M, Feliciashimmerin_latina@hotmail.com From: Guyana,BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Berbice High School
Maamari, NicolaMaa0800t@yahoo.com From: High Street,Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: London
Occupation: Communications/BroadcastingOther Information: Attented Christ Church Secondary,left for England in 1986.
Mac Innis nee De Ridder, Debras.kinney@sympatico.ca From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Pickering,Ontario
Occupation: AuditorOther Information: Sacred Heart R.C./St John's College
Machielse(nee Singh), Seeranie a.k.a.Shantanovastarum@hotmail.com From: Quakers Hall-West Mahaicony-E.C.D.GuyanaLiving In: Guyana&Australia
Occupation: Home dutiesOther Information: Born in Planters Hall-E.C.D.married to Hans Th.Machielse
Machielse, Hansnovastarum@hotmail.com From: Quakers Hall-West Mahaicony-E.C.D.GuyanaLiving In: Guyana&Australia
Occupation: Architect/ArtistOther Information: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology&Perth Technical College
Mackay, Ianian@mackaydental.co.uk From: Diamond Estate (near Georgetown)Living In: Milnathort Scotland
Occupation: Dental TechnicianOther Information: Born in Georgetown 1954.Left Guyana in 1964,returning once a year for holidays until1967
Mackay, Ianian@mackaydental.co.uk From: Diamond Estate (near Georgetown)Living In: Milnathort Scotland
Occupation: Dental TechnicianOther Information: Born in Georgetown 1954.Left Guyana in 1964,returning once a year for holidays until1967
Mackintosh, Bryanbryanmaxx@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Sweet GT
Occupation: Video productionOther Information: I want to organise an old boys/girls reunion for Central High School,contact me if you are interested
Mackoon, Cecilcecilmackoon@aol.com From: Betterhope/East Coast/MahaicaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Teacher at Soesdyke/St Barnabas/Georgetown/Probation Officer
Mackoon, Chandanee/Desireechanharduwar@gmail.com From: Better hope/MahaicaLiving In: Brampton On Canada
Occupation: Business ownerOther Information: St Josephs High School
Mackoon, Lindsaylpg_linzee@hotmail.com From: Better Hope/MahaicaLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Cummings Lodge secondary
Mackoon, MickfordJenmack007@hotmail.com From: Portmarant curantine,rosehall villageLiving In: Cape Coral,Florida
Occupation: Enginer,retired from ABC new's after 21yearsOther Information: Looking for relatives from Guyana,went to Queens College.Related to Paul Branco and Maccoon's,Herbert
Mackoon, Mickfordjenmack007@hotmail.com From: RosehallLiving In: Cape Coral
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Looking for friends and family
Mackoon, Nadiranadirapaul@aol.com From: East Coast-Atlantic Gardens/MahicaLiving In: Cambridge,Ontario
Occupation: Program ManagerOther Information: attended St.Angeles and North Georgetown S.S.Related to Grace,Neil,Chan,Lindsay and Loraine
Mackoon, Neilneilmackoon@hotmail.com From: Better Hope/Annandale,ECDLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Annandale Secondary school
Mackoon, Walterwmackoon@wtfcu.org From: Cumming's Lodge GuyanaLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Cumming's Lodge Sec-Looking for High Sch buddies
Mackoon, Walterwmackoon@hotmail.com From: Cumming's LodgeLiving In: Clermont,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Cumming's lodge Secondary '74-'77
Madan, Krishnakrish_m2k@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Hawaii
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Moravian 1960-1965 Queens College 1965-1970
Madan, Kumariearvin kirpal@hotmail.com From: albion front cor berLiving In: brampton ont
Occupation: Other Information: was attending C.C.S.S
Mader Lal, Punyavatipunlal53@gmail.com From: Canal no.1 Polder WBDLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Laboratory TechnicianOther Information: attended Muslim Trust College
Mader Lal, Punyavatipunlal53@gmail.com From: Canal no.1 Polder WBDLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Laboratory TechnicianOther Information: attended Muslim Trust College
Madho, Dr.Vicvmadho@aol.com From: No.59 Village,CorentyneLiving In: New York
Occupation: ProfessorOther Information: Tagore Memorial High and also of GuySuCo
Madho, Parasvandpmadho@yahoo.com From: GerogetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: WaiterOther Information:
Madho, Redicaprincessqu3@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: AllroundernoneOther Information: Tain Primary
Madho, Rudyrmadho@rogers.com From: CorentyneLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: RealtorOther Information: Tagore High School
Madhoo, Lorettalorettasingh@hotmail.com From: Bloomfield Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: N/AOther Information: Auchlyne Public School,George Brown College(in Toronto,Ontario),Herzing Institute(in Toronto,Ontario)
Madhoo, Patriciapatriciajagnandan@hotmail.com From: Bloomfield,CorentyneLiving In: New York/Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Auchlyne Primary School Manchester High School
Madramootoo, Carla martinalategreatme@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: student and volunteerhttp://www.guyanayouth.comOther Information: the guyana education trust college and member of artistes in direct support
Madramootoo, Neilcsineil@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Berbice
Occupation: Student-NAMSOther Information: Parents Neil Madramootoo/Lakshmi Panday from New Amsterdam
Madramootoo, Neilneil_kris@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: studentOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School
Madramootoo, Peterpispete@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: US ArmyOther Information: currently in Saudi Arabia(Iraqi Freedom)
Madramootoo, Soobramaneyjoey2626@live.ca From: Mahaicony,KittyLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Manufacturing TechnologistOther Information: Attended Novar,Mahaicony Secondary 1968-1970,Cummings Lodge 70-74,UG gtd class 76-78,Teacher at St.Rose's and Mackenzie high,Glad to hear from all friends.
Madray, Nevillemiknev@aol.com From: Sheet Anchor BerbiceLiving In: Louisiana USA
Occupation: Elect EngOther Information: Berbice High School
Madray, RosalineRosaline.madray@emory.edu From: Campbelleville,GTLiving In: Cobb County,Georgia
Occupation: Jane Jordan,Deputy General Counsel/Chief Health Counsel and Vice PresidentOther Information: Attended St.Rose's High,Left in 1987.Single mother of two beautiful girls,very smart and kind spirited.
Madraymootoo, Michaeltouchofclasstow@bellsouth.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Plantation,Florida
Occupation: Tow company ownerOther Information: Attended saint Gabrial's primary,North Georgetown secondary,queens college and university of Guyana.I worked at Ainlim before leaving for the US.I would love to hear from some old friends.
Mageed, Shareefs_azees@hotmail.com From: No.63 Village Corentyne Last gov,t house on the beachLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Plant ManagerOther Information: Attend Skeldon Line Path GSS.1974-1979
Mahabal, ArjuneAmahabal1125@gmail.com From: Canal No.2 PolderLiving In: Brampton, Ont. Canada
Occupation: Land SurveyingOther Information: Kitty High School,GTI Land & Surveys,CALiburd
Mahabal, Arjuneamahabal1125@rogers.com From: Canal No.2 PolderLiving In: etobicoke
Occupation: surveyingOther Information: SLS,GTI.Liburd&assoc,lands and surveys
Mahabal, Kayrealmandrivechevy@msn.com From: Belmonte Mahaica E.C.DLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Budzy(milk man)son.
Mahabal, Khismattiestormystar2@hotmail.com From: Belmonte Mahaica E.C.D.Living In: Edmonton,Alberta Canada.
Occupation: Other Information: Bygeval Secondary School.
Mahabal, Swarsattie (Merl)rozz1@telus.net From: Belmonte MahaicaLiving In: Edmonton Alberta
Occupation: n/aOther Information: Bygeval secondary school
Mahabali nee Harkess, Christinacmahabali@yahoo.com From: Port Mourant CorentyneLiving In: Boston Mass.
Occupation: Phlebotomist/EKG Tech.Other Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Secondary
Mahabeer, Michealcrommm@yahoo.com From: CharlestownLiving In: 38 Russell Street Charlestown
Occupation: Aeronautical EngineerOther Information: Queen's College Graduate of 1996
Mahabir Fatty, SewchandSewchandmahabir@aol.com From: Bath SettlementLiving In: Queens New Yrok
Occupation: Dialysis Technician/Beth Israel Medical CenterOther Information: Bush Lot High School (1972-1978)
Mahabir-Tickaram, Devicadtickaram@scor.com From: No.58 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Tagore Memorial & New Amsterdam Technical Institute
Mahabir, Badeshtashri@netzero.net From: Meten-Meer-Zorg(west)Living In: Queens-New York
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Saraswat Primary School
Mahabir, Deopaulskhela0916@rogers.com From: Patentia Housing Scheme W B DLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: WelderOther Information:
Mahabir, Deopauldeopaul4@hotmail.com From: Patentia WalesLiving In: Brampton on
Occupation: WeldingOther Information: Wales community high school
Mahabir, DeopaulDeopaul4@hotmail.com From: PatentiaLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: WelderOther Information:
Mahabir, KaramchandSonnymahabir@gmail.com From: Alberttown/Georgetown-Cummings StreetLiving In: Queens Village NY
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Queenstown R.C.school/Gandhi Youth and D.A.V College.Rum shop man
Mahabir, KrishnaKmahabir@yahoo.com From: BarbadosLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Geologist/LecturerOther Information: Lived in Barbados most of my life,received my secondary education at The Modern High School,York College and Brooklyn College.Part time consultant,currently working with the Dept of Education as a Science teacher.
Mahabir, Paulpmahabir@yahoo.com From: Charlestown,GeorgetownLiving In: Ottawa,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Mahabir, Sherry-AnnSherrsweetpea@aol.com From: Better HopeLiving In: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Geologist,Technical AssistantOther Information: Inagua Public School (Bahamas),York College (CUNY),Brooklyn College (CUNY)
Mahabir, Shivdat (Ryan) (King)DJinnKing07@aol.com From: Bath Settlement,Lot A 29Living In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Richmond Hill High School
Mahabir, TerryTerry.mahabir@gmail.com From: Letter Kenny/TainLiving In: Florida
Occupation: A/C TechOther Information: Search for a friend in Canada,his name Jai Persaud
Mahabir, Trevortre_vor_boy@hotmail.com From: AlbouystownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: goldsmithOther Information: Wilfred Laurier
Mahabir, Vickramloverboyv1830@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam/Blairmont/Bush lotLiving In: Florida
Occupation: United States navy USNOther Information: looking for some old friends from B.E.I 96-99,don't feel shy to drop a few lines.and anybody who just wanna chat.
Mahabir, Vishvishmahabir@comcast.net From: Crabwood Creek,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: CNC ProgrammerOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Gov't Secondary(class of 1980 ),Nickname:VC
Mahadeo "Deno", DenaramDeno72v@yahoo.com From: 72 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Newark NJ
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Skeldon Line Path Secondary School from 81 to 86-87.Would be glad to hear from friends,class mates/School mates,anyone who knows me,even those who don't.Drop me a line anytime.
Mahadeo(mangah), Shellyjosephinesjm@aol.com From: SoesdykeLiving In: Ozone Park,Queens
Occupation: Other Information:
Mahadeo(now Goorahoo), Janet ZenaAlja0723@aol.com From: Alexander VillageLiving In: Connecticut
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Dolphin,Pitmanites Inst.,Squirrel Mfg.,Fries Motor\Furniture.
Mahadeo, Ajodhya Persaudajodhyamahadeo@gmail.com From: Zeeburg Housing Scheme N WCDLiving In: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Uitvlugt Scots School.Zeeburg Secondary School 1963 TO 1966
Mahadeo, Ajodhya Persaudmahadeo@mts.net From: Zeeburg,West Coast Dem.,GuyanaLiving In: Winnipeg,Manitoba
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Zeeburg High School
Mahadeo, Babs(Vedwattie)babslow@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall Town.CorentyneLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Psychiatric NurseOther Information: Roman Catholic School,Farley's Private School,Engl ish School,Corentyne High School(1969-1974).Father,Mahadeo Raghunandan of Rose Hall Mother,Hardeia Deokie of Port Mourant
Mahadeo, Bejaivijay4279@aol.com From: 43 village correntyne berbiceLiving In: bronx ny
Occupation: Other Information:
Mahadeo, Bibialibebe63@yahoo.com From: Canal No.2 Polder,West Bank Demerara.Living In: Ocoee,Florida
Occupation: Director Of NursingOther Information: Attended Kawall Primary School,Patentia Secondary and Cyril Potter's College of Education.I was a teacher at Endeavour and the Commons Primary,also worked at T.Geddes Grant LTD.and Caribbean Clothing Company.
Mahadeo, Bibialibebe63@yahoo.com From: Canal No.2 Polder,West Bank Demerara.Living In: Palm Coast,FL.
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Patentia Secondary School
Mahadeo, Denaram(Deno)Deno72V@yahoo.com From: 72 vill.Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Newark,New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Skeldon Line Path Secondary School
Mahadeo, Denaram(Deno)Deno72V@yahoo.com From: 72 vill.Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Newark,New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Skeldon Line Path Secondary School
Mahadeo, Dhanraj(Dan)ryousuf81@aol.com From: Crabwood Creek&Miss Phoebe Port MorantLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Office Manager,Counselling juvenile kidsOther Information: Corentyne High School 1969-1974,CPCE Teachers Training College 1977-1979,Teach at Crabwood Creek Primary 79-84,Graudated City College of NY with BA(psy.honors)
Mahadeo, Indranie Devi (Radha)devi_2000us@yahoo.com From: 19 Lusignan EastLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Annandale Secondary School
Mahadeo, Kamalkamalmahadeo2005@hotmail.com From: Reliance AbandonLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Network OperatorOther Information: Attended and taught at Reliance Primary in the 70s'
Mahadeo, Kenkenbob564@guyana.ro From: Mahaicony Creek,E,C.Dem.GuyanaLiving In: Orlando,Florida.U.S
Occupation: ConstructionOther Information: Muslim`s.Brickdam,Georgetown.1971 to 1974
Mahadeo, Mariamaria@ids-group.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Program ManagerOther Information: Rama Krishna High School
Mahadeo, Monirammm23112001@yahoo.com From: Goed Fortune/Leonora/EcclesLiving In: New York,USA
Occupation: Other Information: West Demera Secondary School,1971-1977
Mahadeo, Nadiranadiracox@hotmail.com From: Dry Shore Essequibo CoastLiving In: St-Martin
Occupation: SalesOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral High School
Mahadeo, Nadiranrm@outremer.com From: Dry Shore,Essequibo CoastLiving In: French Antilles,Island
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral High School,1977-1982.looking for old classmates.
Mahadeo, Natramdrummerboy11691@yahoo.com From: East Bank DemararaLiving In: Far Rockaway,NY
Occupation: US ARMY,UPS SUPERVISOROther Information: Far Rockaway High School
Mahadeo, Nirvanispoil_bratt16@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: i use to live at De Hoop Mahaica
Mahadeo, Rajrkmahadeo@europe.com From: Leonora,West DemLiving In: Venice,Italy
Occupation: NATO,US Gov't Rep-Southern EuropeOther Information: Maha Sabha
Mahadeo, Rajrkmahadeo@aol.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Venice,Italy
Occupation: United States Gov't.EmployeeOther Information: Maha Sabha High School.New York 75-88,Orlando,Florida 89-98,Venice,Italy 99 to present.If anyone recognize to name,please feel free to contact me at the above mention email address.
Mahadeo, Ramrattie(Baby)sandra.ramroop@hotmail.com From: La Penitence,Greater GeorgetownLiving In: Ont.Canada
Occupation: Bank ClerkOther Information: Carmel R.C.Central High,worked@Guytrac,Providence
Mahadeo, Rohanierohanieurm@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Eccles,East Bank Demerara
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information:
Mahadeo, Roopranie Indira(bibi)papodaughter@hotmail.com From: La penitenceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: underwriter.insurance companyOther Information: Dolphin government school,Muslim education trust college
Mahadeo, Roopranie(now veerapen)lapenitencegirl@hotmail.com From: lapenitence,guyanaLiving In: canada
Occupation: underwriterOther Information: attended muslim education trust college,work at magestrate court
Mahadeo, Rudolphrmahadeo@telsnet.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: 126 Akawini Street Section K Campbellville
Occupation: Lecturer MathematicsOther Information: Queen's College,St.Stanislaus College
Mahadeo, Shellysjmjosephine@aol.com From: SeosdykeLiving In: Ozone Park,Queens
Occupation: Other Information:
Mahadeo, Shivrajsmahad0206@rogers.com From: Success,East Coast DereraraLiving In: MIssissauga Ont
Occupation: MarkettingOther Information: attended cCummings Lodge Secondary
Mahadeo, Tanuja(Tanu)tanumahadeo@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Dental AssistantOther Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary School
Mahadeo, Theresatheresamahadeo@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn,NY.
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Annandale Secondary School and lived in Lusignan.
Mahadeo, Vishnuvish.mahadeo@universal-airlines.com From: Cornelia Ida WCDLiving In: Richmond Hill
Occupation: GM/Universal Airlineshttp://www.universal-airlines.comOther Information: QC 77-75/CHS 70-75
Mahadeo, Vishnuvishmahadeo@att.net From: Cornelia Ida,WC DemLiving In: Richmond Hill & Cornelia Ida
Occupation: Cargo Exporter & Freight ForwarderOther Information: CHS 70-75 & QC 75-77
Mahamad, Ershadershad2175432@yahoo.com From: East Canje BerbiceLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Aeronautical Engineer/PilotOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute,New Amsterdam Technical Institute,University Of Guyana,Aeronautical Engineering School-Guyana,American Airman-Long Island
Mahamad, Rehansweetest_rehan@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In:
Occupation: College Studenthttp://www.freewebs.com/sweetest_rehan/Other Information: B.H.S,B.E.I,R.V.C & I.T
Mahamad, Rehansweetest_rehan@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Mahamad, Rehansweetest_rehan@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Auditorhttp://www.freewebs.com/sweetest_rehan/Other Information: R.V.C Private School
Mahamadeen, Omaromahamad@hotmail.com From: CottonTree West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Philadelphia,PA
Occupation: Chemist/Production ManagerOther Information: Berbice High,1st Graduating Batch from UG.
Mahamed, Kamillkamill72@hotmail.com From: SpringlandsLiving In: Richmond Hills,NY
Occupation: Personal Financial Planning-VPOther Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path HS.
Mahase, Camilla Lakshmicamilakshmahase@gmail.com From: PomeroonLiving In: Venezuela,Ciudad Bolěvar
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information:
Mahase, Camillacamilakshmahase@hotmail.com From: Pomeroon-SupenaamLiving In: Venezuela-Ciudad Bolívar
Occupation: Financial AnalystOther Information: I came to Venezuela when i was 3 years,all my basic studies,diversified and university I done them here.Actually I'm 28 years old.
Mahase, Desireedsr_mahase@yahoo.com From: Bladen-HallLiving In: New York
Occupation: Medical Assistant/PhlebotomistOther Information: Attended Bladen-Hall Mulilateral School Class of 1982,will like to connect with friends and classmates.
Mahase, Francisfrancis.mahase@gmail.com From: Grant Opposition Pomeroon River/Kitty GeorgetownLiving In: Venezuela
Occupation: Electronic TechnicianOther Information: Charity Primary School/A.R.M.S.love to meet old time classmates school friends.
Mahase, Yvonneyvonozir@yahoo.com From: Vigilance,E.C.D.Living In: Houston,Texas
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School 1965-1971.Looking to connect with old classmates.
Mahato, Jagdeojagdeomahato@rogers.com From: Success ECDLiving In: Brampton ON Canada
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Worked for British American Insurance Company and attended the Hindu College at Cove and John would love to hear from old friends and to make new ones also.
Mahendra, Jagmohanjaggy1@ymail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Long Island
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Richard Ishmael Secondary school 1981-1985
Mahes, Kenneth LekramKen_Mahes@BellSouth.Net From: Ocean View,UitvlugtLiving In: Delray Beach,Florida
Occupation: Chief Technology OfficerOther Information: Charles Evans Hughes High School NY,Baruch College NY
Mahesh, Sandrasandrabondon@hotlmail.com From: 122 garrnett street newtown kittyLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: School AideOther Information:
Mahindranauth, Susheilasushe27@aol.com From: Anna Regina,Essequibo Coast.Living In: New York city
Occupation: JPMorganOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary.Taught there early 1990's
Mahindranauth, Yogitamahind@attcanada.ca From: Anna Regina,Living In: Scarborough
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary
Mahindranauth, Yogitarlovey29yahoo.ca From: Anna ReginaLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School
Mahipal, Nirmalanmahipal@hotmail.com From: Canal No 1Living In: Mississauga, Ontario, Cda
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Attended Two Brothers Primary School until 1988.
Mahipal, Nirmalanmahipal@hotmail.com From: Canal No.1Living In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: RN/Univeristy StudentOther Information:
Mahmood, Fareenafareena@gmx.de From: Leonora.W.C.DLiving In: Münster,Germany
Occupation: European Business ClerkOther Information:
Mahmood, Sheiksheikmahmood@hotmail.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: MachinestOther Information: i am 19 yrs and attended the New Amsterdam Technical Institute
Mahmood, Wallima H.lima_mahmood@yahoo.com From: # 78 Corriverton,BerbiceLiving In: # 78 Corriverton
Occupation: Student-AccountsOther Information: Skeldon High And UG(Berbice)
Mahmoud, Fazilfazilmahmoud@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/EssequiboLiving In: Belgium
Occupation: National cricket coachOther Information: I attended St Andrews school in Georgetown opposite the court and in Essequibo I attended St Johns Anglican in Suddie. I played cricket at Maltenoes sports club and I worked at the State solicitor`s office before moving to de Caires in King street. I would like to contact friends from Guyana who can still remember me. I knew Rawlin and Marlon de Souza,Carol Rishton,Cox from de Caires,my teacher Mr. Rajaraam from Essequibo as well as Mr Griffith. Lennox Johnson etc.
Mahraj, Nakeshwarjustssv@aol.com From: Georgetown,Hadfield stLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Independent Business OwnerOther Information: Attened:St.Mary's community H.S,Charlestown Govt secondar school "94"
Maikoo, Debradmrm1@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: New York(Queens)
Occupation: Other Information:
Maikoo, Rashikamaikoor@ukzn.ac.za From: Pietermaritzburg-South AfricaLiving In: Pietermaritzburg-South Africa
Occupation: Assistant Admin Officer-University of KZNOther Information: Attended Esther Payne Smith Secondary School-PMB
Maison, Bertrambdmaison@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Operation AssociateOther Information: North G'town High School,Brooklyn College JPMorgan/Chase
Maison, Carlottamuddgirl9@hotmail.com From: Duncan Street,CampbellvilleLiving In: Baltimore Maryland,USA
Occupation: Nusing AssistantOther Information: Campbellville Secondary School/Chritchlow Labour College
Maison, Patricetrice_m2000@yahoo.com From: South R/veldtLiving In: A TL Baby
Occupation: Maintaince SupervisorOther Information: Christ Church Secondary
Maison, Sherlocksfmaison21225@yahoo.com From: Campbellville,GuyanaLiving In: Maryland USA
Occupation: Aircraft MaintainanceOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary/Former Employee of GPO
Majeed, RahaylaRaakya@msn.com From: 12 Samaroo Dam,Pouderoyen,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Ozone Park,Queens NY
Occupation: Store ManagerOther Information: West Demerara Secondary,employee,A.Mazharally&Sons.
Majeed, RahaylaRaakya@msn.com From: West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Assisstant ManagerOther Information: West Demerara Secondary,employee,A.Mazharally&Sons.
Majeed, Ramzan aka(azaad or Bun)azaad37@hotmail.com From: #2 Canal Polder,W.B.DEMLiving In: Toronto.Canada
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Kawall Gov't School.Patentia Sec School-.G.T.I
Majeed, Ramzan aka(azad)or Bunram.raman@rogers.com From: Canal #2 Polder Conservancy end WBDLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Attended Kawall Primary and Patentia Secondary-77
Majeed, Rauljeffmajeed1@yahoo.com From: Albion EstatesLiving In: Brampton
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Majeed, Samanthasamthecat@sbcglobal.net From: Clonbrook Village(East Coast Demerara)Living In: Connecticut
Occupation: SchoolOther Information: Looking for anyone who lived in Clonbrook Village or related to a Majeed or Singhroy(Kathleen,Juliet,Verna or Joseph Singhroy)
Majeed, Sheriffs_azees@hotmail.com From: Whim Compound Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Attend Manchester Secondary-WGMSS
Majeed, ZaleenaZallyM@aol.com From: Success,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: PA,USA
Occupation: Other Information:
Major, Michellemvjemmott@hotmail.com From: East RuimveldtLiving In: Vancouver Canada
Occupation: Sr.Payroll AdministratorOther Information: David Rose Community and North Ruimveldt Secondary.
Makardajh, Ramnarine (Terrence)terrencemakar@yahoo.com From: Enmore,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: LBI,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Customs OfficerOther Information: attended Bishop's High School
Makardajh, Surujpaullallmak@yahoo.com From: Enmore,ECDemLiving In: Enmore,ECDem.Guyana
Occupation: Sworn Land SurveyorOther Information: Golden Grove Sec.School Gov't Technical Institute G/town
Makardajh, Vanessa Persaudvmakardajh@yahoo.com From: LBI,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: LBI,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Computer OperatorOther Information: Attended Central High School
Makhai, Harrynarinehmravi2001@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Fyrish Road Corentyne
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive high School
Malay, Michelle VeronicaVeronicanj2002@yahoo.com From: Williamsburg/BerbiceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended J.C.Chandisingh Secondary from 1997 and left 2001.
Malchan, Hardathardatmalchan@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot Village West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Bush Lot
Occupation: Other Information: Lachmansingh Primary,Bush Lot Secondary,University of Guyana ( Berbice Campus),Global Technology,Academy of Professional Studies (Cambridge University),Microsoft Certified Application Specialist programmer,Computer Technician.\
Mallay, Kennardkennard.Mallay@gmail.com From: Alness VillageLiving In: Tortola British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Security OfficerOther Information: Alness Primary,Corentyne Comprehensive High School,Adventure Toll Station,Albion sugar Factory,Gaibank,Gncb
Mallay, Sabrina Ksabrinam94@aol.com From: Skeldon/Skeldon EstateLiving In: New York
Occupation: BankerOther Information: attended SLPSS '81-'85 '86,taught at Crabwood Primary School '88-'90.attended BMCC&Baruch College
Maloney, Cindyc_maloney@sympatico.ca From: Alberttown,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Environmental ManagementOther Information: Queen's College
Maloney, Cindycindy.maloney@rogers.com From: AlberttownLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: EnvironmentalistOther Information: St.Gabriel,Queen's College,University of Guyana
Maltay, keishamariamaltay95@gmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Hadfield street,lodge Georgetown
Occupation: clerk 11Other Information: I've attended the Bartica secondary school.
