P Mohabir, Latchmanlatchopm@yahoo.com From: De Edward village W C BLiving In: Elmont New York
Occupation: auto machanicOther Information: Rosignol primary school.Hi i'm Yank son looking for old pal
Pabaroo, Rajendraraju1988@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall,BerbiceLiving In: 10327 118St Ave,South Richmond Hill.NY
Occupation: PlayboyOther Information: Hello Ladies,please pop over for some coffee.
Pablo, Sugadutty_cup16@hotmail.com From: mahaica/gtLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: studentOther Information: helena primary,queens college
Pachai(Khan), Christinecpachai1@hotmail.com From: Wales,West Bank,DemeraraLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Risk Support Fraud analystOther Information: Patentia Secondary School-Graduated-1997
Padavattan, Michaelmikepada@msn.com From: New Amsteredam,Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Calgary Alberta,canada.
Occupation: WelderOther Information: i grew up in ladlane Street.I want to get in contact with old friends from back in the days.Feel free to send me a mail guys.
Padavattan, Paulene Mc phersonbootypp@hotmail.com From: Rosignol,Wales W.B.Dem and Canjie Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Calgary Alberta,canada.
Occupation: clerkOther Information: I attended Rosignol Secondary School.Worked for Vieira Communications & Little Rock Tv.ch-10.I would love to find old friends.Feel free to e-mail me.
Paddy, Jenniferjengraves6@yahoo.com From: North RuimveldtLiving In: CT
Occupation: Massage Therapisthttp://www.canjihealingtouch.comOther Information: St.Sidwells'-Georgetown
Padmore/Bridgland, JenniferJenmargy@yahoo.com From: New Market stLiving In: Uganda
Occupation: Other Information: Ex-miner
Padmore/Williams, Ingeringuyana@yahoo.co.uk From: New Market St.N/C Burg,G/TownLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: Other Information: St Georges Secondary
Padum, Vidyouti(Vedo)vid@yorku.ca From: Cove&John,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Etobicoke,Ontario
Occupation: Administrative Assistant/ComputerOther Information: Attended Hindu College,Cove&John,E.C.D.,Golden Grove Secondary,Lakhram's Commercial School-Annandale
Pahalad, Aviskidkhilall@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School
Pahalad, Aviskidkhilall@hotmail.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School
Pahalan, MauriceCBHS@hotmail.com From: No.59 village Corriverton,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Medical Sciences TeacherOther Information: Skeldon Lutheran High Govt.Training College 66/68
Pahlad, Netramnpahlad@nyc.rr.com From: Corentyn,BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: OperatorOther Information: Comprehensive Secondary High School
Palmer(nee Sage), Elveen-Venittaelcal@n5.com.jm From: New Amsterdam&GeorgetownLiving In: Saint Catherine,Jamaica West Indies
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Oriental College Critchlow Labour College&UG
Paltoo/Heeralall, Shardashardapaltoo@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: ,Grants Scheme,Craig,East Bank Demerara
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: I was born at Rosignol Village,attended,Rosignol Secondary
Paltoo, Indeira(Singh)indeirap@yahoo.com From: Leguan Island,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Abram Zuil Sec,E/bo Coast UG
Paltoo, Joshuajoshua@guyana.net.gy From: New AmsterdamLiving In: East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Civil/Mechanical Engineerhttp://guyanatours.tripod.com/cleanpro/Other Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral,N.A.T.I,University of Guyana.Looking to contact old friends from UG and N.A.
Pamy D, Raiprai_1403@hotmail.com From: No.70 VillageLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Court ReporterOther Information: Attended No.68 Primary School and from 1978 to 1983 Tagore Memorial Secondary School
Panaram, Julieta_dalloo@hotmail.com From: Ocean View(WCD)Living In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Manager(Department Store)Other Information:
Pancham, Jermaine Jakejermainekp1@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: New York
Occupation: Building MaintenanceOther Information: Attended Mackenzie Primary and Christainburg Secondary
Pancham, JermainePANCHAM@prodigy.net From: LindenLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Assistant managerOther Information: Aka(Jake the snake)please note New E-mail address(PANCHAMJ@Prodigy.net)NOT KEINO@prodigy.net
Panchu, Mohinieejusvedi@ptdprolog.net From: Mahaica,E.C.DLiving In: Pennsylvannia,U.S.A
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Bygeval Sec.('74-80)
Panchu, Nadira (Gaitree)nadiaram@hotmail.com From: Atlantic VilleLiving In: Woodbridge,Ontario
Occupation: ParalegalOther Information: Looking to get in contact with old school friends,attended Cumming's Lodge Secondary School 84-88
Panday (VEKO), Ddpanday@hotmail.com From: Zeelandia Village,WakenaamLiving In: Ajax,Canada
Occupation: Broadcast Engineer TechnicianOther Information: RISS.University of Guyana.
Panday, Bindiguyanesebabe1@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: mississauga,canada
Occupation: studentOther Information:
Panday, D (Vek)dpanday@hotmail.com From: Zeelandia Village,WakenaamLiving In: Ajax,Canada
Occupation: Broadcast EngineerOther Information: RISS and University of Guyana
Panday, Dannydhpanday@hotmail.com From: N/A,B/ceLiving In: N/A
Occupation: studentOther Information: Berbice High Sch.Guysuco Training Centre,University of Guyana
Panday, Deenadpanday@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute,Berbice High School,University of Guyana,University of The West Indies,Hugh Wooding Law School.
Panday, Latikababy_genius_15@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: QC,Humber College.
Panday, Michaelmikepan@cwjamaica.com From: Plantation Hope,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Jamaica,West Indies
Occupation: Accountant/Businessmanhttp://www.symmcorp.com/mpandayOther Information: Attended Hindu College on E.C.Demerara Anyone serious about starting&developing home based business with global potential? Let's discuss.Ardent Cricket fan!!
Panday, Raakesh "sato"bishmm@hotmail.com From: Barr St KittyLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Businessman-Bish&SonsOther Information: Rama Krishana Primary&Richard Ishmael Sec.School
Panday, Radharadha08@hotmail.com From: Campbellville,G/townLiving In: Canada,Scarborough
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Went to Campbellville,Secondary School,grad.1990
Panday, Radharadha_4u_69@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Government worker/own businesshttp://www.planning2design.comOther Information:
Panday, RajieHpanday55@gmail.com From: #48 Village corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Rego Park NY
Occupation: Security Oprations DTCOther Information: Teacher @ no.48 Govt school (in the 70s)
Panindranauth, LaynakshiLaynakshi@hotmail.com From: Meten-Meer-ZorgLiving In: New york
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Hi everyone I attened Meten-Meer-Zorg primary from 1997-2001,we had a (pink)rum shop and we sold chicken also.
Pantlitz-Azard, Esthereazard@aol.com From: #78 VillageLiving In:
Occupation: Worksource SupervisorOther Information: Skelton Luther
Parag, Ronsannparagg25@yahoo.ca From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: CNC OperatorOther Information: Attented Canje Secondary School
Parag, Sabitreekumarparag145@aol.com From: Soesdyke,EBD,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: NurseOther Information:
Paramdeo, Krishnakparamdeo@hotmail.com From: Ocean View UitvlugtLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Telecommunication Switch TechnicianOther Information: Leonora Secondary,G.I.T.C.
Paramdeo, Rambhasarierparamdeo@jcdmd.com From: UITVLUGTLiving In: BRONX
Occupation: Other Information: ZEEBURG SECONDARY SCHOOL
Parasnauth, Ahailiaaparasnauth@yahoo.com From: Industry H/Sc,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Att Cummings Lodge Sec Sch,Worked Citizens Bank,Scotia bank
Parasram, Anitaanitaparasram@hotmail.com From: La Bonne IntentionLiving In: Grenada
Occupation: Accounts ClerkOther Information: Cove & John Secondary,GTI,Georgetown
Parasram, Dev Kumardparasram@caribsurf.com From: No.62 Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Bee KeeperOther Information: Just looking for friends and anyone else who wants to become one.
Parasram, Haimraj Rovinprince_rovin19@hotmail.com From: Zorg,Charity,Cummings LodgeLiving In: Chicago
Occupation: Front desk clerkOther Information: Cummings Lodge sec want to reach as many guyanese as possible
Parasram, KaminiKAMININALLCITYCAR.com From: 79,Village.corriverton,BerbiceLiving In: Bronx ny
Occupation: data entryhttp://kamininallcitycar.comOther Information: went to Skeldon line path,love to chat with anyone
Parasram, Kaminiindiangirl_shelly@hotmail.com From: No.71 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Attend Skeldon Line Path Secondary School,Looking for some lost friends especially from crab woodcreek
Paray, Christinaladymarm2003@yahoo.com From: FloridaLiving In: fort lauderdale florida
Occupation: StudentOther Information: like to Read and chat with other guyanese people
Paray, DavidDavidParay@aol.com From: West Coast Demerara/Hague Jib and Anna CatherinaLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: Police OfficerOther Information:
Paray, Saritasscorpion1@aol.com From: Hague Jib,W.C.D.Living In: New York
Occupation: Social WorkOther Information: Stewartville Secondary School 89-94
Parbhu, Anitatweetypie@melodyland.net From: Mahaicony Creek,E.C.D.Living In: Toronto
Occupation: Graphics CordinatorOther Information:
Parbhu, Sayrojanijustpinkey77@yahoo.com From: guyanaLiving In: guyana
Occupation: accounts clerkOther Information: Stewartville secondary school
Parbhu, cindyguyanadiplomat@yahoo.com From: Wallers DelightLiving In:
Occupation: Real EstateOther Information: Stewartville Secondary School
Parbhudial Romeharshan, Anita"Mayawattie"anita_parbhudial@hotmail.com From: #69 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Payroll AdministratorOther Information: Attended Line Path Secondary 1980-1983
Parbhudial, Pradeeppparb61@hotmail.com From: Crabwoob CreekLiving In: Brampton
Occupation: Elec.Tech.Other Information: Skeldon Line Path
Parbhudial, Pradeeppradeep.parbhudial@3web.net From: Crabwood Creek,BerbiceLiving In: Living in Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Line Path Sec.
Parboo, Thrudyhereandnow_7@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: BankerOther Information: St Roses High School 1985-1990 Top female Cyclist 1990-1995
Parbu, SabrinaDaylionk@rogers.com From: Logwood,EnmoreLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Customer Service Manager Wal-martOther Information: Golden-Grove-Secondary School--1989-1995
Parbu, Sabrinasimple_sweet84@yahoo.com From: Logwood,EnmoreLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Golden-Grove Sec.School-1989-94
Pardessie, Bhishamcooliepanther@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,ON
Occupation: VP-Arby CartageOther Information:
Pardessie, Camla-Devihoneybird22@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ont.
Occupation: U.S.Customer RelationsOther Information:
Pardessie, Narinehoneybird22@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,ON
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information:
Pareshram, Khalikppareshram@yahoo.com From: LusignanLiving In: Good Hope
Occupation: Cadet OfficerOther Information: Queen's College-1988-1994
Pariag, Angulieangulie@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Other Information: Bishops' High School
Pariag, Christopher Lochankidslick@sympatico.ca From: BellviewLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Pro Disc JockeyOther Information:
Pariag, Niallnpariag@riversidehealth.org From: KittyLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: Sr.Network AdministratorOther Information: St.Joseph's High
Park, Jasionjasion2468@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Student University Of GuyanaOther Information:
Park, Peterpeterpark69@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Bel Air Park
Occupation: Aeronautical Engineer/InstructorOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Parker, Lyndonlynker63@yahoo.com From: Beterverwagting Village E.C.DLiving In: Triumph Village
Occupation: Building ContractorOther Information: B.V.C.H.S G.I.T.C GTI
Parker, Lyndonlynker66@yahoo.com From: Triumph villageLiving In: Triumph village
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Parkinson, Lester ALesterpar@cs.com From: Wismar.LindenLiving In: Bulawayo,Zimbabwe
Occupation: Minister of Religion/Relief Development OfficerOther Information: Attended St Aidans Secondary.Wismar
Parkinson, Sherodsherod_andrew@hotmail.com From: Wismar Hill,LindenLiving In: South Ruimveldt Gardens,Georgetown
Occupation: Civil Engineer TechnicianOther Information: I went to the Christanburg Wismar Secondary School,and then the University of Guyana.
Parma, Anuanu_parma@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Other Information:
Parmanan, Anandaparmanan@futurenetgy.com From: Danielstown,EssequiboLiving In: Danielstown,Essequibo
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attend the Anna Regina Multilateral School at Cotton Field,Would Like to correspond with Former or Current Students there
Parmanan, Darshinidparmanan@yahoo.com From: Danielstown,E/bo GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended the Anna Regina Multilateral School 94-99.
Parmanand, Purendra Yohanyohan2p@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: AutoCAD TechnicianOther Information: Attended Stella Marris Primary & Brickdam Secondary '92-'97
Parmanand, Yohanyohan2p@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: AutoCAD TechnicianOther Information: Stella Maris Primary School Brickdam Secondary School Guyana Water Authority.
Parriag, Theresa-Nickiegliter143@yahoo.com From: Mon ReposLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Manager of Web TextileOther Information: anyone who want to chat.
Parris, Chumsiechumsie.gordon@ca.inter.net From: Bagotville,West Bank Demerara.GuyanaLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: West Demerara Secondary.Former Primary School Teacher at Bagotville Primary.Would like all old Student of Bagotville Primary to send a donation to the School,since it needs rebuilding.
Parris, Gordongordon.chumsie@sympatico.ca From: Bagotville West Bank Demerara GuyanaLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Mail ClerkOther Information:
Parris, Gordonchumsie.gordon@ca.inter.net From: Bagotville West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Mail ClerkOther Information:
Parris, Lennoxllparris25@yahoo.com From: silvertown LindenLiving In: nashville TN
Occupation: forklift driver/receiving clerkOther Information: wellknown as gummieJohn
Parris, LeroyPuffyd103@hotmail.com From: Golden Grove Village E.C.DLiving In: Phoenix Arizona
Occupation: Customer Service RepresentativeOther Information: Attended ST Roses's High School.Now majoring in Business Management at Phoenix Collage
Parris, PatriciaAlbion@interactive.Rogers.com From: Toevlugt,Village,W.B.DemararaLiving In: Canada/U.s.A.
Occupation: International Registered NurseOther Information: LaRetraite CofS.Teacher Tumatuari Gvt
Parris, Pettypettykeith@interactive.rogers.com From: west-bankLiving In: Toronto canada
Occupation: nurseOther Information: stanleytown School
Parris, Rawlerawleparris@hotmail.com From: Buxton/North East La PenitenceLiving In: London,England,United Kingdom
Occupation: Investment BankingOther Information: Bishops High School,St Stanislaus College,Sacred Heart Primary,East La Penitence Primary
Parris, Sadinagt_finest2000@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: nashville tn
Occupation: receptionistOther Information: attend Linden foundation and new silvercity School
Parris, Sandrasandra.parris@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Team Leader Customer Service-AerospaceOther Information: Attended Central High
Parsam, BrianSeabee1214@hotmail.com From: 72 VilliageLiving In: Jersey City
Occupation: MilitaryOther Information: grew up in jersey
Parsaud, Chandicachandi@hotmail.com From: Tain SettlementLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: DESIGNEROther Information: attend JCChandisingh S School
Parsaud, Dalimchanddaliparsaud@yahoo.com From: Port Mourant,TainLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Machine OperatorOther Information: JCCSS,Rose Hall
Parsaud, Leonleonjustin87@yahoo.ca From: Port M ourantLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Parsley, Michaelslussen2@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Spain
Occupation: Other Information: Would be interested in hearing from anyone regarding information about my grandparents Emmeline Rosaline Kersting and James Wellesley Parsley.
Parso(Ramroop), Goordai(Shanta)shantaparso@msn.com From: No 73 Village andD'Edward VillageLiving In: Kitchener Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary.Would love to hear from my classsmates
Parsram, Ramnauthramnauthparsram@yahoo.com From: L.B.I.,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Lusignan,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer,GDF Air CorpsOther Information: Christ Church Secondary,Annandale Secondary,Guysuco Training Centre,Port Mourant,
Partab, Patricia Nalanipartabpatricia@yahoo.com From: Commack ines,LindenLiving In: Brampton,On.,Canada
Occupation: (CSR)-Health CareOther Information: attend regma primary,karakara school(91-96).
Pasha, Azeelaazeela_83@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Success,E.C.D.
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Pasha, Kamalkphussain@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: London,England
Occupation: LecturerOther Information: Berbice High School 1957 to1963
Pasha, Kamalkgoolmohamed@hotmail.com From: Prashad Nagar GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Mechincal EngineerOther Information: Cambellville Secondary School
Pasha, Mohamed AmeerAmeerz@netzero.com From: Success ECDLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Military Engineer/Aerial SurveilanceOther Information: Chateau Margot Primary School
Pasha, ShamirPashash@idol.union.edu From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Civil EngineeringOther Information:
Pasha, ShamirClifton2455@live.com From: Success East Coast Dem.Living In: Upstate New York
Occupation: EngineeringOther Information: Former G T I/University of Guyana
Passram, Rickrickpassram@yahoo.com From: # 59 Vill.CorentyneLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: Central Corentyne Secondary
Pat, SinghDonnalawday@yahoo.co.uk From: Almond StreetLiving In: U.K.
Occupation: TelecomunicationsOther Information: Brother Sidney Singh.Sister Betty Singh.I'm aged 85.Would like to know about Sidney.
Patandin, Natashaesingh@guyana.net.gy From: Industry East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Sec C Enterprise East Coast Demerara
Occupation: unemployedOther Information: Cummingslodge Secondary East Coast Demerara
Patandin, Sharonindianchief9187@yahoo.com From: Industry East Coast DemeraraLiving In: B V I Tortola
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Cumming's lodge Secondary School
Patel, Piuspiuspatel@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: small businessOther Information: St Sebastian
Patoir-Outridge, Jenniferjpoutridge@aol.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: BankerOther Information: St.Joseph's High School
Patoir, Andrewap2546@sympatico.ca From: Stanley Town/New amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Ajax On.Canada
Occupation: MachanicOther Information: Tutorial High school
Patraj, JetoPreetyR@aol.com From: Logwood EnmoreLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens
Occupation: Front Desk Clerk at Hotel MetroOther Information: attended St.Roses High School,will love to meet old friends.
Patram, Bonitabonita_patram@yahoo.com From: ZeelugtLiving In: Bronx N.Y
Occupation: Other Information: I attend Zeeburg Secondary.I was a teacher at De-Kendren Nursery in Zeelugt.
Patram, Cranstoncranston@coralwave.com From: Bartica/Georgrtown/LindenLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: Land surveyor/PhotographerOther Information: Bartica Sec.Sch./NGSS/GTI
Patram, Gangadeenkpatram@archbold-station.org From: Ruimzeight,W.C.DLiving In: Orlando,Fl
Occupation: Systems AdministratorOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary,class of 84
Patram, Josephjpatram@tampabay.rr.com From: TempieLiving In: Tampa,FL
Occupation: United States Air ForceOther Information: Mahaica Multi/Bushlot Secondary
Patram, Juliemiss_guyanese76@yahoo.com From: ZeelugtLiving In: Scarborough,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: I attend Zeeburg Secondary from 1988/89-1993
Patricia Alicia, Hendrickspatriciaalicia15@yahoo.fr From: Friendship East Bank DemeraraLiving In: French Guiana
Occupation: Other Information: Mom's name's Joan sisters dad's names Rondalph Hendricks worked At demba construction department as general Forman boite company Linden names Linda and Milessa
Patricia, FernandesPjessimy@telsnetgy.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Vreed en hoop
Occupation: Self employedOther Information: Brickdam secondary school 1979-1984
Patricia, Khanpatricia437@yahoo.com From: Queenstown,GeorgetownLiving In: Caribbean
Occupation: studentOther Information: Winifred Gaskin Sec School,looking for old friends.
Patrick, Brionysweet_shenny2@yahoo.com From: Line Path,SkeldonLiving In: St.Catherine Jamaica
Occupation: Other Information: I like to read books and listen to music.
Patrick, Ravindrapatschelle_29@yahoo.com From: Line Path E Corriverton BerbiceLiving In: St.Catherine Jamaica
Occupation: Mechanical EngineerOther Information: Attd Skeldon Line Path Sec.1988-1992/PortMoraunt Training Center 1994 I would like old friends,batch mates and ex apprentices to contact me.
Patsy (Nee Mobin), Bakshpatsy.baksh@sympatico.ca From: Bushlot Village,Corentyne Coast,BerbiceLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Regional Support Manager - FLorida TurnpikeOther Information: Attended Central Corentyne Government Secondary and well as taught Math and English there.Taught at Skeldon Scots school.Migrated to Canada in 1974 and then to Florida in 2007. I am a Human Resources professional by designation.I am connected with all of my childhood and grown up friends
Patteron Williams, Abiola AlexisAbbypatto@yahoo.com From: Linden/WisrocLiving In: Nashville
Occupation: Assistant Manager@Wal-MartOther Information: Linden Foundation Hgh
Patterson Williams, Abiola AlexisAbbyPatto@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In:
Occupation: Assistant Manager@Wal-martOther Information: Yo if you guys remember who I am hit me up.
Patterson, AbiolaAbimel@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: Nashville Tnn
Occupation: College Studen/Lab Tech/PhotographerOther Information: Linden Foundation/New SilverCity Secondary/Canarsie High School(1993-1996)
Patterson, Amandaaapatterson@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Christ church Secondary School,Critchlow Labour College,University of Guyana,St.Georges Primary School,Sacred Hearts
Patterson, Nichellenichelle2002gy@yahoo.com From: Onderneeming,EssequiboLiving In: Pattensen,Greater Georgetown
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: St.John's College 1983-1985
Paul Lee, Estherloml1433@aol.com From: Bel Air SpringsLiving In: Jax,Fl
Occupation: Other Information: St.Joseph's/Berbice High
Paul,Ross, MarciaMTrellis@peoplepc.com From: New Amsterdam,Linden,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: InstructorOther Information: NA Multi,NATI,NYCTC,CUNY,CCNY
Paul, AdrianAristotle38@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: University of Hartford
Paul, Anilanilgt76@aol.com From: blankenburgLiving In: New York
Occupation: health fieldOther Information: Theodore Roosavelt h.s.
Paul, Beverleyaquariusheart_4@yahoo.com From: Eversham Village.cor./New AmsterdamLiving In: Tortola,British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Central Corentyne Secondary,Bushlot/Corentyne(1975-80) Would love to hear from classmates and friends
Paul, Candice CandyCandy2sweet1@aol.com From: Pouderoyen,West Bank Dem.Living In: New York
Occupation: Medical AssistantOther Information: Attended Malgraet Tout Primary Sch.and Leonora Sec.Sch.Would like to hear from old friends.
Paul, Chatterpaulgetsmart@yahoo.com From: Albouystown/GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Credit AnaylstOther Information: 19660 St Phillips Anglican/GUYANA ORIENTAL COLLEGE
Paul, Clarence(Maxie)Kartabo5@aol.com From: Pomona Village,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Former Teacher of Abram Zuil Secondary,Huist' Dieren Primary and Suddie Primary.Attented Burnett High School 1961-1964.
Paul, Colleenpaul9073@rogers.com From: MackenzieLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Linden Foundation
Paul, Darshanie(Annie)ItzAnnie1@aol.com From: Timehri,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Queens,NY.
Occupation: SalesOther Information: Covent Garden Sec 92-97/Business School 98
Paul, Dhanpauldpaul67@hotmail.com From: La Bonne Intention(LBI)East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Ajax Onterio Canada
Occupation: Jack Of AllOther Information: B.V Community high Cast Coast Demerara
Paul, Eddietb54@rogers.com From: Hope Village,EBDLiving In:
Occupation: Technical specialistOther Information: Looking for a friend who's name is Seeta,from Canal#2
Paul, Georgepl_gr8@hotmail.com From: UitvlugtLiving In: Vancouver,Canada
Occupation: Automotive Leather ManufacturingOther Information: Zeeburg for 2yrs in 1974-75.Moved to Vancouver Canada 1975.
Paul, J Cnewcourtyard@gmail.com From: CharlestownLiving In: QueensVillage,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Muslim Trust College:-72-76
Paul, James Pablojpaul65@aol.com From: Tucber Park,New AmsterdamLiving In: Hillcrest,,New York
Occupation: Sales RepresentativeOther Information: Overwinning H.S.,B.H.S.,St.Roses(HDP)
Paul, Lakdeshalakdesha@hotmail.com From: Canefield Settlement,BerbiceLiving In: London,England
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Cumberland School 1962.Would like to make contact with anyone who has carried out research into Indian immigration into British Guiana
Paul, LavernSweetthing2530@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New york
Occupation: Student/receptionistOther Information:
Paul, MarciaMtrellis@peoplepc.com From: New Amsterdam,Linden,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Computer InstructorOther Information: NA Multi,NA Technical Instutute,NYCTC,CUNY BA,CCNY
Paul, Muneshwar(Michael)Anilgt76@Yahoo.com From: Windsorforest(Temple st.)Living In: New York
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: St.Anthony's Anglican Public School
Paul, Neilneilpaul.np@gmail.com From: Campbellville,Craig St,GeorgetownLiving In: Cambridge,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Business Ownerhttp://www.precisionautoservices.caOther Information: North Georgetown Sec School 79-84
Paul, OmalaOMP75@yahoo.com From: BuxtonLiving In: North Carolina
Occupation: Student/Night AuditorOther Information: Bladen Hall Multilateral
Paul, Rajrajpaul1962@hotmail.com From: Alexander VillageLiving In: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Occupation: N/AOther Information:
Paul, Rajendraraj55@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Businessmanhttp://paulselectronics.netOther Information: Muslim Trust College,University of New Brunswick B.S.Geophysics,
Paul, Robertrobjpal@cs.com From: PouderoyenLiving In: Modesto,Ca
Occupation: VP.Operations Mgr.Steel FabricationOther Information: St.Stanislaus College1975-1979
Paul, Sanassipsanassi@yahoo.com From: Hampshire,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: MachinistOther Information: Rose Hall Scot,Nation High and New Amsterdam Technical Schools
Paul, Shamain(Ali)TigerAli99@aol.com From: Pomona,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Student,Computer Tech,Clerk.Other Information: Attended A.R.M.S.from 1990-1992.Class 1-2 and 2-2.Old friends and classmates feel free to email me!!!
