Muslim names and their meaning.

Acknowledgements: Raymond Chickrie - Updated May 24th. 2002

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Guyanese Muslim names derive from the three most dominant cultures that have impacted heavily on the Islamic civilization: Arabic, Persian (Iran) and Turkic. The fact that Guyanese Muslims have roots in some of these civilization explain this connection.

The fact that the Arabs, the Afghans, the Persians and the Turks assimilated in Hindustan (India), contributed to the make up of Islamic names in that country. Some often refer to these names as Urdu, but what are Urdu names? There are no such things as Urdu names. Urdu names come from three languages Arabic, Persian and Turkic. Hence, Guyanese Muslims whose forefathers migrated from Hindustan to Guyana, have Muslim names from the Arabic, Persian and Turkic languages that are part of the Urdu language.

The coming together of these three cultures brought Islamic civilization to its zenith during the golden age or the Abbasid period. It is impossible to compile all the names that exist in Arabic, Persian and Turkish, but this list includes the most popular Muslim names in Guyana.

During the Mughal era in Hindustan the emperors had the suffix Uddin attached to their names, and it was a popular trend in South Asia. For example names such as Zahiruddin, Kamaluddin, Nasseruddin, or Shahabuddin were common. Many girls were given the title Bibi. Bibi is Persian for lady and in Guyana it was a popular trend. So it's not strange to find many girls in Guyana with the name Bibi Khatija, Bibi Haniffa, Bibi Rashida, etch. Also a common trend of adding UN (suffix) to names to give it female connotation was common. This is a tradition that came from the Uttar Pardeshi Muslims who migrated to Guyana. Wazirun, Ameerun, Radhidun, Nazirun, etch were common names during the early history of Guyanese Muslims. Common among Guyanese girls are names such as Nazmoon, Azimoon, Naimoon, Zaimoon etch. The origin and meaning of these names are unknown to me. These names definitely seem to be Persian in origins but over time may have become corrupted.

I could not trace the origin or the meanings of a few Guyanese Muslim names. Thus, you can contact me if you would like to contribute to this list. Names followed by the symbol (T) means that it is of Turkish origin; (P) means of Persian/Iranian origin and the rest are of Arabic origin.

Girls Meaning Girls Meaning
Alisha: Protected by God Mumtaz: Distinguished, Superior
Aaliya: High, Tall,Towering,Excellent Naaz (P) : Glory, Elegance, Young, Pride
Aamira: Prosperous,Ffull of life Nadira: Rare, Not easily accessible
Aarifa: Learned, Expert, Authority Nadia: Fem. of Nadir; Moist, Damp, Tender
Afrin (P): Praise, lucky Nafisa: Precious, Gem; A great granddaughter of Ali.
Afroza (P): Burning, polishing Nageena (P): Diamond
Afsana (P): Fable,Ffiction, romance Nahida (P): Venus
Amani: Wish, Aspiration, trust Naima: Happiness, Peaceful, Bliss
Ambarin: Perfumed Naimoon: Popular in Guyana; meaning and origin unknown: origin is probably Persian; could be a corrupted spelling
Ameena: Trustworthy, Faitful Najma: Star
Anjum: Star Nargis (P): Narciccuss
Arshiya: Divine Nasrin/ Nasreen (P): A wild rose
Asma: Daughter of Abu- Bakr Nazgul / Nazmoon (P): Beautiful flower
Azra (P): Adoring Nazia (P): Optimistic and full of hope
Arzu (P): Wish, Hope, Love Nazima (P): Poetness
Ayesha: Name of Prophet Mohammad's (p.b.u.h.) wife Nazma: Star
Aziman: Sky, Heaven Nazmoon: Popular in Guyana; meaning and origin unknown: origin is probably Persian; spelling could be
Azimoon: (P) Popular in Guyana, comes from the Persian word Aseeman meaning Heaven, Sky Nazanin (P): Sweetheart
Aziza: Friend, Dear, Honourable, Noble, Illustrious Nazrana (P): Bloom, Beauty
Barkha: Rain, Blessings Niloufar (T): Blue lotus
Basheera: Bringer of good tidings Noorjahan (P) Light of the world
Begum (T): Hhonorific title, Queen, Lady of rank Noushin (P): Sweet, Palatable
Benazir (P): Incomparable Nusrat : Victory
Bulbul (P): Nightingale Parvin (P): Name of a constellation
Bushra (A): Good news, Glad tidings Rabia: Famous, Divine
Bibi (P): Lady; Persian title for lady of the house: was very popular in the Subcontinent. Raisa: Leader, Superior
Darya (P): Sea Rashida: Rightly guided, Right minded
Deeba (P): Silk Raushan Ara (P): Adoring light
Dilbar (P): Holder of the heart Raushana (P): Light, Splendour
Dilkash (P): Charming, Sweetheart, heart-ravisher Razia: Satisfied, Contended; Delhi Suntana (1236-40)
Dilruba (A): Heart-ravishing, a beloved object Rehana: A handful of sweet basil
Dilshad (P): A happy heart, Happy, Glad Rubeina: Bright
Faiza: Gain Ruksana (P): Beautiful; Name of an Iranian princess.