Man-son-hing, Patrickpmansonhing@bell.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario Canada
Occupation: retired fron Bell CanadaOther Information: Attended St Mary,s RC school Brickdam,then Central High School in the 60's
Manbahal, PramanandPRIDASH@SYMPATICO.CA From: Patentia,West Bank.Living In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Radio&Fire Alarm Technician.T.T.COther Information: Central HIgh School.1975-1981
Manbodh-Hardeen, Gracetarrynsarika@hotmail.com From: Zeelandia,WakenaamLiving In: Winter Garden,Florida
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: Attended E.I.G.S.S.
Manbodh, Ganeshgmanbodh@hotmail.com From: Wakenaam,Essequibo.Living In: Barrie Ontario Canada
Occupation: Self Employedhttp://www.raz.globaltravel.comOther Information: If you would like to be a travel agent and work for yourself please email me.I would like to hear from anyone that know me or my family from Wakenaam
Manbodh, Nadiranads_mbhod@yahoo.com From: Anna Regina,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Alexander St.,Kitty
Occupation: Administrative Secretary(IDB Health Sector)Other Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School
Manbodh, Vanievanie_reece@hotmail.com From: Wakenaam,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: SHP Processing AdministratorOther Information:
Mandall/Hamid, Dollyranamandall@yahoo.ca From: Zeeburg/WakenaamLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Saraswat High School.
Mandall, Romeena/Rampersaudrosemandall@msn.com From: Zeeburg,GuyanaLiving In: Bolton,Canada
Occupation: V.P.FinanceOther Information: Leonora Primary,Zeeburg Secondary 1978-1984
Mangah-Jetto, Sherryhillfootgyal@hotmail.com From: Soesdyke,E.B.D./Hillfoot,Soesdyke Linden HighwayLiving In: Jamaica,Queens,New York
Occupation: Home Health AideOther Information: Lived in Suriname for a few years,attended School there,then went back to guyana and attended the Bussiness School from Sept.'96-June'97.
Mangah-Jetto, SherryHillfoot16@hotmail.com From: Soesdyke,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: New York,Queens
Occupation: Other Information: Attended the business Shcool from '96 Sep.-'97 June,would like to meet with friends from back home.E-mail me anytime,would really appreciate it very much.
Mangal-Bisram, Rushanti/Shivanashivana07@yahoo.com From: Ocean View,UitvlugtLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Home for nowOther Information: Worked for the Govt.Information Services.Hope to find some old friends and fellow villagers
Mangal-Lekhraj, LakshmiLakshmimangal@yahoo.com From: Ocean View,UitvlugtLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Meh Nah wuk Yet.Other Information: St.Stanislaus 92-97
Mangal, Almaclankelli@aol.om From: 17 Duke and Railway StreetTriumph Village E.C.DLiving In: BrooklynN.Y
Occupation: seamstress(self employ)Other Information: St,Mary!s Ye Virgin AnglicanSchool,Beterverwagting E.C.D.
Mangal, Baby Asharmangal44@hotmail.com From: Bloomfield Vge.n #70 Vge CorentyneLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: HairstylistOther Information: Attended Auchlyne n Manchester school,Looking for Jerry Motiram from #19 Warren,cor/bec.
Mangal, BuneshwarManny@gfisteel.com From: Fyrish Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Project ManagerOther Information: Cropper primary,Lower corentyne secondary school,Port mourant training school(GTCPM) 1998-2002
Mangal, Craigondutchie514@yahoo.com From: 17,( Duke & Railway Streets) Triumph Village E.C.Living In: New York.USA
Occupation: NYPDOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary School,son of late"Uncle Boyo"and "Auntie Ruby.
Mangal, Kamal Devikamal04@msn.com From: #19 village,corentyne,berbice.Living In: Jersey City
Occupation: housewifeOther Information: B.E.I.
Mangal, Khrishna Mahadeokmm_apw@hotmail.com From: Crane VillageLiving In: Chicago,Illinois USA
Occupation: Director-Information TechnologyOther Information: West Demerara Govt.Secondary
Mangal, Mpayplusben@aol.com From: Triumph Village.E.C.DLiving In: Florida
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Annandale High
Mangal, Mahadeomangalus@yahoo.com From: Annandale,E.C,DemLiving In: Happy Acres E.C.D.Guyana
Occupation: Businessmanhttp://www.GuyanaNet.com.gyOther Information: attended Annandale Secondary,last worked at Lands&Surveys Dept.
Mangal, Montymontos@verizon.net From: TriumphLiving In: Wesley Chapel,Florida
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Annandale High.
Mangal, Navinnavin.mangal@gmail.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Manager,ScotiabankOther Information: JCCSS 87-92
Mangal, Priyaprexy95@yahoo.com From: Pouderoyen-Bella Dam,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: St.Catherine,Jamaica,W.I.
Occupation: Instrument TechnicianOther Information: GuYsuCo.Training Center Port Mourant,Corentyne.
Mangal, Rajendra G.rmangal1@optonline.net From: Ocean View,Uitvlugt,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Tuckahoe,New York
Occupation: Finance ComptrollerOther Information: Zeeburg&Leonora Secondary Schools,Dharmic Sabha West Dem,Uitvlugt Cricket Club
Mangal, Rajiv K.RMangal@MGNFunding.com From: Uitvlugt,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Loan OfficerOther Information:
Mangal, Rajiv KrishnaRKM@SPEEDGEAR.com From: Oceanview,Uitvlugt West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Zeeburg Sec/DDL/.
Mangal, RajivRMANGAL@MFN.com From: Ocean View Uitvlugt,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Bronx,New York.
Occupation: Senior AccountantOther Information: Cricket,Sports.
Mangal, RajivMangalRajiv@Yahoo.com From: Oceanview,UitvlugtLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Real Estate/MortgagesOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary Class of 86
Mangal, Rayraym1969@optonline.net From: Prashad NagarLiving In: Valley Stream NY
Occupation: Network AnalystOther Information: Central High,USMC,UMass
Mangal, Rayray.mangal@chase.com From: Prashad NagarLiving In: Valley Stream NY
Occupation: Network Technician(JP Morgan Chase)Other Information: Central High 81-86 USMC 88-92 Umass 93-97 JPMC 97-present
Mangal, Sandrasandramonesser@yahoo.ca From: Springland,race course aeraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Administrative Assistant/ReceptionistOther Information: Skeldon lutheran high school,1975-1979 look for friend and classmate
Mangal, Seeram Gopaulgseeram@ziggo.nl From: Montrose East Coast DemeraraLiving In: The Netherlands
Occupation: programmer/researcher/developerOther Information: Love to corespond to anyone
Mangal, Shanteshantenavin@yahoo.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Queens Village,NY
Occupation: Retail AnalystOther Information: BEI-1980-1985,Queensborough Grad 98 and Currently York College.
Mangal, Sharmelashamo2206@hotmail.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Johns Sett.
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: JCCSS(1993-1998),Compre(1998-1999)
Mangal, Stephenstephen_mangal@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Prashad Nagaar
Occupation: Systems AdministratorOther Information: University of Guyana
Mangal, TheresaArvilla976@aol.com From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: NY
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice Educational Institute 87-92/John Adams HS in NY.Attended Qeensborough Comm.College and College of Staten Island.I would love to hear from my old friends.
Mangali, Debbiechemgirl60@hotmail.com From: Albion FrontLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Student at seneca,pt cashierOther Information: i'm interesed in meeting New people,and old friends
Mangar, Akashozzyam@netscape.net From: Triumph VillageLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: AnalystOther Information: Central High School
Mangar, Ashaasha_mangar14@hotmail.com From: Born in England,Mom is from GTLiving In: Ozone Park,NY
Occupation: Personal Secretary/AdminstrationOther Information: Married,23,looking to meet and make friends with guyanese in my area
Mangar, Diannedmangar@hotmail.com From: D'Andrade Street,Newtown,KittyLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens,NY
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary School
Mangar, Garygmangar@msn.com From: Newtown,KittyLiving In: New York
Occupation: Software EngineerOther Information: University of Guyana
Mangar, Indrai_mangar@hotmail.com From: Leonora,WCDLiving In: CA,USA
Occupation: QA ManagerOther Information: Stewart Secondary,University of Guyana,Long Island University
Mangar, Jamesjmangar@hotmail.com From: Providence,E.B.DemeraraLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Tax AuditorOther Information: Central High School(1953-1959)
Mangar, Kamlamela1822@gmail.com From: Windsor Forest,WCDLiving In: NYC
Occupation: Program associateOther Information: West Dem Sec School
Mangar, Rosannerosemangar@hotmail.com From: D'andrade St,Newtown KittyLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: North Georgetown Secondary School
Mangar, Roserosemangar@hotmail.com From: D'Andrade Street Newtown KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: North Georgetown School
Mangar, Vidyabhushan(Vid)vid@ownahome.com From: BetterHope South,East Coast Dem.Living In: S.Ozone Park,NY
Occupation: Health CareOther Information: Attended Cummings Lodge Sec.1973.Interested in contacting Patricia Darson-Flannigan and any other class mates.Interested in Cummings Lodge reunion.
Mangeshkar, Savitriesavitriemangeshkar@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Junior AccountantOther Information: Looking forward to hear from friends,both new and old friends.
Manget, Earleamanget@yahoo.com From: West Ruimveldt,GeorgetownLiving In: Loganville,Georgia
Occupation: Administrator (Healthcare)Other Information: South G/town Secondary,University of Guyana,CUNY,Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Permanent Mission of Guyana to the United Nations
Manget, Noelnoelhhmanget@yahoo.com From: West RuimveldtLiving In: Loganville Georgia
Occupation: Gwinnett County Public SchoolsOther Information: Attended Freeburg Primary,North Ruimveldt Multilateral 77-82 and univ.of Guyana-Guyana Police Force Immigration and Mazaruni Granite Products.Wouls like to hear from anyone who knew me esp.schoolmates
Manglia, Anjanie Devirplcanjanie@hotmail.com From: Guava BushLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: I'm married and have two kids.
Manglia, Hilia] gaitreegaitree6@hotmail.com From: Guava BushLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: mashine apreterOther Information: blank
Manglia, IndrawateeIndrawattee38@hotmail.com From: Guava Bush Albion Courentyne BerbiceLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Flee free to drop me a line,love to hear from all Guyanaese
Mangra(Jaipersaud), Agnesagnes964@hotmail.com From: AgricolaLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: ClericalOther Information: Attended Covent Garden Sec.
Mangra, BasilMeccaOfCoherence@aol.com From: Chicago IllinoisLiving In: Chicago
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Ignatius High School
Mangra, Derickderickgtm@yahoo.com From: Covent Garden E.B.D.Living In: Ocala,Florida
Occupation: Quality Control Tech.Other Information: Attend Covent Garden Secondary from 1975 to 1980.
Mangra, Jagdeo Jackjmangra@aol.com From: New Amsterdam,B/ceLiving In: California,USA
Occupation: Mechanical TechOther Information: Overwinning Sec.,GITC and GTI.
Mangra, Jasminjasmin0092001@yahoo.com From: GTLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Admin.AsstOther Information: Would like to hear from old friends or new ones boys or girls
Mangra, LatchmanLatmangra@aol.com From: Rose Hall CorentyneLiving In: Jacksonville Florida
Occupation: Wood WorkerOther Information: Corentyne High School
Mangra, Latchmanlatmangra@aol.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Jacksonville,FL
Occupation: Wood WorkerOther Information: Cor/Edu/college
Mangra, Nirmala Shantieshantiemangra@hotmail.com From: Blairmont,,W.B.BLiving In: Blairmont Estate S.S.Compound
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Guyana School of Agriculture
Mangra, Roopwatierpgavila@yahoo.com From: FriendshipLiving In: West Palm Beach Fl
Occupation: SalesOther Information: I use to go to Craig Primary School and Friendship community High School.
Mangra, TashaGeeta_88@hotmail.com From: Unity Lacaster MachaicaLiving In: Fl
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Mangra, Tonysamangra@yahoo.com From: Port Mourant No.64 VillageLiving In: Fort Meade,MD
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Corentyne High School 1970-1975,New Amsterdam Multilateral 76-78
Mangra, shardassharma77@yahoo.com From: IndustryLiving In: Long Island,N.Y
Occupation: Other Information: Cumming's lodge secondary school
Mangroo, Davingmangroo@cfmcorp.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga
Occupation: Other Information: Went to BEI.Live in Canje,Coburg St,Cumberland.Ist house
Mangroo, Davindavin.1@hotmail.com From: Coburg St,Cumberland 1'st houseLiving In: Mississauga.Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Went to BEI
Mangroo, Edwardnyceddie78@aol.com From: Letter Kenny Village,CorentyneLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Retail Store Owner/Studenthttp://www.crossbronxwim.comOther Information:
Mangroo, Jairam RaviLilgtripdown701@aol.com From: Salton Farm Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Boggie Down Bronx
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Use to attend J.C.Chandisingh High School
Mangroo, Ravendralildutte@aol.com From: Born in New YorkLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: mother from willamsburg corentyne know as "ram" lives opposite akistman furniture shop,father from port maurant,corentyne,know as "par","parmanand" or "tucka".
Mangroo, Rudranauthpadoromel@aol.com From: HoustonLiving In: New York
Occupation: Finance ControllerOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary School and Worked at Deloitte and Touche in Guyana
Mangroo, Sudesh Himmanhmangroo@yahoo.com From: Covent Garden EBD GuyanaLiving In: Covent Garden E.B.D.Guyana
Occupation: Welder/ClerkOther Information:
Mangroo, Swarsattieswars_mangru@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Richard Ishmeal,Bishop's High
Mangroo, Vanessanaughtygirl911@gmail.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Queens,Ny
Occupation: StudentOther Information: hi,just wanna meet some cute guys and meet with my old freinds and meet new one
Mangru, Chidochido_mangru@msn.com From: New Road,Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Leonora,High School
Mangru, Desireedesmang@yahoo.com From: Kitty,Greater Georgetown.Living In: Canada
Occupation: ChemistOther Information: University of Guyana.
Mangru, Dyanandsanjay_mangru@hotmail.com From: Canefield Village,East Canje,Berbice.Living In: New Jersey,U.S.A.
Occupation: Researcher/ChemistOther Information: NAMS,UG.
Mangru, Eddie D.eddie_mangru@hotmail.com From: Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta-Canada
Occupation: work @ U of A HospitalOther Information: Went to Vreed-en-Hoop & Leonora School.
Mangru, John GChido_mangru@msn.com From: Vreed-en HoopLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta-Canada
Occupation: MachinistOther Information: Chido is my son
Mangru, Politatempest882000@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Managed Care SpecialistOther Information: South G/town&QC 1980
Mangru, Sattiesattiemangru@yahoo.ca From: Sarah Wakenaam,GuyanaLiving In: Edmonton,Canada
Occupation: Federal GovernmentOther Information: attended EIGSS in Wakenaam in the late 70's
Mangru, SteveGtmassive75@hotmail.com From: Herstelling,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Queens Village,NY
Occupation: Pc TechnicianOther Information: Central High School 1985-1990
Mangru, ValarieVangela1965@yahoo.com From: Cottage Mahaicony E C DemLiving In: Fortlauderdale Florida
Occupation: Quality Assurance SpecialistOther Information: Zealand Primary/Bygeval Secondary/Mahaicony secondary
Manharan, Dennytacoma8400@yahoo.ca From: Grove East Bank Dem.Living In: Canada Mississauga
Occupation: Mechanic(highway trucks)Other Information: Covent Garden Sec.
Manharan, Farahfmanharan@yahoo.ca From: HerstellingLiving In: Canada-mississauga
Occupation: Other Information:
Manickchand, Anilanilmanick@yahoo.ca From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: high School,Q.C.
Manickchand, Priyapdmanickchand@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Attorney-at-LawOther Information: high School:Queen's College
Manickchand, Ramlochanraj_mannie_2@hotmail.com From: mmz wcdLiving In: mmz wcd
Occupation: operations managerOther Information: q.c.92 u.g.97 humourous correspondence,have a qik chat,
Manickchand, Sabitasabitap@msn.com From: Mahaicony CreekLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Loan OfficerOther Information: Mahaicony Secondnary School
Manickchand, Sabitasabitap@msn.com From: Mahaicony CreekLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: Loan OfficerOther Information:
Manickchand, Suesuepar@yorku.ca From: Mahaicony CreekLiving In: Whitby,Ont
Occupation: Administrative,York UOther Information: Indians Educ.Trust,Shaws College,York University
Maniram, BharratBharrat2001@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Director(Contracting Agency)Other Information: Attended Kingston Gov.School.Lived in Kingston for 20 years
Maniram, Latchminlachabkj@yahoo.com From: Zeeburg West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Cambridge ONT
Occupation: ReceptionistOther Information: I attended Zeeburg Secondary School and would love to talk to anyone that remember's me I also attend Stertville sec
Maniram, Mahendra(Bobby or Sugar)bobby1027@hotmail.com From: Parika,East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Schenectady,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Old student of Zeeburg Secondary School,Class of 1B,2B,3B,&4E leave in 2000,looking for old friends.(BIG UP TOO NBI)(SUGAR)
Mankarran, NarineYwinner@aol.com From: Kildonan Village,Cor.BerbiceLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Prosthetic & Orthetic Tech.Other Information: Central Corentyne Govt.Secondary School,Bush Lot,Corentyne
Manmohan(Singh), Angelaajsingh@rogers.com From: RosignolLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Rosignol Secondary
Mann nee Prescod, Asalitaasalitamann@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information: Attended Central High School,lived in Los Angeles 85-93
Mann, Alyahalyahm@yahoo.com From: McDoom EBDLiving In: Miami,FL
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Stella Maris,Bishops' High,FIU.
Mann, Leon(Leonard)lmann1@rogers.com From: Princess Street(Mann's Cafe)Living In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Worked at Sprostons,Ainlim and lived in California 85-93.
Mann, Markm_mann76@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,KittyLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Richard Ishmael Sec.School.
Mann, Nigel Gngmann@ieee.org From: Georgetown/KittyLiving In: Vero Beach Florida
Occupation: RF Performance EngineerOther Information: St.Gabriels,Queens College,GDF
Manniram, Brianbrian_mann01@yahoo.com From: Zeeburg,W.C.DLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: St.Rose's High
Manniram, Robinrobin_manniram@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: 37 Zeeburg North west Coast Demerara
Occupation: Computer TechnicianOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary School during the year 1996-2001.I would like to chat with my friends.You can also give me a call on tel # 277-0393 or 629-7893
Manniram, Robinrobinvmanniram@yahoo.com From: West Coast Dem.Living In: West Coast Dem.
Occupation: System AdminstratorOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Manohar Nee Narain, Peperdye(Sisto)Mocha623@aol.com From: 67/71 Village CorentyneLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Production ManagerOther Information: Attended 68 Primary School and J C Chandisingh 69-73.Taught at no 59 Primary and No 68 Primary.Will like to hear from old friends and New as well! Is married to Buddy Manohar from 71.
Manohar, Daviddmanohar@hpaulin.com From: Parika East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Scarborough Ont
Occupation: supervisorOther Information: parika salem comm high school
Manohar, Daviddmanohar@hpaulin.com From: parika east bank essequibo guyanaLiving In: scarborough ont
Occupation: supervisorOther Information:
Manohar, Normatwins1306@hotmail.com From: Goed Bananen Land,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,ON,Canada
Occupation: Working@Magna International/PlastcoatOther Information: Attend Canje Secondary School/Worked@Rose Hall Estate from 1988-1990.Friendship lasts forever because friends know how to make things fun and make each day a Happy One!.
Manohar, ReginaldRmanohar@chubbsecurity.com From: Goed Bananen Land,East Canje BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,ON Canada
Occupation: AnythingOther Information: Attended Multi 1975-81 Worked at Rose Hall Estate
Manohar, ReginaldRmanohar@chubb.ca From: Goed Bananen Land,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton.ON Canada
Occupation: I make things happenOther Information: Went to Multi 1975-1980 CEI 1980-1982 All friends drop me a line or call me at 905-792-7032
Manohar, Reginaldreggie7032@yahoo.ca From: Goed Bananen Land,East CanjeLiving In: Brampton Ontario Canada
Occupation: Doing the right thingsOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral 1975-1982
Manohar, Sandravsmohan@sympatico.ca From: GuyanaLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice Educational Institute-1981-1985
Manohar, VaniVaniManohar19@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Florida
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Line Path High School
Manraj, Abdul Hafeezahmanraj@yahoo.com From: Eccles,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Herndon,Virginia-USA
Occupation: Computer Network Engineerhttp://www.geocities.com/ahmanrajOther Information: High School-St.Stanislaus
Manroop, Rishilord_rishi@hotmail.com From: # 3 West Cost BerbiceLiving In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: WelderOther Information:
Manroop, Sattiesattie77@hotmail.com From: West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Pierrefonds
Occupation: otherOther Information:
Manroop, Yoograjymanro@hotmail.com From: West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Montreal
Occupation: studentOther Information:
Mansoor, Mursalinmmmursalin@yahoo.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: ArchitectOther Information: Looking for my friends and family.
Maragia, EleanorLord)judie94@yahoo.com From: Friendship ECDLiving In: Newark DE
Occupation: Account Admin ClerkOther Information: Bladenhall Multilateral
Maraj, Bhowanbhowanmaraj@sympatico.ca From: Kitty,Georgetown.Living In: Scarborough.Ontario,Canada.
Occupation: Federal Meat &Food Processing InspectorOther Information: Attended Indian Education Trust College 1953/58
Maraj, Darshananddarshanand_maraj@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Medical DoctorOther Information: St.Winifred's Primary,Queen's College Secondary,University of Guyana,Guyana Pharmaceutical Corp (Inc),Georgetown Public Hospital Corp
Maraj, Darshananddarshanand_maraj@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Medical DoctorOther Information: Graduate of:St.Winefried's Primary and Queen's College Secondar Schools and the University of Guyana
Maraj, Shobhashobhadance@hotmail.com From: Kitty/GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto East,Canada
Occupation: President-Shobha Talent & Cultural CentreOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School 1979-1983
Marasco(nee Permal), Sandrasmarasco@mesuite.com From: Good Faith Mahaicony,GuyanaLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Novar High School
Marcano-Sooko, Devikabilinky@hotmail.com From: EssequiboLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: Accounts Clerk/TutorOther Information: Trinidadian went to school at Anna Regina Multilateral 1994-1995
Marcel, Reecemarcelreece@yahoo.com From: KittyLiving In: St Maarten
Occupation: Medical SecretaryOther Information: Attended St Rose's High School Looking for family (Mother,Father,etc.)
Marcellus, RyanRyanAMA@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: Civil/Structural Engineerhttp://mysite.freeserve.com/RyanEmmaOther Information:
Marcia, Waterslookappropriate@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Raleigh,North Carolina
Occupation: Clerical AssistantOther Information: St.Andrew's Primary,Georgetown.Looking for class mates from 1969-1975
Marciano-Sealey, Alexandraalex_6319@yahoo.com From: Wismar-LindenLiving In: Elkridge,Maryland
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Mackenzie High School 1974-1979
Marco, GuyMacushi9@aol.com From: Katoka,North Rupununi,GuyanaLiving In: Citrus Oaks,Gotha,Florida,USA
Occupation: Artist,Musician,Certified Picture Framer,Certified Photo Tech.Other Information: St.Ignatius Secondary,Burrowes School of Art,University of Guyana,St.Mary's College(St.Lucia),Castries Comprehensive Secondary School(St.Lucia),YMCA-Shotokan Karate Club,St.Lucia Shototan Karate Association
Marcus, Clairmonteclairmontemarcus@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: PhotographerOther Information: Love to get in touch with old friends from Mahaicony Methodist School
Marcus, ClaranceclaranceAmarcus@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: canada
Occupation: plummerOther Information:
Marcus, Claranceclaranceamarcus@hotmail.com From: Kuru-Kurur Soesdyke Linden HighwayLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: MachinistOther Information: Attended Dora Secondary School
Marcus, Janesajan2sweet@yahoo.com From: Roxanne Burnham GardensLiving In: Lodge Housing Scheme
Occupation: Confidential SecretaryOther Information: Attended St.Pius Primary then Christ Church Secondary
Marcus, Rochellrmarcus27@hotmail.com From: 247 Fourshaw Street,QueenstownLiving In: St.Lucia
Occupation: Working/MomOther Information:
Mario, Kaoskasomario@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: La Penitence
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Saint joseph high school
Maripen, Indrowattieindro158b@yahoo.co.uk From: GuyanaLiving In: 158B,No.68 Village,Corentyne,Berbice
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: grew up in Rose Hall Town,attended Lower Corentyne Secondary School(1973-1978),married to Bhoge Outar
Mark (Tony), Deenmtm7622@yahoo.com From: 4th Street Alexander VillageLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: Process TechnicianOther Information: Alleyne's High School 1980-1985,work at Banks DIH Ltd
Mark, Smithmsmith3015@gmail.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: New York City Police OfficerOther Information: St.Johns R.C.School in Plaisance
Marks Alves, Vashtivalves02@yahoo.com From: Manchester village CorentyneLiving In: Boston Mass
Occupation: Other Information: National High Berbice/Commercial Pilot st N/A looking for class mates.