Paul, Shelleybartica2@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam & GeorgetownLiving In: NY USA
Occupation: Other Information: Berbice High School,St.Joseph's High School
Paul, Stephenrealtorsrp@aol.com From: LindenLiving In: Delaware
Occupation: Realtor(Century 21 Towne Centre)http://www.stephenrpaul.comOther Information:
Paul, Sureshsureshpaul101@yahoo.ca From: Enterprise,East Coast,Dem.GuyanaLiving In: In Canada
Occupation: Youth Counsellor/SupervisorOther Information: Student-Annandale Sec.School Teacher-Enmore Hope School
Paul, Tamalme@exoprism.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: Queens
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.exoprism.comOther Information:
Paul, Vishnujohnpaulca@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Calgary,Canada
Occupation: Analytical ChemistOther Information: ST.Barnabas,Muslims and Indians Colleges
Pawaroo-Naraine, Neelasnnaraine@aol.com From: BengalLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Database MgrOther Information:
Pawaroo, NamitaNJAG@CORPCOMM.COM From: BengalLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: BookkeeperOther Information: Attended NA Multilateral School
Pawaroo, Shobha D.shobhapawaroo143@hotmail.com From: Bengal VillageLiving In: New York
Occupation: Loan Account ManagerOther Information: Central Corentyne Secondary School
Payhe, Frederickfkpayne@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Westfield New Jersey USA
Occupation: Semi RetiredOther Information: Indian Educational Trust College
Payne, Derrice Thandithandi999@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: The Bishops' High School
Payne, Eleeneleenp@yahoo.co.uk From: LindenLiving In: Linden
Occupation: LecrurerOther Information:
Payne, James,Alexanderjpayne@intdevcorp.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: Huntsville,Alabama
Occupation: E.D.Inter-America Development Comppanyhttp://intdevcorp.comOther Information: Kitty High and Christ Church Secondary
Payne, Mariafiredude_cl@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: St John's Antigua
Occupation: SalesClerkOther Information: Attended Canje Secondary
Payne, NatalieNatz8404@aol.com From: Sussex StreetLiving In: England,UK
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Payne, Peggypw3189@yahoo.com From: Durban Street,WortmanvilleLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: StudentOther Information: South Georgetown Secondary 1980-1984
Pearce, Dexterlionheart34@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: St.Mary School.
Pearce, Shaneshattayouthshane@yahoo.com From: OnderneemingLiving In: Onderneeming
Occupation: Studenthttp://members.lycos.co.uk/shattayouthshaneOther Information: I attended Suddie Primary,then i gained admittion to President's College where i gained 11 subjects at the CSEC (CXC) exams.
Pearce, Shaneshanepearce2001@yahoo.com From: onderneemingLiving In: Onderneeming
Occupation: OnderneemingOther Information: president's college
Pearce, Shanomaepshanomae@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Tucville
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: North Rvimveldt Secondary Brickdam Secondary U.G.
Pearce, Yvonneyep52@rogers.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Federal GovernmentOther Information: Seeking info from Pearce family
Pearson, Carrol(Laqurisha)cryst6lina_3z@hotmail.com From: Skeldon BerbiceLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Other Information: 94-97 SLPSS 4 Science
Pearson, Delesaedelesae_free@yahoo.com From: East coast/PlaisanceLiving In: Plaisance
Occupation: marketing personnelOther Information: Saints Sanislaus College
Pearson, Melisamelmap1@yahoo.com From: East La Penitence Housing SchemeLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Pearson, Philip Nnathaniel_g46@yahoo.ca From: LindenLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Linden Foundation High School
Pearson, Stephaniestef_home2004@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: 1147 Central Amelia's Ward
Occupation: Confidential SecretaryOther Information: Linden Hospital Complex
Pearson, Yvette Evadneevadne_pearson@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: The Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information:
Pedro, Keomakeoma_pedro@hotmail.com From: South Ruimveldt Gardens,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Management-HVAC(wholesale)Other Information: North Ruimveldth Multilateral Secondary School
Pedro, Keomakeoma_pedro@hotmail.com From: Toucan Drive South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: HVAC Wholesale-ManagementOther Information: North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary
Pedro, Sandysandy2066@yahoo.com From: Wren Ave South R/veldt Gdns & Newtown KittyLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Insurance AgentOther Information: Charlestown Secondary/father-Claude Pedro Banks DIH
Peggy-Ann, Cosbert-Leepcosbertlee@yahoo.com From: Subrysnville/Kitty David StreetLiving In: Alberttown Georgetown
Occupation: GRA StafferOther Information: Campbellville Government Christ Church Queens College...worked Guyana National Newspapers,Demerara tobacco Company,Guyana Gold Board,Bank of Guyana,Customs & Excise dept
Pellew, Marlon.Agtma3@aol.com From: Ann's Grove VillageLiving In: Manhattan,NY
Occupation: N.Y.C TtransitOther Information:
Pellew, Rogerrogerpellew@hotmail.com From: Living In: London
Occupation: Computer ConsultantOther Information:
Pemberton, Alexanneampemberton@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Richard Ishmael Secondary School,I would like to be contacted by any childhood friends I've lost contact with.
Penney, Georgegeorge.penney2@nf.sympatico.ca From: Living In: Nf.Canada
Occupation: MiningOther Information: Worked in your Country.Anybody knows me please reply,or would like to please reply.
Penney, Georgegeorge.penney2@roadrunner.nf.net From: Corner Brook Nf.CanadaLiving In: same
Occupation: MiningOther Information: Anybody wanting to contact me go ahead
Penney, Georgegeorge.penney2@nf.sympatico.ca From: Newfoundland,CanadaLiving In: Corner Brook
Occupation: MiningOther Information: Worked off and on in the mining industry there for approx.7 years
Penney, Georgegeorge.penney2@roadrunner.nf.net From: canadaLiving In: corner brook nf.canada
Occupation: mining waiting for the callOther Information: Looking for lady for a possible relationship to bring back,big demand for medical people
Pentaya, JerryKingpen718@aol.com From: AlbionLiving In: Groveland,Florida
Occupation: educationOther Information: Corentyne Hign School 1969-1975 U.G.1975-1980
Peraud, K.Pinkeypinkeygyal@yahoo.com From: Berbice/East Coast/GeorgetownLiving In: Cummings Street,Georgetown
Occupation: Hair Dresser/BarberOther Information: Montrose Primary & Tutorial High.
Percival, Donnettepinkypercy21@aol.com From: Wismar,Linden & Antigua,WILiving In: Tampa,FL
Occupation: Tractor Trailer DriverOther Information: Multi-left GA 1981
Percival, Dreinadreina_desir@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: NJ USA
Occupation: OperationsOther Information: St Roses' High 90-95
Percival, Lindonpercydiamond@hotmail.com From: Georgetown-63 Bent StreetLiving In: Thornton Heath,Surrey UK
Occupation: Music DistributorOther Information: Smiths Church Congregational School '64 to '68
Pereira Sr, Martin AMPereira3@NYC.RR.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Jamaica,Queens,New York
Occupation: Banker,Console Operation SpecialistOther Information: Former Sergant of Police and Engineer Of the Guyana Water Authority,UG and GTI Graduate(92-94 Mechanical Engineer)
Pereira nee Stuart, Elizabethelizabeth-eve@shaw.ca From: Middle and Cummings StsLiving In: Burnaby,B.C.Canada
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Indian Education Trust(Smiley's)
Pereira, Amandaaspereira71@hotmail.com From: Nandy Park,EBDLiving In: Tampa,FL
Occupation: Civil EngineerOther Information: Bishops High School,Georgetown
Pereira, Carolcarolppereira@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: USA
Occupation: Other Information: Attended the Bishops' High School,worked at NBIC
Pereira, Lennoxlenxxpereira@yahoo.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: England
Occupation: Production OperatorOther Information:
Periana, Aubreytravelcalls@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: TV Producer/DirectorOther Information: I attended Central High School & IETC.Left Guyana on a scholarship to study Television Production in West Germany.
Perkins, MirandaMirandaPerkins50@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,Linden.Living In: England
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Christ Church Secondary
Permanan, Harrishharrishp@hotmail.com From: Springlands,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Litigation Support SpecialistOther Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path(early 80's)John Adams High School&Queens College(New York)
Permanand, Harishpermanandhar@hotmail.com From: Betsy Ground East Canje Berbice/Coverden EBDLiving In: Brampton Ontario
Occupation: Truck driverOther Information: Attended Berbice High School,Worked at Guyana Refrigerators Ltd
Permansingh, Elizabethivamoh@yahoo.com From: Better Hope,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Enmore,East Coast Demerara,Guyana.
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School 75to 81,worked at Deloitte and Touche in the early 90's.Would like to get in touch with all my past high School friends and work-mates.
Permansingh, Elizabethivamoh@yahoo.com From: Better Hope,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Enmore,East Coast Demerara,Guyana.
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School 75to 81,worked at Deloitte and Touche in the early 90's.Would like to get in touch with all my past high School friends and work-mates.
Permansingh, Elizabethivamoh@yahoo.com From: Better Hope,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Enmore,East Coast Demerara,Guyana.
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School 75to 81,worked at Deloitte and Touche in the early 90's.Would like to get in touch with all my past high School friends and work-mates.
Permansingh, Elizabethivamoh@yahoo.com From: Better Hope,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Enmore,East Coast Demerara,Guyana.
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School 75to 81,worked at Deloitte and Touche in the early 90's.Would like to get in touch with all my past high School friends and work-mates.
Permansingh, Elizabethivamoh@yahoo.com From: Better Hope,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Enmore,East Coast Demerara,Guyana.
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School 75to 81,worked at Deloitte and Touche in the early 90's.Would like to get in touch with all my past high School friends and work-mates.
Permashwar(Reds), Toolsietoolsiepermashwa@bellsouth.net From: Letter Kenny VillageLiving In: Florida
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Auchlyne,Corentyne High,London
Permashwar, Toolsietoolsiepermashwa@bellsouth.net From: Letter kenny villageLiving In: wellington,florida
Occupation: teacherOther Information: Auchlyne school,corentyne high,london.Taught at queen's college,UG,Jamaica,Bronx and Florida
Permaul, Amypermaulamy@hotmail.com From: AlbionLiving In: New York
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Attended comprehensive high 1987-1992
Permaul, Andrewandrewpermaul@hotmail.com From: Lancaster Village,Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Ft lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Commodity traderOther Information: I went to Auchlyne primary and just looking for some fellow classmates I went in the late 80's early 90's
Permaul, Madray (William)permad@verizon.net From: Whim Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New Yok
Occupation: Management Information Systems-Currently RetiredOther Information: Corentyne Comprehensive High School,Pace University
Permaul, Madray(William)madray.permaul@irs.gov From: Whim VillageLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens,New York
Occupation: MISOther Information: Auchlyne C.of S,Pace University-M.Sc
Permaul, Nigelnigelpermaul2004@yahoo.ca From: Berbice,Rose Hall TownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Q.A TECH.Other Information: Lower Corentyne Secondary School 1982-1987
Permaul, Philip Anthony Ivanpai12@hotmail.com From: Grandfather Ivan Permaul from BerbiceLiving In: Republic of Ireland
Occupation: Travel ConsultantOther Information: Isleworth&Syon School for boys London,England
Permaul, Venecadancebaby_17@yahoo.com From: Albion High ReefLiving In: Miami,Fl
Occupation: Recieving ManagerOther Information: Looking my classmates from Cropper Primary/Jc Chandisingh and would like to make some new friends...
Perreira, Ronaldbrandonperreira@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: ixora ave eccles east bank Demerara
Occupation: supervisor(banks dih ltd)Other Information: used to live in kikan street north/rvdt
Perry Persaud, Parasramperry.persaud@hotmail.com From: Uitvlugt Front.W.C.DLiving In: Ontario,Canada and Detroit,Michigan,USA
Occupation: Purchasing-Supplier Quality Engineering ManagerOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Perry nee Yorrick, Graceclajam10@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Campbellville
Occupation: EconomistOther Information: Queens College
Perry, Clarencebigclaper@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Campbellville
Occupation: Marketing ManagerOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Perry, Juanitajuanita_perry@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information:
Perry, MerciaMerciafrank@aol.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: ControllerOther Information:
Perry, Shondelshondelp@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,Fl
Occupation: CoordinatorOther Information: I attended St Margret's Primary & St.John's College.Looking to get in touch with old friends in GT.Graduated Class "95"
Persad, Bharratmrsandman@bellnet.ca From: Black Bush PolderLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Business Ownerhttp://www.mrsandman.caOther Information:
Persad, Hemwattie (Deepa)hemwattiepersad@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam/BlairmontLiving In: British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Marketing ManagerOther Information: R.V.C High School/NAMS/St.Theresas Primary/Rosignol Secondary School
Persad, Kaplideor4per@aol.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Bellerose Queens NY
Occupation: Sup.US Postal ServiceOther Information: Teacher Berbice High from 1980-1986
Persaud (Brazo), Nadira (Sunita)nadirramcharran@yahoo.com From: Albion BelvedereLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: NutritionistOther Information: Corentyne High School
Persaud (Brazoo), Lalitalitanauth@hotmail.com From: Albion BelvedereLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Personal Support WorkerOther Information: Corentyne High School
Persaud (Brazoo), Lalitalitanauth@hotmail.com From: AlbionLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Personal Support WorkerOther Information: Corentyne High School
Persaud (Brazoo), Nadira (Sunita)nadirramcharran@yahoo.com From: Albion BelvedereLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Food DieticianOther Information: Corentyne High School
Persaud (Debi), Pamelapamela_debi@yahoo.ca From: Bush Lot Village,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: UnderwriterOther Information: Berbice High School,New Amsterdam,Guyana.
Persaud (Ganga), Manirammpersau2@nycboe.net From: No,64 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Skeldon Line Path 1966-1971,Taught at Central High School 1976-1981.Attended UG from 1974
Persaud (Maiden)Bridgnanan, Coreenacoreena41@msn.com From: Born in Glasgow Village live in Cumberland Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Bronx,N.Y
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud (Mangru), ValarieVangela1965@yahoo.com From: Cottage Mahaicony E C DemLiving In: Fortlauderdale Florida
Occupation: Quality Assurance SpecialistOther Information: Zealand Primary/Bygeval Secondary/Mahaicony secondary
Persaud (Marvey), Loknauthmpersaud@vnuinc.org From: La Jalousie EstateLiving In:
Occupation: Network EngineerOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School (1976-1981)
Persaud (Pokam), Ricky manpersaud@hotmail.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Markham,ON.Canada
Occupation: Computer Network AdministratorOther Information: Leonora Govt.School/Netplus College (Canada)
Persaud (Starwar), Bishambisham33@yahoo.com From: No.67 Village,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Tagore High School from 1984-1989
Persaud Barakat, Luannajavtad@yahoo.com From: Better Success E/bo Coast,GuyanaLiving In: Queens N.Y
Occupation: Accounts Payable CoordinatorOther Information: Attended Charity Secondary School 1990-1995.Would love to hear from old School friends and fellow Guyanese
Persaud CPA, Jaipauljpersaud2@nyc.rr.com From: Champagne,MahaiconyLiving In: Kew Gardens,Queens,New York
Occupation: Certified Public AccountantOther Information: Attended Mahaicony Secondary,Georgetown School of Accountancy.Worked for Guystac Secretariat before migrating to U.S.A.
Persaud Hemanth, NevanieYellowhibiscus86@yahoo.com From: Queenstown,CorrivertonLiving In: Queens,Richmond Hill
Occupation: StudentOther Information: S.L.P.S.S,been over here 4-years,18 years old.
Persaud Khan, Bibityga_baby(at)yahoo.ca From: ZeeburgLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: HairdresserOther Information: West Coast Demerara,Leonora,Zeeburg
Persaud Peno, Deokie a/k SadhnaSadhna37@yahoo.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: Belgrade,Serbia
Occupation: Teacher for International childrenOther Information: Attened South Georgetown Sec.Lived in Charlotte St.Worked in Income Tax GPO.Lived in Venezuela.Brother Swats.
Persaud Ramphal, Johnjkpr@netscape.com From: Canal No.2 Polder,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Markham,Ontario and Florida,USA
Occupation: Adjunct Professor in EnglishOther Information: Principal,Covent Garden,Annandale Secondary,Probation Officer,taught at Wales and Covent Garden Primary.Wrote three books:Poems and Songs above the Horizon.V.S.Naipaul's Empty Chapel,Famous Short Stories.Coming soon "101 Famous Guyanese"
Persaud Ramratan, Omar Alejandrovedo20006@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Venezuela
Occupation: StudentOther Information: i'am study to be an engineer
Persaud nee Drepaul, coleenKetchdkat9@aol.com From: Eversham corentyne BerbiceLiving In: minneapolis minnesota
Occupation: Other Information: central corentyne secondary school class of 1984 looking for old school friends
Persaud nee Jagroop, Amandamissygoby99902003@yahoo.ca From: Grove EBDLiving In: Edmonton Alberta
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Attended Brickdam Sec.would like to keep in touch with old friends and family give me a buzz.
Persaud nee Kazim, Hafeeza(Dolly & Prakash)sweetkrystal8@hotmail.com From: 141 New Road,Vreed-en-Hoop.W.C.D.Living In: Mississauga.Ontario.Canada.
Occupation: Stay at home MOM & SEAMTRESSOther Information: Marry to Cattle from Crane eldest son Prakash.
Persaud nee Lall/Bhangwandas, Carolcpersaud10@nyc.rr.com From: Lodge,GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Executive AssistantOther Information: Indian Educational Trust College
Persaud nee Massidas, Irenednipersaud@aol.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: Clermont,FL
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path-1974-1979
Persaud nee Panday, Nalininalinipanday@hotmail.com From: 70 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario Canada
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Line Path 1975 Looking for classmates
Persaud(*Vishal), WalterC0le18@aol.com From: Wakenaam/EssequiboLiving In: Yonkers,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Essequibo Island Secondary School(EISS)from90-94.
Persaud(Annie), Luannajavtad@aol.com From: Better Success,E/bo CoastLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Accounts Payable CoordinatorOther Information: Attended Charity Sec.1990-1995,You recognise my name???? Drop me a few lines would luv to hear from fellow guyanese
Persaud(Balak), Avinash Ryanyoungstudfalyfe@aol.com From: Guyana/Berbice/New AmsterdamLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: School baiOther Information: I am a Proud Guyanese Bai and to besides i went to Berbice High School.D.O.B 11/29/1986
Persaud(Goorahoo), Zandrazandra_p@yahoo.com From: Alexander Village-Lamaha GardenLiving In: East Hartford-Connecticut
Occupation: Bank ManagerOther Information: West Ruimveldt
Persaud(Gopaul), Janet(Bhagwandai)janetp2us@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Pharmacy AssistantOther Information: attended CLGSS and PAOG
Persaud(KP), Kishankishan001@hotmail.com From: New Town KittyLiving In: Elmhurst,Queens
Occupation: Finance MarketingOther Information: camville elem.QC
Persaud(Latchman), Patsy(Jasmati)patsypersaud@cwctv.net From: Goed FortuinLiving In: London
Occupation: Local GovtOther Information: West Dem-1966 to 1971
Persaud(Maraj), Nowattienowattie@hotmail.com From: LeguanLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: A.R.G.S.S Would love to get in touch with old classmates.
Persaud(Moonilall), Ramnarine(Romel)ram@gorp.com From: Bengal Village/CorentyneLiving In: Wakefield,South Ozone Park NY
Occupation: Senior Database AdministratorOther Information: Grad/Undergrad--University of Central Florida
Persaud(Rowtie), Gaitrietinko@optonline.net From: C/Ville,gr g/townLiving In: Clifton New Jersey
Occupation: Job CoachOther Information: class of 1975 Cummings lodge sec.school.
Persaud(Rowtie), Gaitrietinko41@aol.com From: Craig st C/ville GTLiving In: Clifton NJ
Occupation: Other Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary.
Persaud(Shanko), Doodnauthshankopanza@hotmail.com From: Line Path 'B' SkeldonLiving In: Toronto(Canada)
Occupation: Automotive Service TechnicianOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Sec.School 1984-1988 Skeldon Estate Field Workshop 1991-1993
Persaud(Singh), Krishnakris@camtooldie.com From: Port MourantLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: ITOther Information: NEW AMSTERDAM MULTI 1976-1979
Persaud(Videsh), Jaividx3m@msn.com From: Canal #2 Polder,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Scarborough
Occupation: Investment AdvisorOther Information: Attended Kawal,West Dem Sec.(1994)Left Guyana in 1994
Persaud(kellowan), LorettaAnniebabe999@aol.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Medical fieldOther Information: BEI,NATI,Nursing School-Georgetown Hospital
Persaud(now Chaiton), Jenniferjenny@chaiton.com From: Georgetown&Lusignan,ECDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Law Office AdministratorOther Information: Christ Church Secondary '72-'77
Persaud-Bhagwandin, SherrySherbaggie@att.net From: Anna Regina,EssequiboLiving In: New York
Occupation: wifeOther Information: Abram's Zuil Secondary School
Persaud-Bhagwandin, Sherrysherbhaggie@aol.com From: Anna ReginaLiving In: New York
Occupation: wifeOther Information: Abram'sZuil Sec.School
Persaud-Cruz, Tammietammiecruz1@icloud.com From: Belvecourt,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Fort Drum,New York
Occupation: Prof Makeup Artist,MAChttp://www.makeupbytammie.comOther Information:
Persaud-Deonaraine., Shobacurve202@aol.com From: Canal #1 W.B.D,La Jalousie,W.C.D.Living In: Charlottesville,VA
Occupation: Web Designer/MomOther Information: Leonora secondary Hillcrest high Queens NY York College
Persaud-Duffy, Sandra Carolinespersaud@adm.com From: Port MourantLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne High School 1976-80
Persaud-Ezzard, Debradezzard@manhattan-institute.org From: LindenLiving In: Queens,N.Y.
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Multi,worked at Linmine.Lived in Kara Kara.Would like to hear from old friends.
Persaud-Hassad, Indraniedrindra2007@aol.com From: Mahaicony/Nandy ParkLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Elementary School teacherOther Information: Attended Mahaicony Secondary,Lilian Dewar College of Education,University of Guyana.Taught in Mahaicony,Campbellville,Houston,Peter's Hall.
Persaud-Mohamed, Michellemichellepersaud@bellnet.ca From: Leguan/GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: St.Joseph High
Persaud-Rajkumar, DevinaRosebud23_@hotmail.com From: Anna Regina/Mabaruma/Lethem/St.MaartenLiving In: California
Occupation: Other Information: ARMS 83-88.Tech stream.
Persaud-Roll, IndirahIndirah.Persaud@sdhc.k12.fl.us From: Agriculture Rd.,Triumph VillageLiving In: Lithia,Florida,USA
Occupation: Teacher/Guidance CounselorOther Information: Interested in corresponding with Guyanese around the world.
Persaud-Roll, Indirahindirah.persaud@sdhc.k12.fl.us From: Agriculture Rd.Living In: Florida
Occupation: CounselorOther Information: Trying to find a friend-Paul Seepersaud
Persaud-Sadaiappen, Savitriqtshelll22@aol.com From: Ulverston Village CorentyneLiving In: New Orleans,Louisiana
Occupation: SalesOther Information: Chandisingh High School
Persaud-Sawh, Paddypersaudb@aol.com From: No.72 Village,CorentyneLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: BookkeeperOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary
Persaud-Singh, Rajashree (Babi)rajashreesingh@hotmail.com From: Canal #2 Polder,WBD + Cummings Lodge,ECDLiving In: Cummings Lodge,ECD
Occupation: Social Worker/CounselorOther Information: Central High School,University of Guyana
Persaud/Chin, Christinacmc592@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: bel-air
Occupation: Tax AuditorOther Information: StellaMarrisPrimary-St.Stanislaus College-UG
Persaud/Goorahoo, NadeenNadeenP@msn.com From: Alexander Village,GeorgetownLiving In: East Hartford,CT
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud/Meenkum, Michaelsuper_mikey_43@yahoo.com From: N/A BerbiceLiving In: 43 Stanleytown N/A Berbice
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Overwinning Primary School/Tutorial Academy 88/92 feel free to drop me a line
Persaud/Valenzuela, Rowenafruits75@yahoo.com From: johanna cecilia,Essequibo coastLiving In: pike street Kitty
Occupation: teachingOther Information: arms.cpce.ug
Persaud, ALvinRuffriderisback4@aol.com From: #69 Village BerbiceLiving In: Richmond Hill Queens NYC
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Adirajadiraj_persaud@hotmail.com From: Lusignan(E.C.D)Living In:
Occupation: Interior DecoraterOther Information: Annandale Secondary.1995-1999.Feel free to email me(anybody).
Persaud, Adirajtalkin_chris@hotmail.com From: Lusignan,East Coast Demerara.Living In: St.Christopher & Nevis
Occupation: JoineryOther Information: I attended Annandale Secondary School,95-99.
Persaud, Adityapandit83@yahoo.com From: Mahaica River,De HoopLiving In: Enterprise West
Occupation: StudentOther Information: University of guyana
Persaud, Adjodia (Ashok)apersaud70@rogers.com From: Zeelandia,WakenaamLiving In: Mississauga,ON.Canada
Occupation: Inventory AdministratorOther Information: Teacher at Zeelandia,Diamond and Supply Primary Schools.
Persaud, Adrianpersaudadrian@yahoo.ca From: Rosehall,BerbiceLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: J.C.Chandisingh
Persaud, AlethaRippedDragon@yahoo.com From: AnnadaleLiving In:
Occupation: Business ownerOther Information: Annadale Govt Secondary School 1972-1975
Persaud, Allanaca0331@yahoo.com From: KittyLiving In: Florida
Occupation: IT Consultant/Business DevelopmentOther Information: Moved to US in1977,grew up in NJ and now enjoying the warm weather in S.Florida.
Persaud, Alston(Brando)AlstonPersaud@aol.com From: 49 Stanleytown New AmsterdamLiving In: New Brunswick Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Went to BEI,early 70`s looking for my old high School friends.
Persaud, Amanda Devi[Anasuya}amanda_ramkaran@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Newfoundland&Labrador
Occupation: Other Information: Kawall Primary,West Demerara Secondary,Member of Canal No 1 Arya Samaj Mandir.Teacher Mcgillivray Primary{1995-1997}
Persaud, AmandaBibbyzBiggestFan@aol.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Southern California,USA
Occupation: College StudentOther Information: I'm 19 years old and I'm interested in corresponding with other West Indians ages 19-30.
