Valenzuela Correia, Pamelamunstea2@yahoo.ca From: georgetownLiving In: oshawa/ont.canada
Occupation: subway operatorOther Information: St Angelaus/Muslim educational college
Valenzuela nee Persaud, Rowenarowenavalenzuela31@yahoo.com From: Essequibo CoastLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: TeacherOther Information: ARMS 87-90
Valenzuela/Anganu, Carolitacarolita73@sympatico.ca From: Hosororo,North west district,CampbellvilleLiving In: Montreal,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Central High school 84-89,Caribbean Rose Restaurant
Valenzuela, Carolitacarolita73@sympatico.ca From: Hosororo,NWD.Campbellville GTLiving In: Montreal,Cda
Occupation: Other Information: Central High 84-89,Caribbean Rose rest.
Validum, Ercele.valdum@sbcglobal.net From: St.Lawrence East Bank EssequiboLiving In: Dallas Texas
Occupation: Trainee assistant Manager Family DollarOther Information: Attended Blake Church Of Scotland School attended teachers` Training college Worked at Demerara Tobacco Company rara Tobacco Company
Valladares, TerrenceTvalladare@aol.com From: Wismar/LindenLiving In: Newjersey
Occupation: Svc technicianOther Information:
Valladares, Troyalways_1_life@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: Finance ManagerOther Information: President's College,University of Guyana
Valz, Marlonmarlonvalz@yaho.com From: Georgetown/CorrivertonLiving In: St.Maarten,Netherland Antilles
Occupation: Maintenance ManagerOther Information: Went to LPSS 1985-1990
Valz, Ryan Andrewryanxango@yahoo.com From: Corriverton BerbiceLiving In: St Maarten NL Antilles
Occupation: Mary,s Boon Hotel (Security)Other Information: St Joseph and Skeldon High School.Looking for former classmates and freinds from my homecountry of Gayana.
Van De Cruize-Humphrey, Cherylchervan@yahooo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto
Occupation: Life/Transitional CoachOther Information: Chatham High School,Mcgill University,Central Michigan University
Van Den Plas, Jaguarjv@iderect.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: DirvingOther Information:
Van Der Bok, Merlinmerlien@xs4all.nl From: SurinameLiving In: The Netherlands
Occupation: DocumentalistOther Information: love,peace and take care of yourself!
Van Lange, Melvillewenamu@yahoo.com From: Goshen,Bartica,Durban st.Werk-en-rust GTLiving In: Eindhoven,The Netherlands (Nederland)
Occupation: ForemanOther Information: Attended St.John The Baptist,J J Adams,Bartica Sec.High School,Indian Educ.Trust College.Previously resided in Trinidad & Surinam.Feel free to give me a yell!
Van Rossum, Michellemvictoriousc@yahoo.com From: AlberttownLiving In: Costello Housing Scheme
Occupation: Home care NurseOther Information: North Georgetown(1976-1981) QC(1981-1983) Looking for friends and school friends.
Van Sertima(Narine), Lalita,Geetalalita4249@msn.com From: GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: this and thatOther Information: West Dem
Van Sertima, Guycartf1@yahoo.com From: Meten Meer Zorg EastLiving In: Cherry Hill,New Jersey
Occupation: MachinistOther Information: Zeeburg Secondary
Van Sertima, Jaamejvanser@yahoo.co.uk From: GeorgetownLiving In: London,England
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Queens College 2001-2002
Van Sertima, Mala L.mlvsertima@yahoo.com From: Uitvlugt,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: New York
Occupation: Business Associate,Berkeley Carroll SchoolOther Information: Attended Zeeburg High School
Van Sertima, Martinwvalbaby@aol.com From: Georgetown Lamaha St.Living In: East Ham,London England
Occupation: Network managerOther Information: Richard Ishmael Secondary School,left 1989,left Guyana in 1993 Oct
Van Sertima, Michaelmikevansertima@msn.com From: Grove,EBDLiving In: Long Island
Occupation: CPAOther Information: Grove Primary,Covent Garden Secondary
Van Sluytman, Domoniquedomonique@catholic.org From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Stella Maris Primary,St.Rose's High,School Of The Nations
Van Sluytman, Domoniquedomonique@catholic.org From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Studenthttp://www.angelfire.com/weird2/dvs1982Other Information: Stella Maris Primary St.Rose's High School Of the Nations Currently attending Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.