Marks Carol Stuart, Carol Elizabethcaracara57@yahoo.com From: Skeldon,Corriverton(Scottsburgh,Line Path D,BLiving In: Botswana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Skeldon Line-path Secondary,Taught at No 68 Primary,Crabwood Creek Primary,B/V community High,Queens College< Skeldon High(Lutheran),North Georgetown Secondary,Sophia Practical Instruction centre(Agri),I'm teaching at Queens College in Guyana
Marks Walker, Roxannemroxy2020@aol.com From: Hope EBDLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Other Information: YWCA Brickdam
Marks Walker, RoxanneThomasroxy20@aol.com From: New Hope/Friendship E.B.DLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Other Information: I will like to know all the Marks from Essequibo
Marks-Anthony, Debradebmark04@aol.com From: Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: California
Occupation: Other Information: attented Cumberland Primary,Canje Secondary,North Ruimveldt Multilateral and Guyana School of Agriculture worked at The Ministry of Agriculture
Marks, Carol Elizabethcarolmarks@botsnet.bw From: CorrivertonLiving In: Botswana
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: Skeldon Line-Path Secondary
Marks, Cicilteklifeent@aol.com From: gt townLiving In: bronx NY
Occupation: store ownerhttp://www.gt-4-life.homepage.comOther Information: Guyanese recording artist and their music
Marks, DonetteDDulfie@aol.com From: Covent Garden(Island),East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: I went to Covent Garden Secondary School
Marks, EarthaEartha Marks@hotmail.com From: Plaisance East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Canada
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Marks, JonelleMjonelle@hotmail.com From: North Ruimveldt,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: Attended Christ Church Secondary School
Marks, Reubenmrksrbn@yahoo.com From: W/burgLiving In: Williamsburg
Occupation: metal workerOther Information: St.James-the less primary.Kitty village,e.c.d.
Marks, Troymarks_troy@yahoo.com From: Williamsburg C/tyne Berbice ( Rose HallTown )Living In: Williamsburg C/tyne Berbice ( Rose HallTown )
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Berbice High School 5T (2005)
Marks, Vashtivalves02@yahoo.com From: Manchester Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn Ny
Occupation: Rev.Other Information: National High Port Mourant Corentyne
Marques(nee Cooblal), Tessabcooblal@yahoo.com From: Camp Street,KittyLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Self-employedOther Information: Attended Sacred Heart Primary School in the 50's,Looking for long-lost family members.
Marques, Ingridjune115@hotmail.com From: East Ruimveldt Moved to Festival City in 1970Living In: London UK
Occupation: Other Information: Would like to contact any one who attended St Pius RC School and Muslim College 68-73
Marques, Roxanneroxannemarques@hotmail.com From: LeguanLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Medical PersonnelOther Information:
Marripen, Indrowattieindro158b@yahoo.co.uk From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: 158B,No.68 Village,Corentyne,Berbice
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: grew up in Rose Hall Town,attended Lower Corentyne Secondary School(1973-1978),married to Bhoge Outar,taught at Fyrish Primary School
Mars-Blyden, Roxannesunshinemars@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Legal AssistantOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary School
Mars, MellisaMEMS@msn.com From: Mackenzie,LindenLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Watooka Day School 1983-86,Mackenzie H.S1986-92.
Marshall, Andrewandrew.marshall@abu.nb.ca From: Linden/MacKenzieLiving In: CANADA NEW BRUNSWICK
Occupation: Library TechnicianOther Information: MacKenzie High-Regma Under Twelve
Marshall, Andrewandrew.marshall@crandallu.ca From: LindenLiving In: Moncton New Brunswick Canada
Occupation: Library TechnicianOther Information: Regma Under 12,MacKenzie High School,Left Linden in 1975
Marshall, Dionnegroundedinchrist@icqmail.com From: Living In: Barbados
Occupation: Other Information: President"s College To all my old classmates who would love to contact me.you can,at this address or beautifulandwonderful.i'm looking forward to hearimg from you people
Marshall, Janelleperhapsannallier@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: undergrad law studentOther Information: I went to St.Margarets then St.Roses High School,lived in North Ruimveldt,
Marshall, Sheambasheamba2000@yahoo.com and amba55@aol.com From: AlbertownLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Other Information: Christ Church
Marshall, Sherwinshemar19gy@yahoo.com From: Plaisance,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Electricianhttp://www.geocities.com/shemar19gy/sherwin.htmlOther Information: Richard lshmael Secondary,work@Univeristy of Guyana 1998-2004
Marshall, Sherwinshemar19gy@yahoo.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Brooklyn,N.Y
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Richard Ishmeal Secondary
Marshall, Yolandayolanda.marshall@uToronto.com From: Georgetown,North Ruimveldt and Cummings st.Living In: Scarborough,Ontario-Canada
Occupation: University of Toronto Student.and Prof,Make-up ArtistOther Information: I attended St Margarets,then Central High School.Left Guyana and returned to Canada in 1993.My dad is Herbert Marshall,well known Professional Guitarist.I am currently majoring in Biological Anthropology.I Miss Guyana
Marshall, Yolandebebe_ymarsh@usa.net From: Linden/GeorgetownLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: StudentOther Information: President's College.simply the best!!.University of Guyana
Martial, CarlFelixMartial@AOL.com From: Leguan and GeorgetownLiving In: Windsor,Ontario
Occupation: Production EngineerOther Information: Tutorial and GTI
Martin (Wright), Shenellynellyeve1989@yahoo.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Maryland,U.S.
Occupation: Hair Stylist and currently attending colledge.Other Information: Attended Wismar Hill Primary School.
Martin(Williams), Folakeabiola70@aol.com From: South Rumiveldt ParkLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: Cisco System EngineerOther Information: Attend Bishop's High School from 1985-1988,any old friends I would love to hear from you.
Martin-Volante, Astonamartin@analog.com From: EssexLiving In: England
Occupation: Other Information:
Martin, Davidmcrosstylist@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York City
Occupation: Hair StylistOther Information: Central High School,and Milady`s Salon,Good Times
Martin, Donnadonna759@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Freeport,Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended East Ruimveldt Secondary School
Martin, Wilfred Regonambironwks@verison.net From: 14 Wismar Hill linden GuyanaLiving In: Baltimore Maryland U.S.A.
Occupation: Welder/Artisthttp://www.regonart.comOther Information: Wismar Anglican School
Martin, Wilfred Regonambironwks@aol.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Landover Maryland
Occupation: Welding contractorhttp//marketlaunchers.com/martin.htmlOther Information: Inventor of the Core Drilling Method and Apparatus.Issued 1/13/04,Serial # 10/208,088,U.S.A.,Patent # 6,675,913.Is a Guyanese share the joy.
Martin, WilfredWil555@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miami Florida
Occupation: Computer ProgrammerOther Information: St.Rose's '83 Bishop's '82 South Georgetown '76-81
Martindale aka Petal, Pepitapetalmartindale1@yahoo.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Account Associate/XeroxOther Information: Brickdam Secondary School(Muslim)
Martindale nee Charles, Natashanmartindale@gtsystemsinc.com From: Century Palm Gardens,South SummingsburgLiving In: New York
Occupation: Staff AccountantOther Information: A.C.C.A Accounting Student-current
Martindale, JeanetteJan6_ca@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Legal Clerkhttp://www.geocities.com/jan6_ca/index.htmlOther Information:
Martindale, Mariamartindalenmaria@hotmail.com From: 49 D'Urban St.LodgeLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Xerox PrintOther Information:
Martindale, Natasha Anatmarty@nyc.rr.com From: Century Palm Gardens,D'Urban BacklandsLiving In: New York
Occupation: Assistant to CFO/Staff Accountanthttp://home.nyc.rr.com/winsornatOther Information: C.C.S.S.,Association of Chartered&Certified Accountants-Current Student
Martindale, Ronald Aronmar@guyana.net.gy From: Georgetown/New AmsterdamLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: PrintingOther Information: B.E.I./Banks DIH.
Martindale, Ronaldronmar2070@yahoo.com From: Georgetown/New AmsterdamLiving In: Georgetown/New York
Occupation: Other Information: BEI(N/A)Banks DIH Ltd.
Martins, Anthonyanthony_martins@hotmail.com From: Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: Eccles E.B.D
Occupation: DancerOther Information: School of the Nations
Mary Bernadette, Danielsmarybdaniels@gmail.com From: Kitty-GeorgetownLiving In: Valencia-Venezuela
Occupation: Other Information: Queen's College (76-81).Would like to contact Deborah Faux in Holland.
Mary, MaryMaryk@rogers.com From: Rosignol(stelling Rd)-BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Ros.Sec.School early to mid 80's
Masdammer, Mr LaurieLaurieMSD@aol.Com From: New Amsterdam [Stanleytown]Living In: London
Occupation: Electrician&Air Conditioning EngOther Information: N/A Government Sec.School
Masih Das, Ryanacid832@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Daytona beach
Occupation: MECP techOther Information: Miami Killain High
Masih-Das, CarrolCarrolb2004@yahoo.com From: Craig(Grant Scheme)E.B.D.Living In: Woodhaven,NY
Occupation: Full-time MommyOther Information: Attended Covent Garden Secondary(Guyana)RichmondHill High(NY)
Mason, MalcolmMgmason78@hotmail.com From: Linden BlueberryhillLiving In: Brooklyn n.y
Occupation: C.N.AOther Information:
Mason, Marcusslimms25@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Silvertown,Linden
Occupation: LabourerOther Information:
Masood, Yacoobmyacoob@schools.nyc.gov From: Reliance Abandon East Canje BerbiceLiving In: Far Rockaway New York City
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral School 1980-1985.Attended Cyril Potter College of Education 1987-1989.
Massay(Junior), Albertmassay@yahoo.com From: Pike Street,KittyLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: System Communication Analyst,Georgia State UniversityOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary,I am currently with the United States Department of Defense in Afghanistan as a military IT Contractor.
Massay, Chrysse A.chrysseiscool@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Houston Texas
Occupation: Travel AgentOther Information: Hello this is Chrysse Massay descendant of the late Hutton Massay,grand daughter of Barrington Massay.I am sorry but I need to change the email address for the previous posting.If you sent a message to the hotmail addr PLEASE r
Massay, ChrysseChrysse_massay@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Houston Texas
Occupation: Corporate Travel AgentOther Information: I am Hutton Massay's daughter and I am serching for descendants of Hutton or Barrington Massay.Please contact me if you are or know of any descendants,and remember per the regulations of this site this information is not meant to be misused.
Massay, Keithbklynbusman55@msn.com From: Old Kara Kara,Mackenzie,Linden.Living In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Bus operator&CarpenterOther Information: Attended Smith Church Primary School in Georgetown,& Hooper's High in Linden.Was a amateur boxer in the lightweight division,and was selected into training camp,for the 1988 olympic games in Guyana.I am now a boxing manager/trainer.
Massay, Phillippmassay@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: Orlando
Occupation: EducatorOther Information: Looking for Cumming's Lodge Govt.Sec.alum.from 1971-1976.
Massay, Waynemandingofreak@blackplanet.com From: KittyLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: ComputersOther Information:
Massiah(King), Deborrahmda22@optonline.com From: West Ruimveldt,GuyanaLiving In: Connecticut,USA
Occupation: Paralegal/InstructorOther Information: East Ruimveldt Sec,Teachers Training College
Massiah, Andremassiaha14@yahoo.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Queens,NY.
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Bygeval Secondary.
Massiah, Cliftonclifton115@aol.com From: Kitty/railway lineLiving In: ont canada
Occupation: sidel techOther Information:
Massiah, Edwardedmas1@hotmail.com From: AlbouystownLiving In: UK
Occupation: Singer SongwriterOther Information:
Massiah, Edwardedmas1@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,AlbouystownLiving In: West London-UK
Occupation: Security OfficerOther Information:
Massiah, Jacquelinejmmassiah@candw.lc From: Wortmanville,Hague(WCD),Watooka,Belvoir Court,Blygezight GardensLiving In: Bois d'Orange,Saint Lucia
Occupation: Research Officer,Social Policy,OECS SecretariatOther Information: St.Thomas Moore,Blankenburg Primary,Watooka Day,Fountain AME Primary,North Georgetown Sec.,Christ Church Sec.,UG
Massiah, KazaineCOOLRULER17@AOL.COM From: West RuimveldtLiving In: Hyattsville,Maryland (U.S.A)
Occupation: Bank TellerOther Information:
Massiah, Oswaldlamassia@yahoo.com From: Helena # 2,MahaicaLiving In: Jamaica
Occupation: Truck DriverOther Information: Bygeval Multilateral School,Class of 75-81
Massiah, Rufusmassiahjr@yahoo.com From: Mahaica/Living In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Bygeval Multilateral Mahaica
Massidas, Alfredamassidas@aol.com From: Crabwood Creek,B'ceLiving In: Richmond Hill,NY
Occupation: CFOOther Information: Skeldon Lutheran High School Class of '73 Lillian Dewar of Education Class of '80
Massidass-Narain, TabitaTabitan@aol.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: Nassau County
Occupation: Other Information: Skeldon Line Path
Matadeen, Krishnakmatadeen@sympatico.ca From: Belvedere,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: ControllerOther Information: Corentyne High School
Matadeen, Mohinimmatadeen@live.ca From: Belvedere,CorentyneLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Controller,CMAOther Information: Corentyne High School
Matadeen, Ramabullet_train@bollywoodmail.com From: Belvedere,Albion,Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: self-employOther Information: Corentyne High School
Matadeen, Sandrasandrahairsalon@hotmail.com From: BelvedereLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: HairstylistOther Information: Drop me a line if you living in and around Brampton and would like to have your hair cut,color or style at very reasonable rates.
Matadeen, Shantishantidm@hotmail.com From: Belvedere,CorentyneLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne High School
Matadeen, Subassubasmatadeen@rogers.com From: Belvedere,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary School,NATI
Matadeen, Venitaveni_matadeen@hotmail.com From: Belvedere,Corentyne,GuyanaLiving In: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Occupation: Customer Service Rep.Other Information:
Matadial-Flores, Anniemetraf@comcast.net From: Tarlogie Farm,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Jersey City,New Jersey
Occupation: Document Analyst/Chase Manhattan BankOther Information: I attended Bush Lot Secondary School from 81-85.I left Guyana in 85.Any of my old friends out there please send me an e-mail.I would love to hear from you.
Matadial, Ann Mariaannadushi14@msn.com From: no 35 VillageLiving In: Netherlands Antilles
Occupation: studentOther Information: Central Corentyne secondary
Matadin, Hemasally_baby1990@yahoo.com From: #10 village West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Woodley Park Village,West Coast Berbice
Occupation: Customer Service RepresentativeOther Information: I attended Bush Lot Secondary and work with Western Union
Matadin, Jennykrisrock@msn.com From: KittyLiving In: bronx
Occupation: sales clerkOther Information: Queentown community school
Matai, Nalinijustnalini@aol.com From: Canje,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Student-last semester Dec-2002Other Information: Multi,NA-All the way.Old friends,drop me a line
Matheson Pearson, Melisamelmap1@yahoo.com From: Canje Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: Nassa Bahamas
Occupation: Teacher[Secondary]Other Information: Attended B.H.S/Canje Sec/N.A.T.I./C.P.C.E./UG
Matheson Pearson, Melisamelmap1@yahoo.com From: East La Penitence Housing SchemeLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Matheson, Allisonallison_2244@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: 210East Lapenitence Georgetown
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Canje Secondary and East Ruimveldt
Matheson, Claymountclaymountmatheson@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information:
Matheson, Lisalisaco67@aol.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: law enforcementOther Information: I attended Berbice High School
Matheson, Marciamarmath86@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral
Matheson, Vanessavanessamatheson2000@yahoo.ca From: East La Penitence/H/Scheme GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Teacher[Secondary]Other Information: East Ruimveldt Multi
Mathews, Shantishantimathews@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: Fitness InstructorOther Information: Used to attend Christ Church Secondary
Mathews, Trevorbadboy1234567890@hotmail.com From: Living In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: lookin for someone to chat wid.
Mathias, Sherensheren.mathias@us.army.mil From: Eccles,EBDLiving In: Lorton,VA
Occupation: Warrant Officer in US ArmyOther Information: Stella Maris,Saints
Mathias, Stephenmathiassteve@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: accountantOther Information: Moved to Canada,Iam interested to find any one who remembers my family.
Mathieson, Jewel Marciaosafp@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: lived in Kara-Kara attended Watooka Day School and Linden Foundation High School
Mathura/Persaud, Shreemattie Nadirapersaudnadira@yahoo.ca From: Windsor ForestLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Technology CoordinatorOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary 1982-1987
Mathura, Anujaanujagayatri@yahoo.com From: Anna Catherina WCDLiving In: Bronx NY
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Zeeburg Sec.96-01
Mathura, Krishnakmathura@rogers.com From: WINDSOR ForestLiving In: Brampton Canada
Occupation: machine assemblerOther Information: Zeeburg Sec School,and G T I
Mathura, Maharani (Sandra)msingh_71@hotmail.com From: Windsor Forest-West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Ozone Park,New York
Occupation: House Wifehttp://www.singhsport.comOther Information: York College-New York-Cricket Store in NY.
Mathura, Sadacietrebelles1@juno.com From: Goed FortuinLiving In: Vienna,Austria
Occupation: DesignerOther Information: West Dem.Sec.
Mathura, Shivs.mathura@rogers.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Former student of Central High(80-83)Multi(79-80)
Mathura, Shobasmathura2@yahoo.com From: Sandy Babb Street,KittyLiving In: Camden,NJ/Florida
Occupation: Occupational TherapistOther Information: St Roses/NYU
Mathura, SvenSmathura@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miami
Occupation: Dir.Bussines DevelopmentOther Information:
Mathura, Vadewantievedomathura1@yahoo.com From: Bara Bara,Mahaicony River.E C DemLiving In: Kissimmee,Fl
Occupation: Other Information:
Mathurin, Jacquelinejacquelinemathurin@hotmail.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Chicago
Occupation: Other Information: I would like to meet people from guyana
Mattai, Arlenearlenemattai@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Chesapeake,VA
Occupation: EducatorOther Information: Comenius Moravian on Anira Street St.Joseph's High in Non-Pariel Park
Mattai, Nehaulnehaul.mattai@3web.net From: Bel Air ParkLiving In: Scarborough
Occupation: AccountantOther Information:
Matthews(Raghunandan), Romieromie_m@altavista.com From: Bush Lot,,E'bo CoastLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: ARMS
Matthews(Ragnauth), Karenkarynmara@yahoo.com From: Stewartville,de williem,StewartvilleLiving In: richmond hill
Occupation: Other Information: zeeburg sec.
Matthews-Williams, Suzanneeclipse8@wans.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Mental-Health ConsultantOther Information: St.Joseph's H.S.Howard University B.Sc 1985,Radford M.Sc
Matthews, Amandaamana824@aol.com From: De-Willem Fort IslandLiving In: Georgia,USA
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Matthews, Charmaine Alisha)cmatthews@fordham.edu From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Technical Assistant,FLSOther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral 90-94,St.Theresa Primary(Cl.of 89){Looking for lost friends from both Schools}
Matthews, Danieldannymatthews@optonline.com From: GroveLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Roses High School
Matthews, Donovanmatthewsdonovan_@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Sports JournalistOther Information: St.Angela's Primary,St.Stanislaus College
Matthews, Donovanmatthewsdonovan_@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Grand Turk,Turks and Caicos Islands
Occupation: JournalistOther Information: St.Stanislaus College 1982-1988
Matthews, Jermeyjermeym@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/New AmsterdamLiving In: Takoma Park,Maryland
Occupation: PhD.Studenthttp://www.cs.cuc.edu/~jmatthewOther Information: St.Theresa Primary,Philadelphia and Eden SDA Churches,mother's name(Chance)
Matthews, Karenkarenm@solutions2000.net From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Cus.Service RepresentativeOther Information: Would like to know more about the Mc Kenzie family from Berbice.If there is any one out there that are related to Philip Mc Kenzie.Pl feel free to mail me.
Matthews, Kim Deidreekdlenoir@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Christ Church
Matthews, Laurielmatthews884@msn.com From: BelfieldLiving In: St Kitts
Occupation: Fitter MachinistOther Information:
Matthews, Marcmarcmatthews@hotmail.com From: Living In: 97B Knatchbull Rd.London SE5 93X
Occupation: Storyteller,Entertainer,DramatistOther Information:
Matthews, Seansi_pan@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Oakland,California
Occupation: ArchitectOther Information: St Gabriel 85-91/St Rose`s High 91-96.I would be delighted to get in contact with any of my old school buddies.So feel free to e-mail.
Matthews, Sue-Annsuzii@earthlink.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Los Angeles,California
Occupation: Help Desk ManagerOther Information: Christ Church
Matthias(Ula Best), Sheilasheilamatthias@paulhastings.com From: Living In: USA
Occupation: LegalOther Information: If anyone knows the whereabouts of Loris or Lloyd King of Georgetown,please contact me.They are my brother's(who is very sick in New York)children.Thanks for your help.
Matthias-Atwell, Martinemartineatwell1@hotmail.com From: Kwakwani & LindenLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Legal SecretaryOther Information: Kwakwani Secondary and Mackenzie High School
Matthias-Woodroffe, Marlissamwoodroffe23@hotmail.com From: Redwood Cresent,LindenLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Legal SecretaryOther Information: i attended the new Silvercity Secondary School,Christianburg Wismar Secondary School and Linden Technical institute and in Barbabados i attended the Metropolitan High School and Caribbean School of Business and Management
Matthias, Markmarkmatthias20@hotmail.com From: Linden & KwakwaniLiving In: barbados
Occupation: Supervisor for electrical and Landscaping companyOther Information: Multi in Linden and kwakwani secondary
Matthias, Marlissamarlissamatthias@hotmail.com From: kwakwaniLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: front desk agentOther Information: I went to school at new silvercity secondary and Linden multi
Matthias, Sheila (Ula Best)junipunie@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: California
Occupation: Legal SecretaryOther Information: Attended Christ Church and GOC
Mattow-Habibula, Pryiapryiam@hotmail.com From: Mahaica,E.C.D.Living In: Georgetown
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Lived in Mississauga,Ontario.Attended Erindale Sec.
Maulkhan, Sharmila Persaudsmaulkhan@excite.com From: #47 Village,BerbiceLiving In: Baltimore,MD
Occupation: AVPOther Information: The Guyanese Community in Md are trying to open a Mandir in the Essex area.Services are being held the 2nd Sunday of every month from 1pm to 3pm.If you are interested in attending please contact me.
Maulkhan, Sharmilasmaulkhan@excite.com From: #47 Village,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In:
Occupation: http://www.srkm.tk/Other Information: Shri Radha Krishna Family Picnic,Aug 7,2005@Chesterwood Park in Dundalk.
Maulkhan, Sharmilasmaulkhan@excite.com From: #47 Village,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: Baltimore,Maryland
Occupation: Other Information: CCSS/The Hindu Community in Essex,MD is holding services the 2nd Sunday of each month from 1-3pm at the Hawthorne Elementary School.
Mauro, JoanneGiftdlight@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Maha Sabha Dhramic Satyadin High School
Maxime, Crawfordtigerlillies_99@hotmail.com From: My parents are from Berbice and GeorgetownLiving In: Montreal
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Maycock, Keshiaoneikas101@aol.com From: Born in New York Guyanese parents from LindenLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: StudentOther Information: looking for family and pen pals in Guyana
Mayers, Leslielesgladm@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York USA
Occupation: ATM Service TechnicanOther Information: Assistant Manager Plaza&Astor Cinemas in the eighties
Mayers, Shellonjustitus2001@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Orange,New Jersey
Occupation: Councelor-at-lawOther Information: Silvercity Secondary,Mackenzie High School,University of Guyana,Hugh Wooding Law School.
Maystry, Hemant KumarHEMKBHS@aol.com From: Reliance Settment,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Berbice High School 1975-79
Maytiram, Balkeshorebalkifar@hotmail.com From: Albion Guava BushLiving In: Brampton Canada
Occupation: Parasite (Moocher)Other Information: (CHS 1981.),(Nati 1984)--Central work shop (Give me a shout if the name rings a bell.)
Maywahlall, Rohanie (Lisa)chocolatekisses1009@yahoo.com From: Edinburgh Scheme East/Bank BerbiceLiving In: Hartford (Connecticut )
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Went to Tutorial Academy,1 brother,mom Tara,dad Kishore
Maywalall, Sunitasindra@guyanafriends.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Edinburgh Village
Occupation: House-wifeOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute
Mc Allister nee Byass-Mc Kenzie, Kayekmcallistermcallister@yahoo.com From: Mahaicony,Anna ReginaLiving In: Mon Repos
Occupation: Plant Pathologist,NARI,LecturerOther Information: Anna Regina Multi,Bygeval Multi,QC(5-Repeater),GSA 82-85
Mc Allister, Josephjemack25@yahoo.co.uk From: East RuimvedtLiving In: Mon Repos,ECD
Occupation: Technical ManagerOther Information: North Ruimveldt Multilateral Guyana School of Agriculture and Peoples Friendship University
Mc Allister, Kaye W.A.kmcallistermcallister@yahoo.com From: Mahaicony,Anna ReginaLiving In: Mon Repos,E.C.D
Occupation: Researcher/Plant Pathologist/LecturerOther Information: Bygeval Multi.,Anna Regina Multi.,QC(5-Repeater),GSA,Peoples' Friendship University-Moscow Russia
Mc Bean, Lornalornamcbean@hotmail.com From: Springlands,CorrivertonLiving In: Amsterdam,Holland
Occupation: Other Information: attend skeldon lutheran high
Mc Bean, Melissaairytaleprincess15@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Amelia's Ward,Linden
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.fairytaleprincess15.comOther Information: I attended Linden Foundation Secondary and Christianburg Wismar Secondary school.
Mc Bean, Rachaelr.mcbean@chello.nl From: Springlands,BerbiceLiving In: The Netherlands
Occupation: bookkeeperOther Information: Went to Skeldon Lutheran High
Mc Bean, Rachaelr.mcbean@chello.nl From: Springlands,Corriverton,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: The Netherlands
Occupation: Assistant AccountantOther Information: Went to Skeldon Lutheran High1978-1982.Like to meet old friends from School.telephonenumber is 020-4635944.Looking for two special friends "Dhomattie Jodhan and Khamezatool Khadim both from Race Course,Springlands.
Mc Curdy-Pinto, Lavernlavernp2003@yahoo.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Campbellville,Georgetown
Occupation: Media MonitorOther Information: St.Joseph (1977-!982)
Mc Donald, Oneildstoll.1@netzero.net From: RoseHall Town/BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: LovermanOther Information: Happiness is from within.
