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Reports by Sir Robert H. Schomburgk

Further documents relating to the question of boundary between British Guiana and Venezuela

Originally printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office by Harrison and Sons, St. Martin' Lane, London, August 1896

April 2000. guyana.org

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(These 18 documents comprising Schomburgk's Letters and Reports on his survey of the boundaries of British Guiana (during 1841-43) were presented to the British Houses of Parliament on command of Her Majesty the Queen in August 1896. They formed part of the evidence to support the British Case before the Arbitral Tribunal meeting in Paris in 1898-99).

Edited by Odeen Ishmael, Washington DC, March 2000.

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1. First Report, June 22, 1841 - Journey through the Barima District, and marking the boundary of the Barima and Amacura.

2. Second Report, August 1841 - Survey of the Boundary along the Amacura and Acarabisi to the Cuyuni.

3. Letter from Mr. Scomburgk to Governor Sir Henry Light, September 15, 1841 - Denying any discourtesy towards the Venezuelan authorities.

4. Special (Third) Report of Mr. Schomburgk, October 23, 1841 - His reasons for claiming the Barima and Amacura.

5. Confidential Letter from Mr. Schomburgk to Governor Light, October 23, 1841 - The same subject. Political reasons discussed.

6. Letter from Mr. Schomburgk to Governor Light, November 30, 1841 - Inclosing two maps and a Memorandum on the Boundary.

7. Fourth Report, February 24, 1842 - Arrival of the Survey Expedition at Pirara.

8. Letter of Mr. Schomburgk to Governor Light, February 28, 1842 - Respecting the attitude of the Brazilian authorities.

9. Fifth Report, May 30, 1842 - Survey of the Takutu.

10. Letter from Mr. Schomburgk to Governor Light, June [15], 1842 - Forwarding a protest by the Brazilian authorities.

11. Sixth Report, August 25, 1842 - As to his plans to for continuing the survey by way of Roraima.

12. Seventh Report, January 23, 1843 - Survey of the line to Roraima and down the Upper Cuyuni, with remarks as to the claim of Her Majesty's Government.

13. Eighth Report, March 28, 1843 - Return of the Expedition to Pirara.

14. Ninth Report, May 18, 1843 - Start of the Expedition towards the sources of the Corentyne.

15. Tenth Report, October 13, 1843 - Completion of the survey from the source of the Essequibo and Corentyne down the latter river.

16. Letter from Mr. Schomburgk to Governor Light, October 14, 1843 - Recommending a chronometric survey of the coastline.

17. Letter from Mr. Schomburgk to Lord Stanley (Secretary of State for the Colonies), November 1, 1844 - Reporting the practical completion of the general map of the surveys, and remarking on his personal services.

18. Letter from Mr. Schomburgk to Lord Stanley, December 26, 1844 - Transmitting his general map and a Memorandum as to the line of boundary mentioned in negotiating with Venezuela.