Bhola, Sureshnareshbhola@hotmail.com From: pouderoyenLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: self employedOther Information: attended west dem.sec.
Bholanath, Ashaabholanath@yahoo.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Enterprise,E.C.D
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Line Path Secondary
Bholanath, Pradeepadeepa_b2000@yahoo.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Enterprise,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Accounts Student-UGOther Information: President's College(93-98),UG(98-Present)
Bholanauth, Shivaneeshivanee1@hotmail.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Enterprise,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Systems Analyst/ProgrammerOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary,The Bishops' High School
Bhopaul, Kennethkgy002@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Bhowal, Ammarnauthammarbhowal@yahoo.com From: #59 villageLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens,NY
Occupation: Operations ManagerOther Information: Shiva
Bhuanlall, Vedeshavedesha_80a@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: No.68 Village
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: No.68 Primary,Tagore Memorial Sec.Roadside Baptist Church
Bhukhan, Andreamark 282@sympatico.ca From: Parika,Living In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary School 1982-1987
Bhukhureea, AnnieAnnie.Bhukhureea@shgroup.org.uk From: LeonoraLiving In: London
Occupation: Other Information: Used to attend Leonora Primary and Zeeburg Secondary
Bhulasi, Arjoonabhulasi@hotmail.com From: Atlantic GardensLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: IT Business Ownerhttp://www.nwvny.comOther Information: Attended Corentyne High School,taught at Corentyne Comprehensive School and Central High School,Graduated from the University of Guyana
Bibi Akhleema, Gafoorakhleemagafoor@yahoo.com From: Region 3Living In: Zeelugt
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: I attended Professional Learning College.currently working in kitty
Bibi Ameena, Khanameena.khan@hotmail.com From: Canal no 2 Polder WBDLiving In: Toronto Ontario
Occupation: PSW/Nursing AssistantOther Information: Kawall Govt School,Patentia Secondary School.Live in Venezuela 4 yrs,ST Maarten 8 yrs
Bibi Zaleena, MohamedDreamgirl_59@live.com From: Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: Mississauga
Occupation: Internal Information Report IIROther Information: Devi Terry Clement
Bibi, Bakshsilverstar_6145370@yahoo.com From: AnnandaleLiving In: Annandale
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Enmore Hope Primary,Lusignan Primary,Isa Islamic School,St.Rose's High,University of Guyana
Bibi, Latifflove728us@hotmail.com From: Adventure Farm,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: New York,USA
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: I attended Winifred Gaskin Memorial High School (Manchester High School) 1976 to 1981
Bidgraj, Rakeshrbcomputersolutions@gmail.com From: #73 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Computer repair technicianhttp://www.rakeshcomputerrepairs.comOther Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path Secondary 1992-1997
Bidur, Chandradatt Rockyrockyboy_gy@yahoo.com From: La-Grange old Road W.B.DLiving In: Mississauge On
Occupation: Other Information: West Demera Secondary School(90/95)
Bieray, SavitreDian2sweet1@yahoo.com From: East Canje BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: ReceptionistOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School
Bihari, Dhankumarieprincessshevon@bellsouth.net From: Aurora VillageLiving In: Florida
Occupation: college studentOther Information: i used to go to aurora secondary school from 1998-2004.i would love to hear from my friend and teachers.
Bihari, Nuraj AvinashprinceAvin@bellsouth.net From: Aurora VillageLiving In: Florida
Occupation: studentOther Information: i used to go to abram zuil secondary school when i was in guyana.would love to hear from friends and teachers.
Bijlall, Kaminikbijlall@yahoo.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: Attended:Rama Krishna Primary,Tutorial High SChool.
Bikhari, Shantasweetestshanta@hotmail.com From: Sheet Anchor/Cumberland/Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Laval,Quebec,Canada
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Reliance Primary/F.O.G.S/1974
Billar, Estherestherfaziousa@yahoo.com From: DeWillem,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary 1982-1987.Father had Liquor shop on Public Road.
Billar, MichaelBigmickey6x@netscape.com From: Georgetown/KittyLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Accouant payables clerkOther Information: From Kitty shell road.(Hot spot)Liquor Resturant
Billey, Colleenebonyrose_5@yahoo.com From: South R/velt Park GeorgetownLiving In: St.James Barbados
Occupation: Interior DesignerOther Information: Attend St.Angela's Primary,and St.John's Collage 86-91
Billey, Richardobilleyqueens@aol.com From: Uitvlugt PastureLiving In:
Occupation: Sales ManagementOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary and GTI,Football player and referee
Billey, TroyTroybilley@hotmail.com From: Frienship E.C.DemLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Bladen Hall
Binani, Johnpeoplesfx@aol.com From: Orangestein WCDLiving In: Holliswood,NY.
Occupation: DevelopperOther Information:
Binda, Diannediannebinda@aol.com From: WakenaamLiving In: Apex,North Carolina USA
Occupation: Other Information: St.Rose's High 1988-1992 University of Guyana 1994
Bing, NazmoonENNMORES@msn.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Minneapolis,Minnesota USA
Occupation: Pediatric NurseOther Information: Worked at Georgetown Hospital from 1974 to 1978
Bipat, AnnaAnnamika_bipat@hotmail.com From: GeorGeorgetown,DemeraraLiving In: England
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information: Snyder High School in New Jersey,NY
Bipat, Bishwanandcab@batelnet.bs From: East CanjeLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Canje Secondary School
Bipat, DiannaDIANNARAMDEEN@YAHOO.COM From: Canefield sett,canjeLiving In: queens,ny
Occupation: customer serviceOther Information: BERBICE HIGH SCHOOL
Bipat, Ronald SKITTLESheineken.@rogers.com From: TriumphLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Asst.PharmacistOther Information: hoping to hear from old friends.
Bipat, Ronaldronaldbipat@rogers.com From: Triumph/BVLiving In: Ontario
Occupation: ConciergeOther Information: aka skittles.
Bipat, Ryanryan_bipat2003@hotmail.com From: Industry Front,East Coast Demerara.Living In: Industry Front,East Coast Demerara.
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: CLSS.
Bipat, SKITTLESheineken.1@rogers.com From: Triumph/BVLiving In: Canada
Occupation: ChefOther Information: please drop me a line.
Bipat, Yashpaulyashpaul17@hotmail.com From: Clonbrook-AnnsGrove-BeehiveLiving In: Canada
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Cove&John Secondary School,finished in 2000 then went in to Guyana Technical Institute And graduated in motor vehicle engines.Then went on running my own business in clonbrook.and need my friends to contact me thanks.
Birbahadur, Naitramamit5001nb@yahoo.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: Shiprock,New Mexico
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Bygeval Sec.(1993-1999).
Birbal, Arnold(puff)Babyamrita@hotmail.com From: Better hopeLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: InvestorOther Information: Leave Guyana in 1985,want to catch up with old friends,drop me a line,better known as puff
Birbal, Kemrajravi.b69@gmail.com From: Williamsburg,Berbice.Living In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: Software Support AnalystOther Information: Lower Corentyne Secondary-Class of 86-Looking for old friends.
Birbal, Kenkenbirbal@yahoo.com From: Williamsburg,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Network EngineerOther Information: BHS/Multi 77 UG 80-85 BT JCCSS(Teacher)85-91
Birball, ChriseendatChris827k@aol.com From: Whim VillageLiving In: Upstate NY
Occupation: Technician/StudentOther Information: J.C Chandisingh Secondary
Birball, ChrisendatChris827k@aol.com From: Whim Village,corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Albany,N.Y.
Occupation: StudentOther Information: J.C Chandisingh Secondary School
Birju, Chaitramchet_birju@hotmail.co.uk From: Annandale/LusignanLiving In: England
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Annandale Sec.School 1966-70
Birkett, Rolandrolandbirkett@yahoomail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: MIS DirectorOther Information: Queen's College,Central High
Birkett, Samuelsam_birk@yahoo.com From: Prashad Nagar,GeorgetownLiving In: Houston,Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Network/Communications AdministrationOther Information: Central High,St.Josephs High
Bisai, DeodatGBisia@excite.com From: MihikaLiving In: New Jersey,Jersey City
Occupation: Other Information: It will be nice to hear from old friends and long lost family members.
Bisai, GopaulGToriginal01@aol.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: Jersey City,NJ
Occupation: ContractorOther Information:
Bisal, Shaminileonsman99@yahoo.com From: uitvlugt west coast demeraraLiving In: toronto canada
Occupation: accountantOther Information:
Biscombe Graves, Desireedesireeann16@hotmail.com From: Bel-AirLiving In: London
Occupation: Telecommunications ManagerOther Information:
Bisesar, Jerome aka:Jerry or JDjbisesar@hotmail.com,jeromebisesar@usa.net From: Vreed-en-Hoop,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Vreed-en-Hoop,WCD
Occupation: Sales Representative(Ainlim Auto Sales)Neal&MassyOther Information: West Dem High School,looking to contact any one who went to high School with me or any one who know me.
Bisesar, Judithjudyb_jb@yahoo.com From: Best Village,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Same
Occupation: Personal AssistantOther Information: West Demerara Government Secondary 1989-1994,Guyana Presbytarian Church NYC 1997-2000,Worked at GTM 1995-1998,Looking for all my friends write me please
Bisesar, Leena IndirahIndirah25@aol.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: NY & Ohio,USA
Occupation: Pharmacy InternOther Information: Richard Ishmael Sec 1988-1994,York College & Tri-C
Bisessar, Leneditb@outloo.com From: Canefield settlement,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,On. Canada
Occupation: Flight AttendantOther Information: Attended BHS in Guyana. Worked at Guyana Electricity Corp as System Engineer. Live in Canada and attended Conestoga College. Worked as a Quality Technician at Linamar and as Cost Analysis at Tigercat Ind.
Bisham, Geeta Devibtrfly005@hotmail.com From: # 58 Village Corentyne/BerbiceLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attend Tagore Memorial Hight School also R.V.C Private School.
Bisham, MookanMBISHAM_58@hotmail.com From: # 58 Village Corentyne/BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Would like to meet some old friends.
Bisham, Ritaaritabish@msn.com From: #58 Village Corentyne/BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Tagore Memorial High School in 1980s.Would like to corrispond with friends
Bishamber, Rajeshrajesh.b@sympatico.ca From: Clonbrook E C D.GuyanaLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Graphic DesignerOther Information: West Humber Collegiate.
Bishamber, Ravindraravib@ptd.net From: Grove East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Production ManagerOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary
Bishamber, Reepudamansonorb@hotmail.com From: Line Path C,SkeldonLiving In: St.Lucia
Occupation: PharmacistOther Information: Line Path Secondary 1988-1992 UG 1993-1998
Bishnauth, Randyrbishanuth@hotmail.com From: Corentyne(born in Manitoba)Living In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Bishop nee Sookha, Joycelynjoycelynbishop@hotmail.com From: Providence,East Bank Dem.Living In: Northford Connecticut U.S.A
Occupation: Agents for Limo'sOther Information: St.Theresa School,Peter's Hall
Bishop, Brianimaqq@hotmail.com From: Guyana/St.LuciaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: MachinistOther Information: Anna Regina Multi(86-90)
Bishop, Michaelbbishop@gtcomputing-svc.com From: BeterverwagtingLiving In: Georgia,USA
Occupation: Network EngineerOther Information: HS:Richard Ishmael,College:New York City Technical
Bishop, Paulettesamanthapaulette30003@yahoo.com From: Atlantic VillageLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Nutrition Auxiliary WorkerOther Information:
Bishop, Robynrobynb76@yahoo.com From: South R/veldt GT.GuyLiving In: Atlanta Ga
Occupation: Other Information: Nrth.G/town/Central High/Eastern Rockets
Bishun, CamilleCamillesCatering@aol.com From: Grove E.B.D.Living In: Long Island
Occupation: President of Camille,s CateringOther Information:
Bishun, Lauren Nicolestortybbopp925@aol.com From: Parents from GroveLiving In: Port Jefferson Long Island NY
Occupation: Student 7 GradeOther Information: Port Jefferson Middle School
Bishun, RampatRKAL4@aol,com From: Grove Village East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Port Jefferson Long Island New York
Occupation: A V Tech/System IntergrationOther Information:
Bishun, Stevestevebishun@yahoo.ca From: enterpriseLiving In: kitchener
Occupation: retiredOther Information:
Bishundat-Seenarine, Devikadevikabishundat@yahoo.ca From: Strathavon,Cane Grove,ECDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: stay home mom/housewifeOther Information: Cane Grove Primary,Bygeval Secondary,Mahaica Commercial School
Bishundat, Devikad3v1ka@gmail.com From: Strathavon,Cane Grove,ECDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Cane Grove Primary,Bygeval Secondary,Mahaica Commercial School,& worked at Hand in Hand Insurance Co.
Bishundat, Vishaldavishuals@hotmail.com From: Strathavon cane grove(Guyana)Living In: Queens,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Bygeval Secondary & Center Accountancy Training
Bishundeo, Davindradjice11432@yahoo.com From: Helena & De Hoop Mahaica.Living In: Jamaica Queens,N.Y.