Mc Doom, Indranieshellymcdoom@hotmail.com From: Prashad nagarLiving In: Prashad nagar
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information:
Mc Ewan-Turner, MichelleMalaent5@verizon.net From: Amelia's Ward,Linden/Henrietta,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Far Rockaway,Queens NY
Occupation: Nursing StudentOther Information: Friends and relatives feel free to contact me/aka Mrs Pearson niece
Mc Ewan, Marksegun_mark41@yahoo.com From: Essequibo and LindenLiving In: Linden.
Occupation: DriverOther Information: I attend the Anna Regina Secondary and Linden foundation Secondary school
Mc Field, nicolenmcfield@hotmail.com From: Georgetown-Cummings BurgLiving In: Newark N.J or Oranjestad Aruba
Occupation: Webmaster/EducatorOther Information: I am seeking any information about "McField",William Wilford Mcfield known as Jimmy or Related
Mc Intosh, Stanleystanley.mcintosh2@verizon.net From: LindenLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Attended Kara Kara High School and G T T C.
Mc Kay, Edricknighthawk_keeneyes@hotmail.com From: yesLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: Studying to be a Chef and Bartender
Mc Kenzie, Janisjanis548mckenzie@hotmail.com From: West RuimveldtLiving In:
Occupation: Nurses AideOther Information: St Pius School Looking for Ann Lovell from west
Mc Leod, ShonetteShonny34@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Secretary@MSG-Madison Square Garden/StudentOther Information: Attended belladrum high
Mc Pherson, Heather Dollhmcpherson@icmtalent.com From: Phoenix Park,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: East Orange,New Jersey
Occupation: Talent Payment CoordinatorOther Information: Patentia Government Secondary School
Mc Pherson, Heather Dollhmpcherson@icmtalent.com From: Phoenix Park,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Talent Payment Co-ordinatorOther Information: Patentia Government Secondary School
Mc Rae, Joanvictoriagirl900@yahoo.com From: Victoria Village East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Columbia S C
Occupation: Night ManagerOther Information: I attended Victoria R.C and Hindu Primary,and I would like to get in touch with Robert that use 2 work with the mosquito people that use 2 go around and spray the yards
Mc Rae, Melmel_t_mac@msn.com From: Eccles,EBDLiving In: Eccles,EBD
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Graduated from QC in '98
Mc Rae, Suzettessvik@comcast.net From: Victoria VillageLiving In: Washington State,USA
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Hindu College,Cove and John
Mc Williams nee Ramcharan, SrimattieChitraMcW@msn.com From: No7 and Rose Hall TownLiving In: Southampton,England
Occupation: NurseOther Information: lower corentyne 73-76 worked at Skeldon,New Amsterdam and Port Mourant hospital also at Port Mourant Dispensary left in 2001
Mc Williams, Lisasugarbab3_liz@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Southampton,England
Occupation: StudentOther Information: JC Chandisingh Secondary School
Mc Williams, Marciemcwilliamsmarcie@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Government Secondary School,left Guyana 1974 and been living in London ever since!
McAdam, Kevin Marktapshatter@yahoo.com From: 108 Dandarde Street Newtown Kitty,Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I am seeking to find out my family and also i would like to know some friends.
McAdam, RyanR_McAdam@bellsouth.net From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Coral Springs,Florida
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Sup To All My Guyanese Posse,Guyanese To The Fullest
McAllister-Spurgeon, Marciamarcia@dreamhomeprovider.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Knoxville,Tennessee (USA)
Occupation: RN/RealtorOther Information: Attended Mackenzie High School and left 1983.Looking to reconnect with long lost schoolmates.Give me a call or drop me an email.
McAllister, Jowanzajojolea23@yahoo.com From: Linden and GeorgetownLiving In: Jamaica,Queens NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I am a former student of St Joseph High and i am hoping to get in contact with and one off my old buddies.I am also the daughter of the present HM at the school.
McAllister, Kayekmcallistermcallister From: MahaiconyLiving In: Mon Repos
Occupation: Plant PathologyOther Information: Bygeval Multilateral,Anna Regina Multi,GSA 82-85
McAlmont-Oware, Sherliaowares@frumdev.com From: Hopetown,W/Coast,BerbiceLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information:
McAlmont, Coleenannpat12@hotmail.com From: Hopetown VillageLiving In: canada
Occupation: HomemakerOther Information: St Michael,s Anglican.RN,NA Hosiptal.
McAlmont, Lloyd EMMcalmont@aol.com From: Hopetown W,C,B/ceLiving In: Orange New Jersey
Occupation: Electrical EngineerOther Information: GTI/UG
McAlmont, Wilfredmcalmont@rogers.com From: Hopetown,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Currently involved with Guyanese Community Organizations in Toronto
McArthur, Bertrand Ronronmca44@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Alberttown,Georgetown
Occupation: AG,DPS,Ministry of Human Services Social SecurityOther Information: Central High,U.G.UWI
McBean, Mellissamelm_23@hotmail.com From: Line Path,SkeldonLiving In: Jamaica
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
McBean, Soniasoniamcbean2002@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Atlanta,GA USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Youu would probably remember me by the last name Alexander,also looking for family living in Linden under the name Alexander or McBean
McBean, Soniaodiesodog@yahoo.com From: Hadfield Street,Georgetown and also Northon StreetLiving In: Ithaca,NY (Upstate NY)
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Went to Freeburg Primary,then to East Ruimveldt Secondary.Most of my friends and family remember me with the last name Alexander
McCall, Melindaxfreetiltakenx@aol.com From: Queenstown,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Looking for friends who attended Abrams Zuil Secondary School
McCalman, Danedane_Mccalman@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: guyana
Occupation: photographerOther Information: I attended ST,Joseph High sometime beteen 1990-1992,was in the police force #16401,played field hockey for the police force,grew up in the Police Mounted branch compound Eve Leary.I will be happy to hear from anyone who knows or would like to know me
McCalman, Reneereneemcmccalman@hotmail.com From: Queenstown,GeorgetownLiving In: USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Queen's College,University of Guyana,Hofstra University
McCalman, Shellyshequena@yahoo.com From: No 51 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended Tagore High School 1990-1995.Attended Leeds Primary School
McCalmon, Abiolaabiola@guyanafriends.com From: Norton Street LodgeLiving In: Newark,NJ
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: love to chat with all other guyanese.holla soon
McCalmon, Annamccalmon@rmacan.com From: Friendship,EBDLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Admin.AssistantOther Information: Craig then Grove Schools
McCalmon, Vernon Keithbashmentsir@yahoo From: LindenLiving In: Linden
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: I attended the One Mile Primary then the Mackenzie High.I also attended the Cyril Potter College Of Education and I am presently attached to the Watooka Day School at grade 6
McCammon, EughtinaEughtina@hotmail.com From: Dad from Hopetown,Berbice,mother danishLiving In: Live in Denmark
Occupation: NurseOther Information:
McCurdy, Carencarebear@ntlworld.com From: LondonLiving In: London
Occupation: FacilitatorOther Information: trying to trace family of McCurdy,Green,Wills/es/Austin,Abrams,Hodge,Simmons
McCurdy, Monellamonella_4eva@hotmail.co.uk From: KwakwaniLiving In: London
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Kwakwani Primary 1995-2000/High School 2000-2001
McCurdy, Traceytmccurdy@videotron.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Occupation: Product Development SuppoetOther Information: Champlain Regional College,James Lyng High School
McDavid née Ritraj, NaliniNmcdavid@candw.ag From: Clifton Port MourantLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Attended J.C. Chandisingh High School 1973 to 1978 and New Amsterdam Multilateral 1978 to 1980
McDavid, Chriscmcdavid@lineone.net From: North East La PenitenceLiving In: England
Occupation: Distribution Officer and Childrens Sports CoachOther Information: St Gabriel's Primary,Central High School
McDavid, Sherwynsherwynm@gmail.com From: North East La PenitenceLiving In: England
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School
McDonald, Dennismackden21@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Dental Assistant/StudentOther Information: I attended Mackenzie High.
McDonald, Donnettedonnette76@yahoo.com From: Little Abary MahaiconyLiving In: New York
Occupation: Medical AssistantOther Information: Bigival Mutilateral HS
McDonald, TandiekaTandiekam@bellsouth.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: US-Florida
Occupation: Account ExecutiveOther Information: St.Roses High
McDonald, Vanessasugar_n_spice87s@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam BerbiceLiving In: Inagua Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: attended st therese's primary,b.h.s,c.c.s.s and n.a.t.i.would like to meet all my old schools frind-Osbert Davide,Shanta Singh,Shelly Hussain,Sherwin Lyken,Chaka Peters,Monique Brown,Misson Marks and any others that can remember me just hit me up.
McDonald, colincolinlm1668@cs.com From: LindenLiving In: New York
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: multi/MHS
McDoom, Kamal Mirza Frokmcdoom@continentalfitness.com From: La Penitence.GeorgetownLiving In: Whitby Ontario Canada
Occupation: Self Employedhttp://www.continentalfitness.comOther Information: Tutorial High/GDF Gymnastics team/Basketball
McDoom, Riyadriyad_m@hotmail.com From: G/town,GuyanaLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Trainee SolicitorOther Information: St.Stanislaus College/University of London(External)
McDoom, Saeedsai22@rogers.com From: McDoom VillageLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Aircraft Engineeringhttp://www.sai22.homestead.com/zeds.htmlOther Information: St.Stanislaus' College
McDougall, FaridaAMX_FMCDOUGALL@IMF.ORG From: West Ruimveldt,GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Other Information: Our Lady Of Fatima,Indians Education Trust College
McDougall, KeithKeith.McDougall1@btopenworld.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: Computer Consultant-CitibankOther Information: Multilateral,West Ruimveldt,Christ Church,Central High
McDougall, Orin Gilbertormacky@yahoo.com From: West Ruimveldt,GeorgetownLiving In: Landover,Maryland,U.S.A.
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer.Other Information: Indian Education Trust College,GuySuCo Port Mourant Apprentice Training School,G.T.I
McDowell, Allysonshanella87@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Indian Education Trust,Immigrated in 1987
McDowell, Lawrencelarromac@speakeasy.net From: Goergetown,South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Paterson NJ USA
Occupation: Network Administrator,Business ownerhttp://www.sunshinenterprises.comOther Information: Fire chief son,attended "Back" School and tutorial High.Worked for Guymine 1973-1983.Glad to meet all who have crossed my path!
McDowell, Yolandayolanda_mcdowell@hotmail.com From: North East La Penitence,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY&Newark NJ
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Lawrence McDowell is my uncle,granddaughter of the firechief.N.G.S.S(97-01)4Business class.looking 4 anyone that know me
McGarrell, Tyronetyronemcgarrell@hotmail.com From: GibraltarLiving In: Dallas
Occupation: Mortgage BrokerOther Information:
McGhee (McIntyre), Marcellemlmcghee@comcast.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Pennsylvania,USA
Occupation: Education Technology SpecialistOther Information: St Angela's Primary School,Christ Chursh Sec,lived in Thomas Street next door to St Anne's Orphanage,went to Sacred Heart Church,twin sister Michelle
McGowan, Burtbmacg1@sbcglobal.net From: KittyLiving In: Dallas,Texas
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Central High,GOC,worked at License Revenue,Income Tax lived in South Reuimvedt Gardens.Drop me a line
McGregor, Pomeliapomelia41@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information:
McGusty(nee Gomes), Simonesmcgusty@hotmail.com From: Rainbow City,Linden GuyanaLiving In: now living in Houston Texas
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Linden Foundation High School.
McIndoe, Seansmminvestments@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgia,USA
Occupation: Real Estate InvestorOther Information: N/Gtown Secondary,79-84
McIntosh, Javaughniwish12001@yahoo.co.uk From: GuyanaLiving In: Linden
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Mackenzie High School
McIntyre McGhee, Marcellelmmcghee@earthlink.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Harrisburg,Pennsylvania
Occupation: Information TechnologyOther Information: St Angela's Primary School,Christ Church,Attended Sacred Heart Church,lived on Thomas Street next to St Ann's Orphanage.
McIntyre, Brandonbj1985ca@hotmail.com From: Linden,watookaLiving In: Canada,Edmonton,Alberta
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Watooka Day,Mackenzie High
McIntyre, Frankfrankmcintyre@shaw.ca From: LindenLiving In: Edmonton,Canada
Occupation: Marine EngineerOther Information: Attended Mackenzie High School,Guybau Trade School,J.M.T.I.,Jamaica.Worked with Bidco,Guybulk.
McIntyre, Michellemdouglas@cush-inc.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Technology TrainingOther Information:
McKay-Lee, Elizabethliz_lee9@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Christ Church Secondary School
McKay, Eustacegacre@idirect.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Downsview,Ontario
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Married Kairul Khan,had 10 kids,Lived in East La Penitence,Worked in Customs at airport and John Fernandes.Vetaran of WW2.
McKay, Rebeccamckayorebecca@hotmail.com From: GeogetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: BookkeeperOther Information: Attended Ruimveldt Multilateral School late 70s to 81.Left for Canada at 17 years.Looking to hook up with old School mates.If you recognize,halla at me and lets hookup.Peace.
McKay, Ruthnerlaz49@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Legal SecretaryOther Information: Attended East La Penitence School.Left in 81.Lived close to Solidarity House.Hung out with Piggott,Peferio,McCadam,Grogan,Chung,Rice all my peeps look me up.I would love to hook with old mates.
McKenzie nee Porter, Michellekadesha_1@hotmail.com From: Grove,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Bourda,Georgetown
Occupation: Secretary,GT&TOther Information: I attended Central High School and would love to meet my friends from during that period.
McKenzie(DeFreitas), Marcella C.marcellacamillemckenzie@yahoo.com From: Albouystown,Vreed-En-HoopLiving In: South Ozone Park,N.Y
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Carmel R.C School,Mrs.Singh Commercial School,Nassau Community College
McKenzie, Haimwattie(Margaret)Sanya1030@hotmail.com From: Zeelandia WakenaamLiving In: NY
Occupation: Other Information: I would like to hear from old friends.
McKenzie, Janicemcknzjnc@yahoo.co.uk From: CharlestownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Social CareOther Information: Attended St Ambrose Primary,Charlestown Secondary
McKenzie, Josephjoemckenzie47@yahoo.co.uk From: No 35 Village,CorentyneLiving In: London, UK
Occupation: Retired (Telecoms Engineer and Civil Servant)Other Information: Wellington Park Primary,Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary,Wandsworth Technical College,University of London Birkbeck College
McKenzie, Robertrodean53@sbcglobal.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Houston,Texas
Occupation: Bilingual TeacherOther Information: Tutorial High School University of Guyana
McKenzie, Roystonrmnj973@aol.com From: West R/Veldt G/TownLiving In: In the USA
Occupation: Armoured GuardOther Information: ST.Pius/Tutorial High-Stabroek Market(Azore)
McKinnon, Ryanryan_mc@rocketmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Newtown Kitty GT
Occupation: Network/Software TECHhttp://www.icq.com/20794588Other Information: St.Rose's High
McKittrick, Agnesagnesmckittrick@gmail.com From: Kitty GeorgetownLiving In: Dodge Center,Mn 55927
Occupation: Volunteer Thrift StoreOther Information: Maiden name-Arjune & Morgan-I attended Rama Krishna Dharmic school-1961-1974-I worked at Morgan's Furniture Store in Charlottes Street in Lacytown,Georgetown for 15 years as sales manager.
McLaren, Chadsecreteyescj@aol.com From: West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Florida/New York
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral
McLean Leow, Deborahdamclean@hotmail.com From: Courtland Road,Corentyne Berbice.Living In: New Jersey
Occupation: Public Health EducatorOther Information: NAMS
McLean de Hernandez, Gracelineamera-shamera@hotmail.com From: Amielas Ward LindenLiving In: Canary Island Spain Europe
Occupation: Administrator in my own companyOther Information: Attended J,H,S y Trade school
McLean,M, DavidMcLeanDJ@AOL,Com From: No.19 Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: Ocoee,Florida.
Occupation: Freight Transportation Broker/Int'l Tradinghttp://www.Truxunlimited.comOther Information: Provide Freight T'portation/Marketer of Various Products
McLean, Deborah Adamclean@earthlink.net From: Courtland Village/BerbiceLiving In: Boston,Massachusetts
Occupation: Public Health EducatorOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral
McLean, Judithjudymclea@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: St.James(Kitty),Richard Ishmael Secondary School
McLean, Nicholasnicholas_mclean@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: VeterinarianOther Information: St Marys,St.Roses
McLean, Paulinek_mclean@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: retiredOther Information:
McLean, Samuel L.slm@victory-vine.com From: LindenLiving In: Manaus,Brazil
Occupation: Retired Systems Analysthttp://www.victory-vine.com/ind.htmOther Information: Central High-1952-1956,Worked at Demba-Guyba 1962-1977
McLean, Steve Afastest_on_da_block@yahoo.com From: Pouderoyen,GuyanaLiving In: Pouderoyen,Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: President's College(Batch of 2000)
McLean, Terrenceterrence_m_j@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Sheet Anchor
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
McLean, WiltonTerrencek@prodigy.net From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Houston
Occupation: Document SpecialistOther Information: Christ Church Secondary/Class Of 75/Give Me A Shout.
McLennon, Lawrencelm49703@glaxowellcome.com From: Albousytown,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: graphics CoordinatorOther Information: Carmeal R.C.School
McLennon, Lawrencelm49703@gsk.com From: Bel Air St.Albouystown,GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Graphic CoordinatorOther Information: Carmel R C School(last year 76)looking for Cameal Hudson from La Penetance
McLeod (nee Leacock), Gabriellagabriella.mcleod@weil.com From: KittyLiving In: Woodhaven,Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: St Joseph's High
McLeod-Dash, Janicejem52dash@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Montserrat
Occupation: Geriatric NurseOther Information: Mackenzie High,Guymine Trade School.If u know me hook on me.
McLeod, Kimkmcleod@telusplanet.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: House wifeOther Information: Like to meet new people especially gyuanese men
McPherson, Kojokac_gy@yahoo.com From: Living In: Georgetown
Occupation: Student@UG freelanceOther Information: President's College '95-'00
McPherson, Rudyardrudyardmackbigpapa@yahoo.com From: 8 Pheonix Park,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: 133 N Oraton P/Way,East Orange,NJ07017
Occupation: Machine OperatorOther Information: Attended Vauxhall Primary,Lagrange Govt school,St Thomas Anglican
McPherson, Rudyardrudyardmackbigpapa@yahoo.com From: 8 Pheonix Park,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: 133 N Oraton P/Way,East Orange,NJ07017
Occupation: Machine OperatorOther Information: Attended Vauxhall Primary,Lagrange Govt school,St Thomas,s Anglican
McPhoy, Cherrillcherrill45@gmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Newark,New Jersey
Occupation: BusinessOther Information: David Rose High
McPhoy, Cherrillcherrill39@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Rochester,New York
Occupation: Other Information: David Rose High
McPhoy, Seylonmcphoys@netzero.net From: Tuc-Ville GeorgetownLiving In: East Orange,New Jersey
Occupation: Operation ClerkOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary
McQuieen, Gillianjesusfor you10@hotmail.com From: Cemetry Rd GeorgetownLiving In: West Palm Beach Florida USA
Occupation: Other Information: St.Marys Community High
McRae(Peters), Gracegracemcrae@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Showroom CoordinatorOther Information: St.Ambrose&Tutorial High School
McRae-Rogers, Wendyflyer46@hotmail.com From: Buxton/Anns GroveLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Customs BrokerOther Information:
McRae, Allanallanmc1945@yahoo.com From: RosignolLiving In: Washington D.C.3900 Cole Blvd.20032
Occupation: Civil Engineering TechnicianOther Information: Victoria High School
McRae, Carolmcraebux@netzero.net From: BuxtonLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: NursingOther Information: Bladenhall Multilateral-1977/1981
McRae, Davemcraebux@netzero.net From: Linden/BuxtonLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: ContractorOther Information: Bladenhall Multilateral-1978/1981
McRae, Estherpetal19@hotmail.com From: Queenstown,GeorgetownLiving In: Columbia,SC
Occupation: Other Information: RNE High School
McRae, Ianmcraeian@hotmail.com From: North R/veldtLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Technician,ApotexOther Information: BHS 1983-89
McRae, Janicejanicemcrae18@hotmail.com From: Georgetown(Waterloo St.)Living In: Toronto,ON
Occupation: Sales CoordinatorOther Information: Attended North Georgetown SS and GTI for a short period in 1985.
McRae, Joel A.btgfou28@yahoo.com From: Waterloo street,South CummingbergLiving In:
Occupation: US ArmyOther Information: attn.Brickdam High/Muslin edu.Trust College
McRae, Nikitasweetwestindian@hotmail.com From: Queenstown,GeorgetownLiving In: South Carolina,U.S.A
Occupation: studentOther Information: Marian Academy
McRae, Paulabvmcrae10@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Beterverwagting Village
Occupation: Other Information:
McRae, Romeo Aromeomcrae@netscape.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto/Canada
Occupation: Stores ClerkOther Information: Technical Institute BG Educational Trust Alleyne High School
McRae, Sharongoody2shue@msn.com From: LindenLiving In: USA
Occupation: Other Information: Linden Foundation and Multi
McRae, Waynewaymacnj@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New Jersey,USA
Occupation: IT ProfessionalOther Information: Attended St. Stanislaus College 1972-1977
McRobert, Jeansaltydoc@ihug.co.nz From: Enmore EstateLiving In:
Occupation: Pre-School TeacherOther Information: Ursuline Convent/looking for primary school friends Rafza Rahaman and Paulette Good
McTurk, Jimmcturks@gmail.com From: Linden,Enmore,Port Mourant,Skeldon,GeorgetownLiving In: BC,Canada
Occupation: Retired EngineerOther Information: QC 1953-1961 Worked at Demba/Guybau 1969-1976
McWilliams, Franklinfrankmcw@hotmail.co.uk From: Rose Hall Town,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: London,England
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: I taught at Rose Hall Primary School from 1984 to 2001.Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral from 75 to 79.
McWilliams, Janetjanetmcwilliams54@yahoo.co.uk From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: London
Occupation: Customer Service OfficerOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Sec School/Teacher at Auchlyne Primary School a/k Janet Beharry
Mccall, Shalanesh0rtiix3y0u@aol.com From: Queenstown Village,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Mccalman, Shonettecocoa_brown_01@hotmail.com From: paradise Village,BerbiceLiving In: New York city
Occupation: receptionistOther Information: attended mahaicony Secondary School.
Mcdonald, Dirkrosehallprince@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall Town,BerbiceLiving In: trinidad
Occupation: fitter machinistOther Information: Richard Ishmeal Secondary,GITC,GTI
Mcdonald, roddyde_brooklyn_trooper@yahoo.com From: mackenzie LindenLiving In: Linden
Occupation: studentOther Information: curently attending mackenzie high in form 4.age 15
Mcdougall, Brendabrenda@braderperryman.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: East Ruimvelt,Multilateral and Richard Ishmael
Mckay/Hawker, Annetallbaker@yahoo.com From: Sixth Street AlberttownLiving In: Ontario California
Occupation: Plant ManagerOther Information: girls high bklyn n.y
Mckay, VeronicaBuckiev18@hotmail.com From: Georgetown:East La PenitenceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Computer RelatedOther Information: Attended Cambridge Academy High School.
Mckay, Veronicabuckiev@hotmail.com From: east la penitence GeorgetownLiving In: Scarborough ont
Occupation: computer relatedOther Information: cambidge academy
Mckay, veronicabuckiev@hotmail.com From: East Lapenitence,GeorgetownLiving In: Toron,to Canada
Occupation: computer relatedOther Information: Attended cambridge Accademy High School and the Guyana Red Cross in Kingston.
Mckend, Marlonfuturem1@hotmail.com From: guyanaLiving In: Stewartville
Occupation: studentOther Information: Stewartville Secondary
Mckend, teaonaemperess106@yahoo.com From: Living In: Montreal
Occupation: studentOther Information:
Mckenzie nee Hamblin, JoycelynJoycelyn1967@sbcglobal.net From: 52 Stanley Town,New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Hartford,Connecticut
Occupation: Home-makerOther Information: Lived on Mazurnie Prison compound,Attend overwinning secondary,Berbice community High,left Guyana in 1982,My best friend name was Donna Mcpherson.
Mckenzie, Brianbrianmack@hotmail.com From: Republic ParkLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale
Occupation: Aeronautical EngineerOther Information: Bishops High 77-84,GDF 84-01
Mckenzie, Damiandamianandrew26@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: InsuranceOther Information: Bishop High School
Mckenzie, Kingselkingy4795@aol.com From: New Amsterdam,Prashad Nagar,KittyLiving In: Far Rockaway Queens
Occupation: Margin AnalystOther Information: Chatham High 1968-1972,Teacher 72-75,GDF 1975-1979
Mckenzie, Leonaanoel73@netzero.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Houston,TX
Occupation: Bilingual TeacherOther Information: If you remember me,write
Mckenzie, Lisalisaduncan26@yahoo.com From: North East Lapenitence.GeorgetownLiving In: Blankenburg.West Coast Demerara
Occupation: House WifeOther Information: I've attended St.Gabriel's Primary School.Richard Ishmael Sec.School.Worked at Demerara Mutual Life.Tower Hotel.Pegasus Hotel.Married with three children.Looking for long lost schoolfriends.feel free to email me at anytime.
Mckenzie, Oriaoriamckenzie@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Houston,TX
Occupation: ChemistOther Information: St Stanislaus 85-89,looking for High School friends
Mckinnon, Ianmickey55j@yahoo.com From: South RuimveldtLiving In: Charlotte North Carolina
Occupation: Professional BuilderOther Information: attended Tucville & GTI
Mckinnon, Michael waynesadiearm@yahoo.com From: south RuimveldtLiving In: bowie,Maryland USA
Occupation: A/C engineerOther Information: looking for south Ruimveldt friends!!
Mcklmon, Dariodaxmck@yahoo.com From: Linden,GuyanaLiving In: Richmondhill,Linden
Occupation: Media ManangerOther Information: Mackenzie High School 1987-1992
Mckoy/Freso/Kelley, shelleytimothy20001@aol.com From: Georgetown/tucville terraceLiving In: maryland USA
Occupation: NutritionistOther Information: want to hear from old friends
Mclean, LloydStellin@aol.com From: Princess St.Living In: St.Albans N.Y.