Farida (A): Unique, Matchless Sadika: Truthful
Farzana (P): Wise, Learned Safiya: Virtuous lady
Fauzia: Successful Sakeena: Friend
Farah: Happiness Salena: Moon
Farahnaz (P): Joy Salima: Happy, Peaceful
Fatima: Name of Phophet Mohammad's (p.b.u.h.) daughter Sanam: Idol
Fazila: Virtious, Honest, Excellent Sanaz (T): A flower
Firuza (P): Turquoise, A bright greenish-blue colour Sara (A): Sarah; also pure, excellent
Ghazala: Deer Shabnam (P): Dew
Gul (P): Flower Shahla (P): A dark-eyed woman
Gulshan (P): Rose Garden Shahnaz (P): The king’s favorite love
Gulzar (P): Rose Garden Shahrazad (P): The town’s loved/favorite one
Habeeba: Lover, Friend Shaliza (P): Of rice field
Hafeeza: Protector Shalizar (P): Rice field
Halima: Patient, Tolerant Sayeeda: Auspicious, Leader
Hana (A): Happiness, Bliss Shabab: Youth
Haseena: Beautiful Shabana (P): Wife of the Shah (King); Queen
Henna (P): Mehendi Shabnam (P): Dew drops
Husna: Beautiful Shagufta (P): Blooming
Inayat: Kindness Shaheen (P): Soft, Gentle
Ismat: Pure, Chastity Shakeela: Beautiful
Jahanara (P): Queen of the Universe Shakira: Thankful
Jamila: Beautiful, Pretty Shalimar (P): Adode of Love
Khadija: The first wife of the Mohammad Shama: Lamp
Khanum (P): Princess, Noble women Shamina: Beautiful
Khatun (P): Noblewomen, Lady. A courteous title used at the end of a women’s name Shamshad (P): Tall and upright tree, Graceful figure
Kulsum (A): Full of flesh about the face and cheeks. Shirin/Shireen (P): Sweet, Pleasant, Gente, Delicate
Latafat : Variety Suhaila: Moon light
Leila: Night Suraiya /Soraya (P): Name of a constellation; beautiful
Lubna: A tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine Taslima: Salute, Congratulation
Mahjabeen (P): Moon like, Beautiful Wafa: Faithfulness, Fidelity,Loyalty, Faith
Mahnaz/ Mehnaz (P): The moon’s glory Waheeda: Beautiful
Maimun/ Maimoon: Auspicious, Prosperious, Lucky Yasmeen: Jasmine flower
Maliha: Beautiful, Pretty, Good-looking Zahira: Expression
Malika: Queen Zarin (P): Golden
Marjaan (P): Small pearls Zarina (P): Golden vessel; queen
Maryam: Mother of Jesus (Essa :SWS) Zeba (P): Ornament, beautiful
Mehar: Kindness, Dowry Zeb-un-Nisa (P): Ornament of women, Daughter of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.