Occupation: StudientOther Information: Helena & Lusignan Primary
Bishundeo, Parvetaparveta9@yahoo.com From: WakenaamLiving In: Essequibo Coast
Occupation: Other Information:
Bishundial, D.Pdbishundial@hotmail.com From: Mahaica,AnnandaleLiving In:
Occupation: AgronomistOther Information: AnnandaleSec.U-O-Guyana U-O-Bristol UOReading
Bisnath, Robertrbisnath@umd.edu From: Cumberland,Canje,Berbice.Guyana.Living In: Riverdale,Maryland.U.S.A.
Occupation: Coordinator/ChefOther Information: Attended B.H.S.Anyone feel free to drop me a few lines.ta! ta!
Bisnauth(Harnauth), Karran(Frankie)khb01@sbcglobal.net From: Cane GroveLiving In: Texas
Occupation: Manager Administrative ServicesOther Information: Bygeval,Georgetown School of Accountancy
Bisnauth, BKbrahma1@hotmail.com From: Northen StreetLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: CanadaOther Information: Central School.1967-1972
Bisnauth, Barbarabbisnauth@mountaincable.net From: WalesLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Business Support AnalystOther Information: Wales Community High School
Bisnauth, BarbaraBarbara.G.Bisnauth@ca.ey.com From: WalesLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Business Support AnalystOther Information: Wales Community High School
Bisnauth, KarenSosina2000us@yahoo.com From: George TownLiving In: Toronto Ont.
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information: I Would like to get in touch with Guyaneese community in Toronto Please E-mail me if you are interested.
Bisnauth, Neetaneetabis@yahoo.com From: Hyde Park,Mahaicony CreekLiving In: Campbellville,Georgetown
Occupation: Assistant AccountantOther Information: University of Guyana
Bisnauth, Ricardosatanbug_666@yahoo.com From: no 69 villageLiving In: same village
Occupation: studentOther Information:
Bisnauth, Richardrbisnauth@guyanafriends.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Indiana,USA
Occupation: self employedOther Information:
Bisnauth, RudolphRUD_BIS@MSN.com From: LindenLiving In: queens New York
Occupation: HR.&PAYROLL MGR.Other Information: Wismar Multilateral.York College Grad.(ACC.)
Bisnauth, Taramattieguyanese_girl2004@yahoo.com From: Auchlyne Estate&Whim VillageLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: Senior at High SchoolOther Information: Went to compre.high,neeta,bineta,shafi&amrita are my best friends in guyana.
Bispat, EktaDevshon29@yahoo.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Arc BusinessOther Information: Annandale Secondary,Brickdam Sec.,Campbellville Sec
Bisram, Amritaamritadb@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Ny
Occupation: Customer Service RepOther Information: Central Corentyne Sec,Would like to meet old friends.
Bisram, Anjalibisram.anjali@wpstv.com From: Skeldon,corriverton,BerbiceLiving In: canada,etobicoke
Occupation: edi clerkOther Information: attended linepath sec,anyone who remember me feel free to drop me a line
Bisram, Indi,Omesh,Manojrjabisram@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot Village West Coast Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Like to chat/meet school mates etc.
Bisram, Indranie(Rosie)rosie@powers.com From: Bush Lot Village,West Coast Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario-Canada
Occupation: Accounts ReceivableOther Information: Bush Lot Sec.1980-1986 Anxious to hear from my school friends
Bisram, Joshua Jeromejoshuabisram@yahoo.com From: Ocean View/Uitvlugt,Anna ReginaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Quality Controls CordinatorOther Information: Attend A.R.M.S,GTI,UG and taught
Bisram, Kavitakavitabisram@yahoo.com From: corrivertonLiving In: peyton place Skeldon
Occupation: junior book keeperOther Information: line path Secondary 1985-1990
Bisram, Sandrabbga32@aol.com From: 59 Village corentyneLiving In: atlanta,ga
Occupation: financial adviserOther Information: attend linepath h.s.1980-81
Bisram, Shamraj(Sham)bisram@sbcglobal.net From: Alexander Village(4th st)Living In: Chicago IL USA
Occupation: Engineer ConsultantOther Information: Ruimveldt school,Central high,Muslin trust college.
Bisram, SherryAnnlovelatch@hotmail.com From: Bartica region #7Living In: U.S.A
Occupation: housewifeOther Information: attended st.john the baptist college and then Bartica Community hight school uses to hang out with Kashantie Balram,Nadia Ally ect like to meet my old friends and all those who remember me
Bisram, Varshaknivek1212@yahoo.com From: #70 Village,Republic Park EBDLiving In: LINY
Occupation: Medical Assistant/StudentOther Information: SLPSS
Bissessar/Persaud, Tolsie DaiTBissessar@aol.com From: Leguan/Wakenaam/GeorgetownLiving In: Delaware
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended EIGSS in the 70's
Bissessar, Bhupali(Maria)DevilAngelBoo@aol.com From: Georgetown(Bel-Air)Living In: Queens,N.Y
Occupation: StudentOther Information: i was a student@Queens College in '95.
Bissessar, Rrbissessar@rbsomerville.com From: Queenstown,GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario,Cda
Occupation: AccountantOther Information:
Bissessar, Savitrie Malinimalinibis@yahoo.com From: LusignanLiving In: Jamaica WI
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Annadale Sec
Bissessar, Tonybissessg@optonline.net From: #36 village,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: maintenanceOther Information:
Bissessar, Ventonbissessar_venton@yahoo.com From: Lusignan WestLiving In: Jamaica W.I
Occupation: Other Information: strathspey and Lusignan Primary
Bissoo-Jr, Patrickpatrickbissojr@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Electronics TechnicianOther Information: St.Jon's College,lived on Sheriff St.Unicorn Restaurant
Bissoo, Charmainecharmainebissoo@hotmail.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Amsterdam,The Netherlands
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Central High School & St.Joseph's High(would love to hear from old school mates)
Bissoo, Nicolespik_nic@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Artist/fabric DesignerOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Bissoo, Patrickpatrickbissoojr@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Electronic technician/installation technicianOther Information: North Ruimveldt Muthi/St John's collage.Lived at 49 John st C/ville.Unicron Restruant Sheriff st
Bissoon (Smally), Bissoondialbbissoondial@yahoo.com From: Louisiana,LeguanLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Former teacher at St.Mary's Camp & Brickdam and Assistant Accountant at GBC
Bissoon (Van Wyk), Jeanettetjvanwyk@sympatico.ca From: Bush Lot,GeorgetownLiving In: Waterloo,ON,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Bishops High School,1972 to 1976
Bissoon (Zamir), Joycelovemybirthplace@hotmail.com From: Devonshire Castle,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Pennsylvania,PA
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Attended:Trinity Methodist School,Guyana Oriental College,The Secretarial School. Worked as Confidential Secretary at: Guyana Timbers Ltd,DeSousa Bros.,C.A.Phillips,Davsons Caribbean Agencies,Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation.
Bissoon Nauth, IndiraHsanichar03@gmail.com From: Albion Front,CorentyneLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Samples Line CoordinatorOther Information: Elementary Education at Cropper Primary School Secondary Education at Corentyne High School(Class of "74) Graduated from In-service Teachers' Training at Multilateral(N/A) in 1981 Taught at Cropper Primary during 1979-1981 Taught at Manchester Community High School from 1981-'95 Would love to re-connect with friends and students or anyone who knows me
Bissoon, Rajwantie (Enid)enjef35@hotmail.com From: Three Friends Essequibo CoastLiving In: Grenada W.I
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Community High fron 1978-82,1982-84 Anna Regina Multileral high School.
Bissoonauth, Tilackdharry ( Devo )kingmikael@yahoo.com From: No.64 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: BusinessOther Information: Tagor Memorial High School
Bissoondial, Danield.bissoondial@ymail.com From: De WillemLiving In: Cayman Islands
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: I attended Saraswat Primary and Zeeburg Secondary and completed ACCA in December 2006.
Bissoondial, Deborahdbissoondial@hotmail.com From: Prashad Nagar,GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Senior Enterprise ManagerOther Information: Redeemer Lutheran Scchool North Georgetown Secondary
Bissoondial, Markcrmarkb@aol.com From: 78 CorrivertonLiving In: New York/Fla.
Occupation: BusinessOther Information: Attended Skeldon Luthran High School
Bissoondial, Rohandal Hareshrohan_b@rogers.com From: Rosignol VillageLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: EmployedOther Information: Berbice High School 1985-1989.Guysuco Training Centre 1989 entry.Blairmont Central Factory 1991-1997.Any knowing person want to drop me a line,feel free to do so.I will be most happy to hear from.
Bissundyal(Leone), Kavitakavita0301@netzero.com From: Adelphi Village E.Canje BerbiceLiving In: Connecticut
Occupation: Ph.D StudentOther Information: Attended NA Multi from 1976-1981-Would enjoy contacts with former classmates.
Bisumber, Geonauthdavebisumber@verizon.net From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Customer Service EngineerOther Information: BEI,TCI
Biswah, Yolandayouknowho12000@yahoo.com From: Georgetown/North EastLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Customer Service ManagerOther Information: attended St Mary's and Brickdam.
Black Caucus Of Guyana, blackcaucus52@hotmail.com From: 27Dasrath stTriumph Village ECDLiving In: 27Dasrath stTriumph Village ECD
Occupation: Other Information: The Caucus is an NGO not Politically Affiliated,But is open To Dialogue with any political Entity on all Issues affecting Black communities We Recognise the existence of two black skinned People Namely Black Africans and Black Asians
Blackette, Lloydlloydtrb@yahoo.com From: Light StreetLiving In: Light Street
Occupation: Network Engineer GTTOther Information: NGSS 1981-1995.AKA Fat Boy
Blackman, Dawndblack6489@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended BHS-1987 to 1990
Blackman, Dennisscarblack@aol.com From: Georgetown/section KLiving In: canada
Occupation: Business ManagerOther Information: Central High and Indians
Blackman, EarlEarlABlackman@cs.com From: Blueberry Hill/LindenLiving In: Richmond,VA
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Christanburg Primary/Silver City Secondary
Blackman, Egberte.blackman@fsmail.net From: Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: England
Occupation: Financial ControllerOther Information: Attended University of Guyana/Worked at Demerara Mutual Life
Blackman, GloriaGlorious_4ever@msn.com From: wisroc,Linden,GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: supporterOther Information: Came from Berbice went to blueberryhill and then moved to wisroc
Blackman, HoraceQUORSNIPERT@aol.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: UPSOther Information: St Roses High From 1985 to 1990
Blackman, Kielledymeprincess@msn.com From: Wisroc,LindenLiving In: Queens,New york
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information: Attended watooka day school Graduated in 2000 and then went on to mackenzie high school but only spent 4 months there.
Blackman, NickolaNickolaBlackman@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Saint Stanislaus College "1991 to 1995"
Blackman, Nickolanickolablack@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New york
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Saint Stanislaus college '91-95'
Blackmore nee Whyte, Deborah aka Debbieyaweh@rocketmail.com From: South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: South Ruimveldt Gardens,Guyana
Occupation: Asst Manager,LaparkanOther Information: Cambridge Academy,St.Roses' High
Blackmore, Mervinmervin_bl@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt Gdns (Georgetown)Living In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Roses' High,Critchlow Labor College
Blair nee Jeffrey, BetsyFlowerP059@aol.com From: Mocha Village E.B.DLiving In: Long Island(suffolk)
Occupation: Nurses/AideOther Information: Charlestown Secondary
Blair(nee Basdeo), Sandrasandr1a@attcanada.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Whitby,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Former employee of CARIcom,
Blair, Desnedesne10@hotmail.com From: Hopetown,GeorgetownLiving In: tampa,fl
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Corentyne High,brickdam High,Roses High
Blair, Eugenie Iyaboeblair4dias@yahoo.com From: AlberttownLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: U.G/Courts Guyana
Blair, Felix(Brentnol)rialb2000@yahoo.com From: Buxton Village&also Waterloo Street,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/Certified General AccountantOther Information: County High School-Buxton,Guyana Madison School of Business-N.Y Howard University,Washington D.C.
Blair, Ianijablair2000@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attendeded McKenzie High School,University of Guyana.Taught at McKenzie High School for five years.
Blair, Kofida7997@aol.com From: Buxton-PlaisanceLiving In: Brooklyn,N.Y.
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended St Joseph's High 96-2001
Blair, LesleyLouviss24@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,Waterloo StreetLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Data Entry SupervisorOther Information: Graduated with Honors in Micro-Computer Specialist
Blair, Melissaluvprettyeyes@aol.com From: Buxton/Golden GroveLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: 1995-2000 Golden Grove Sec,2000-2001 President's College
Blair, Nataliatolly_18@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New Zealand
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Blair, Nichelle(Neeshell)Neffertitia@aol.com From: Amelia's Ward/HopetownLiving In: Tampa,FL
Occupation: Cake Decorator/StudentOther Information: Attended Amelia's Ward Nursery/Primary&Hopetown Primary.Left Guyana in 1990.