Van Sluytman, Eluid Howardobavan@hotmail.com From: South Ruimvelt,GeorgetownLiving In: San Diego,California
Occupation: Business OwnerOther Information: Charlestown Government Secondary School
Van Sluytman, FrancisMusicbornfree@msn.com From: Charity,PomeroonLiving In: Sunrise,Florida
Occupation: MusicianOther Information: St Stanislaus College
Van Sluytman, Margotinfo@margotvansluytman.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Peterboroung,ON,Canada
Occupation: Poet,Writerhttp://www.margotvansluytman.comOther Information: Notre Dame High School,Toronto
Van Sluytman, Ralphsuperralph22@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Owner Octopus arts and craft galleryOther Information: Buy a piece of Guyana and support the Artists,
Van Sluytman, Ralphralphman@networksgy.com From: GuyanaLiving In: 5o2 Cane View avenue,S/R/G
Occupation: Other Information: Central High/St Mary's RC
Van Sluytman, Ralphralphman@networksgy.com From: GuyanaLiving In: Beautiful Guyana
Occupation: Patron of the ArtsOther Information: Octopus arts and crafts gallery
VanSluytman, Roseseanjardine@rogers.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
VanVeen, Andrew Paul & Marilyn Kamini (nee Ishmael)Apvvfrgt@gmail.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Miramar,Florida
Occupation: Mtg.Broker/Enrolled AgentOther Information: St.Pius/Dolphin/Tutorial Briana/Fogarty's/Demerara life
VanVeen, Andrewflashatak@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Longmont,Colorado
Occupation: Income Tax Officce ManagerOther Information: Tutorial High Shool(61-66)Fogarty's/Demerara life
Vandenberg, Lesley Alicialesleyalicia@yahoo.com From: Kwakwani/GeorgetownLiving In: Tortola,B.V.I.
Occupation: Accounts Asst.Other Information: Watooka Day School,President's College(1989-1994),University Of Guyana(1995-1999).
Vandenberg, Leslieleslievbvi@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam/Georgetown/KwakwaniLiving In: Tortola,British Virgin Islands
Occupation: Chief Technician,The Moorings ltd.Other Information: Queen's College,Georgetown.
Vandenburg, Delonkkboy23@aol.com From: KwakwaniLiving In: Brooklyn
Occupation: Other Information: kwakwani High School
Vandenburg, Delwindelwin1980@aol.com From: N/A,K/kLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: attended BHS 91-96
Vandenburg, Leslyn Angelaleslyn_vandenburg@yahoo.com From: Kwakwani/Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Brampton,Ont,Cda
Occupation: Admin.Asst.Other Information: St.Rose's High School(1987-1993),University of Guyana(1993-1997),York University,Toronto-2009-2010,B.Ed.
Vandenburg, Shaianshaianv@yahoo.com From: Kwakwani,Berbice River,Guyana,S.ALiving In: Kwakwani
Occupation: PupilOther Information: I attend Kwakwani Primary School,and is willing to make new friends around the world(english speaking countries)
Vanderhyden, Rayannecheeta_gy76@hotmail.com From: Kitty,CummingsburgLiving In: Maryland,USA
Occupation: WriterOther Information: St Stanislaus',St Roses,University of Guyana
Vanderstoop, AlexisLLEXIE43@hotmail.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: Georgetown
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Berbice High&New Amsterdam Multilateral
Vanderstoop, Shibikeshibikev@yahoo.com From: New AmsterdamLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: Other Information:
Vandeyar, Anthonytonyvandeyar@hotmail.com From: Ferry St.New AmsterdamLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: Other Information:
Vandeyar, Simonesv1966@yahoo.com From: Queenstown,GeorgetownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Office ManagerOther Information: Attended Christ Church/If anyone has contact info for(Tracy Belgrave,/Joann Texeira)please email me.thanks
Vanier, Alanvanier@btinternet From: GeorgetownLiving In: England
Occupation: EgineerOther Information: School Georgetown Academy
Vanier, Alanvanier@btinternet.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: United Kingdom
Occupation: EngineerOther Information: Georgetown Academy. Clement Ferraria.