Occupation: N.Y.C.T.A.Other Information: Tutorial High
Mcleod-Adlam, Joannefaine7@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Montserrat
Occupation: Police OfficerOther Information: Wismar Christianburg Secondary School(Multi)
Mcpherson, Rudyardrudyardmackbigpapa@yahoo.com From: Lot 8 Phoenix ParkLiving In: East orange New Jersey
Occupation: Shipping ClerkOther Information: Resided in Bagotville,Vauxhall,La Grange And Phoenix Park W,B,Demerara In Search Of Lost Friends
Mcpherson, Shamaineshammyk.@netcomp.com From: guyanaLiving In: Linden
Occupation: cashier at courtsOther Information: Mackenzie high
Mcphoy, Paul Raymondpaulmcphoy@msn.com From: West,East,South Ruimveldt Republic ParkLiving In: Essex UK
Occupation: Computer EngineerOther Information: Bishop's High School
Mcrae, LeitaLeita20@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Festival City
Occupation: StudentOther Information: West Demerara SSecondary SSchool(1994-1999)like to meet old School friend
Mearns, David Alexander (Pumpkin)pumpkindavid@hotmail.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Occupation: PlumberOther Information: Rama Krishna School,Kitty
Mearns, Kathrinkcollins12000@yahoo.com From: South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Amityville NY
Occupation: Risk AnalystOther Information: I attended St Joseph HS From '88-'90,I left for the US where I attended Farmingdale HS,then went on to College.I am hoping to meet or reunite with old friends from Guyana.
Meenkum, Karenshattachic3848@aol.com From: New Amseterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information:
Meerabux, Comptoncmeerabux@yahoo.com From: Waterloo St.GeorgetownLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Other Information: Central High-Thomas Lands/Smyth Street
Meerza, Jennyjennymeerza23@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudientOther Information: I am from W.C.D Attend Zeeburg Sec.School
Meghan, Rajkumariermeghan71@gmail.com From: Kastev,Meten-Meer-Zorg WCDLiving In: Woodside,NY
Occupation: Director of Sales & New Business DevelopmentOther Information: I attended Zeeburg High School,most people knew me as Mitlesh (if that helps) My dad is Mohan Lall(Bus Man)my mom is known as Mini & my brother is known as Manoj(Ray) Looking for friends that I attended school with.Does anyone knows Selena Azeez from Hague Front,WCD?
Meghoo, Omeenaomla19@yahoo.com From: Wakenaam/Mahaica/Non Pariel E.C.DLiving In:
Occupation: Clerk-Bank of GuyanaOther Information: Attended De hoop Primary,Shivita's.Grandparents lived opposite cinema in W/naam.Daughter of Kunion/Kay.Mother a rice grader at mills in mahaica area.
Meharaab, Narifanarifa786s@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Blairmont
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: attended Berbice High School 1991 1996
Meharaab, Natashawaquiah@yahoo.com From: berbiceLiving In: berbice
Occupation: teacherOther Information: Berbice High School 1995 CPCE
Meikle, Nigelespinc@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Computer SalesOther Information: South Georgetown Secondary School
Mekchand, Gomattiemisshappy_23@yahoo.com From: ProspectLiving In: Prospect
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Friendship Community High School
Mekdeci, Andrčicedkem@gmail.com From: Nandy Park,E.B.DLiving In: Chateauguay,Qučbec,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Indian Education Thrust College (Final Year 1978)
Mekdeci, Brianprecious_25vegas@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Florida
Occupation: ContractorOther Information:
Melaram, Brahma Narayanbmelaram@hotmail.com From: Edinburgh,E.B.B/ceLiving In: Montreal,Canada.
Occupation: Real Estate BrokerOther Information: OGSS,BHS,would love to hear from fellow Guyanese.Please send me your referrals
Melaram, Brahmabmelaram@hotmail.com From: EdinburghLiving In: Montreal-Canada
Occupation: Real Estate AgentOther Information: Narine,(Melo).OGSS 71-4,BHS 75-76.Family,friends,schoolmates,neighbours,others,love to hear from you.
Melville-Greene, Anteneth Michelleanteneth@yahoo.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Essequibo Coast
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral class 1998,CPCE class 2002
Melville, Daviddhmelville@hotmail.com From: Georgetown(Sixth Street,Alberttown)Living In: Wheaton,Maryland
Occupation: Executive Assistant,PhotographerOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School Mr.Henry's Under 12
Melville, Davidgtmelloyello@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Wheaton,MD
Occupation: Supervisorhttp://www.david-photography.netfirms.comOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Melville, Daviddavmel4u@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Worcester,Ma
Occupation: Financial PlannerOther Information: North Georgetown Gov't Secondary,parents Sybil & Joseph Alexander
Melville, Dondonkunun@yahoo.com From: Lethem,RupununiLiving In: Rupununi
Occupation: RancherOther Information: St.Ignatius High School,Rupununi
Melville, Jasonslickdude_gy@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute
Melville, Nicolanicola_melville@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Attended Charity Secondary,Attending University of Guyana,final year Nursing Degree.Professional Batch 111.Would love to contact old and make new friends.
Melville, Nicolanicola_melville@yahoo.com From: Pomeroon,CharityLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Nurse TutorOther Information: Attended Charity High School,Georgetown School of Nursing and University of Guyana.Looking for old and new friends.
Melvin, Shondelle Melindamelinda8@btopenworld.com From: Guyana:GroveLiving In: UK
Occupation: Self Employedhttp://www.easysuccess123.comOther Information: Covent Garden High
Memraj-Brijlal, Philanaimpinchable@yahoo.com From: Pouderoyen,W.B.D.Living In: Etobicoke,ON Ca.
Occupation: QA MonitorOther Information: West Demerara Secondary>>President's College>>University of Guyana
Memraj, Rheamemories_gy@yahoo.com From: Pouderoyen,GuyanaLiving In: Etobicoke,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Went to President's College,Graduated in 2003
Memraj, Stanley N.stanley.memraj@rogers.com From: Klien Pouderoyen,West Bank Dem.Living In: Scarborough,Ont.Canada
Occupation: Transit Operator.TTC) Former Service Technician with Danka Canada/Metro Sharp Electronics.Other Information: attended West Dem Sec.1976-80.DeVry Inst of Technology.1985-88
Men, Brentnolbrentnol@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Tortola
Occupation: Company AdministratorOther Information: Mackenzie High School,Grew up in Linden,SDA member
Mendes, John Pauljohnpaulg@bol.com.br From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brazil
Occupation: Student and english teacherhttp://www.bol.com.brOther Information: Hi,Iam living in Brazil now.I would like to make friends from Guyana and those who wants to learn more about this country named BRAZIL.
Mendes, Johncjautoclinic@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Virgina,USA
Occupation: Retail ManagerOther Information: Central High School 1976-1980
Mendonca (Wilson), Sandrene (Alexis)tyshaun12@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt Park,GeorgetownLiving In: Georgia
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: East Ruimveldt High School (Also Multi in Linden)
Mendonca nee Boston, Marilynmarilynbos2@yahoo.com From: North East LapenitenceLiving In: Tortola British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Operations ManagerOther Information: Attended Smith Church School,South Georgetown Secondary School Worked at GDF 82-85,GTC 85-91,Prisons 93-94,LPK94-2004.Love to connect with old school mates and work mates
Mendonca nee Boston, Marilynmarilynbos2@yahoo.com From: North East LapenitenceLiving In: Tortola,British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Operations ManagerOther Information: South Georgetown Gov't Sec School,Guyana Telecommunication Corporation,Guyana Defence Force
Mendonca, Alanaalana53@hotmail.com From: Georgetown and guyanaLiving In: italy
Occupation: Other Information: u can also contact me on msn chat or icq 28368880.
Mendonca, Alexandraantoniorubenperez@yahoo.com.ve From: Prashad NagarLiving In: Venezuela
Occupation: Other Information: Left Guyana in 85 would like to get in contact with my sisters Roheene,Sandra,and Desree and my uncle Bernard Mendonca.
Mendonca, Brentnolbrentnol_brentnol@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Business ManagerOther Information: Mackenzie High,Bidco,UG,GNEC,Aroaima Mining,
Mendonca, Davidguyanabudd@hotmail.com From: Bartica\ QueenstownLiving In: Ottawa\Canada
Occupation: Attending CollegeOther Information: Attended Stella Maris Primary! Left Guyana in 1997.
Mendonca, Desireemorjay324@yahoo.com From: Lodge Georgetown,East La PenitenceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Progressive &Preparotary Institute High School,Salem in Lodge
Mendonca, Donnahokuto61@hotmail.com From: QueenstownLiving In: The Netherlands
Occupation: ManagementOther Information: I would like to find or make contact with my two brothers,supposedly still living in Guyana-names: Peter Mendonca and Christopher Mendonca.I have lost contact with them.We have other siblings in Toronto,Canada.
Mendonca, Michaelmikeamendonca@yahoo.ca From: Campbellville.John Smith StreetLiving In: Toronto Ontario
Occupation: Asst Parts Manager(Chrysler)Other Information: It would be great to speak to some old friends.I went to Stella Maris primary school and St John's College.
Mendonca, Nicolanimendonca@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,Living In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: E-CommerceOther Information: Lived on Brickdam,attend St.Joseph's
Mendonca, Patrickpmendonc1@aol.com From: Bourda,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Business Systems AnalystOther Information: Christ Church&Indians,left Guyana in 1982
Mendonca, Sharonsharonaustin2165@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Admin,AssistOther Information: St.John's College/Georgetown
Mendonca, Trevorttrevor20@hotmail.com From: Georgetown\ East la PenitenceLiving In: Ottawa Canada
Occupation: operatorOther Information: East la Penitence\EAST Ruimveldt Secondary
Menezes-Craigen, Christinaccraigen8@sympatico.ca From: AlberttownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: ITOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Menezes, Altinojjaltino@ig.com.br From: BrazilLiving In: Sao Paulo-Brasil
Occupation: Electrician EngineerOther Information: I working in Brasilian compy telecom
Menezes, Michaelmichael_menezes1958@hotmail.com From: Living In: Toronto,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Facility OperatorOther Information:
Menezes, Veronicavmenezes1@bellsouth.net From: Suddie,Huis-T-DierenLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia U.S.A.
Occupation: University ProfessorOther Information: Left Guyana in 1965. Attended St. John's Anglican in Suddie,Burnette's,Bishop's High (all girls),Anna Regina High
Mentis-Prince, Loverncaloricp@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Augusta Georgia
Occupation: Management Student/Augusta tec CollegeOther Information: Carnigie,CPCE,GDF
Mentis-Williams, Bonitabonita.williams@mountsinai.org From: South Vryheid's Lust Housing SchemeLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Business Associcate at Mount Sinai HospitalpsOther Information: Tutorial High,Computer College
Mentis, Allisonellisonmentis@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: BankerOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Mentis, Bonitabonitamentis@aol.com From: South Vryheid's LustLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Business Associate/Financial SpecialistOther Information: I attended Tutorial High School,Singh's Commercial,Computer College all of Guyana,BMCC College,Bloomfield College and presently attending Long Island University
Mentor, OsetaOMMENTOR@HOTMAIL.COM From: Timehri Docks EBDLiving In: AlbanyNY
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Tutorial Academy secondary & Covent Garden Sec grad in 1999/////I am looking to reconnect with old friends from my high school.Also if anyone knowing Utamo HoyteMichelle IssacsTrecia Naughon and Aubrey he was a bus driver in GT.
Mentore, Gwenette Egwentore@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: New Jersey,USA
Occupation: Nursing Assistant,Saint Barnabas HospitalOther Information: Mac.Gov.School,Linden Foundation,Zammit&Riley Comm.
Mentore, Rene'nay415@excite.com From: LindenLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Watooka Day School 1983-1989,Mackenzie High School 1989-1992
Merai, Deliadeliam@rogers.com From: guyana,Berbice,RHTLiving In: canada,mississauga
Occupation: csr-assist.dir.Other Information: would like to hear from-School frns.
Merai, Markletsryde_69@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall Town Corentyne Berbice GuyanaLiving In: 15 Faiview Road East Mississauga,Ontario Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: JC Chandisingh Secondary School
Merai, Peterpmisone@aol.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: DentistOther Information: Lower Corentyne Government Secondary School
Merchant-Allen, Junegtmerch@yahoo.com From: TucvilleLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Worked At GTT
Merchant, Karenkallen65@yahoo.com From: Tucville,GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Ontario Gov'tOther Information: School att'd-Tucville,Nrth Rumvld't Multi&Charlestown Sec
Merchant, Karenkallen65@hotmail.com From: TucvilleLiving In: North Carolina
Occupation: Bank OfficerOther Information: Attended Tucville & Multilateral
Mercury, Pheonixinri270@hotmail.com From: AnnesGrove village east coast DemeraraLiving In: Montreal Quebec
Occupation: PoetOther Information:
Meredith, Pansypansy2476@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: north east
Occupation: supervisorOther Information: i attended cambridge academy high kuru-kuru co-op College i was employed at gt&t star airways etc i have one son single
Merell, Warrenwarrengthedoctor@aol.com From: North RuimveldtLiving In: New York
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information: East Ruimveldt Secondary St.John's College Guyana National Service.Give me a buzz if you recognize me.
Metzger, Derrickdmetzger_dmm@yahoo.com From: Non Pariel,E.C.D.Living In: Regina,Saskatchewan
Occupation: StudOther Information: President's College
Meusa, Desireecuteaspetal@yahoo.com From: Bartica and GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: retiredOther Information: living in Guyhoc Park,Guyana
Meusa, Desireecuteaspetal@yahoo.com From: Georegtown/Bartica.Living In: Guyhoc Park,Georgetown,Guyana.
Occupation: retired nurseOther Information: would love to hear from mature persons.E-mail me anytime.
Meusa, Yonettehhotmouse@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: presearcher/computersOther Information: looking for family members
Michael, Harrismichaelh471@gmail.com From: Kitty,G/TownLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Computer ConsultantOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary School.Municipal Abottoir
Michael, Kissooncathymike@bell.net From: Vreed-en-hoopLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School.
Michael, ShermaTiwanirose@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam BerbiceLiving In: London,UK
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Berbice High School 1985-1991
Michelle, Gonsalvesromaineelle68@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Nurses AideOther Information: Looking for Michelle Henry went to central High school,class of 1986,from kitty,after graduation Michelle Henry went to New York to live,I work at Noreen Beauty Salon church street Georgetown before migrating to the USA.
Michelle, SukhuMsukhu@hotmail.com From: G/Town,LusignanLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Mickle, Bertuenbertuenmickle@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Mining TechnicianOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute,Guyana School of Agri.,U.G
Mickle, Martinmastermind771@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: St.Maarten
Occupation: MasonOther Information: Overwinning Primary School
Mickle, NeocieNeocie@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: St Maarten
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Tutorial Academy Secondary New Amsterdam
Mike (Bero), Ramdhanmikebelairgt@yahoo.ca From: 47 Bel Air GeorgetownLiving In: Mississauga Toronto Canada
Occupation: Production SupervisorOther Information: Work as an electrican for Kent Garment Factory,Ravina,Devinas.Looking for old friend who work there and know me Shabo Hoosien from LBI,GTI Campbeville High School
Miles-Lee (Persaud), PearlPearlmiles@msn.com From: Georgetown/LindenLiving In: Long Island,New York
Occupation: District ManagerOther Information: St.Barnabas Anglican
Miles, DensonD_Miles@hotmail.com From: Silver TownLiving In: Linden
Occupation: N/AOther Information: SilverCity High School/I would like to say big up to my man Lennox Parris on their wedding also the comming forth of their new child.Much love and resepect
Miller ( Haniff), Lisalisa_miller60@yahoo.ca From: Pouderoyen Village,WBDLiving In: Missisauga,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Payroll SupervisorOther Information: Grandfather was Butcher Sulaman,Moved to Canada since 1970
Miller(Haniff), LisaLMiller@Speedy.com From: PouderoyenLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: Payroll SupervisorOther Information: Grand-daughter of Butcher Sulaman
Miller, Adrianadromil718@aol.com From: guyanaLiving In: queens
Occupation: comp.client repOther Information: attended East Ruimveldt sec--looking to connect with old students and any other fellow guyanese a
Miller, Anna maeamch12992@yahoo.com From: Vreed en Hoop,WCDLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Executive AssistantOther Information: West Demerara High School/University of the West Indies,J'CA
Miller, Annetteavmiller@yahoo.com From: Ebini/RosignolLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Rosignol/NATI/GTI
Miller, Aubreyamiller@stc.com.sa From: GeorgetownLiving In: Riyadh,Saudi Arabia
Occupation: Telecommunications ConsultantOther Information: Attended St.Stanislause College-Class of 56 and am looking to hook up with Old Saints Boys from that period
Miller, Efremkmiller1480@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York City
Occupation: word processorOther Information:
Miller, Keithkeithmiller2619@bellsouth.net From: Buxton VillageLiving In: Port ST Lucie Florida
Occupation: Retired College RegistrarOther Information: County High School,City University of New York
Miller, Loisloismilreg@yahoo.com From: Den AmstelLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Stewartville Secondary
Miller, Michaleenmich.miller@telenet.be From: GeorgetownLiving In: Mechelen,Belgium
Occupation: nurseOther Information: E.Ruimveldt Secondary
Miller, Rudolphrmilla@prodigy.net From: East Ruimveldt Housing SchemeLiving In: Milwaukee,Wisconsin
Occupation: MarketerOther Information: Please help me locate friends-MORRIS JOHNSON,former shipping clerk@Sprostons Shipping and JOVIAL GARY,former seaman-Saguenay shipping line-Sun Heim.
Millington, Chilopiechilopiem@hotmail.com From: guyanaLiving In: califorina
Occupation: customer supervisorOther Information:
Millington, Cliffordcmm632@rogers.com From: Mckenzie,Linden.Living In: Canada
Occupation: Automotive TechnicianOther Information: a.k.a.dundee
Mills(nee Girdharry), Rose-Marierose.mills@verizon.net From: BerbiceLiving In: California
Occupation: Vice PresidentOther Information: Port Mourant Anglican School,Berbice High School,Churaman Family
Milne Jalloh, RenaeMyBlackCake@aol.com From: Festival City,South Rumveldt,GeorgetownLiving In: Clinton,Maryland USA
Occupation: NurseOther Information: I left Guyana when I was 12 years old.I attended Kettley Primary School,and St.Roses Secondary School.I would love to find some long lost friends from back home.
Milner, Winstonwinstonmilner@msn.com From: Sth.Ruimveldt Gardens,GeorgetownLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens,New York
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Schools attended:St.Winifredes@Central High,was Admin" Asst.at GNSC & Sales rep at GTM Insc.
Milton, Drepaulmilton@mychimachine.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: QC 1955-62,UWI 1962-65 QC Staff 65-74,UG 70-72 Lilian Dewar 74-82 GIS 93-95
Milton, Haripaulmillie2006@hotmail.com From: Wakenaam,63 village,Corentyne and Grove E.B.DEM.Living In: Castries St Lucia
Occupation: Insurance ExecutiveOther Information: Attended San Soucie methodist School-Wakenaam,New Market Anglican 64 Village,Tagore High 70-76,Cyril Potter college (77-80),Worked at Dolphin Community High 80-85,GTM INSURANCE 85-90,Left for St Lucia IN 1990,presently working with Alico/MetLife
Ming(Thompson,Warner), Julietguyanesemammie@hotmail.com From: lodge Housing SchemeLiving In: georgia
Occupation: nurseOther Information: attended Central High School 73 to 73,would love to hear from ROXANNE BACCHUS(JOAQUIN)
Ming(nee PHANG), Michelemicheleming25@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: OptometristOther Information: St.Roses',Queens College,University of Bradford,England.
Ming, Christinetoyotagirl05@msn.com From: Kitty GerogetownLiving In: USA
Occupation: technicianOther Information: Stella Marris/North Georgetown
Mingo, Rawlrawlcool_guy@yahoo.com From: West BerbiceLiving In: West Berbice
Occupation: teacherOther Information: Rosignool Secondary
Minns-Britton, MarvaMarva787@cs.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Regional Vice President/Financial AnalystOther Information: Attended Christ Church Secondary School 1974-78
Minns, RavalloRavallominns@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Graduated from St Agnes Primary in 1999
Mirza Baig, Ajaysammy_baba@hotmail.com From: KingstonLiving In: Clayton,California USA
Occupation: producer and director TelevisionOther Information: Want to contact with people of Hindu Muslim mixed parentage want to build a group of Hindu Muslims
Mirza, Fazilfazilmirza@hotmail.com From: La Jalousie.West Coast DemereraLiving In: Scarborough.Ontario
Occupation: Owner of sports bar(Hard Ball)Other Information: Top sports bar for West Indian events.Popular spot to lime
Misir/Tiwari, Latchmijennytiwari@aol.com From: Cumberland Village East Canji Berbice GuyanaLiving In: England
Occupation: Administration ManagerOther Information: Attended Berbice High 1979-1982 looking for my friends
Misir, Bharathbharathmisir@hotmail.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: ARMS
Misir, DaveDaveac2000@verzon.net From: Cumberland CanjeLiving In: New York
Occupation: Self-Employed(Owns a Heating & Air Conditioning Business)Other Information: Attended Berbice High 1977-1981
Misir, Deomisir823@yahoo.com From: Meten Meer ZorgLiving In:
Occupation: Business ManagerOther Information: Indians Ed.Trust College.
Misir, Devitadev_misir@yahoo,com From: EnmoreLiving In: Enmore
Occupation: Shop OwnerOther Information: INDIANS.RICHARD ISHMAEL SECONDARY
Misir, Gagindranauth (Billy)billmisir@aol.com From: Georgetown/Vreed-en-hoopLiving In: Devon,England
Occupation: Retired Exec Civil Servant ( UK )Other Information: Guyana Oriental College-Mid 50s
Misir, GaryGigimiz@hotmail.com From: EssequiboLiving In: Scarborough,Toronto
Occupation: Geriatric NurseOther Information: Abram Zuil Secondary
Misir, Malinemalinemisir@hotmail.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: ARMS
Misir, Nadianbhawan@hotmail.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: ARMS
Misir, Paulpaulmisir@yahoo.com From: 43 and 63 Village,CorentyneLiving In: NYC,USA
Occupation: CEO,Learning StreamOther Information: University Of Chicago-AB,Columbia University-MBA.Look forward to meeting fellow Guyanese in USA,especially in the business and technology sector.
Misir, Premugprochancellor.edu@gmail.com From: Cornelia Ida,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Head of the Press & Public Affairs Unit,Office of the President,Government of GuyanaOther Information: Pro-Chancellor,University of Guyana
Misir, Prempremmisir@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Pro-Chancellor,University of Guyanahttp://www.themisirpost.wordpress.comOther Information:
Misir, Rameshbobboo44@aol.com From: Meten-Meer-ZorgLiving In: Bronx.NY.USA
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary School.G.I.T.C.G.T.I.
Misir, Raviramisir@hotmail.com From: Clonbrook VillageLiving In: Markham
Occupation: ConsultantOther Information: Cove and John SS,University of Toronto
Misir, Rewtie (struti)misir45@bellsouth.net From: No 43 village,corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Ft Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: PharmacistOther Information: Corentyne High School 1969 to1972
Misir, Robbyrobby@syka.fsnet.co.uk From: Parents born in GuyanaLiving In: Essex,UK
Occupation: IT/Facilities ManagerOther Information: email me if you want to
Misir, SatSat_Misir@yahoo.com From: Kitty,G/townLiving In: Dalton,Massachusetts
Occupation: Software EngineerOther Information: Indians
Misir, Thankumarie Gaitreegaitree.gordon@senecac.on.ca From: No.43 VillageLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Attended Manchester High & Bushlot High would be a pleasure to hear from anyone please feel free to contact me at my email address
Misra, Resaulrmisenator@gmail.com From: No.49 Village,CorrentyneLiving In: Winter Garden,FL
Occupation: Other Information: Bush-Lot HS
Mitchell, Boydboyd21@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: St Rose's High
Mitchell, Clifton(Gordon)a310@aol.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida.USA
Occupation: Aircraft EngineerOther Information: College of Aeronautics,La Guardia Airport,New york
Mitchell, Deborahdelightful55@verizon.net From: New AmsterdamLiving In: philadelphia
Occupation: nurseOther Information: wismar hill
Mitchell, Dr Ivor Simitche@sbus.cau.edu From: Ulverston,Corentyne,GuyanaLiving In: 290 Republic Park,Peters Hall,EBD,Guyana
Occupation: Distinguished Professor of Marketing&Intl BusinessOther Information: 5316 Cayuga Ct,Lithonia Georgia 30038-1106(404-880-8463(W))(404-915-3973(C))
Mitchell, Dwaynedwaymitch@yahoo.com From: AlbertownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Manager at an NGOOther Information: went to central then to Joseph high graduated in 97
Mitchell, Euclineuclinevril@yahoo.com From: Beterverwagting/TriumphLiving In: NY
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attended St.Stanislaus College(1964-1969) U.G.
Mitchell, Kerwin Authwellkerwin@cuc.edu.tt From: Mocha Arcadia East Bank Demerara GuyanaLiving In: I am currently studying in Trinidad
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Charlestown Government School
Mitchell, Kerwinkerinmitchell@yahoo.com From: Mocha East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Currently studying Theology at Caribbean union College
Mitchell, Margaretmmitch0@bellsouth.net From: Wismar Linden,Buxton.Worked at GT HospitalLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: Nurse/Real Estate AgentOther Information: Attended Kara-Kara High School
Mitchell, Mr Ulricbanbury41@hotmail.com From: Belladrum Village West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Banbury Oxfordshire United Kingdom
Occupation: Welding Fabrication EngineerOther Information: Lived in Guyana and formally froom Tooting in London
Mitchell, Patricia Annanniehec@yahoo.com From: Newtown KittyLiving In: New York
Occupation: educatorOther Information: South&North Georgetown School,NIS,GSA,GAIBANK,State Planning
Mitchell, Troy Anntacs3832@yahoo.com From: From Charlestown GeorgetownLiving In: Living in the USA
Occupation: College studentOther Information: Attended Alleyne`s High School
Mitchell, TroyMitchellmrlexus@aol.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: ConstructionOther Information: LindenFoundation High School
Mitchell, Vilmavim13@hotmail.com From: Paradise W.C.B&MahaiconyLiving In: Somewhere in the Caribbean
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Mahaicony Secondary School,New Amsterdam Nursing School
Mitchell, Warrenwarren_mgy@yahoo.com From: Paradise&MahaiconyLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Teacher(Charlestown Secondary School)Other Information: Mahaicony Secondary,Cyril Potter College.