Blair, Nicholasclick_nick@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Wellington,New Zealand
Occupation: Computer Science StudentOther Information: St.Margaret's <89-91> President's College<91-96> UG <96-02>--Electrical Eng.| CSI <00-02> Hope to re-connect with ole frenz,i still deh bout.
Blair, Peteroldrusty123@aol.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: New York University class of 2002,Mackenzie High School Class of 1997
Blair, Sheldonosacie@yahoo.com From: MahaiconyLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: ICT Specialist & Web designerhttp://www.izonegy.comOther Information: High School: Mahaicony Sec.Current Workplace: C.C.E.T.T
Blair, Shinellashinella_blair@yahoo.com From: Linden GuyanaLiving In: Tampa Florida U.S.A
Occupation: Costmetolgy own businessOther Information: Just trying to find some of my friends.
Blair, Trevinhotboyz23455@aol.com From: GuyanaLiving In: NewYork
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Annandale Secoudary School If you Attend annandale sec please email me really want to talk to someone going to the School:)
Blake, Irvingirvingblake@live.com From: South RumveldtLiving In: British Virgin Island
Occupation: ConstructionOther Information: Cambleville Government School,Regional Development.
Blanc, Reitarblanc02@optimum.net From: Palmyra Village.BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: CounselorOther Information: Teachers training College 1971-1973
Blanchard, Annhannancie11242002@yahoo.com From: David Street Kitty,Albouystown,CampbellvilleLiving In: Werkenrust
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: Attended St.Philip's Anglican School,was taught by the best: (Mr.) now Dr.Maison,Mr.Caryll and (Mr.)now Dr.Edwards.Worked at Trinity Methodist,St.Cyril's Anglican,Ascension Anglican,Soesdyke,and Palmville Nursery School.Presently attached to David Rose School for Handicapped Children
Bland, Ossieossie_bland@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: I.T ConsultantOther Information:
Blazin', HunnyGhettoPrincess@hotmail.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Da Dirty Dairty
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I'm looking for an old friend by the name of Safraz Ally.He may be living somewhere in Georgetown now.most likely with his sister Zabida.Anyone with info as to how i can get in contact with him,PLEASE e-mail me.Thanx a bunch!
Blenman(Andrews), Pansypblenman2001@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: 675,Makoushi Square S/R Gardens G/Town
Occupation: Business AssociateOther Information:
Bling Bling, StarGirl&StarBaiGTCrew@netscape.com From: Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Living Large &watching Sharma,Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 24/7Xm@wineup.comOther Information: born in Gt,grew up in Gt,Living in Gt,Chilling outside Buddies,Palmcourt&Peg.Yea Banna see you next Friday.fa reals.
Blounte, Davedablounte@hotmail.com From: McKenzieLiving In: Pomona,California
Occupation: StudentOther Information: lived on Mora street,with my mother yvonne peeres,sister susan,and brothers,Louie,Kenneth and Micheal
Blue, Reganbluwq@aol.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Computer Engineer/web designerOther Information: I attended St.gabriels,Cummings lodge sec.and st.johns before moving to the states in 87.Erasmus hall high and Columbia Univ.
Boatswain, Nigelnboatswain@guyanaonline.net/naiboatswain@hotmail.com From: Berbice/New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto/Canada
Occupation: Other Information: B.E.I
Boatswain, Tamikatamikaboatswain@hotmail.com From: Frienship/BX,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Dominican Republic
Occupation: studentOther Information: St Josephs High
Bobb-Semple(Cornelius), Janinejaleshacornelius@hotmail.com From: Blygezight Gardens,CampbellvilleLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: St.Gabriel's Primary 1980-1987,Queens College1987-1993,Bishops' High-1993-1995
Bobb-Semple, Christpendane_cg@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: North Ruimveldt
Occupation: Management TraineeOther Information: Central High School and Bishops High School
Bobb-Semple, Colincolinbs@icsl.ac.uk From: Alberttown,GeorgetownLiving In: Greater London,England
Occupation: Senior Law Lecturer,Inns of Court School of Law,Institute of Law,City Universityhttp://www.icsl.ac.ukOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Bobb-Semple, Marilynclair1513@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Texas
Occupation: Wardrobe Consultanthttp://www.globalpass.prttravel.orgOther Information: South Georgetown High will like to get in touch you all
Bobb-Semple, Roccliffebobb_semple@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Milton Keynes
Occupation: Painter/DecoratorOther Information: Trying to link up with other family members
Bobb-Semple, TerilynTerilynb@yahoo.com From: TucvilleLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: University studentOther Information: Brickdam Secondary School,Enterprise Primary looking for old friends and class mates.Drop a few lines to say hi
Bobb-Semple, Tremillesparkle_2002@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Fort Lauderdale Florida
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Previously attended Queens College 1999-2002
Bobb, Allisonabelle@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Computer ProgrammerOther Information: Would like to contact old friends,Audrea,Esther and Wayne from Roxanne Burnham Gardens,who now resides in the U.S.A.I once lived in West Ruimveldt.
Bobb, Audreyaudrey_bobb@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In:
Occupation: Electrical draftman/PlannerOther Information:
Bobb, Bryan Colvillesb-bobb@shaw.ca From: Cove and JohnLiving In: Calgary,Alberta CANADA
Occupation: Other Information:
Bobb, Kenneth Fresonkennethbobb@hotmail.com From: Cove & John,E.C.DLiving In: Virginia,USA
Occupation: Other Information:
Bobb, Kennethkennethbobb@gmail.com From: Cove & JohnLiving In: Virginia
Occupation: Business ConsultantOther Information: Hindu College,Oriental College
Bobb, Kevinqueensay2000@yahoo.co.uk From: Aberdeen,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Aderdeen,Essequibo Coast
Occupation: self employedOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Secondary School.Worked at Gaibank,GNCB
Bobb, KirthONEPLOSTWOISTREE@MSN.COM From: CambellvilleLiving In: Washington Dc
Occupation: Student/InternOther Information: Went to St.Gabriels then attended St Jospehs up to 1996,to come to USA
Bobb, Lavinapeaches0549@aol.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Dental Office ManagerOther Information: Dental Auxillary Center
Bobb, Nicolenickyb76@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: I went to St.Agnes Primary,St Roses High and The Universiy of Guyana.
Bobb, Nicolesapodillagal@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: South Ruimveldt Park,Georgetown
Occupation: Other Information: St Agnes,St.Roses High,University Of Guyana.
Bobb, RichardPaulbobb42@hotmail.com From: Kitty Greater GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Manhattan Law FirmOther Information: Bank OF Guyana From 1976 TO 1996
Bobb, Sherry-densherryden34@yahoo.com From: Was born in Berbice,lived on Regent St.and South Ruimvelt Gdns.Pennylane St.,worked at the University of Guyana (1991-1994)Living In: Antigua Barbuda
Occupation: NIcht Deposit TellerOther Information: I attended St.Pius Primary,Queenstown Community High,Christ Church Secondary (miss Christ Church 1988)
Bobb, Simonesimma49@hotmail.com From: Melanie Damishana E C DLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Golden Grove S C/West Hill C.I.
Bobb, WinstonAlvinBobb@msn.com From: Castello House LaPenitenceLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Postal EmployeeOther Information: Attended Tutorial High
Bollers, Alangialret@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Madison,AL USA
Occupation: Systems Engineer/MAJ US Army(Ret)Other Information: Fatima College,P-O-S,T'dad
Bollers, Erich "JC"jcbollers@yahoo.com,erich_jc@msn.com From: Father from GTLiving In: Provo,UT
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Half Guyanese,Went to Guyana and found my wife.Interested in economic aspects of Guyana.
Bollers, Ericherichbear@hotmail.com From: Georgetown(really my father)Living In: Provo,Utah
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.geocities.com/RainForest/2914/index.htmlOther Information: I'm the 21-yr-old son of Alan Bollers and grand nephew of Harry Bollers.Just got back from Brazil in July 2001 after a two-year stay.I want to get to know the whole family,everyone.
Bollers, Ingridinggie66@hotmail.com From: west Bank DemeraraLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: NurseOther Information:
Bollers, JaniceJanicemboller@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Technical OfficerOther Information: Central High School,Guyana School of Agriculture< University of Guyana
Bollers, Jeremy Jamesjeremybollers@yahoo.com From: BourdaLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: St.Stanislaus College,The Bishops High School,SAC(TDAD)
Bollers, Kevink.bollers@virgin.net From: Nabaclis/Golden Grove,Den Amstel/HagueLiving In: Islington,London,UK
Occupation: Civil Service ManagementOther Information: West Dem&Golden Grove Secondary School.Just like to say that there are too many Guyanese living in the US/Canada,Travel people!!!
Bollers, Kevink.bollers@virgin.net From: Nabaclis/Golden Grove,Den Amstel/HagueLiving In: Islington,London,UK
Occupation: Civil Service ManagementOther Information: West Dem&Golden Grove Secondary School.Just like to say that there are too many Guyanese living in the US/Canada,Travel people!!!
Bollers, MarvaMarvaMims@hotmail.com From: Meadow Brook GardensLiving In: Toronto Canada/Richmond Va
Occupation: Medical SecretaryOther Information: East LaPenitence
Bollers, Roxroyrbollers@solutions2000.net From: GuyanaLiving In: Buzz Bee Dam,Craig E.B.D
Occupation: Database TechnicianOther Information: MHS,Linden and Wismar Christianburg Multilateral Secondary
Bollers, Seanmorg1072@aol.com From: Bourda,GeorgetownLiving In: Jersey City,NJ
Occupation: Tax Reporting AnalystOther Information: Queens College
Bond, Mollyannmollyb552000@yahoo.co.uk From: La Grange/G/townLiving In: Botswana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Tutorial High,West Dem.Sec.School,GSA(1983-1985} U.G.{1991-1996}
Bonnett, Andreaandreamaverick@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: England
Occupation: Counter Assistant(Post Office)Other Information: I went to Central High,North Ruimveldt Multilaterial,East Ruimvedt Sec where I did my Cxc.Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me
Bonnett, Donnabonnett_donna@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Philadelphia,PA
Occupation: RetireeOther Information: Attended Main Street Sacred Heart,GOC & Frandon Commercial College
Bonnett, Ryanrp_bonnett@hotmail.com From: Linden/kingstown,st vincentLiving In: uk
Occupation: geographic engineerOther Information: Mackenzie primary
Bonvin, Deirdredeirdre-b@bluwin.ch From: GeorgetownLiving In: Geneva/Switzerland
Occupation: Other Information:
Boodhan(Sheobilas), Sadhasadha@nac.net From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Other Information: St.Joseph's High
Boodhan, Naderahot_spicy549@yahoo.com From: No 2 Village,West coast Berbice.Living In: Guyana
Occupation: Other Information:
Boodhoo (Masih-Das), Ingridingrid.sharon@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: ClerkOther Information:
Boodhoo (Rishi), Chandrarishi_sxm@yahoo.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: St.Maarten
Occupation: Sales ManagerOther Information: When to Lutheran high school
Boodhoo nee Kazim., Shameezabibiboodhoo@sympatico.ca From: New Road,Vreed-en-Hoop,W.C.D.Living In: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada.
Occupation: Beauty Condultant.Other Information: Attended Leonora Secondary School 85-90.Marry to Rajkumar of De Willem N and of Zeeburg Sec.Sch.If you know us drop us a line soon.
Boodhoo, Amiamiboodhoo@hotmail.com From: #69 VillageLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta
Occupation: Other Information: Tagore Memorial High School(1963-1967).Taught from 1969-1973 at Tagore.Would like to hear from old friends and students.
Boodhoo, Anirudra(Terry)aboodhoo7544@rogers.com From: La PenitenceLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario.
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: I attended Cummings Lodge SS from 1972 to 1977.I moved to Canada in 1982.Looking to make contact with old friends.
Boodhoo, Bimalbimal_88@yahoo.com From: TuschenLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary School,Cricket Craze
Boodhoo, Comptoncompton639@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Book Publishinghttp://www.cboodhoo.comOther Information: Worked for the following organizations in Guyana:ITDS Carib Advertising Design&Graphics.Designed floats and costumes for GNEC for two years.If you know me send an email.
Boodhoo, Daviddboodhoo@mail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: I attended Bishops High School,lived in Republic Park and are currently single,ladies be free to drop me a line.
Boodhoo, Davidsabrinaboodhoo@hotmail.com From: Oleander Gardens E.C.DLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: ST.Joseph's High
Boodhoo, Davidnicole@actol.net From: Oleander Gardens,E.C.DLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: Diesel FitterOther Information: St Joseph's High
Boodhoo, Daviddavidkb615@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Queens N,Y
Occupation: Stock TradingOther Information: Tutorial High School
Boodhoo, Daviddaboodhoo@rogers.com From: UitvlugtLiving In: Brampton,Ontario.Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Uitvlugt Primary,Stewartville & Zeeburg Sec.