Persaud, Amilrudeboyxxx2003@yahoo.com From: Annandale west,E.C.DLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Cove And John Secondary
Persaud, Amitslic01@hotmail.com From: Enmore,GuyanaLiving In: Scarborough,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended President's College for 3 years before coming to Canada and currently I am persuing Mechanical Engineering Technology-Design.Hey I love to talk to people so feel free to email me!!
Persaud, Amitamitpersaud@hotmail.com From: Georgetown,RumveildtLiving In: Mpls,MN(USA)
Occupation: Network Administrator/Studenthttp://www.geocities.com/oumkarnOther Information: St.Joseph High
Persaud, AmlataAmlata_Persaud@yahoo.com From: ECD,GuyanaLiving In: In the UK as a student,but at home in my heart
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Stella Maris Primary,Queen's College.
Persaud, Amritaamritapersaud@hotmail.com From: Good Hope,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: College ProfessorOther Information: St.Josephs High School,North Georgetown Secondary,Sacred Heart Roman Catholic School
Persaud, Anandapersaud30@yahoo.com From: Canal #2 PoulderLiving In: New York
Occupation: System AnalystOther Information: West Demerara Secondary
Persaud, Anandapersaud30@comcast.net From: Canal No 2 PoulderLiving In: Antioch,CA
Occupation: Network AdministratorOther Information: West Dem Secondary and John Adams High in Queens NY
Persaud, Anandanp27m@yahoo.com From: Canal No 2 PoulderLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Computer Network AnalystOther Information: West Dem,I am looking for old and New friends
Persaud, Anandmetrocourtinc@yahoo.com From: Cumberland,Canje,Berbice.Living In: Long Island NY
Occupation: CEOOther Information: BEI 68-73.Taught at Canje Secondary 75-80.Migrated to NY in 1980.Looking for old friends from Guyana.
Persaud, Anandmetrocourtinc@yahoo.com From: Cumberland,Canje,Berbice.Living In: Long Island NY
Occupation: CEOOther Information: BEI 68-73.Taught at Canje Secondary 75-80.Migrated to NY in 1980.Looking for old friends from Guyana.
Persaud, Ananda Ann Sundaranandap727yahoo.com From: Goed FortuinLiving In: Prashad Nagar
Occupation: Database SpecialistOther Information: West Demerara Secondary School
Persaud, Anashakiskadee9@yahoo.com From: Leonora,WCD&New Providence,EBDLiving In: Hollis,NY
Occupation: Medical BillingOther Information: St.Gabriel's(84-90),St.Stanislaus College(90-95).
Persaud, Anashamantha30@earthlink.net From: New Providence&LeonoraLiving In: Hollis,NY
Occupation: Medical Billing/DocketingOther Information: St.Stanislaus(90-95),St Gabriel's Primary(84-90)
Persaud, Andrewandrewpersaud76@hotmail.com From: Anna Catherina,W.C.D GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Customs BrokerOther Information: Leonora Primary,Zeeburg Sec.School.
Persaud, Andrewandrew10persaud@yahoo.ca From: Anna Catherina,W.C.DLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Persaud, AndrewAndrewfsm@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Arkansas
Occupation: Other Information: James Madison H.S
Persaud, Andrewravenn7@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: NY
Occupation: WebmasterOther Information:
Persaud, Andrewandrew7676@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: San Jose California
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Queen's College Graduate 1994,University of Toronto 2000--email me
Persaud, AndrewAndrewfsm@yahoo.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Fort Smith,Arkansas
Occupation: Computer programmerOther Information: James Madison High School,Brooklyn,New York
Persaud, AnellaMarnella7@aol.com From: New Amsterdam Vryheid VilladeLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: I attended Tutorial Academy and Berbice Educational Institute.I worked for Lyndill Furniture Store(Melsah)I also did a TV add for the Store with Lattie and Cleo.
Persaud, Angelijiggle_puffs@hotmail.com From: Grove,East BankLiving In: Maple,Ontario
Occupation: Accounting CoordinatorOther Information:
Persaud, Aniliandiandi@hotmail.com From: Courabane Park,Annandale,ECDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Teacherhttp://www.suryaacademy.orgOther Information: Annadale Primary
Persaud, Anilanilrp@rogers.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: T.O.MALVERN
Occupation: DJhttp://gyprince.cjb.netOther Information:
Persaud, Anilanilp1986@yahoo.com From: Maria's Pleasure,WakenaamLiving In: Maria's Pleasure,Wakenaam
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Stero son if you know me you can drop a line.
Persaud, Anitaanita031@carib-link.net From: AlbouystownLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: self-empolyedOther Information:
Persaud, AnitaAngelxx79@hotmail.com From: Bel Air VillageLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Bel Air Primary,North Georgetown Secondary School My father was the late "Magic".
Persaud, Anitagopianita@yahoo.ca From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended St Mary's High School
Persaud, Anitaanitapersaud2006@hotmail.com From: Supply Mahaica ECDemLiving In: Canada
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Bygeval,Cyril Potter College of Education,Teacher at Cove & John Sec
Persaud, Anitaanitapersaud2006@hotmail.com From: Supply Mahaica,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Bygeval,Cyril Potter College of Education,1999-2002 Teacher at Cove
Persaud, Anitaanitapersaud2006@hotmail.com From: Supply Mahaica,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Bygeval,Cyril Potter College of Education,1999-2002 Teacher at Cove
Persaud, Anitaanitapersaud2006@hotmail.com From: Supply Mahaica,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Bygeval,Cyril Potter College of Education,1999-2002 Teacher at Cove & John Sec
Persaud, Anjanieanp228@msn.com From: ECDLiving In: USA
Occupation: Other Information: Graduated St Joseph 1994,looking to reconnect with classmates.drop a line anytime
Persaud, AnnMarieannrich24@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Student/Part time workingOther Information: Attend Campbelville Community HS from 1991-1993
Persaud, Annaannapersaud1@aol.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: Senior Data AnalystOther Information:
Persaud, Annaannapersaud1@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Senior Data Analyst for a major card/travel companyOther Information: Would like to hear from old friends.New friends also welcome
Persaud, Annaannapersaud1@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Senior Data Analyst for a major card/travel companyOther Information: Would like to hear from old friends.New friends also welcome!
Persaud, Annaannapersaud1@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Senior Data Analyst for a major card/travel companyOther Information: Would like to hear from old friends.New friends also welcome.
Persaud, Annaannapersaud1@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,United Kingdom
Occupation: Senior Data Analyst for a Major card/Travel companyOther Information: Would like to hear from old friends.New friends also welcome
Persaud, AnthonyGuyanagold@excite.com From: G/T ProspectLiving In: Bronx
Occupation: Inport gold from Guyana export silverOther Information:
Persaud, AnthonyPersaudanthony@yahoo.com From: IndustryLiving In: New York.
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary,Looking to connect with Guyanese
Persaud, Anupamaanupama@guyanafriends.com From: guyanaLiving In: canada
Occupation: Dental NurseOther Information: Abram's Zuil Sec.School
Persaud, ArunArun007@sulekha.com From: Georgetown/LeonoraLiving In: U.S.A
Occupation: Medical Operating Room TechnicanOther Information: Leonora Primary(1983) onto St.Stanislaus College until 1988.
Persaud, B.Kpersaudbk@gmail.com From: Courabane Park,AnnandaleLiving In: Atlanta,Florida
Occupation: Federal GovtOther Information: Annandale Secondary(1968-1972)
Persaud, Beenaprincessbeena@yahoo.com From: Friendship,East BankLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Craig Primary School,Covent Garden Secondary School
Persaud, Beeshan(Andy)Beeshan@msn.com From: Albion,Nigg SettlementLiving In: Hollis,New York
Occupation: Business ownerOther Information: Attended Corentyne High School 1981-1982,Belvedere Primary
Persaud, Bhagmattie(shelly)shellpersaud@yahoo.com From: New Road E/bo CoastLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Charity Secondary School
Persaud, Bhairomonrepose@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Jamaica,West Indies
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: ex-apprentice PMTC Port Mourant
Persaud, Bibibsg82@hotmail.com From: MahaiconyLiving In: Dallas,Texas
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Mahaicony Secondary School
Persaud, BobbyDJ_Bobby2003@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens
Occupation: Disc Jockeyhttp://www.IndianMajesticSound.comOther Information:
Persaud, Brambram@csusa.net From: Corentyne/GeorgetownLiving In: Fort Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Engineer/Real Estate BrokerOther Information: Graduated Corentyne Comprehensive 1969,GTI-1973
Persaud, Brianitbrian@gmail.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Network SpecialistOther Information: Bishops' High School
Persaud, Buddy/Deodatbuddybai@hotmail.com or buddybai2001@yahoo.com From: East Coast Demerara,GuyanaLiving In: Cummings Street Alberttown
Occupation: Professional BarberOther Information: HEY BIG UP YALL!!!!
Persaud, Callitcallitpersaud@hotmail.com From: AlbouystownLiving In: Albouystown
Occupation: Self employed JewellerOther Information: St Stephens Primary School and Muslim Educational Trust College,Georgetown
Persaud, CarmenCarpersau@gmail.com From: 57 Cross Street Georgetown and also QueenstownLiving In: North Carolina
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Trinity Methodist School up to 1972 then South Ruimveldt Government Secondary and Charlestown Government Secondary until 1977.School mates include Yvette Adams,Roland Weeks,Rita Puran,Janet Randolph,Ismay McKenzey,Suzanne Loraine Moore,Petra DeSilva,Robert Griffits,Evelyn Simmonds,Nigel Bernard,Rohan Singh,Anan Mahadiyo,Hashema Dean,Helen Austin.I hope to hear from you guys.
Persaud, Carolhcarolb@3web.net From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary and St.Roses High
Persaud, Cecil (Bissoondial)Kevani58@aol.com From: Zeelandia Village/Bonasika Creek Esseq.Living In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Business Owner/RadioOther Information: EIGSS/Charlestown
Persaud, Chaitandratie(Shaunie)chitness@yahoo.com From: Leonora,WCD&New Providence,EBDLiving In: Hollis,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School(95-99)
Persaud, Chaitramram_persaud@hotmail.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Scarborugh,Ontario
Occupation: Machine OperatorOther Information: I have been living in Canada for seven years now.I have a beautiful wife and two adorable kids who all love and cherish me.I would love to chat with my friends from Guyana,so email me.
Persaud, Chandckp512@aol.com From: Leonora and Vreed-en-hoop,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: HomemakerOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary,St.Roses High
Persaud, Chandanie(Indira)cpersaud73@hotmail.com From: East Bank DemeraraLiving In: New York,New York
Occupation: Investment BankingOther Information: Charlestown Secondary School
Persaud, Chandicachandi@dewood.com From: Tain Settlement,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Production ManagerOther Information: Attend JC ChandiSingh Secondary 80's
Persaud, Chandra Lallchandralall12@aol.com From: Enmore EstateLiving In: Forest Hills,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Muslim Educational Trust College
Persaud, Chandrawattiesandra.persaud4@gmail.com From: LeguanLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: I attended EIGSS in 1974 and I am trying to locate my school friends particularly Nazeema Bacchus,Phuloma Bhankay,Nonadai Persaud and Urmila.
Persaud, Channanchannanpers@aol.com From: Adepli Village Canje BerbiceLiving In: N.Y ny
Occupation: Financial Adviser with caa financial group inc.with insurance sales since 1975-current work for GTM 1976-1982,Hand _in Hand from 1982-1987,New York Life ny 1989-1999Other Information: phone 718-641-4478 cell 646-325-3076
Persaud, Charlesc.persaud@comcast.net From: # 59 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Hartford,Connecticut
Occupation: Assistant Lab ManagerOther Information: Attend Line Path Secondary School&University of Guyana,Work at LBI Estate
Persaud, Cherylcherylap@hotmail.com From: Sandy Babb St.,Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Venezuela
Occupation: Other Information: Saint John's College
Persaud, Chet Chitnarinepersauc@navcanada.ca From: Doorn Haag,LeguanLiving In: Ottawa,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Richmond Hill Primary School,Guyana Oriental High School
Persaud, Chitrawattiewhimv@aol.com From: No 61 Village CorentyneLiving In: USA
Occupation: Other Information: Thrilled to make contact with High School friends.Attend Skeldon Line Path Secondary School(1978-1982)
Persaud, Chrischrispersaud@prodigy.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Bronx
Occupation: http://portraitsbypersaud.homestead.com/index.htmlOther Information:
Persaud, Chriscapersaud@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: West Norwood London England
Occupation: Teachers Asstanthttp://www.radioguyanainternational.comOther Information: Looking for long lost friends who went to St Agnes Primary School in Georgetown.I attened the from 1979 to 1982 until i came back to the UK.So if any one rembers me then please contact me as I would like to hear from you.
Persaud, Chrischrispersaud126@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Cummings Street
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Saints/Queens/Ug
Persaud, Christinahotgtpassion@aol.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: New Jersey,Jersey City
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I will like to meet my friends from guyana.
Persaud, Christinegt1pussy_cat@hotmail.com From: Living In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information: Lived in Canada all my life.Visited Guyana last year for the first time.Now I'm starting to feel homesick!! Would like to talk to Guyanese both in Guyana and NA.
Persaud, Christopher H.K.cperlobo@aol.com From: Leonora,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: New Milford,New Jersey
Occupation: Accountant/Income Taxation Professionalhttp://www.christopherpersaud.comOther Information: Worked with Auditors Thomas,Stoll,Dias & Co.& The Guyana National Cooperative Bank
Persaud, Christopherchristopherapersaud@yahoo.com From: KittyLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Technician.Other Information: Attended Alleyne High School from 1986-1991 and GTI from 1991-1993.Looking for old friends from Alleyne's and from Kitt,Georgetown
Persaud, Christophercperlobo@aol.com From: Leonora,West Coast,DemeraraLiving In: New Milford,New Jersey,USA
Occupation: Accountanthttp://www.christopherpersaud.comOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary School and Indian Education Trust College.Worked with auditors Thomas,Stoll,Dias&Co.and The Guyana National Cooperative Bank
Persaud, Cliveclive.persaud@fmr.com From: 122 Regent Street,GeorgetownLiving In: Briarwood,NY
Occupation: Mutual Fund AnalystOther Information: Guyana Orental College.Looking for classmate and friends that I knew
Persaud, Comptonnikita189@netzero.com From: GroveLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: TechnicianOther Information:
Persaud, Cyril Brahmacbpersaud@yahoo.com From: Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Hartford,CT
Occupation: Tax AdvocateOther Information: Attended Kingston Government School and East Indians Trust College
Persaud, Daledalepersaud@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Computer TechnicianOther Information:
Persaud, Damindraadmin@westindianshop.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Richmond Hill,NY
Occupation: Administratorhttp://www.westindianshop.comOther Information: We Have All Your West Indian and Caribbean Groceries,Cooking Supplies,Spices,Beverages,Sporting Goods,Indian Wear,Health & Beauty Care,Musical Products,Religious Items Along With All Your Seasonal Products waiting for you.
Persaud, Damodardamodarp@optonline.net From: Cove and John,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Morris County,New Jersey,USA
Occupation: Chief Financial OfficerOther Information: Attended Annandale Govt.Secondary School from 1969-74.
Persaud, Daniel(Ajay)ajaypersaud@aol.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Florida
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Dannydelta82@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Dallas,Texas
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Persaud, Darrendarrensupra92@hotmail.com From: Fyrish Village,CorentyneLiving In: Tampa Bay,Florida
Occupation: Systems AnalystOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Secondary 76-81.
Persaud, Datnarinedatnarinepersaud@msn.com From: Nigg Settlement,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Corentyne High School/New Amsterdam Technical Institute.
Persaud, Daveharlemheat4@hotmail.com From: west Bank DemeraraLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: studentOther Information: West Demerara Secondary School 96-2001 my homies roll out and then roll in and check me out 'HOLLAAAAA'
Persaud, Daviddavidpersaud@comcast.net From: Canal No.2 WBDLiving In: Fanwood NJ USA
Occupation: Stock BrokerOther Information: Kawall Patentia Guyana School of Agriculture 73-75
Persaud, Dawndper_65@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: I attended Central High School,Smyth St,& Mrs.Singh's typing school.
Persaud, Dayananddayanand_persaud@yahoo.com From: enmoreLiving In: guyana
Occupation: studentOther Information: cove&john sec,guyana School of agriculture,currently at U.G
Persaud, Debbiedebp160@aol.com From: Mon Repos H/SLiving In: Highland Ave Queens NY
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Graduated Annandale Sec.1976/GTI 1979/UG
Persaud, DeenashwarDEENASHWARDENNIS@AOL.COM From: Seaforth St.Campbellville G/townLiving In: Jamaica Queens,NY.
Occupation: Employed by tycoOther Information: C/ville Govt.,Indians,Guyana Geology & Mines Com.
Persaud, Denisdnipersaud@aol.com From: No.79 Village CorrivertonLiving In: Clermont,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path 1971-1976/School teacher at Crabwood Creek 1979-1984
Persaud, Dennis Warwickdennispersaud@yahoo.com From: Annandale,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Whitby,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Installations/Materials CoordinatorOther Information: Central High School/Annandale Secondary School
Persaud, Dennispersaud7544@rogers.com From: Fyrish Village,C/tyneLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Public Health InspectorOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute,N/Amsterdam 1964-1969
Persaud, Dennisdennis1x7@hotmail.com From: Georgetown KittyLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Computer TechOther Information:
Persaud, Dennisdennis_2k5@hotmail From: strathavon Cane GroveLiving In: Strathavon
Occupation: studentOther Information: helana,north georgetown sec,c.a.t,
Persaud, DeoDPersaud2002@go.com From: Georgetown GuyanaLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Other Information: North Georgetown Secondary
Persaud, Deodat BuddyBuddybai2001@yahoo.com From: Bebice/East Coast/GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: BARBEROther Information: Montrose Primary (1990) East Coast
Persaud, Deodat(Deo)deopsd@yahoo.ca From: Shanta's Camp StreetLiving In: London
Occupation: NurseOther Information: central high 1961/1967
Persaud, DeodatD_Persaud@msn.com From: IndustryLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Team LeaderOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary 1980-1985.
Persaud, Deokie SadhnaSadhna37@yahoo.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: Belgrade,Serbia
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attened South Georgetown Sec.Lived in Charlotte St.Worked in Income Tax GPO.Lived in Venezuela.Brother Swats.
Persaud, Deokie Sadhnasadhna37@yahoo.co.uk From: charlotte stLiving In: serbia belgrade
Occupation: teacherOther Information: attened south georgetown secondary school,worked at income tax gpo
Persaud, Deomattie(Ileen)ileenp_35@yahoo.com From: Goedverwagting E.C.DLiving In: Same as above
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information:
Persaud, Deondeon.persaud@ccra-adrc.gc.ca From: KittyLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Canada Customs officerOther Information: Looking for anyone who remembers me,I am 35 yrs old and left Guyana in 1975.
Persaud, Deonarine(david,shrimps)dave_ang197420@yahoo.com From: Goed Fortuin Village,wbdLiving In: Australia
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information: West Demerara Secondary(1979-1984)
Persaud, Deonarinedpersaud@comcast.net From: Kitty Georgetown,Hague WCD & Supply EBDLiving In: Lawrenceville Georgia USA
Occupation: Real Estate InvestorOther Information: Living in the USA since 1983.I lived in Brooklyn NY,moved to the south USA 2007
Persaud, Deorajh(sooden)guyanese_ting2002@yahoo.com From: 47 Village Corentyne(Berbice)Living In: Cambridge Canada
Occupation: CanadaOther Information: Looking for some old friend anyone want more info e-mail me
Persaud, Devpersauddevindra@yahoo.com From: UitvlugtLiving In: New York
Occupation: Music TeacherOther Information:
Persaud, Devendra Ddevendra_2000@yahoo.com From: West Coast,Demerara,GuyanaLiving In: Long Island,N.Y.USA
Occupation: AccountantOther Information:
Persaud, DevikaDevika@guyanafriends.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Kawall Primary,West Demerara Secondary,Georgetown School of Accountancy.
Persaud, Devindra ShawnRoughryders20@aol.com From: EnmoreLiving In: USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended St.Joseph High School for only 2 months in the year 2001 also attended Enmore Hope Primary School and would like to get into contact with any of my friends from both School.
Persaud, Devondpersaud@chambershotel.com From: Leonora/Diamond/Enmore/Rosehall/Wales EstatesLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Finance Controller/Real Estate InvestorOther Information: Berbice High School
Persaud, Dhanraj Aaron Anandpersaud2181@rogers.com From: New Road,Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Toronto,CANADA
Occupation: Purchasing Mgr.Other Information: West Demerara Secondary
Persaud, Dharciadharcia_p@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Web Page DesignerOther Information: Anna Regina Community High School
Persaud, Dianaprincessdi102449@aol.com From: Albion Front,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Richmond Hill,NY
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Attended Berbice High School,New Amsterdam(1963-1968)
Persaud, Dianadiana_vijen@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attended Mae's School's in Guyana up to 4th form,then came to Canada in Sept,2002.majoring in Accounting in College
Persaud, Dianedianepersaud@jar66club.com From: Anna ReginaLiving In: England
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Anna Regina Multi School and NBIC Bank
Persaud, Dianed.prasad@virgin.net From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: England
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I am currantly attending Dormers Wells Heigh School and used to attend Abram Zuil Secondary
Persaud, Dianesandynailni@aol.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: England
Occupation: StudientOther Information: used to attend the Abran Zuil Secondary
Persaud, DiannPersaud25@msn.com From: Eversham corentyne BerbiceLiving In: minneapolis minnesota
Occupation: studentOther Information: Eversham Primary school looking for my old school friends from guyana
Persaud, Dianne(Rohini)dianne_rocks@hotmail.com From: LaPenitenceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Attended Charlestown Secondary School 1982-1987
Persaud, DionneGtAngelEyez@aol.com From: East Street,GeorgetownLiving In: Queens Village,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: left Guyana at the age of 3 years
Persaud, Dionnedionne.hp@hotmail.co.uk From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Mortgage AdminOther Information:
Persaud, Dionnedeebebe40@yahoo.co.uk From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: London
Occupation: StudentOther Information: i attended Abram Zuil Secondary School
Persaud, Dionnedebabe40@yahoo.co.uk From: Essequibo coastLiving In: london
Occupation: studentOther Information: used to attend abram zuil Secondary School
Persaud, Donalddonaldpersaud@gmail.com From: Cornelia Ida,C.I.,Anna Catherina,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Alberta,Canada
Occupation: I.T.ConsultantOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary.Brother of Ricky,Walter,Elarick and Pam.
Persaud, Donaldanarikaboss@yahoo.com From: Grove,EBDLiving In: Grove,EBD
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Covent Garden Sec.,Queens College
Persaud, Dr.Raviskyjuice2002@hotmail.com From: AlbouystownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Porno Starhttp://www.realplayaz.comOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School,
Persaud, DroopadDpersaud@rogers.com From: Edinburgh Village East Bank BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Assembly TechnicianOther Information:
Persaud, Duffydpersan214@rogers.com From: Bush Lot WCBLiving In: Brampton Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Latchman Singh/Bush lot high School 70s-80s
Persaud, Dyalpersaudfamily@hotmail.com From: Fyrish Village.Coentyne BerbiceLiving In: Kitchener,Ontario Canada
Occupation: DistributionOther Information: Fyrish Cong'l School between 1959 to 1967.I would like to get in contact with old friends that went to that school at that time.Please drop me a line and say Hello
Persaud, Dyalpersaudfamily@hotmail.com From: Fyrish Village.Coentyne BerbiceLiving In: Kitchener,Ontario Canada
Occupation: DistributionOther Information: I would like to meet old friends from high school,would also like to meet new people from all over.pls drop me a line and say hello
Persaud, Edwardsewdayal45@yahoo.com From: DiamondLiving In: Orlando FL
Occupation: Self employedOther Information: Looking for anyone that knows me.
Persaud, Erawath MichaelAshaan777@hotmail.com From: Leonora ParafieldLiving In: East Bay,California
Occupation: Other Information: Stewartville Secondary School
Persaud, Ewart(Nikk)gtman85@hotmail.com From: Grove,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Postal worker,PromoterOther Information: St.Roses High School
Persaud, Fahrongtbai15@hotmail.com From: Brittania West Coast BerbiceLiving In: flordia
Occupation: studentOther Information:
Persaud, Fayannfayann09@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Delph Street,Kitty
Occupation: Senior Accounts SupervisorOther Information: My hobbies are:surfing and chatting on the net,exercising,cooking and travelling.
Persaud, Fayran (Nadine)Sugarmuffin168@aol,com From: Cotton Field(Esseq).Mabaruma,lethem,St MaartenLiving In: Queens N.Y
Occupation: Office AssistantOther Information: Would love to hear from friends.
Persaud, Fayran NadineSugarmuffin168@aol.com From: Essequibo Coast,Mabaruma,Lethem St MaartenLiving In: New York
Occupation: Office AssistantOther Information: Does the name ring a bell?If so do drop me a few lines
Persaud, Feliciaf_persud@yahoo.com From: Paradise,E.C.DLiving In: Jackson Heights,NY
Occupation: JournalistOther Information: Queens College/University of Guyana
Persaud, Feliciafelicia_persaud@hotmail.com From: Zeelugt East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Zeelugt
Occupation: Student University Of GuyanaOther Information: Looking up old friends from Zeeburg Secondary School !(Left in 1995)
Persaud, Fr.Isaac A.IsaacP25@aol.com From: Enmore,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Jersey City,U.S.A.
Occupation: Priest-Episcopal ChurchOther Information: Golden Grove Secondary UWI-Barbados UWI-Trinidad
Persaud, Francisguyaneseninja_18@hotmail.com From: Hague WCDLiving In: Mississauga Canada
Occupation: immOther Information: Stewartville Secondary School
Persaud, Frederickfrpersaud@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Orlando
Occupation: Other Information: Central High---1972
Persaud, GaNeSh Allanguyanesebadboy2@aol.com From: Georgetown,Guyana HOLLALiving In: NY,QwEeNz
Occupation: studentOther Information:
Persaud, Gaindawattie Girlyamberstolk1@hotmail.com From: No 48 VillageLiving In: Holland
Occupation: ReceptionistOther Information: Tagore Memorial Secondary School 80/83
Persaud, GaitreeGaitreePersaud2@hotmail.com From: Black,Bush,Polder,Cor/Berb GuyanaLiving In: Totonto,Canada
Occupation: Financial AnalyistOther Information:
Persaud, Gaitriegaitriep@optonline.net From: C/ville,Kitty,Vryheid'sLust ECDLiving In: Edison New Jersey
Occupation: BankingOther Information: Attended Cumming'sLodge Secondary 1972-1975,looking for old friends.