Vankenie, Bibibhsv4440@yahoo.com From: Aew Amsterdam Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Vryheid,West Canje Berbice
Occupation: Home MakerOther Information:
Vankenie, Rodwellrodwell_4440@yahoo.com From: New Amsterdam Berbice GuyanaLiving In: Vryheid,West Canje Berbice
Occupation: CHEFOther Information:
Vansluytman, Ermeldaermeldav@hotmail.com From: EssequiboLiving In: California
Occupation: Massage TherapistOther Information:
Vasconcellos, Anitaanitad@ica.net From: GeorgetownLiving In: Pickering,Ontario,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: I'm looking for a friend named Theresa Xavier from Georgetown from the late 1940s to 1953.My last name by marriage is D'Oliveira.
Vasconcellos, Annamissanna1319@cs.com From: QueenstownLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: SecretaryOther Information: St.Joseph's High
Vasconcellos, Brianfivebullets@cs.com From: Born in Charlotte St.Lived in Kingston G/TLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: ManagerOther Information: Indian Educational Trust College
Vasconcellos, BrianV5Bullets@yahoo.com From: G/TLiving In: North Carolina
Occupation: Computer HardwareOther Information: I.E.T.C
Vasconcellos, Debinursing1961@yahoo.com From: BeterverwagtingLiving In: New York City
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Attended St.Margarets and St.Johns
Vashti, MangruJaya@ca.Inter.Net From: Johanna Black BushLiving In: 1102 Woodside D.D.O Montreal
Occupation: Sewing Machine OperatorOther Information:
Vaughan nee Singh/Tameshwar, Rebecca Suewattierebeccasvaughan@yahoo.com From: Chesney Front,Corentyne,Berbice.Living In: Peterborough,ON,Canada.
Occupation: Mom to four wonderful kidsOther Information: Lower Corentyne Sec.School.Lived in the UK and USA after leaving Guyana.
Vaughan(nee Singh), Rebecca Suewattievaughanrebecca@yahoo.com From: Chesney Front,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Seattle WA
Occupation: Full time Mom of threeOther Information: I attended Lower Corentyne Secondary(85/86).I lived in Springlands for a while and worked at the Inland Revenue.I left Guyana in 1989 for England and lived there for 10 years,then to the US.Would like to meet old pals!!
Vaughn, Elkinelkler@telusplanet.net From: Agricola E.B.D.Living In: Edmonton,Alberta
Occupation: Telecom TechOther Information: Cambridge Academy 1959-1961
Vaughn, June AnnMahits1@yahoo.ca From: AlberttownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: HomemakerOther Information: North Georgetown
Vaughn, VernonVernon_Vaughn@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/LindenLiving In: New Jersey
Occupation: Road Car InspectorOther Information: Mackenzie Primary School/Guymine Technical Training Complex
Veecock, Carolveecockcv@hotmail.com From: Georgetown/Duncan StreetLiving In: Toronto/Canada
Occupation: Social WorkerOther Information: Attended St.Rose's High School
Veecock, Colincveecock@sympatico.ca From: GorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Client AdminOther Information: St.John's College 1981-82 then North Georgetown 1982-85
Veecock, Reneerenvee25@yahoo.com From: Georgetown/South RuimveldtLiving In: New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Attended Central High School and University of Guyana
Veeramallay, Rebeccadolphinrsv@msn.com From: WilliamsburgLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Mortgage Broker/Loan OfficerOther Information: Lower Corentyne Sec school 1983-1988.
Veeran, LeonLveeran0430@rogers.com From: Belvedere SettlementLiving In: Brampton ont Can
Occupation: Other Information: Cor Comp High School 1975----1979
Veerana, Savitreetrinigyal166@hotmail.com From: Whim Village Corentyne Berbice [Wire Dam] [Behind Whim Police Station]Living In: Toronto.Canada.
Occupation: Independent ContractorOther Information: 1968 To 1977 Auchlyne Primary School.Looking for School mate.