Boodhoo, Dr.Nokhramnokhramb@yahoo.com From: Tuschen,E.B.EssiquiboLiving In: U.S.A
Occupation: Eye Doctor/OptometristOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary('79 to '84),Saints Stanislaus College('86 to '88).Cricket craze,along with brothers Bimal/Premanand and Dwarkha(former teacher Stwertville and Zeeburg Secondary).
Boodhoo, Lisa D.Jamilah349@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: student/Pharmacy Tech.Other Information: studying pharmacy,current goal is to get my Pharm.D.in pharmacy
Boodhoo, M.H.mhboodhoo@hotmail.com From: ParikaLiving In: Parika,East Bank Essequibo
Occupation: Self-EmployedOther Information:
Boodhoo, Mahendra(Raj)rajin007@yahoo.co.uk From: La JallosieLiving In: La Jallosie
Occupation: Student-University of GuyanaOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary.
Boodhoo, Marcmvboodhoo@telsnet.net From: Eccles East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Queen's College(1990-1997)and University of Guyana(1999-2002),Worked at DDL(1998-1999)
Boodhoo, Nancysummernancy@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: St.John's College
Boodhoo, Neilnboodh_14@hotmail.com From: Canjie/AdelphiLiving In: Mississauga
Occupation: Purchasing AgentOther Information: Email also at ornboodhoo@sdms.ca Berbice High&Canjie Secondary
Boodhoo, Ramchandroh6647@aol.com From: Bel airLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: ManagerOther Information:
Boodhoo, Rebecca,Radharboodhoo@mindspring.com From: Bush lotLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Hillcrest H.S,SUNY@Stony Brook and Georgia Perimeter College.Would like to meet Guyanese in Ga.Drop me a line.Thanks.
Boodhoo, Roseero.325@hotmail.com From: Caledonia,WakenaamLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: AdministrativeOther Information: Zeeburg secondary.Siblings-Teena & Gopaul
Boodhoo, Sattysattyboo@hotmail.com From: No.69 VillageLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Graduate of Tagore Memorial High School Looking for Old School friends
Boodhoo, Shakuntalaboodhoo133@hotmail.com From: Zeeburg,WCDLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary
Boodhoo, Shameeza Nee Kazimshameeza_123@yahoo.ca From: 141 New Road,V/H.WCDLiving In: Brampton,ON.Canada
Occupation: Customer Service Rep/Beauty Consultant Mary Kay Cos.Other Information: Attended Leonora Secondary School 85-90.Marry to Rajkumar AK RAJ of De Willem N and of Zeeburg Sec.Sch.If you know us drop us a line soon.
Boodhoo, Shivobxny78@yahoo.com From: Bath Settlement,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: NY
Occupation: IT Specialisthttp://www.gbood.comOther Information: Bath Primary,Rosignol Secondary HS,Evander Childs HS,Lehman College,Pace Univ.
Boodhoo, Stevesboodhoo@hotmail.com From: Oleander GardensLiving In: 39 Oleander Gardens E.C.D
Occupation: Other Information:
Boodhoo, Terry(Clifford)Quantumautobody@yahoo.ca From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Toronto Ontario Canada
Occupation: Business owner(Quantum Auto Inc.)Other Information: Johanna Cecilia High(Guyana)Lynch's Secondary High(Barbados)Vaughan Road Colligate High(Toronto)
Boodhram, Narissa Nirupanarissanirupaboodhram@hotmail.com From: Mount Sinai,New Amsterdam.Berbice.Living In: Mississauga,Canada.
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Hello
Boodhram, Rotironald.boodhram@target.com From: Anna CatherinaLiving In: U.S.A
Occupation: Other Information: Stewartville
Boodhram, RotiRon.boodhram@target.com From: Anna CatherinaLiving In: U.S.A
Occupation: Data Entry SupervisorOther Information: Stewartville High School
Boodie, Debrahcatteyes77@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Related to the Mitchell's,Davis's-Agricola Methodist School
Boodie, Markphoenix@networksgy.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: 236 Albert Street
Occupation: Teacherhttp://www.geocities.com/guyanagy/homeOther Information:
Boodie, Markphoenix9us@yahoo.com From: QueenstownLiving In: 236 Albert Street,Queenstown
Occupation: Teacherhttp://www.geocities.com/guyanagy/chatOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary
Boodoosingh, Baboolalbaboo@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: I does run de Roti ShoppeOther Information:
Boodram James, EuniceRajsawh37@hotmail.com From: Anna Cathrina W.C.D.Living In: Mississauga Ontario
Occupation: HairdresserOther Information: ST John Com High School
Boodram Williams, Nadianadiawilliams2653@gmail.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Atlanta,ga
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Boodram, Annancaribvoice@aol.com From: Alness VillageLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Graphics Designer/Journalisthttp://www.caribvoice.orgOther Information: Manchester High
Boodram, Irenerybuoy4949@yahoo.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: CT,USA
Occupation: Other Information:
Boodram, Jaipauljaipaul.boodram@flhosp.org From: GeorgetownLiving In: OrlandoFlorida
Occupation: Other Information: Schools:Rama Krishna to 1972 & Cummings Lodge Secondary School-1973-1976,Worked at Demerara Mutual Life 1979-1986,Caricom Secretariat-1986-1995
Boodram, Lakhramlakhram2002@yahoo.ca From: Black Bush PolderLiving In:
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne-Rose Hall
Boodram, Lakhramlakhram2002@yahoo.ca From: Joanna Black Bush PolderLiving In:
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Graduated Lower Corentyne,Rose Hall 1974,New Amsterdam Multilateral 1976.Desperately searching for old school friends & friends from my village.
Boodram, Lisa (Poonam)lisabm2003@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Law ClerkOther Information: Christ Church Secondary SchoolDesperately looking for friends,family and people that know my father Arthur Boodram.
Boodram, Michaelmikebood@yahoo.com From: OGLE.East Coast DemeraraLiving In: St.Vincent & The Grenadines
Occupation: Quality Assurance ManagerOther Information: Attend Cummings Lodge Secondary School.Try to visit Guyana as often as I can.
Boodram, Opheliaophesamaroo@yahoo.com From: 15 Johanna Cecilia Essequibo CoastLiving In: The Bahamas
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral School,I would like to correspond with old classmates and friends,my maiden name is Samaroo.
Boodram, Radpaulradpaulgboodram@yahoo.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: EnvironmentalistOther Information: ARMS(esseq.coast),UG(Georgetown)
Boodram, Rishi(Johnny)johnboodram47@hotmail.com From: No.65 Village,BerbiceLiving In: London,England
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Teaching at 59 government school,universitity in G.T,moved to London 1971.
Boodram, Robertrobertrhesa@hotmail.com From: Maria's Pleasure,Wakenaam E/bo RiverLiving In: Ragged Island,The Bahamas
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: Essequibo Islands Secondary School,(1984-1990)to the secondary school listed and CPCE (1996) UG (2003)
Boodram, Rudrarudboodram@yahoo.com From: Reliance,Essequibo CoastLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended Anna Regina primary school and anna regina multilateral school
Boodram, Satrohanshawnnbrittannia@rogers.com From: Better Hope North E C DemLiving In: toronto
Occupation: trecnh electricOther Information: Cummings Lodge secondary
Boodram, Seeraniesrnboodram@yahoo.com From: Helena & De Hoop Mahaica.Living In: Jamaica Queens.N.Y.
Occupation: Other Information: Attended.Helena and Bygeval Secondary.
Boodram, Shafeeyashafeeya@hotmail.com From: BlankenburgLiving In: Woodbridge,Ontario
Occupation: Salon ownerOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary 1977-1982
Boodram, Thakur,Chriscboodram@ids-center.com From: Anna Catherina,WCD.Living In: Minnesota,USA
Occupation: Property ManagementOther Information: Stewartville Secondary School,Cornelia Ida Primary
Boodram, VadwattieV_Boodram14@hotmail.com From: Better HopeLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Logistic Team LeaderOther Information: Attend Cummings Lodge
Booker Morgan, Dr.Cedilcedilmorgan@gmail.com From: Georgetown/LindenLiving In: USA
Occupation: Pastorhttp://www.dewofheaven.infoOther Information: Greetings to my Guyanese family. My father's name is Booker. My married name is Morgan. I attended St Mary's RC School and Charlestown School in Georgetown, then moved to Linden and attended McKenzie High School. I would love to locate some wonderful people like Seonaid Richmond from Kara Kara, Linden, Althea Brusch and Vanessa Lorimer.
Booker, MaxineMaxineBaby@aol.com From: Linden/Georgeton/South Ruimveldt Heaven PlaceLiving In: In the US.Maryland.
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended St Joseph from.January 90,-November 1990
Booker, Richierichiecut@hotmail.co.uk From: Berbice,Buxton and GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Probation Service OfficerOther Information:
Bookram(Bobby), Krishnabobby777@worldnet.att.net From: Nandy Park E.B.DLiving In: California U.S.A
Occupation: Civil EngineerOther Information: Indians 60-64,U.G.70-75
Bookram, Rai(Chucky)madcobra@worldnet.att.net From: Nandy Park,E.B.DLiving In: California,U.S.A
Occupation: Network AdministratorOther Information: St.Stanislaus College.81-86,Grossmont College CA.
Borne/Dalrymple, Selmaselma321@hotmail.com From: kuru-kururuLiving In: antigua
Occupation: self employedOther Information: worked for sometime at telecoms
Bose, Deepadeepabose@yahoo.com From: Adelphi Village,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Bristol,UK
Occupation: doctorOther Information: St.Rose's High School,G'town
Bose, Jharnabjharna@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral
Bose, Radhabose@stat.fsu.edu From: Adelphi,E.Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Tallahassee,FL
Occupation: lecturerOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral School 1982-87
Boston, Gracelyngracelynboston@hotmail.com From: Wismar,Linden all the wayLiving In: Greensboro,NC in the USA
Occupation: Final year College student studying Speech TherapyOther Information: Mackenzie High School class of 1997.Where are my people? Holla at me!
Boston, Lawrencelawrenceb@guysuco.com From: christianburg,LindenLiving In: albion estate,senior staff compound
Occupation: factory manager-guyana sugar corporation inc.Other Information: queens college 1960-1966:demba/guymine 1969-1983
Boston, Melaniembcnk@hotmail.com From: Coverden,East Bank Dem.,Grove EBD.,Police HQ.Princess st.Living In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Asst.to the Bursar(BMCC)Other Information: Attended St.Mary's Primary,Grove Primary,Richard Ishmael Sec.(1985-89)Worked at GNPl.(SC.)
Boston, Pamelapamelaboston@msn.com From: WakenaamLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Nursing AssistantOther Information:
Boston, Sandra PamelaCourttan365@aol.com From: Georgetown,Living In: Brooklyn N.Y
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Indians Educational Trust/GSA/CPCE
Boston, Wasworthwuzzieb@hotmail.com From: Unity/Lancaster E.C.D.& G\TownLiving In: Canada(N.S.)
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Bygeval Multilateral Christ Churcu Sec.
Bostwick, Charlescharlesbostwick@netscape.net From: Queenstown,EssequiboLiving In: Virginia Beach,Virginia,USA
Occupation: Purchasing DirectorOther Information: Anna Regina Secondary(1964-69),GTI(1979-81),Telecoms
Bostwick, Shawnjap55@hotmail.com,sbostwick_2000@yahoo.com From: South R/Veldt GdnsLiving In: Philadelphia
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Stanislaus
Bourne-McDougall, PatriciaPatricia.McDougall@ntlworld.com From: Costello H/Scheme GeorgetownLiving In: East London
Occupation: Chef/CookOther Information: Spent time in Brazil&Venezuela
Bourne, Staceyzeena109@hotmail.com From: MahaiconyLiving In: Nassau,Bahamas
Occupation: Law StudentOther Information: St.Josephs' High '88,Bishops High '90,UG '94,UWI '99,Eugene Dupuch Law School(EDLS)-current
Bovair nee Jaimangal, Angelinemyangel71@canada.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Legal AssistantOther Information: Lower Corentyne Secondary School
Bovell, Keithkeithtrentb@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario
Occupation: Health sciencesOther Information: Queens College 1962-1970
Bovell, Marcelyoudontknowbo@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: California
Occupation: Law EnforcementOther Information: San Jose State University Graduate
Bovell, Normac.cicely@verizon.net From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Los Angles,California
Occupation: Business/ClothingDesignerOther Information: Teacher/A.E.A.Coodinator B/ce Branch
Bowen, Alvindrbmusic@yahoo.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: The Bahamas
Occupation: LecturerOther Information: Lecturer:University of Guyana
Bowen, Andreabowen@bigplanet.com From: GDF compoundLiving In: Texas
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Central High School
Bowen, Andreaandrea_rawana@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Lab SpecialistOther Information: Berbice High School/Multilateral
Bowen, Audreyioume312@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Hazel Crest
Occupation: SalesOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Bowen, Markanthonyb2001@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information: I attended North Georgetown Secondary Sch./G.T./Worked at GBC.
Bowen, Richier.bowen@hccnet.nl From: LindenLiving In: The Netherlands
Occupation: Senior Technician InstrumentationOther Information: Trade School,12th.Intake.'69-'74.Great times.