Mithu, Vishwavish1357@yahoo.com From: OgleLiving In: Queens
Occupation: RF EngineerOther Information: Lived in Ogle,went to Cummings Lodge High.Will love to hear form old friends
Mittelholzer, Marisamarigold2722@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Bank ClerkOther Information: QC:1994-2001
Mitthu, Annieanniemax92@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Bronx NY
Occupation: Banker-Customer Service SupervisorOther Information: Tutorial Secondary School.I would like to hear from my old friends and families if possible.my dad was the post master at NA post office.post office.
Mitthulall, RavinRavin_devilsknight@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St Joesph High,anyone wanna get to know me,e mail me
Mitthulall, RavinDevilishguy@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Kitty,Georgetown,
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St Joesph High.
Mlanga nee Drennon, Florencefmlanga@clausiusmw.com From: Living In: Blantyre,Malawi a country in Central Africa
Occupation: Credit ControllerOther Information: Am looking for anybody or relatives in or around Georgetown who knew my father George Nathaniel Drennon who was born in 1893 but has since died
Moakan, Imranimran@netwave.ca From: Stanleytown,New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Software developerhttp://www.netwave.caOther Information: Attended Overwinning and then moved to Berbice High School in 73-74,left Guyana 1976.Want to renew friendships.
Moffatt, Carolyncarolyn_moffatt@yahoo.com From: Buxton,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Community Nutrition OfficerOther Information: Bible School Student
Moffett, Anthonyantwanmoff@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: anythingOther Information:
Moffett, vibartviz_zung@yahoo.com From: Lodge,GeorgetownLiving In: Buxton/Friendship
Occupation: Deputy Project ManagerOther Information: Pastor Full Gospel Fellowship,Buxton
Mohabeer, Amandaaguranna@hotmail.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: USA
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Wakenaan Secondary
Mohabeer, Cheto(Chetram)chetrammohabeer@hotmail.com From: Barnwell,E B E&Bella St,Pouderoyen,W B DLiving In: BRAMPTON ONTARIO
Occupation: Other Information: My mom name is Irene(stabroek market)grandmother name is Roth from Barnwell
Mohabeer, Tashammohabe@aol.com From: Kingston,GuyanaLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Tutorial High School 91-96,My dad is Mr D.S.P Mohabeer,a police officer for the Guyana Police Force
Mohabeer, Vakevakemo2001@hotmail.com From: Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Newburgh,New york
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: I just arrived in New York and would like to talk to any friends and family over here in the States.Call me at 845-863-0499.I want to touch base with anyone who remembers me from back home.If you live near me,drinks on me.
Mohabeer, VimlaNmohabeer@cfl.rr.com From: Enmore,Enterprise,CampbellvilleLiving In: Orlando
Occupation: Executive AssistantOther Information: Parents-Crossby and Ethel both passed away in the 60s
Mohabir (Vishal), Khemrajkhemrajmohabir@sbcglobal.net From: Adelphi Village,East Canje,Berbice.Living In: Connecticut,USA
Occupation: Machine Operator and Independent Business OwnerOther Information: Son of Leelo & Latcho of Birbal Rum Shop at Adelphi Village.I attended Berbice High School between 1997-2002.Moved to USA in 2002.Intrested in meeting classmates,schoolmates or anyone who knows me.Please feel free to e-mail me.
Mohabir-Latchmiah, Annann_latchmiah@hotmail.com From: Pln Merville,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: Human Resources ConsultantOther Information: St. Mary's Carmalite Convent,Seneca College,York University
Mohabir, Anitaestmohabir@msn.com From: No 45 Village,Corentyne,Living In: Florida
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Mohabir, BanoRanjanna@aol.com From: Herstelling ECD-Enterprise ECD-Marienburg SurinameLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Bladen Hall Multilateral ECD-Covent Garden EBD-Liliendall Suriname
Mohabir, Bhaktibmohabir@hotmail.com From: ZorgLiving In: VA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Mohabir, Dannydannymohabir@yahoo.com From: De Edward village W C BLiving In: Elmont New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Rosignol primary school(94 to 2001)
Mohabir, Diannediannerambharose@hotmail.com From: West Coast,Meten-Meer-ZorgLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Zeeburg School
Mohabir, Eshtrie (Papo)sixflow111@hotmail.com From: BlackbushLiving In:
Occupation: Street PharmacistOther Information:
Mohabir, Esther From: FloridaLiving In: student
Occupation: estmohabir@msn.comNo 45 Village,Corentyne,Berbice GuyanaOther Information: Skeldon high school
Mohabir, Gharbarran AnitaAnitaMohabir@hotmail.com From: 72 Lusignan Pasture E.C.DemeraraLiving In: Richmond Hill,ON
Occupation: Customer Service RepresentativeOther Information: Richmond Hill High School,York University
Mohabir, Gharbarran AnitaAnitaMohabir@hotmail.com From: 72 Lusignan Pasture E.C.DemeraraLiving In: Richmond Hill,ON
Occupation: Customer Service RepresentativeOther Information: Richmond Hill High School,York University
Mohabir, Gharbarran Mikemike740@hotmail.com From: 72 Lusigana Pasture,E.C.Dem.Living In: Richmound Hill,Otn.Cad.
Occupation: Retired.Other Information: Anndel school.GTI.work BANKS DIH.
Mohabir, Heeraramheerar24@gmail.com From: East Coast DemLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: TransportationOther Information: Worked at Guysuco.Friends and relatives shout out anytime.
Mohabir, Indraiamindra@hotmail.com From: Port Mourant,CorentyneLiving In: US
Occupation: Director of Internal Audit DepartmentOther Information: Corentyne High School Graduate 1970
Mohabir, Janki Devideviramsagar@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Full time MomOther Information: Attended Berbice High School 79-84,former employee of N/A High Court and Laparkan N/A
Mohabir, Jayajai125@hotmail.com From: Corentyne-GuyanaLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Left Guyana in 1985.
Mohabir, JeetendraJeet586@hotmail.com From: EnterpriseLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Bladen Hall Multilateral School in Guyana.
Mohabir, Jeetendra{VICKY}Jeet576@hotmail.com From: EnterpriseLiving In: Queens Village,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attend Bladen Hall Multilateral School.
Mohabir, Karenenmoresweetheart@hotmail.com From: Haslington,EnmoreLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Junior High StudentOther Information: I duz be living in Malvern!
Mohabir, Karm Anandknmohabir@aol.com From: Port Mourant Compound,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Urbandale,Iowa
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Winifred Gaskin Memorial Secondary School 75-81
Mohabir, Kevingenesisgy@yahoo.com From: CanjeLiving In: Cumberland Village Canje
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Berbice High School 1991-1996
Mohabir, LataGuyanalm@aol.com From: Corentyne-GuyanaLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Treasury AnalystOther Information: Attended Corentyne Comprehensive High School
Mohabir, Lomaswatieleena_mohabir@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: 48 goverment school i went there in 82
Mohabir, Monamonamohabir@yahoo.com From: #2 village,BerbiceLiving In: Long-Island-NY
Occupation: Buyer/SupplementOther Information: Canje Secondary
Mohabir, Monamonamohabir@yahoo.com From: #2 village,BerbiceLiving In: Long-Island-NY
Occupation: Buyer/SupplementOther Information: Canje Secondary
Mohabir, Padmaarousingangel@hotmail.com From: Bel-AirLiving In: New York
Occupation: ReceptionistOther Information: Bel-Air School
Mohabir, Pooranpmohabir@rogers.com From: Peter's Hall/LeguanLiving In: Markham,On
Occupation: Works in Printing IndustryOther Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary School (Indians) 79-82 Trying to get in touch with old school friends.Also known as Mahendra and Booths
Mohabir, Pratimachaineeh@hotmail.com From: Enterprise(Guyana)Living In: Queens NewYork
Occupation: Hub AssociateOther Information: Attended Annandale Secondary 1992-1998
Mohabir, RajUnity_Trans_inc@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall,BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information:
Mohabir, Rameshmohabir@hotmail.com From: Ankerville Port MourantLiving In: Bronx
Occupation: Other Information:
Mohabir, Rannie(Mauby),(Compton)missionronniem@covad.net From: Bourda,GeorgetownLiving In: Fontana,Southern California
Occupation: BusinessOther Information: Indians Ed.Trst.Clge.,W/Supreme Court,MYO,PSU,Pioneer CC.,Southern California Cricket Assc.
Mohabir, Raymondrays2102@gmail.com From: Whim VillageLiving In: New Jersey USA
Occupation: Procurement ManagerOther Information: Winifred Gaskin Secondary School (1979-1981) Lower Corentyne Secondary School (1981-1985)
Mohabir, Reensimple844@yahoo.com From: Annandale,EcdLiving In: Annandale,Ecd
Occupation: Other Information:
Mohabir, Rob (Vicky)z101@hotmail.com From: LenoraLiving In: NYC
Occupation: Sys EngOther Information: Uitvlugt School WCD,Jamaica High School,Queens
Mohabir, SamantaKittykat_kpl@hotmail.com From: Meten-Meer-ZorgLiving In: New York,U.S.A.
Occupation: Business AdminOther Information:
Mohabir, Shailendrasammy5735@yahoo.com/shailendramohabir@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: enterprise
Occupation: student,cricketerOther Information:
Mohabir, Sharmaleesharmalee28@netzero.net From: LodgeLiving In: Mechanicsville,Virginia
Occupation: NurseOther Information: I am trying to find my father,Errol Thompson,from Princess St.I know that he was or still is a member of the police force.
Mohabir, Vaderamvmohabir@nyc.rr.com From: No.64 Village,CorentyneLiving In: Woodhaven NY
Occupation: FinanceOther Information: Tagore Memorial High School 74/78
Mohabir, Vanesciavaliscia@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Enterprise East Coast Demerara
Occupation: TeachingOther Information:
Mohabir, Varshamohabir07@yahoo.ca From: Vreed-in-Hoop,New RoadLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Currently Attending Ryerson University
Mohabir, Vishnuvishnu212@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: Orange County,California
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/CPAOther Information: Attended GOC.
Mohamad, Nooranie Davedavid_mohamad@hotmail.com From: GroveLiving In: USA
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Brickdam,Grove Masjid,Looknauth Lesson,Krishna Collage
Mohamed (Simon), Myrnamyrna.simon@bmo.com From: LindenLiving In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: Manager,Technology & LogisticsOther Information: Mackenzie High School
Mohamed Hassan, Hafeezmohamed78@aol.com From: LusignanLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Deputy Executive Director/ OPA/ City of NYOther Information: Attended Queens College and/ taught for a brief period at Annandale Secondary School when Mr.P.Kunar was the Headmaster
Mohamed Ibrahim, LylaShenBlu2@aol.com From: Bel Air SpringsLiving In: Miami
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary-1981/2-86/7
Mohamed Mattila, Sharronsharron.m.mattila@supervalu.com From: Lusignan&Mon Repoes(East Coast)Living In: Minneapolis,MN--USA
Occupation: Tax AccountantOther Information:
Mohamed Safdar, Allimosafal@hotmail.com From: Ledestein/M.M.zorgLiving In: Toronto/Canada
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Attend Saraswat High,I taught at M.M.Zorg primary 1971-1980 migrated to Canada in 1980
Mohamed(Fingal), IshmaelIshmaelmohamed@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall Town,Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Investment AdvisorOther Information:
Mohamed(Ratansi), Bibi Akleemamoonir.ratansi@3web.net From: Success East Cost DemLiving In: Toronto,Ont
Occupation: Other Information: Went to Cove and John
Mohamed-Shahabudeen, Bibi Nazreenaxs3755@njit.edu From: Campbellville,GeorgetwonLiving In: Newark,New Jersey,USA
Occupation: state certified teacherOther Information: Attended Indian Education t Trust College during 1965.Married in New Amsterdam.Migrated to USA in 1980.Would like friends to contact me.
Mohamed., Alwyn.Desmond.desmond35@hotmail.com From: Georgetown.Living In: Nederlands.
Occupation: Retired:Salesman.Other Information: Former Salesman.Banks.D,I H.Ltd.
Mohamed/Baksh, Bibi RehannaPeace0461@hotmail.com From: Craig VillageE.B.DLiving In: St.PetersburgFloridaUSA
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary School
Mohamed/Field, Sharonsharonfield0404@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: London/England
Occupation: Rocket ScientistOther Information: Saint Joseph High 78-82.
Mohamed/Permansingh, Elizabethivamoh@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Enmore,E.C.D.
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: ARMS1975-1979,would like to get in touch with old friends,looking for Ena Nandalall.
Mohamed/Thakurdeen, AlliyahAlliyah724@aol.com From: Mon Repos Pasture/Housing SchemeLiving In: Ozone Park Queens,New York
Occupation: Home MakerOther Information: Mon Repos Primary/Golden Grove Secondary
Mohamed, "Terry" Hamazamenarealty@bellsouth.net From: Grove,Herstelling,ProspectLiving In: FT Lauderdale
Occupation: Real Estate/Mortgage Brokerhttp://www.amenarealty.comOther Information: buying selling or financing contact me at Amena realty inc
Mohamed, (Bruce)JameelGafoor@kua.net From: Demerara roots,London bornLiving In: Kissimmee,Florida
Occupation: martial arts instructor/personal trainerhttp://members.xoom.com/gafoorkickbo/indexOther Information: Crealde School of Art fellowship member
Mohamed, AlanSYBURG@aol.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Training DirectorOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Sce.
Mohamed, AlliyahAlliyah724@aol.com From: Mon Repos E.C.D.Living In: Queens New York
Occupation: Not ImportantOther Information: Golden Grove Sec./Mon Repos Primary
Mohamed, AllyNotclay22@yahoo.ca From: Leonora,WCDLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Retired heavy duty mechanicOther Information: Leonora public,Uitvlugt estate,attended Port Mourant 1967/68
Mohamed, Almos ak Amoamo_mohamed@hotmail.com From: ZeeburgLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Mohamed, Almos[AMO]AMO_MOHAMED@hotmail.com From: ZeeburgLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary 1973-1979
Mohamed, AmezanMedhlth2000@aol.com From: SuccessLiving In: Pembroke Pines
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Tutorial High School(1961-1965)
Mohamed, Aneesa "Annie"aneesa.m@hotmail.com From: Meten-Meer-Zorg and ZeeburgLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Resource Consultant/StudentOther Information: attended Zeeburg Secondary from 1995-1997.in form 3
Mohamed, Aneesa(Pat)Aneesa4u@msn.com From: Essequibo,LimaLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Student at CSIOther Information:
Mohamed, Anneclover_87@msn.com From: No.43 Village,CorentyneLiving In: Ontario
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended President's college
Mohamed, AnnishaCaribbeanCutiePy@aim.com From: West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attenden Latchmansingh Primary School
Mohamed, Arifshiraz_arif@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: QC 95,UG 2001,recently moved to Ny and looking to hook up with other guyanese here ~
Mohamed, Asheikasheik56@msn.com From: LusignanLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: ChemistOther Information: Muslim College.University of Guyana.Work at Demerara distillery
Mohamed, Asifsweetbai4all@aol.com From: HerstellingLiving In: New York
Occupation: Auto MechanicOther Information: Brickdam Secondary School
Mohamed, Asifasif@gbtibank.com From: Windsor Forest,W.C.DLiving In: Windsor Forest,W.C.D
Occupation: Asst.System Technician,(GBTI)http://www.asif.bizhosting.comOther Information: Zeeburg Sec,University of Guyana.
Mohamed, Asifasif@sunbeach.net From: Windsor Forest,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Computer TechnicianOther Information:
Mohamed, Asifasifgy@yahoo.com From: Windsor ForestLiving In: Ozone Park,New York
Occupation: Mortage Processorhttp://www.infoagetech.comOther Information: This is my most updated profile.
Mohamed, AzaadEeservtec@aol.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Network AdministratorOther Information: Would like to meet a single,honest and reliable girl between the age of 25 to 35 yrs old.
Mohamed, Azad(Shaheed)Azad@EOL.Ca From: Kitty,Georgetown.GuyanaLiving In: Toronto Ca.,
Occupation: Computer/Network TechnicianOther Information: Queen's College,Guyana:1975-79.
Mohamed, Azeemazmosr@yahoo.ca From: albouystownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: medical imagingOther Information: brickdam sec.
Mohamed, Azeemazmosr@yahoo.ca From: albouystownLiving In: brampton,canada
Occupation: medical imagingOther Information: attended St Pius R C School& Brickdam Secondary
Mohamed, Bibi (Jemo)Bibishameem@aol.com From: Windsor ForestLiving In:
Occupation: Bank Teller/SalesOther Information: Windsor Forest Prim.School.Stewartville Sec School
Mohamed, Bibi Akleemabratansi@hotmail.com From: SuccessLiving In: Scarborough
Occupation: Payroll AdminOther Information: Attend Cove & John School
Mohamed, Bibi Asweema (aka Leema)leema526@hotmail.com From: Mc.Doom Village&Craig VillageLiving In: florida
Occupation: studentOther Information: Hoouston,worked at Resaul Maraj&DDLwould like to meet my fellow employees
Mohamed, Bibi Nujahanbibinujahan@yahoo.com From: BlairmontLiving In: Blairmont No 2 Settlement
Occupation: DesignerOther Information: Rosignol Secondary School(1974-1980)
Mohamed, Bibi Zabeedazabeedamohamed@yahoo.co.uk From: Success,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Binghamton,New York
Occupation: Childcare teacherOther Information: Formerly Sharmela majeed(Cummings Lodge Sec.)&(L.B.I Estate).
Mohamed, Christinechristine873@msn.com From: Bel Air/GeorgetownLiving In: Scarborough Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Campbellville Secondary School
Mohamed, EricEric162002@aol.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Schenectady,NY
Occupation: Lead Service Professional-Credit UnionOther Information: Schenectady High School
Mohamed, Faneezaangelic_accent@hotmail.com From: Anna Regina,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Still Here
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended ARMS from 1989-1995 University of Guyana 1999-2001.
Mohamed, Fareezabibi_mohamed@hotmail.com From: Coffee GroveLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: managerOther Information: i attend A.R.C.H.S and i will to here from anyone back there plz eamil
Mohamed, Fareidabibimamood@yahoo.net From: # 52 VillageLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: My dad is Johnny Nasrudin,Attended Leeds Gov't School
Mohamed, Fatimafatima.mohamed@gmail.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Berbice & Georgetown
Occupation: Studenthttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLPSS_96_01/Other Information: SLPSS(1996-2001),UGBC(2001-2002),Teacher SHS(2003-2004),UG(2004-)
Mohamed, Fatimaamitaf1121@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In:
Occupation: Studenthttp://hometown.aol.com/amitaf1121/index.htmlOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary 1996-2001
Mohamed, Fayefaye_mohamed@yahoo.com From: suddieLiving In: suddie
Occupation: staff nurse/midwifeOther Information: Georgetown hospital,suddie hospital,caricom rice mills ltd
Mohamed, Fazailmax221962@aol.com From: Dry Shore,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral School
Mohamed, Fazailfazail_mohamed@hotmail.com From: dry shore,essequibo coastLiving In: Ontario,canada
Occupation: woodworkerOther Information:
Mohamed, Gamalgamalmohamed2002@yahoo.com From: Garnett Street,KittyLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: attended North Georgetown Secondary(85-89) Former Head Prefect
Mohamed, Hasratthazccp@yahoo.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada and Cherry Hill,New Jersey
Occupation: Cardiovascular PerfusionistOther Information: Muslim College/Indian Trust College
Mohamed, InsaafMohamedInsaaf@yahoo.com From: Mon Repos Housing SchemeLiving In: Ozone Park,Queens
Occupation: StudentOther Information: AIM(Insaaf1818),formerly from Maryland
Mohamed, Iqbaliqbal037mohamed@gmail.com From: Bath Settlement W.C.BceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Pharma TechOther Information: Bush Lot Secondary
Mohamed, Iqbaliqbal037mohamed@gmail.com From: Bath SettlementLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: TechnologistOther Information: Bush Lot Secondary
Mohamed, Kalamudinkal.mohamed@dehavilland.com From: Leonora WCDLiving In: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Manufacturing Engineering (Avionics & Electrical)Other Information: Indian Education Trust College 1970-1974. Looking for lost friends.
Mohamed, Kavita Sabrinathaihasmat_8@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Credit Controller/AccountsOther Information: I would just like to clarify something once before i had my details on the net saying that i wanted a good,reliable guyanese man,well i Had already found him and his name is IQBAL KHAN and he is gorgeous and the most loving man i have ever known
Mohamed, Kavita Sabrinathaihasmat@homail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Recruitment Consultant/ManagerOther Information: Brickdam Sec 92-97,looking for my friends Anna Mohase,Feroze Khan,and my best friend SAVITA NARINE of Narine's Liquor store in Robb Street and any other Guyanese between ages 23-30 living in England
Mohamed, Khanmokhan1967@gmail.com From: Ruby,East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Greenwich Park Primary School/Universal College.Taxi Driver H2966-1984/1990
Mohamed, Lylalibrahim@bellsouth.net From: Bel Air SpringsLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: North Georgetown Govt Sec 1980/81-1986/87
Mohamed, MarciaAminde@Symapatico.ca From: GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: CaregiverOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Mohamed, Marissamarissa579@hotmail.com From: Vieux-Fort Black-BayLiving In: St.Lucia
Occupation: studentOther Information: friends,any people interesting between 15 to 20's
Mohamed, Michellemiranda3m@yahoo.com From: # 43 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended President's College from Sept.'95 to June 2000.Also Attended R.V.C Private School from Sept 2000 to January 2001.
Mohamed, Musabmusab789@yahoo.com From: Williamsburg,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: Other Information: Attented J.C.Chandisingh Seconday School 1995-2000
Mohamed, Naeemn_mo_massive@hotmail.com From: Kitty,Land of CanaanLiving In: Jamaica,Queen's,New York
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Son of the late Sheik Kamil Mohamed formerly of Kitty,Georgetown.
Mohamed, NafizaNafizamohamed@rogers.com From: Herstelling,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Canada
Occupation: ManagerOther Information:
Mohamed, Natashawhachuwant2@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: UnemployedOther Information: Bishops' High School
Mohamed, Natashablazingmamma@hotmail.co.uk From: Nuclear Yard,Canje,OldcanefieldLiving In: London,UK
Occupation: Other Information: Attended CSS 1990-1994 and Victoria Commerical School 1995,class mates Shabana,Angela,Mona,Ashtie ect would like to hear from anyone who knows me and old class mates
Mohamed, Nicoleguyanese_gurl@msn.com From: George townLiving In: mississauga canada
Occupation: studentOther Information: i go to meadowvale secondary school
Mohamed, NizamNizam.Haniff@convergys.com From: Ann's Grove/Clonbrook & Enmore AreaLiving In: Orlando Florida
Occupation: Senior Computer OperatorOther Information: Would like to hear from old Friends
Mohamed, Nooruldeennmohamed2@mlslirealtor.com From: born cove&johnLiving In: richmond hill,New York
Occupation: real estate salesOther Information: love to hear from old School friends etc.
Mohamed, Padminievenita08@hotmail.com From: Tuschen east bank essequiboLiving In: venezuela
Occupation: Other Information: zeeburg secondary school
Mohamed, Rabiarabia_mohamed@hotmail.co.uk From: Eccles,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Conference and Events Managerhttp://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100003692224558Other Information: I lived on Public Road,Eccles.I attended Campbell's Academy with my sister Halima Mohamed.My brothers are Shaheed,Neil and Roy.I left Guyana in 1981 and I now live in London.I would like to get in touch with old friend.
Mohamed, Rabiyarabbie09200@yahoo.co.uk From: Blenheim LeguanLiving In: London
Occupation: Personal SecretaryOther Information: attended St Peters Anglican and Essequibo Islands Secondary.Would like to catch with old friends
Mohamed, Rafeekrraymny@aol.com From: Windsor ForestLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Business Manager/Senior AnalystOther Information: Attended West Dem Sec 86-91,Stewartville Sec 91-92,Work at NBIC 93-94
Mohamed, RafeekNyicecube001@aol.com From: Work-en-Rust/Alboy/GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Born in 1987,Attened Kettly Primary School,Christ Chuch S.S.Franklin K.Lane(NY)Hobart College(NY)
Mohamed, Ramonapteijema@tiscali.nl From: Georgetown,born in New AmsterdamLiving In:
Occupation: secretaryOther Information: last school Indians!!
Mohamed, Rashaadrashaadz1@hotmail.com From: Canal # 1,West Bank Demerara,GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Cash Control SupervisorOther Information: I attended West Demerara Secondary 1992-97,i hope to hook up with my old friends and family how have over the years somehow fell of the face of Earth
Mohamed, Rayshifttransmission@comcast.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Self-employedhttp://shifttransmission.comOther Information:
Mohamed, Raymond (Borrow)rayazeem@hotmail.com From: 79,Corrivertown,SkeldonLiving In: Nederlands
Occupation: Male(Nurse)Other Information: Used to attend (Skeldon Scoth School)
Mohamed, RaymondRaymondsprint@aol.com From: Lot 5 Armadale W/C B/ceLiving In: Orlando,Fl
Occupation: MechanicOther Information:
Mohamed, Reyaadsweetguy20072000@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Essequibo
Occupation: Other Information: Attend ARMS from 2002 to 2007
Mohamed, Riadmohamedr@asme.org From: Newtown,GeorgetownLiving In: Jersey City,NJ
Occupation: Mechanical Engineerhttp://www.asme.orgOther Information: (New)Comenius Primary,Central High 1988,New Jersey Institute of Technology 1999
Mohamed, Rickyavaricky@yahoo.com From: Ogle,Atlantic GardensLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Manager,Software CompanyOther Information: Queen's College
Mohamed, Roberticrradio@aol.com From: De-Willem South-West Coast DemeraraLiving In: New York,USA.
Occupation: RF.Communications Engineer.http://www.icrradio.comOther Information: Owner of Indo-Caribbean Radio Network-AM 1620 &1680 NY./Saraswat School/Central High./Invented Guyana's first Hearing Aid 1977.Well known in Ocean view,Zeeburg,De Willem,Meten Meer Zorg.Worked at Radio Demerara.