Persaud, Ganesh(Ronald)gpersaud@bellsouth.net From: Grove Housing SchemeLiving In: Atlanta,GA,New York City,& Monroe,NY
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Guyana Oriental College(GOC)1960-1964
Persaud, Ganeshargancar@rogers.com From: Alexander Village GeorgetownLiving In: Whitby Ontario Canada
Occupation: Information TechnologyOther Information: IETC
Persaud, Ganeshargancar@rogers.com From: Alexander VillageLiving In: Whitby Ontario Canada
Occupation: Systems AnalystOther Information: Attended West Ruimveldt Government School and Indians Education Trust College
Persaud, Ganeshduponttax@hotmail.com From: Sheet Anchor Village,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information:
Persaud, GeetaBlue_Beech@hotmail.com From: Blairmont # 2 Setlement West Bank BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: Stay at home MomOther Information: Blairmont Primary School.I am Mohan Persaud (boots) daughter.would like to hear from old and new friends thank you.
Persaud, Geetagpersaud28@aol.com From: Pike St.Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Accounting ManagerOther Information: Attended Richard Ishamel Secondary School.Graduated 1982 Looking for friends in 5artsA.
Persaud, Geetodanielram20484@msn.com From: second street windsor forest,west coastLiving In: Miami,fl
Occupation: lending assistantOther Information: windsor forest,primary School daughter of jaio&doreen
Persaud, Georgegeokris@aol.com From: Guyana/Campbellville(Sheriff Street)Living In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Richard Ismael Secondary School a.k.a Indians
Persaud, Gerald Hgeraldpersaud@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Orlando,FL
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud, Ginogpersaud@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Attorney-at-LawOther Information: St.Rose's High-class of 1995
Persaud, Glorieglorie4u@hotmail.com From: #64 VillageLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Director&ManagerOther Information: Travel Agent&Trucking
Persaud, Gomattiekavita802@yahoo.com From: Columbia,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Miami,FL
Occupation: Student,major AccountingOther Information: Cotton Field Secondary,From 1995-2000
Persaud, GraceSexGpersaud@aol.com From: Sheriff St,CampbellvilleLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Federal EmployeeOther Information: attended Richard Ishmael Secondary School.My parents were the owner of Persaud's Variety Store on Sherrff St,Campbellville.I am looking for friends that attended the same School with me.
Persaud, Gyndawattiepersaudfamily@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: System AnalystOther Information: Bishops' High School,University of Guyana.
Persaud, Hansram "Armstrong"Jrampergas@aol.com From: Tain,Settlement,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Florida,moved from New York
Occupation: RealEsate InvesterOther Information: Attended Corentyne Comprehensive,School from 1979-1984
Persaud, Hareshpamelaspersaud@yahoo.com From: Skeldon EstateLiving In: Mt.Vernon New York
Occupation: Other Information: Skeldon Linepath Secondary,University of Guyana
Persaud, Harold A.tony-persaud@acs-inc.com/prsd9@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: Dallas,TX.
Occupation: Sr.Network AnalystOther Information: IETC 1978 University of Guyana 1979-81 GDF/SOC 1981-82
Persaud, Harold Anthonytony.persaud@acs.com From: KittyLiving In: Dallas,Tx
Occupation: Sr.Network analystOther Information: Indian Education Trust College
Persaud, Harrinand(Ralph)harrinand@hotmail.com From: Alexander Village,GeorgetownLiving In: Nassau,Bahamas
Occupation: Gemologist/Accountant KJWOther Information: Queens College-University of Guyana
Persaud, Harryharpers17@aol.com From: Annandale,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Forest Hills,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Annandale Secondary,University of Guyana-1971
Persaud, Harryharry_951@hotmail.com From: Bush Lot Village,WC BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Love to meet other Guyanese especially the HOT women
Persaud, Harrynauthhar1001@yahoo.com From: #65Village Corentyne(Berbice)Living In: Queens
Occupation: Medical Technologist and Physician AssistantOther Information: Attended Tagore Memorial High,University Of Guyana
Persaud, Hemawati Seemasharinarine@comcast.net From: #36 Village,corentyne,Berbice/Brighton VillageLiving In: Ohio
Occupation: Daycare providerOther Information: Manchester/1986 Transfer to Bush Lot Central Corentyne Secondary 87-90/John Jay High School 90-94 NY
Persaud, HomendraHomendra_Persaud@hotmail.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Horacehrpersaud@gmail.com From: Better Success,Essequibo Coast/Kitty/G/TownLiving In: Grenville,Grenada
Occupation: Registrar of ExaminationsOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Secondary 1966-1973,Indian Education Trust College 1973-1975,U.G !976-1981.Worked as Lab.Assistant at IETC 1975-1976.Taught at Anna Regina Multilateral School1978-1980
Persaud, Ileenileenp_35@msn.com From: GoedverwagtingLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Other Information: Graham's Hall 1981
Persaud, Inderaievea@yahoo.com From: Essequibo/Georgetown.Living In: New York,U.S.A.
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Looking for friends.
Persaud, Indirajsams@bellsouth.net From: Aldephi,CanjieLiving In: USA
Occupation: Healthcare workerOther Information: Attended BHS.Teacher at Multilateral 1977-1979
Persaud, Indraindrasmith5@aol.com From: Catherine Ville,Mahaicony-Airy HallLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Mahaicony Secondnary School
Persaud, Indrainjper@gmail.com From: South Ruimveldt GardensLiving In: Brentwood,NY
Occupation: Counselor,Social Worker,StudentOther Information: Charlestown Secondary High School
Persaud, Jai(VIDESH)jpersaud@canoemail.com From: Canal #2 PolderLiving In: Scarborough
Occupation: Equity TraderOther Information: Attended Kawal,West Dem Sec.Left in 1994
Persaud, Janetpersaudjs@hotmail.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: GovernmentOther Information: Lived on Garnet Street by Liberty Cinema
Persaud, JanetJanetp2us@yahoo.com From: OgleLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Bank OfficerOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary-1983
Persaud, Jasmattie-ModaJseejattan1229@aol.com From: Mechanic Shop Auchlyne GuyanaLiving In: WakeField Queens NY
Occupation: Other Information: Auchlyne School
Persaud, Jasmineladyjasmine911@yahoo.com From: PouderoyenLiving In: NY/GT
Occupation: Business ownerOther Information: West Demerara old student,from Klein Pouderoyen,now living between Bel air park GT and Kew Gardens NY
Persaud, Jasodaurmjas@hotmail.com From: McDoom Village,EBDLiving In: New York
Occupation: Adminstrative ManagerOther Information: Attended CHS in the 60s.I am also know as Urmilla.
Persaud, Jawaharmahasejay@hotmail.com From: sarah wakenaamLiving In: 12c shell road Kitty
Occupation: military officerOther Information: attended Essequibo Islands Secondary School.presently a major in the GDF.would like to establish link with all Secondary School classmates
Persaud, Jawalajawalapersaud@hotmail.com From: Good Hope lot 14,Canal 1 PolderLiving In: Prashad Nagar Georgetown
Occupation: Retired Supterintendent of PoliceOther Information: Canal 1 school did farming was a member of the ssu before the gdf then the guyana police and at all the divisions
Persaud, Jayaradhajayaradha2@yahoo.com From: EcclesLiving In: queens Village,NY
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud, Jayashree (Joy)j4persau@hotmail.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: GIS SpecialistOther Information: Bishops High (1983-1988) UG (1992-96)
Persaud, Jayashreepersaudj2002@yahoo.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud, Jayashreepersaudj2002@yahoo.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud, Jeanjlateef@aol.com From: Catherine Ville,Mahaicony-Airy HallLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Immigration OfficerOther Information: Mahaicony Secondnary School
Persaud, Jeetindriyajtndry@aol.com From: #79 village,Corrivertion,BerbiceLiving In: Groveland,Florida
Occupation: Pharmacy TechnicianOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Secondary 1981-87,Guyana School of Agriculture 1988-90,Skeldon Guysuco 1991-99.Would like to hear from classmates,co-workers and friends.
Persaud, Jeewanzaberdee@yahoo.com From: Sisters Village W.B.D.Living In: Toronto Ont.
Occupation: Marketing Rep.Other Information: Patentia Govt Secondary School.
Persaud, Jeewanjeewan84@hotmail.com From: Sisters Village W.B.DLiving In: Toronto Ont
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Patentia Govt Secondary W.B.D.
Persaud, Jenniferjennyrpd@aol.com From: Courbane Park,AnnandaleLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Annandale Secondary,Live in Waterloo Street @ Aunt Carrie,Live in Grenada,Worked @Fogartys,Tower & Mercy and Prashad Hospital
Persaud, Jenniferqtapple85@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information: Former Secretary to Mr.Doodnauth Singh Sc.Att.at.law
Persaud, Jenniferjennysaud@yahoo.com From: Rosignol,BerbiceLiving In: The Bronx
Occupation: Other Information: attended rosignol secondary high school
Persaud, Jimmyjimper59@3web.net From: 57 Village Cor/Bce,GuyanaLiving In: Brampton,Ont Canada
Occupation: Repair InstructorOther Information: attended 63 Tagore,71-76.NATI 1978-80 canada 82-pres
Persaud, JoeLoveuGyal@hotmail.com From: Bush Lot West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Orlando Florida
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud, Joejoe_persaud@hotmail.com From: No 70 Village,CorentyneLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Structural EngineerOther Information: Skeldon Lutheran High 1961 to 1966,Iscott in Trinidad,former Director PEIP in Guyana 1994 to 1997.
Persaud, Joelpersaj2@yahoo.ca From: StrathspeyLiving In: Markham Ontario
Occupation: Financial AdvisorOther Information: Annandale Sec 1970-1970:Lillian Dewar 1975-1978 Chronicle Newspapers 1985-1990
Persaud, Joeyjoeypersaud6@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: Richmond Hill
Occupation: operation managerOther Information:
Persaud, JohnRicrya@aol.com From: Canefield CanjeLiving In: Up State New York
Occupation: Mechinical EingineerOther Information: Reliance Primary School Rose Hall Cricket Club 1974 to78
Persaud, Johnjkpr@netscape.com From: Prashad Nagar,born in Canal N.2 PolderLiving In: Florida and Markham,Ontario
Occupation: Adjunct Professor in EnglishOther Information: Same as Ramphal,John.See info.under this heading
Persaud, Johnricrya@aol.com From: canefieldLiving In: new york
Occupation: eingineerOther Information: reliance primary school 1970 to 1978 like to hear from anyone who attended reliance school
Persaud, Jotisjotisp@hotmail.com From: SkeldonLiving In: Richmond Hill,NY
Occupation: operation managerOther Information: Skeldon Luthrean |75,UG 1984
Persaud, Joykezmat@hotmail.com From: AnnandaleLiving In: Silicon Valley CA
Occupation: https://www.facebook.com/joy.persaud.7Other Information: Attended Annandale Secondary. Lived in Minnesota until recently
Persaud, Joyjepd2004@yahoo.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Business AnalystOther Information: Bishop's High (1983-1988),UG (1992-96),UWI (1998-2000)
Persaud, Joycejoyce_anodtech@bellnet.ca From: Zeelandia,WakenaamLiving In: Brampton,Ont.
Occupation: PlannerOther Information: I Love to meet my People,look forward
Persaud, Joycesignsrus@primus.com From: Zeelandia,WakenaamLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: ReceptionistOther Information:
Persaud, JulianJulianPLVB@yahoo.com From: QueenstownLiving In: Miami
Occupation: US MarineOther Information: Look forward to making contact with my old friends
Persaud, KamalaKamala19@aol.com From: W.C.DLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Leonora Government Secondary School(80-85).Looking for my classmates!
Persaud, KamalaKamala19@aol.com From: W.C.DLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Leonora Government Secondary School(80-85).Looking to chat with friends for my classmates!
Persaud, Kamaldai (Annooksha)ann.autoboys@gmail.com From: No.48 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Book-KeeperOther Information: Student at Tagore High from 1991-1996 & Teacher of same from 1996-2001
Persaud, Kamaldai Annookshaann@autoboys.ca From: NO.48 Village,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: Toronto,Canada.
Occupation: Book-KeeperOther Information: Former student of Tagore Memorial High from 91-96 and former teacher of same from 96-2001.
Persaud, KamelaSushma_2020@verizon.net From: Bush Lot Village WCBLiving In: Port Reading NJ
Occupation: At HomeOther Information: Attended Latchmansingh school came to this country about 12yrs now looking for old friends email me whenever you can
Persaud, KaminiKaminiP@msn.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne High School Rose Hall,Guyana
Persaud, Kamlapersauk@stvinc.com From: Alexander VillageLiving In: Queens Village,New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Central High School
Persaud, Kamlaperks2056@hotmail.com From: Guava BushLiving In: Ocala Florida
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Lived in England 71-86,attended Albion Primary School
Persaud, KamptakamptaP@excite.com From: 39 Stanleytown,New AmsterdamLiving In: Brampton,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Laboratory TechnicianOther Information: Attended Berbice Educational Institute from 1977 to 1982
Persaud, Karenkarenpersaud@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Statistical ClerkOther Information: Attended North Georgetown 1983-1988,UG 1999-2002.Love to hear from u!!!!
Persaud, Katrinakatrina87@loveable.com From: Born UK,from Guyanese ParentsLiving In: London,UK
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Kedardyal(Dyal)persaudfamily@hotmail.com From: Fyrish Village.Coentyne BerbiceLiving In: Kitchener,Ontario Canada
Occupation: DistributionOther Information: Corentyne Comphrensive High School and Corentyne Education College.Principal at that time I attended was:Kesarilall
Persaud, Kemraj(Stanley)kemrajp@yahoo.com From: Strathavon,Cane Grove,E.C.DemLiving In: Kitty,Georgetown
Occupation: Army Officer(Major)Other Information: Attended Bygeval Sec.1974-1980 Taught at Cove&John Sec 80-81.Joined the G.D.F 1982.Brother of Sookdeo Persaud(Cyril)Presently married to Savitri Singh(joyce)
Persaud, Kenpersaudken@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Better Success,Essequibo Coast
Occupation: BankerOther Information: ARMS/GNCB
Persaud, Kenpersaudken@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Better Success,Essequibo Coast
Occupation: BankerOther Information: ARMS/GNCB
Persaud, KenKennumberone@hotmail.com From: Leguan Island Essequibo CountyLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Essequibo Islands Govt Secondary
Persaud, Kevintoodynamic@hotmail.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Wuz up my peeps! I'm in grade 8,I play for my Schools basketball team,I'm the captain.I love talkin to people,so email me right away.
Persaud, KevinSadest290@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Newark New Jersey
Occupation: Customer service RepOther Information: Tech High Also full time Student at essex county College.
Persaud, Kewleykewley101@hotmail.com From: D'edward villageLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Rosignol Secondary 1981-87
Persaud, Khaimhemanar@caribsurf.com From: Hague Back WCDLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information:
Persaud, Khalida(Peggy)DevilAngelBoo@aol.com From: Canal #1&Bel-AirLiving In: West Haven Connecticut
Occupation: Health Care ProviderOther Information: Attended Mc Gillvary&St.Mary Lutheran
Persaud, Khelawanindione1@yahoo.com From: Mahaicony,ECDLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: BankingOther Information: Attended Kitty High School,Subryanville & CUNY.Love to hear from former students of KHS
Persaud, KhemrajSashaannpersaud@aol.com From: Zeelandia Village,Wakenaam IslandLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: SalesmanOther Information:
Persaud, Kimkimpersaud@verizon.net From: Catherine Ville,Mahaicony-Airy HallLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: HousewifeOther Information: Grandfather is Walter Persaud and Seewah Ramoutar
Persaud, Kimabdulkapersaud@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: New Comenius Prep./St.John's
Persaud, Kimkaper37@yahoo.com From: High St./David St.,KittyLiving In: Miramar,FL
Occupation: Admin.AssistantOther Information: New Comenius,St.John's College
Persaud, Kishorekish62@hotmail.com From: Maria's Plesasure WakenaanLiving In: queens New York
Occupation: technicianOther Information: attend Essequibo Islands Secondary School
Persaud, Komalpersaudkmal@yahoo.com From: West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Meten Meer Zorg
Occupation: Snr.Lab.Tech.Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary
Persaud, Krishnanpersaud10@yahoo.com From: Lusignan WestLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Computer OperatorOther Information: I attended Annandale Secondary School,I also worked at GBTI from 1996-2000.
Persaud, Krishnakpersaud42@yahoo.com From: Newtown,KittyLiving In: NY
Occupation: Other Information: looking for old friends and new ones,buzz me if you think you know me.
Persaud, Krishnakrispersaud61@gmail.com From: Windsor ForestLiving In: Boca Raton,Florida
Occupation: Real estate development and manangement.Other Information: Attended Richard Ishmael sec school from 1973 to 1980.Taught at Christ Church Sec in 1980 then left for advanced studies in US.Close friends were Rabindra Datt,Sew Kumar Budhu.
Persaud, Kumarfreewilly10557@aol.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Richmond Hill,NY
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: BEI-1982-1984
Persaud, Kumarkrsnadivine@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Operations SpecialistOther Information: Queens College.
Persaud, L Dkevinsmith369@yahoo.ca From: Guava Bush AlbionLiving In: Cambridge,Canada
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Secondary 1975-1980 and Apprentice Training Centre Port Mourant 1980 entry
Persaud, Lakelakeram@optonline.net From: Leonora,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Bayshore,Long Island
Occupation: Engineer/Radio BroadcasterOther Information: You can lisyten to me every Sunday from 1-3pm on 1240Am-WGBB or log on to www.AM1240WGBB.com
Persaud, Lakechand(Alvin)Ruffriderisback3@aol.com From: 61 Village corentyneLiving In: Brooklyn Ny
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Tagore high
Persaud, Lakeramlp_dhori@hotmail.com From: Cloonbrook/BeehiveLiving In: Missassauga/Canada
Occupation: Other Information: St.Stanislaus College 1990-1995.with rayon,russek,wilton,raul and others
Persaud, Lakhramlakepersaud@hotmail.com From: Bushlot Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Bronx
Occupation: Network/Systems EngineerOther Information: Winifred Gaskin Memorial HS/Central Corentyne HS
Persaud, Lalchan(Ricky)lpersan625@rogers.com From: Grove,E.B.D.Living In: Scarborough
Occupation: Other Information: Covent Garden Secondary 1980-1983
Persaud, Lalita(Jaiashree)lalitanarain@hotmail.com From: No.1 Rd.,Diamond Estate,Albion EstateLiving In: Kingston,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Corentyne High,Brickdam(Muslims)Secondary
Persaud, Lalllallpd@rogers.com From: Cumberland in Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: General Managerhttp://uttarpradesh.homestead.com/autoelectric.htmlOther Information: from Junior w/shop in NA
Persaud, Lalla Amarnathsyfer_69@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: C.S.OOther Information: 81 gordon st Kitty/dad name talbot
Persaud, LallchandAshley1921@aol.com From: Mahaica/Greenwich ParkLiving In: New York
Occupation: MaintenanceOther Information: looking for old friends
Persaud, Laltalaltapersaud@msn.com From: CraneLiving In: Canmore,Alberta
Occupation: Buisness OwnerOther Information: born in Crane immigrated to Canada 1974,living in Canmore,Alberta
Persaud, Larisalarisa_scorpion@yahoo.com From: Kitty,GerogetownLiving In: Ft Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: RNOther Information: Attended St Joseph High,graduated in 1993.Feel free to e-mail if you know me.
Persaud, Latalata.s@sympatico.ca From: Albion,Enmore&Diamond Estates,No.1 RoadLiving In: Kitchener,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Worked at Royal Bank,Rose Hall 1980-1982,Corentyne High School-Rose Hall,The Secretarial Sch.Water St.Georgetown.
Persaud, Leonardlfpglobal@cs.com From: IndustryLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Self-Employedhttp://www.lfpglobal.50megs.comOther Information: Went to Grahams Hall High School in 1981
Persaud, Litalitamohabir@rogers.com From: Bush Lot,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Business Ownerhtt://www.firstchoicechairs.comOther Information: Bush Lot Sec.
Persaud, LokeshwarFirstVenture2@aol.com From: Dennis Street.CambelvilleLiving In: Richmondhill Queens
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information:
Persaud, Loknauthmpersaud@vnuinc.org From: La Jalousie EstateLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary School 1976-1981
Persaud, Looknauth(KING)kjw@batelnet.bs From: Alexander Village,GeorgetownLiving In: Land of Canaan,EBD
Occupation: JewellerOther Information:
Persaud, Loretta(Sateshree)slp2001@hotmail.com From: # 1 Road Diamond and Albion EstatesLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Cropper Gov't School,Queen's College,B.H.S.Bennans Secretarial
Persaud, Lorrainelorraine.persaud@btinternet.com From: Parents from GeorgetownLiving In: West London
Occupation: Sales ExecOther Information: Went to Loughton College of FE 1986-88
Persaud, Lynnettelynn@hotmail.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Married to Rajan,Customs Officer with 2 children
Persaud, Mack(Mechanic)sabrine752@yahoo.com From: Fairfield&Cove and JohnLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Truck MechanicOther Information: Highdam Methodist School
Persaud, Mahesh CyrilPersaud@gimail.af.mil From: Unity VillageLiving In: Italy
Occupation: USAFOther Information: Cove & John H/S Gibson Primary
Persaud, MahindraMahindra9@msn.com From: Unity MahicaLiving In: Queens Village New York
Occupation: Auto MechanicOther Information: Bygeval Multilateral School 1983-1988
Persaud, MalaMala.harripersad@eqao.com From: Leonora,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Works for the Ontario GovernmentOther Information: Attended Stewartville Secondary School,left in '79.
Persaud, MalviPM160CH@aol.com From: Good Hope,Mahaica.E,C,Demerara.Living In: Brooklyn,New York.
Occupation: HVAC Tech.Other Information: Mahaica Secondary:From 1973 to 1976.Like to hear from anyone who attended during that time.Thanks.
Persaud, Marlonmarlpersaud@hotmail.com From: #79 Village,SkeldonLiving In: Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
Occupation: Assistant Hotel ManagerOther Information: Skeldon Lutheran High School
Persaud, Maroniespersaud0823@yahoo.com From: LBI EstateLiving In: Scottsdale Arizona
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Rama Krishna in Kitty from 68 to 71,then St.Joseph High from 71 to 73.
Persaud, Marymnewell@nyc.rr.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Assistant Controllerhttp://www.BlackPlanet.com/Referrals/rosegarden/Other Information: I Graduated from Indians(Richard Ishmael)in 1981.I am hoping to get in touch with some of my School friends.My father owned 'Persaud's Variety Store' on Sheriff Street,Campbelville.
Persaud, Mathadyalkbachai@lesc.org From: Kitty,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,New York,USA
Occupation: Dietary Aide/Kathak Dancer&teacherOther Information: Kathak dancer,teacher,& choreographer-associated with the Indian Cutlural Center&the Department of Culture,Georgetown.Represented Guyana nationally&internationally in the field of Dance.Taught at the National School of Dance.Teaches&performs in the USA> Looking for old friends,students etc.
Persaud, MaxiRper676746@aol.com From: Newtown,KittyLiving In: Queens Village,New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Central High/G.T.I
Persaud, Maydhamaydhapersaud@yahoo.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Abrams Zuil
Occupation: Head MasterOther Information: Headmaster Of Abrams Zuil Secondary School.Juman
Persaud, Mayru Balljeetmayrupersaud@aol.com From: Vryheid lust's East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: ComputerOther Information: Central High School,Richard Ishamel Secondary,Computer Training Centre,Computer World,T.S.I Computer School.
Persaud, Mena(Davica)mena_p@hotmail.com From: Goed Bananen Land,Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information: Attended B.E.I.After High School,I attended Victoria Commercial School.Left Berbice in 1980.Started working with Guyana Stores Ltd.Accounts Dept.from 81 to 90,during which time I lived in Pike Street Kitty,G/Town.
Persaud, MichaelWUTLISSBAI@yahoo.com From: Corentyne,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Queens Village,New York City
Occupation: Making Just Enough To Get By In Life!!Other Information: I am not the greatest person there is on this earth,and I do know also that I am very far from being what the best is.But is being 39 years old to late in life for me to ask someone out there to love me and share my life until i am no more?
Persaud, Michaelshattag2@hotmail.com From: Grove East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended saint's high School from96-99
Persaud, Mikesmp738@hotmail.com From: Albion Front-Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Financial AnalystOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne Secondary School,Graduated in 1985 or 1986.-also know as Sudarshan.Graduated from College in NYC.Would like to contact old friends.Please feel free to drop me a line.
Persaud, Mikemikesam7@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto Ont
Occupation: Other Information: central tech.
Persaud, Mintiapmintia@aol.com From: Skeldon,CorrivertonLiving In: North Bay Village,Florida
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Attended SLPSS(82-87)&BHS(87-88).Lived at Skeldon,Rose Hall,Blairmonth&Leonora Est.Compound.Daughter of Mahendra Persaud a/k/a Jai,fmr.Asst.Field Mgr.of Skeldon&RH Ests.I would love to hear from old friends.
Persaud, Mintiapmintia@aol.com From: SkeldonLiving In: North Bay Village,Fl
Occupation: BankerOther Information: I attended Skeldon L P S S(82-87)& Berbice High(87-88).Old friends,please get in touch.
Persaud, Mitchellmapersaud@yahoo.com From: Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: PastorOther Information: Queen's College 77-82
Persaud, Mohan L.mohanpersaud3@hotmail.com From: #69 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: TechnologistOther Information: Son of Kusial AKA Maghow-Vavoo.Attended Tagore Memorial Highschool 1969-1973 teachers-Bobby Goof,Kharigi.Also attended Merton College in Toronto,Ontario 1974.Would like to hear from old friends so please feel free to email me.