Bowling, IsabelleIsabelle4763@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: I attended N.A.M.S./U.G(96TO98)Communications
Bowman-Laverriere, Marcellemarcelle.laverriere@ncogroup.com From: Hopetown,WCB GuyanaLiving In: Mississauga,Ont.Canada
Occupation: Account ExecutiveOther Information: Attended Bushlot Secondary School.
Bowman, Dayciavenice5@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: LAN AdministratorOther Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary School
Bowman, Deonalexiskng@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: New York
Occupation: Accounts ClerkOther Information: Attended St.Theresa's Primary until '89&N/A Multi from '89 left in first form.
Bowman, Jacquelinejacqueline_a_bowman@yahoo.co.uk From: NewAmsterdam/GeorgetownLiving In: Brussels(Belgium)
Occupation: Communications ConsultantOther Information: Saint Margaret's Primary School(Georgetown)
Bowman, La Tonyajo_netta@yahoo.com From: 164 Tucber Park,New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Jamaica,Queens NY
Occupation: studentOther Information: I attended N/A Primary School,N.A.M.S 93-99.I left Guyana in 99.I am now attending York College in Queens,NY and I am studying computer science.I am really looking forward to chat with anyone that knows me.Just email me and I will get back to U
Bowman, Loylin/Lynloylinw@yahoo.co.uk From: Stanleytown Village West Bank DemeraraLiving In: England
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Patentia Seconday School,W.B.D
Bowman, SeanBowman3820034567@yahoo.com From: Timehri.East.Bank.DemeraraLiving In: San-Felix-Boliver State--Venezuela S.America.
Occupation: Sales RepresentiveOther Information: Its like this folks i happens to attend ascension anglican primary School in soesdyke then soesdyke community high School this is where i accumulated my intelluctual and cultural sufficements that guides me at present and in the future.
Bowman, SimoneSimoneboo@hotmail.com From: East RuimveldtLiving In: Germany
Occupation: Optometrist AssistantOther Information: When to Central Primary/East R/veldt Secondary(aka BackSchool)
Bowman, TrevorTeepat88@verizon.net From: LindenLiving In: Brooklyn Ny
Occupation: MachanicOther Information: Attend Mackenzie High School
Bownoth, Charles Teddyteddy32701@aol.com From: Kiltern Village,BerbiceLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Other Information: Looking for old friends and new ones.
Boyan, Diannaboyan_2003@yahoo.com From: Pomeroon,EssequiboLiving In: Lusignan,East Cost Demerara,Guyana
Occupation: Law StudentOther Information: Hugh Wooding Law School,University of Guyana,Charity Secondary School (class of 2001)Jagdeo
Boyce-Alleyne, Theonjudgealleyne@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Lead Examiner-NASDOther Information: St Joseph's High School,GNS Cadet Corp
Boyce-Brown, AudreyMarkus2audrey@aol.com From: lodge,Living In: stone Mountain Ga
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: attended South Georgetown and Ruimveldt Multilateral High School
Boyce-Nelson, Luxanne (Patricia)pat8nel@yahoo.com From: LodgeLiving In: Sophia
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Looking for friends who attended East Ruimveldt Govt.Secondary School-1975-1981
Boyce, Margomargo_ib@yahoo.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: Governement Flats,Main & New Market Sts,North Cummingsburg
Occupation: Community Development Officer/Guyana Forestry CommissionOther Information: Tutorial High School
Boyce, Patannakoochu2002@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt Park Greater G/town GuyanaLiving In: Newark,New Jersey
Occupation: Cosmetologist.Other Information: North Ruimveldt Multi./Central High School.Smythe St.St.Angela's Primary.Hope to recieve email from a Primary School Friend of mine Allison Hing {HING]
Boyce, TyshannaShelrule2003@yahoo.com From: East CoastLiving In: BK,New York
Occupation: College studentOther Information: Golden Grove Sec
Brace, Raisuli.Revlonicebimbo11@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Alleyen's high School,Critchlow Labour College,UG
Bradford-Boxhill, Maudveremaudvere@india.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Antigua and Barbuda
Occupation: Crop ScientistOther Information: Christianburg Wismar Secondary School,Guyana School of Agriculture,University of Guyana
Bradford-Etkins, Normanetkins@med.Miami.edu From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: MedicalOther Information: Attended Broad Street Govt.School and Cambrige Academy
Bradford, Kimmissprim_15@hotmail.com From: Kwebana but spent most of life in GeorgetownLiving In: England
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended St.Stanislaus College but left in the second year(form2)2001,would love 2 chat 2 the people tht was in my year or at the school at the time i was there.
Bradford, Markhorizion@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Services Manager CompuNetOther Information: Tutorial Academy 80-86
Bradford, Markbsinc@socamail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: Director Technical Services-Bradford Electrical&Computer Services Inc.http://photos.yahoo.com/brattymurOther Information: Tutorial Academy,NATI,GTTC everton and Linden
Bradford, Marlynkanaima247@yahoo.co.uk From: Kwebana,Region OneLiving In: UK
Occupation: Other Information: Anna Regina Multilateral
Bradshaw-Moe, Kimberleykaemoe2004@yahoo.com From: Charlestown Georgetown,Hopetown BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: New York City College of Technology,Alumni "08"
Bradshaw, Shondabedroomizz79@yahoo.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Rev.Rec.SupOther Information: Craig Primary&Richard Ishmael,worked at Lbi Estate,looking for old friends who might know me and to make new friends.Is there an old students assoc.available in ny.if so contact me anytime at email address above.hope to hear from someone soon.thanks
Brahaspat, Troytroy.brahaspat@gmail.com From: Born in GeorgetownLiving In: Buffalo,NY
Occupation: Chemical Engineerhttp://www.myspace.com/trizxloOther Information: Grew up in Queens,NYC..went to Aviation HS,followed by Undergrad at University at Buffalo.I currently reside in Buffalo.Would also like to get to know others who share my last name.
Braithwaite nee Goodridge, Noreennoreen@look.ca From: Georgetown and AgricolaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Administrative Assistant City of TorontoOther Information: Seeking information on anyone from England and Guyana
Braithwaite, Bernice Lavernemzdouglah@yahoo.com From: Plaisance GuyanaLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: Realtor,ManagerOther Information: Bishops' High School 1985-1990
Braithwaite, BillyBillyBraithwaite@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Airline ManagerOther Information: British Guiana Education Trust
Braithwaite, Darrendarrenbraithwaite@hotmail.com From: North RuimveldtLiving In: New York
Occupation: FinanceOther Information: North Ruimveldt Secondary,Bishops High
Braithwaite, Gabrielle Ann(Gabbie)gabbie67@hotmail.com From: Victoria Village,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Raised by Madge Gillis-Hercules,Attended Victoria R.C.School then Bladen Hall Secondary.Daughter of Paul Sam of Brooklyn,New York and May Hope of Toronto.Graduated from York University.
Braithwaite, Marcuspaulmarcusb@aol.com From: Belfield,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Enmore Hope Primary,Annandale Secondary and School of The Nations
Braithwaite, Sophiawisdombernard@hotmail.com From: Princess Street LodgeLiving In: Antigua W.I.
Occupation: Other Information: Georgetown Sewerage and Water Commissioners
Braithwaite, Tracytrabuggie@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: New Jersey,U.S.A
Occupation: Market Research AnalystOther Information: Kara Kara,New Silvercity Secondary School!
Bramdeo, AdithyaAdithya32000@yahoo.com From: SkeldonLiving In: Hartford.CT
Occupation: CEO Guyanavybz.com/Sweet Life Inc.Other Information: Marian Academy,New Amsterdam Multilateral,Line Path Secondary
Bramdeo, Karamchandbramsugar@yahoo.com From: SkeldonLiving In: LBI Estate Staff Complex
Occupation: Agricultural ManagerOther Information: Skeldon Lutheran High 76/81,GSA,85/87,University of Guyana 94-98,CUNY(Lehman) 01/03,Guysuco 83/present.
Bramhadin, Varshavarshabramhadin@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: No 70 village,Lot 1 Sec B
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Tagore Memorial
Bramhadin, Varshavarshabramhadin@yahoo.com From: guyanaLiving In: No.70 Village
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Massiah Primary,Tagore Memorial
Branche-McWatt, Carencabm6265@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Staten Island,NY
Occupation: Business ManagerOther Information: I attended North Ruimveldt Multilateral '77-'82,G.S.A.,Mon Repos '82-'84 and Lillian Dewar Teachers Training College '84-'85 before migrating to the U.S.If I attended School with you,please drop me a line.
Brand Kidman, Dianediane.kidman@dtz.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Surrey,England
Occupation: Accounts ManagerOther Information: St.Joseph's Convent-Charlestown
Brandis-Halley, Bonitabonitahalley@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Statistical OfficerOther Information: Christ Church Sec.Sch./G.T.I./IDCE/University of Guyana
Brandon, ZandraZsteph@prodigy.net From: East RuimveldtLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Exec.Sechttp://www.marykay.com/zbrandonOther Information: South Georgetown/St.Stanislaus
Brandt, Rudolph (Bucky)rudolphbrandt@hotmail.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Cayman Islands
Occupation: Writer/EducatorOther Information: Kitty High School
Branford, Winstonwinstonb2001@hotmail.com From: UitvlugtLiving In: Jamaica Queens NYC
Occupation: American Airlines Crew Chief.Other Information: Uitvlugt primary,Stewartville secondary school
Bransford-Trotman, Leonardlbransford228047@comcast.net From: LindenLiving In: Clinton,MD
Occupation: Human Resources DirectorOther Information: Attended Mackenzie High School
Brasse, NaliniNalinibrasse@gmail.com From: West CoastLiving In: New York
Occupation: AuditorOther Information: Zeeburg
Brasse, Shawn BarringtonThefugitive005@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Student,Devry UniversityOther Information: Mae's Schools.
Brassington (nee Gomes), Alanaalana_brassington@yahoo.com From: Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Kingston,Georgetown
Occupation: Executive Secretary-BITOther Information: St ROses',Bishops,UG,NBIC,Heritage Soc.
Brassington, Bernardnew-prince@excite.com From: New-AmsterdamLiving In: London England (South East)
Occupation: Legal ExecutiveOther Information: New-Amsterdam Multilateral 1990-1996,President college 1996-1998
Brassington, June Annejuneanne@guyana.net.gy From: GeorgetownLiving In: GT
Occupation: Management Trainee-DDLOther Information: Attended Stella Marris Primary,St.Stanislaus College,(Guyana)and College Misericordi(Dallas,PA)
Brassington, June Annejuneanne@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: GT
Occupation: MarketingOther Information: Saints,Stella Marris
Brassington, Michael franciscaptmike100@aol.com From: courida parkLiving In: ft.lauderdale
Occupation: aircraft pilotOther Information: bishops high,gdf
Brathwaite, Georgenigelb@networksgy.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: BankingOther Information: Bishops' High School of course!
Brathwaite, Marymosindroa at hotmail.com From: suddie village essequibo coastLiving In: uk london
Occupation: nursery practionerOther Information: abramzuil secondary
Brathwaite, Vernalvercar42@hotmail.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Nassau,Bahamas
Occupation: Lecturerhttp://www.diggal.comOther Information: Attended Christ Church Secondary School.Worked at Food & Drugs,GPC
Brehaspat, Dhanrajdhanrajbrehaspat@aol.com From: grove east bank demeraraLiving In: bronx new york
Occupation: retired mortgage consultantOther Information: attended Grove/Diamond Govt.GTI and Pace University
Bremner, Colinc.bremner@sympatico.ca From: Mackenzie/Newtown KittyLiving In: St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu(Montreal area)
Occupation: DNDOther Information: Central High
Bremner, Sophanesophaneg@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Venezuela
Occupation: Other Information: Mackenzie High
Brewster nee Lord-Bakker, Cherrylchericus@yahoo.com From: Mahaica E.C.DLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Bygeval/C.P.C.E.taught at Ann's Grove Community High/Belladrum Primary/Mahaica Primary
Brewster, Coralie Anncoralielive@yahoo.com From: Festival City&public rd KittyLiving In: davie florida
Occupation: banker at bank of americaOther Information: christ church high School
Brian & Sandra, Clarkebrianclarke@sympatico.ca From: LindenLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Multi & MHS
Brian, Brianband@rogers.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Territory ManagerOther Information:
Brian, Chapel Street Primary Schoolcanjee@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: used to live in Chapel Street in a beautiful white house
Brian, Garniercanjee@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Sales Territory ManagerOther Information: Used to live in Chapell Street,went to Tutorial Secondary School
Brian, Tutorial Academycanjee@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Chapel Street Primary School & Tutorial Academy New Amsterdam
Bridgelall, Hookumchand(aka Rajo)hbridgelall@gmail.com From: # 70 VillageLiving In: Jersey City N.J
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Tagore Memorial High School(69-73)
Bridgelall, Shardasharda43@aol.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Ft Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: studentOther Information: Taft High School,,Bronx New York
Bridgemal, Jacquelinejackie_kisses@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Would love to get in touch with old friends,I used to attend Berbice High School 1996-2001
Bridgemohan, Harripaulharripaul.bridgemohan@fao.org From: Canal No.2 Polder,WBDLiving In: Rome,Italy
Occupation: Accountant/UN staffOther Information: worked at Treasury,Pannell and Thomas Stoll&Dias
Bridgemohan, LamayshoreL_Bridgemohan@hotmail.com From: No.11 Village,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Bridgemohan, Nadenanads20012003@yahoo.com From: Woodley ParkLiving In: Berbice
Occupation: Other Information:
Bridgemohan, Renitareny022@yahoo.com From: Reliance Abandon,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Ottawa,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Canje Secondary
Bridgemohan, Soniasbridgemohan@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt Park,Guyana.Living In: Have never Moved
Occupation: Sales/MarketingOther Information: Brickdam Secondary,Government Technical Institute,University of Guyana.