Veerasammy, Anil(Ganeshwar)anilslick@aol.com From: AlbionLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: MechanicOther Information: Cropper Primary School JC Chandisingh High School,Finish in 1996 I would like to be in touch with old friends-and make new friends
Veerasammy, Ganeshwar Anilanil_joshua@hotmail.com From: albionLiving In: canada
Occupation: machanicOther Information: I attend Jc chandysing high school 1992-1996 looking for old friends or to meet other guyanes people and make new friends so send me an email
Veerasammy, Ganeshwaranilveerasammy@hotmail.com From: Chesney frontLiving In: Canada
Occupation: mechanicOther Information: I attend Jccsss in 1991 and finish in 1996 my nick name is choclate if any of my class mate ever read this just send me a line love to hear from you guys
Veerasammy, Neilneiljenveerasammy@primus.ca From: Public Road KittyLiving In: Mississauga Ontario
Occupation: Credit AssociateOther Information: I attended Scared Heart,St.Mary's and St.John's College
Veeren, Ann(Cutie)aveeren@hotmail.com From: Helena #1,MahaicaLiving In: Montreal
Occupation: Self EmployedOther Information: Daughter of Ivan and Bernadette Veeren
Veeren, Anoopwattieanoopsveeren@hotmail.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Guyana
Occupation: Retired HeadmistressOther Information: Former Headmistress,Helena Primary
Veeren, Julio Anthonyshantak@videotron.ca From: Helena#1 Mahaica E C DLiving In: Montreal Quebec
Occupation: Sales CoordinatorOther Information: Helena Govt.School
Veeren, Ricardoricardoveeren@hotmail.com From: MahaicaLiving In: Queens South Ozone Park USA
Occupation: Mining OfficerOther Information: President's College(89-93)
Veira, Markmvieira718@aol.com From: essequibo and GeorgetownLiving In: queens
Occupation: engineeeringOther Information:
Velloza, Andybigtruckvell@yahoo.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Sarasota Florida
Occupation: Factory OperatorOther Information: Sacred Heart Secondary
Vengersammy, Desmoddesmond910@yahoo.com From: Black BushLiving In: New York
Occupation: AdministratorOther Information: Use to live in the BVI
Vengersammy, SamuelSVengersammy@msn.com From: BlackBush,GuyanaLiving In: New York
Occupation: Original Recording Artiste(Singer)Other Information: Newly Released Album,"Come Back To Me"(Cd's,Cass.)
Verapen, Philomenasookraj1@aol.com From: Alness Village Corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Mississauga,Canada
Occupation: Other Information:
Verasammy, NashellaNashella@aol.com From: Cane GroveLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: Student@Richmond Hill HighOther Information: 18 Yrs old,daughter of mr&mrs.Raymond and Asha Verasammy
Verian(Seema), Chandrawattiemissy2580@msn.com From: Canefield settlementLiving In: Queens,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: cumberland primary School
Veronica, MckayBuckiev18@hotmail.com From: Lodge and East Lapenitence H/SLiving In: Toronto Canada
Occupation: Computer RelationsOther Information: I attended Lodge Government School,Cambridge Academy and the Red Cross in Kingston.
Veronica, Ramroopveronica.ramroop23@gmail.com From: Cumming's LodgeLiving In: Michigan
Occupation: Seamstress/EmbroiderOther Information: V's School Of Dressmaking & Design Camp Street Georgetown.
Verwey, Eustoneustonverwey@hotmail.com From: 2 New Road,Vreed-en-Hoop,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: East York,Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Environmental ManagementOther Information: Brickdam Secondary School
Verwey, Eustoneustonverwey@hotmail.com,eugene290@yahoo.com From: Vreed-en-Hoop,West Coast DemeraraLiving In: Vreed-en-Hoop,West Coast Demerara
Occupation: Environmental OfficerOther Information: Brickdam Secondary,University of Guyana
Viamonte, Julietjulieem@netzero.net From: Enmore,East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: AdministrationOther Information: Attended Enmore Gov't School
Vicky, Puranvmoore711@yahoo.com From: Georgetown,GuyanaLiving In: Miami,Florida
Occupation: Sales/MarketingOther Information: Attended Central High School 80-84.