Meharunnisa (P): Kind Zeenat: Honour
Mehbooba (P): Lover Zenia: Name of a flower
Mehrnaz (P): Glory of love Zohra: A planet Venus
Misam: Impression, Mark, Beauty, Beautiful women Zubaida: Marigold
Moshgan (P): Eyelashes Zulekha: Beautiful
Mumina: Believer in Islam, Pious    
Boys Meaning Boys Meaning
Abdul-Aleem: Servant of the Omniscient Irshad: Order
Abdul-Aalee: Servant of the Most High Ishrat: Happiness
Abdul Azeem: Servant of the Mighty Izhar: Expression
Abdul-Azeez: Servant of the Mighty, the Powerful Izmet (T): See Ismat: First President of Turkey
Abdul-Baari: Servant of the Creator Jahangir (P): Conqueror of the Universe; One of the Mughal Emperors
Abdul-Baasit: Servant of the Extender, Creator Jalal: Richness
Abdul-Fataah: Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance) Jalil: Respectable
Abdul-Jabaar: Servant of the Mighty Jaan (P): Life, Love
Abdul-Ghafaar: Servant of the Forgiver Jamshed (P): The sun in Pisces; A King of Iran.
Abdul-Ghafoor: Servant of the Forgiver Jamaluddin: Beauty of the Religion (Islam).
Abdul-Haady: Servant of the Guide Jansher (P): Life of a Lion
Abdul-Haafiz: Servant of the Protector Javed (P) Immortal
Abdul-Haq: Servant of the Truth Kamran (P): Successful, Fortunate
Abdul-Hakam: Servant of the Arbitrator Kamal (P): Perfection, Excellence, Completion
Abdul-Hakeem: Servant of the Wise Kamaluddin: Perfection of Religion (Islam).
Abdul-Haleem: Servant of the Mild, Patient Karim: Kind hearted
Abdul-Hameed: Servant of the Praiseworthy, the Ever-Praised Khadim: Servant of God
Abdul-Haseeb: Servant of the Respected, Esteemed Khalid: Creator, Immortal
Abdul-Jaleel: Servant of the Great, Revered Khan (T): A lineal descendant of Genghis Khan
Abdul-Qaadir: Servant of the Capable Khwaja (P): A Title of learning, Generally accorded to the Sufi Masters
Abdul-Kareem: Servant of the Noble, Generous Khosrau (P): Character in the Shahnameh; a royal surname in Persia
Abdul-Lateef: Servant of the Kind Khurram (P): Cheerful, glad, fresh; Son of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan
Abdul-Majeed: Servant of the Glorious Khurshid (P): Sun
Abdul-Muiz: Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory Latif : Variety
Abdul-Mutaal: Servant of the Most High Liaqat: Liaqat Ali Khan first Prime Minister of Pakistan
Abdul-Mujeeb: Servant of the Responder Lodhi (T): Ibrahim and Sikander; Sultan of India 1489-1526; Turks from the Central Asian city of Lodhi
Abdul-Mateen: Servant of the Firm, Strong Mahtab: Moon
Abdul-Muhaimin: Servant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the Protector Mahmood: Praised
Abdul-Nasser: Servant of the Helper, Granting Victory Majid: Great, honourable
Abdul-Qudoos: Servant of the Most Holy Masheer (P): Advisor
Abdul-Qahaar: Servant of the Subduer, the Almighty Mansoor: Defended, Protected by God
Abdul-Raafi': Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), Elevates Mazharally: Manifestation of Ally; An epithet of khalifa Ali
Abdul-Raheem: Servant of the Most Compassionate Mehboob (P): Lover
Abdul-Rahmaan: Servant of the Mercifully Gracious Mirza (T): Turkish title for Lord, Prince; always a middle name of the Mughals
Abdul-Rasheed: Servant of the Rightly Guided Mohammad: Name of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.)