Bridgemohan, Soniasbridgemohan@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Just would like to hear from my old friends,Brickdam sec.Gov.Tech and University of Guyana
Bridglall, Sirojani Devislkslam@aol.com From: East Canje Berbice GuyanaLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Attended B.E.I,work as a book-keeper at guysuco Rosehall teach at mention highSchool
Bridjmohan, Evelynlaevie60@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: St.Petersburg Florida
Occupation: Other Information:
Brijlal, Ronald KRKBrijlal@aol.com From: IndustryLiving In: Kissimmee,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Cumming's Lodge and Kitty College
Brijlall, Keithkeith.brijlall@verizon.net From: Albouystown/GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: hospitialityOther Information: attended G.O.C Thomas Street
Brijmahal, Deonath(Briji)SimSimma1@aol.com From: #66Village BerbiceLiving In: Bronx NY
Occupation: professional jewelerOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Sec.School(S.L.P.S.S)
Brijmahal, ELaineSimSimma1@aol.com From: Leonora W.C.DLiving In: BRONX,NY
Occupation: Accounting/ADMINOther Information: Leonora Sec Year '79-'84 Remember me Send an Email
Brijmahal, UmaParveen10@aol.com From: No.66 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Sec.School
Brijmohan Terry, RicknauthRICKBRIJ@MSN.COM From: # 50 village corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Miami,FL U.S.A.
Occupation: NONEOther Information: Went to thagore(1979-1982)
Brijmohan, Nordisnordisalicia@hotmail.com From: Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: New York City
Occupation: Other Information: Saint Stanislaus College-91-96 Queens College-96-98
Brijmohan, Reshmareshma.b@rogers.com From: Enmore,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: I attended Cove and John secondary school.I would like to make contact with old friends.
Brijnandan, ElvitaElvita@credico.com From: Living In: Toronto,Ont
Occupation: Event CoordinatorOther Information: Looking for old friends from Bygeval Multi
Brijnandan, KalawattieSusan51978@hotmail.com From: Huntley MahaiconyLiving In: Scarborough,Ont
Occupation: Office AdminOther Information: Looking for old friend that attentended Mahaicony Secondary School
Brijnandan, Satieshamp@rogers.com From: Huntley,MahaiconyLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Bygeval Multi.School
Brijpaul, Krishnadatkbrijpaul@hotmail.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Retired Secondary School TeacherOther Information: Attended Skeldon Lutheran High from Sep.1957 to Jun 1962.Attended UG from 1966 to 1971.Taught at Line Path Sec.,Annandale Sec.,UG and UWI,Trinidad,before coming to Canada.
Brinson nee St Aubyn, Cherylcjbrinson1292@yahoo.com From: Greenheart St South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Atlanta Georgia and New York
Occupation: BankerOther Information: St Joseph Hign 1971to 1974 and Sacred Heart R.C
Briscieno, NanisaRAWLINS@hotmail.com From: Campbellville,Greater GeorgetownLiving In: UK
Occupation: Nursery TeacherOther Information: I attended North Georgetown Secondary School in the year 1982-1987.I was in 4s,my friends were Elizabeth Lampley,Gitangle Persaud,Judith Johnson,Alexis Smith.Our class teacher was Surijaballi.Headteacher was Mrs.Reinford.
Bristol, Carlyn Amandaamanda_omadat@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: nurseOther Information: Enterprise Commercial/Elaine Singh Commercial.looking to find old friends,Karen Desouza,Anglea Baijnauth/Singh,Selene Fung,Shaleeza Alli and Prem Ramoutar
Bristol, Claytoncbjustave@cox.net From: Linden,Kitty,PleasanceLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: Environmental SpecialistOther Information: Attended Saint Winifred TV,Saint John's RC (Plaisance)
Bristol, Gilliangillibris@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,GuyanaLiving In: G'Town,Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral,Univ of Guyana '91
Brittannia, Ann Mariaann.brittannia@idmd.com From: Better Hope,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada.
Occupation: Logistics CoordinatorOther Information: attend Cummings Lodge Secondary School
Brittannia, Sensbrittannia@yahoo.com or sen.brittannia@bell.ca From: better hope E.C.DLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: business technicianOther Information: use to go to cummings lodge Secondary
Brittlebank, Howardhbrittle@aol.com,beebanks@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: MHS and QC Old Boy.Keep in touch lads.
Brittlebank, Yuleyugo73@hotmail.com From: Guyana Linden/amelia's ward/retrieveLiving In: orlando Florida
Occupation: transmission techOther Information: New Silvercity Sec
Britton-Franklin, Audreymotherpee@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: St Kitts Nevis West Indies
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Kara Kara High/Multi/worked at GNCB Linden Br.
Britton-Joseph, Nitchel CeeCeenitchel29@yahoo.com From: Hopetown Village West Coast BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: Human Resource ManagerOther Information: Fortwellington Community High School
Britton-Joseph, Nitchelnitchel29@yahoo.com From: HopetownLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Sub-Teacher/StudentOther Information: Fort Wellington High School 1980-1984
Britton, Courtneycourtney.a.britton@us.army.mil From: HopetownLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Militaryhttp//:us.army.milOther Information: Bush Lot High 1978-1983
Britton, Gavingavin.britton@computershare.com From: Stewartville,W.C.D.{guyana.}Living In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Taught@Uitvlugy,Leonora Primary&Anna Catherina Community High.Formerly of GSA '84-86'&CPCE '81-83'
Britton, Juanitahopetowngal@aol.com From: Hopetown BerbiceLiving In: maryland
Occupation: nursing StudentOther Information:
Britton, Patrickajmalbritton29@aol.com From: Albertown Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: Reston VA
Occupation: Tec SpecialistOther Information: Alleynes High
Brock, Junechfb_rlvs@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Registered Nurse,Nurse ConsultanOther Information: Indian Education Trust College,Govt.Tech.Inst,Seneca College(Newham&Leslie Campuses),George Brown College,Ryerson University.Ministry of Works&Communications/Hydromet/Georgetown.Clarkson Gordon&Co.(CA'S),BP/Petro-Canada,& Brownsville Medical Centre-Texas.Would love to hear from friends from School or work.Insurance Industry
Brooks, Paulpaeb@verizon.net From: Albertown,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Business consultantOther Information: St Johns Prep&Muslim Trust College
Broomes-Rigby, MerleneRigby67@aol.com From: Pouderoyen West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Ft Lauderdale fl
Occupation: Admin-AssistantOther Information: West Demerara Secondary
Broomes, Derekdebrooms@optonline.net From: Mabaruma,North West District Region1Living In: Parkchester,Bronx,New York
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer and EconomistOther Information: Attended Cambridge Aacademy,Georgetown.High School Teacher at North West Secondary School,Mabaruma.Degrees from from London School of Economics and Postgraduate Degrees from New York University,Stern Business School and Harvard University Business School,USA.Professional certifications.Chief Executive Officer(CEO)major at New York,economic development company.
Broomes, Derekjaguar1845@aol.com From: Mabaruma,North West RegionLiving In: Parkchester,Bronx New York
Occupation: Chief Financial Officer,HCCI Inc.and Board Chairman of CACCI,Inc.Other Information: Msc Financial Economics,London University,Ph.D CMA,CPA
Brotherson, Keithkbroson@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn N.Y
Occupation: ConstructionOther Information: Ex Fireman of the Guyana Fire Service Georgetown
Browman, Dawndbrowman@yahoo.com From: Anira Street,Queenstown,G/townLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Research Assistant/StudentOther Information: North Georgetown Sec.& St.Joseph High--Ministry of Finance-would like to hear from u--feel free to drop me a line
Browman, Helenhelenannbn@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Training ManagerOther Information: Attended Comenius Primary School,St Joseph's(1983-87)& UG(1991-95)
Brown(Sarjoo), DebbieDbrown@cdnservo.com From: Fair Field,MahaiconyLiving In: Hamilton,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Bygeval 83-89,would like to hear from anyone who know me.I'm part of the Bhandoo clan from Fair Field
Brown(nee Clarke), Donnabrownd67@hotmail.com From: Den Amstel VillageLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: Housing Lettings CaseworkerOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral&Stewartville Secondary.
Brown, Donnablackdragonwoman@msn.com From: LindenLiving In: Canada
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: I am trying to find,anyone who knew my brother,Irving Brown.He worked at Demico Steak House,as a chef.Please feel free to contact me.I am looking for his friends.I am his big sister.
Brown, Marlonmarlon_brwn@yahoo.com From: TucVille,PlaisanceLiving In: Living in Brooklyn
Occupation: Other Information: Attended CPCE 78-80 Univer.of Guy.-major Sociology 89-94 Wants to keep in touch with former students,colleagues,friends and family members.
Browne(Maize), Alexislemlex@hotmail.com From: GroveLiving In: London
Occupation: House WifeOther Information: Cork Hill,Montserrat
Browne/Dey, Colleencdey36@yahoo.com From: HerstellingLiving In: Canada
Occupation: NurseOther Information: houston commuinty high school
Browne, Carl Anthonycabby_browne@yahoo.com From: Georgetown/LindenLiving In: London UK
Occupation: Public Relations at GHCOther Information: Former GBC employee Broadcaster in Suriname and the Nederlands
Browne, CollinColclaire@verizon.net From: Bartica,Essiquibo and Greenheart Street,South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: security systems inspectorOther Information: my fist senior years in high school was Guyana Oriental Collage then North Riumveldt Multilateral school,Graduated in 1980
Browne, JoelleJoellebrowne@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,Guyana,KittyLiving In: Burlington,Ontario Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended St John's College(93-97)
Browne, Murphytiakoma@aol.com From: Stanleytown,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Educator/Broadcaster/Writerhttp://abioye-berbiciangriot.blogspot.com/2009/11/blog-post.htmlOther Information: Attended Berbice High School,Taught at Mackenzie Primary School,Linden and St John's Government School,Sparendaam,East Coast Demerara.
Browne, Murphytiakoma@aol.com From: Stanleytown,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Educator with TDSB,columnist with Sharenewspaper,host of Tuesday Word of Mouth at CKLN 88.1 F.M,co-host Frequency FeminismsOther Information: Attended Berbice High School,taught at St John's Primary School in Sparendaam.
Browne, Omegatropigirl23@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Orlando Fl
Occupation: Optician ClerkOther Information: I attened North Georgetown Secondary(1992-1997)
Browne, Rainierrainbrowne@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Methods EngineerOther Information: East Ruimveldt Secondary
Bruce, Anetaanetabruce@Yahoo.com From: Prashad Nagar,GeorgetownLiving In: Coral Springs,Florida.
Occupation: Medical AdministrativeOther Information: Tutorial High School
Bruce, Chenellealanabruce@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Boston
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: St.Stephen Primary School
Bruce, Dillondillonob@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: TelecomOther Information: St Roses,left Guyana in 89
Bruce, Karenkabstone@goplay.com From: South RuimveldtLiving In: England
Occupation: Housing ManagerOther Information: Attended Christ Church late 70's
Bruce, LennoxLenikee@yahoo.com From: Living In: United States
Occupation: EngineerOther Information:
Bruce, Megan(Pinky)mthomas@Torontomusicians.org From: William St,Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Recording Clerk AdministratorOther Information: Chatham&Tutorial High Schools.Looking for old friends.
Bruce, Shevansbdc9114@yahoo.com From: Kaikan Street,North RuimveldtLiving In: Silver Spring,MD
Occupation: Assistant Project ManagerOther Information: St.Joseph's High----Class of 1986
Bruce, Sydney Victor Fraservsab@joimail.com From: KittyLiving In: Homosassa Florida
Occupation: Retired NYC Transit Bus OperatorOther Information: Attended school in Kitty
Bruce, Whytewhytehouse@hotmail.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Whitby,Ontario
Occupation: R.NOther Information: St Joseph's Mercy Hospital.
Brumell(Meenkum), Anitaanita_brumell@yahoo.com From: Croal st and Kitty G/t and N/A BerbiceLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: St.Angela's Primary School74-82Christ Church Sec82 still here and would like to be suprise
Brumell, Anitaanita_brumell@yahoo.com From: Croal st and KittyLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: St.Angela's Primary School74-82Christ Church Sec82-86
Brummel, Jennievejennieve23@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Jacksonville Fl
Occupation: United States Navy Air Traffic controllerOther Information: I would love to here from any of my fellow guyanese citizens,feel free to email me.
