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Mubarak Abdullah Al Jaber
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State of Kuwait
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Exploration Guyana: Watch Video
Synopsis: Guyana is the size of Britain, with just two percent of the population. Its towns are clustered on the coast, so travel inland and there’s nothing but virgin tropical forest. A single road cuts through the jungle to reach the South and there are few airstrips, so the only way of exploring the interior is via its network of rivers. As a result, few people venture into the interior, leaving it unspoiled and pristine. In February 2009, Charles Montier and two Patamona Indians set off into this wild environment, to attempt the very first descent of the Potaro River, from its source down to its mouth. Relying on old maps and their own wit, they would climb an untouched 2,000-meter Tepui, navigate their way through treacherous rapids, encounter mining camps and take on the mighty Kaieteur Falls, the world’s highest single drop waterfall.

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