Desmond Hoyte (1929-2002)

Re- Stabroek News January 4th. 2003

Desmond Hoyte in pictures

Former Executive President Desmond Hoyte being sworn in to his first ministerial portfolio of Home Affairs in 1969. He was later to hold portfolios in successive PNC administrations for finance, works and communications, and economic development before acceding to the presidency in 1985.

President Desmond Hoyte (second from left) in a strategy session with advisors in the US. From right are current Foreign Affairs Minister and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Rudy Insanally, Cedric Joseph, Cedric Grant and Dr Broomes. Around this period, Hoyte had been trying to mobilise support for his Economic Recovery Programme.

Desmond Hoyte animatedly arguing in Parliament during the 1992-97 PPP/Civic term in office. Among those in this photo are Prime Minister Sam Hinds (right), Leader of the House, Reepu Daman Persaud (second from right) and then Finance Minister and now President, Bharrat Jagdeo (third from right).

In one of his last public appearances before his death, PNCR Leader Desmond Hoyte (right) chats with trade union leaders Patrick Yarde (second from right) and Lincoln Lewis (third from right) at a rally called at the St Andrews Church on December 14 by the Guyana Public Service Union.

Surrounded by the ladies at an African Cultural and Development Association Emancipation Day event.

Then President Desmond Hoyte acknowledging the crowd during the campaign for the historic 1992 general elections which his party lost. Also on the platform with him (from left) are his wife Joyce, then Prime Minister Hamilton Green who he fell out with after the elections, and party elder Ptolemy Reid.

Then President Desmond Hoyte with pupils of St Gabriel’s Primary at a premium bonds sale in 1988.

Desmond Hoyte with the adoring crowd during the 1992 elections campaign.

With British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. President Hoyte met the PM at her residence at No.10 Downing Street, London.

PNC Leader Desmond Hoyte in a jovial mood with former Commonwealth Secretary-General Sir Shridath Ramphal at a meeting at Congress Place on June 7th, 1998. Sir Shridath had earlier in the year been instrumental in the brokering of the Herdmanston Accord along with Sir Alister McIntyre and Henry Forde. The accord came after unrest triggered by the results of the December, 15 1997 results and saw the PPP/Civic agreeing to cut its term in office by two years.

Cocktail: Desmond Hoyte (right) with (from left) former Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture and now Laparkan Executive, Vibert Parvatan; former Minister of Foreign Affairs Rashleigh Jackson; the late poet Martin Carter and Senior Counsel Ashton Chase.
Leading the PNC revellers at the February 24th, 1997 Mashramani celebrations.

Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte (second from left) at a recent May Day rally at the National Park. Also in this photograph are TUC General Secretary Lincoln Lewis (second from right), Norris Witter (right) of the General Workers Union and Carvil Duncan (third from right) of the Guyana Labour Union.

A happy occasion: With Chelsi Reid and her mother in October 2001 after the two-year-old had returned to Guyana from successful medical treatment in the US. The PNCR had assisted with the medical expenses.

PNCR Leader Desmond Hoyte (second from right) handing over his party’s list of candidates to Chief Election Officer Stanley Singh for the December 15, 1997 elections. At right is Winston Murray.

A pleasant chat: Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte (second from left) in a jovial exchange with then Police Commissioner Laurie Lewis (right) and Dougal Kirkpatrick (left). Now Acting Police Commissioner Floyd McDonald is second from right.

Historic handshake: Then President Janet Jagan and Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte shaking hands on the St Lucia Statement in Castries, St Lucia on July 2, 1998. The St Lucia Statement reiterated the commitment of both parties to the Herdmanston Accord which had been agreed earlier in the year as a means of settling the elections unrest that followed the December 15, 1997 polls. It also dealt with issues like the management committee for the business of Parliament. The signing occurred at a CARICOM event in St Lucia and the other CARICOM heads can be seen in the photo.

As he often did, Desmond Hoyte (standing at left) evoked laughter from his guests with his witticisms as his bride Joyce watched on. The occasion was his wedding reception on December 4th, 1965.

Desmond Hoyte (second from left) at a CARICOM meeting with, from left, Trinidadian President ANR Robinson, St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister James Mitchell and Trinidadian Prime Minister Basdeo Panday.

With Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez in Caracas on November 8, 1989.

Enjoying a game of dominoes with the boys.

With British Prime Minister John Major in London.

Sticking a birthday cake with his beloved wife, Joyce.

Desmond Hoyte (sitting second from right) on his wedding day with his bride Joyce and other family members.

President Desmond Hoyte dancing at a Red Cross Ball

The late President Desmond Hoyte (right) with the late President Cheddi Jagan (left) at the 1993 Emancipation Day celebrations at Public Buildings.

Leading the PNCR walkout from Parliament in June 2001 to protest the appointment of Senior Counsel Doodnauth Singh as Attorney-General. At right is PNCR MP Andy Goveia while PNCR MP Deryck Bernard is at top of stairs.

Opposition Leader, Desmond Hoyte (second from left) greeting President Bharrat Jagdeo during a meeting with the opposition parties at the Office of the President. Also in this photo is WPA executive Dr Rupert Roopnaraine (second from right) and The United Force Leader Manzoor Nadir.

Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte (centre) at the debate for presidential candidates for the 2001 elections. Also in this photo are Ravi Dev of ROAR (right) and Asgar Ally of the GDP.

Then President Desmond Hoyte (left) introducing former US President Jimmy Carter (second from left) to PNC executive Cammie Ramsaroop.

PNCR Leader Desmond Hoyte at the annual commemoration of the birthday of Founder Leader Forbes Burnham at the Seven Ponds, Botanic Gardens. Next to Hoyte is Viola Burnham. Hoyte is to be interred at Seven Ponds on Monday.

On a visit to Cuba, President Desmond Hoyte and Cuban President Fidel Castro (next to him) listen to the sounds of the steel pan

PNC top brass: Then President Desmond Hoyte (second from left) with Prime Minister Hamilton Green (left), Vice-President Viola Burnham (right) and party elder Ptolemy Reid

Guyana Defence Force ensigns receiving their instruments of commission at the Office of the President in December 1990. President Desmond Hoyte is at right while Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force Joe Singh is second from right.

Presidents Desmond Hoyte and Ronald Reagan enjoy a joke during Hoyte’s visit to the White House.

PNCR Leader Desmond Hoyte (left) with wife Joyce on his return to Guyana in July 1993 after undergoing heart surgery and convalescence in the United States.

President Hoyte with US Secretary of State George Schultz at the US State Department. At left is Finance Minister Carl Greenidge while Foreign Minister Rashleigh Jackson is at centre.

Sharing a joke with St Vincent Prime Minister James Mitchell.

President Desmond Hoyte and Guyana Captain Roger Harper posing with the Shell Shield which had been won by Guyana in 1987.

With Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda who was on a visit to Guyana.

Casting his ballot at general elections.

Desmond and Joyce Hoyte celebrating a recent wedding anniversary.

With Jamaican Prime Minister P J Patterson

Celebrating with Guyana’s first world boxing champion Andrew `Sixhead’ Lewis.

Surrounded at an Xmas party hosted by the PNCR for underprivileged children in Albouystown on December 22, 2000.

Leading the PNC revellers at the February 24th, 1997 Mashramani celebrations.