Persaud, Monica,Nandraniempersaud@lefroybrooksusa.com From: Port Mourant,Living In: New York
Occupation: Brach AdminstratorOther Information: Corentyne H.S/Chandi Singh HS 1981
Persaud, Monicapersaudmonica@hotmail.com From: Enterprise,GuyanaLiving In: Enterprise
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Cove and John sec.& City Collage
Persaud, Morrismorris.persaud@mail.com From: Diamond,EBDLiving In: London,UK
Occupation: Local Govt.OfficerOther Information:
Persaud, Muneshwarmuneshwarp@guysuco.com From: GuyanaLiving In: 1162 Canefield East canje Berbice
Occupation: Motor Transport DriverOther Information:
Persaud, MunilallDack3127@aol.com From: Guyana Unity VillageLiving In: Queens Village NY
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information:
Persaud, Naderamydear2@msn.com From: Columbia,Essequibo Coast/Anira St GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Anna Regina Multilateral School,I would love to get in touch with school friends or anyone who knows me,
Persaud, Nadianadiap12@hotmail.com From: 14 Pitt Street,New AmsterdamLiving In: Berbice
Occupation: Reservation ClerkOther Information:
Persaud, Nadianadia_diya_persaud@yahoo.ca From: Belverdere,Cor/BerbiceLiving In: Woodbridge,Ontario
Occupation: Accounting ClerkOther Information:
Persaud, Nadiasdgi27@yahoo.com From: East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Kentucky USA
Occupation: Instructor,Adult LiteracyOther Information: St.Stanislaus College,University of Guyana
Persaud, Nadine FayranSugarmuffin16o@aol.com From: EssequiboCoast/Mabaruma/Lethem/Venezuela/St MaartenLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Office AssistantOther Information: Would like to get in touch with any of my friends
Persaud, Naitramnrajpersaud@yahoo.ca From: Mc DoomLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: attended UG 79-84 and taught from 85-99
Persaud, Nalene Shenesaarabianshen@yahoo.com From: Lima,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Anna Regina
Occupation: BusinesswomanOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School in the 80's.Would like to meet old friends.
Persaud, Nalininalinipersaud01@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: accountantOther Information: linepath high looking to meet new friends
Persaud, Naliniiuspd@hotmail.com From: Grove East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Markham,
Occupation: Accountss ReceivableOther Information:
Persaud, Nalininalini@nyc.rr.com From: Guyana:Canal#1Living In: New York
Occupation: Web ProducerOther Information: Attended Richard Ishmael High School
Persaud, Nandasirox21@hotmail.com From: Aberdeen,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Woodbridge,Canada
Occupation: Operations PlannerOther Information: ARMS 1982-1988,CPCE 1992-1994
Persaud, Nandananda_maraj@yahoo.com From: BlairmontLiving In: Markham,Ontario
Occupation: Benefits Consultant,Ont.Min of Govt ServsOther Information: Attended BEI (1975-1978)
Persaud, NandaPERSAUD0593@ROGERS.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Woodbridge,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Anna Regina Multilateral/Cyril Potter college
Persaud, Nandanienan_forever2000@yahoo From: Windsor Castle Essequibo CoastLiving In: Etobicoke Canada
Occupation: Office AdministrationOther Information: School Attd Anna Regina Multilateral 1993 grad wanted to hear from my friends
Persaud, Naradazprinting115@hotmail.com From: New Road,EssequiboLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Self Employed-PrinteryOther Information: Charity Primary,
Persaud, Narayan (Narine)r4persaud@yahoo.ca From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Credit Risk AnalystOther Information: Born and raised on the E/bo Coast.Attended Anna Regina Secondary.Worked for Guysuco Internal Audit 1982 to 1988.with Hemchand,Indar,lakeram,Jaman,David Peters and those guys.Anyone remember me please drop me a line.
Persaud, Narendra (Munesh)mistuh_m@yahoo.com From: Ocean View,UitvlugtLiving In: Schenectady,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Uitvlugt School 1982-1986.Worked at DDL.
Persaud, NargisNargis75@earthlink.net From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: Student/AdminstationOther Information: Attend Campbellville Community High School from 87-89
Persaud, Narine(Brains)narinepersaud@yahoo.ca From: Georgetown/BerbieceLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: tax specialist(NNR Tax & Accounting Services)Other Information: Graduate of UG
Persaud, NarineKpersaud@fhmc.org From: Clonbrook Village East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Floral Park.New York USA
Occupation: Network EngineerOther Information: Attended St Stanislaus College.Taught at Golden Grove Secondary.
Persaud, Narineperfa84@aol.com From: Les'Perance Canal # 1 W.B.DLiving In: Queens,N.Y
Occupation: Sales Rep./Business OwnerOther Information: I attended Patentia Secondary school(1971-76) Work at Minestry of Agricuture(hyd.division 1984-1991)
Persaud, Natashanatpersaud@hotmail.com From: Cornelia Ida,WCDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: attended Zeeburg Secondary 90-94
Persaud, Natashagtgal4ever@hotmail.com From: Georgetown.Better HopeLiving In: Da Brickz a.k.a New Jersey
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information: Currently still in high School.and planning on majoring in Research Developing In Medicine.um i write poetry.i like to study and chill out.and I'm proud to be guyanese and hindu.holla back
Persaud, Nate/Neilnathan.persaud034@sympatico.ca From: Queenstown,Georgetown.Living In: Mississauga,Ont.Canada
Occupation: computer EngineerOther Information: Attended Indians Education Tr College
Persaud, Nateram (Ramo)npersaud66@hotmail.com From: No 2 village,CanjieLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: Medical Records CoderOther Information: No 2 school until 78/1 year at multilateral 78/79
Persaud, Nateram(Ramo)npersaud66@gmail.com From: #2 villageLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: CoderOther Information: attended #2 school until '78.Multi lateral 78-79.
Persaud, Navendra(Ron)navendra2002@yahoo.ca From: Meten-Meer-ZorgLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Auto collision repair(body man)Other Information:
Persaud, Nelawattie (Monica)Neela_Persaud@yahoo.com From: No.52 Village/No.48 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Bush Lot High School (1989-1990) Tagore High School (1990-1992).Father Pappie from # 52 village,Mother Kamini from # 48 village.Would like to get contact with school friends and village people who may know us.
Persaud, NevanieYellowhibiscus86@yahoo.com From: Queenstown,CorrivertonLiving In: Queens,Richmond Hill
Occupation: StudentOther Information: S.L.P.S.S,been over here 4-years,18 years old.
Persaud, Nevillenpersaud@elegantfunding.com From: georgetownLiving In: queens,ny
Occupation: real estate brokerOther Information: Indians high-54-56 Owner of Besto Feed factory-Durban & Smyth street
Persaud, Nicolagtsweetnikki@yahoo.com From: MahaiconyLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Use to attend Covent Garden Sec.
Persaud, Nicolegtsweetnicole@aol.com From: Mahaicony CreekLiving In: Mon Repos
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Covent Garden Sec...would love to communicate with people from near and far.
Persaud, Nikkinikki777_s@yahoo.ca From: Hague,WCDLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School.Hobbies are reading,biking,travelling,music and computers.Loves honest,smart and easy-going people.
Persaud, Nirvanigodivacheri@yahoo.com From: Cove and John/BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Brooklyn Technical High School--Class 2001
Persaud, Nivednivpersaud@netscape.net From: C ILiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary
Persaud, Noreshhardatpersaud@aol.com From: Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: T.DOT MALVERN
Occupation: Attending High Schoolhttp://www.lowriders.comOther Information: Big Up to all GT peeps and shot out to Malvern Peeps! Easy
Persaud, Oliveroliverpersaud@yahoo.com From: La GrangeLiving In: Montclair,New Jersey
Occupation: General ContractorOther Information: Attented St.Stanislaus College.Worked at DDL 90-95,Barama Company.Looking foward to hearing from any Guyanese,especially my work mates from DDL.GOOD STUFF!!!
Persaud, OngkarGuyanamn@aol.com From: Campbellville,GeorgetownLiving In: Southern California,USA
Occupation: Other Information: I attended Queens College from 1972 to 1977.I am trying to get in touch with high School friends.
Persaud, Padminipadmanic2000@yahoo.co.uk From: Albouystown,GeorgetownLiving In: Virginia,USA
Occupation: Inventory Control AssistantOther Information: Primary School:Dolphin Government 1967-1973 High School:Indian Education Trust College:1973-1978:Uiversity Of Guyana:1999-2001
Persaud, Pampam.shaw@hotmail.com From: Triumph Village,BV Market streetLiving In: Edmonton Alberta
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Annandale Secondary School
Persaud, Pamelakamala@canadianfeedthechildren.ca From: Duncan Street,Newtown KittyLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Administrative AssistantOther Information:
Persaud, Pamelasavita@supernet.ca From: Georgetown,KittyLiving In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Saint Joseph High.
Persaud, PamelaPjaikissoo@aol.com From: No.2 Village/New Amsterdam BerbiceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: B.E.I./N.A.T.I.
Persaud, Parramdeopar_persaud@yahoo.com From: TuschenLiving In: Tuschen New Housing Scheme
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Currently attending G.T.I
Persaud, Patriciapat101gy@yahoo.com From: Living In: New amsterdam
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Attended NA Multi-1987-1992
Persaud, Patrinatrinapersaud@hotmail.com From: CharlestonLiving In: Dallas,TX
Occupation: Speech TherapistOther Information:
Persaud, Paul-Anthonybluejay99@t-online.de From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ratingen,Nord-Rhein-Westfalen,Germany
Occupation: Ticket Agent at Lufthansa German AirlinesOther Information: Left Guyana in 71.Lot o family in Toronto.Love to email
Persaud, PaulPaul98@hotmail.com From: Triumph North/BV East Coast DemLiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: AccountingOther Information: Plays cricket,Clubing,Graduated 1997 Queens College CUNY
Persaud, Philipppersaud134@gmail.com From: CorrivertonLiving In: New York
Occupation: Supervisor ElectriansOther Information: Port Mourant Training Center
Persaud, Phulmatphulmatpersaud@yahoo.ca From: Guyana/TrinidadLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: B.V Government School
Persaud, Phyllisppersaud@wattsgroup.com From: AllbertownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Christ Church-Anyone,I would like to get in touch with my friend Indoutie Ramdhanie-living somewhere in the US.My maiden name is Sahoye and attended ChristChurch during 1967-1969.
Persaud, Poojapoojalove22@yahoo.co.uk From: BerbiceLiving In:
Occupation: StudentOther Information: would love to hear from u all.
Persaud, Poom Poom Patroltekkitoff@yahoo.com From: From di place next to de rumshop across from di man wah dus mek corn beef and crix for breakfast.(Because you can smell it from far)Living In: Minneapolis(mpls),MN
Occupation: Graphic Design and part time bubby inspectorDis ting rass like fi ask plenty question.Other Information: I think i feelin cold,I need someone to warm up mi soul.:)
Persaud, Prakashpjouian@earthlink.net From: Vreed-en Hoop W.C.DLiving In: Queens Village NY
Occupation: Other Information: West Dem Secondary
Persaud, Preaprea_persaud@yahoo.com From: Vreed En HoopLiving In: Tampa Fl
Occupation: Other Information: Zeeburg Secondary
Persaud, Premchandp_p_persaud@yahoo.com From: New Road Vreed en Hoop,West Coast DemeraraLiving In:
Occupation: A' Level student@Queens CollegeOther Information: Attended St Joseph High,Class of 2004
Persaud, PriyaKamilita_Persaud@yahoo.ca From: Zeelugt-GuyanaLiving In: Toronto-Canada/Queens-New York
Occupation: Administrative Assistanthttp://www.dtradewinds.comOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School.Class of 95'!
Persaud, Rabindra (Guy-Pro)guypro7@hotmail.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Branpton,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: N/A
Persaud, RabindraBoyzsbad1@aol.com From: Annandale.North.East.Coast.DemeraraLiving In: South Ozone Park.Queens New.York
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attended Annandale Secondary School.Late70s
Persaud, Radha(Sumintra)radha1969@hotmail.com From: Cane Grove,GuyanaLiving In: Long Island,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Virginia Village(School),Daughter of Lalo/Buck(Clothing Store).
Persaud, Radhadjirjodhan@rogers.com From: Railway Street,Kitty.Georgetown.Guyana.Living In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Dasrath's Grandaughter aka Kaitook's Great grandaughter
Persaud, Rajraj79@yahoo.com From: Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Vreed-en-Hoop
Occupation: bank clerkOther Information: reading,cricket
Persaud, Rajendrarajpersaud1@yahoo.com From: Industry Crown DamLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Cumming's Lodge Sec.school from 1970 to 1975,finished UG in 1982,worked at North Georgetown Sec.1980,went to Grenada worked at the Convent to 1986,worked at the Grammar school in St.Vincent to 1987,worked at COB in The Bahamas to 2001,worked at Bermuda College to 2009.
Persaud, Rajendrasilviesxx@yahoo.com From: Lusignan,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: 41,Lusignan East,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Guyana Oriental College 1963-67.Class teacher MR.Gunraj,Mr.Gobin,MR.Skeete,friend Churchill Manickchand,Subash Prashad,Rudy Munilall,Compton Singh,Shamshul Mohamed,Phillip Yong.
Persaud, Rajendrarajpersaud1@yahoo.com From: Mahaicony,Branch RoadLiving In: Bermuda
Occupation: College LecturerOther Information: Attended Cumming's Lodge Secondary School from 1970-1975,then I attended UG from 1976-1982.
Persaud, Rajeshagtrajesh1@yahoo.com From: La-Gerange West Bank DemeraraLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Cove & John Secondary E.C.D 1980-83
Persaud, Rajkumar(Raj)rpersaud68@yahoo.ca From: La PenitenceLiving In: Scarborough,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Saint Stanislaus College-80-85,Would like to contact old friends especially Mulchand Persaud.
Persaud, Rakeshrakesh_persaud@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana,Better Hope,E.C.D
Occupation: Network&Communication SpecialistOther Information: St.Joseph's High School
Persaud, Rakeshrmr2076@aol.com From: Phillippi Farm/Cromarty,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Cable DataOther Information: Central Corentyne Secondary.Bushlot
Persaud, RamRam@precisiontechnogy.com From: MahaicaLiving In: New Hampshire
Occupation: Operations ManagerOther Information: Attended Graham Hall Primary School Industry
Persaud, RamakantRamakant_p@indiatimes.com From: Nabaclis Village&AnnandaleLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Computer SpecialistOther Information: Hindu Secondary School,Cove and John,E.C.D,Guyana
Persaud, Ramdialrpersaud-ramdy@hotmail.com From: No.47 Village,Corentyne.Berbice.Living In: Brampton,Ontario.Canada.
Occupation: Shipper/ReceiverOther Information: Winifred Gaskin Memorial Secondary School.Manchester.Year.1979 To 1985.
Persaud, Ramesh(Cool Runnings)rudy447@lycos.com From: Bush Lot,West Coast Berbice.Living In: USA
Occupation: SalesOther Information: I attended New Amsterdam Multilateral School.Anyone who knows me,is free to make contact.
Persaud, Ramesh(Rude)rudy447@lycos.com From: Bush Lot,West Coast Berbice.Living In: USA
Occupation: SalesOther Information: Cool Runnings audio and video
Persaud, Ramesh(cake)hariprasad2050@rogers.com From: Grove,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: mechanic/spraypainterOther Information: attend grove School and covent garden Secondary School 1979 to1982
Persaud, Ramesh1tsp@rogers.com From: 81 Gordon Street, KittyLiving In: Etobicoke Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: St James The Less Anglican Kitty High,Teacher- Gov't Auditor- Min Labour/Old Age Pension-Public Assistance,Retired- Gov't Of Ontario/Min Of Attorney General-Human Resources and Labour Relation Officer
Persaud, Rameshericapersaud2@aol.com From: Princess St,Lodge,GeorgetownLiving In: UK/USA
Occupation: AD USAFOther Information: Attended,South G'Town 76-80,St Rose's High 81-83,Taught at Christ Church 83-85,Departed for the US 86,looking to get in touch with anyone who knew me or anyone else.Thanks
Persaud, RamonaRamona_Persaud@hotmail.com From: EssequiboLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Accountant/Programmer AnalystOther Information: Attended Anna Regina Multilateral School from 1987-1990.Please feel free to e-mail me.
Persaud, Ramonaramonasp@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: volunteerOther Information:
Persaud, Ranataguyanababe@iamyours.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Belair
Occupation: StudentOther Information: s.j.h student,Marian Academy----write me ppl~!
Persaud, Ranveerran504@hotmail.com From: Eccles E.B.DLiving In: R/Hill Queens New York
Occupation: Computer TechnicianOther Information: Attended Essequibo Island Sec.School ! Computer Instructure at Computer Training Center North Rd.Bourda
Persaud, RaviRabind@aol.com From: Canal No.2 PolderLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: DBAOther Information: Attended Central High School.1980-1985
Persaud, Ravileeman@sympatico.ca From: canefield,Berbice,guyanaLiving In: montreal,canada
Occupation: engineeringOther Information: cumberland,from.1978to1985
Persaud, RavinNewYorkRavin@hotmail.com From: 69 Village,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Tagore Hight School.Love meeting people,corresponding,partying,and having a great time
Persaud, Ravindracornelia@cornelia-ida.com From: Cornelia IdaLiving In: Alberta
Occupation: Self Employedhttp://www.cornelia-ida.comOther Information: Leonora,Stewartville and Zeeburg Schools
Persaud, Rawlegtposse22@yahoo.com From: Enmore E.C DEMLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Customer ServiceOther Information: Enmore Hope Primary,St Stanislaus College&Cove&John Sec
Persaud, Raymond TNiner3014@aol.com From: Born in Kitty,Lived also in CampbellvilleLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Fire Safety{fire fox}Other Information: Schools GOC&Kitty Prog College::ex GNS::ex NGS::ex OHS Min of Labour::ex GOSHA:
Persaud, RaymondRaympersaud@hotmail.com From: NewtownKittyLiving In:
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: attended Rama Krishna and Guyana Progressive College
Persaud, Rayonsunrayz72@hotmail.com From: TurkeyenLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Endoscopic Technicion in the Operating RoomOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary(1984-1987)
Persaud, Reenareenas54@hotmail.com From: HoustonLiving In: New York
Occupation: medicalOther Information:
Persaud, ReenareenaPersaud@hotmail.com From: Ocean View UitvlughtLiving In: Canada
Occupation: studentOther Information:
Persaud, Renukarenukagarnier@hotmail.com From: Corentyne,Berbice (Crabwood Creek)Living In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: Other Information: I attended Skeldon High School (1993-1998)
Persaud, Reuelrbpersaud@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Moorhead MN
Occupation: Email mehttp://www.cyberreu.comOther Information: Stella Maris Primary(Class of 1992),Queen's College(Class of 1999)
Persaud, Richardhercules_persaud@yahoo.com From: Canal Number One Polder.WBD.GuyanaLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Kawall Primary School1985-1993.McGillivray Primary1993-1994,Patentia Secondary 1994-1999.Looking forward to hear from old friends and family
Persaud, Richardpersaudrichard2msn.com From: G/TLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Health CareOther Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary School-80 to 85
Persaud, Richardrich182971@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Jamaica Queens New York
Occupation: Other Information: North Georgetown and Queen's College
Persaud, Rickeyrickardo_10457@yahoo.com From: KingstonLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Krishna College of Business 1990-1995
Persaud, Rickeyrickardo10457@yahoo.com From: Kingstown/Atlantic Gardens ECDLiving In: USA
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended KCB Krishna Colledge of Business Looking for old friends
Persaud, Ricky (Pokam) lpersan625@rogers.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Markham,ON.Canada
Occupation: Computer Network AdministratorOther Information: Leonora Govt.School/Netplus College (Canada)
Persaud, Rishmarishma@guyanatours.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.guyanatours.com/Other Information: www.guyanatours.com has a chatroom meet lots of Guyanese
Persaud, RitaNYREEPET@aol.com From: Bush Lot Farm,CorentyneLiving In: New York
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information:
Persaud, Robinrpersaud@onramp.ca From: EcclesLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Sales DirectorOther Information: Attended Indians Educations Trust College,left Guyana in 1975
Persaud, Rohanrohan.persaud@mgs.gov.on.ca From: Industry East Cost DemoraraLiving In: Mississauga
Occupation: Systems AnalystOther Information: Attended:Winfer Gardens,Central High (thomas lands) 1978 to 1981
Persaud, Rohitrpersuad@hotmail.com From: MahaicaLiving In: UK
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Rohitrohitsugrim2003@yahoo.com From: Mon ReposLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Company DirectorOther Information: B.V.Comm,High,St.Peters.R.C.Mon.-ReposPrimary
Persaud, RohitPERSAUD25@MSN.COM From: brighton villageLiving In: MINNESOTA MINNEAPOLIS
Occupation: machine operator recoilingOther Information: eversham primary school father of 2
Persaud, Romonaromona.persaud@yahoo.com From: Hope,lowland,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: ECD
Occupation: x ray technicianOther Information: Attended NGSS,works GPHC
Persaud, Ron(Rohan,Two Pound)rpersa801@rogers.com From: Zeelandia Wakenaam & Kitty GeorgetownLiving In: Mississauga
Occupation: Trading Supervision-TD Bank FinancialOther Information: Zeelandia Primary,Critchlow Labour College & University of Guyana
Persaud, Ronron_persaud24@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: USA
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School
Persaud, Ronaldpersaud7@rogers.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Clinical DirectorOther Information: Guyana Orential College
Persaud, Rookmindpersaud@yahoo.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: New York
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Abram Zuil Secondary 1994-1999
Persaud, RosettaAlwayzsmiling86@aol.com From: GuyanaLiving In: USA
Occupation: studentOther Information: Queens College in Guyana.Now DHS in USA.
Persaud, Rowenarowenavalenzuela183@msn.com From: Johanna CeciliaLiving In: Pike Street,Kitty
Occupation: TeachingOther Information: arms.cpce
Persaud, Royroykhan28@yahoo.com From: WakenaamLiving In: Wakenaam
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud, Rudolphseerudolph@hotmail.com From: Unity VillageLiving In: Brampton
Occupation: machine operatorOther Information: attend unity govt.anandale secondary
Persaud, Rudranauth(Michael)mikegy@solutions2000.net From: Bounty Hall E/bo CoastLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School
Persaud, Rudyrudypersaud@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: plantation
Occupation: auditorOther Information: boylen Secondary School/Toronto,canada
Persaud, Ruparupanir99@yahoo.com From: StewartvilleLiving In: Brampton Canada
Occupation: Self employedOther Information: Zeeburg sec 1985-1 990
Persaud, Rupert1midknightsun@gmail.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: NJ
Occupation: Comp.ConsultantOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral Sec.School
Persaud, Rupertpertman77@yahoo.com From: Prashad NagarLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Software DeveloperOther Information: Bishop's High School St.Stanislaus College Brooklyn College
Persaud, Saatisnandia@aol.com From: Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Queens ny
Occupation: secretaryOther Information: attended Skeldon Line Path High(1975-1981)
Persaud, Sabitrisakhan@forzani.com From: Bloomfield Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Auckline and Magaone schools
Persaud, Sadnasadhna37@yahoo.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: Belgrade,Serbia,
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Can't wait to hear from people that know me.Really need to find Anand and Buff,Nadia,Vishnu Singh from Charlotte St,Michelle,I beleive this is a small world.
Persaud, Safeenasweet4saf@yahoo.com From: La GrangeLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: StudentOther Information: La grange Primary,West Dem Sec.School of the Nations
Persaud, Sahodrasrambaran@gmail.com From: Ocean View UitvlugtLiving In: Toronto Canada,
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Secondary.Worked at Customs in Guyana
Persaud, SamanthaGTPRINCESS249@aol.com From: EnmoreLiving In: New Jersey/North Brunswick
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attend PAT College,IBE and Golden Grove Sec
Persaud, SamanthaGTBABE16@aol.com From: Newtown EnmoreLiving In: New Jersey USA
Occupation: Studenthttp://GTBABE16@aol.comOther Information: attended IBE Private School&PAT COLLEGE 2001
Persaud, SandraMsBesto@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Self-EmployedOther Information: Attended Indians Education:1971-1975 and Central High(Smyth St.Location)1975-1979
Persaud, Sandrapjmobeer@aol.com From: No.2 Village/New AmsterdamLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Overwinning/BHS
Persaud, Sandy Nalinisandynalini@yahoo.co.uk From: Dry shore (essequibo Coast)Living In: London
Occupation: mortgage underwriterOther Information: is there any danny persaud living in london or Affaan Ali living in Auraur Estate registered on this site???
Persaud, Sandysandynalini@yahoo.co.uk From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: London
Occupation: StudentOther Information: used to attend Aurura Secondary School in Essequibo Coast
Persaud, Sandysandypersuad10@sympatico.ca From: Uniform LeguanLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Leguan Secondary School 1995-2000.
Persaud, Sangeetasangeetapersaud@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: from st.roses's high School
Persaud, Sangeetassdp14@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: School of the nations,Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS
Persaud, Sarojaniesistopersaud@hotmail.com From: Kingston-Kitty-QueentownLiving In: Trinidad
Occupation: owner of my own businesshttp://www.tstt.net.ttOther Information: Sacred Heart R.C,Christ Church Secondary
Persaud, Sarojiniginamandana@yahoo.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: Central High
Persaud, Sarswatisarspers@optonline.net From: Herstelling,EBDLiving In: Central Islip
Occupation: Corporate ExecutiveOther Information: Covent Garden High School Year of 1979
Persaud, Sashasashbabes2003@hotmail.com From: Better HopeLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Full time StudentOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary
Persaud, Sashaangelicgtsh0rty@aim.com From: George TownLiving In: South Ozone Park
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information: Richmond Hill Highsingh`
Persaud, Saskiapharmgal98@yahoo.com From: Ogle Airstrip Road,ECDLiving In: Baltimore,MD
Occupation: Occupational Therapy StudentOther Information: Queen's College(87-92),UG(92-98),CCBC-Catonsville(99-02)
Persaud, Satsat_persaud@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York City
Occupation: Network EngineerOther Information: Queens College 1983-1991 NBIC 1991-1992
Persaud, Sattiesattie47@yahoo.com From: Canal #1 Polder,West Bank Demerara.GuyanaLiving In:
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: I am the daughter of Pandit Loknauth of Canal#1 Polder.My sisters are Daata,Baby,Baaba,Pinky,and Suro and i have 3 brothers Visho,Beta and Lekhram.I have been married since 1977 and i have 4 children.We recently moved to Miami Florida.