Mohamed, Ronrmohamed@dbcc.on.ca From: Hopetown/Mahaica/G/townLiving In: Tampa andToronto
Occupation: Durham College Pres./ICAP PresOther Information: Central High
Mohamed, Roszenazena2a@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Ontario Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice High School
Mohamed, RuthJMMW1@aol.com From: Kitty GeorgetownLiving In: Staten Island,New York
Occupation: NYS SupervisorOther Information: Attended St.James-the-Less School Kitty
Mohamed, Safraazsafraaz25@hotmail.com From: alexander villageLiving In: connecticut USA
Occupation: Behavior SpecialistOther Information: Brickdam secondary
Mohamed, Sallybsmcool@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot West Coast BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: Branch AdministratorOther Information: Bush Lot Secondary,Reside in Orlando Fl
Mohamed, Sallybsmcool@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Resides in Orlando,FL
Occupation: Branch AdministratorOther Information: Bush Lot Sec.
Mohamed, Samsudeenafridi83s@yahoo.com From: wakenaamLiving In: guyana
Occupation: Other Information:
Mohamed, Sandrass_baksh@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Travel ConsultantOther Information: Fountain AME School,Muslim Education Trust College,work at Dr. John Sewar
Mohamed, Sayadmohameds80@hotmail.com From: lenoraLiving In: toronro
Occupation: studentOther Information: e-mail me if ur in Toronto
Mohamed, Seebacadburyroses@yahoo.com From: Eccles,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Bishop's High
Mohamed, Shabanashabo44@hotmail.com From: Windsor ForestLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Student of University of the West IndiesOther Information: Zeeburg secondary.looking for my best friend seewmantra hansraj(kavo)
Mohamed, Shafeekshafeekmohamed@aol.com From: Work-en-Rust,Albouystown GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: Alleyne's High School 99-01,Central High School 01,I left Guyana in 01 and now I attend Colby College in Maine.I am looking for friends from Guyana Amitabh,Judy Benthly,Dania dowding love you guys
Mohamed, Shafikztar57@hotmail.com From: Hague wcdLiving In: barbados
Occupation: food analistOther Information: saraswat zeeburg indians
Mohamed, Shaheedshaheed8@sympatico.ca From: Leonora/UitvlugtLiving In: Brampton
Occupation: MaintenanceOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Sec,Port Mourant Training Centre from 1975-1977
Mohamed, Shakirashakair25@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt Park GeorgetownLiving In: Turks&Caicos Islands
Occupation: Teacher-Spanish/FrenchOther Information: St.Roses High/University of Guyana
Mohamed, Shamdolly198@hotmail.com From: Fyrish Village,BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Retired law enforcementOther Information: corentyne comprehensive high
Mohamed, Shameezabsm1980@netzero.com From: 7th Street-Success,East Coast DemeraraLiving In:
Occupation: Procurement ManagerOther Information: Looking for anyone who attended Chateau Margot Primary School in 1986-1990--Trying to reunite with my old classmates.Favorite teachers went by the names of Sir Lalta and Miss Gobin!! Write back.
Mohamed, Shaminbibispersaud@aol.com From: ogleLiving In: bronx
Occupation: Office managressOther Information: looking for School friends in the 60's like sabrina,veta,kazim,satyanandand friend from gafoor's sussex st
Mohamed, Shammybody_soul32@yahoo.com From: Mc Doom East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Farrockaway
Occupation: Certified HHA Recreational TherapistOther Information:
Mohamed, Shaneeza(Bebi)shaneeza@earthlink.net From: GuyanaLiving In: Jamaica,Queens
Occupation: Other Information: St.Rose's High(1995-Form 3)
Mohamed, Shaniza aka Faziefaziem2001@yahoo.com From: De-kinderen(bulla old road)Living In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Used to attend Stewartville Sec.School,.I have one brother(sadiq),mother(Sybil),father name(haroon).I will love to meet anyone who can remember me or my family.
Mohamed, Shareefsmoham0612@rogers.com From: Blossom Scheme,Enmore,GuyanaLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Annandale Government Secondary School(1965-1970),University Of Guyana(1977-1982),Worked at N.I.S.,Georgetown.
Mohamed, Shareefshareef_mohamed@yahoo.ca From: Blossom Scheme,EnmoreLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Annandale Sec.-1966-1970,U.G.1977-1982.Worked at N.I.S.-Georgetown.
Mohamed, ShazaadSamzai@lycos.com From: SuccessLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Environmental SurveyorOther Information: St.Joseph High School
Mohamed, ShazaadZamisa33@aol.com From: Uitvlugt,WCDLiving In: Valley Stream,NY
Occupation: Service ManagerOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary School 1979-84
Mohamed, Shazeeda(Zeeda)shaz_mohamed@yahoo.com From: EssequiboLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Financial AdministratorOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School 89-94
Mohamed, Shazeedasapphirez924@hotmail.com From: CWCLiving In: NJ
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path Secondary in 1982-87,
Mohamed, Shobashoba_2000_ve@yahoo.com From: Covent Garden,HerstellingLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Student,York CollegeOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary 1998
Mohamed, Sikandersscorpion1@aol.com From: Cornelia Ida,Anna Catherina,and LeonoraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attend Cornelia Ida Primary and Stewartville Secondary School
Mohamed, Sudiasudia_mohamed@yahoo.com From: De-Willem North W.C.DLiving In: Woodhaven,N.Y
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Leonora Primary School
Mohamed, Suzannesuzieq@acc.umu.se From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Sweden
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.ing.umu.se/~me02smd/Other Information: St.John's College.class96
Mohamed, Talimtalim007@hotmail.com From: essequiboLiving In: trinidad
Occupation: Other Information: anna regina multelateral school
Mohamed, Terry(Wazir)terrymoh@aol.com From: Eccles,Old Road,E.B.D.GuyanaLiving In: Bronx,N.Y.
Occupation: Not working millionare.Other Information: Central High and Government Technical Institute
Mohamed, Trishnatrishna85@yahoo.com From: Parents are From GuyanaLiving In: Dallas,Texas
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Any Guyanese that live in the DALLAS area e-mail me.
Mohamed, Trishnatrishna85@yahoo.com From: Parents are From GuyanaLiving In: Dallas,Texas
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Any Guyanese that live in the DALLAS area e-mail me.
Mohamed, Wazimtopshatta23@hotmail.com From: La Penitence,GTLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Ketley Primary(1985-1991),St Joseph High(1991-1996),GTI(1997-1999),UG(1999-2000)I was also a scorer for the Guyana Cricket Board,Looking for old friends who remember me.I moved to Canada in 2000
Mohamed, Wazimtopshatta23@hotmail.com From: La Penitence,GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Ketley Primary(1985-1992),St Joseph High(1992-1996),GTI(1997-1999),UG(1999-2000)
Mohamed, Wazirwazirmohamed@yahoo.com From: Ledestein,East Bank,EssequiboLiving In: Binghamton,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary 1969-75
Mohamed, Zainulfize10@hotmail.com From: Saffon St,CharlestownLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Muslim College,Hunter College,US Army-1977 Ft Dix
Mohamed, Zalaikaznyn2000@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: queens,ny
Occupation: secretaryOther Information: south Georgetown Secondary
Mohamed, Zaleemazaleema@msn.com From: Fryrish-BerbiceLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: like to hook up with old friends attended Lower Corentyne Secondary School 78-82
Mohamed, sherizasherry190@hotmail.com From: guyana,Leonora.W.C.DLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Stewartville Secondary School and Leonora secondary
Mohammad/Lopez, Suraiyasuraiyal@yahoo.com From: Thomas St,GeorgetownLiving In: USA
Occupation: At home momOther Information: St.Winifreds RC,Muslim Trust College,Singh's Secretarial School,neighbors and friends welcome!
Mohammad, Saud Raymond/Raynytroburn2002@yahoo.com From: D'Andrade St.,Newtown,Kitty/Thomas St.,South Cummingsburg GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information: Had a dancing School with Owen and Trevor at Sacred Heart Church on Main St(Disco Crusaders or DC).Rode dirt bikes at Cosmos/Lusignan
Mohammed,Ali, Shaminashamina1976@hotmail.com From: North East La Penitence,GeorgetownLiving In: North East La Penitence
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Richard Ishmeal Secondary School
Mohammed, Aron WajidBrown_Sensation3215@hotmail.com From: Enmore,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Annandale Secondary(97-1998),City College(99-2000),PatCollege,Enmore(2001),and Institute Of Business Education,Lusignan(2001-2002)
Mohammed, AronHotmale3215@yahoo.com From: Enmore,GuyanaLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Sweetguy3215@hotmail.com,or aronmohammed@yahoo.com
Mohammed, Gulamgulam.goolmohammed@ey.com From: Albion,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Berbice High School
Mohammed, JaitoonBEBICur@aol.com From: HerstellingLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: HomemakerOther Information: children:Nazmoon Habib,Hamid Kadir,and others.
Mohammed, JamesJamesanhtony@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Computer ServicesOther Information: Richard Ishmael
Mohammed, Kamaluddin (Kamal)kamalmohammed42@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall Town,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Cleveland,OH.USA
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne High School,1971-1974
Mohammed, Keithkeithandre85@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: london,england
Occupation: Project PlannerOther Information: enmore hope primary,sacred heart and presidents college
Mohammed, Rabbiyarmfriends@hotmail.co.uk From: Leguan/CorentyneLiving In: London
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Enterprise Primary and Secondary School,EIGSS Secondary.I would like to catch with old friends or any guyanese who would like to correspond
Mohammed, Raymondrippeddragon@yahoo.com From: Broad StreetLiving In:
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Muslim High
Mohammed, Shazeenashazeenamohammed13@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: North East La Penitence
Occupation: Personal AssistantOther Information: Dolphin Primary School/Christ Church Secondary School/Commercial(Bibi Albertown)
Mohammed, Yasseenyasseen.mohammed@honeywell.com From: Prashad NagarLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: RF EngineerOther Information: University of Guyana
Mohammed, Zamalzamaamo@yahoo.com From: DeWillem,WCDLiving In: London
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Looking for Jean Ishmael and all the other girls High School
Mohamod, Amzadamoh421363@aol.com From: AlbionLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Guyanese owned driving school
Mohan (Lall), Jenniferjenjo2006@hotmail.com From: Riverview Rumvielt/Albouystown GeorgetownLiving In: Jamaica Queens New York
Occupation: Real Estate Agenthttp://www.optimumhomesrealty.comOther Information: West Rumvieldt middle school/Acenssion Community High school
Mohan Singh, Roserosey_flowergal@hotmail.com From: Little Abary,Mahaicony,E.C.DemLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: EKG/Phlebotomy(taking blood) TechnicianOther Information: Mahaicony Government Secondary School (MGSS)
Mohan, BharatlallJ.mohan@earthlink.net From: Alexander village 4th streetLiving In: Usa (long Island New york)
Occupation: managerOther Information: Richard ishmeal sec school (85-89)
Mohan, Christinesnowchristine@yahoo.com From: McDoomLiving In: Michigan,USA
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Scared Heart,Queen's College 92-94
Mohan, Dharamdeisugar_apple2@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Lusignan Pasture,East Coast of Demerara
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Mohan, Indiindimohan@yahoo.com From: MahaiconyLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Folks from Guyana welcome to correspond
Mohan, Koshalnepskm@gmail.com From: Cotton Tree village W.C.B.Living In: Long Island NY
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral 79-82,Cotton tree primary 72-79
Mohan, Mahattanrmohan@foresters.biz From: Zorg,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Brampton,On
Occupation: Financial RepresentativeOther Information: Attend A.R.M.S.and GSA.Worked at Gaibank and IPED
Mohan, Michaelmichaelmohan6@hotmail.com From: LusignanLiving In:
Occupation: Construction EstimatorOther Information: Attended Annandale Secondary
Mohan, Michaelmichaelmohan6@hotmail.com From: LusignanLiving In: Canada,Ajax
Occupation: Construction EstimatorOther Information: Would like to meet new friends and get in touch with old friends
Mohan, Ramrmohan01@hotmail.com From: Grove,E.B.DLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Queen's College 91-98
Mohan, RameshRmohan01@hotmail.com From: Grove,E.B.DLiving In: Jamaica,NY
Occupation: Student&part-time workOther Information: Left guyana in 2001.Attended QC from 91-98.worked at DDL as quality control personnel from 99-01.any one who know me or don't know me,feel free to e-mail me
Mohan, Ravibadboyzray@yahoo.com From: Crabwood Creek,Skeldon,CanjeLiving In: Bronx New York
Occupation: Night auditorOther Information: Crabwood Creek Primary 1986-1992,Canje Secondary School 1993-1997,Monroe College 2003-2006.Taught at CSS 1998-2000.Hoping to link up with old friends and also with anyone who want to be friends.
Mohan, Rohanrohan.mohan@usclearing.com From: MonRepos,E.C.D.Living In: New York
Occupation: Mutual Fund ManagerOther Information: Attended Central High School 1973.
Mohan, Rovinrick_mohan@rogers.com From: # 47 village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Woodbridge,Ontario.Canada
Occupation: Other Information: owner of one silver dollar bar in # 47 village.corentyne.property is up for sale contact me.
Mohan, Sasesase@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Attended "Richard Ishamel Sec"&"QC" in 70s
Mohan, SatrohanSatroMohan@aol.com From: Belladrum,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Bloomfield,N.J.U.S.A
Occupation: SurveyorOther Information: Hindu College,Graduated in GTI(Surverying)
Mohan, Suneetasuneetagy08@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Primary StudentOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Mohan, Suneetasuneetagy08@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: West Coast Demerara(Meten-Meer-Zorg
Occupation: Other Information: I am a student of Zeeburg Secondary School
Mohan, Tonyttmohan@rogers.com From: Duncan St.,NewtownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Liberty Cinema
Mohan, Vijayvijaymohan@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: chemistOther Information: attened richard ishmael 85-89.lived in Alexander Village 4th st
Mohan, Vishalvishalm73@aol.com From: Anna Catherina,LeonoraLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: St.Rose's High:84-88,Leonora Secondary:89-91
Mohandeo(Ravi), AdittyaAMohandeo@kayescholer.com From: Reliance Abandon/Oleander Gardens ECDLiving In: Mt.Vernon,New York
Occupation: Computer EngineerOther Information: Reliance Primary/PSI Institute NYC
Mohanlal, AnneKute_koolie@hotmail.com From: EssequiboLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: University studentOther Information:
Mohanlal, Ramkumar (Rishe)rishelal@yahoo.ca From: Canal No.1Living In: Toronto
Occupation: Admin SupportOther Information: West Dem Sec 77-83-Work at Wieting&Richter 85-89
Mohanlall, Bhowanibhowani.mohanlall@peelsb.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: Lower Corentyne Secondary Berbice High School University of Guyana
Mohanlall, Lalita Lallllsshankar@hotmail.com From: Brick Wall Street,Anna Catherina WCDLiving In: Ottawa Ontario Canada
Occupation: AdminOther Information: Father Mohanlall Brickwall Street,went to Stewartville Secondary School,worked for First Product Association in Brickdam up to 1989 before leaving for Canada.
Mohanlall, Polly Latchmipolly_mohanlall@hotmail.com From: Zeelugt,East Bank Essequibo.Living In: Maracay,Venezuela.
Occupation: Executive Assistant/ProfessorOther Information: I would like to get in touch with my high school friends Shabna Rahman and Patrick
Mohanlall, Polly Latchmipolly_mohanlall@hotmail.com From: Zeelugt,East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Maracay,Venezuela
Occupation: Bilingual Executive Assistant/ProfessorOther Information: I attended Zeeburg Secondary School in 1984.Looking for high school friends
Mohit Seeram, Seerojnie(Lorraine)lsinclair44@hotmail.com From: Rosignol-BerbiceLiving In: London-England
Occupation: Local Government OfficerOther Information: I attened Rosignol Secondary School From 1971 to 1982.Used to live at Rosignol,Would like to hear from School friends and anyone out there who knows me.New friends are welcome as well just drope me a line.
Mohunlall (Totaram), Lalitalalita233@aol.com From: #64 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: CEOhttp://www.hollywoodreinstitute.comOther Information: Corentyne High School-Class of '77
Mojum, LeilaLeila.Mojum@bloomingdales.com From: Chesney Front,CorentyneLiving In: South Ozone Pk,Ny
Occupation: Merchant AssistantOther Information: Also know as Radika.Attend Cropper Gov't and National High School
Molai, AngelineAngie6r@aol.com From: #74 Vill,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: attended Tagore Mem High
Momus, Maurrissamaurrissa123@msn.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Trainee SolicitorOther Information: I went to Bishops' High School until '95
Mon Repos, Suruj Persaudsurujpersaud@yahoo.com From: Annandale NorthLiving In: Queenstown
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information:
Monah, KathyKathy.Monah@lineone.net From: Georgetown&Linden,MackenzieLiving In: London
Occupation: IT Programme ManagerOther Information: Went to Christ Church Secondary 1977-1979 then left to return to London,attended the Nazarene Church.
Monah, Stacystacy_monah502@yahoo.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Blankenburg,W.C.D.
Occupation: Engineering TechnicianOther Information: Attended President's College,making connections with pass and present students.
Monchoir, Chevonlovelychevy79@yahoo.com From: Main Street,Uitvlugt,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Main Street,Uitvlugt,West Coast Demerara
Occupation: Accounting StudentOther Information: One of my aim is to attend the next FIFA world cup in South Africa 2010
Moneer, Bibi ShariemaBibikhan@rogers.com From: La Jalousie West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Markham,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Financial AnalystOther Information: Attended West Demerara Secondary School 1975- 1981,Worked at the Ministry Of Finance 1983-1985,Immigrated to Canada 1985.
Moneer, ShariemaBibikhan@rogers.com From: La Jalousie West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Markham,Ont.Cda
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: West Demerara Secondary 1975-1980
Monessar, keshwar NauthKeshwarmonessar@yahoo.com From: Skeldon line Path BLiving In: Canada,Toronto
Occupation: Bodywork,and weldingOther Information: Skeldon Scott school
Mongal, Markmarkmongal@yahoo.com From: Success,E.C.DemLiving In: Los angeles,California
Occupation: Information TechnologyOther Information: Attended Cummings Lodge Sec Sch (93-98).Looking for old friends and family.
Mongru(Kodai), Madan Paulwoodz97@aol.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Merchandising-DesigningOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High 1969-74
Mongru, MadhanWoodz97@aol From: Port MourantLiving In: New York
Occupation: Design and MerchandisingOther Information: Attended Corentyne Comprehensive High 1969-74 Be Glad to meet School mates are Class mates.Or people from My home town.
Monica, Singhmonica_singh59@yahool.com From: Mahaica,GuyanaLiving In: Living in New York for the past twenty years
Occupation: htp://www.lulu.com/mlshttp://www.lulu.com/mlsOther Information: Guyanese born Monica Singh wrote a novel called "A Secret Love Affair".It’s a romance,full of passion,seduction,erotic and enduring Love.Love of pure sexual fantasy in a rich tropical Country called Guyana.
Moniz, DennisDennismoniz@gmail.com From: Section K Campbellville GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: I Attended St.Mary's R.C.School,Brickdam. Worked at Wm.Fogarty's Store,until 1972. Will like to reach out to old friends,also the Mootoo family that live in the housing scheme. Son that passed away I think was in 1967 or 1968,Emanuel Mootoo.
Moniz, Jenniferildera5@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Moniz, Sharonsbgovang@hotmail.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Advertising ManagerOther Information: Went to St.Margaret's Primary school before moving to Canada.Lived at Sheriff & Canjie Sts right at the first house on the corner
Monize-Nurse, Xavrinexavrinenurse@hotmail.com From: Cove and John,E.C.D.Living In: The Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: I attended St.Joseph's High School 1981-1986
Monize/Pugh, Benitabpugh2000@hotmail.com From: Ann's GroveLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information:
Monize, Alexislexie_am@hotmail.com From: Cove&John,East Coast Demerara.Living In: Guyana
Occupation: Student-university of guyanaOther Information: President's College
Monize, Christophercafemocha82@hotmail.com From: Clonbrook Village.East Coast Demerara.Living In: Nassau.New Providence.BAHAMAS.
Occupation: Physical Therapist.Other Information: Enetrprise Prep/Class of 75,Indian Education Trust College 75-81.University of Guyana 82-87.University of the West Indies Physical Therapy School(Mona,Jamaica.)95-98.Looking for friends from any of these schools or anyone who may remember me
Monize, Edward(eddie)eddymonize@aol.com From: Ann's grove east coast demLiving In: New York New York
Occupation: Other Information: 212 620-5002 wk
Monize, Enrique,George(Jr)enrique_george@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: 2 Cove&John School Road ECD
Occupation: Student-university of guyanaOther Information: Cove&John.And President's College
Monize, Enriqueegmonize@hotmail.com From: Cove&John,East Coast Demerara.Living In: Guyana
Occupation: Land SurveyorOther Information: Golden Grove Secondary.
Monize, Enriqueenrique_george@hotmail.com From: cove and johnLiving In: Cove&John
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.geocities.com/egmonizeOther Information: well i'm at UG now,so what more you want.
Monize, Julietjulie_monize@yahoo.com From: Cove&John,East Coast Demerara.Living In: Guyana
Occupation: BusinessOther Information: St.Joseph High School
Monsar, Samanthasam-monsar@hotmail.com From: Newtown,KittyLiving In: Garnett Street
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information:
Montrose, Christophercmontrose59@gmail.com From: East LaPenitence,Greater GeorgetownLiving In: Decatur,GA,USA
Occupation: Ministerhttp://www.facebook.com/chris.montroseOther Information: Charlestown Secondary,Squirrel Manufacturing,Co-op Complex,Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation,Guyana Conference of SDA
Montrose, Lou-Annlouanngal@yahoo.com From: Victoria VillageLiving In: New York
Occupation: Traffic AgenceOther Information:
Mook, Romeshromesh02@yahoo.com From: Allness Village,cCrentyne BerbiceLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Bush lot high school/corentyne,Looking for classmate and other old friends
Mooklall, Squasheesquasheem@plata.com From: BeehiveLiving In: Puerto Plata,Mexico
Occupation: Sanitary EngineerOther Information: attended St Josephs and St Roses.please drop me a line sometime.
Moolchand Harry, PatrickJph3445@aol.com From: Eccles,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Falls Church,Virginia
Occupation: Manager,Inova Health SystemOther Information: Houston High School
Moolchand, LalchandLmoolchand@yahoo.com From: Bath Settlement W/C/BerbiceLiving In: CT U.S.A
Occupation: Other Information: Bushlot Secondary School,Guysuco Training Center
Moonsammy, Byrnbyrn.moonsammy@csfb.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,moving to Long Island
Occupation: Financial ContollerOther Information: Went to Indians H.S.
Moonsammy, ChristineMoonsammyc@hotmail.com From: Wellington ParkLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Central Corentyne Secondary School
Moonsammy, DerrickDMOONSAMMY@COMCAST.NET From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: New Jersey,USA
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Albion Estate Electrician,Berbice High/Multilateral
Moonsammy, Dr.Sheldadrkalloo@cs.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: DoctorOther Information: North Georgetown High School
Moonsammy, KevinArmada79@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Richard Ishmeal Secondary School
Moonsammy, LeonLveeran0430@rogers.com From: Albion FrontLiving In: Brampton ont Can
Occupation: tQ A TECHOther Information: Cor Comp High School
Moonsammy, MillonMmoonsammy@interbake.com From: Prospect/St Vincent WILiving In: Elizabeth,N.J
Occupation: Electro TechOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary,G.T.I.
Moonsammy, Raymondneon9999@hotmail.com From: south ruimveldtLiving In: ozone park
Occupation: Other Information: queens college
Moonsammy, Royroymoonsammy@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: USA(NJ)
Occupation: EngineerOther Information:
Moonsammy, RoyROYMOONSAR@USA.net From: GuyanaLiving In: USA
Occupation: Chemical Engineer/Computer SoftwareOther Information:
Moore Benjamin, Kaykbenjam@rochester.rr.com From: Pouderoyen,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Rochester,NY
Occupation: Project Manager-AT&TOther Information: Brooklyn Tech I went to Central Preparatory School until 1973 when I came to the US Family name-Moore & Pollard
Moore Thomas, Jonneljthomas@solutions2000.net From: HaslingtonLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Attended CPCE-1997-1999
Moore nee Gibson, Daphneborosie64@yahoo.com From: Manchester Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Moore-Bonnett, Dawnawbonn@optonline.net From: queenstownLiving In: uniondale ny
Occupation: retiredOther Information: indian educational trust
Moore-Rose, Erickamiz_grynch@msn.com From: Living In: Nashville,Tn and Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Full-time Student at TSU and Photo Technicianhttp://www.blackplanet.com/EmoSHAWNOther Information: I'm engaged to Shayne Rose from Linden
Moore, AndelBloodbath04@yahoo.com From: Mocha/ArcadiaLiving In: P.G county,Maryland
Occupation: Other Information: Mocha Arcadia Primary School 97
Moore, Ann Ciceromcicero45@yahoo.com From: Laing AvenueLiving In: San Jose,CA USA
Occupation: Med Adm Asst.Other Information: Looking for anyone that knows the Moores from Laing Avenue and Campbellville Housing Scheme,Also the Cicero's from East Ruimveldt.Went to St Phillips Anglican School left GT 1978
Moore, Bill(Tony)billmoore750@yahoo.com From: E/Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Scarborough
Occupation: ParalegalOther Information: Let's get in touch.There may be things to talk about.
Moore, Claudetteclaudia_77gy@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: 248 Bachelor's Adventure E.C.D
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information:
Moore, Coleridgecoleridgemoore@hotmail.com From: Sheet AnchoeLiving In: Montreal
Occupation: Network EngineerOther Information: Teacher Berbice Educational Institute(BEI)
Moore, Coleridgecoleridgemoore@hotmail.com From: Sheet AnchorLiving In: Ottawa
Occupation: Network TechnicianOther Information: Student Overwinning Govt.Sec.School
Moore, Edgar Robertequiposmultiplesmoore@yahoo.com From: 30 Queen St.Kitty Village.Living In: Caracas.Venezuela.