Abdul-Razaaq: Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider Moshin: One who does good
Abdul-Salaam: Servant of the Peace Mubarak: Auspicious
Abdul-Raouf: Servant of the Most Merciful Mumtaz: Best, Excellent
Abdul-Khaaliq: Servant of the Creator Murad: Wish
Abdul-Saboor: Servant of the Patient Murtaza: Chosen, approved
Abdul-Samad: Servant of the Eternal Mustafa: Chosen
Abdul-Sameed: Servant of the All-Hearing Nabeel: Noble
Abdullah: Servant of God Nadeem: Intimate, Friend, Companion
Abdul-Shakoor: Servant of the Most Thankful Najeeb: Of noble descent
Abdul-Tawaab: Servant of the Forgiver Naseem: Fresh Air
Abdul-Wadood: Servant of the Loving Naseeb: Luck, Fortune
Abdul-Waahid: Servant of the One Nasser: Friend
Abdul-Wahaab: Servant of the Giver Nasseruddin: An helper of the Islam
Abbas: Description of a lion Nadir: Rare, Inaccessible
Al Abbas: Description of a lion Noushad (P): Happily born
Abedin: Worshipers Nizam (T): Ruler
Abed: Worship Nizamuddin (T): Discipline of the religion (Islam).
Adil: Justice minded Pasha (T): A Turkish world meaning Lord
Aftab (P): Sun Omar: Life, Long living
Aga (T): Owner, Chief Ossama: Lion
Ahsan: Act of kindness Qasim: Judge
Ajmal: Holy, More beautiful Qutub (T): chieftain; Qutub-ud-din Aibak; Sultan of Hindustan
Akbar: Great, Powerful Raamiz: Symbol
Aklamash (P): Pure, Spotless Rafi: High ranking, Noble
Akram: Excellent, Best Rafik/Rafiq Intimate friend, Companion
Alam: Universe Rahim: Kind hearted
Alamgir: Lord of the universe Ramjan: Corrupted verson of Ramazan
Ali: Protected by God, High, and one of the names of Allah Ramazan (P): The Muslim month of Ramadhan
Ameerally: An epithet of Khalifa Ali Rashad: Integrity of conduct
Amin: Blessing of God Rashid: Rightly guided
Amir: Rich Rasool: Messenger of God, Prophet (p.b.u.h.)
Amir: Most excellent, glorious Raunak: Fame
Amir/Ameer: Comander, Ruler, Chief Raza/ Reza: Wish, Agreement
Amzad: Glory Razak: Protector
Anjum (P): Star Rehman: Kind hearted
Anjuman (P): Meeting Rehmat: Kind
Anoush (P)   Rifat: Development
Anwar: Devoted to God Riyaz: Garden
Arif/Areef: Llearned, Expert, Authority Rizwan (P): Satisfaction, Contentment
Arlsam (T): Lion Rustam : Brave fighter
Arman (P): Ideal, Hope, Aspiration Sadik: Truthful
Arshad More rightly guided, Holy Sahel: One who shows path
Arshaq: More elegant, More handsome Salman: Safe
Asghar: Younger, Smaller Salim: Happy, Peaceful
Ashraf: Nobler, More Honourable Selim (T): see Salim
Asim: Protector Sattar: One of the names of Allah; veiler of sin
Aslam: Better, More perfect, More complete Sayeed: Leader, Auspicious
Ata (T): Gift, Present Shabab: Fresh
Azaad (P): Freedom Shah (P): Persian title for King, Ruler
Azam: The greatest, More important, Most powerful Shaw (P) Corrupted version of Shah
Aziz: Mightly, Strong, Dearly loved Shahab (P): Shooting star, Meteor
Babur (P): Lion; First Mughal Emperor of Hindustan. Shahabuddin: Meteor of religion; Mughal emperor (ShahJahan) 1666.
Baksh (P): Gift or Fortune Shahrukh (P): Face of the King
Bacchus: Corrupted version of Baksh Shamsuddin (P): Light (torch) of Islam
Baktiyar/ Bakhtawar(P): Fortunate, Lucky Shihabuddin: see Shahabuddin; Shihabuddin Ghori, Sultan of Hindustan defeated the HIndu King Privitiraj.