Persaud, Sattieknot4u120@aol.com From: Dowding Street,KittyLiving In:
Occupation: AdministrativeOther Information: Would like to get in contact with old friends
Persaud, SattieSattieP@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: GTM SupervisorOther Information: Bushlot Secondary High School 1979-80
Persaud, Savitri(Baby)guyaneseswtangel_911@yahoo.com From: #35 Village,corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Manchester,Connecticut,U.S.A
Occupation: StudentOther Information: daughter of Feddy A.k.a TP(toolsie persaud),attended wellton park C of S,he was a bus driver.LOOKING for old friends
Persaud, SavitrieNalliniq@yahoo.com From: Grove E.B.DemeraraLiving In: Miami FL
Occupation: Computer engineerOther Information: Diamond Primary/Central Hight/left to USA in 86 any one from central High want to contact me feel free
Persaud, Seerajnatsee@mail.ru From: Hydronie,ParikaLiving In: Moscow,Russia
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary School
Persaud, Seerajiedexterj@sunshinenet.net From: Supenaam,Essequibo Coast,GuyanaLiving In: Michigan,USA
Occupation: Admin.SpecialistOther Information: A.R.M.S.79-84/C.P.C.E.Module A,86-88.Would love my old friends to contact me.catch-up on days gone by:)
Persaud, Seetaleila_b_2002@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: SupervisorOther Information: Attended Queens College
Persaud, Seetalseetalpersaud@hotmail,com From: La PenitenceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Self employedOther Information: St Pius RC School/Charlestown Govt.Secondary School
Persaud, Seewattie (Jenny/Jennifer)jennifer_647@yahoo.com From: Bath Settlement,BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Travel Agent RepOther Information: Attended N.A.M.S,if you recognise this name kindly drop a line
Persaud, Seewattieseewattie_05@yahoo.ca From: Bath Settlement,BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Serojanie Amandaginamandana@yahoo.com From: Dowding Street,KittyLiving In: New Jersey/Central Florida
Occupation: Computer AnalystOther Information: Queens College,Guyana/UCF
Persaud, Sewahnand Dishmeusai@networksgy.com From: Felicity MahaiconyLiving In: Coverden East bank Demerara
Occupation: Public ServiceOther Information: I attended Mahaicony Sec School 1975-1980/U.G I will like to have contacts with old friends.My mother name is Edith.
Persaud, ShamN/A Tel:718-847-5533 From: Adventure Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens,New York
Occupation: ElectricanOther Information: Bush Lot High School/Electrical Training School
Persaud, Shamlexus_is30023@hotmail.com From: Essequibo,Coast,Golden FleeceLiving In: New York
Occupation: TechOther Information:
Persaud, Shamsham1981lex@hotmail.com From: EssequiboLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: want to meet old friends
Persaud, Shamitagodivacheri@yahoo.com From: Cove and JohnLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Shane A.bdpmail@bellsouth.net From: Happy Acres,Montrose ECDLiving In: McDonough,Georgia
Occupation: Architecthttp://www.shanepersaud.comOther Information: Queens College HS,Berbice HS/Pratt Institute,NY (School of Architecture)
Persaud, ShaniShaniP40@gmail.com From: East CoastLiving In: Richmond Hill
Occupation: Admin.AssistantOther Information: Looking to make new friends
Persaud, Shanta Savitris_prashad@yahoo.com From: Vigilance East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Trinidad P.O.S
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Attend Bladen Hall Secondary 1981-1985
Persaud, Shantashanta.persaud@opa.gov.on.ca From: Better Hope.E.C.D.Living In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Financial OfficerOther Information: Attended Annandale Govt.Secondary School 1969-1973
Persaud, Shantashanta.persaud2003@hotmail.com From: De Willem,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Lived next door to the Wades in De Willem..left Guyana in 1979,and have been living in the Toronto area since.
Persaud, ShantaCganeshram@aol.com From: De-Kinderen West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Ozone Park New York
Occupation: StayHome MomOther Information: Attend Stewartville Secondary School between 1982-1986
Persaud, Shardagtsweetnikki@yahoo.com From: Mahaicony RiverLiving In: Southern California
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Mahaicony Sec,Covent Garden sec
Persaud, Sharlenesweetnessnp@hotmail.com From: Grove,East Bank DemeraraLiving In: Canada/Toronto
Occupation: Mother/WifeOther Information:
Persaud, ShastriSDP@BRPLUSA.COM From: Newtown Kitty geoegetownLiving In: Ozone Park NY
Occupation: Mechanical EngineerOther Information: Born in WakeNaam/went to Richard Ishmael Sec.
Persaud, Shaunshaundpersaud@yahoo.com From: Living In: New york
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Computer Career Center
Persaud, ShaunShaunpsud@hotmail.com From: Anna Catherina W.C.DLiving In: Lanham,Maryland
Occupation: Aerospace WelderOther Information: Corneila Ida Primary,Central High 80's.Yhap's and Ram
Persaud, Shaunshaunca@gmail.com From: KingstonLiving In: Denver,CO
Occupation: Civil Engineerhttp://facebook.com/shauncaOther Information: Portland State University,University of Guyana,St.Roses High
Persaud, Shaunie(Chaitandratie)mantha30@earthlink.net From: Leonora&New ProvidenceLiving In: Hollis,NY
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information: Zeeburg Sec.School(96-98),Leonora Primary(90-96)
Persaud, Shavinebuttercup_singh@hotmail.com From: West Coast Demerara,RuimzeightLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: attended Stewartville Secondary school
Persaud, Sheena L.sheenalpersaud@aol.com From: Annandale NorthLiving In: New York,New York
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Annandale Seconday School class of 1998-2003
Persaud, Sheena Lisa-Mariedah_player_4_life@hotmail.com From: annandale northLiving In: Guyana East Coast Demerara
Occupation: studentOther Information: Annandale seconday year 1998-2003(januaray)currently@central Demerara academy(CDA)
Persaud, Sheilasheilefoster@tiscali.co.uk From: LusignanLiving In: London
Occupation: CashierOther Information: Would like to get in touch with anyone who knows me from N.Y in the 70's and from lusignan.
Persaud, Shereenshereen_rp@hotmail.com From: Living In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: travel agentOther Information:
Persaud, Sherillasndp_2002@hotmail.com From: Aurora Essequibo CoastLiving In: GT
Occupation: AS/400 OperatorOther Information: From Anna Regina Secondary.Loves making friends email or add me
Persaud, Sherryansheri2083@aol.com From: No.2 Village East CanjeLiving In: Jamaica Queens
Occupation: StudentOther Information: New Amsterdam Multeral Class of 99
Persaud, Shivshivnauthp@yahoo.com From: Albion Senior staff compound and Rose Hall CanjeLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Business Management ConsultantOther Information: Looking for old friends to chat with new friends are welcome too,dont be a stranger buzz me and lets get on with it
Persaud, Shivslic2002@hotmail.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Scarborough
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Watt up my peeps! I'm currently pursuing computer tech.Feel free to email me,I enjoy talkin to people.
Persaud, Shivshiv2720012000@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Carteret,NJ
Occupation: Chemical Engineer/Hess NJOther Information: Just moved to NJ Looking for guyanese to hang with/any one in the area feel free to contact me,
Persaud, ShivananandShiv41@hotmail.com From: Port Mourant BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: BusinessmanOther Information: wah yah do
Persaud, Shivanie N.shivaniepersaud@yahoo.com From: Dundee,MahaiconyLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Bank TellerOther Information: Far Rockaway High School
Persaud, Shivnarinenotoriousyouth2002@hotmail.com From: Newtown,Enmore.E.C.D.GuyanaLiving In: Scarborough,Toronto.
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information: Hey peeps! I attended Enmore Hope Primary,Saint Stanislaus College(1999-2003).Looking forward to meet old friends and make new ones.Feel free to holla me.
Persaud, Sirojaniesirojpersaud@yahoo.com From: AnnandaleLiving In: Queenstown
Occupation: Executive Assistant-H/R & AdministrationOther Information: Annandale Secondary
Persaud, Sonineelnan1125@yahoo.com From: Rosignol VillageLiving In: Floral Park,NY
Occupation: Travel ConsultantOther Information: Attended Rosignol Primary and Secondary School.Left Guyana 1988.I am Bush daughter and looking to connect with my old friends.
Persaud, Soorsattiesinghangela@hotmail.com From: Anna Catherina WCD.Living In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: MortgagesOther Information: Bishops' High '80s wants 2 meet other Bishops' grads.
Persaud, Stephenstephen.persaud@sympatico.ca From: Annandale West ECDLiving In: Canada
Occupation: System EngineerOther Information: Annandale Secondary
Persaud, Stephenstephen.persaud@sympatico.ca From: Annandale WestLiving In: Whitby,Ontario
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Annandale Secondary (1975-1980),PMTC (1980-1982),UG (1985-1990).Work at GNEC,Guys co (Engineer/Shift Manager),DDL (Engineer) & GUYWA (Executive Engineer).Present working at Pickering Nuclear as SAT (Shift Advisor Technical)
Persaud, Stevespersaud@mlslirealtor.com From: Harlem,WCDLiving In: Richmond Hill,New York
Occupation: RealtorOther Information: Attended Muslim Education Trust,GTI College,would like to meet anyone that was there
Persaud, Steven Nanjadstevenpr6@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Camp Pendleton,CA
Occupation: U.S.MarineOther Information: Anyone that thinks they know me should contact me.
Persaud, Subrinannavita@msn.com From: BuxtonLiving In: quens
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Richmond Hill High School.
Persaud, Suerattansteve2001stev@aol.com From: EnmoreLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Golden Grove Sec./Guyana School of Agriculture
Persaud, Sumintra(Ann)apersaud@clarkeinc.com From: Stanley town,BerbiceLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: AccountsOther Information: Attended Tutorial High School '1981-1986.Fr:Lot 39 Stanley town,New Amsterdam,Persaud's Bakery.I would love to hear from old friends or School Mates.
Persaud, Sunitapercyjewel@caribsurf.com From: Lusignan/IndustryLiving In: Nevis.W.I.
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: I attended Lusignan Primary 1973-79,Richard Ishmael Secondary School 1979-1984.Worked at Guyan stores photo lab,Sugar welfare office,Dependants' Pension Fund.
Persaud, Surajsurajpersaud-24@hotmail.com From: cambellvilleLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: material handlerOther Information: Ram Krishna school & cambellville community 85-90
Persaud, Surendrasp8scorpio@aol.com From: 68 VillageLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Physician-SurgeonOther Information: Queens College(79-85),Brooklyn College(86-90),UPenn(91-95)
Persaud, Sureshpersaud79@yahoo.com From: Esau & Jacob,Mahaicony CreekLiving In: Los Angeles
Occupation: AnalystOther Information: Plantation,Florida
Persaud, Surojanisuroj105@yahoo.com From: LusignanLiving In: Kitty
Occupation: ManagementOther Information:
Persaud, Sursattie (susie)Cyrilsusie729@msn.com From: Handenveldt Mahaica E.C.DEMLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Helena Primary/Cove & John Secondary School
Persaud, Surujdeomahindra973@yahoo.com From: Unity MahicaLiving In: Queens Village New York
Occupation: Auto MechanicOther Information: Bygeval Multilateral School 1981-1987
Persaud, Surujpaulsp_persaud@hotmail.com From: Courabane Park AnnandaleLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: SurviorOther Information: Annandale sec.School
Persaud, Sushilla(Elsie)elsie142@hotmail.com From: Kersaint Park,L.B.I East Coast DemLiving In: Montclair,New Jersey
Occupation: Computer Technical SupportOther Information: Cummings Lodge Sec(1987-1991)
Persaud, Tacurtacur2006@yahoo.com From: BarticaLiving In: Linden
Occupation: alrounderOther Information: mackenzie primary,multilateral,trade school
Persaud, Tameshwartanesh@dsr.ca From: Canal #2 Polder West Bank Dem.Living In: Toronto
Occupation: Copier technicianOther Information: Attended West Dem Secondary 1985-1989,Grandson of waggon.
Persaud, Tanyatanya_p14@hotmail.com From: #64 VillageLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I attend Emery CI
Persaud, Taratpersaud@yahoo.com From: Father from Good Hope,Canal No.1,West Bank Demerara.Living In: Edinburgh,Scotland
Occupation: AuthorOther Information: Please contact me if you have any stories about growing up in Canal No.1,Good Hope,West Bank Demerara,especially if you were growing up in the late 30's.As I am doing some research for my book based on my father's childhood in Guyana.Thank you.
Persaud, Tarantaran_p@hotmail.com From: KingstonLiving In: London,U.K
Occupation: Nurse ManagerOther Information: Sacred Heart R.C CHS in 60's Prasad's Hosp.early '69
Persaud, Teddyteddyexp999@aol.com From: Patentia Housing Scheme WBDLiving In: Jamaica Estates,New York
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud, Teddytpersaud22@yahoo.com From: PatentiaLiving In: New Yark
Occupation: Straightening things OutOther Information: Patentia H/S.Vocalist with an option on Politics or Scientology.
Persaud, Teekahteekahr@rogers.com From: Barnwell,East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Tax AccountantOther Information: Attended Saraswat High and Indians Educational Trust
Persaud, Thakoor aka Princemauritanarine@hotmail.com From: Zeelandia Estate Wakenaam/CampbellvilleLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Fuel TechnicianOther Information: Zeelandia Govt
Persaud, Thakoorprincepersaud@hotmail.com From: Zeelandia/Wakenaam CambevillLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Fuel TechnicianOther Information: Zeelandia Gov't School
Persaud, Thakurtpersaud@cox.net From: Champagne,Mahaicony KittyLiving In: Virginia
Occupation: Chief Financial OfficerOther Information: Attended Mahaicony & Annandale Secondary.Studied for the AAT Examination at Georgetown School of Accountancy.Worked at CLICO (SA) before migrating to US.Previously worked at DDL and DEMTOCO.
Persaud, Thakurt.persaud@rogers.com From: KittyLiving In: Scarborough
Occupation: Admin.ClerkOther Information: I attended Cummings Lodge Secondary.Class of '93 Looking for school friends.
Persaud, Thakurjames.persaud@wcom.com From: L.B.ILiving In: Atlanta,Georgia
Occupation: EngineeringOther Information: Attended Central High School 66-70
Persaud, Tigertiger@amtranserv.com From: Felicity MahaiconyLiving In: Brampton,Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Attend Mahaicony Sec.from 1974-1979
Persaud, TonyTonyper1@yahoo.ca From: Betsy Ground,BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Mechanical EngineerOther Information:
Persaud, Travinatravie_04@hotmail.com From: Living In: Ontario Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Travinatravie_04@hotmail.com From: Living In: Ontario Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Persaud, Tulsieron.persaud@gmail.com From: Leguan,Essequibo IslandLiving In: Brampton,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Manager,Retail OperationsOther Information: I attended Lenora Sec.and Leguan Sec.thereafter.Just looking to talk with some old friends and perhaps some new ones.
Persaud, TyroneTyepersaud@yahoo.com From: SuccessLiving In:
Occupation: Self-employed/Restaurant ConsultantOther Information: Central High School/Georgetown
Persaud, Urmillaurmilla@waynecanada.com From: LeonoraLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Payroll/HR/accountingOther Information: Went to Leonora Public School and St.Stanislaus in 1980(.I think)Looking for fellow classmates or fellow Guyanese just to chat!!!
Persaud, Vanessanaderia00@yahoo.com From: Canal #2/Georgetown/ParamariboLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Student/Mom/Community Activist/Learning LeaderOther Information: Currently Penn Foster College
Persaud, Vanitavanita272000@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Noitgedacht,Wakenaam.
Occupation: Other Information: Essequibo Islands Secondary
Persaud, Varenpesaud7@verizon.net From: RoseHall/BrightonLiving In: Maryland
Occupation: networkingOther Information: Corentyne comprehensive.look for classmate
Persaud, Vickramvickram_04@hotmail.com From: A/dale,E.C.Dem.GuyanaLiving In: A/dale
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Ann Sec Sch,thaught there for a few years,Attends UG.
Persaud, VictorVictor.Persaud@td.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Reinsurance Co-ordinator,TD Canada TrustOther Information: Went to Strathavon Secondary School.Came to Canada at age 8,looking forward to hear from old and new friends.
Persaud, Vidyaharrison5j@aol.com From: Seafield LeonoraLiving In: Bronx
Occupation: Bridal ConsultantOther Information: Would like very much to Have a E-Mail Pen Pal.I'm a single Mom with a 11Months old Baby Boy.His name is Harrison.
Persaud, VijayVijayPersaudnyc@aol.com From: Born in London United Kingdon,parents from GuyanaLiving In: Manhattan,New York,United States
Occupation: Foreign Diplomat AdvisorOther Information:
Persaud, Vijayvijay2424@yahoo.com From: Cove and John East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Brentwood Long Island
Occupation: Computer OperatorOther Information: I am interested in Spanish looking women and portuguese looking.Indian is a plus too.Hit me up ladies
Persaud, Vincenteasyindian@aol.com From: Cornelia Ida Squatting AreaLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Aig Insurance company 17 years resign,,,Manager Mechanic ShopOther Information: Stewartville Secondary School (1981 to 1985) Franklyn K.Lane high School New York..College of Insurance New York.
Persaud, VincentEasyindian@aol.com From: Cornelia Ida,Squatting AreaLiving In: Richmond Hill,New York
Occupation: Manager(Mechanic Shop)Other Information: Stewartville Secondary School
Persaud, Vincentvpersaud@arrow.com From: Grove Housing Scheme,EBDLiving In: New York
Occupation: Network AnalystOther Information: CGSS 79/80,GTI 80 to 82,GDF 84 to 88(13 Gds Bn,GPM)SOC16,resided in ScarboroughToronto 88 to 93
Persaud, Vincentvpersaud@gmail.com From: GroveEBDLiving In: Long IslandNY
Occupation: Network EngineerOther Information: CGSS 74 to 80GTI 80 to 82GDF 84 to 88(13 Gds Bn,GPM) SOC16resided in ScarboroughToronto 88 to 93.Feel free to email me.
Persaud, Vincentvpersaud@gmail.com From: Tank Street,Grove H/SLiving In: LI,NY
Occupation: Cisco Network EngineerOther Information: Covent Garden Secondary
Persaud, Vishalvishal_persaud@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: ocean view uitvlugt wcd
Occupation: audit supervisorOther Information: Covent garden primary,Central high School,Stewartville Secondary School
Persaud, Vishalvapersaud@gmail.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Persaud, Vishnauthvishal_persaud2000@hotmail.com From: De WellanLiving In: Mississauga Canada
Occupation: MachinestOther Information: Stewartville Secondary School
Persaud, Vishnu CHVAC822@aol.com From: NewAmsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Long Island,NY
Occupation: HVAC EngineerOther Information: BEI,NA Technical Institute,college of Technology,NY,CUNY,ny
Persaud, Vishnudeluxefm@aol.com From: Garden of EdenLiving In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: MathematicianOther Information: Covent Garden Sec,Fordham University
Persaud, Walterwalterpersaud@hotmail.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: Wales Sugar Estate Staff Compound
Occupation: National Cane Farming ManagerOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Govt.Secondary-1973
Persaud, Walterwalterpersaud@hotmail.com From: Uitvlugt Estate West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Agricultural manangerOther Information:
Persaud, Washmanie Tashatasha_luv2005@yahoo.com From: John's,Port Mourant,Cor/Bce.Living In: John's Port Mourant
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Corentyne Comprehensive High,class of 1996-2001.Currently teaching at Rose Hall Town Primary.
Persaud, Waynewaynepersaud82@hotmail.com or waynepersaud82@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Living in Montrose
Occupation: Accounts ClerkOther Information: I attended Cummings Lodge Secondary School(1992 to 1997)and City College Ltd(1997 to 1998).
Persaud, Waynewaynepersaud82@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Living in Montrose
Occupation: Accounts ClerkOther Information: I attended Cummings Lodge Secondary School
Persaud, Waynewaynepersaud@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Montrose,E.C.D
Occupation: Accounts Clerk(National Hardware Guyana Ltd)Other Information: I attended Cummings Lodge Secondary School(1992 to 1997)and City College Ltd.(1997 to 1998).
Persaud, Winston ParmanandWinston.Persaud@Avon.com From: Albouystown,GeorgetownLiving In: Orangeburg,New York
Occupation: Corporate AdministrationOther Information: Attended Chatham High School.Former Superintendent of Police.
Persaud, Y.KYk_persaud@hotmail.com From: ParikaLiving In: Hydronie
Occupation: Business ManOther Information: Grocery is my Business.
Persaud, Yogeshwarsilverscorpion2111@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Richmond
Occupation: Computer RelatedOther Information:
Persaud, Yogeshwaryogesh_2111@yahoo.com From: RichmondEssequibo CoastLiving In: TorontoONCanada
Occupation: Other Information: Anna Regina Multilateral School (2002)
Persaud, Yudiyudhisthir_persaud@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Bel Air
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: From Annandale,went to Lusignan Primary,Annandale Secondary,Queens college,UG and Cranfield University-UK
Persaud, yudyypersaud@hotmail.com From: guyanaLiving In: long Island
Occupation: pediatricianOther Information: hillcrest high School,downstate medical School,columbia Graduate School
Persico, Joeljoelrichp@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Operations Research AnalystOther Information: US Air Force Academy-Class of 1999
Persid (Singh), Fayfaysingh@yahoo.com From: #30 Village,West,Coast,BerbiceLiving In: Woodbridge,Ontario Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Bushlot Secondary West,Coast Berbice
Persuad, Reenareenas54@hotmail.com From: LeguanLiving In: queens
Occupation: receptionistOther Information: Taft high school
Persuad, Sandysandynalini@aol.com From: Essequibo Coast GuyanaLiving In: England
Occupation: StudientOther Information: attending Aurora Secondary School now currently attending Kingsmead High School.
Persud, sandysandynalini@yahoo.co.uk From: essequibo coast,dryshoreLiving In: london
Occupation: student studiyng for my A levelsOther Information: Aurora Secondary school i used to go to when i was in guyana
Pertab, Indraniihamid@hq.innolog.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Manassas Estates,Virginia
Occupation: Special Assistant to the PresidentOther Information: Bishops,Pace University NY,GW Univeristy
Pestana, Mervynmervyn_pestana@hotmail.com From: Bourda,GeorgetownLiving In: Ocala,Florida,U S A
Occupation: Semi retiredOther Information: Teacher Georgie's private School/Central High School.Sister Joyce,Brothers Louis(dec)Errol(Switzerland)
Pestano, Priyapriya.pestano@rci.rogers.com From: #41 Vlg,W.C BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Seafield Primary,Bygeval Multi.
Pestano, Richardcompton@blueyonder.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: england
Occupation: retiredOther Information: looking for friends T BOYS Robert/Earine ???
Pestano, Richardrichard@pestano.co.uk From: georgetownLiving In:
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: would like to get in trouch with T-Boys from camp street
Petam, Jairamjairamp@guysuco.com From: Guava Bush,AlbionLiving In: Enmore Staff Compound
Occupation: Industrial Relations Director-GuySuCoOther Information: Corntyne High School(1970-1975),University of the West Indies(Cave Hill)
Petam, Nadianpetam3@hotmail.com From: Enmore ECDLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: City College
Petamber, Dimpledrampers@apotex.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Florida
Occupation: UnderwriterOther Information: Berbice High School
Petamber, Dinesedevindrasgy@yahoo.com From: No 2 VillageLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: Travel AgentOther Information: Berbice Educaional Institute
Petamber, DonnaDonnap@stackpole.ca From: # 2 village,east canje,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Intermediate AccountantOther Information: Berbie High School
Petamber, Purnima(Debbie)sea772@aol.com From: Palmyra VillageLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: B.E.I
Peterkin, Derek(Pam-Pam)Dmcalmont2000@yahoo.com From: Hopetown WCBLiving In: New York
Occupation: Computer Tech.Other Information: Bush Lot High School
Peterkin, Myrnamyrnapeterkin@representative.com From: Haslington,E.C.DLiving In: Haslington,E.C.D
Occupation: Business Woman,Member Of Parliament.http://www.guybiz.comOther Information: I attended Tutorial High School,University Of Guyana,Critchlow Labour College.
Peters Jnr., Lindonlindonpeters@hotmail.com From: C/TYBerbice,Lamhar gradens,Grove east bank Dem.Living In: Turks and Cacios Islands.
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Bush lot-pre school,sacred heart primary,Move to st lucia,attended the Carmen Renne Memorial school and the Vide Bot.Hight School and then move to the Turks and caicos Islands and attened the Marjorie Badsen High School/TCI Com.Colllege at pre.
Peters-Smith, Paulapaulano1mum@aol.com From: Buxton-FriendshipLiving In: London
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information: attended Bladen Hall,North GeorgetownSec & Queens College
Peters, Abelpetersa1@optonline.net From: Bloomfield,CorentyneLiving In: Wappingers Falls,New York
Occupation: EntertainerOther Information: Corentyne High School
Peters, Alexandernp26@msn.com From: Happy Acres,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Happy Acres,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Stella Maris Primary and School of the Nations presently computer science student at G.T.I.
Peters, Brendabrenda_j_alsbrooks@yahoo.com From: CampbellvilleLiving In: South Carlolina
Occupation: Other Information:
Peters, DarcyBluff20002000@yahoo.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School
Peters, Denisedpeters29@juno.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: California,U.S.A
Occupation: Youth CounselorOther Information: Tutorial Academy
Peters, Donnisd23peters@yahoo.com From: Golden Grove VillageLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: I attended Golden Grove Secondary School
Peters, Elaineepeters873@aol.com From: Bloomfield,Corentyne/KwakwaniLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Network AdministratorOther Information: Corentyne High School-1979 to 1983
Peters, Elaineepeters873@yahoo.com From: Kwakwani/Bloomfield,CorentyneLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Network AdministratorOther Information: Attended CHS from 1978 to 1983
Peters, Folafolap2002@yahoo.com From: West Bank DemeraraLiving In: West Bank Demerara
Occupation: Senior Clerk/Insurance CompanyOther Information: Attended St.MMargaret's,henBishops High&St.Rose's High
Peters, GeromeGeromepeters@yahoo.com From: Whim Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Image Specialist/PC Technician/StudentOther Information: Son of Gilbert Peters and Nandrani(Jean)Kanhoye
Peters, Geromegeromepeters@hotmail.com From: Whim Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Upstate,New York
Occupation: IT Specialist/PC Technician/Studenthttp://www.geromeonlinestore.comOther Information: Son of Gilbert Peters and Nandrani(Jean)Kanhoye
Peters, Glendongpeters770@aol.com From: Airy Hall,MahaiconyLiving In: Georgia,USA
Occupation: Cellular AntennaTechnicianOther Information: Mahaicony Secondary,worked with GTC
Peters, GodfreyGodfrey_Peters@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Alberttown
Occupation: IT System OperatorOther Information: University Of Guyana(Computer Science Student)
Peters, Halcyonehalcipee@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: St.Stanislaus College
Peters, Herman,Georgehpeters@ufttc.org From: #2 Village,East canje,BerbiceLiving In: Kew Gardens,Queens,NY
Occupation: Teacher Center Facilitator/Prof.DevelopmentOther Information: Lecturer-In Service Tr.Training Center Teacher BHS,etc
Peters, Ianipe7223003@yahoo.com From: Belladrum west coast BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Other Information: Worked a Guymine
Peters, Ivelaw(dar/dar,blocks)IPeters99@aol.com From: Albuoystown&Charlestown,GeorgetownLiving In: Philadelphia,PA
Occupation: Electrical EngineerOther Information: St.Stephen's Scots,Charlestown Govt.sec,Vice-Captain on St.Stephen's cricket championship team of 1963.
