Bringing scenes from Bollywood to Guyana, Shahrukh Khan
and Juhi Chawla in one of their performances on Sunday night.

Khan electrifies, Chawla sizzles - in entertaining one-night show

By Gitanjali Singh - Back to Sharukh Khan mania

Articles taken from Stabroek News and The Guyana Chronicle - Posted August 10th.1999

Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan delivered on his promise to Guyanese at the National Park on Sunday night with a rousing performance said to be unmatched by any other Indian film artiste who has performed in Guyana.

Backed by co-star Juhi Chawla, music director Anu Malik, playback singer Sapna Mukerjie, pop singer Shewta Shetty, singer Chetan Rana and eight dancers, Khan starred in three and a half hours of non-stop entertainment.

Even two heavy showers of rain and the poor organisation of the live concert for this superstar could not detract from the superb performances. During his lengthy stints on stage at the National Park he gave fans the shirt off his back, several basketballs--a symbol of his recent hit film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai--autographed pictures of himself, including one larger than him and dances with selected members of the audience. And when the show climaxed at 12.23 am yesterday, fans milled around wanting more of the man; some even went to Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel to see more of him and to touch him.

Khan reached out to his fans in a style all his own, attempting to speak creolese, asking, "How ting man?" But nothing he did was enough for the Khan-crazed patrons.

The excitement, heightened whenever he was on stage, reached fever pitch and beyond when about an hour before the show culminated he invited revellers to join him on stage, and made fun of some of them. They basked in it.

The show, scheduled for 8 pm got underway at the National Park 40 minutes late because one of the technicians responsible for the mixing of the music could not be found and adequate preparations were not made for Khan's debut on stage.

A beautiful start, however, was marred when the music to which Guyanese Dimple Mendonca began an invocational dance changed abruptly and she walked off the stage. A similar result followed a second attempt, forcing Niki Anaja of India, MC for the night, to take control. She immediately called on stage singer Chetan Rana who did a sentimental song followed by "Oh Oh Janay Jana" which got the crowd warmed up to be followed by "Rukaja Oh Dil Dewanay".

The co-ordinators of the stage performance wasted no time and by 9.05 pm Juhi Chawla made her first appearance on stage.

An ethereal effect was created with nitrogen gas accompanied by a red glow to give the impression of a stage on fire. Two dancers, bearing plates of candles made their way on stage, escorting a goddess-like form under the shade of a gold-coloured parasol. They were accompanied by chants of "Om Namo Narayana". The dancers moved aside to bow to the goddess, revealing Chawla in a mauve cape. She gracefully threw aside the cape to reveal a stunning white dancing outfit heavily sequined in silver.

She began a classical dance, accompanied by four female dancers, to the tune of "Sath Rang Pe Sapno Me Ko Gaya Sapna" setting the stage for a medley dance. The girls departed and the four male dancers joined Chawla in an east-meets-west beat. There was a brief break in her first act--during which scenes from her movies were played--as she changed into a red jumpsuit and white t-shirt and red, white and blue cap. She returned to the stage, accompanied by the male dancers in blue and white and the girls in yellow and white to dance the tune "Mich Lowa Lowa Tere Baho Ka Jado" during which she threw a pair of boots into the audience.

Taking a break from the dance sequence, Chawla took the microphone to say good evening to the "Guyana posse" and queried whether all the Guyanese 'babus' were there.

"How things man? Good, yeah?" she asked. She thanked Guyanese for their warm welcome telling them they were "prapa nice". She said she never dreamt that one day she would cross the globe and visit Guyana and feel really at home here. She said she might stay but they would have to make her "dhall, rice and hot achar". She offered three more pairs of boots which she threw in different directions from the stage and continued her dance sequence with "Akiya Tu Mila Ke Raja, Aye Kya Din Bahar Ke".

At 9.20 pm, a hoarse Shetty made her way on stage and did a medley of "Ore Ore", "Aiyai Yo" and others ending with "My Heart Will Go On" from the movie Titanic. She encouraged the audience to sing with her and after a few minutes, introduced Khan, who with a clip from one of his movies showing on a screen, burst through the screen dressed in black with a red jacket, sending the crowd wild.

With the music of "Chaiya Chaiya" in the background, Khan and four male dancers, proceeded to pour water over their heads as the dance, which captivates most of his fans began.

A section of the crowd in the $10,000 reserve section refused to sit, forcing others behind them to stand. Entertaining with moves to the hit song from Dil Se, Khan was joined by the four female dancers and after a while pulled his red jacket off, kissed it and threw it into the crowd.

Offering greetings of Namastay and Sita Ram, Khan said he was very touched by the reception at this the last leg of his West Indies tour.