Basheer: One who carries good news Shahfaraz / Safraz (P); Devine ruler
Basit (A): One who stretches, Enlarges Shah-Nawaz (P): Friend of the King
Baz (P): Falcon Shakir: Thankful, Grateful
Beg (T): Honorific title, Noble, Lord, Prince Sarfraz-Nawaz (P): Famous Pakistani Cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz Malik.
Bilal: One of the first muezzin in Islam Shahbaz (P): Royal Falcon, Noble
Chaghatai (T): Surname of the decendents of the Turkish tribe of Central Asia, Chaghatai: Babur’s clan Shahzad (P): King/ Emperor
Chengiz (T): Chengiz Khan Shakeel: Handsome
Dara (P): Possessor,Sovereign; Son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan Sharif: Gentleman
Dilawar (P): Brave Shaukat : Prestige, Richness
Dilbar (P): Lover Shamshad (P): Upright like a tree, Handsome
Dilshad (P): Happy Shamsher (P): Sword
Dost (P): Friend Sherally (P): An epithet of Khalifa Ali
Eijaz: Miracle, Inimitability Shiraz / Shirazi (P): From the Iranian city of Shiraz
Farhat (P): Happiness Sikandar/Iskander (P): Alexander the Great
Faiyaz: Generous, Munificient, Bountiful Sikandar Lodi: Sultan of Hindustan;The famous Lodis of Afghan origin
Faiz: Superabudance, Effluence Siraj: Lamp
Faraz (P): Devine, Above, Upon, on the top Sohail: Moon Light
Fareed: Second to none Sohil: Handsome
Farhad (P): A character in Shahnameh Suhail: Moon Light
Farzad (P): Splendid birth Sultan: King
Farzan (P): Wise Talal: Nice, Admirable
Farookh: A good Judge Tahirally: Virtue of Ally
Fateh: Victory Taj: Crown
Fawwaz: Winner of victory after victory Tazim: Respect
Fayyad: Generous, Manificent Talat: Prayer
Fazil: Virtorious,Superior Talib: Willing
Firdaus: Heaven Tariq: Morning star
Firouz: Victorious Timur (T): Timur of Tamerlane; Central Asia
Firoz: See Firouz Usman: Slave
Ghalib: The best Wahab: Kind hearted
Ghazni (P): Surname from the Afghan city of Ghazni Wajid: Finder, Lover
Ghazni: Famous Delhi Suntanate Waris: Heir, Inheritor, Successor
Ghori/ Ghuri (T): The clan from the Afghan city of Ghori;Shahabuddin Ghori who defeated the Hindu King, Pritiviraj. Wasim: Handsome, Good looking
Gul (P): Flower Waseem: See Wasim: Famous Pakistani cricketer Waseem Barri.
Gulfam: Flower colour Wazir: Minister, Vizier
Gulzar (P): Garden Yaqub: A Prophet, The biblical Jacob
Habeeb: Lover, Friend Yasin: The opening letters of the first verse of Surat Yasin.
Hafeez: Protector Yasir: Easy;Ammar bin Yasir: A Sahaabi.
Hamid: One who should be praised Yunus: A Prophet, The Biblical Jonah
Haroon: Aaron; Achievement Yusuf: Chosen by god
Hashmat: Happy Zafar: The best, Victory
Hassan: Son of Ali; Good Zahid: Saintly
Hashem: The Arab clan of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS). Zahiruddin: Helper of the religion; The first Mughal Emperor of Hindustan, Zahiruddin Mohammad Babu.
Humayun (P): Auspicious,Fortunate, One of the Mughal Emperors of India. Zahur: Prominent, High
Hussain: Name of a saint, Beautiful; Third Imam of Shiites Zakariya: A Prophet, The Biblical Zachariah and father of Prophet Yahya.
Ibrahim: Abraham Zaki: Intelligent, Sinless, Chaste
Ifran: Identity Zaman: Time, Age, Era
Imran: Powerful, Father of Maryam: mother of Prophet Isa (p.b.u.h) Zia: Light
Insanally: Followers of Ally Zhobin (P): Kind of spear
Intakhab: Election Zubair: Pure
Iqbal: Richness Zulfiqar: The cleaver of vertebrae.