Occupation: Slaughterhouse Specialisthttp://www.geocities.com/equiposmultiplesmooreOther Information: Left Guyana in 1967,attended St.James the Less Anglican.Would like to comunicate with old friends.
Moore, Fauzia O.odemoore@yahoo.com From: Linden,GuyanaLiving In: Lanham,MD
Occupation: Loan Rep./Manager Assistanthttp://www.geocities.com/odemooreOther Information:
Moore, Gairygairymoore@yahoo.com From: Bel Air ParkLiving In: Connecticut
Occupation: CPAOther Information: Attended St.Gabriels Primary,St.Stanislaus College,Bishop's High School
Moore, George Agmoore@atsrmis.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: Director of Sales&Marketinghttp://www.atsrmis.comOther Information: Guyanese College of Modern Education
Moore, George Marlonmarvelousmarlon@yahoo.com From: 47 Stanleytown New AmsterdamLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Mechanic/MasonOther Information: B.E.I/N.A.T.I
Moore, GeorgeMarvellousMarlon@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: MasonOther Information: B.E.I/New Amsterdam Technical Institute
Moore, Keronkeron_moore@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: Legal AssistantOther Information:
Moore, Kevinkevinmoore@ebome.com From: Bel Air Park,GeorgetownLiving In: Miami Florida
Occupation: Student,ADF AirwaysOther Information: St Gabriel`s Primary,St Joseph`s High.Now is the time for all Guyanese to unite.one love
Moore, Markmarkrene_m@hotmail.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: St Lucia
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Christ Church,NorthGeorgetown.The guy with the nice eyes(lol).
Moore, Raeburnraeburnmoore@gmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Montreal
Occupation: plumbingOther Information:
Moore, Rennellrennellv14@gmail.com From: Pouderoyen,WB DemLiving In: Oxfordshire,England
Occupation: Mechanical EngineerOther Information: No 78 Village Primary,Queen's College,left BG 1952.
Moore, ShaundellShaundell3003@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Confidential SecretaryOther Information: North Rumiveldt Secondary School
Moore, Simoniesmpink15@hotmail.com From: North RuimveldtLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended Brickdam Secondary
Moore, Suzannesuzyquter@gmail.com From: Evans Street,CharlestownLiving In: Stataen Island,NY
Occupation: Tax DirectorOther Information: St.Roses
Moore, TrevonDaplaya1785@aol.com From: Anna Regina Essequibo Coast.Caricom CompoundLiving In: Brooklyn New York USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Anna Regina Multilateral School.Anyone who know me feel free to holla back
Moore, Trevontrevonmoore@hotmail.com From: Anna Regina,Essequibo CoastLiving In: New York City,USA
Occupation: Entrepuneurhttp://www.prepaidlegal.com/go/trevonmooreOther Information: Anna Regina Secondary school ( ARMS) Anyone from Guyana or the carribean feel free to give me an holla!
Moore, Valeriewilson_valentina@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,Berbice.Living In: London.UK
Occupation: Maintenance ManagerOther Information: Student Nurse,New Amsterdam Hospital
Moore, Virginiavvjmoore@aol.com From: Phillipi,CorentyneLiving In: London England
Occupation: HeadteacherOther Information: Attended Wellington Park Primary School in the 60's.
Moore, Waveneywaveney.moore@southwark.gov.uk From: Nabaclis VillageLiving In: Kent England
Occupation: Housing ManagementOther Information: I attended Hindu College Cove and John & South Bank University I am hard core GT and love to socialise with them on a daily bases
Moorgan (Rev), Henryrevhmoorgan@hotmail.com From: East Bank Demerara,Guyana.Living In: East Bank Demerara,Guyana.
Occupation: Retired,Priest.Other Information: UG,etc.
Moorgan, Stevede_messiah@hotmail.com From: Herstelling E.B.DLiving In: Herstelling
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: St.Rose's High
Moorhouse, Allisonamoorhou@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Placement CounsellorOther Information: I left Guyana when I was very young.
Mootee, SherryShesuk718@ol.com From: No 47 Village BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: StudentOther Information: No 47 Primary school CCSS Bush Lot high school
Mootoo, Fionaguyanangel83@yahoo.com From: Industry Crown DamLiving In: Atlanta,GA,USA
Occupation: studentOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary School
Mootoo, GeorgeGeorgeMootoo@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Owned&Operate Golden Mile Dry CleanersOther Information: Worked at Jim Bacchus Travel,Church St.GT,Looking for old acquaintances.
Mootoo, Ryanr_mootoo@hotmail.com From: Vryheids lust E.C.DLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Government Technical Institute,Cyril Potter College of Education and Critchlow Labour College.
Mootoo, Williamwilliam.mootoo@live.ca From: Belle Vue WBDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Patentia Secondary,Queens College
Mootoo, YvonneYvonne.Mootoo@sympatico.ca From: Belle Vue WBDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Computer AnalystOther Information:
Mootosammy, Saracooliegal78@hotmail.com From: BroomhallLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Mopipi(nee Sarjue), Aliciaasarjue@hotmail.com From: Canal#2Living In: Melbourne,Australia
Occupation: ScientistOther Information: Kwall Primary&West Dem Secondary,(love to catch up with old 4B classmates)Left Guyana in '92
Morgan(Chubby), GaneshMorganactionflic@aol.com From: Palmyra Village,BerbiceLiving In: Queens
Occupation: Work for N.Y.C-Dept of Transp.Auto TechnicianOther Information: Work at Guyana Store and Guysco in the 80 auto mechanic
Morgan, Jenniferjmorgan0325@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Recruiting and MarketingOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral-1991-1996
Morgan, Romonawildbutterfly10@yahoo.com From: herstellingLiving In: trinidad
Occupation: studentOther Information: Queens College-class of 98
Morgan, Sorayasoraya.morgan@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Salisbury,North Carolina
Occupation: MarketingOther Information: Recently moved to Salisbury from Toronto Canada due to marrying an American born North Carolinian.My parents were both born in Georgetown and I am looking to connect with people from my cultural background.
Moriah, JamesJam4512@msn.com From: West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Registered NurseOther Information: Mahaicony Sec.G.S.A----> MMA/ADA---->Animal Health Assistant
Moriah, Jeanjeaniewanieta@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Sandvoort Village,West Canje Berbice
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral
Morian, Garygarymorian@hotmail.com From: Kwakwani,Linden,GeorgetownLiving In: St.Kitts
Occupation: Teaching/LecturingOther Information: Mackenzie High (MHS),Queen's College (QC),University of Guyana (UG),Gimme a shout! glad to hear from ya'll
Morrin, Robinrobin@nmorrin.fsnet.co.uk From: Georgtown,mackenzieLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: Other Information: Looking for anyone who knew Lynette cooper born 1945,mother was Imelda cooper,grandmother Sophie,brothers Wayne and Wendell
Morris/Marious, Lennoxgotown@hotmail.com From: Nabaclis/Gloden Grove Village E.C.D.Living In: Brooklyn,N.Y
Occupation: Dance Teachergotown@hotmail.comOther Information: EX-Police Golden Grove mhdt Looking for old friends.contact me at tele:# 201-352-6858 me at
Morris, Akilahkiki347_2000@yahoo.com From: Fair's Rust Linden,MackenzieLiving In: Normal,Illinois
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Watooka Day School and I left Guyana in 1991.You never know who you will meet I have meet about three different friends from my youth.I think the internet is a great way to make contacts.
Morris, DanielleMonielle@hotmail.com From: TrinidadLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Caribbean Union College
Morris, Dexterdext64@hotmail.com From: Gorgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn,NewYork
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I love the country Guyana,and i cannot wait until i returned to it for a visit
Morris, Lawrencesascott02@snet.net From: Georgetown-AlbouystownLiving In: Meriden
Occupation: CDL Engineer-Truck Driver 18 wheelerOther Information: Mc Kenzie High-St Philip Anglecan School
Morris, ShavonShavon_kim@yahoo.com From: CharlestownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Nutrition OfficerOther Information: University of Guyana Student
Morris, Simonesimonemorris@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: attorney-at-lawOther Information: Mackenzie High School
Morris, TomicaSungrrrl5649@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: North Carolina,U.S.A
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Bishops` High School(School now)J.H Rose High
Mortley, Osmond (Chris)mortleyo@yahoo.com From: East La PenitenceLiving In:
Occupation: Chemical SalesOther Information:
Mosahib, Bernardbmoah1228@rogers.com From: UitvlugtLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Tool MakerOther Information: would like to connect with school friends or neighbours in Uitvlugt
Mosahib, Carolinecmosahib@yahoo.ca From: Uitvlugt/LeonoraLiving In: Canada
Occupation: FinanceOther Information: Leonora Sec.School 80-85 would like to connect with school friends or neighbours in Uitvlugt
Mosahib, edwardmosahib@firstline.com From: Uitvlugt,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Mortgage ConsultantOther Information: Attend Zeeburg Secondary School-looking for old friends
Moseley(Bollers), Dennetta(Thrills)dennettamoseley@hotmail.com From: Linden,Second Alley WismarLiving In: Brampton on,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Kara Kara Primary School
Moseley(Bollers), Dennetta(Thrills)dennettamoseley@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Moseley(JR.), Derekguyananews@hotmail.com From: Blue Berry Hill Wismar LindenLiving In: Mississauga Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Creator And Maintain "More News From Guyana"/Transit Operatorhttp://home.ica.net/~dmoseley/Other Information: Attended Wismar Hill Primary/Kara Kara High
Moseley, Caroljackie1105@yahoo.com From: Republic Park,East CoastLiving In: Atlanta
Occupation: Operations Specialist in Financial BrokerageOther Information: I Graduated from North Ruimveldt Multi in 1977.Looking to reconnect with old school chums.
Moseley, Kenrick,Donladsonmoseley_k@hotmail.com From: Guyana,Linden,Wismar,Blue Berry HillLiving In: Canada,Ontario,Mississauga
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.DancehallMadness.cjb.net/Other Information: (2003 )lived in Linden till bout nine.I went to Watooka Day,after exam,to President's College,till a wuz bout 16 den I move ova here 3 years ago.Any body kno me gimme a shout.(aka:Kanthrax,Kenny )
Moseley, Markgtstylee@hotmail.com From: Linden,GuyanaLiving In: Newark,NJ
Occupation: Computer Systems Instructorhttp://www.newarkpc.com/guyana/Other Information: Mackenzie High School/Polytechnic University
Moseley, Markmmoseley@newarkpc.com From: LindenLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: President,Computer and Network Solutionshttp://www.realguyana.comOther Information: Mackenzie High,University of Phoenix
Moseley, Markgtstylee@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Newark,NJ
Occupation: Adjunct Faculty-Essex County College/Business Ownerhttp://www.newarkpc.comOther Information: Mackenzie High School/Polytechnic Univ./Thomas Edison State College
Moseley, Michellemoseley5@hotmail.com From: LindenLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: Stockbroker/Investment AdvisorOther Information: Watooka Day School/Mackenzie High as a student and later as a teacher
Moses-Steele, WenettaWenettab@aol.com From: Kitty,G/TLiving In: Bklyn,NY.
Occupation: Insurance AgentOther Information: North Georgrtown,class of 1979
Moses, Adrianmosesadri@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: Quantity SurveyorOther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral School-1983-1988
Moses, BrianBrianmo200x@excite.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In:
Occupation: Graphic ArtistOther Information: Presidents College
Moses, Carlyncarlynmoses@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St Joseph's High School,University of Guyana
Moses, Carlyncarlynmoses@msn.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Toronto,ON
Occupation: Immigration Legal AssistantOther Information: St.Joseph High School 1995-1999 University of Guyana 2000-2004
Moses, Halcyonhalo_220@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Teacherhttp://www.geocities.com/halo_220/Gt_Girl.htmlOther Information: Leonora Secondary School
Moses, Keithkamoses@hotmail.com From: Buxton,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended QC,'73-'80,UG,'87-'91.Former Manager,GCIS,GT.
Moses, MignonM2_bician_mni@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Montserrat,W.I.
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: St.Joseph's High CPCE University of Guyana.Taught at Ithaca Primary School
Moses, Nalinijennstan@yahoo.com From: Adelphi Village Canje BerbiceLiving In: North York Toronto
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Reliance Matya/B.E.I.parents(Ann&Hilton Moses)brother(Wally)
Moses, Olivermosesoliver@msn.com From: Rosignol VillageLiving In: New York
Occupation: FinanceOther Information:
Moses, Olivermosesoliver@aol.com From: rosignolLiving In: bronx,ny
Occupation: accountantOther Information: Rosignol Secondary
Moses, Tyronetamose@mailcity.com From: No.9 Village West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Germantown,Maryland,USA
Occupation: Software Engineer.Douglas Michaels CompanyOther Information: Attended:No 8 Primary School.Hopetown Community High
Moses, Tyronetamose@mailcity.com From: West Cost BerbiceLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Oracle Database ConsultantOther Information:
Moses, Wallymoseswally@hotmail.com From: #68 Village and Adelphi VillageLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Auto techOther Information: Attended C.E.I.
Moshette, Cindycmoshette@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: IT SupportOther Information:
Moshette, MelbourneBosco1297@cs.com From: South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn New York
Occupation: ArtistOther Information: Mash Costume Designer Artist Decorator
Mota nee Gangaram, Bibi Nafeezanafeezamota@yahoo.ca From: Anna Catherina West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Switchboard OperatorOther Information: Leonora Secondary
Motayne, Greggyt123@sympatico.ca From: EcclesLiving In: Ajax,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Project Manager,EngineeringOther Information:
Moti, Nadiyaprettyn20@yahoo.com From: Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Tagore High School/President's College
Moti, Nadiyaprettyn20@yahoo.com From: Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Tagore High School/President's College/University of Guyana.
Motielall, Mrdafo4motie@yahoo.com From: Dochfour,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Wappingers Falls,New York
Occupation: Licenced Certified Social WorkerOther Information: Attended GTI,worked at Works & Hydraulics-Kingston,was involved with GYO youth group and was at Theatre Guild...
Motilall, Derick & Sallysallymotilall@yahoo.com From: Nigg SettlementLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information: attended Lower Corentyne Secondary,worked at Albion Estate
Motilall, Fipfmotilall@prodigy.net From: Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Developer/EngineerOther Information: Developing Amaila Falls Hydro in Guyana to power the country with reliable,renewable,and lower cost power.
Motilall, Sallysallymotilall@yahoo.com From: Enterprise/BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Pharmacy TechnicianOther Information: Junior Book-keeper at Albion Estate
Motiram, Chandrahasschandrahassmotiram@hotmail.com From: Chesney Front Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Process Tech.Other Information: Cropper Gvt.School
Motiram, Pratimahoneysuckle9001@hotmail.com From: Annandale,ECDLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I'm a former student of Annandale Sec(96-01).And i'm trying to correspond to past and present students and anyone who love to interact.
Motiram, Rhondadirty_eyz@hotmail.com From: Albion FrontLiving In: Brampton,ONT,Canada
Occupation: student at GBCOther Information: i moved 2 guyana when i was young and recently moved back 2 canada.i went to corentyne comprehensive high school(95-01 and school of the nations.im juss lookin for old friends or anyone who mught remember me.feel free 2 linx me a msg!!!!
Motiram, Savitriskutchieus@yahoo.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: New York
Occupation: PhysicianOther Information: Annandale Secondary
Mount, Tessattm57@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Melbourne,Australia
Occupation: Payroll SupervisorOther Information: St Joseph's(left in 1977)
Mounter, LynnOslyn12@hotmail.com From: Uitvlugt,Stewartville,HagueLiving In: Miami,FL
Occupation: Other Information: Stewartville Secondary School
Mounter, Melwyn Bobthemounters@msn.com From: Uitvlugt,WCDLiving In: Cleveland,Ohio
Occupation: MinisterOther Information: Alleynes High School Georgetown,BG Trust High School Georgetown
Muccurdy Sandy, liversanLiver_san@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Antigua
Occupation: Other Information: I Went to Silver City Secondary School
Muckunlall, Michelemichele.muckunlall@pfizer.com From: Rosignol,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Pfizer Pharmaceutical IncOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral High School
Muckunlall, Micheleaidanmsarah@yahoo.com From: Rosinol,BerbiceLiving In: New Hamphire USA
Occupation: Other Information: went to New Amsterdam Multilateral High.
Muckunlall, Samuelsmuckunlall@bloomberg.net From: Rosignol VillageLiving In: Queens.NY
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice High School
Muir, Kennethk16041936@yahoo.com.ph From: GeorgetownLiving In: Manila
Occupation: RetiredOther Information:
Mulchand, Annettelarimom05@hotmail.com From: Enmore,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Winnipeg,MB,Canada
Occupation: AnalystOther Information: Attended Hindu College and Golden Grove Sec.
Mulchand, Nadianadiapkm@hotmail.com From: Festival City,North RuimveldtLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Registered Nurse/MidwifeOther Information: Attended Bishops' High School,then School of Nursing,Georgetown.
Muller, Roxannerexi6@aol.com From: South Ruimveldt ParkLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Executive AssistantOther Information: Tucville,Central High,Baruch College
Munesar, Kamitak.munesar@yahoo.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Attended A.R.M.S.
Munesar, Vv_munesar@yahoo.com From: Johanna Ceceila,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: attended A.R.M.S
Muneshwar, NadiarShelleyA2001@aol.com From: WilliamsgurgLiving In: Newark N.J
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attend lower corentyen High and atpresent now Gibbs
Munian, Jamesjim_cma@hotmail.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Atlanta,GA
Occupation: Accountant,CMA,MCSEOther Information: Attended Campbellville Govt.55-64,Kitty High,64-68.
Munian, Lindananooflinda@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Medical Lab Technician & PlebotomistOther Information: I'm looking for Shelly Ramcharran of St.John's College,she now resides in New York with her husband Omesh.Please contact me if you have any information
Munian, Sabrinasmunian03@yahoo.com From: Living In: California,USA
Occupation: Legal SecretaryOther Information: St.Joseph's High
Muniram, Hemrajguyanapoetry@gosympatico.ca From: Uitvlugt,W.C.DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Accounting Clerkhttp://guyanapoetry.tripod.caOther Information: Zeeburg Govt.Secondary School,1964-1969
Munna, Rajeshrmunna@cfl.rr.com From: Cumberland Village,BerbiceLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: RealtorOther Information:
Munna, Tilackdharymunnat@bellsouth.net From: Canefield Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Georgia.U,S.A
Occupation: Hindu Priest/School TeacherOther Information: Taught at Reliance Primary between 1967 to 1989
Munro, Lorellaerinmyarms@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta Canada
Occupation: Emergency Medical RecordsOther Information: Richard Ishmael and St Josephs
Munroe-Clare, Claudettedisco@tciway.tc From: Peter's Hall,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Turks&Caicos Islands
Occupation: EducationistOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary,Surname was Jordan/Munroe while growing up.U.G 1978-1982 etc
Munroe, JuanJayniceness1@aol.com From: Georgetown,AgricolaLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Student at St.John's UniversityOther Information:
Munroe, Lubertlubertm@yahoo.com From: GTLiving In: same place
Occupation: student at UGOther Information: I love Shaka Bryan who lives in St.Marteen.and i know that she loves me cus she told me so.
Munroe, Michellebutterful6722@yahoo.com From: Linden/HopetownLiving In: Living in Antigua
Occupation: Other Information: I Went to St.Adians primary school and Wismar hill Secondary multy
Munroe, MiltonMMunroe300@aol.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: High Wycombe,England
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Berbice High (1952-57),Queens College (1957-59)
Munroe, sherrysammunroe@hotmail From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Self employedOther Information:
Muntaz, AyubeAmuntaz65@gmail.com From: West coast DemLiving In: NY
Occupation: AuditorOther Information: Indians/Riss Lidco
Munusami, Vidyadeadlyscript@aol.com From: Success/BerbiceLiving In: Minneapolis/Minnesota
Occupation: BusinessOther Information: Looking to meet some new friends from Guyana,And some old freinds also.Live in 14 village in success.
Muralidar, Richard Vinoodreospeed23@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Electrical EngineerOther Information: I attended Sacred Heart Primary and the Bishops' High School from approx.1985-89,and would like to hear from those who remember me
Murlee, Sobhash (Peppi)Gmurlee@aol.com From: 78 villageLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: DriverOther Information: Feel free to email
Murli, Dianedmurli70@yahoo.ca From: Ogle,E.C.DLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Administrative Asst.Other Information: I attended Cummings Lodge Sec.School 1981-1986.
Murray, Alison S.Alie710am@Optonline.com From: Tucville Terrace,East La Penitence,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,Ny
Occupation: Director of Accounting DepartmentOther Information:
Murray, Carolgtandproud@yahoo.com From: East RuimveldtLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Chatam/East Ruimveldt Secondary
Murray, CindyCindylu_1982@yahoo.com From: Corriverton,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Assistant ManagerOther Information: Attended Springlands Primary School,Then I attended Lutheran High School.
Murray, CorrinMurray257@peoplepc.com From: Friendship Village E.C.D.Living In: Atlanta Georgia
Occupation: Custom Protection OfficerOther Information: Attended Smiths College Buxton,Friendship Methodist and Scott's Typing School.Ex-P.C.(W.369) would like to correspond with old friends
Murray, DebraDamurray@worldnet.att.net From: East RuimveldtLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Database Research Rep/SBAOther Information: East La penitence Government/Cental Preparatory School
Murray, Leon EarlLEMurray24@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Stock TradingOther Information: Former Police Officer
Murray, Levaughnlevaughn55@yahoo.com From: Jonestown MahaicaLiving In: Bloomfield,NJ 07003
Occupation: System Engineer with Hewlett PackardOther Information: Saint Louis University,Aeronautical Science
Murray, Levaughnlevaughn_murray@hp.com From: Jonestown,MahaicaLiving In: Bloomfield,New Jersey
Occupation: System Engineer for Hewlett PackardOther Information: Like to keep in touch with all Guyanese.
Murray, Paulmarathonman_0528@yahoo.com From: LeguanLiving In: long Island,New York
Occupation: Other Information:
Murray, Samanthadessam1973@aol.com From: Charlotte StreetLiving In: Rockville,Maryland
Occupation: Systems AdminOther Information: St.Margaret's Primary,Multilateral,St.Josephs High
Murray, Silassilasm5510@aol.com@ From: Leguan,EssequiboLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: IT TechnicianOther Information: Former US Army Soldier
Murray, Trevortrevormurray@rogers.com From: South Ruimveldt Gdns/GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: North G/town Govt.Secondary
Murray, VernonVmurray1@nyc,rr,com From: Jonestown Mahaica E.C.Dem.Living In: Queens N.Y
Occupation: Supervisor of Environmental services at Kings County Hospital N.Other Information: Mahaica C.of S,Burke Trade School,Mat,s Nurses A ide,Roy Wilkison Family Center Ubtain G.E.D and Associates Degree online
Murray, Vernonvvm4567@verizon.net From: Mahaica East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Supervisor of Environmental Services at Kings Coutty HospitalOther Information: Mahaica C of S School,Burk Trade School,Mat,s Nurse,s Aide,Allen School Inc,York College
Murray, YolandaPeerland@aol.com From: G/Town--South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Hartford,Connecticut
Occupation: Physical TherapistOther Information: Tutorial High,Charlestown High>I.Hope to hear from everyone that knows me,Bye for now,hope to hear from you soon!!!!!
Murshalin, Yasminyas_mohammed@hotmail.com From: Goed Bananen LandLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: Loan OfficerOther Information: Student of BEI
Murugan, Samsmurugan1@valenciacollege.edu From: GeorgetownLiving In: Davenport,Florida
Occupation: Professor of MathematicsOther Information: Attended QC and UG. I worked as an engineer for both GEC and GPC early/mid eighties.
Musa, Sherry(Shakuntala)shoieshak@mindspring.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Dallas,TX
Occupation: Computer EducationOther Information:
Muslim, Bibi Sharifabs_muslim@msn.com From: MahaiconyLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: RNOther Information: Worked at CIOG/NACOSA (Guyana).
Muslim, Zameenaredrose_lizzy@hotmail.com From: Dundee,MahaiconyLiving In: Scarborough,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Previous High School:Mahaicony Secondary School
Muss, Lisalisamuss@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Graphic DesignerOther Information: Saint Margarets Elementary School and Bishops High School
Mustapha(Walker), Zerenazwgmw@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Texas
Occupation: Finance ManagerOther Information: Indian Education Trust,Graduated in 1968
Mustapha, Azamblkstarapple@aol.com From: ClonbrookLiving In: Houston,Texas
Occupation: Sales ManagementOther Information:
Mustapha, Emranemranm2000@yahoo.com From: ClonbrookLiving In: Houston TX
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Hindu College
Mustapha, Mohamed Nizam Mustaphamikeprince843@hotmail.com From: Herstelling E.B D.Living In: Queens ny.
Occupation: real EstateOther Information: providenceprimary
Mustapha, Zahircrazy_guyanese_man@hotmail.com From: Enterprise,East CoastLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: studenthttp://www.geocities.com/guyanarumshop/guyanarumshop.htmlOther Information: Emery C.I
Muthusami, Priyatrisha22gy@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Berbice,Letter Kenny Village
Occupation: UG StudentOther Information: Looking for Guyanese friends
Muttoo, Henryhmuttoo@candw.ky From: Charlestown,GTLiving In: Cayman Islands
Occupation: Theatre director/designerhttp://www.artscayman.orgOther Information: Charlestown HS.
Muttoo, Timothytimbmu2@hotmail.com From: Father from Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Chemical Engineer,P.Enghttp://www.compassionconference.comOther Information:
Mutuma, Sherrysmutuma@aol.com From: EnmoreLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Queens College 1982-1987,Worked at DDL
Myers, Sean T.myersean@gmail.com From: South R/veldt Gardens,G/town GuyanaLiving In: Emerald Park,St.Philip,Barbados W.I.
Occupation: Chief Pharmacist/Pilot(Aviation)Other Information: Christ Church Sec.University of Guyana '99'
Myers, Trovissugga_d@hotmail.com From: Amelia's Ward LindenLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Student,York UniversityOther Information: i attended Mckenzie High School from 92-98
Myron, De Francamyron.defranca@ymcagta.org From: First St,Grove,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Scarborough,Canada
Occupation: Employment Resources ConsultantOther Information: Attended Central High School '72-'76,worked at DLL '78-'88

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