Brummell, Royroybrumm@verizon.net From: Dartmouth,Essequibo and GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Retired educator,currently a writer/authorOther Information: Taught at Covent Garden High School,East Ruimveldt,St. Rose's and Bishops'
Brusch-Cuffy, Carolcbrusch@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: West Bank Demerara
Occupation: Finance ManagerOther Information:
Brusche Bunbury, DasiaDasiabmike@aol.com From: GuyanaLiving In: America
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Christ Church Secondary
Bruton nee Devonish, Roxannerxndev@yahoo.com From: WBDLiving In: ECD
Occupation: Admin.Off.Other Information: St.Agnes/QC/NBIC/UG
Bruton, Gairygairyb220@yahoo.com From: Stewartville WCDLiving In: Atlanta Georgia
Occupation: System AdministratorOther Information: Stewartville Secondary/ST Mary's Anglican in Sousdyke EBD
Brutus, Altheaalthea1779@yahoo.com From: KittyLiving In: Virginia,USA
Occupation: studentOther Information: F.E Pollard Primary,QC,UG,FTHCM of Guyana
Brutus, KimKiss_98_1998@yahoo.com From: Linden/GTLiving In:
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attenden St.Adens Secondary School
Bryan-Rutherford, Doreendoreenr@nova.edu From: Campbellville,KittyLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Insurance CoordinatorOther Information: Redeemer Lutheran School
Bryan, Alfredlynx7i@earthlink.net From: Linden and GeorgetownLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: Bike TechOther Information: Wismar Christianburge Secondary School (Multi)
Bryan, Cyrilcybryan@hotmail.com From: Friendship/GeorgetownLiving In: Barbados/Toronto Canada
Occupation: Owner:Computer Ibfo-Tech CompanyOther Information: Central High.York University Toronto Canada.
Bryan, Treciaperreira31@hotmail.com From: Linden & GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: ParalegalOther Information: MHS & St.Joseph High School
Bryant, Jennifer D.(Sukhdeo)jendbryant@yahoo.com From: Enterprise,E.C.D.Living In: Houston,TX
Occupation: Busy Full-time ParentOther Information: Attended Annandale Secondary School '91,Ricks College(Idaho)&Brigham Young University(Utah),Worked at A/dale Sec.and Hand-in-Hand(G/town).Would love to hear from old friends.
Bryce, Brendabrenda_husb@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/BarbadosLiving In: Georgia/USA
Occupation: Other Information: Dolphin High School-Graduated 1979
Bryce, Howard Wilsonpotsalt@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Retired---Canadian Federal GovernmentOther Information: The MAN.
Buchanan, Peterpbuch33@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: guyana police force
Buchanna, Ramnareshambinaar2000@hotmail.com From: Windsor Forest,WCDLiving In: Schenectady,NY
Occupation: Other Information: St.Anthony's Anglican,West Dem.Govt.Sec.School.Worked at Gafoor's,Guyana Stores Hardware,Ruimzeigt Silos
Budhai, Seetaheavenlybabynikki@yahoo.com From: Port Mourant&AlbionLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: I attended Fyrish School&Lower Corentyne High.
Budhai, Vidyamintri(Vita)serena1299@yahoo.com From: Chesney&Port MourantLiving In: New York
Occupation: Associate Account ExecutiveOther Information: Attended Fryrish School,English School&Lower Corentyne High School
Budhan-Manzano, SooniaSweetSb67@optonline.net From: Wales,WBD,Prashad Nagar,GeorgetownLiving In: Valley Stream,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Patentia,W.B.D
Budhan, Aliciadaswtinnocentwun@hotmail.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Inwood,Long Island
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Angela's Primary,G/T,Enmore Hope Primary,St.Rose's High 96-2001
Budhan, Andreabudhan@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,USA
Occupation: PilotOther Information: North Ruimveldt Multilateral School.76-82.GDF,84-99.
Budhan, Anthonytony_budhan@yahoo.co.uk From: South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Queens,N.Y.USA
Occupation: Other Information: North Ruimveldt Multilateral School
Budhan, Chansarojine (Natalie)budhan_natalie@yahoo.com From: Patentia,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Aruba
Occupation: digital graphic designerOther Information: Patentia Secondary School
Budhan, Priyamy2angels@netzero.com From: 3rd Street,Windsor ForestLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Office ClerkOther Information: I use to live at 3rd street.went to stuartville sec
Budhan, Satishsatish1103@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountsOther Information: want to connect with old buddies
Budhan, Tonytbudhan@yahoo.co.uk From: South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: ArchitectOther Information: Ruimveldt Multilateral School,lived in Trinidad 1995-2000
Budhar, Anethaanrav@juno.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: BookkeeperOther Information: Attend Corentyne High School 1979-1984
Budhar, Davikadeebirbal@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Marketing ManagerOther Information: Lower Corentyne Secondary 1975-1980
Budhar, Devika(Chumati)deebirbal@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Lower Corentyne High School 1975--1980
Budhar, Nirmala(Homattie)hbudhar@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: MillionereOther Information: attended Cropper Primary School,and then Corentyne High School from 79-84
Budhar, Sayticasaytica9@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall townLiving In: Queens
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: J C C S S Looking forward to meet school friends
Budhoo, Aniroodravinbud@hotmail.com From: No 19 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: J.C.Chandisingh
Budhoo, Bobbyb.budhoo@worldnet.att.net From: # 66 Village CorentyneLiving In: Richmonh Hill,New York
Occupation: Other Information: John Bowne High School
Budhoo, Danndbudhoo2000@yahoo.com From: No.19 Village,Corentyne Berbice.Guyana.Living In: BRONX NEW YORK
Occupation: Automotive TechnicianOther Information: Last Employer:-Guyana Water Authority
Budhoo, Maureenfarman@casema.nl From: BerbiceLiving In: Amsterdam
Occupation: immigration officerOther Information: i went to Bush lot Secondary High School.
Budhoo, Poonampoonamdebud@yahoo.com From: No.19 Village Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: College studentOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute,I was a primary School teacher
Budhoo, Poonampoonamdebud@yahoo.com From: No.19 Village CorentyneLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Account Manager/Mortgage Processor/StudentOther Information: B.E.I class of 2000.Teacher at Fort Ordinance Primary 2000
Budhoo, Rudolphrbudhoo@netzero.com From: No.19 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: South Ozone Park,Queens
Occupation: Manager,Airport Security,JFK.Other Information: Chief Clerk,Magistrate Rupert Trim,N.A Berbice.
Budhoo, TeekaramTBudhoo@msn.com From: Berbice,New Amsterdam,Palmyra,CanjeLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Other Information: Went to NAMS from '91 to '96,in the States since then
Budhoo, Vishambudhoo_visham@yahoo.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Lot 2 Railway Embankment,Mon-Repos
Occupation: Field AuditorOther Information: BSc:P/Mgt Cert OSH Vm A/Mac
Budhoo, YougashwarDavendra009@hotmail.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral,Guyana School of Agriculture
Budhram, AditiaBrickman63@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/Living In: cummings lodge
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I here to make Friendz Add me anytime
Budhram, Amitabudhram@bellsouth.net From: Parents from GuyanaLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: Student,studying Computer Science and Pre-MedOther Information: Harrison High School
Budhram, Arnoldarnoldb52@yahoo.com From: CorentyneLiving In: Northern California
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: attended Central High,U.G,and worked in Region 4
Budhram, BasdeoBudhramb@yahoo.com From: Hague,BackLiving In: Miami
Occupation: Other Information: Stewartville Secondary School
Budhram, Davedavebudhram@optonline.net From: Linden and Bel Air Park,GeorgetownLiving In: New Hyde Park,NY
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Mackenzie High and Richard Ishmael
Budhram, Dowlat Ramdowlatb@hotmail.com From: Leonora Pasture,W.C.D.Living In: Costa Rica
Occupation: Management DirectorOther Information: Central High 64-69,Indian Ed.Trust 69-71,UG 71-75 worked as Economist at Min.of Ag.75-76 and 77-78 taught Economics at UG 1979-81.Studied at Univ.of Reading,U.K.& Ohio State Univ.Love to hear from former friends,colleagues,etc.
Budhram, Gangaramabudh69@bellsouth.net From: Hague Back,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Miami Florida
Occupation: Other Information:
Budhram, Haimwant(Bowe)Bowe4747@aol.com From: Mahaicony Creek L.B.I ECDLiving In: Bronx NewYork
Occupation: Businessmanhttp://www.Romofurniture.comOther Information: Mahaicony secondary lived at L.B.I Budhram's hollow blocks
Budhram, Hardathardatbudhram@yahoo.ca From: Canal # 1,West Bank Dem.Living In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Operations ManagerOther Information: Attended Two Bothers Prim.School & Patentia Secondary.Had 36 acres of Pine Walk and 300 heads of Cows.
Budhram, Jaikarranjaibudhram@hotmail.com From: De willem,W.C.DLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Quality InspectorOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary,G.T.I,Currenly In College(part time).
Budhram, Kkbudhram@adelphia.net From: Goed Fortuin,WBD GuyanaLiving In: Miami Florida
Occupation: EducatorOther Information: Attended Charity Primary,Goed Fortuin Primary,Central High,Florida International University.Would like to meet classmates and friends.
Budhram, Lloyd Zahid.Oricko3333@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Indians Education Trust College,1975-80 Looking for old friends
Budhram, Mahendra (Mitch)mbudhramrealty@yahoo.com From: Cornelia Ida WCDLiving In: Richmond Hill USA
Occupation: Real Estate BrokerOther Information: Stewartville Secondary
Budhram, Mahendra(Mitch)mbudhramrealty@yahoo.com From: WCDLiving In: Richmond Hill Queens NY
Occupation: Real Estate Brokerhttp://www.mitchbudhramrealty.comOther Information: Stewartville Secondary School
Budhram, Misir(Shammie)Bsingh1@cs.com From: Black Bush PolderLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Restaurant ManagerOther Information: Corentyne High School
Budhram, Mohanlallram_budhram@yahoo.com From: Mahaicony River/LBI East Coast DemeraraLiving In: South Ozone Park Queens New York
Occupation: Mechanic Repair Shop Manager (Uhaul)Other Information: Mahaicony Secondary School
Budhram, Ramram.r.budhram@aexp.com From: 65 Village CorentyneLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Computer EngineerOther Information: Attended Line Path Gov't School
Budhram, Sarojiniesaroj23@aol.com From: Nandy Park,E.B.D.Living In: Queens Village,New York
Occupation: Other Information: St.Stanislaus College,UG,York College
Budhram, Viayvj345@usgov.com From: GroveLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: DoctorOther Information: Grove High School,John Jay High School,Duke University,Cornell University,Hunter College,NYU
Budhu-Ramlall, Choondaimaramlall@yahoo.com From: # 2 Village,W.C.B/ceLiving In: U.S.A
Occupation: Cust Care RepOther Information: Rosignol Sec,New Amsterdam Tech Inst.N.B.I.C
Budhu.Arjune, Joycejoybudhuarjune@cheerful.com&joybudhuarjune@hotmail.com From: Ocean View,Uitvlugt,West Coast,DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,ON
Occupation: Other Information:
Budhu, BabitaFirebird@cs.com From: Parika E B ELiving In: Queens N Y
Occupation: Reseaching AnalystOther Information: Mirgrated to NY since 97.was a student of Zeeburg Sec.Looking Forward in making new friends.
Budhu, Chandra Kantvineshbudhu@msn.com From: No.75 Village Corriverton BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Warehouse ManagerOther Information: Tagore High School
Budhu, Chetramchetrambudhu@bellsouth.net From: Black Bush Polder (Yakusari)Living In: Florida
Occupation: Auto MechanicOther Information: Bush Lot High School
Budhu, Devindradevindra72@yahoo.com From: Belevedere/BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Went to J.C.Chandi Singh High School,left Guyana in 1987
Budhu, Hemnauthhbudhu@yahoo.com From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Canje,Berbice,Guyana
Occupation: Medical TechnologistOther Information: Attended University of Guyana,and worked at Georgetown Hospital
Budhu, Hemnauthhbudhu@yahoo.com From: GroveLiving In: Rose Hall,Canje
Occupation: Medical TechnologistOther Information: I was in Health Sciences 91-94&96-97.Would like to correspond with friends.Presently working with Guysuco.
Budhu, KhairmalaMalabudhu@aol.com From: Bush Lot Farm,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Medical SecretaryOther Information: Central Corentyne Secondary
Budhu, Khamnauthkbudhu@hotmail.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Mahaica
Occupation: Accounts clerkOther Information: Bygeval Secondary&Shivita's Business College
Budhu, Lynettelynetteram@hotmail.com From: De Hoop MahaicaLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Attended Bygeval Mult 1979-1981 looking to meet old friends and make new friends
Budhu, MalaMalabudhu@aol.com From: Busl lot Farm,corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Medical BillingOther Information: Kildonan Primary and Central corentyne Secondary
Budhu, Raianraianbudhu@hotmail.com From: BahamasLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: North Andros High School-Bahamas,
Budhu, RamRambudhu@hotmail.com From: La Jalousie Front WCDLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended St Judes' @ Blankenburg,Worked Post Office and then GNSCL Geo.