"Whatever anyone told us about Guyana, let me tell you, you have a lot of love to give and thank you from the bottom of my heart," Khan told the audience. He too said Guyanese "prapa nice" and added that the "data (girls) look pretty nice too". Querying the reason for the darkness in the northern stand, Khan asked whether "GEC is giving blackout to you again" to the amusement of the crowd.

Khan's first entry was succeeded by a voice mimicry artiste and at 9.50 pm Anu Malik came on stage to sing a medley including "Darwaja Kula Chora". Ten minutes later, it began pouring causing some members of the audience to bring out their umbrellas, but Malik continued undeterred. He was followed by Sapna Mukerjie who entertained with "Rebaba Baraba", "Koi Mil Gaya" and "Dil To Pagal Hai" among others.

Khan and Chawla made their first appearance together at 10.20, with Khan playing with a basketball, leading to dances to "Tum Paas Ayay", "Tu Mere Samnay", "Ish Huwa" and "Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jana". It began raining again but this did not bother the performers and the audience from the $5,000 and $7,000 sections invaded the $10,000 section.

Khan and Chawla then danced to "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" and other recent hit songs from Khan's movies. A quick change by both artistes facilitated the setting for a dance to "Mehende Laga Kay Rakna" and Khan and Chawla then threw several basketballs to the crowd.

Chetan Rana took to the stage with "Hey Shaka Boom Boom" to be followed quickly by Shetty and her pop hit "Deewana Deewan".

When Khan returned to the stage, he sang "Chand Taray" and then selected, from among the scores of willing fans, persons to dance with him on stage.

Among them were Richard, a child of about seven; KFC's manager Sharon, whom Khan questioned about her job and when the understandably flustered Sharon could not provide the answers he called on Deo Singh, franchise holder of KFC in Guyana to take note.

Local model, Annie Webster, who beseeched him to go on stage was selected with Seema. Khan wanted to know if they could wine and they nodded. He was in for a surprise when Annie began to shake and wine to "Hey Shaka Boom Boom". He attempted to match her steps and the result was a well-danced sequence.

Next were two men, Terry and Richard who danced with their faces covered with shawls to the tune "Hosh Nay Kudh Kahi Josh Dekhanay". Khan urged them to flick over as he did and only succeeded in having them fall over instead. He gave one a cap and one his jacket and one of the men gave him a ring in return.

Malik then returned to sing "Phelay Kabi, Na Hamnay Kaha", "Istarha Ashique Kie Ka" and then entertained the crowd in the pouring rain with other hits such as "Soldier".

Khan's and Chawla's final appearance came at minutes to midnight and they sang "Ek Milgayagee" from the movie Yes Boss.

This was followed by an argument between the two (played out like a skit) about whose fans the Guyanese were. Khan, trying to appease Chawla, rode a bicycle wearing a huge blue and white bow tie which gave him the appearance of a clown and joined her for a dance to songs such as "Ek Shararat Honie Ko Hai". The scene included his clothes being ripped off his body by Chawla and fans, leaving him in a multi-coloured pants just over his knee.

Khan thanked all the persons responsible for pulling off the live-concert in Guyana and following a verse from a song by Malik dedicated to Guyanese, Khan and Chawla took their final bows at 12.23 am.

Scenes from the Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla show

Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla dancing
to a medley. (Ken Moore photo)

From left in front row are businessman Yesu Persaud and his wife Barbara,
and PNC leader, Desmond Hoyte. They were among the crowd at the
National Park on Sunday night for the show put on by Indian film stars,
Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and their troupe.

Manager of one of the KFC outlets in Guyana, Sharon, being encouraged by
Shahrukh Khan to get into the rhythm of the music on Sunday night at the
National Park. (Ken Moore photo)

Juhi Chawla (right) showing her worth with a dance to the song "Mehende Laga Kya Rakhna"
from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengee. This was a part of a medley performed by herself
and Shahrukh Khan at the National Park on Sunday night. (Ken Moore photo)

Making a dazzling debut on stage, Indian actress, Juhi Chawla
giving fans more than their money's worth on Sunday night.

Juhi Chawla and troupe dancers continuing her first act on stage
in a different attire which was facilitated by a brief showing of scenes
from her hit films. (Ken Moore photo)

Juhi Chawla doing it the classical way.

Indian playback singer, Sapna Mukerjie, enchanting the audience
with her voice on Sunday night. She did a few popular numbers such as
"Oye Oye", "Pyar Ka Pujaran" and "Mere Kabo Mein Jo Ayay".

Music director and singer, Anu Malik, thrilling the crowd at the
National Park on Sunday night with his music including hits such as
"Soldier Soldier", "Jana Samja Karo", "Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehetay Hai",
"Chorie Chorie Nazaray Lage", "Istarha Aashiq Kie Ka", and "My Adorable Darling".