Peters, Jemelghetto_fabulous264@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: High School StudentOther Information: Jean Vanier Cathloic Secondar School
Peters, Karenroguekw@yahoo.ca From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: Etobicoke,Ontario
Occupation: Mech.Eng.Other Information: I attended Linden Foundation Secondary in Guyana.Then in Canada I attended Woburn C.I.,Seneca College and Ryerson University
Peters, Keishakbetha_peters@yahoo.com From: Kuru-KururuLiving In: Dallas,Texas
Occupation: Massage TherapistOther Information: Dora Secondary School.
Peters, Lionelliocj2000@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,Port Mourant,Whim,BBP.Living In: Jamaica,NY.
Occupation: Realtor,Insurance AgentOther Information: Class of '72,National High School(NHS)
Peters, Marcia and Marcellevespergirl@yahoo.com From: No.2 Village East Canje BerbiceLiving In: New York City
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Multilateral HS(85-90)
Peters, MelissaMzCaMiLLaDyMe143@aol.com From: Born in NYC Indo GuyaneseLiving In: Mt.Vernon NY
Occupation: Pre-Med StudentOther Information: Interesting in locating possible family member,My parents divorced several years ago and i am currently searching for members of my father's family,College Student@StonyBrook Uni.& Mercy College.Currently A Medical Assistant.Indian classical
Peters, Nevillealexander2004_617@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Kansas City Missouri
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Stella Marris(89-96)North Georgetown Secondary(96-97)School of the Nations(97-2001)Feel free to send an email.
Peters, Norendanorriep@netzero.net From: Ann's GroveLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: ChefOther Information: Bygeval Multilateral School
Peters, Phillipa(Philann)Philann7@hotmail.com From: 69 Fifth St.,AlberttownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Childcare providerOther Information: Christ Church Secondary(1974-1979)
Peters, RishaunaSexytrump@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: St.Maarten Netherlands Antilies
Occupation: Student(graduating in June 2005)Other Information: well i attended the Toturial academy secondary school in NA and i'm also related to the Tucker's family.hey all i join this to meet up with my old friends and family.
Peters, Shawmanerr51984@aol.com From: East Ruimveldt Housing SchemeLiving In: Orlando,Florida
Occupation: Insurance RepOther Information:
Peters, Terrenceterrence.peters@lineone.net From: GeorgetownLiving In:
Occupation: Information Security ConsultantOther Information: Cambridge Academy
Peters, Tessa (Verna)timmy_242@yahoo.ca From: No,2 Village,East CanjeLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Coordinator Ontario Gov'tOther Information: B.E.I-1996
Peters, TrevorTHP_1@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Peters, Vibert Anthonyvapeters@sympatico.ca From: Bloomfield VillageLiving In: Shannon,Quebec,Canada
Occupation: Retired (was IS/IT Consultant/Architecture Tech.)http://www.vibertpeters.8k.comOther Information: Manchester Government Secondary (1969-1975)
Peterson/Binning, Deannamanlyvhl1@cox.net From: MackenzieLiving In: Southern Calif.USA
Occupation: NurseOther Information: mackenzie Primary Schoo
Petrie, Lennoxmrlennyp@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: usa
Occupation: Mechanical EngineerOther Information: attended tutorial high,former officer of gdf
Petty, Omarsmoothgentleman@hotmail.com From: Grove,East Bank Demerara.Living In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Civil Engineering TechnicianOther Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary,"Class of 95" New York College of Technology,
Phagoo-Naraine, Rose(Tajasree)rospha@yahoo.com From: Covent Garden E.B.D.Living In: Queens,N.Y.
Occupation: Other Information: Covent Garden Secondary School
Phagoo, Anupaann.phagoo@gmail.com From: Skeldon,CorrivertonLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Project Manager,HR Business Management ConsultingOther Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path Secondary School-Class of 86-87.Teached@CWC Primary School.
Phagoo, Deonarinedphagoo@pathcom.com From: Covent GardenLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Research EngineerOther Information: Covent Garden SS(77-82),Queens College(82-84),Cambridge Uni.(85-89),U of T(89-91)
Phagoo, Neeshanieneeshaniepersaud@hotmail.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Lester B Person C.I
Phagooram, VenikaDizcutegirl1618@yahoo.com From: #69 Village.BerbiceLiving In: Queenz.South Ozone Park
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Phagooram, VenikaCutegurlz20@aol.com From: Corentyne(69 Village)Living In: Queens,Richmond Hill,New York.
Occupation: Still Studing as a student.Other Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path Secondary.(2000-2002).Love making friends.Don't be scared,I won't bite.
Phagooram, VenikaPrincessVenika@aol.com From: Corentyne,Berbice,(# 69 Vllage)Living In: Richmond Hill,Queenz,N.Y
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Skeldon Line Path Secondary.(2000-2002).Love making friends.Shout outz to all dem Guyanese pplz out there.Drop me a few line iight.
Phagu, ShamaineShamainephagu7@hotmail.com From: Vreed-en-hoop/Plantain WalkLiving In: London UK
Occupation: Mortgage AdminstratorOther Information: West-Demerara-Secondary/Leonora Secondary
Phagu, Sunienita@miragesteel.com From: Phoenix,LeguanLiving In: Brampton,ON.CA
Occupation: Admin.ManagerOther Information:
Phagu, Treshatphagu@hotmail.com From: Pheonix,LeguanLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Customer Service AgentOther Information: Want to connect with my hometown buddies!
Phang, Johnjfp2001uk@yahoo.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Alleynen's High School.Would like to correspond with honest,trustworthy Guyanese,mainly from Georgetown
Pharay, RoshieRPharay@aol.com From: Golden Fleece,West Coast BerbiceLiving In: Queens Village,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Bush Lot High School
Pharsi, lakeramlpharsi2@aol.com From: pomeroon,essequiboLiving In: Long Island,Ny,USA
Occupation: Other Information:
Phatandain, Dianandpredecessor10@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: 91 Strathspey,East Coast Demerara
Occupation: Sales Manager (Edward B.Beharry & Co.Ltd)http://www.beharrygroup.comOther Information: Taught at Bladen Hall Sec.(1992-2000)
Philadelphia, Anthonyphilawa@auburn.edu From: Kitty VillageLiving In: Alabama by way of California/New York
Occupation: Psychotherapy/CounselingOther Information: Attended St.Joseph,Indian College(?),& Saints in G'town(70's).anything with a motor fascinates me.any motorheads out there?
Philadelphia, Claire Annmariephiadelphiac@wmconnect.com From: KittyLiving In: Alabama
Occupation: Other Information:
Philip, Kempadookempadoop50@gmail.com From: Port Mourant,BerbiceLiving In: Tampa,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Corentyne High school- 1963-1968.Taught at Kildonan Primary- '73-76'
Phill, KeithKeithPh25@aol.com From: West Rumpveldt/West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: Network Engineerhttp://www.geocities.com/patentia1/Other Information: Graduated from University of Maryland w/Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
Phillips(Burkett), Rondarondaphi@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Multilateral(Gt)Boys&Girls HS(Bklyn)Hunter College(BA)Long Island University(Ms.Ed.)
Phillips, Ameenaf_sarlat@hotmail.com From: Adelphi SettlementLiving In: Toront
Occupation: Other Information: Went to Reliance school.Is sister of Golo,Gol was a well known girl.my brothers are Dunlop and Kalam Azeez.Nephew is presently principle for Berbice high school,Antonio Azeez.Went to C.E.I.
Phillips, Ameenaf_sarlat@live.ca From: Delphi SettementLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Went to Reliance school.Is sister of Golo,Gol was a well known girl.my brothers are Dunlop and Kalam Azeez.Nephew is presently principle for Berbice high school,Antonio Azeez.
Phillips, Bryanbphillipss@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Arakaka,NWD/Georgetown
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Work at Ministry of Works-Hydromet Section,Burham Agriculture Institute(BAI)in 1960s.Would like to make contact with old friends.
Phillips, Debra,Anitamasihdas10222000@yahoo.com From: Herstelling,E.B.D.Living In: Brooklyn,N.Y.
Occupation: Hospital receptionistOther Information: Attended Providence Primary,then Covent Garden Sec.School
Phillips, Jennifervibertreid@msn.com From: 49 Lamaha St Newtown Kitty.Living In: Sugarland Texas
Occupation: Other Information: North Georgetown High
Phillips, Kathybabyk1142777@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam,BerbiceLiving In: Queens Village,NY
Occupation: StudentOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral School
Phillips, Lloydplloydphillips@gmail.com From: Soesdyke linden highwayLiving In: East orange new Jersey USA
Occupation: Semi retiredOther Information: St Pius Trinity Methodist work at ministry of national development and agriculture looking for old school mates and workmates
Phillips, Marissamarissa_phillips2000@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: New York
Occupation: BankingOther Information:
Phillips, MarkMetrocabs@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Chattanooga Tennessee
Occupation: SelfemployedOther Information: Alleynes High
Phillips, Orloffoman123@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Philadelphia
Occupation: IT ManagerOther Information: Freedom High School,Bethlehem PA
Phillips, Paulinecanjie16@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Fitness InstructorOther Information: National Track Athlete GDF
Phillips, Staceystaceyphillips_19@hotmail.com From: Vergenoegen East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Vergenoegen East Bank Essequibo
Occupation: University StudentOther Information: St Rose's High class of 1999
Phillips, Tonymarjp61@aol.com From: Stanley TownLiving In: Palm Bay Florida
Occupation: Other Information:
Phillips, Yoshiayoshia@shaw.ca From: LindenLiving In: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Occupation: OpticianOther Information: attended Mackenzie High School
Phulnauth, SurindraSeandion149@aol.com From: Strastpey,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Bronx,NY
Occupation: Business ManagerOther Information: Attended Bladen Hall Multilateral School.Class of 88.Would love to hear from fellow schoolmates or who remembers me.
Phulranee Jean, Singhphulraneesingh1953@yahoo.ca From: Lesbeholden North,Black Bush PolderLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario
Occupation: Manager,MCSCSOther Information: Attended Lesbeholden School to Grade 12 and moved to Mahaica in 1969,later left Guyan in 1970
Pickering Sr, Carltonkcn@anguillanet.com or amster1p@lycos.com From: West Ruimveldt H.S./Supply E.B.DLiving In: Anguilla.B.W.I
Occupation: Education Welfare Officer./TV ProgrammingOther Information: Chatham High-Critchlow Labour College
Pickering, Charlescharlespicko@msn.com From: West R/Veldt H.S/Festival City N/R/Veldt.Living In: Brooklyn New York.
Occupation: Security.Other Information: St.Phillips/St.Barnabus &St.Thomas Moore RC.(1970-1975) Call name "PICKO".
Pickering, Geraldgerald_pickering@yahoo.com From: lodge village georgetownLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: self employ.Other Information: Lodge Government School
Pickett/Barratt, Kieronkieronb3@yahoo.com From: Kingston,GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,NY
Occupation: Compliance Officer (Bank/Brokerage)Other Information: Attend Central High School (GT) 1985-1987 before migrating to New York
Pierre-Cheefoon, Paula Carolynpaulacarolyn@hotmail.com From: Airy hall MahaiconyLiving In: Queens Ny
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Mahaicony Secondary School/Novar Primary
Pierre, Adeleadele17_gy@yahoo.com From: Living In: Arcadia,E.B.D
Occupation: Agricultural OfficerOther Information: Central High School Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) University of Guyana Ministry of Agriculture.
Pierre, Antoinemapomme509@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: French Guyane
Occupation: ElectricianOther Information:
Pierre, Michellemichelleallison72@hotmail.com From: MahaiconyLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Queens College,Bishops' High
Pierre, Nathalienathalieneischer-hardy@hotmail.com From: MahaiconyLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: RNOther Information: Mahaicony High School & Brickdam Secondary
Pierre, Paulpaulpierre56@hotmail.com From: Seafield,BerbiceLiving In: Nassau,Bahamas
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Mahaicony Sec
Pieters, Audreyjudreyp@aol.com From: Kiltearn Village,CorentyneLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: AcountantOther Information: Attended Manchester Secondary School 1972-1975,Eversham Primary school and New Amsterdam Technical Institute (1976)
Pieters, Shirley Pamelasugarpplum2000.ca@yahoo.com From: Wismar,LindenLiving In: 132 "I" Wismar Housing Scheme,Linden.
Occupation: Accounts Clerk IIOther Information: Kara-Kara High &Wismar Multilateral Schools.A Nursery School teacher from 1978 to 1987.Worked at Surapana Agricultural&Allied Services L.T.D,Banks D.I.H Ltd,Chicken House.
Pile, Claudeinzoley@verizon.net From: Vreed-en-HoopLiving In: Baltimore,MD.USA
Occupation: Surgical Tech/Computer TechOther Information: attended West Dem Sec.School,GTI,Baltimore City C.C.,Morgan State University
Pile, MervinAnthony3rd07017@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,Albouystown,La PenitanceLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Student and partime workerOther Information: An ex St Johns College Student
Pilgrim-Spooner, LloydLSpoon51@bellsouth.net From: LodgeLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Professor of BusinessOther Information:
Pilgrim, Julietgodislovejap1214@yahoo.com From: Georgetown/TimehriLiving In: Springfield Gardens Queens NY
Occupation: HHAOther Information: Lodge Congregational/South Georgetown Secondary School.Worked at Civil Aviation Department,Cheddi Jagan Airport Int"l Airport.
Pilgrim, Kennethkepbb@msn.com From: GeogretownLiving In: Fort Worth Texas
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Queen's College
Pillay, DionDion322@cs.com From: Letter Kenny Village Cornrtyne BerbiceLiving In: Newak NJ
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Pillay, MariaigtDiane123@CompuServe From: Letter Kenny VillageLiving In: Newark,NJ
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Wilfred Gastine High School
Pillay, Sammy/SamuelREDRAT@cs.com From: Letter Kenny Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Newark NJ
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Pimento-Das, Marymarydas413@hotmail.com From: New Amsterdam.GuyanaLiving In: Florida
Occupation: HomemakerOther Information: Berbice Educational Institute
Pinheiro, Suzannespinheiro1@verizon.net From: Tucville,G/town (near uncle eddie's home)Living In: Silver Spring Maryland 20904
Occupation: Assistant Branch MangerOther Information: Tucville govt school and Indian Educational Trust College and also worked at Guyana Stores Limited Universal Bldg.
Pinkerton-Manning, Cherylcmanning@naic.org From: KittyLiving In: Kansas City,Missouri
Occupation: Data Quality Specialist(Insurance)Other Information: Attend Cambridge Academy.Worked at University of Guyana
Pio, Alexis Andreaalexis_pio@yahoo.com From: PouderoyenLiving In: Pouderoyen
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Malgre Tout Primary,West Demerara Secondary,studing industrial relations,want to find people who know/knew me,or don't
Pio, Michellemich_pio@yahoo.com From: PouderoyenLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: St,John's College
Pique, Orwaynepique4u2nv@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In:
Occupation: IT/Lab Manager/Quality Control Specialisthttp://www.piquelove.faithweb.comOther Information: Mackenzie High School
Pirmal, Dianadpirmal@yahoo.com From: EnmoreLiving In: New York
Occupation: high school studentOther Information: friends of deepa &dj
Pirthipal Hullinger, Margretmhullinger@bna.com From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Virginia
Occupation: Executive Editor--Legal Publishing CompanyOther Information: Berbice High School,1975-80
Pitam, Beverleybeverleyjessie@yahoo.com From: Queenstown,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Queenstown
Occupation: Senior Clerk(GTM)Other Information: ARMS,Business School.Will like to meet old friends and make new ones.
Pitamber, Anniedreams4annie@yahoo.com From: Goed Fortuin WBDLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Brickdam Sec./West Dem.Sec.
Pitamber, Christinachristinapitamber@hotmail.com From: Williamsburg,Cor,BerLiving In: Queens/New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: J.C Chandisingh,Laguardia College,City College
Pitamber, Kumarkumarpitumber@hotmail.com From: EnmoreLiving In: Laurel,Maryland
Occupation: Matinance Engn.Other Information: Enmore Hope High School,My Dad Gerald was a Taxi car driver.I live in Laurel Maryland now.Looking for old friends and family.
Pitamber, Nalininalini_aaron@yahoo.ca From: Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Lower Corentyne Secondary School
Pitt/Josiah, Deborahdeejay34@live.com From: Affiance,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Nurse AidOther Information: Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary
Pitt, Hughhpitt1@optonline.net From: Best VillageLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Investment BankerOther Information: North Georgetown Gov.Secondary
Pittam, Ombasie(Ourbasie)ombs54@optonline.net From: IndustryLiving In: Long Island,New York
Occupation: Project Director--Montefiore Medical CenterOther Information: Attended Cove and John from 1978-1982
Pittam, Ourbasieombasie@optonline.net From: Industry/OgleLiving In: New York
Occupation: Professor/AdministratorOther Information: Attended Hindu College from 1978-1982,Industry Primary
Pittam, Veronicav_pittam@hotmail.com From: QueenstownLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: teachingOther Information: arms.cpce.ug
Plant(Hive), Janinebeehive@caribsurf.com From: Albion,LBI GeorgetownLiving In: Barbados
Occupation: Manager directorOther Information: St.Roses
Playter Seepaul/Barakat/, Sandrakatss16@yahoo.com From: Newmarket st.g/townLiving In: uganda
Occupation: Other Information: north Georgetown Secondary
Playter, Gale AnnGale210@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: StudentOther Information: F.E Pollard Primary and St.Joseph's High Schools
Playter, Gregorygplayter@yahoo.com From: Alexander Village,Kitty,TimehriLiving In: The Sunshine State,Florida
Occupation: ContractorOther Information: Carmel R.C&Charleston Secondary.Worked at Brazilian Embassy '77-'82.Looking for old friends.Left Guyana in '82.frequent visits to Guyana.Looking forward to a time where I can develop the tourist industry/organic production.
Playter, Gregorygzplayter@aol.com From: KittyLiving In: USA
Occupation: Contractor-Alternative HealthOther Information: Carmel RC,instructor at saint,Stanislaus college,international federation,NY,Alternative and medicinal
Pollard-Hegedus, Tonihtonius@yahoo.com From: David St,Kitty,G/TLiving In: Apex North Carolina
Occupation: Medical BenefitsOther Information: Cambridge Academy,St.Joseph's BS
Pollard-Shuman, Alanaalanapollard@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Richard Ishmael 1989
Pollard-Shuman, Alanaalanapollard@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: BankerOther Information: Attended Richard Ishmael Secondary School and would like to hear from old school friends.
Pollard, Andrewandrewpollard2005@yahoo.com From: LOodge/TucvilleLiving In: Tortola British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Darkroom TechnicianOther Information:
Pollard, Pauletteforgive47@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In: USA
Occupation: Executive Assistant,Corporate FinanceOther Information: NGGSS
Pollard, TracyTracy_Dionne@hotmail.com From: Gerogetown/East RuimveldtLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Tech AnalystOther Information: Attended Bishops High School 96-98
Pollydore, Andrewandrew.polly@hotmail.com From: TucVille,GeorgetownLiving In: North Carolina
Occupation: Other Information: St.Roses High
Pompey, Magdelinempompey@gmaccf.com From: BarticaLiving In: New York,U.S.A
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attend St john the Baptist and barica secondary high.My mother is Yvonne pompey
Poole, Deborahdmarge2003@yahoo.co.uk From: LindenLiving In: London
Occupation: HairdresserOther Information: Mckenzie high
Poole, Melindamlnd2_poole@yahoo From: AlbouystownLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: High SchoolOther Information: went to St.Georges High School
Poonai, Asuntaasunta.poonai@yahoo.com From: #61 Village,Corentyne and Esplanade Rd.NALiving In: Queens NY
Occupation: Program CoordinatorOther Information: All Saints Primary NA,Tagore High 63 Vill.,HillCrest High NY,Hunter College NY
Poonai, Atmanan(Eric)atmanan14@aol.com From: BerbiceLiving In: New York,USA
Occupation: Other Information:
Poonai, BrianBrianPoonai@hotmail.com From: 61 Village,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Mechanical EngineerOther Information: Tagore High School
Poonai, Govingovinp2001@yahoo.com From: #61 corentyne/BerbiceLiving In: jersey city NJ
Occupation: student/computer/network techOther Information: snyder high School-jersey city grad-2002
Poonai, JohnJohnAKKPoonai@aol.com From: #61 VillageLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Tagore High School
Poonai, Risherishe.poonai@rbc.com From: #61 village,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Brampton,Ontario
Occupation: BankerOther Information:
Poonai, Romeljpoonai5068@rogers.com From: #61 villageLiving In: brampton,ont.
Occupation: RealtorOther Information: New Ventures Realty
Poonai, Shirleysghouchandra@sfgroup.ca From: No.61 Village,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Client Relationship ManagerOther Information: Tagore Memorial High School
Poonai, Surendraiuspd@hotmail.com From: 56 Village Correntyne,BerbiceLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: PharmacistOther Information: Tagore Memorial High School 1980-1985
Poonow, Jenniferjenpoonow@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Office Manager,Videomega ProductionsOther Information: Christ Church Secondary as Jennifer Singh.Learning Spanish at the Venezuelan Institute.Religion:Jehovah's Witness.
Poonow, Shaanshaan_poonow@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Network TechnicianOther Information: Currently working at i-Net Communications IncSaint Joseph High,Queen's College
Pooran-Hatim, MonicaHaifa90@aol.com Hatim@chfhq@aol.com From: Agricola,Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Silver Spring,MD
Occupation: Program AnalystOther Information:
Pooran-Hatim, Monicamhatim@chfhq.org From: AgricolaLiving In: Silver Spring,MD
Occupation: Program ManagerOther Information: Attended St Anne's Anglican and Veira School in Eccles
Pooran, AmandaGtgirlamanda@aol.com From: Mon-ReposLiving In: Queen's New York
Occupation: Other Information: Bladen Hall Multilateral
Pooran, Anilanilsterosonic@yahoo.com From: Betseyground/Edinburgh VillageLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Pooran, Appadupooran.appadu@gmail.com From: Auchlyne EstateLiving In: Edmonton,Canada
Occupation: Graduate Studenthttp://pooranappadu.comOther Information: Attended: Auchlyne Primary (Class of 2001),New Amsterdam Multilateral (Class of 2008),and the University of Guyana (Chemistry,Class of 2012).
Pooran, Beenadpbeena@yahoo.com From: Georgetown/KittyLiving In: Florida
Occupation: NetworkingOther Information: St.Joseph's High
Pooran, Devicadevicapooran@hotmail.com From: Canal #2 polder West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Sales ManagerOther Information: Patentia Secondary School.
Pooran, Mohanie(Amanda)Gtgirlamanda@aol.com From: Mon-Repos,GuyanaLiving In: Queen's New York
Occupation: ReceptionistOther Information: Bladen Hall Multilateral
Pooran, Mohindermmichael@aol.com From: Anna CatherinaLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Leonora Secondary School
Pooran, Philipphil_pooran@hotmail.com From: KittyLiving In:
Occupation: Vocational Education TeacherOther Information: High School:St Stanislaus College GTI
Pooran, Rameshr&jfood@hotmail.com From: Enmore EstateLiving In: Rexdale
Occupation: Electrician/Gas TechincianOther Information: Bookers Apprentice Training Centre Port Mourant,Corentyne
Pooran, Rolandrolandpooran@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Pooran, Seebarrat (Ramesh)rameshpooran@hotmail.com From: Port Mourant/Mibikuri South BBP,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Real Estate Broker (New York/Florida)Other Information: Corentyne Comprehensive
Pooran, Soma Devisoma_devi19@yahoo.com From: Ogle,ECDLiving In: Ogle,ECD
Occupation: Typist/ClerkOther Information: I attended Grahams Hall Primary,Plaisance Community High,Cummings Lodge Secondary and then Global Technology
Pooran, Stevestevepooran@yahoo.com From: Kitty,GeorgrtownLiving In: Florida,USA
Occupation: Computer TechnicianOther Information: Attended Central High School in Smythe Street Goergetown
Pooran, SunitaGwilm@yahoo.com From: AgricolaLiving In: Stratford,Ontario
Occupation: Works in a SchoolOther Information:
Poornidai, Balkumarpoornidaisandhu66@me.com From: Adelphi SettlementLiving In: Bradenton,Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Went to New Amsterdam Multilateral,Dad was a teacher at Berbice High
Porter, Kimann A.kimisis@aol.com From: Kwakwani Park,Berbice River GuyanaLiving In: Jamaica Queens,New York
Occupation: Birth Registrar/Parient Info.Rep.Other Information: I would love to hear from all of my Guyanese pals and family
Portia, FernandesPorsche-20@hotmail.com From: AlbouystownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: SalesOther Information: Lived in.Albouystown,Attended Carmel.R c -- worked at.G.N.T.C.
Powell, Rosannerosepowell_99@yahoo.com From: La Grange,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: North Carolina,United Stated
Occupation: HomemakerOther Information:
Powley, Rebeccajerrick43@hotmail.com From: Bel-Air GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: The Business School,Looking to reconnect with old friends
Poxy,Mark,Morty Stoby&Mikal, SMM Boyzsmmward21@hotmail.com From: Woodpecker Lane Amelia's Ward Mckenzie LindenLiving In: All over the world
Occupation: students and between jobsOther Information: A groups of guys who attended McKenzie High School together person who we chilled with was Michael Lowe
Prabhudial, NermalaNeemala12@aol.com From: SkeldonLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: I was a Teacher at Skeldon High School.1981-2000 Friends please feel free to e-mail me.