Budhu, Reagin,Priya and RyanYPRBUDHU@aol.com From: Bush lot farm,cor.,BerbiceLiving In: Floral park,NY
Occupation: Self employedOther Information:
Budhu, Ronronbudhu@rogers.com From: HerstellingLiving In: Markham,Ont.Canada
Occupation: Senior Budget Analyst-City of TorontoOther Information: Attended Diamond School and Covent Garden in Guyana,moved to Bermuda in 1970.Eager to communicate with past high school buddies
Budhu, Rovindrarovindra_budhu@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot Village CorentyneLiving In: NY
Occupation: IT DirectorOther Information: Corentyne Bush Lot Secondary 82-87 QC 87-89
Budhu, Rovindrarovindra_budhu@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot,CorentyneLiving In: NY
Occupation: ITOther Information: QC 87-89,Corentyne Bush Lot 82-87
Budhu, Sabrinaspicybaby14@aol.com From: Bush Lot,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Central Corentyne Secondary
Budhu, Shellyshelly_budhu@yahoo.com From: RubyLiving In: Ruby East Bank Essequibo guyana
Occupation: studentOther Information: I attend uitvlugt secondary school,
Budhu, SubrenaSugaGyaL20@aol.com From: Living In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Budhu, UtraFirebird805@cs.com From: Orangestein,Parika EBELiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Research Analyst(Computer)Other Information: Attended Greenwich park Primary&Zeebury Sec.Migrated to the US in 1997.Presently attending Queens college.Looking forward to reunited with old friends and chatting with new friends.
Budhu, Vineshvineshbudhu@msn.com From: No.75 Village Corriverton BerbiceLiving In: same
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Tagore Memorial High
Budraj, Navindrasteveb198013@yahoo.com From: GorgetownLiving In: Sunrise,Florida
Occupation: Team ManagerOther Information: Queens College
Budraj, Radharad9323@aol.com From: no 48 Village corentyne BerbiceLiving In: jamaica queens New York
Occupation: momOther Information: tagore memorial high from 1978to 1981
Bukhan [Chatterpaul], Padmawattie [Sandra]amy_647@yahoo.com From: Parika High-Way,East Bank Essequibo,Living In: Ontario Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Leonara Sec,School [1981-1987]
Bukhan, Sandrasandra-592@hotmail.com From: ParikaLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Health careOther Information: Leonora Secondary
Bulkan, Justinjgb1004@hotmail.com From: Living In: Florida,U.S.A.
Occupation: StudentOther Information: My alma mater is Queen's College
Bulkan, Petalpetals_63@hotmail.com From: Good Hope,MahaicaLiving In: Good Hope,Mahaica
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Bygeval Secondary,CPCE 1981-1983
Bulkan, Raymantru_things@hotmail.com From: Good Hope,MahaicaLiving In: Toronto,Canada(TDOT)
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Helena Primary
Bullyram Balram, Ramonahrkbullyram@aol.com From: Port Mourant/AlbionLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: Community Support WorkerOther Information: JCCSS 1983-1985.Please feel free to contact me if you know me.Thanks
Bunbury, Elizabethlizy_gy@yahoo.com From: plaisanceLiving In: plaisance
Occupation: Teacher[Secondary]Other Information: attended cummings lodge secondary then the cyril potter college of education for teachers and presently attending the university of guyana
Bunbury, Troyton BronickTrojan Bun@aol.com From: Prospect GuyanaLiving In: London England
Occupation: Site Manager/EngineerOther Information: Covent Garden Primary,left in 1972 anyone from Prospect who remembers me drop me a line.
Bundar, Michaelmdcallahan2000@netscape.net From: Herstelling E.B.DemLiving In: Ozone Park Queens New York U.S.A.
Occupation: AutomotiveOther Information: Peter's Hall School E.B.Dem
Buns, Antoniobuns23@msn.com From: george townLiving In: u s a
Occupation: machine opperatorOther Information:
Bunting Whyte, Joan and VincentJoanstar157@aol.com From: C/ville G T and Ann's Grove E C DLiving In: Bklyn
Occupation: Retired Civil ServantOther Information: Attended Fountain High School in Queenstown.
BuntingWhyte, Joanjoanstar157@aol.com From: Campbellville G T also Kitty,Linden,and E C DLiving In: Bklyn
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Fountain A M E Queenstown
Burgess-Browne, Darlenelindar839@aol.com From: West RuimveldtLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Social Worker/Case ManagerOther Information: Attended St Cyril's Anglican Charlestown Govt Sec Was a member of West Ruimveldt Deliverance Assembly and Heavenly Light Temple,Albouystown
Burgess-Browne, Darlenelindar839@aol.com From: West RuimveldtLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Social Worker/Case ManagerOther Information: Attended St Cyril's Anglican Charlestown Govt Sec Was a member of West Ruimveldt Deliverance Assembly and Heavenly Light Temple,Albouystown
Burgess-Browne, Darlenelindar839@aol.com From: West RuimveldtLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Social Worker/Case ManagerOther Information: Attended St Cyril's Anglican Charlestown Govt Sec Was a member of West Ruimveldt Deliverance Assembly and Heavenly Light Temple,Albouystown
Burgess, Aubreyaubreyburgesscpa@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Certified Public AccountantOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary
Burgess, Nevillebrooklynguyana@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Long Island N Y
Occupation: Other Information: Attended East Ruimveldt Secondary & UWI
Burgess, TabithaAlicat618@aol.com From: Kitty/Norton St.WortmanvilleLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: home makerOther Information: F.E Pollard Primary/Charlestown Secondary 91-92
Burke Jainarine, Kamla(Pam)pkburke1@optonline.net From: Wales,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Long Island
Occupation: Brand Assistant(Marketing)Other Information: HS.Patentia HS
Burkett-Nicholson, PhiliciaPhilicia@hotmail.com From: East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Computer Science TutorOther Information: East Ruimveldt Government Secondary School
Burnett Alleyne), Glynisglynisb_99@yahoo.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Payroll ManagerOther Information: Attended St.Joseph High School from 89 to 93.My fellow classmate if you find me,drop me a line.
Burnett-Paul, Bernadettebcbpaps2000@yahoo.com From: Queenstown EssequiboLiving In: Suddie Essequibo
Occupation: Nutritionist-Ministry of Health-GuyanaOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary and was a teacher at zeeburg Secondary
Burnett, Clarenceclarence_burnett@yahoo.com From: CorivertownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Farm ManagerOther Information: Just cool.
Burnett, Feonafeona22burnett@yahoo.com From: good-intent mahaica e.c.dLiving In: barbados
Occupation: studentOther Information: attended bygeval sec\helena Primary\mahaica Primary
Burnett, Joyjoyatkins21@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: MinisterOther Information: Bishops High-Ministry of Agriculture
Burnett, Ricardoroughnyck@yahoo.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Jamaica WI
Occupation: Mechanical EngineerOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Sec,GTC-PM class of '85,Skeldon Estate
Burnett, Theresaqutepea@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Kingston Primary,GOC,Central High,GPC & Countrypride,Looking to find friends and meet new ones.
Burnett, Theresawiked4evr@yahoo.co.uk From: KingstonLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: GOC,Central High,The Business School,GPC,DDL,Countrypride.On holiday in London.Glad to hear from fellow guyanese,feel free to drop me a line.
Burnham, Johnjsa_burnham@hotmail.com From: AlberttownLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Burrowes-Michaud, Colleencolmich185@hotmail.com From: East La PenitenceLiving In: Jamaica
Occupation: Minister of ReligionOther Information: Cambridge Academy
Burrowes, DamianDAMIANBURROWES@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Chef/BusinessmanOther Information: North Ruimveldt Multilateral[1984-1990]Schools attended,G.T.I 91/92,Chritchlow Labor College and Carnege School Of Home Economics 1998.
Burrowes, Donnettedbedroomeyes2@aol.com From: Albouystown,GeorgetownLiving In: New Jersey,USA
Occupation: Administrative SpecialistOther Information: Bishop High part time/Berbice High as transfer Student
Burrowes, Nicholealexane36@aol.com From: Lodge/Northeast LaPenitence/CampbellvilleLiving In: USA
Occupation: NursingOther Information: St.Ambrose Anglican/Queenstown R C (Boarda)/St.John's College
Busgeeth, Narishwarnbusg@hotmail.com From: No.43 Village,Corentyne Berbice Guyana.Living In: Long Island,New York
Occupation: NYC Parks & Rec.Retired U.S.Army Reserve E6 U.S.Dept.of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Service Officer/Patient)Other Information: Corentyne High Sch.75-80 Guyana School of Agriculture 82-84 Like to get in touch with former classmates.
Busgith, Anthonycbusgith@yahoo.ca From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Alexander St.New Amsterdam
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Berbice High School
Busgith, Brianbusgithb@bellsouth.net From: No.35 Village.Ctyne BceLiving In: Stone Mountain GA
Occupation: Other Information: Central Corentyne Sec
Busgith, Rovinbusgith927@mns.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Smythtown New Amsterdam
Occupation: ApprenticeOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral
Bushell-Johnson, Evadne(Vado)vado0835@yahoo.com From: Industry,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: St.Joseph High School&G.T.I.
Busjith, Paulkingpaulthelion@aol.com From: No# 43 villageLiving In: Melbourne,FL
Occupation: Other Information: Police Officer in Georgetown
Butcher, BruceBlkmlnurse20@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: NurseOther Information: I went to Watooka Day School 74-80 and Mackenzie High School 81to 87.former National High jump Champion.
Butchey, Rositarcbutchey@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: New York
Occupation: IT ManagerOther Information: North Georgetown
Butchey, Sharonshenadelgado@comcast.net From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Weston,Florida
Occupation: Real Estate BrokerOther Information: RISS
Butisingh, Marlamarlamas1968@aol.com From: AnnandaleLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Information ManagementOther Information: Attended Annandale Secondary,looking for friends anyone can write
Butters-Grant, Allisonabbutters@aol.com From: CHARLESTOWNLiving In: NEW JERSEY
Occupation: NETWORK ENGINEER&ENTREPRENEURhttp://bgcaribbeanseafood.comOther Information: St.Gabriel's Primary St.Roses&Bishop's High Schools
Butters, Winstonwinstonmoctar@gmail.com From: KittyLiving In: Florida
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Comenious Moravian Queenstown Guyana of 59.Progressive High Durban St.Year 64 George Barnwell, Aubrey Ally, Calam, Fats, Shaw Rohoman of Pike St. kitty, Banks.
Butterworth, Marianmebutterworth@shaw.ca From: St Cuthberts MissionLiving In: Calgary,Alberta,Canada
Occupation: Retail OperativeOther Information: Carnegie School of Home Economics
Butts-Garnett, Gilliangilliebutts@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Projects ManagerOther Information: attended Bishops' High,Registered Nurse and Midwife
Butts-Greenidge, Roxanneroxannebutts@hotmail.com From: Atlantic VilleLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Saint stanislaus College,University of Guyana,University of the West Indies
Butts, Ericericbutts9@hotmail.com From: Born in New York.Grandparents from BV,GuyanaLiving In: Washington,D.C
Occupation: Legal(night)SecretaryOther Information: Planning first trip to Guyana-either '01 or '02.
Butts, Heather Feliciafelicia_2000@msn.com From: AlberttownLiving In: Orange,New Jersey
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: Enterprise Primary School,formally known as Stoute
Butts, Nevillenevillbutts45@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: # 87 Nismes Public Road,West Bank Demerara
Occupation: Christian Book Store AgentOther Information: Related to the Butts,Checester,Semples from Maichony and would like to know the rest of my relatives
Butts, Nigelnigelbutts@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: electrical engineer/barberOther Information: St Stanislaus College
Butts, Seymoreseebutts@yahoo.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Real Estate AgentOther Information: Bishops High
Byass-Mc Kenzie, Kaye Allisonkaye41allisonmack@yahoo.com From: Mahaicony,Anna ReginaLiving In: Mon Repos,E.C.D
Occupation: Research Scientist,Plant Pathologist,LecturerOther Information: ARMS 76-80,Queens College-5repeaters 80-81,GSA 82,Moscow,UG.I would like to get in contact with Kendra Smith and Rasheeda Khan from ARMS
Bynoe-Fields, Nicholekmentore@msn.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Maryland,U.S.A
Occupation: Sprint Operator,StudentOther Information: attended Watooka Day Sch.Mackenzie High Sch.
Bynoe-la Rose, Sandrasandra.bynoe@metrobrokers.com From: Fyrish/No 1 Village,CorentyneLiving In:
Occupation: Realtorhttp://bynoesandra.gamlsagents.comOther Information: Scarder Private school,National High Portmourant,B/ce,York College,Queens N Y

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