Victoire, Aliettevictoiraliette@yahoo.fr From: martiniqueLiving In: vieux pont lamentin
Occupation: NurseOther Information: schoelcher University
Victor-Thom, Faithgthottgrl@aol.com From: South/GeorgetownLiving In: GA
Occupation: studentOther Information: left Guyana in April 1999 attended Richard Ishmael Secondary,Tutorial high And last attended Central high Looking for old and new friends last visit guyana in july 2001.
Victor, Denisedalfred39@yahoo.com From: Sheet Anchor Canje,BerbiceLiving In: St Thomas,U S Virgin Islands
Occupation: Nursing/Home CareOther Information: Attended New Amsterdam Multilateral,1976-1981
Victor, Godfreyg_victor21@yahoo.com From: Plaisance,E.C.DLiving In: Canada
Occupation: Laboratory Technologist (Chem & Bio)Other Information: Plaisance Primary,Bishops' High
Victor, Pitampitamvictor2@gmail.com From: Miss PhoebeLiving In: NY
Occupation: Computer AnalystOther Information: Comprehensive
Victor, Vonettashevonvictor@yahoo.com From: BerbiceLiving In: New Amsterdam
Occupation: Legal Clerk/StudentOther Information: New Amsterdam Multilateral 1991-1996
Vidya, Alli (Sukul)leila.alli@yahoo.co.uk From: LeonoraLiving In: London
Occupation: RetiredOther Information: Attended Saraswat high school
Vieira/Gordon, Kathleenbabyface286@msn.com From: Church Rd SubryanvilleLiving In: New York
Occupation: Legal SecretaryOther Information:
Vieira, Donnababyface286@msn.com From: Barrack St KingstonLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information:
Vieira, Ecliffe MichaelEclifv@aol.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Kissimmee,FL
Occupation: Sales & Distribution Mgr.Other Information: Schools:Kingston Methodist/Christ Church/Penn Foster,Scranton,PA-Career:Mgr.J.P.Santos & Co.,Ltd
Vieira, Elizabethecamacho@sympatico.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: Canada
Occupation: NurseOther Information:
Vieira, Everest(Rex)edv4@netzero.com From: Houston EstateLiving In: Pickering Ontario
Occupation: Certified Novell AdministratorOther Information: Indian Educational Trust College
Vieira, Joannadreamseekerjv@hotmail.com From: Queenstown GT.GuyanaLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Studenthttp://noboundaries.worldartspace.comOther Information: York Mills C.I.
Vieira, Jordhannatha_original_boogs2002@hotmail.com From: GT GuyanaLiving In: T.O Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information:
Vieira, Lesa Ann Mariasweetlesa72@aol.com From: Durban StreetLiving In: Orlando Florida
Occupation: Other Information: Brickdam Secondary
Vieira, Patriciapramchan@msn.com From: GeorgetownLiving In: Toronto,Canada
Occupation: Other Information: Central High School
Vieira, Ronaldrovieira@trebnet.com From: Houston Estate,E.B.D.,Georgetown,Guy.Living In: Markham,Ontario.
Occupation: Real Estate SalespersonOther Information: Central High School.
Vieria, DerekDerek_Vieira@yahoo.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Sucess
Occupation: ClerkOther Information: Bladen Hall Multi/worked at Supreme Court
Vigilance, Comptoncsdv@shaw.ca From: LindenLiving In: Alberta,Canada
Occupation: Construction SpecialistOther Information: Demba Trade School
Vigilance, Gainayollanda805@aol.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: NYS Direct Care CounselerOther Information:
Vigilance, Gainayollanda805@aol.com From: PlaisanceLiving In: South Ozone Park Queens
Occupation: Correctional OfficerOther Information: I would like to connect with old an
Vigilance, Mervinmncvigie@sbcglobal.net From: G/T Lodge [Big yard]Across from cultural centerLiving In: Houston Texas
Occupation: Self employedeOther Information: Lodge Community High From 1973-1978
Vigilance, Mervinmncvigie@sbcglobal.net From: Lodge GeorgetownLiving In: Houston Texas
Occupation: Other Information:
Vigilance, Samsamavigi@yahoo.com From: Plaisance VillageLiving In: Fort Worth,Texas
Occupation: Mortgage Banking ConsultantOther Information: School attended Buxton Secondary Government.Worked at Bookers Sugar Estates,JP Santos and GNCB Trust.