Prabhudin, GaneshGprabhudin@yahoo.com From: Best Village W.C.D.Living In: N.Y.
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: C/School & V/Hoop C/H School
Prakash Balgobin, Satyaprakash_balgobin@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Windsor Forest,West Coast Demerara
Occupation: Accounts SupervisorOther Information:
Prakash, Jagdishjagprakash@rogers.com From: UitvlugtLiving In: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: IETC,Emile Woolf College,ACCA,CGA,CPA
Pramnauth, Alvinpramnautha@aim.com From: #79 VillageLiving In: NJ
Occupation: Project ManagerOther Information:
Prasad (Bahadur), Vidyavidya.b@shaw.ca From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Calgary,Alberta,Canada
Occupation: Sr.Business AnalystOther Information: attended BHS
Prasad (Naraine), Preadarshnipriyan108@hotmail.com From: Uitvlugt/GeorgetownLiving In: FLorida
Occupation: Mortgage BrokerOther Information: Saraswat,Sacred HEart,BHS,GTI,UG,Univ of Manchester
Prasad(Persaud), Darshanidarshaniprasad@yahoo.ca From: New Road,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Medical Office AssistantOther Information: Abram zuil Secondary School
Prasad, Afroseamy1432002@yahoo.com From: GeodverwagtingLiving In: Queens N.Y.
Occupation: College SudentOther Information: Plaisance Primary School(1992-1998),North Georgetown Secondary School1998-2001),Laser Edge Academic College(2002-2003).
Prasad, AngelaAngela1_9_7_6@hotmail.com From: Hampton Court,Essequibo CoastLiving In: Mississauga Canada
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: AnnaRegina Multi Secondary
Prasad, Angelabano152002@yahoo.ca From: Hampton Court/Essequibo CoastLiving In: Mississauga
Occupation: clericalOther Information: Anna Regina Secondary
Prasad, Angeliacanada_gyal@hotmail.com From: Kitty,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Ontatio
Occupation: Other Information:
Prasad, Ashisha Kulinablue_lagoon30@hotmail.com From: Bel AirLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Other Information:
Prasad, Balwantballyprasad@yahoo.com From: Kitty and MahaiconyLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Other Information: Novar High School
Prasad, Davedbma2005@hotmail.com From: Grove E.B.D.Living In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Diamond P.S.
Prasad, HoraceHorace@Blueyonder.co.uk From: East Bank Demerara EcclesLiving In: London UK
Occupation: Computer ConsultantOther Information: I.E.T.C attended 1970-1976
Prasad, Mahendragalaxy20003@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Toronto/Canada
Occupation: Self-employedOther Information: Attended Patentia Sec.CPCE.
Prasad, MonicaMarcell80@yahoo.com From: South R/Veldt ParkLiving In: South Florida
Occupation: NurseOther Information: St.John's College,Krishna's College
Prasad, Navindra-"Navin"navindraprasad@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: G/town
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Prasad, Navindranavindraprasad@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information: St.Joesph High(2001-)Age:12
Prasad, Patriciapprasad2003@aol.com From: Kitty/campbellvilleLiving In: New York
Occupation: Accounts RecievableOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary School
Prasad, Rupaambi1302@cs.com From: ParikaLiving In: New York
Occupation: Medical AssistantOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary 91-96
Prasad, Sheilasheiladbprasad@yahoo.com From: Berbice,GeorgetownLiving In: Florida
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: Attended Berbice Educational Institute,1971.CPCE,1986.UG 1987
Prasad, Ugrasen(Paul)ugrasen@stis.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Ft Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: Airline IndustryOther Information: QC,CATI
Prasad, Vijai(Darshan)vijaiprasad@hotmail.com From: AnnandaleLiving In: Canada
Occupation: CNC MachinistOther Information: Attend Annandale Secondary
Prasad, Weswd_prasad@yahoo.com From: Mahaicony (Attended Kitty College & worked at UG Library)Living In: USA.
Occupation: IT ConsultantOther Information: Looking for Ronald or Donald Joe from Bloomfield,Corentyne.
Prashad Sarjue, Shantashantaprashad@yahoo.com From: Bel-AirLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Other Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary
Prashad(Harricharran), Shodhanshodhanharricharran@msn.com From: Alness VillageLiving In: Florida
Occupation: Chief EngineerOther Information: Attended Courentyne Comprehensive from 1968 to 1972,would like to get in touch with villagers from Alness,Berbice
Prashad, Bramanandbramprashad@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Industry,E.C.D
Occupation: Director-APEX Insurance Brokers Inc.Other Information: Enmore Hope Gov't,Cove&John Ashram.Worked at Hand In Hand Insurance for a number of years,a member of the United Nations and Rotary Club of Georgetown-Central
Prashad, Camillecamillep@rogers.com From: Camp Street Georgetown and New AmsterdamLiving In: Scarborough Ontario Canada
Occupation: Program AssistantOther Information: Attended Indian Education Trust College and Berbice Education Institute.Worked with the Ministry of Health.
Prashad, Chitraddomip@yahoo.com From: William St,Kitty.Living In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School 1981.
Prashad, Chitraddomip@yahoo.com From: William St,KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School
Prashad, Chitraddomip@yahoo.com From: William St,KittyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School 1975-1980.Thomas lands/Smyth Street
Prashad, Chrischrisprashad@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Prashad, Cindyhotangelc666@aol.com From: Ruimzeight,W.C.D.Living In: Jamaica,NYC
Occupation: Customer Service Rep.Other Information: Stewartville Sec.School.(class of 95)HOLLA!!
Prashad, Derek(Jay)vyhan3560@rogers.com From: Plaisance(Cinema Yard)E.C.DLiving In: Toronto,Canada.(from 87)
Occupation: Store ManagerOther Information: Plaisance Primary 74-79,Richard Ishmael 79-85.GTI 85-87.Big up all the G.T people out there.Not forgetting the Plaisance Massive.If you remember me form School or Yard please feel free to fire me an E mail.
Prashad, Eileenadnicul1980@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: The Netherlands
Occupation: Other Information: Cane Grove/Georgetown
Prashad, Hyacinthhyacinthp@optonline.net From: Amersforte/WakenaamLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Medical AssistantOther Information: Attended Essequibo Island Secondary School
Prashad, Jairajrzrm@icloud.com From: Crabwood Creek,Corentyne.GuyanaLiving In: South Carolina
Occupation: Medical DoctorOther Information: Skeldon Lutheran High-1962
Prashad, Kamptaanilprashad@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Medical PractitionerOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary School,Saints Stanislaus college
Prashad, Krish (Rohite)kprashad@trebnet.com From: UitvlugtLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: R/EOther Information: attended I E T C,taught @ M M Z worked @G T M
Prashad, Krish/Rohitekprashad@trebnet.com From: Uitvlugt,Ocean View,W C DLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: RealtorOther Information: Indian Trust College to 72,G T M to 79,Taught M M Z 72 to 74,My grand father was Jhagroop Jokham ( chemist)
Prashad, LeonLeo18us@yahoo.com From: Ruimzeight,W.C.DLiving In: New York
Occupation: Student,Jamaica High SchoolOther Information: I am looking for my friends that attended Windsor Forest Primary School
Prashad, Mayshomaysho@aol.com From: Rosignol,BerbiceLiving In: Gainesville,FL
Occupation: Graduate StudentOther Information: Berbice High,94',U.G.96',U.of Florida 04'
Prashad, NavinPlaya2damax@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: Majoring in Engineering and BusinessOther Information: Born and raised in Montreal but 100% Koolie,1 luv.email me!
Prashad, Neilldgrn108@gmail.com From: Kersaint Park, LBI, East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Real Estate & Mortgage ProfessionalOther Information: Attended LBI Primary School(1967-1971) & Cummings Lodge Secondary School (1971-1974) until I moved to Canada. Friends at Cummings Lodge included Yadoo Veer Ramdass, Rafeak Kassim, Khemraj Singh, Phillip Massey, Gavin Larose, Indrani Misir, Basdai Debrah, Devanand Ramchand(Joe) Rameena Hussain, Sursattie Sharma and many others.
Prashad, Neilnprashad@mobile.rogers.com From: Kersaint Park,La Bonne Intention,E.C.DLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Real Estate Sales ProfessionalOther Information: Cummings Lodge Secondary.Looking for friends who attended from 1971to 1974.
Prashad, Nelsonnprashad@hotmail.com From: Saltan Village,Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: New York city
Occupation: grad Student,bartender,caterer,salesOther Information: cultural anthropology,study East indian music in the West indies
Prashad, Neveditanivedita072002@yahoo.com From: Bush Lot West coast Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: New Jercey
Occupation: Computer OperaterOther Information: I attended Lachmansingh Primary & BushLot Secondary School
Prashad, Nirmala Cumarnirmala147@yahoo.com From: Canal # 2 Polder/Sandy babb street KittyLiving In: Hackensack New Jersey U.S.A.
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Muslims Educational Trust College/Kawall Gov't School/Worked at laparkan Shipping Company/Worked at kayman Sankar Aviation
Prashad, Nitaashanitaasha_singh@hotmail.com From: Canal # 1Living In: Brampton
Occupation: Registered Nurse:EROther Information: Attended McGillvary Primary School and then St.Roses High School from 1991-1993.
Prashad, Pam (Parmeshwari)pam.singh@hotmail.com From: Albertown,GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Planning AnalystOther Information: Attended North Georgetown Secondary School
Prashad, Puniakjbrooks@runet.edu From: Guyana(Leguna Island)Living In: Virginia
Occupation: Teacher AssistantOther Information:
Prashad, Rajindranauthrajinprashad@hotmail.com From: Annandale,ECDLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information:
Prashad, RamnarineAntho@rogers.ca From: Meten-Meer-Zorg(West)Living In: Markham,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Chem.TechnologistOther Information: Attended Zeeburg Sec.(74-79).Also known as Jago.
Prashad, Reshma (Rajdai)rprashad@yorku.ca From: EnmoreLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Graduate Level University Student(York University-Toronto)/Clinical Information Systems AnalystOther Information: Enmore Hope Primary,North GT Sec,Annandale Sec,Cove & John Sec
Prashad, Sharonsharonsunich@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: My dad name Jaskarran Prashad who pass away.I Really would like to get hold of my lost Aunt name Sabita maiden name Prashad residing in England.
Prashad, SherryCHE-CHE@PRODIGY.net From: Uniform LeguanLiving In: Valley Stream,New York
Occupation: Other Information: Daughter of David and Marie Lutchman and wife of Winston(cheech)Prashad
Prashad, Surendraxpressprocessing@hotmail.com From: Vreeden Hoop W.C.DLiving In: Arlington Texas U.S
Occupation: AvionicsOther Information: Taught at Central High School between 1987&1991
Prashad, Sushma(Seema)sushmaprashad@accamail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Industry,East Coast Demerara.
Occupation: Accounts Senior/studentOther Information: St.Margaret's Primary,Cummings Lodge Sec.,Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Guyana(ICAG),Accountancy Training Center(ATC)
Prashad, Vasishta (Vish)vish@globalspectruminc.com From: KittyLiving In: Richmond Hill,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: General ManagerOther Information: Kitty Methodist,Kitty High School,GOC
Prashad, Vijayvijay@excelemployment.net From: Corriverton,BerbiceLiving In: Canada&US
Occupation: Human Resourceshttp://www.excelemployment.netOther Information: Attend Skeldon Line Path Secondary in 1990-1995.
Prashad, Vinodeprashad20@yahoo.com From: SkeldonLiving In: Northridge,California
Occupation: Other Information: Skeldon Lutheran High School,Class of '71
Prass, Adriand1rasdaniel@netero.com From: Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn< New York
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Canje Secondary 1990-1995
Prass, Dionnedionev2@comcast.net From: Soesdyke and TimehriLiving In: Maplewood New Jersey
Occupation: Mortgage BrokerOther Information:
Pratham, Pooranpooran_pratham@yahoo.com From: Bath Settlement/GTLiving In:
Occupation: Other Information: Rosignol Sec,NATI,UG,Freedom House,GT
Preece (parents name Rohit &Payme), Tatree (Shanie)RNH173@aol.com From: No 65 VillageLiving In: London
Occupation: Nurse ManagerOther Information: Skeldon Line Path
Prem (Yank), Mohabirpemierpsm@msn.com From: Crabwood CreekLiving In: New York
Occupation: Retired AccountantOther Information: Attended CWC Primary and Skeldon Lutheran High Schools.One of the founder teachers at Skeldon Line Path Secondary School in Sept.1963.Composed School song and proud to have had a school house named after me
Prem, Samaroopremvid@ntzero.net From: Industry Front/ Industry H/SLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: AdminOther Information: Cummings Lodge Sec./Grahams Hall Does anyone remember Farida and Samsair,they were teachers
Prema, Daviddprema1@verizon.net From: Albion FrontLiving In: Hollis,Queens New York
Occupation: Junior AccountantOther Information: Attended CHS 1965-1970
Prema, Michaelmprema@onebox.com From: Albion Front/Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Richnond Hill,New York
Occupation: System AdminOther Information: Attended Corentyne High School from 1975-1981
Premchand(Champa), Umaaumaarojan@yahoo.com From: Adelphi Sett,Canje,B/ce GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: Managing AdministratorOther Information: would like to hear from old friends like Wendy Khan,Camille Ready,Lalita(Babita)Sukhoo,Regina Ali,Kallicharran Deonandan(Rick)Lenny Ashwarnauth.Bonita Chandan,Shamina Ali,.who all attended Berbice High School sometime between 1983-1987.
Premchand, Umaaurojan@yahoo.com From: Adelphi Sett,East Canje B/ce(Po hall)Living In: Bronx,New York
Occupation: Managing AdministratorOther Information: attended Reliance Primary,Berbice High School and Victoria Commercial,Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or whom I attended School with.Please send me an email.Cheers.
Premdas, BalmatteeBalmattee@aol.com From: No.78 Corriverton,Berbice,GuyanaLiving In: Long Island City,New York
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Skeldon High School
Premdass, Monicamonicapremdass@yahoo.com From: Success,ECDLiving In:
Occupation: BankingOther Information:
Premdass, Monicamonicapremdass@yahoo.com From: Success,East Coast demeraraLiving In: Tulsa,Oklahoma
Occupation: Arhitectural EngineerOther Information:
Premdat (Sukhram), Premwattiepam0118@msn.com From: Gt 2767 Crabwood Creek CorentyneLiving In: Richmond Hill New York U S A
Occupation: Self-EmployedOther Information: I attended Skeldon Lutheran High School 1970-75
Premlall, LatchminSPLPDATA@aol.com From: Annandale South,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Ottawa,Canada
Occupation: Adminstrative AssistantOther Information: attended Annandale Secondary 65-69,worked at Enmore Estate and University of Guyana
Premlall, Rockyrskpnyc@aol.com From: Anandale/LeonoraLiving In: Queens New York
Occupation: Business managerOther Information: Annandale Secondary/1979 UG graduating class.
Price, Desireetexasamma@gmail.com From: Good Intent Village,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Texas,USA
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Wales Canadian Mission School and University of Guyana.Was married to Allan Price,now deceased.Worked at Guyana Industrial Training Center from 1968 to 1975 and Bookers Central Services from 1975 to 1983.Moved to USA in 1983.
Primo-Forde, CandaceCanderic@hotmail.com From: Alberttown(G/T)/ItuniLiving In: B'klyn,NY
Occupation: Tax AccountantOther Information: Lived on 2nd St('84-87),Albert St('87-89),Hadfield St('89-90).Indians('84-89),GTI('89).Left G/T '90.Contact me(only)if you know me.
Primo, Felixpainterman@repairman.com From: william st Kitty GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto/Canada
Occupation: Building ContractorOther Information: Kitty Community High School
Primo, Jeanjeandesire99@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Social Service WorkerOther Information: Guyana School of Agriculture
Primo, Oslyneesqusite4ever@hotmail.com From: BerbiceLiving In: Mocha East Bank Demerara
Occupation: student(UG)Other Information: Went to St Margrets Primary.Lived in Antigua,went to Jennings Sec.and Antigua State College.
Primo, TysaTysaprimo@yahoo.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Accounts clerkOther Information: North Georgetown Secondary School
Prince Khan, Lincolnlincoln_prince_khan@hotmail:com From: Mabaruma BWR#1Living In: Barçelona,Spain
Occupation: Airline Pilot/Flight InstructorOther Information: North West Govt.Sec.School.Christ Church Secondary.
Prince Richmond, Jacquelinejaczrich@yahoo.com From: Festival CityLiving In: Bahamas
Occupation: teacherOther Information: Tucville school,multi,C.P.C.E,G.S.A,U.G
Prince, JeromeYRHJAYROM@aol.com From: Campbelle ville GTLiving In: Brooklyn NY
Occupation: Other Information: Sacred Heart RC,Central High,UG
Prince, Jeweljusjewell_2005@yahoo.com From: Festival CityLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: South Ruimveldt Primary,St Stanislaus College,University of Guyana,South Ruimveldt Nazaene Church
Prince, Kevinkevin_prince50@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: British Virgin Islands
Occupation: clerkOther Information: St.John's College,St Phillip's Primary.I attended South Ruimveldt Nazarene Church.Volunteer youth corps.Guyana.Would like all of my friends or other people who knows me to shout me out.
Prince, Lilianajadakiss1978@yahoo.com From: georgetown guyanaLiving In: georgetown
Occupation: self employedOther Information: east ruimveldt secondary school,carnegie school of home economics...
Prince, Seebertseebert24@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Nassau Bahamas
Occupation: Teacher/LecturerOther Information: St.Roses High,G.S.A,Univerisity of Guyana
Prince, Sharminifioma@gmail.com From: East La PenitenceLiving In: Brooklyn New York
Occupation: Program DirectorOther Information: St Ambrose/South Georgetown/St Joseph/UG
Prince, Shellyshellanda56@hotmail.com From: Silvertown (Linden)Living In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Customer Service RepresentativeOther Information:
Prince, Sitasitaprince@hotmail.com From: ZeeburgLiving In: Markham Ont Canada
Occupation: Sales ManagerOther Information: I attend Leonora Primary school/Meten-Meer-Zorg,WCD from 1976-1980.I would like to get in contact with anyone who would know me from that school or any one Recognize me
Prithipaul, Savitrisavjames@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: Other Information: Charlestown,Secondary,School
Pritipaul, Sarswatiespritipaul2@msn.com From: Wash Clothes,Mahaicony,ECDLiving In: Richmond Hill,Queens,New York USA
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: Alperton High School,England
Prittipaul, Brijesh(Ryan)brijpri7703@aol.com From: Blairmont,West Berbice.Living In: Queens.New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attend New Amsterdam Multilateral,Work with G.N.C.B.& N.B.S.Ltd
Profeiro/Gonsalves, Tiffany Angeltiff266@hotmail.com From: E.B.DEMLiving In: E.B.DEM
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Student of Christ Church Sec.
Profeiro, Carolcarolprofeiro@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Diamond E.B.DEM.
Occupation: Import & Export of wildlifeOther Information: Went to school in Suriname
Profeiro, Carolcarolprofeiro@yahoo.com From: Supply Village E.B.DLiving In: Supply Village E.B.D
Occupation: Import/ExportOther Information:
Profitt-Dey, PetuniaVanesson@aol.com From: Plaisance/IndustryLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Program DirectorOther Information: Attended Plaisance Primary and Queens College for a bit.anyone I know want to drop me a line,feel free to do so.
Profitt, Oswald(Ossy)oprof@bellsouth.net From: New Amsterdam,WismarLiving In: Huntsville,Alabama
Occupation: Operations ManagerOther Information: Attended BEI and Kara Kara High
Providence-McKnight, Pennypenny2smart@netscape.ca From: LindenLiving In: Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Youth/Adult CounsellorOther Information: from Redwood Crescent,attended MHS
Pryce, Fionafionapryce@solutions2000.net From: G/Town,GuyanaLiving In: G/Town,Guyana
Occupation: Loans OfficerOther Information: Went to QC&Bishop's High feel free to write me:)
Puddicombe, Kennethkenpud@gmail.com From: LaPenitence/GeorgetownLiving In: Brampton Ontario Canada
Occupation: ControllerOther Information: Carmel RC/Indian Education Trust
Pulchan, Avinashpulc0002@tc.umn.edu From: #65 Vill.,Georgetown,Golden Grove ECDLiving In: Mpls.,Minnesota
Occupation: Student-U of MOther Information: Attended President College.Want to say whazz up to all my fellow Guyanese.Hope to meet old friends and make new ones.
Pulchan, Yeshodapulc0005@umn.edu From: No.65 villageLiving In: Mpls.Minnesota
Occupation: studentOther Information: attended New Market Primary and Line Path(96-97).Looking for old friends
Pulley(Springer), Audrey(June)bpulley113@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Glendale Arizona
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information: attended Charlestown in 1973,lived on Hardina Street
Punch, Lindenruimveldt4@optonline.net From: West Ruimveldt/GeorgetownLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: Other Information: attended Ascension Lutheran in West Ruimveldt
Punch, Stevesteve_punch@hotmail.com From: Linden,GuyanaLiving In: The Bahams
Occupation: studentOther Information:
Punch, Winettejomoanpooh4ever2003@yahoo.com From: melanie damishana ecdLiving In: east ny brooklyn
Occupation: student Monroe collegeOther Information: i went to paradise primary,lived in melanie for 13 years now living in brooklyn ny.i would love to hear from old friends or any one who want to chat with me.i am 19 years old.
Punit, Hemahemapunit@yahoo.com From: willamsburg settlementLiving In: British Virgin Islands
Occupation: find friends[school mate]Other Information:
Punit, Purshotam(Loak)vpunit@hteinc.com From: Helena,MahaicaLiving In: Ft.Lauderdale,Florida
Occupation: DBAOther Information: Hindu College,UG
Punsamie, Mark Anthonympunsamie@nyc.rr.com From: #58 Village,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Wakefield,Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Punsamie, Michellempunsamie@nyc.rr.com From: #58 Village,Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Wakefield,Queens,New York
Occupation: Student-LAMS Junior HighOther Information:
Punsamie, Veerasammyvpunsamie@nyc.rr.com From: Mibikuri,Black Bush PolderLiving In: Wakefield,Queens
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Central Corentyne Secondary 1974-1979
Punsammy, Vishalvishalp_gy@yahoo.ie From: Hampshire SettlementLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attend JC ChandiSingh
Punu, Nirvanie[Durpattie]nirvaniea@aol.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: British Virgin Island
Occupation: Other Information: Shivita's business college
Punwa, Rabindraravipunwa2000@yahoo.com From: Free Yard Port MourantLiving In: Port Mourant,Guyana
Occupation: Health and SafetyOther Information: Looking for old friends and also to make new ones
Punwa, Ravindraravipunwa2000@yahoo.com From: Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Port Mourant
Occupation: Occupational Health&Safety OfficerOther Information: Current Employee Of Guysuco East Berbice Estate,I would appreciate if my old friends(also looking for new ones)can keep in touch.
Puran, Ganeshrreshma2001@yahoo.com From: Goed FortuinLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: WelderOther Information: aka Robin
Puran, Kumarkumar1017@aol.com From: Windsor Forest W.C.DLiving In: Jersey City New Jersey
Occupation: Other Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary 1980-1985
Puran, Narindranauthrakesh26gy@yahoo.com From: West Bank DemeraraLiving In: 18 Bella Street,Pouderoyen
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: I'm currently studing ACCA.Planning to study CGA next,because i will be living in canada soon.
Puran, Parveenparveen_puran@hotmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Stella Maris,Queen's College,University of Guyana,ACCA
Puran, Rishirpuran@rogers.com From: Eccles/GroveLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: AnalystOther Information: St.Stanislaus College 83-88.
Puran, Sattiesattie_puran@hotmail.com From: Zeeland,MahaiconyLiving In: New Jersey.USA
Occupation: Finance/StudentOther Information: Mahaicony Secondary School
Puran, kaleshwarkalesh35@hotmail.com From: GuyanaLiving In: 7,Bella Street,Pouderoyen W.B.Dem
Occupation: AccountantOther Information:
Purnwasi, Bobpurnwasi@aol.com From: Leguan,EssequiboLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: TransportationOther Information: Attend Zeeburg Secondary School
Purnwasi, Elizabethlaughing_queen14@hormail.com From: Essequibo,LeguanLiving In: Toronto,Ontario
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Bishop Allen
Purnwasi, Ramoguyleg_man@hotmail.com From: LeguanLiving In: Toronto,Canada.
Occupation: transportationOther Information: eigss
Purnwasie, Rebeccabrownsuga414_87@hotmail.com From: LeguanLiving In: Ajax,Ontario
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School
Purnwasie, Rosannerosannep@ymail.com From: Meer Zorg,Wakenaam/Maryville,LeguanLiving In: Georgetown,Guyana
Occupation: Community Specialist-Min.of Home Affairs CSPOther Information: Tyndale University College,Tyndale Seminary,and York University,Toronto,Canada
Purushuttam, Krishchrispurushuttam@rogers.com From: Canefield settlement,East Canje,BerbiceLiving In: Markham Ontario
Occupation: Field EngineerOther Information: Port mourant Training Centre 1974 batch,Ryerson University 1983
Pushpakanthan, Nirupa,Diananpushpakanthan@yahoo.co.uk From: GEORGETOWN/little diamondLiving In: London
Occupation: NAOther Information: went to covent garden sec school
Pyle, Anthonyipyle@hotmail.com From: WalesLiving In: Belem-Para-Brazil
Occupation: ConsultantOther Information: Patentia
Pyle, Georgepylegeo@hotmail.com From: Wales,West Bank DemeraraLiving In: Whitby,North Caicos Turks&Caicos Islands
Occupation: Vector Control OfficerOther Information: Patentia SEC.School 1974 to1980
Pyle, JulietCaffydavid@Hotmail.com From: golden Grove East Coast DemeraraLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Certified Nurses Aid-Security Gaurd,SecuritasOther Information: Hindu College-Guyana Oriental College
Pyle, Trevlontrevlonp@yahoo.com From: ParadiseLiving In: Cuba
Occupation: StudentOther Information: President's College
persaud, vishnudatoptimum2learn2000@yahoo.com From: Skeldon/Kingston/New Amsterdam/Islington,BceLiving In: New York
Occupation: Medical Technologist/EKGTech/NPA/ARCOther Information: Skeldon Line Path Sec./New Amsterdam Multilateral.

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