Vincent Beaton, Towanafinethings16@yahoo.com From: Linden/second AlleyLiving In: Linden/Second Alley
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I Went to St.Adians primary school and New Silver City Secondary School
Vincent Beaton, Towanafinethings16@yahoo.com From: Linden/second AlleyLiving In: Linden/Second Alley
Occupation: StudentOther Information: I Went to St.Adians primary school and New Silver City Secondary School
Vincent, Debbiekwesi28@hotmail.com From: LLinden,guyanaLiving In:
Occupation: soldier/secretaryOther Information: Christ Church Secondary School,Queens College
Vincent, Winfordthugfulife17@yahoo.com From: LindenLiving In: Queens.New York
Occupation: Student/going to school for cookOther Information: New silver city secondary school/starting college this september
Viran, Aaliarumshop_86@hotmail.com From: Salton Village,corentyne BerbiceLiving In: Brooklyn,New York
Occupation: StudentOther Information: My grandfather's name is "Beardman" and my grandma's name is " Ivy".Cousin of Calvin and Crystal Viran of Salton Village
Virapen, Johnjrengen@yahoo.ca From: GeorgetownLiving In: germany
Occupation: dr.-retiredOther Information:
Virasami, Abelabejason2001@yahoo.com From: AlbionLiving In: Queens,NY
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Comprehensive High in Port Mourant
Virasami, Romelromel.virasami@guycarp.com From: HampshireLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Contract WordingOther Information: Lower Courntine High School
Virasawmi (Gurcharran), Savitree Gomattiesgv1761@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall TownLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: Attended Rose Hall Primary,National high School,Lower Corentyne Seconday School-class of 78.
Virasawmi, Errolegv@nycollege.edu From: Rose Hall Town/Belvedere/GTLiving In: New York
Occupation: AccountantOther Information: Attended Lower Corentyne 73-78
Visbal(Chandarpal), Shabanakayleysweets@yahoo.com From: Rose Hall townLiving In: New York
Occupation: Other Information: JCCSS.class of 94,UG 94-99.geo crew
Vishal, AlliCentaur_master@hotmail.com From: RubyLiving In: Canada
Occupation: StudentOther Information: Medowvale secondary school
Vishal, Narinedeodharie@gmail.com From: # 63 VillageLiving In: # 63 Village
Occupation: Teacherhttp://www.facebook.com/vishalnarine0706Other Information: Attended # 59 Nursery,Grove Primary,New Market Primary,St Stanislaus College,Skeldon Line Path Secondary,University of Guyana,Teaching at Tagore Memorial Secondary (2003 to present)
Vivake (Vic), SinghVsingh@Cartierkitchens.com From: Annandale East Coast DemeraraLiving In: Scarborough Ontario
Occupation: Kitchen Cabinet DesignerOther Information: Annandale Secondary School,Teach at Mon Repos School,Guyana Store,Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation in Kingston
Vogle(Garraway), Catherinemsbrbce@sbcglobal.net From: Rose Hall/N/A/G/TownLiving In: California
Occupation: retiredOther Information: Victoria H/s work Telecoms
Vogle/Hoyte, Glysismsbrbce@sbcglobal.net From: Berbice/GeorgetownLiving In: Kinelon New Jersey
Occupation: NurseOther Information: Mancheser
Vossey, EmeldaEmelda@Guyanaca.com From: BerbiceLiving In: No.9 Village
Occupation: TypistOther Information: Bush Lot Secondary School.I'm looking for a dude out there who is tall,dark and handsome
veeramallay, rebeccadolphinrsv@msn.com From: Williamsburg,Corentyne,BerbiceLiving In: Minnesota
Occupation: Project ManagerOther Information: attend Rose Hall Primary,Lower Corentyne Sec.School(1983-1988).Feel free to drop me a line,i will respond to you.
veerapen, sheereene nizamudinsheereene2000@yahoo.com From: 267 clifton sett.port mourantLiving In: rose hall town corentyne
Occupation: noneOther Information: none
victorino, sergesvictorinos@bellsouth.net From: georgetown guyanaLiving In: ATL GA USA

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